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Christmas ki shaam....Barry ke naam EmbarrassedStar
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Post 6: Aaj ka Analysis begins 
A good serial/movie is based on the strength of 4 pillars ' good storyline, good execution, good performances and good dialogues.  And so, today we make an attempt to focus on the 4th pillar - Barry Dhillon's dialogues in Geet HSP and highlight some of his best and worst dialogues.  Week after week, Barry  has impressed us with his command over the language and his finesse at churning out dialogues that touch our heart and stick in our memory'.like the Chup'Bilkul Chup.  Finding moments where Barry has faltered is a tough task'but like Geet we'll persevere.
The GHSP episode library is veritable treasure trove of his dialogues.  The task is to find dialogues that define the series, define the courage and perseverance of a small town girl, a child-woman, raped and impregnated in the name of a fake marriage, abandoned by her family for her decision to give birth to her baby' striving to find her place under the sun for herself and her baby, to live with dignity, adhere to and demand the truth, learn to fall in love and be loved.  And in this journey she is ably supported by a dark knight who in time turns into her knight in shining armor.
Waise dekha jaaye toh we should build a Hall of Fame for Barry's best and worst dialogues in Geet HSP.
So without further ado <drumroll>'Presenting a collage of Barry's dialogues that bring out the essence of Geet HSP.

A.      Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho

... Par sir, meine toh zindagi se yehi seekha hai, ki chahe kitne badi se badi pareshaani kyun na aa jaye, raasta milna mushkil nahi hota, bas sirf use dhoondhna padta hai...aur aap ghabrieyeh maat'main hoon na'main soch loongi

This is the basic rule by which Geet leads her life.  Her positive, never-say-die outlook on life makes her 'sail' through any tempest life throws at her.  She is always able to take a step back and look at the situation at hand and find a way out.

B.      Jul 9' after the hug in the rain when Maan tries to put some distance between them

Maan sir bilkul sahi keh rahe hain'mein kyun logon se ghabra rahi hoon, mein kyun logon se dar rahi hoon ?  jab meine jo bhi kiya hai, sahi kiya hai. Agar mein isi tarah duniya se darti rahi  to mein tumhe iss duniya kaise laoongi'Nahi, sir, ab mein nahi daroongi, ab mein nahi ghabraaoongi. Mein logon ka samna himmat se karoongi

Her innate courage emboldened by an able master, Geet resolves to fight against the wrong done to her by Sasha (world) so she can bring her child into this world.

C.      Jul 16

M - Mein nahi jaanna chahta tumhare feelings ke baare mein, galati to meri thee jo meine tumhe naukri di.  Jis din se tum meri zindagi mein aayee ho us din se meri zindagi uthal phuthal ho gayi hai. 

G - Aisa bhi maine kya kar diya sir ke aap mujhse aise baat kar rahe hai. 

M - tumne kya kar diya hai ? Bas itna sa doo hoon main (2) pagal hone mein ' pata hai kyun? Kyunki mera poora samay 'tumhare baare mein sochne ' tumhari galtiyon ko sudharne mein lag jaata hai.

This dialogue shows the inner struggle of a proud, arrogant, self-made man who feels helpless and out of control of his emotions in the presence of the simplicity and sincerity of this small town girl that he is slowly and deeply falling in love with.

D.      Ms Rathod & HP 2

Mere jeete jee thumara attet khabi thumare ass pass nahi aasaktha geet, meri zindage, meri zindagi thumare bina adhuri hai geet

Maan is a man of few words.  Its very difficult for him to express the depth of his feelings for Geet.  Inspite of his handicap he makes a valiant attempt to convey his feelings' and succeeds.  Here he attempts to assure Geet that he would stand firm as a rock between Geet and her past, facing anything to protect her for his life is incomplete without Geet being a part of it.

E.       Jul 21

M - Geet tum mujhe itna hi samajh payee ho ?

G - Jitna samajh paayi hoon, utna hi kaafi hai sir.  Aur sehne ki shakti nahin hai mujhmein, chale jaieye. Thak chuki hoon main sir, thak chuki hoon mein logon se lad ladke, thak chuki hoon mein zindagi se, nahi chahiye mujhe aapki madad.  Nahi chahiye aapka sahara, mujhe kisiki madad nahin chahiye, mein akeli jee loongi.  Aap chale jayeeye , chale jayeeye.

The despair and helplessness felt by Geet when she finds the one person she could look upto and trust, lets her down.  She is so tired of fighting all the time, tired of life'so much so that she does not need anyone's help / support.  She is ready to live life alone.

F.       @ the campsite date ( I picked 2 from this epi)

M - Geet tum mujhe ab tak nahin samajh payee ho. Tumhe mujhe impress karne ki koi jaroorat nahi kyun ki mein bahut dino pehle hi impress ho chukka tha thumari saddgi se'hamare rishte ki buniyaad hi yeh saadgi hai'' Aur tum se pavitra kaun hoga geet ? Maan' Shayad tumne meri baat dhyaan se suni nahi Geet, mein tumhe pehle bhi keh chukka hoon , ke tum jaisi ho waise hi achchi ho. ..tumse behtar kaun ho sakta hai. Aur mere liye pavitrata ke maine tumhi ho Geet., haan.

Maan knows the qualities of Geet that he has fallen in love with'and it has nothing to do with her looks or her baggage.  He's fallen in love with her simplicity, sincerity, her unshaking drive for the truth ' her purity.

G - dar lagta hai ke yeh jo khushiyaan bahein phaila kar mere samne khade hain unhe apnaneka haq hai bhi ya nahi, jo ehsaas mere man mein hai, unhe mehsoos karneka mujhe haq hai bhi ya nahin, kisi aur ko apni zindagi mein shamil karne ka haq hai ya nahin

Once bitten, twice shy.  This dialogue beautifully depicts the insecurities still deep within her, her disbelief that she can fall in love and that her love can be reciprocated.  After the fiasco with Dev, Geet is afraid to trust her fate.  How can someone like her, an unwed mother, get another chance at life. Does she have the right to fall in love again ?  Does she have the right to experience those feelings?  Does she have the right to include someone in her life again ?

G.     @ the first hospital checkup

Mein wohi puraana MSK hoon jo bahut khudgarz hai '.but hamesha Geet ko khush dekhna chahta hai. kal raat mujhe meri zimeedariyon ka ehsaas hua.

Maan's only lakshya in life is see Geet happy forever.  But he is aware of her baggage that he has embraced willingly and wholeheartedly.  He is aware of his new responsibility in life.  His lakshya has only changed him for Geet, not the rest of the world.

H.      Oct 26 -  Maan-Dev confrontation

Dev - Mein bahut bada gunhegaar hoon bro. Meine aisa paap kiya hai jiske liye maafi bhi nahin maangi ja sakti...kisi tarah mein use mein apne kiye ki maafi maangoo.

Maan - aur jab wo tumhare saamne ayi to dekha tumne ? Dekha ek athaara saal ki bholi bhaali, muskuraati ladki ko tumne kya kar diya ? Dekha Dev? Tumhari gunahon ki vajah se uske gharwale uski jaan lena chahte the aur tumne kitni aasaani se keh diya ke tumhe maaf kar doon ? Nahi Dev, nahi tumhar galati na to main maaf kar sakta hoon aur na  hi Geet ko karne doonga.  Tumhe sazaa to bhugatni hi hogi. Geet ko insaaf milega.  Mein dilwaaoonga insaaf.

Dev admits he committed a crime (gunhegaar hoon).  But his version of atoning for his crime stops at asking for Geet's forgiveness.  He is the atypical Dev who just does not get the gravity of his deed.  That's when Maan asks, so when u finally saw her did u see what u'd done to an ' innocent , always smiling 18 year old ? Did u know that bcoz or ur action her family was going to kill her ? Do you realize the impact of what you've done ? And u say so easily that u will ask her forgiveness ?  Dev may be able to forgive himself by asking for Geet's forgiveness. But Maan cannot forgive Dev, nor will he allow Geet to forgive Dev.  Per Maan, Dev has to pay for his crime.  Geet must get justice'.and Maan will ensure that Geet gets justice.

I.        Dec 23 - Post-hiring Arjun

...par us tajurbe ne mujhe bahut kuch sikha diya hai  'ke kisi ke man ke under jaake uske baare mein hum nahin pataa kar sakte 'use milkar, use kaam karke hameih uske asliyat ke baare mein pataa chalta hai'.ek bar dhoka khane ka matlab yeh to nahin na ke hum sab pe vishwas karna chod de ? '.mein jo kuch bhi kar rahi hoon, use bholapan nahi, use insaaniyat pe yakeen karna kehte hai

Inspite of NT being responsible for her ruin, inspite of knowing NT had the intention to kill her baby, Geet is unwilling to paint everyone with the same brush.  She does not apply the mathematical rule of if A=B and B=C, then A=C to real life, unlike Maan.  She is willing to judge the person based on his capabilities.  Until they are known, her default mode is to believe in them 100%.  Is this her naivety ? No, this is her ability to believe in the goodness of humanity ... something each of us should aspire to be.

There are many more such gems that I encourage you to find.  But now let us turn towards the humor that Barry invokes thru his dialogues.  Here are some examples '

1.       Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost (Adi)

G - sir, mein Geet bol rahi hoon

M - Haan, jaanta hoon

G - Sir aapke liye ek courier aaya hai

M - Toh kya mein phone mein ghuskar usey padhoon ?

2.       Jul 22 - @ the outhouse

Yeh to sach mein yaha hain'.aaaaa'chor (5) bhago (3), samajh kya rakha hai HP ki hoon meina, hato hato,

M - Geet meri baat suno

G - Huh, Geet? Chor planning karke aata hai aaj kal, haan, hato hato mera danda ..lagi to nahi

M - lagi

G - lagi ? ... to aur khao

M - Chup

3.       Jul 26@still @ the outhouse, fighting for the bed

M - Geet tum kab samjhogi ke har sapna poora nahin ho sakta

G - Sir, aap kab samjhenge ki meri aankhen khuli hai to mein sapna kaise dekh sakti hoon ?

4.       Jul 27 ' Geet in the shower asking for a new set of dry clothes from Maan

MAAN:"Na jaane bhagvaan ko bhi kya problem ho gayi jo aisi piece ko ladki to kisi ko bhi pagal kar sakti hai."

5.       Wo dhakkan to nahi hai !

6.       In Manali - Pehenlo, warna pehena doonga !

7.       Yeh ladki to chalti phirti disaster hai !

8.       Woh jaise dikhte hai utne seedhe nahi hai. bilkul jalebi ki tarah tedhe hai !
Coming up ... Dialogues where Barry faltered.

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Barry Dhillon, the voice of Maan shing Khurana and Geet Handa who is rocking the small screen at the moment, has always been working so behind the scene that even the google doesn't give us any information about him! And since we have never had any interview with him we actually don't know what inspires him in writing dialogues for Indian soaps and how those superb dialogues are generated from his creative mind. So the only way to know the person behind he dialogues is to analyze the creation to understand the creator.

Before starting with the dialogue let me just say that the thing I liked most about the story GHSP is that it started with a social issue and how innocent girls are being the victim of fraud marriages. The base of the story made it more special whereas the other traditional shows are only about how the young  generations are falling in love and how they are dealing with it. Compared to those GHSP reflects thoughtfulness, sense and magnificence.  The show is already our favorite and some of the episodes and dialogues have already created a huge impact on the viewers. I would like to share and discuss some of my favorites and through that describe my idea of the man who made maan singh khurana what he is today with those extraordinary dialogues.

The dialogue that hooked me to this show was actually the first few words that I heard when switching the channel one very dark night. So I would like to state that simple yet amazing dialogue that maan told geet back in HP after dropping her off on the street and that is "nothing good can be expected from your life if you stay fearful like this all the time". Well so far nothing compares to this very dialogue that encouraged geet handa to become the geet the she is today. Because nothing compares to the necessity of a right message at the right time. I myself am the living example and benefiter of the above dialogue. It helped the female lead in the story to be courageous as well as me, a viewer, to be courageous. Yes, we need to be courageous if we want to make a difference in our lives as well as our surroundings. And the courage comes from being truthful which is another good aspect shown in this show. So a loyal viewer of this show will definitely appreciate the truthfulness and courage that is so much necessary in life. This is one very good message that Mr. Barry Dhillon gave the audience. It shows the educative and thoughtful mind of the dialogue writer who not only likes to entertain but also send some good messages to the audience. So the young generations who are now "maneet" fans hopefully realized the meaning of being courageous and truthful as their favorite hero believes in it. So this way the society can be very much improved in morality through such impactful dialogues coming from the hero of a show which is actually the carefully selected words of a very beautiful mind.

My second favorite is the most famous word of out first villain, "The Birj" who said "oye" whenever and whatever made him disappointed! This one word created and describes a whole personality and made the villain as well as the word, popular. I have never come across such a one-word-dialogue in any story/show/movie in my life that gave a character so much life. That character was so solid that even today, months after his departure from the show he is still very much loved and remembered.  

Then comes another short but sizzling dialogue/phrase that send a shiver down to so many viewer's spine every time the male lead utters "chup-bilkul-chup"! What a creation, what a dialogue! I mean, this is called creativity where one is told to shut up and on the other end the whole audience melted like butter. Even the most logical friend of mine was "bilkul chup" when maan uttered for the first time "chup-bilkul-chup"!

Sometimes, some simple dialogues carry huge meanings and one such dialogue in the show was "is it ok to eat the leftovers/share food of our close ones"? that was asked by maan. This question, although quite simple, actually asked a very crucial information from our female lead, geet. Because at that time geet was defending herself from admitting that she indeed cares for maan.  So if she had replied negatively that would have been untrue but being truthful would have revealed her feelings instead and so that dialogue was one super invention of Mr. Barry that lead maan to keep on his enquiry through a very simple situation. Being from a western culture, where sharing food indicates absolutely no significance regarding special feelings towards anybody, Mr. Dhillon, adopted the concept of this continent of sharing food and utilized it very beautifully by delivering such a dialogue to the viewers. Because in our culture eating from the same plate is said to increase love and when probable lovers do that, it indicates almost everything.

Now comes the most favorite and appreciated dialogue of almost all the fans that maan said to geet and that is "to me you are the symbol of purity geet". What can be said about the subtleness of a mind that delivered this beautiful as well as touchy dialogue? Because geet, for long has been considering herself to be ineligible of loving somebody or be loved. She considered herself to be impure very secretly. Yes, maan was always very nice and generous to her but that cannot erase her feelings of being abused. So when maan said those words he actually erased that concept of hers by making her understand that to him purity is a concept that lies in the soul and not an entity that can be abused/touched/marked. No matter how much the body is abused or destroyed or hurt, as long as the soul is pure, to maan, he/she is pure. So that gave geet the confidence to feel that according to maan's definition, she is indeed very very pure. That dialogue made geet a whole new person inside and gave her the feelings of being truly loved for the first time. Mr. Dhillon, you have absolutely no idea what you did to your audience with that dialogue but even if you lose your creativity tomorrow, don't forget to feel proud of yourself for that dialogue for as long as you live.

Now like every other thing in this world that consists of light and dark, Mr. Dhillon delivered some grey dialogues too. And although I have already wrote an epic out of this pathetic sentence, I would again say that Mr. Dhillon seriously failed with the dialogue "I thought you were only mine" after maan got to learn for the first time about the tragical situation geet went through due to a fraud marriage. If the intension was to create a minor MU between the leads then maan could have kept quite out of shock and grief which geet could have interpreted as a rejection. But saying something like that seriously put maan's humanity in question. I mean, after getting to learn such an incident there is hardly any human who can think of himself. The general tendency of lovers is to find a way to clear all the differences as soon as possible whenever any argument takes place. So the moment maan got to know the reason behind her pregnancy the natural thing is to sympathize and not think of his personal feelings at that moment. That was one important reply from maan that the whole nation was waiting for when we were unfortunately miserably shocked.

Again, its not any particular dialogue but the whole concept where the team decided to make the devil a saint was a huge disappointment. Every dialogue after dev became a saint was kind of pathetic. Every story consists of a hero and a villain. The hero is supposed to establish peace and harmony in everyone's lives by defeating the villain from doing harm to the society. So in our favorite story, before the hero could play his role, the villain turned saint and left the hero in a blank situation where he had nothing else to do but enhance his personal relationship. And now even that pseudo saint is missing. This is a very unwanted situation and no dialogue can help prevent it. I hope Mr. Dhillon comes up with some good dialogues before he exits the ex-villain from the show. That would be a real challenge for the dialogue writer since its a very complicated situation. All the best for that.

Now we have had some wonderful episodes with amazing dialogues as well as a lot of faltering ones. But one very wonderful event is awaiting us and that is the maneet wedding. From the official web site of star one and also from some birdies we got to learn that the wedding is going to be a really grand one. Even the channel and the team are asking for opinions and expectations from the fans. Thanks to the team and to the channel for treating us so specially. So we hope to view a really brilliant arrangement of maneet wedding in the near future. But no matter how beautifully they decorate the day, the set, the performers, if the dialogues are poor, the whole attempt will fall apart. So dear Mr. Barry Dhillon we need some really good dialogues for that day. The fans may contribute their opinion on how they wish to see the bride and the groom but you have help yourself in delivering the best dialogues ever. The essence of that particular episode is wholly depending on your right words and so we hope you will do it right. On this aspect, I would like to suggest that, if we consider the wife as a prayer mat for the husband then their union can be considered as a form of prayer, which event is very much appreciated and blessed from the above. The channel may have limitations in shooting intimate scenes but you don't have any restrictions in delivering dialogues. So with all your creativity convey the message that when people love they actually pray. Its is as pure and valuable as prayers. Let the marriage in this show be superior in every form; from the physical decorations to the mental one. Decorate it with words, in essence and with love.

Thank you.


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1.What's Happening in the Den?
We r putting the neighbours to shame with our game: looking at the show with new perspective under varying scopes and getting different counterpoints.  i am loving what I am reading and hope you are 2. 

To that end please do not post/reserve in the new den till we send you the link.  The individuals opening have to reserve extra spots and what nots!  Cooperate with them please.  Then pitch in with your thoughts on the Show Topic of the day as well as the Episode.  

I really want to thank the following people - they have opened Den this week with Elaan and given it new Jhaan:  
- Ash's analysis of Daadi - makes you realize that she is balanced!
- Geeta scoped out the plot and made you imagine mahabharata
- Sin & Jo made us recognize that Maan is not a God just someone with a God ComplexROFL
- Marsha eloquently made the case for Dev remaining a devil
- Shonnu, Adits, and Gouri delivered the Geet HSP's dirty laundry
- Vandu & Nabs today are exploring the power of Barry's words including his turds!  

What's next?  Who is Opening? My fingers r steeled!  Tune in next week!  


- A support group page where they can freely gripe about your Geet: HSP obsession and how lame lameo is!  Where they can Haaaaaaaat MaaLOL
***************************************************************************************Last Week's Den Question Prize Winner -
 is Pallo....She wins this Siggie:

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 

Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT fully live yet.  So, watch from the site if u can.  Its the least we can do as good viewers.  

Page # 1
, a discussion about dialogues that speak volumes - kicked off by Vandana and Nabiha ,,,, what's happening to the den by Anj and episode analysis by Vandana, Nabiha, Cute_Ash, Resmi

Page# 2, continuation of dialogues/analysis theme by Jyo, Jhan, Mechantefille, Maliha, Shreya_l,rdfan, 49erFan, MarshaP
Page# 3, ideas for next week by Pixie. Malihaluvmyself and then there is Swati, Swati, Swati, ...LOL

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Hello friends,

I would like to say in short that Saturday's episode was very much entertaining. Loved watching it. Frankly these days I love watching it only. I can see and feel the closing of my loop with this show very clearly. In the beginning I used to watch each episode a number of times and loved it like anything. Then gradually my feelings needed expressions, my thoughts needed speeches and I needed to share it with the people who felt the same way I did. Slowly I started my online journey with IF and FB almost simultaneously. I wrote, only for my pleasure. Didn't bother if anybody read that or not; didn't matter if I got any replies or not. I wanted to view all my unfulfilled dreams and unreachable expectation through a show and with great pleasure I announce today that I was completely satisfied. And now that super speed of writing has decreased. Yes, this is the natural law; nothing is constant. And now a days I don't feel like writing anything but I do enjoy the show, every bit of it, very very much. Sometimes I do feel like suggesting things and so I will do that today. I would place some of my query as well as suggestions on the net, hoping that my message would reach its destination.

1.       I have noticed that whenever arjun-Ne encounters a BG voice says "yes" in a very scary way. Oh don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. That scares me because it gives the impression that the darker side of arjun is rejoicing another step ahead of his plan by saying "yes"! That also gave me the idea that arjun is here to stay for a pretty long time and the team had planned something huge regarding him.


2.       Geet's self talk and performance of trying to make maan say ILU was extraordinary. I remember falling in love with that cheerful personality long back when geet first joined the office and always helped herself with her self-talks. When she found nobody to back her up, she always encouraged herself. I really love this idea a lot. Anyways, at this point I would like to congratulate and thank the team for keeping the ILU from geet so natural and beautiful. Now we all know that those same words are a due from maan too. So if I may, I would like to suggest that in maan's case lets create some jealousy factor instead of making it serious. What I mean is, suppose geet does something sweet for romeo/manisha and out of joy he says that he feels like telling geet how special she is and how much he loves her(obviously as a friend). And geet then inspires him to say that and add that he would be the first person to be saying her those wonderful words. And we all know what will happen to maan once he overhears something like that. It would be fun.


3.       Now as the grand day is coming nearer and a lots of preparations have been going on for that so I, as a viewer would like to make a request to the team to make maan put on geet's feet a pair of gold anklets as a special gift on their wedding night. The anklets has to be fine/thin and bell free.


4.       Finally, although I didn't need to but I gave a huge deal of thought regarding how to justify the meaning of the title GEET HUI SABSE PARAYEE in the show, in the end. And the more I thought the more it gave me the notion that the ideal way is to end the show with geet's death.  Don't kill me yet friends, that is not my suggestion. I know, nobody can handle it and not even me. So better try to negate the idea and justify it this way that there was a time when unwanted trouble, troubled geet's life and separated her from her family. But now she has her own family with a husband, kids and in-laws. And after all the fighting with the enemy geet will eventually be sab trouble se parayee. This is lame but at least it gives a happy ending. Just wanted to share Smile


Well that's all from me.

See you all around

Loves and prayers........


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@Vandu&Nabhs Awsome analysisStarYou've chosen all my Fav dialoguessClapand I hope you r not done yet coz I have many more dialogues in my mind which I think have been Fantastic..Will wait until you're done and if I can suggest will do soBig smile
Ok sum of my All time fav dialogues
I think all the dilaogues tht Jyots has mentioned have been my ultimate favs and sum more additions..No particular order jus added them the way they popped into my mindd...LOL
-Maan to Geet on their 1st meeting:Tumhari Zindagi mein kuch nahi badalne waala,Jab tak tum Khud apne paav par khadi nahi ho jaati Tab tak tum yun hi Darr Darr Ke jeeo..
-Maan To geet After the MMS Fiasco: Main Chahta hoon ki tum in duniya waalon se darna band karo, kyunki duniya waale toh sau tarike ki baat karenge aur woh saari baatein galat hai.agar tum unki baat sunkar apna raasta badal dogi toh woh shayad galat hai..This one is the best of allStar
-Geet's Confession: "Mujhe Sasha Mam Pasand hai" tht was hilarious in tht towel sceneLOL
-Tub Scene Maan to Geet: "Tumne toh kaha tha tumhaara dil chuhe ka hai..Tumhaari himmat toh badh rahi hai"
-Geet's new phrase"Zaalim Singh Khurana Chun Chun ke Badla Lungi"LOL
-Geet's dialogue in the conference during her past ka confession: "Jab chaha tab haq de diya jab chaha tab haq chin liya  Itne aasani se rishte nahi toot te"
-Nt's Dialogue to Dev:"I will kill you"ROFL
-Maan's dialgoue to NT:"Agar Tumhaari wajah se geet ki ankhon mein ek bhi ansoon aaya toh Maan singh khurana khud ek ek ansoon ka badla soot sameth wapas lega"Approve
-Maan to Geet after Kehna hi kya: "Agar mere saamne koi bhi bahar wala tumhaare saath batamizi se pesh aaye yeh main bardaasht nahi kar sakt aur nahi kabhi karoonga samjhi tum"
-Geet's random hilarious dialogues"Oye Raamlaal Shyamlaal ouye khotte oye ullu de patthe"..The gaalis on fone to maan "Ullu de patthe khute ki dum gadhe teri agli baar fone kiya na toh police ko bula doongi"..there r more which I dun remembaLOL
-Hospital Reunion my fav shayari:
Geet: "Din Din sa nahin lagta
raat raat bhi nahi
sooraj pheeka sa
 aur chaand peela sa
 hassi hothon se sukh gayi
aur ansoo palkon ko sukhne nahi dete
apni yeh zindagi begaani se ho gayi
 issi intezaar mein ki kab aap wapas aayenge"
Maan: "Sooraj ke bina din
aur chaand ki bina chandni nahi ho sakti
ansso ke bina hassi
aur doorie ke bina nazdikiyan nahi ho sakti
toh tumhaari bina meri zindagi kaise ho sakti hai"
-And Ofcoursee Sasha's "Silly Me"
-Manisha's "So sweet na"I lub every dialogue of maanisha all are hilariousLOL
-Nakewl's dialogue before engagement: "Kaam Puja hai par uss se badi pate pooja hai"
-Errjun to Geet: "Ek saal mein Baarah mahine hote hai lekin kya har mahine ka mausam ek jaisa hota hai" Love this way of looking at life where evryday will never be the same there will be different types of climate but you will have to embrace the next day with happiness..
-How could I forget this dialogue ahh it has been said in several movies I think but loved it for geet
Maan to geet after looking at her in modern dress: "Geet tum jaisi ho waisi hi theek ho tum par banavati cheez achi nahi lagti kyunki tumhari khoosurati hi tumhari sadagi hai" "Tumse pavitra duniya mein aur koi nahin hai"
Ermm Tht's all I rememberErmmI knoww I forgetting sum but oh wellLOL
Falter in dialogues
-Maan's Dialogue in conference room: "Mujhe Laga tum sirf meri ho" I mean ish lyk incomplete and not just right bcoz he has sam aunty in his past and how culd he say tht..It still echoes in my earsLOL
 moi iz tired today so ish gonna be a brief takeTongue
Geet Wiping Tears&hand-choo kiss:
The Luckiest Person in the world-Awww tht was sucha  touchy scene continued with bootiful dialoguess..Dhillon Jhapppiss for thtHugbut why is Maan only thankin is the main person without him this day wuld hav neva been there,,Maan ehsaan faramoshh..
Maan:Gith You r Great
Gith: No ur  BHagwaan
Maan: Noo I am lucky to have youu
           Gith I...Embarrassed
Nurse: Kabab mein Haddi
Malhotra''s Meeting: He went and I lost the betOuch
Khurana Constructionss mein Merry Xmass...Paise Kahan se aaye...Ermm
GIth to Maan: You r my Santaa
XMas Gift: Maan wants Chumma but Gith wants ILU
Office Staff: haiyeeeDay Dreaming
Cheese Sandwish ke badle ILU: Cheese Sandwich Time, Cvz Choried Sradhs' Idea and no CreditAngry
ILU presentation par PaaniROFLoops sorry sauce straight into his tummy..ROFL
Msk is Messy eater waiting for Gith to clean chota bacha's mess...LOL
The whole Xmas Party thing seemed so last min additionErmm
 but I guess they knew not everyone except sum saddists lyk us will watch the epi on xmasLOL
NE-ErrrJun:The lovstory=black car emoticons 8 Animated Black Car Emoticons, Ash=,For their BG
New VM

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 8:09am | IP Logged

Here's what Geetakshi has to say about Barry's dialogues -

"I'd just like to say that Barry gives some v simple dialogues that are extremely impactful- HP geet dialogue where she was missing her family; pregnancy revelation dialogues; dialogue post RTM; post Kehna hi kya; HP marriage that maneet attended; Wheres the party epi ke baad wale dialogues etc... Extremely impactful- and yet simple

I'd also like to say that although language has to be all flowery sometimes- yet simplicity n clarity in dialogue lends a v different touch bcoz somehow it opens up more scope of interpretation.
Barry has fumbled too n given repeated dialogues a lot of times too- n yet i m glad he gives such awesome dialogues that shows his understanding of the show's characters!" - Geetakshi

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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for  WeekEnd Analysis!
yea its t laziest solution for my laziness!!Tongue

so wht do i do here besides being lazy!Sleepy

Ans is i CriB!! Diss-Dizz n Hiss-Hizz!!

T Hizz reminds me of t latest BG in GHSP block! i wish my ears were saved.. really NES n NEB ka NEL (Non Existant Love) Express gets Parseltongue n Random You know Who Hisses for BG??

Title for T week... grrr.. since most of t titles tis week was based on Maan- n his nvr ending Arts.. it shud b.. hmmm...


was supposed to do it on t weekend...
i assure u it wasnt my laziness tat cam in t way!Ouch promise!LOL

about t week which passed off pretty well but could hav been bttr... i really dont rembr much now!  n tats exactly my point - GHSP has little these days tat u ill rembr for ever.. lik HP/ office track... n i feel t fault is with t flow n t way u hav played out t scenes... and basically The EXECUTION!

Episode One  - 

The Maahi Maahi!

repeating wht i said b4.. t problem was how it was chopped to misfit into two halves cut by a break.. song sequences cannot wrk tat way!
Dance n song are both about its flow..  watching 'em dance with pauses it feels plain awkward! Ouch for all t hardwrk tat is put into such a sequence its not fair to destroy it!

Episode Two

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