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Soul meets soul ArSh ss COMPLETED (Page 20)

-Im-Possible- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 2:37am | IP Logged
waiting for the next part...
cont soon...

spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2011 at 1:56am | IP Logged

Sorry guys for not updating...i was busy with my studies...m in 10th now...n u noe how imp it is

i'll b updating the next part in an hr or so
Stay tuned

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plzzz do pm me
spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 6 - he loves me!! Big smileEmbarrassed

Shilpa left her home n started walking towards skul...she was thinking about her conversation with her mom...she was thinking abt armaan...tht name did something to her...she was definately attracted to him...but do i love him? she shilpa neared the skul she saw a crowd gathered infront of the skul gate...tht made her walk she neared the crowd she could hear voices...she knew some1 was fighting...she made her way through the crowd n saw two of her school guys beating up two guys from another school...she instatntly leaped into the fight n separated the two males...she glared at them n said sorry to the other school guys...armaan was also present at the scene...he was watching wanting to what shilpa would do now.Shilpa demanded her skul guys to apologize
guy 1: prez we are not gonna say sry to these bas****s
guy 2: he is right wasnt our fault
Shilpa: Sameer n Jay behave urselves...u were beating up these guys n u say u werent at fault?? they could have been seriously injured...i order u to apologize right now...did u hear me i said RIGHT NOW!!!
sameer n jay apologized to the other skul guys. Shilpa was shocked at what the other skul guys said whose names were raj n karan
Raj: Ur skul prez is smart enough to understand who is superior here
Karan: exactly...u should learn something from her...
Shilpa: excuse me..they did not apologize to u cause ur superior they apologized cause they believe in rectifying their mistakes
Raj: oh comeon don give us tht non sense..u poor ppl have no match for us...we come from a better family...n go to a highly reputated school..not like u ppl
Karan: n s**** like u...try impressing us to get money...ur juz one of them...jus accept the fact
Shilpa was enraged...she turned towards sameer n jay
Shilpa: u guys were beating them up cause they were saying this bullshit before too??
They nodded their head...shilpa turned towards raj n karan who were laughing
Raj: yeah we were telling them how unlucky they are...n how poor their parents are...
Shilpa cut the guy in mid sentence by hitting him on his face. When karan tried slapping her...she grabbed karans hand n twisted it n then kicked him due to which he fell badly on the ground
Raj: how dare u...u have taken this far...apologize right now or i will go tell my skul prez who will in turn make ur life hell for doing this to us
Shilpa: Apologize my foot!! I was wrong when i told my skul guys to say sry to as*****s like u!! i dont care go n tell to ur skul prez n i promise its gonna b u who are gonna apologize to my skul guys
Karan: we will see
N they ran for their lifes
Sameer: now what will we do...we r in great trouble...their skul prez has lots of connections
Shilpa: dont b scared...m supporting u guys...n justice will b served...those guys have to spologize...n m sorry for shouting at u before...i didnt noe u guys were beating them for good...
Jay: but prez...
Shilpa: dont worry guys...m der na...u guys go n attend ur classes before tht go to the medical room n get urselves treated...leave this to me

Shilpa dispersed the crowd...all the guys were shocked seeing shilpa defending two guys from the skul...the girl who always screwed guys up was now supporting them...they definately wanted to know the mysterious shilpa now...whereas for armaan he smiled thinking how shilpa handled the situation...he promised to help her as he knew she wouldnt b able to do this alone...everyone went ahead to their classes

During the evening time...shilpa got a call from raj n karan again...saying tht their skul prez wantd to meet her today at 6pm n she was supposed to come with those two guys...shilpa agreed n cut the call

Shilpa along with sameer n jay were about to leave the campus when armaan showed up...he offered them a lift n told them that he would like to help...sameer n jay happily agreed...they knew armaan belonged to a high class family n had connections..he could save them...shilpa wanted to say no first but seeing sameer n jay she thought againg it n went along with armaan. During the car journey..where jay n sameer were talking to each other worried about the consequences of their action...armaan n shilpa were stealing glances at each other...

Reaching the school...all the four were left amazed..the school looked like a palace...they stared at it open mouthed...they went inside n felt surprising themselves more...the interiors were just the was definately a high class skul...they made their way to the presidents room

*Knock* *knock*

Voice: come in

All the four entered the room. A handsome guy sitting on the chair...looks up
guy:Armaan mallik???
Armaan:Christian ozera?...u are the president of this skul?? meeting u come ur here?...n who r these ppl with u
he says looking at shilpa n the rest
Armaan:actually two of the guys from ur skul harassed two guys from my skul...they had a fight...
Chris:oh ur the president of seika high??
Armaan:no m not...
Shilpa:i am the president of seika ozera n m here so tht u  realise how badly ur boys treated my skul boys...i wont b tolerationg this kind of behavious...i noe u have more money...u guys r highly sophisticated n stuff...but we also have some self-respect...we expect u ppl to respect us cause according to me no one is superior or inferior...i would like ur skul boys to apologize...
Chris:oh...look ms.shilpa...m really sorry for the behaviour of my skul boys...i totally agree with u of no1 being superior or inferior...i guess the fortunate of my skul boys to b in a highly respected institution with best of facilities got into their heads...
Christian called the boys...n made them apologize...the boys of his skul were shocked but nevertheless apologized n left...
Chris: m really sorry once again ms.shilpa
Shilpa:its k...plz make sure this does not happen again
Chris:yes ofcourse
Shilpa:we will take ur leave now
Chris:not so fast...plz allow me to entertain my guests
Shilpa:no mr.ozera...i have to get back...i have imp things to do
Chris:k but i insist armaan to stayback...i want to catch up with my childhood frnd
Shilpa;tht depends upon armaan
She looks at armaan
Armaan:hmm...shilpa if u dont mind...i would like to talk to christian...u can go ahead...i will call a cab for u guys
Shilpa:no armaan its k...we will go by bus...
Armaan:r u sure?? it might not b safe...
armaan looks concerned towards shilpa...she smiles n nods her head n says m sure
Armaan:k take care...bye
Shilpa:bye...bye mr.ozera...nice meeting u
Chris smiles n says nyc meeting u too
Shilpa n the other two guys leave

Chris: so the armaan mallik is finally in love huh?
Armaan: wat!!!
Chris:really now?? i m not blind ammy...i have seen the way u look at her...u r concerned abt her...u have a dreamy look when u see her
Chris laughs:comeon armaan m ur bestfrnd...atleast tell me abt it
Armaan:i dunno if it is love chris...but i noe i feel something special for her...i want her to b with me every moment...i dont like when other guys look at her with a dreamy face or with lust...i feel myself burning with rage...i feel protective towards her...i want to shield her from all the pains of life...i want her to b happy always... she has faced so many things in life chris...i want only her happiness now...i want to fulfill all her dreams...i feel complete when i talk to her when m with her...u noe chris she is the first girl who has surprised me...i mean she is so different...she is moment she is a mature woman net moment a moment she is strong net she is moment she seems as if the happiest she is very sad...she is naughty but strict...she has so many different layers of her personality...she is just wonderful...i dunno wat this feeling is...maybe it is love...i just know m loving this feeling...i dont want this feeling to die...i want her to b with me forever n ever n even beyond tht...
Chris:my dear frnd...ur madly in love with shilpa
Armaan:really chris? is this how being in love feels??
Armaan:w8 how would u noe?? omg chris...ur in love tooo???!!!!!
Chris blushes:ya...her name is lisa...she is in this skul only...she is just amazing...we have being together from past one n a half yr
Armaan:wow...congratulations bro... i want u to go n tell ur feelings to shilpa before its too late
Armaan: no not now chris...wat if she rejects me?
Chris:she wont...i noe she loves u too
Armaan:still i would want to b sure myself
Chris:ur wish...but tell her before its too late...u never know what future holds for u
Armaan:i will see to tht tell me hows everything else gng?
Armaan:ya gud...u noe...
n the two old frnds catch up...unknown to them...the love convo was heard by shilpa who came back to ask armaan something...when she got to know armaan loves her...her heart skipped a beat...she was sooo happy...she was on cloud nine...but now...did she really love him...or was it attraction? she decided to clear her feelings...she agreed with christian on the matter of confessing before its too late...she would surely find out her true feelings...forgetting wat she came for...she turned back n left

later tht eve at the cafe

Shilpa was packing up...her boss had left the keys with her...she told shilpa to stay till she comes back from shopping important stuff needed for the store...shilpa agreed as the other girls had imp works to do...n shilpa was free...
Shilpa closed the doors n windows n was proceeding towards the room on top...when she heard a noise...someone was at the backdoor...itseems like as if he was trung to open it...shilpa's instincts woke up...she went closer to the door...she was ready to attack on the person as soon as he entered...she also noticed tht she hadnt close the door properly...the guy could easily come in...suddenly the door opened...shilpa jumped on the person n pushed him downn feel on top of him...she started hitting him when the guy caught her hands n turned shilpa was in the trap of the guy...she closed her eyes...she slowly opened her eyes...only to find blue eyes staring at her...she drowned in those eyes...the time had stopped for both of them...armaan stared at shilpa then looked at her lips...he had a sudden urge to kiss them...he never felt this desire before...he just wanted to crush them with his manly ones...he looked at shilpa once again...then at her lips n moved closer...shilpa closed her eyes in acceptance...she didnt noe why,...but she felt tht this was the perfect moment...she gave in to the moment...armaan looked at her...he smiled seeing her giving in...he was abt to kiss her when shilpa's phone rang...both of them jerked out of the moment...armaan left shilpa n rolled over...shilpa got up blushing...n went to pick her mob...armaan smiled seeing her blush...he cursed the person for calling n breaking their private moment...he carefully closed the door n went to shilpa...shilpa's back was towards him...he saw her keeping the phone...he hugged her from behind n asked...who was it?...he didnt get any response...he knew something was wrong...he turned shilpa around n was shocked to see tears in her eyes...armaan cupped her face n asked softly...wat happ?why r u crying?...shilpa looked at armaan n hugged him...she was not in a state to tell anything...she wanted to feel safe n protected which armaan's arms provided...armaan ran his fingers through her hairs to soothe her...once he was sure she was calm...he broke their hug...brought a glass of water...n gave it to shilpa...then he asked her again what the matter was...
shilpa:armaan plz take me home...i have wasted my time calming mom is admitted in the city hospital...she had an accident...plz armaan lets go
Armaan:wat? omg...lets go!!
Shilpa:takes her things...she locks the cafe n goes with armaan...on the way armaan says
armaan:u didnt waste ur tym was imp for u to calm down...u have to b strong for ur sis...n shilpa...dont forget m always der for u
Shilpa thanked armaan n prayed to god to keep her mom safe

precap: shilpa:wat?? this cannot happen...this is not true...ur lying...ur a liar
           armaan hugs shilpa to calm her
          shilpa:i will kill tht bas***d...i swear
armaan:shhh...calm down...shh...we will get me


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hey dear,
nice update
loved the way armaan described his feelings
hope shilpa also realises this soon.
n omg what happened to her mother  ?
thnx for the cont sson
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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whom she want to kill i hope her mom is ok 
nightstar IF-Rockerz

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i think its those boys who caused the accident...neverthless i loved the cafe scenen.,,precap is awesome...cont soonnnSmile
-Im-Possible- IF-Rockerz

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awesome part...
hope her mother is well...
plzzz update soon...

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