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Laagi Tujhse Lagan
Laagi Tujhse Lagan

We the Ltlians...Note at pg 11...Edited at pg 1

-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 8:21am | IP Logged

Coming to the main topic....Its weekend and with all these weird things happening...I just thought that if the LTL characters are weird then we, as the audience, are weirder....
So here is a time pass article onEvil Smile

"Why I think we are weird and all need a good round of psychiatric treatment".Big smile
  • I have never seen a forum where members are cheering for the female lead to get shotConfusedLOL I have never seen a forum so in love with the lead pair and still wants to see the protagonist shot.
  • I have never seen a forum where members want more villains in a story and are picketing for the older villains to come back and kidnap the herione...we are actually ready to do bhookh hadtal for Morey or Anna to come back and kidnap Nakku...TongueLOL
  • I have never seen such animal love on any forum.... We are in deeply, madly and irrevocably in love with a donkeyWinkLOL...Can I have the Gadha plzzzzTongue
  • I have never seen any forum, so much protective about the second lead of the show...We the ltlians  can not only love a gadha, but also love all his actions including killing a person or hitting his wife or drinking and driving,Confusedhowever, we cannot forgive him for talking in unchi awaaz with BaajiraoAngrySmile...Can I have him plzzzzzTongue...arre am talking about Baaji reLOL
  • We are so obsessed (in the words of some pran-jal-sa-xenaTongue) that two drag epi and the CVs are done for Evil Smile.We would write letters, representations... and bombard the CV and production houses on their fb pages. So much that they indeed need to say sorry.LOL
  • I don't think any other forum where the members are aware of the director's name...let alone the changes in the directors or the CV team or the even the change in cameraman and his teamShockedLOL ..
  • What other forum would notice the expressions of the actors so minutely that they can write like second to second change in them... be it be MR or Kala...we are equally obsessed....Embarrassed
  • We are so obsessed with some fantastic and eternal love stories in the show...No, am not talking about Tasha...It is the eternal Dostana which takes our breath awayLOL....It is a DuJi hug we crave these days...
  • Let us not forget the rest of the Dostana gangWinkLOL...Gosh the list is so long...GaJi, GaDu(the famous bewras of PNLOL), BG-Dutta, SuDu(and the Gadha laatROFL), BaKi (Can't forget Baaji's head on Kishore's lapROFL) ...(credit Pooji, Suvi, Ivy)
  • And the other love stories under the carpet, just waiting to come outLOL...AS and our dear PurohitjiLOL and ofcourse Kala-Suds...and the adhuri love story ...Kala Chaskar(Kalakar)LOL...and ofcourse..the most interesting scenes of Babi-Baaji  (Poor BaajiLOL)(credit Pooji, Suvi, Ivy)
  • And can I forget the new  and coming up Dostini gangLOL Can we forget the MS pehnao scene of Kala and Nakku and ofcourse the recent Kala -Seema hug (the new pair of LTL Chuchhi ...Chudail and Chhipkali (Kala and Seema)DeadLOL....I am sure no show has so many love stories going on at one timeROFL(credit Pooji, Suvi, Ivy)
  • We expect a football team from one dumb dude in the show named Gadha..oopps, I mean, Dutta who thinks of his mummy when he is supposed to think of SR during that Pallu scene when they are alone in a jungle at night and his sweet wife is wiping his sweat from his faceOuchLOL......*head desk*D'oh LOL (credits: Meri Chulbul BushyLOL)
  • We still haven't broken our tvs and laptops after having witnessed one dumbest lady on this earth who after seeing the whole bhai-behen ki nafrat ka tamasha still falls for his dreadful sister ..... Hamara kya hoga re.D'oh.....*another head desk* LOL(credits: Meri Chulbul BushyLOL have modified your pointWink)
  • And our excitement and joy when we see the male lead change into new clothes can almost be classified as our fixation with his clothes...even though they are sweaty and stinking....ROFL(credits: Meri Chulbul BushyLOL)
  • We are more excited for the SR than the Gadha Gadhi themselves... frankly we the LTLians think that when it comes to SR, we are more likely to get AS-Purohit SR before a Tasha SR ROFLROFL (Concept: HumaG, Khushi)
  • We are so happy seeing the second lead of the show that we are not at all wondering how come Baaji and Kishore got the recorder and were moving around PN and are still hostagesLOL ...Where will be they taking bath and allConfusedLOL(Credits: Meri Chulbul BushyLOL)
  • We the LTLians also count the bullets. The gadha fires in the air in the bar and we notice that in a revolver there are 6 bullets and that there were 7 bullet firing sounds(the episode when Gadha discovers DDP is his father)LOL I remember that time I thought its only me who had counted ...But when I logged in  here.... I was like OMG everybody was thinking in same direction as me  everybody was like blooper blooper....LOL...but no body actually thought it was weird to count them in the first place... therefore we the ltlians...LOL(Concept Khushi)
  • We the LTLians are having serious hair loss problem since past one year trying to figure out who the Hell is BH, whether he is a he or she is a she, and whether he or she still exists or CVs have forgotten his or her existenceLOL (Credits: Khushi, Suvi)
  • We the LtLians have serious problems with redundant characters... whether they may be BGs (gorey and Kale or shirke) or the Madhu makkhi..Confused. We want complete and utter justice for their role portrayal...LOL
  • We the Ltlians are Zoolitrians ...we see animal in every character...Gadha, ullu, sherni, Madhumakkhi, pallu-stuffing cows, bandar, chhipkali,are our epic charactersLOL
  • We are so weird we have fallen in love with a Villain's towel....Anna's towel has been a major fashion statement on the forumLOL
  • We are so weird that we miss an actor's bad acting and shifty eyes....Ullu's shifty eyes are being sorely missed by the forum....So much that his eternal fan, Huma, has stopped posting her regular posts in the memory of those shifty eyesLOL...(Credits: Huma)
  • Only LTLians would have made a collection of creations..worked on making VMs and siggies on the collection of scenes showing major bashing of our favourite a Villains done by someone LOL (Baaji/Suds/Kala)(Credits: Huma)
  • Only we the Ltlians would make VMs and siggies, totally dedicated to someone's shifty eyes..(Credits: Huma)
  • There is no other forum which would have a phulwari - maniaLOL ...let alone mania, they would not even know what a phulwari meansLOL(Credits: Huma)
  • We, the Ltlians are so weird, that where everyother show is showing several SRs of one character, we get excited and have Diwali/Christmas on this forum at the mere hint of our lead pair finally learning to hold handsLOL(Credits: Suvi)
  • ....and a forehead kiss actually guarantees a party and dozens of threads on the topic, and our poor DT gets into big time work of closing and merging themLOL(Credits: Suvi)
  • Give us one it 12 seconds or 13 seconds and we are all happy-shappy and would forget that Colors has ignored LTL since past year, is not giving repeat telecasts and we will go all crazy and it becomes so hard for us to control our excitement and joy that it is almost like we all are 2 year old kids and have just received a huge teddy bear to hug tightEmbarrassedLOL..(Credits: Meri Chulbul BushyLOL)
  • I have met some of the best writers,  thinkers and people on this forumBig smile....and yes it is an addiction...very harmful for our jobs and clients because poor guys are lamenting their situation and here we are, sitting right in front of them, with our faces into the computer and hooked to LTL forum totally ignorant of their dukh-dards...LOL...
  • Last but not the least....This is the only forum I have seen where inspite of having polar views about almost everythingLOL.No bashing of any members Big smile and I love this forum for it...and I do believe it is because of our wonderful moderatorsClap

Hey this is not to degrade other forums...just observed these things on our forum and found that these are the reasons of my being hooked up to ltl..more than the serial I am obsessed to the forum and hence the write up..Big smile

Edit:The last point is something for which I revived the thread...(Credits HumaBig smile)...So guys, its weekend, let us revive the forum-feeling....Please pitch in to add ... I will edit the post accordinglyBig smile

Edited by -Srushti- - 13 March 2011 at 3:32am

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:17am | IP Logged
        Big smile    Im chuckling at ur points as this is absolutely true,     n we r one crazy bunch of fans who dont miss a minute thing of the show n dissect everyg frm the background music to every side actor LOLhowever miniscule his role is n not to mention every angle, shot of this show is discussed n i dont see this happg in any other place, dont forget the FFs with so many million possibilities for the storyline.WinkOmg!!!! it is unbeleivable wht we have become, some crazy fans of ltl calld ltlians frm some other world!

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shashi-roops Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:22am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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lizdarcy Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:29am | IP Logged

Guilty as charged. I love this forum for the same reasons.

And oh, i LOVE your post, Srushti! Big smile

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NainaSengal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:33am | IP Logged
very welll written dear....

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:35am | IP Logged
@MS: U will be surprised how I was thinking on similar lines abt the forum...while on JDJ all fans of respective shows have landed to show their support for their favorite actors and are also voting for them...we will prolly have a celebration once MV is out of JDJ. LOL! But all this is for a reason...LTL is not an ordinary show like the rest where the cast, crew and CVs adhere to a set of rules and do their job mechanically. They think out of the box and give us different fare. LTL has spoilt us and forced us to think differently. It will be tough to be devoted to a show after LTL. But I am grateful to the channel and the makers for giving us this wonderful show. So no wonder the fans of LTL are ulti khopdis like Dutta and think differently.

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by brvr

        Big smile    Im chuckling at ur points as this is absolutely true,     n we r one crazy bunch of fans who dont miss a minute thing of the show n dissect everyg frm the background music to every side actor LOLhowever miniscule his role is n not to mention every angle, shot of this show is discussed n i dont see this happg in any other place, dont forget the FFs with so many million possibilities for the storyline.WinkOmg!!!! it is unbeleivable wht we have become, some crazy fans of ltl calld ltlians frm some other world!

yes!!!! i had forgotten the point....BG music...!!!! thnks brvr for reminding me!!!Smile.....and everytime a song comes on ltl...i become a fan of it....loved jana jogi na naal has been my top fav after i heard it on ltlSmile

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shashikalasm

Yaah.. well written.. We the Ltians are special.. so we come up with such discussions.. We love each and every character and comment about it.. Forums brings smile on my face.. after watching the episode also i will  be waiting to read Anu's updates, I love SaraW Big smile, Dew-Drop, rayjst etc many members makes this forum speical with there wonderful posts.

oh!!! updates are the best...!!!! ANu is the best...i loved fivr's TIns...that is how i actually got hooked to ltl...she wrote so beautifully!!!! i wish she would again start writing.... I also love the ltl express...janiyeh and madzy also...and DD and shabz are so good too!!! never seen such depth on any other forum.....

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