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Soul meets soul ArSh ss COMPLETED (Page 22)

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Chapter 7 - He is always der for me  Smile

Armaan and shilpa reached city hospital...they went towards the reception
Shilpa:excuse me miss...
Shilpa:a new patient,mrs.malhotra has been admitted just few hrs ago...which room is she in?
the receptionist was about to answer when an inspector comes towards them
Inspector:what relation do u have with mrs.malhotra?
Shilpa: m her daughter...shilpa malhotra...
Inspector:plz come with me...ur mom is in a very critical condition but who is he?
Armaan: m armaan mallik...I am her school friend
Inspector: ok...plz come with me soon
Shilpa looks at armaan scared...he holds her hand n squeezes assuring her tht he is there with her...Shilpa gains strength n moves with the inspector
Shilpa's mom is been admitted in the ICU...shilpa's sis is crying soom as she sees shilpa...she runs n hugs her...shilpa tries to calm her down
Shilpa:dont worry sis nothing will happen to me!!
As shilpa feels her sis calm down...she makes her sit on a bench n asks her if she ate anything...seeing her shaking her head in a no...she takes her to the canteen n feeds her...she keeps assuring her sis tht their mom will b fine soon...she shouldnt worry when shilpa is here...
Shilpa: i will take care of will b fine...she will b fine... Armaan plz drop her home...n make sure she is safe
Armaan agrees...shilpa's sis is reluctant at first but when shilpa tells her tht there has to be someone who can take care of her mother n bring her home food n care abt home...she agrees n leaves with armaan.
Armaan drops her sister home...making sure no harm comes to her...he requests for police protection...making sure tht she is safe...he returns to the hospital knowing shilpa needs him ...when armaan reaches the hospital he sees shilpa sitting in a state of shock...the inspectors n doctors were running here n there...armaan knew something was wrong...his heartbeat increased...he ran towards shilpa n asked her what had happened suddenly...but there was no response...she just looked towards him...n then turned back...she got up n left...something told armaan tht she wanted him to follow her...n thts what he did...they went upto the terrace...
Armaan asks shilpa again what happened...she turns n he sees tears in her eyes...he cups her face in his hands n wipe the tears away
Armaan:everything will b fine shilpa...plz tell me what happened suddenly
Shilpa hugs armaan tightly n breaks down...she needed someone to share her pain with...the person she loves the most is fighting for her life...her mom who means the world to her is in ICU in a critical condition n shilpa cannot do anything...she is helpless...armaan knew this he understood her...he keeps running his fingers through her hair n provides her support...both of them keep quiet...only shilpa's crying is heard...shilpa speaks up... accident...murder...escaped...critical...her accident...planned...kill...secret...
Armaan: what? shilpa i cannot understand anything...plz relax n then tell me
Shilpa: mom's accident wasnt just a accident...someone has planned it...someone wants to kill her armaan...they want to murder her...they even tried attacking her in the hospital...thts why there was so much commotion when u came...the guy escaped...though he couldnt do much harm to mom...the doctors had reached on right time...m scared armaan...who will try to kil her n why?? what has she done? i dunno what to do...
Armaan:shh...calm down shilpa...shh...everything is ok...dont worry...m with u na...together we will tackle the problem...nothing will happen to ur mom...i promise shilpa...nothing will happen to her
Shilpa: m gonna kill the guy who harms my mom i swear
Armaan: relax shilpa...we wil get justice...tht guy will get his punishment
shilpa holds armaan tightly as if scared to loose him...after sometime
Armaan: shilpa plz lets go n eat something...u havent eaten anything...
Shilpa: no armaan m not hungry
Armaan: if u dont take care of urself who will take care of ur mom n sis??...plz lets go...
Shilpa: hmm...k
They go to the canteen...armaan gets some juice n sandwich for her...tht was the only thing he got as it was late at night...he keeps the food infront of her...he sighs seeing her not touching the food at all...he moves his chair closer to hers n take a piece of sandwich
Armaan: have something shilpa...
Shilpa looks at him
Shilpa: armaan nothing will happen to mom na??
Armaan: no...nothing will happen to her...we are there with her na...all of us are praying for her well being...dont worry shilpa...she will ok...
Shilpa: i cant afford to loose her armaan...she is my everything...after dad left us...she is the only one who has taken care of me n my sis...i dunno what i will do if she leaves me...i will die armaan
Armaan:shh...dont say tht again...listen to me carefully...nothing is gonna happen to her..i wont let anything happen to anyone who is close to u...m here na shilpa...plz trust me...
Shilpa: i trust u...n only u armaan
Armaan: i wont let ur trust plz eat something
Shilpa: u also didnt have anything na...we wil share n have
Armaan n shilpa together eat the food...n return back to the icu...they sit outside the door...the doctor has told them tht shilpa's mom is stable now...she is sleepibg under the effect of the
 injection...they will know her exact condition in the morning when she wakes up...
Shilpa is still scared n armaan can see it in her much ever she tries hiding her pain her eyes give it away...thts why armaan loves her eyes the most...they present shilpa's life as an open book to him...he gently holds her hand...shilpa tightens her hold as if giving him all her pain...slowly both of them drift off to sleep...
Next morning
Armaan wakes up first...he sees shilpa resting her head on his shoulder...n sleeping like an angel...but instead of a smile...there is a frown on her face...he knows it dues to her moms condition...he keeps staring at her...not wanting to wake up the beautiful angel...shilpa feels as if she is been watched...she slowly opens her eyes just to get lost in the blue ones...both of them keep staring at each other...without breaking the eyelock...shilpa moves her head off from armaan's shoulder...few strands of her hair come on her face...blocking the view of armaan...he raises his hand n gently pushes away the hair n tug it behind her ear...he brings his face close to hers...suddenly...shilpa jerks out of the she realizes she is the hospital...she blushes n looks away...armaan smiles seeing her blush n moves back...he gets up n offers her his hand
armaan: lets get u home so tht u can fresh up n come back to see ur mom...
shilpa agrees n holds his hand...armaan drops her home n then goes to his
both of them get refrshed n come back to the hopsital...where they get to know tht shilpa's mom has ganied conciousness...they rush towards her room
Shilpa smiles seeing her mom...she goes n hugs her...telling her how worried she was? n how happy she is to see her safe
shilpa's mom: m sorry to scare u like tht...oh armaan ur also here haan
Armaan: ya are you?? u really got us worried
shilpa's mom:"m fine dear...m really sorry to get u worried"
Armaan: thts k...but plz do take care of urself from now
Shilpa"s mom: i will
they sit n talk for sometime n shilpa admires armaan as he can make his mom laugh even in this condition...she sees her mom happy n sigh in relief...she mentally thanks armaan for everything...armaan catches her staring at him...he asks wat happ through his eyes...he shakes her head as if saying ntn n then continues talking armaan looks confused but then let it go n joins the conversation
Their conversation is broken when the doctor comes in followed by the inspector...
inspector: mrs malhotra, i hope ur doing well...i wanted to ask few questions abt ur accident
 Shilpa's mom tells the inspector everything...she tells them when she was walking back home she saw a gang of boys beating up a person almost to death...she had seen their faces...she was abt to call the police when one of the guys saw her...they started running towards her...she ran for her life...n on the way got hit by a car...because the ppl started surrounding her...those gang ppl left thinking she would die after such an accident...but nevertheless one of them stayed back to make sure she dies...when he got to know shilpa's mom can b saved he tried killing her in the hospital but the doctors reached on right time n handles the situation
Inspector: can u describe those ppl...can u get us a sketch of them
Shilpa's mom: yes i can
The next few hrs passed away with shilpa n armaan sitting beside shilpa's mom who was describing the criminals to the sketcher...when the sketches were ready the whole police team left to search for them...they even left police protection
Shilps took good care of her mom...n armaan helped her...shilpa's mom was hapy seeing them together...she knew they were perfect for each other when shilpa went out to meet the doctor
shilpa's mom: u love my daughter a lot...dont you?
Armaan jumps hearing this question he gets all nervous
Armaan: mean yes...i mean
Shilpa's mom strts laughing n says: its k dear...i would b glad to have a son-in-law like did u confess?
Armaan: no aunty...i dunno if she likes me
Shilpa's mom: ofcourse she does...i can see it in her eyes...armaan i have seen her suffering she has sacrificied everything for her family...for daughter has forgot to live her life but after she met u...i have seen her enjoying life...i have seen her happy n satisfied...plz never leave her...she might take time to understand her feelings n confess...plz b patient with her
Armaan: dont worry aunty...i will take good care of her...i promise i will never ever leave her..
Shilpa's mom: shilpa is very lucky to have u
Armaan smiles at her...he was abt to continue when shilpa comes in...
shilpa: mom the doctor said he will discharge u after a week or all u do is to rest
after 2 weeks
Shilpa's mom was brought back home...the criminals were caught n everything was back to right...thts y for the very first time...shilpa threw a party at her place...she invited all her frnds n her moms frnds...armaan was also der...laughing n making everyone smile
Shilpa thanked god for sending armaan in her life...she knew if she was celebrating this day it was because of armaan...if he didnt support her throughout she wouldnt have been able to do anything...she knew if there is someone she can trust...its armaan...if there is someone she count on when she is in trouble its armaan...if there is someone she can share everything n anything with...its armaan...if there is someone she can give her heart to...its armaan!!
shilpa's mind: w8! wat did i say?? if there is someone i can give my heart to...its armaan??? huh OMG!! m i gone nuts...from where did giving heart n all came!!!
shilpa's heart: come on shilpa...u know u have fallen for him...u know u can trust him...u know he wont break ur heart
shilpa's mind: shilpa cant fall in love
shilpa's heart: correction mr.mind...shilpa cant fall in love because she has already fallen in love with armaan
Shilpa shut the voices in her head n stared at armaan...was her heart right?? is she in love with armaan??
Shilpa's mom: shilpa come here!
shilpa: coming mom!!!
Shilpa goes n forgets abt this matter...but somewhere deep inside she knew she is unconditionally n truly in love with armaan

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  heyya lovely update Embarrassed

i seriously love d bond of ARSH yu display r too adorable Embarrassed
nd morevr i like shilpas mom tooLOL
hmm now waitng for dere confession Embarrassed
thanx for d pm nd plzz update soonSmile

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amazing one yaar 
loved it 
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awesome part

loved the arsh relation

cont soon

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Nice part
continue soon
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Originally posted by neha-rockss

  heyya lovely update Embarrassed

i seriously love d bond of ARSH yu display r too adorable Embarrassed
nd morevr i like shilpas mom tooLOL
hmm now waitng for dere confession Embarrassed
thanx for d pm nd plzz update soonSmile
thank u so much!

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Originally posted by sammy4u

amazing one yaar 
loved it 
thanks yaar
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Originally posted by luv_kash

awesome part

loved the arsh relation

cont soon

thank u so much

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