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Today's Episode's first part stands out for me thanks to the continuation of that fantastic Sonography scene which once again brings tears of joy to my eyesDay DreamingEmbarrassed

First scene was very emotional and touchingEmbarrassed..the way Geet puts his hand on her stomach and then tells him about her happiness was really very touching..loved how she wipes off his tears and then MSK  for the first time uses the word "pyaar" from his mouthDay Dreaming...It was a divine scene where both r actually overwhelmed to see the unborn baby for the first time and here we see Geet is completely in awe of her man since she is not able to believe that MSK actually had such deep emotions for her babyEmbarrassed;This sort of proves that MSK in indeed a man of few words and his actions always speak louder than his wordsEmbarrassed;He never publicly declared that Geet's baby is his but the emotions and that one drop of tear from his eyes said it all about how he is emotionally attached to the baby now along with GeetEmbarrassed;And this is what gave Geet so much happiness todayEmbarrassed;Today she came to know that MSK loves the baby as much as he loves herEmbarrassed...
I know  once again we hv Geet asking MSK that why u r so nice.u hv accepted me despite my past if she is still worshipping him like God but I can actually identify with those dialogues in the scene todayEmbarrassed...because lets b honest, MSK like character doesn't exist in real man will so easily accept a woman with a past baggage of his own brother but here he not only accepts her with her past baggage,but gives her all the happiness,love,care that she truely deservesClap...and when Geet sees that tear coming out of MSK's eyes,she realises that he is equally enjoying that divine moment looking at the sonogram..he is truely feeling like a father of the child..and this is what makes Geet feel proud of her man but still she is in awe and disbelief that she can get a guy like MSK Embarrassed;She has seen that her own family members were guilty of this child and wanted to kill it and here this man whose brother himself was the culprit has given her not only love,happiness and respect in life but is also cherishing the moment of joy with her with equal enthusiasmClap;And this is where she just cannot stop herself worshipping her man at times which is totally understandableSmile..But CVs closed the loop of this worshipping dialogue today when MSK in the end says "don't ever use these words..because yeh mere Pyaar ko chota kar deta hai"ClapClap;Not only MSK used the word "pyaar" from his mouth for the first time but he also tells Geet that their love is eternal and so there is no question of worship or favour hereEmbarrassed;Loved the way Nissar and Barry closed this loop here Thumbs Up...
For these above reasons...this first scene stands out for me from the rest of the episodeDay DreamingStarStarStarStarStar
Office cast was used well in the episode todayThumbs Up..And I liked the fact that christmas party din't happen all of a sudden...loved the way Geet wanted to party because she was overwhelmed with the gifts that she got from her spl santa todayTongue and then Adi connecting the party theme to the christmas occasionThumbs Up
The challenge part here looks interesting with MSK demanding christmas gift from Geet in the form of a kiss but Geet wants one more gift from her spl santa and thats ILUEvil Smile;Looking at the way Geet's himmat is increasing ,I won't b surprised if the phaast kudi gives him a kiss and the slow santa takes another 10-20yrs to say ILUROFLROFLROFLROFL;
Sandwich scene was very cute and passionate Embarrassedand now MSK knows very well how to turn on Geet to his advantageWink...he wants her to get desperate for that ILU and in return give him the much awaited kissBlushing...these sort of passionplay r common during courtship period  ...Embarrassed..Loved the way Geet went ahead to wipe off that ketchup from his lips and slow munda getting all scared and jumping out of his chair as if she is coming to rape himROFLROFL;All I can say is Munda has become a chuha now and Geet is the real sher in this relationshipEvil Smile;I loved MSK's naughty looks here when Geet was wiping off the sauce near his lipsBlushing;Mayb he wanted her to lick itWink but Kudi was in teasing the santa modeROFLLOLLOL;GC-DD both rocked in this scene..actually they rocked in every scene todayROFLROFLROFLROFLEmbarrassed
Rest of the NES-NEB(Arjun-Annie) scenes looked filler to me...Nikunj still can't actLOL..But Piyush was impressiveSmile;Annie seems to hv raging hormones which is natural in her ageLOL and Arjun knows how to take advantage of itEvil Smile;Arjun's beauty compliments to Annie about how she looks beautiful even in darkness looked more like a taunt than complimentROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL;But the scene could hv left more impact if Nikunj had shown some more expressionsErmm
Today I found one blooper..but its debatable...MSK said he was a nastik..which means he din't believe in Almighty ..but today he believes in God because of Geet....well if thats the case then how come MSK was shown visiting Golden Temple and Dargah in early episodes ??Confused...There can b debates on this..that he visited temples and dargah earlier for just acknowledging the divine power of the Almighty but never asked the Almighty for anything or mayb never expected the Almighty to give him anything because he thought it never existed in real but mayb he just admired the divine placeErmm..but today for the first time he believes in God's existence and so is asking something from he is no more a nastikEmbarrassed...Still I thought nastik dialogue was a blooper because it sort of contradicts his dargah visit where he went to pray for his DadimaErmm;Barryji I hope u were not very high today due to christmas which resulted in this highly debatable dialogue by MSKTongue

Today the episode flow was better and scenes were connected in proper way...but I wish the whole hospital scene would hv been shown to us in one single episode rather than breaking it into would hv been more impactful thenErmm;Nevethless this hospital scene will remain one of the most touching scenes of Geet seriesThumbs Up...Rest of the episode even though was a filler but enjoyableSmile
My Episode Rating:8.5/10...I would hv given it a full 10 or at least 9 if the entire hospital sequence would hv come in one single episodeEmbarrassed..but nevethless the hospital scene in the start followed by the wonderful sandwich scene were worth of 8 todayEmbarrassedand extra 0.5 for Arjun.LOLTongue..but the last part din't hold my deducted 1.5 marksLOLTongue
Now coming to the the theme of the Den..Starlite wonderful research was so interesting to go through the entire history of dialogues in Geet seriesClapClapEmbarrassed..u did an awesome job hereClap
Well adding my two bits here..very rarely I hv come across daily soaps which hv had such meaningful dialogues coming from the lead actorsThumbs Up..and few dialogues from this series which stands out for me are..
1)MSK to Geet and Geet to MSK.."Zindagi ki har subah tumse shuru aur tumpar khatam hoti hai"Embarrassed
2)MSK to Geet "Ghar laute Geet"Embarrassed
3)MSK to Geet "Kal tak tum meri aadat thi par aaj tum meri zaroorat ho"Embarrassed
4)Geet's babaji talks and dusht danav dialogues filled with terrific humourThumbs Up
5)MSK's self-dialogue "Yeh ladki mujhe paagal kar degi"Tongue
6)All office-outhouse Nok-Jhok dialogues of MaaneetThumbs Up
7)Today's dialogue when MSK tells Geet "Jo kaam mein kar sakta hoon ..woh kaam tum mujhse zyaada achhi tarah se kar sakti ho"(I din't mention this in my analysis because I wanted to mention it hereEmbarrassed..this was the best dialogue of today's episode where for the first time MSK admits that Geet is better than him when it comes to handling any issues or work...very few men admits such things in real world in front of their ladyloveSmile)
8)All loop closing dialogues whether its the worship dialogue or the cliched ILU Tongue...they all came with unique dialoguesThumbs Up
9)Famous dialogues or phrases spoken by Brij starting from Oye to khaandaan ki izzatLOL..
10)Last but not the least the emotional dialogues spoken by Geet or the consoling dialogues spoken by MSK in defence of GeetEmbarrassed..or of course the taaveez related dialoguesTongue
Having said all times I feel Barry tries too hard with the dialogues and make it sound too poetic using too much of Urdu words for MSK which goes against MSK's character-sketch and thus viewers end up getting diabetes ROFL;Also Geet's dialogues at times seems like she is worshipping MSK like God(even though I m happy that loop was closed todayBig smile)..So my tip for Barry is that keep it simple but unique for Maan-Geet...let them speak like humans and not poets in romantic scenesEmbarrassed;Simple dialogues like "ghar laut chale Geet" leaves more impact than dialogues like "in sab cheezon ko madte nazar rakhte hue mein tumse shaadi karna chahta hoon..kya tumhe mera faisla kabool hai"WackoLOL...So Barry keep it simple but something that can easily touch one's heartTongue
I spoke a lot thats it from meLOL

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Hall of fame sounds like a good idea.

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~~ CVS ~~

for all those who r interested in helping out the CVS from banging their heads!!! & bring GHSP to the top sloT!!!

a small invention of tragedy of errors till they finish 200th episodes!! 

@ all : who have time to spare & can help me in openin the eyes of CVS!!! plz do pm me....

1. i want each of us to watch 10 epi of gEET frm first !!

2. ll tell u once u give in ur names!!! the task we have todo....

3. in the post we'll give in all the open loops they have left so tat they can complete the storlylines, as we keep discussing in bits sits our thoughts go unnoticed, if we dedicate a whole post jus for all the storylines they have opened & left we can bring in a change... plzz do reply.. we cant see any other show on no1.... 

jus start watching the episodes & make note of the stuff tat was invented & left jus like tat.. 

like now we r discussing future plots... we will raise uor questions to the PAST track which was left unanswered so tat we give CVS a chance to re organize !!! 


the work is on progRESS..... & 

keep reading!!! 

ClapTHE 200 DHAMAKaaaaaa!!!!  Clap


storyline jus for U to make us LOve i more!!!

1. we want to see maan's past!! his family & the sameera sided coiN story!!! 

2. y on earth maan went to HP ??? who was he in search off??

3. were have geet's family silently ELoped??

4.were is  ILLUSIONIST Vicky?? wwe want his esteemed presence on marriage occasion

5.paranoid pammi & Highlights tho dekho... get them as witness!!!

6.maan's childhood memories retold to GEeT.. wE love maan & wanna know in * out of him.... 

7.DSK & MEERA on verge of EXTINction ?? we demand an explanation ??

8. VOPURIXAER ANNIE SINGH KHURANA!!! connection of dots frm her existence to exitence!!!

9. how many more in KHURANA FAMILY TREE??? 

10.adi pinky love in air!!!

 pehli nazar mein tera jadoo kho gaya!!
                                        mera mann kha raha tera banana
                                        jaane kya hoga ab meera ka kya pata
                                        ab iss office mein milkar kar le thoda

                                          sa kaam or dhaaamm

MEIN hun yahan tu hai jahan... meri CaBIn me aa aa bhi jaa!!!


okie... these were the major issues which keep troubling us DAY in & out!!! 

so scratch up ur heads & try to fill i nthe answers for us!!

we all miSSED HP scenes & know we r requesting for a LEAP into ur paST stoRY to rejuvenate the FUTURE tracks..... 


episodes wise questionss will be shooted out in following posts!!!

a treeat  for the ENTIRE tEAM TOO followin!!!! 


bring DEMELLOS TOO for the marriage!!! 


some song suggestions for sangEET :

tum mile!!! maan's dedication for GEET
urf teri ada : ARJUN & ANNI
tu na jaane aas paas hai khuda??? 


RED RED RED!!!!!!! 

Red has more personal associations than any other color. Recognized as a stimulant red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived. Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element.

How the color red affects us mentally and physically
* Increases enthusiasm( finally gEET told ILU ILU ILU sorry for the echo effect)
* Stimulates energy(i could see the baby kick & knock - me wishing for twin girls : i could make of 2 blastulas or morulas)
* Encourages action and confidence(action by GEET : finaaly organizing a party SET up liked by MR.maan singh khurana & CONfidence : urf teri ada : i'll make him say ILU ILU ILU) 
* A sense of protection from fears and anxiety( do i have to mention tat : frm the moment MSK has given his dinchak entry no FEARS oly KHUSI KI TEARS) 

The color red is strongly linked with two emotions--
1. Love- red roses, rosy red lips, red hearts, sexy red dress...
2. Aggression-seeing red, red in the face, fast red sports car, red power tie...

These emotions are quite opposite each other. I'm curious as to which of these emotions you most associate with the color red.

She closes her eyes and sleeps quietly
Ringing shatters the night
In a moment her world has changed
Nothing will ever be the same
Her overwhelming love

Waiting to see her baby she remembers
The moment she came into the world
Her beautiful face
Her loving grip
Her overwhelming love

Now she looks so peaceful
But the peace is not real
The tube breathing for her hisses
Lines into her body mar her beauty
Her overwhelming love

Days turn into weeks
She doesn't release her hand
Every movement is a sign, no one will agree,
She knows she is fighting.
Her overwhelming love

Ass he opens her eyes she is asked
Do you know who this is?
Slowly she focuses and says
My Mom.
Her overwhelming love

She fights to bring her home
To show her she is loved
sHe needs to find the courage to fly
She the heart to release her
Her overwhelming love

Be strong, brave and true young woman
Let her love give you strength;
Your character give you resolve
Your mother supports you with
Her overwhelming love


well cant write more!!!! 

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Theme of the Den - Dialogues
Vandana and Nabiha You have summed up the dialogues part nicely...
Some of  my favorites including the one's Vandana has already listed :

4 June: Confrontation with family (Geet's Dialogues)
20 July: Chopra's party and few episodes there after...definitely outhouse encounter...LOL
31 August : where Geet talks about her aspirations which never came to fruition...and Maan consoling her
(Maaneet Dialogues)
17 September : Pregnancy revelation (Geet's Dialogues)
29 September : Camp side date (Maaneet Dialogues)
18 November : Maan explaining his inability to fulfill any promise and detesting himself and his name

I like these episodes and some of the dialogues....moreover I might end up writing a lot more... but for the time being this will have to do...

Episode Analysis

Dono jee rahe yeh amoolya kshan, liye haathon mein haath.
Geet jatati apna dhanyavaad. mujhe jo tum yahan laaye,
Is amit aseem pyaar ke liye.
Khushiyon se bhar diya mera daman,
Apna nishchal prem is nanhi jaan pe chalkakar.
Tumhari aankhon se nikala yeh aanson,
Sada rahega yaad mujhe kaise aapne apnaya mujhe.

Khusiyan maine nahi tumne hai mujhe di, is sansar ka madhur kshan hai yaheen.

Yeh pyaar sambhale nahin sambhalta, dohari khusiyon se pal hai nikharta.
Khushiyon ko sanjona chahti hai Geet, jaise swar ban gaye hoon sangeet.
Geet Maan ko paa ho gayi hai bhav vibhor.

Tumhe paa paya maine yeh khushiyon ka jahan,
Taqdir ne tumhe de kiya mujhe meharbaan.
Dil ki bas ab yehi hai khwaaish, jis pyaar ne banaya mujhe naastik se aastik.
Yeh pyaar sada rahe barkaraar, saanse jaise jeevan ka aadhaar....
Shaashvat ho humara sambandh is baar.
Maan karne jaa rahe apne pyaar ka izahaar,
Nurse aayi hain khehne log kar rahe bahar intezaar.
So yeh ab chal diye office ki or, Geet janana chahti kya bata rahe the Maan...
Ab kyun nahin batae hain chit chor?

Adi aur Manishaah ki yeh takaraar...
Adi se na jheli jaay kya karein voh inka is baar.
Pinky ko bata kuch kaam, nikal jaatein hain voh karne kuch aur kaam.
Geet baantana chahti hai apni khushi, isliye ho jaye Christmas party.
Maan ke aane se pehle ho jayein taiyaar, ab Geet khadi kar rahi Maan ka intezaar.
Geet poche Maan se kaisi lagi unhe sajavat,
Maan hain poochte is sab ki kya hai jarurat.
Christmas ke mauke pe mila mujhe ek tohfa,
So dhanvaad kahne ka to hai haq banata.
Santa ne tohfa pasand kar ki prashansaa,
Kaam mujhse bhi behtar kar sakti ho tum,
Yeh hoon main janata...
Geet apne doosare tohfe ka intezaar,
Maan ban rahe anjaan kar rahe baat se inkaar.
Phir karein pyaari nok-jhok yeh dono nahi aate baaz..
Sara office hua ikkatha, aur kehte...
Mistletoe ke neeche khade pyaar ka izahaar hain banata.
Maan ko bhi is tohfe ka intezaar,
Kahein Geet tum do pehle mera tohfa, phir karoonga izhaar.
Geet ne sabko khiskaya, aur bhi abhi baaki hain kaam iska bahana banaya.

Liye cheese sandwich ka thaal... Geet aayi  poochnein Maan ka haal.
Khana hoon layi sang khane, thoda sa samay ek saath bitane.
Maan chidhate karo kuch naya, agar chahti ho mujhe manana...
Geet bhi aayi taav mein, dekho kuch hai naya cheese sandwich ki thaal mein.
Naya hai tareeka sandwich khilane ka,
Naam bhi iska ILU dhanyavaad yeh batane ka.
Sandwich ka yun Maan utf uthate, Geet yeh dekh kudh jaati...
Aake apne kaksha mein badbadati.
Use sunane voh teen lafz, kaise iska koi upaaya lagati...
Dekhtein hain Maan kab karenge pyaar ka izhaar...
Kya Geet hogi sunane mein safal is baar?
Kshan = Moment,  Amit  = Immense, Aseem = Unending, Nishchal = calm/stagnant, Bhav vibhor  = Emotional, Naastik = Atheist, Aastik = Theist, Shaashvat = Timeless, Prashansaa  = Compliment, Kudh = Chagrin, Kaksha = Room

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 8:55am | IP Logged
"I love you,
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.

I love you,
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.
I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out;
I love you
For putting your hand
Into my heaped-up heart
And passing over
All the foolish, weak things
That you can't help
Dimly seeing there,
And for drawing out
Into the light
All the beautiful belongings
That no one else had looked
Quite far enough to find.

I love you because you
Are helping me to make
Of the lumber of my life
Not a tavern
But a temple;
Out of the works
Of my every day
Not a reproach
But a song.

I love you
Because you have done
More than any creed
Could have done
To make me good
And more than any fate
Could have done
To make me happy.
You have done it
Without a touch,
Without a word,
Without a sign.
You have done it
By being yourself.
Perhaps that is what
Being in love  means,
After all."


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Oh man what a beautiful and touching episode!  Loved it, but a bit confused on who to thank for the dialogues!  Barry, GC or DD, whoever put it together and if anyone made changes I just loved them.  For me the touching part was when Geet took Maan's hand and put it on her tummy, just tells me she is giving him full right on her baby and yes he is the father of her child and no one else.  Just loved that scene!  Geet's talk to Maan, how can one be so nice, well this is what attracts me to this show, its Maan's acceptance for Geet.  This sends such a big message to society that woman should not be mistreated if they have a past.  They do have a life and can move on. Our society is such that would abandon a woman like Geet !

Loved how Maan reminded Geet about her promise, looks like both want something more for Christmas, what will the creatives give the audience, hopefully something special. Loved Geet stance as she is Geet and she will get what she wants from her Maan.  Totally love her sherni style.  MSK is not bad either, he knows how to get a reaction out of his sherni and he does just that. Munda is smart by not saying ILU gesture on sandwich, he just said ULOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

NE and Arjun, no comments personally both can't act!

Hopefully creatives will change Maan's clothing soon, DD wants loser denims and I want loser business suits...I love its time for u to listen! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Dear AnNiE,

Thank you for the letter dear... and thank you loving my belly. But I must say that Mrs. Claus got a hold of the letter and she ain't too happy. My belly is her propatah and she does NOT Sher. So next time, try being a tad less Sloooooty mmmkay?

Now about your wish, I will give you a brother. And you have been so good I will give you two brothers one good and one bad. You know NE, you are supposed to get another brother but the elves are so damn slow fixing him up. I don't wanna leave you hanging so I boxed up two brothas for you, Mmmmkay! The 3rd one will be coming next Christmas, mmmmkay?!  

MmmKay....I have to go now. I have to make sure I deliver your brother Dev a brain this year and some gonads too. If you don't know what that's a good thing you GOOD GOOD gurl!



PS: I had some left over brain so I'm packing it too. Enjoy!! And here is some Self esteem also.



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