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Oneshots (SG&MN) updated pg2

Kavya.... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 7:48am | IP Logged
As per request of few of my friends, I'm re-posting few of my OS on MN & SG,

1. OS: JUST LOVE (Mayur)


3. OS: LOVE (Mayur)

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Kavya.... IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 July 2009
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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 7:51am | IP Logged



The cool breeze of air swiped him making his hair sway over his forehead making him ever so charming than ever. Sitting in the exquisite lawn of the university, a site of sGunjan pleasure with the greenery all around but instead of enjoying the beauty he was caught in books.

He cursed himself for landing into such a situation but as he lifted his head to see the special someone sitting a little far off made him thoughts hay-wire.

Every time he looked at her, he couldn't help but think she looked more enticing than ever. May be that was why he was here doing something he always hated. He graduated from college a year back and was ready to join his family business when she walked in to his life.

The first time he saw her, he was blown off. She was the one' the one he always dreamt off. His princess… but how does he get to know her??? He saw her for the first time when he was struck up in the traffic.

He had to go to the airport to pick his parents when suddenly the traffic jammed due to an accident. Frustrated he hit his head to the steering and when he lifted his head a little, he saw her beautiful serene face. She had a wide smile on her face playing with a small kid on the bike beside her.

He didn't know for how long he stared at her. He came back to his senses when he noticed the traffic clear and she was gone.

After a week of vigorous search, he came to know that she was doing her bachelors in sciences which he hated all his life and that's the reason why he took up business.

He thought of all possible ways to meet her but somehow he could do nothing. Her face, her smile haunted his thoughts every night. He didn't even spend a day without seeing her without her knowledge.

One day when he was scanning the daily newspaper at the breakfast table, he found a national conference and workshop being conducted in the university she went to. Finally he got a wonderful opportunity to meet her.

He got him enrolled in the list. It was for 2 months and he thought it was a brilliant opportunity for him and now here he was scanning the materials of physics and chemistry which went above his head.


She saw him eyeing her for the umpteenth time that evening. Hiding her smile with the help of book she thought about the first day she met him.


She was one of the student coordinators for the conference and had to be at the reception desk, handing the required notes to the participants and taking their signatures. She had half an hour more at the desk and then could go and attend the seminar.


She rested her head on the table closing her eyes. Suddenly a voice woke her up,

"Excuse me"

She lifted her head and opened her eyes slowly to meet the pair of chocolate brown eyes staring at her intensely. She couldn't help but drown in them. She slightly shifted her gaze and scanned him totally. For the first time in her life, she felt like drooling over someone other than Ranbir whom she idolized.

She brushed away her crazy thoughts and not wanting to show her admiration put up a scorn and asked him what he wanted. She noticed the way his expressions changed from admiration to surprise. He asked her way to the hall after picking up the material and then left.

She stared at his retrieving form from the corner of her eyes and did notice him turning back to see her. Her friend came and relieved her off her duties. She went to the hall and found a place to sit.

Although she felt like scanning the hall for him but she shooed the thoughts as the seminar was important for the project she had to do later on. She engrossed herself in the seminar and after an hour or so, they got a break.

She felt something unusual and on impulse turned back to find him staring at her seated in a far corner. She turned back but somehow he seemed to enter her thoughts which seemed crazy to her.

She always mocked her friends when the topic love at first sight propped up. It didn't fit her how someone could fall for a stranger. She felt it was just an attraction and can't be named love but that was till the day she found him.

As she stood by her window sill and gazed at the moon above, she couldn't anymore feel the moon smiling at her but it was him' his smiling face was all she could see' She hit her head and went to sleep but sleep was far off.

Next day she went to university a bit late all thanks to her lack of sleep previous night, she found her friends standing along with HIM… Her gang comprised of Mayank, the handsome hunk of the college and a big bookworm and Nupur, the chatterbox and her best friend since childhood.


Mayank and Nupur were like cat and dog. Hardly a day passed without their fight and it really surprised Gunjan how they got into a relation-ship. She was the peace-maker between them and it was on her birthday that they finally revealed the secret of their love to her that too upon her suspicious questions and stares.

As she inched closer, she could make out that both guys had already gelled well and were poking fun at Nupur while she seemed to be pissed off. Gunjan joined them and Nupur was delighted as she found a partner now.

She couldn't make out whether she saw a sense of happiness in his eyes when she joined them or was she visualizing. Mayank broke her thoughts, introducing them to each other.

"Samrat & Gunjan"

That was what instantly clicked their minds when they got introduced and she walked away from there all of a sudden feeling really weird the way his thoughts were capturing her.

A week passed by with Samrat getting closer to her gang and her trying to avoid him as much as possible. She did notice the small things about him and known him as a person. He wasn't the innocent and reserved type as he looks; he's very much naughty and fun loving like Mayank.

Slowly, she realized that he had feelings for her and one day he did confess that he was here for her. She didn't know how to react and walked away from there. Later she confessed to Nupur that she was confused but that messed up even more since Nupur leaked it to Mayank and he passed on to SAMRAT..

From then on, he started being a complete flirt. He followed her like her shadow and irritates her with petty things. Though she pretended to be irritated, she loved them secretly. The flowers, teddies, bracelet… She preserved them all as precious treasures in her room.

She adorned her room with every single gift of him but was scared of admitting her real feelings towards him. She had made him run after for nearly 1 month and worse than that made him attend the physics and chemistry sessions which he hated. She adored the pleasing glances he gave to her to free him from this pain but she loved teasing him.

He asked her for a date when she asked him to wait till she completes going through the material and asked him to do the same after which she would decide what to do. She giggled recalling how his mouth went agape.

She closed the material not wanting to tease him more but as she looked out for him, she found him missing. She searched for him but in vain and all of a sudden she felt someone behind him.



He found it really irritating how she was so caught in the material that she obstructed his view of her beautiful face hiding it behind the material. Suddenly an idea propped in his mind to make her agree in her own terminology.

He propped up in front of her all of a sudden from her back and held a bouquet of roses singing,


Pagal anukan pyaare dil mein kitne hain
Neutron electron neelay naino mein bolo kitne hain
Kaisa hai khumaar rehti hai tu hi yaaron sapno mein

Gunjan stared at him puzzled blinking her eyes couple of times, trying to comprehend what he was singing. He winked at her and went on,


Hey you
Sana sana tu hi bataa, raaz roop ka hai kya

She tried to move when she felt a hold on her wrist,

Main newton newton keh sakya dil yeh kahe dhol din ratiya
Teri aankhon ki jeelon ka raaz hai kya
Raaz roop ka hai kya

He twirled her, causing her to land on his chest and caged her in his embrace. He smirked at her while she stared at him surprised.

Tum toh ho deewane bade saajan
Ramje ho hisaabon mein har dum
Mann mein dheem tom tom
Dheem tom tom, dheem tom tom


She hit him with the flowers he handed her, and moved out of his embrace. She walked away pretending to be angry while she felt like giggling over his crazy ideas.

Mann mein sargam dheemay labho ka sangam
Baaje dil mein mere dum
Ho dheem tom tom, mann mein sargam

She held the roses close to her heart smiling and all of a sudden he came in front of her again.

Oh ho ho baby, oh baby, pyaara tera gussa bhi
Oh baby, oh baby, mehak teri phool gulabi
Oh baby, oh baby, pyaara tera gussa bhi
Oh baby, oh baby, mehak teri phool gulabi

He continued to tease her, dropping rose petals on her and pulling her to dance.

Titali koi, kacchi kacchi
Kaliyon pe baithe kyun aise jaane gul
Unki lagan, joothi sacchi
Pyaar ki karta hai seek yeh bhool

She moved away again and he put up a look of disappointment. Mayank and Nupur glared at him and signaled to go after her.

Behati hui paani mein paani mein oxygen hoti kaha kum
Gaate hui dil hi mein dil hi mein aashayien bhare har dum

She ran across the garden, enjoying the moment. She let her hands spread out and twirled.

Aasre aaja, pyaar hum pal mein kar le
Sadhiyon ka hum tum o aajana

Samrat smiled seeing her ecstasy and bowed his head down letting out his hearts' feelings.

Saajan pyaara
Preet hi apni behka
Aankhon ko raste chalke
Itna samay toh dil ko de

She walked back to him, and cupped his face with her hands.

Saajani pyaari
Teri adaaon jaise
Lamhe hue hain chotey
Pyaar hum zaafa sa kaise kare

He looked straight into her eyes, showcasing all the love he had for her. She stared back at him and then he pulled her close and kissed her. For a second she forgot everything and as realization dawned on her, she hit him playfully on chest and ran away.

Oh ho ho baby, oh baby, pyaara tera gussa bhi
Oh baby, oh baby, mehak teri phool gulabi
Oh baby, oh baby, pyaara tera gussa bhi
Oh baby, oh baby, mehak teri phool gulabi

He went after her, trying to catch her but in vain.

Pagal anukan pyaar dil mein kitne hain
Neutron electron neelay naino mein bolo kitne hain
Kaisa hai khumaar rehta hai tu hi sapno mein pyaare
Hey you

Finally she turns back and launches herself into his arms who hug her back fiercely. She gives him a quick peck on lips and then hides her blushing face in his chest.

Sana sana tu hi bataa, raaz roop ka hai kya

They were brought back to their senses by Mayank and Nupur.

Main newton newton keh sakya dil yeh kahe dhol din ratiya
Teri aankhon ki jeelon ka raaz hai kya
Raaz roop ka hai kya

Mayank mocks Samrats' actions while he feels a little embarrassed and Gunjan just giggles on seeing his face turned. Samrat fakes anger at Gunjan and Gunjan puts a worried look and then Samrat laughs aloud. Gunjan walks away in anger while Nupur gets mad at Mayank for teasing the new couple.

Oh ho ho baby, oh baby, pyaara tera gussa bhi
Oh baby, oh baby, mehak teri phool gulabi
Oh baby, oh baby, pyaara tera gussa bhi
Oh baby, oh baby, mehak teri phool gulabi

Samrat and Mayank go after them to pacify and it became a daily routine the rest of their lives'

So how was it?
Waitin for ur comments

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Nice OS
plz write an OS on Mayur
take care

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
tht was soooooooooo niceeeeeee

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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
nice os dear...............

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daniella05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 3:28am | IP Logged
lovely os
thanks 4 the pm

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Alisha2887 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Nice OS.
Thanks for the pm.

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sariska_mnarti IF-Rockerz

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