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Leve IF-Stunnerz

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Short story : Imaan
She came from an abusive family. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father was a drug user. They never showed her any kind of love, and always beat her for no reason. She desperately wanted to make them love her. She did whatever she could, but it did not matter nothing. They never showed her sympathy and never supported her. They just wanted her money and wanted her to provide drugs for them. She was always careful as to not irritate them because she was afraid of their beatings. They usually whipped her, slapped her, or kicked her. But she still stayed with them because she felt they needed her. She endured everything and did what she was supposed to do. Until one day, the most horrible day of her life. She came home and was very tired because of working the whole day. She hadn't completed her homework yet, and worried she would be kicked out of school if she kept failing all her classes. Her mother and father were asleep, or she thought they were sleeping. She sat on her desk in the living-room and started figuring out the never-ending math problems. She heard someone coming down the stairs and looked up. Her father was standing there, lookin at her strangely. She asked if he needed anything. He shook his head and kept coming down the stairs. A feeling came in her stomach, she realized that she was afraid. He sat next to her and put his hand on her legs. "Oh no, Oh no. Oh no! Not this!" her mind screamed. His hand kept coming up her legs, and she stood up suddenly. He was surprised at her reluctance and told her to do whatever he wants her to do. She shook her head and kept walking away from him. His face showed anger and suddenly, he struck her on her face. "Do what I told you to do! Understand?? You are nothing but a piece of sh*t! Never say no to me or you are as good as dead!!" he screamed. She was afraid he will continue doing what he was doing to her, but he went to his room. Relief spread over her. But a thought came into her mind. Today I escaped, but what will happen tomorrow night. Or the day after tomorrow? She couldn't let that happen to her. But where could she go, she didnt have anywhere else to go. She had no friends and no relatives. So where was she supposed to go?? She had heard about the organizations where kids who are abused stay, but she didnt trust them. Suddenly, she felt she was tired of her life. She didnt have the energy to keep going in her life. On occasions she had thought about ending her life, but now she was sure she is going to end her life. She was going to suicide. She knew it was what cowards do, but she couldnt stop herself and ran out the door. She dashed on the streets, straight to the bridge. The moon was bright and she looked at all the stars. They were all so beautiful. She was sad about what she was going to do, but she had no choice. She jumped off the bridge and into the water. It was super cold, so cold that her body went numb. She looked at her surroundings, everything was black and cold in the water. She closed her eyes and knew she was about to die. The thought didnt disturb her. She was finally happy now because she didnt have to go back to her house and face her dad and her mother. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes. And found herself in a room.

Is this heaven?? "Are you crazy girl?!" a guys voice said. She looked at the guy and saw that he was quite handsome. Actually, he was beautiful. He came to take me away... Gudbye World! She was happy and smiled. "Have you come to take me away from this world??" The guys face turned into confusion, "What do you mean?" She stopped smiling and tried to stand but realized her body was numb, so she said," Who are youu?!" His face showed anger and confusion,"Damn girl! I just saved your life!" She was going to answer him back when she thought about what he had said, What the helll!! People won't let me die peacefully either! "Why the hell would you do that??!"She screamed. The guy said," Now, I am so sure you are crazy!" She was so angry she didnt say anything. She tried to sit up and managed a little on herself before going down, but the guy's hands steadied her and held her on place. He said, " My name is Raj, girl." She didnt say anything and shivered although the room was warm. He noticed that and gave her his jacket. "The life is too important to just throw it away, girl. No problem is so big that it cant be solved." She looked at him and nodded. "Nice to hear your philosophy. Care to tell me where the hell am I??" The guy shot her a look and said,"Ofcourse, you are at my home! duh." W*H?? Does he have anything in mind?? "Look, thanks for saving my life, but I have to go now." She said hurriedly. He caught her hand and said, "You need to sleep and then worry about everything in the morning." He pushed her a little toward the bed. She didnt have the energy to fight him and so she sat on the bed. She would go when he leaves. He didnt leave. "Go to sleep, girl" He said. She gritted her teeth and pretended to sleep, but the sleep really came as her head touched the pillow. She slept wonderfully. In the morning, she opened her eyes and noticed her surroundings. Everything was so big. Just like a palace. How did I end up here?? But then everything became clear and she realized this was her savior's home. She suddenly grew angry at herself. How can I give up on life?! She made a plan of not returning home and renting an apartment and living her life. That sounded good. Someone knocked on her door and the guy came who had saved her life. "Finally, you are up." he said. She looked at him and saw that he was more beautiful than the night before. He looked wonderful and smelled wonderful. What was his name?? Ron? Sam? Raj?? Raj!! Yupp Rajj! "Whats time is it ?" she asked. "Its almost 2 in the afternoon," Raj said. She looked at him in shock and said "Why the hell didnt you wake me up!?" He smiled and said, " 'Cuz you looked a little sane while sleeping." She was going to answer him back but then she smiled at the joke and said," Thanks for helping me last night. I wasnt thinking right." He noded his head."I need to go now" she said. Disappointment flashed on his face and he said reluctantly ," Alright, but we will meet again right?" She smiled and noticed that she liked him a little now, but not enough to trust him, "Sure, we will meet later." He smiled widely and nodded. As she was getting ready to go, he asked," Oh by the way, whats ur name??" She smiled apologetically and said," Ooopss sorry! My name is Imaan." He nodded and told her that it was a beautiful name. She smiled and walked out the house. She had never been more happy in her life. She kept smiling the whole day because she realized she was independent now. I will do great things in life. She promised herself.

HeyyYYYYyyy everyonee!! This is my first attempt at writing a short storyy.. hoped you all liked it! =)

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hiiiii whitefantasy     
sorry 4 da late comment
been abroad
awesome os
loved it
loved maaneet
thanks 4 da pm

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome os
loved it
thanks 4 da pm
SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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@ SajanRox11 : awesome OS majari.................u r a fantabulous writer.
frndshp_luv_dmg IF-Rockerz

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@Adya-loved ur entry 'The Golden Memories'!!Clap
x.inspire.x Senior Member

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Originally posted by Adi4Ayu




She wasn't breathing. My heart tore as I screamed her name. I could feel pain as I shouted - a pain that pulled from deep inside of me. I could almost feel it trying to kill me from the inside out. I had to make sure that I kept it locked away and focus on the life withering away in my arms.


I tried to find a pulse, fumbling through her wrist, never finding one. Then, I tried CPR for the first time in my life - for my life. I whispered her name with each push on her chest. Did I make it to 100 per minute? I still don't know - I didn't count.

She gasped and opened her eyes - for a moment too brief. But I could tell from her eyes that she was afraid. Afraid of death? No! She was afraid of me - her eyes couldn't see me in pain, regardless of what she was going through. I know that if it would have been in her hands, she would be up and about in no time - just to see the happiness return to my eyes.


"Sweetheart, you'll be fine, okay baby?"


She just nodded. That's what she has been doing since then. The doctors admitted her to the ICU when her respiratory system didn't respond to the treatments. Before leaving her side, I told her that she was going to be fine. She nodded again.


Two days later, she was shifted to a private room. She had regained consciousness after 15 hours. I really don't know why, but I was angry with her - really angry. Anger gave me strength to fight my emotions - stop my tears. I scolded her when she told me that she was feeling sleepy. She held my hand to her chest and cried - her tears complaining about my rudeness - my heartlessness. She didn't sleep.


She wanted to eat ice-cream and chocolates. I scolded her again, gently this time, promising that she would gets lots of chocolates when she came back home. She smiled. She didn't whine for chocolates again.


"You are upset."


I was reading MKRM on my lappy.


"Of course I am. You've just given Armaan four hours to live."

"Why do you read the death-scene when it upsets you so much?"

"It is not a death-scene. It's a life-scene. Armaan will survive against all odds. There'll be a happy ending to this scene."

"Yes, because it's just a story."


I knew what she was heeding to. I didn't want to listen so I turned my attention back to MKRM.


"Will I survive too?"

"You are getting better. The doctors will discharge you soon."


I didn't have the courage to lie blatantly, so I told her my well-rehearsed lie - a lie that I had told her so many times that it actually seemed far more convincing than the harsh truth - even for me.


"I am going to die."


She wasn't asking me, just telling. Her innocent eyes were set carefully upon me. Her hands were playing with the ring in my finger. Her mehendi was still dark, though it was going to be almost two weeks since our wedding. She continued.


"There will be no happy endings for us."


I lost my temper again that day. Tears were streaming down her face but I couldn't feel them. I could feel the sting of my tears in my eyes but it didn't matter. I wanted her to believe my lie. I wanted her to be strong. I wanted her to live. I lied to her again and again, telling her she was fine. She didn't believe me but she nodded each time I assured her. I couldn't meet her eyes after that.


Today, she knows everything. When I went and hugged her, she pushed me away and looked into my eyes. I couldn't breathe.


"You lied."


I kissed her forehead. She kept crying.


"I'll die. You know that!"

"You won't! That's all I know!"

"Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not lying to you!"

"You are! To me and to yourself!"



I had yelled at the top of my voice. Her parents, the doctor and the two nurses rushed inside on hearing the shout. The doctor did a customary check-up while her father placed a hand firmly on my shoulder.


"Come with me, Adi."


I shrugged off his hand roughly - rudely. I didn't want anyone to calm me down. Anger was my strength.


"I'm alright. I want to talk to her."


I wasn't trying to be rude. I really didn't think there was anything wrong with me. No one protested.


"Five minutes."


The doctor warned me and left. Others followed him. I moved towards the bed when I heard her speak.


"I don't want to talk to you."


I sat down on the bed and took her left hand in mine. Her face was expressionless.


"I would love to do the talking today for a change."


She finally showed a hint of expression. She scowled. I smiled. She turned her face away.


"Do you know how much I love you?"


She didn't answer.


"You can just say yes or no."


"Do you love me too?"


"Then I want you to believe me when I say that you are going to be fine."


She slowly turned her head and aligned her gaze to mine. I looked away.


"I want you to be fine. I can't lose you. You're the only one I have."


She took my hand to her lips and kissed it. Her lips were warm and soft - a sign that she was alive. My lies seemed true enough. She was going to be fine.


"I would always be there for you - dead or alive."



I protested.


"You will take care of everyone, won't you? You've got to be there for them."

"I will be where you are."

"You've got to live Adi."

"I will live, and so would you."


She was looking intently at me. I turned my gaze away.


"You are going to be fine."


She smiled. I wasn't expecting that. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I thought she had believed me again.


"Look into my eyes and repeat what you just said."




"Look into my eyes and speak Adi. Make me believe you."


Her voice plagued me as I opened my eyes. The pain was killing me, and I could feel my heart thumping in protest. I took deep breaths and waited for my breathing to pace down before I reached out and touched her face lightly. My anger couldn't help her survive. My love would.


"You will be fine. I promise."






She smiled and nodded.


"I will live for you."

"For me?"


She indicated the rings gleaming in our entwined hands.


"Your promises are mine to keep."


Writing this story, I know she will help me keep my promise. She will live. We will have our happy ending for sure. But, of course, that will be quite another story! Right now, my life is waiting for me, so, excuse me.

-Aditya Kashyap
OMG Jiju u write so well Clap u should write an FF like Lovy Di keep it up it was beautiful

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really fab o............i really got tears in my eyes while reading it...........plzzzzzzz do pm me whenever u update or write another one..................
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Hey Mehak,
                         I have a Suggestion. Since you have opened this Competition, I have observed that the more you PM people is the more your chances to win. Only you have to write an OS and PM MANY MANY people so they can win. It seems like a competion in which you have PM as many people you can. The more people you PM and the more they'll press the LIKE Button and you'll ultimately win. So I have a suggestion......Why don't you a panel of Judges !!? Let me explain. Say, If you have to take the best 6 entries then take 3 Entries which gained the maximum number of Comments and Likes . And the other 3 entries will selected by the Judges who THEY think deserve it. You can take anybody as judge OR You can also select the Entries yourself.
P.S.- I have  PMed you in this matter.
 Happy to help,

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