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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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                                 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR

I was walking to my home as I saw that girl's house. How can I forget her! She is my neighbour. She is Neha Malhotra. The girl who is cursed in my neighbourhood for her rudeness and indiscipline. Our neighbourhood is always filled by her voice or should I say her shout and hatred. She always screams at everyone. The most important thing is inspite of being a human she hates humans especially men. She spent most of her time in her home. She rarely came out. She comes out for her school and then leaves back to home. Though she was not out, her presence was always felt but not in a good way. Being her neighbour, I always found her to be evil though she did her schooling because I grew up hearing her harsh words. I was like how can she speak like this to her mom. I came out of my thoughts, I realized that I am standing before her house for the past half an hour. I felt so embarrassing to stand before someone's house and just staring it. So I decided to leave. But something caught my interest. It was a diary which was lying before her home. It was lying near the trashbin on the outer space. I decided to leave but something made me to read it. Everyone are normal humans and sometimes desire makes us to do some stuffs which is not elegant. The same happened to me. I took the diary hoping of not being noticed by anyone and left to my home. My mom was shocked to see me getting in quiet. But I avoided everything and ran to my room. I lied on my bed stretched. I made sure that I was comfortable and opened it. I turned the pages. It was scribbled with some drawings and some essays. I continued to turn. Then I was shocked to see what was written.

Dear Diary,

                   I am writing a diary can u believe it? LOL . you know these days I am hating myself. I don't know. I am feeling so lonely. No one is understanding me. My mom is always screaming at me for the sake of my relatives, Why do they always find fault in all my actions. My dear diary, I still remember the day when I came to know about my dad. I have been considering my uncle as my dad. I didn't know why I called him like that may be because he insisted. I found it weird. But that day I came to know the truth. The truth that changed me forever. I heard some of my relatives talking about me. I heard it. I wish I never heard it. Why did I ever hear it! They said that my parents are divorced because of me. It is because my father didn't want a girl child. I was 6 that time diary. I didn't take it so serious. But as I grew up many things clouded in my mind. Now I was 13. The thoughts of me calling my uncle as dad and even once my cousin screamed that I don't have a father. Soon I began to think a lot. They say childhood memories can never be erased and the same goes for me. I started thinking about what  my relatives spoke that day. I can't talk to my mom about that. I can never see such a wonderful fairy who brought me into this world in tears. She always gave me what I wished. When I thought, she heard it. I guess this is what Mothers do. So I spoke to my grandma. She is such a nice person. She always stood for my mother. She loves her more than anything. She supports my mom always. I was still 13. I didn't know what to do. So I asked her. She  told me that after my mom and dad got married. My mom went through lot of hurdles. So they  found their separate ways. She didn't tell me the reason though. When I asked her if it was because of me. She hugged me and cried. I understood everything at that moment. I felt like dying. I found myself as a sin. I found the darkness engulfing me. I wished that the ground open and swallow me. But nothing was heard. So I  went to my room. I shut the door and cried. I cried until the tears stopped flowing from my eyes. Soon I went to sleep. The next day was completely different. The girl who always laughed and played with everyone is dead. I was not myself. The fact that I am the reason for my mother's tears pierced my heart. I wished to cry. I was frustrated. Anger took over me. I started hating men. I know that I can't blame every men. But I was a small girl at that time. So innocence took over me. I  hated men. But I was never able to hate my uncle. He is a fatherly figure to me. He treated me like his own daughter. So I felt solace in him. But other men were monsters to me. I hated them! I hated them more than anything! But there was a truth behind all this and it was I HATED MYSELF. I hated for being the reason for my mom's unseen pain. I understood that she was in pain more than anyone. The fact that my mom spoiled her life for the sake of my existence hurt me a lot. Soon I became a different person. Though at school I behaved well, at home everyone saw me as a monster. I screamed even at little things. I became stubborn. My insecurities of losing my Mother's love too took over me. I wanted whatever I wished for. I became so rude. My mom got bad name because of me. But I never saw that. For me my pain was the only thing that was visible. I even screamed at my mom. I didn't know what took over me. I just started thinking about only myself. I became SELFISH. I behaved so bad at home. I screamed at my grandma. The most important thing was I took sympathy on me. One day I even said the thing that a mom can never bare. I said that I hate her. I just made my wonderful life complicated. So complicate that my mom cried before me. The lady who never cried even when my father left cried because of me. Her tears killed me that day. She killed the monster inside me. She brought light back in my life. I realized that I have turned into something that I am not.  She purified my soul which was dirty because of hatred. That night I stood before my mirror and thought about all the things that I did in the past day. I decided to become what I am. I decided to change myself. That night I went and slept with my mother. I found peace. But she didn't realize that I was sleeping beside her. So I got up and went to my room without disturbing her. The next day I took a deep breath and went down. I behaved normal. But there is a saying "ONCE YOU ARE NAMED BAD, THEN YOU ARE ALWAYS CONSIDERED BAD" Everyone just behave rude to me. My mom is kind. But because of my relatives she shouts at me. Because of the devil inside me, I lost a wonderful family which gave me love and showered blessings. I am so lonely now. So I came to you diary. I know that I am to be blamed. But I was unable to take control over my anger and frustration. I wish I had told them A SORRY. I will say it tomorrow! Good night my diary! I feel better because of you.

I closed the diary. I didn't know what I felt. But tears rolled from my eyes. I touched my cheeks and was shocked to see tears. My eyes were red. I understood what a big fool I was. Neha Malhotra was not bad at all. I decided to give the diary and speak to her the next day. I went to my bed thinking to make her my friend. Soon tiredness took over me and I slept. The next day I went to her home. It was crowded. Everyone were crying. It is then I realized that SHE IS DEAD. I came to know that she had brain tumour and due to stress and tension she lost complete control over her. I was somehow happy to see her parents and even her relatives cried for her. But I wondered if she said sorry. I went quietly in and kept her diary near her photo. Some were bad mouthing her. I felt really bad. I left that place with hopes that they read the diary. I went to my mom and cried. I told her everything. She patted me and said that Everyone has two sides. We are humans and in this life we have to fight a war and it is against none but us. With the devil inside us! Neha fought bravely but time took everything from her. We don't know if she asked for forgiveness but you should smile because she is a wonderful human being. Being your mother I want you to look into the other side of the mirror...................     

                                                                       THE END                                                                                                                                                   

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:58am | IP Logged
@ Nishaa: Lovely OS! Thumbs Upp! Superb work done! My vote goes to YOU!

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shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:07am | IP Logged
great work guys.
_Arushi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:10am | IP Logged
@Sajan_Ekta-it was such a touching os....really it was very nice!!my vote goes for u!!

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:18am | IP Logged
@Nishi :
Beautiful OSClap..it really made me cryCry..my vote goes for uClapThumbs UpHug

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ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:19am | IP Logged

My place in your heart


It is another day at college and Maria has just started college, she's not just come to study but she's here to reach her destination. A place in her heart for someone she loved.

She walks up the stairs and sees a boy who looks at her and when both eyes meet it seems as if they have seen each other for many years. Their eyes interlock with each other, her blue eyes meets his grey eyes and both could sense something deep inside.

"Kyle, what's up dude?" shouts an unexpected guy walking towards Kyle and at this point Maria and Kyle's inter session stops and she slowly walks away and starts walking towards her class. Kyle keeps looking at her when she goes but then she stops and turns around and smiles at Kyle. Kyle has a big grin on his face; his friend asks him "Who is she?"

Kyle says "I have no idea but I feel as if I know her". His friend has a confused face and while he laughs he says "Come on mate we should go to class". "Lucky, you go to class. I will come in a minute or two".

Kyle is walking to his class when he sees Maria in her chemistry class; he stops and looks at her. He notices her writing notes and strands of her hair fall out and with her fair hands she puts the strands back and Kyle keeps looking at her with passion. Maria looks up at the teacher and then she notices Kyle looking at her and again both of their eyes meet each other.

They both keep looking at each other when "Maria, why are you looking outside?" Maria looks away from Kyle and looks at Mrs Button who seems to be a strict teacher, "Sorry Miss, there is a boy outside the class" but when Mrs Button looks no one is there. Maria looks surprised and Mrs Button says "Maria please get out of the class NOW".

Maria sits outside on the bench and then Kyle appears in front of her "I am sorry I didn't mean for Mrs Button to shout at you", Maria looks up and she says "It's ok, why were you looking at me?" Kyle started smiling and he said "I don't know I feel as if I have known you for a long time, are you from somewhere else?" Maria said "I am, I came from Goa and I am searching for a close friend of mine" and Kyle looked confused and he was thinking "You are not Heaven Street are you?" Maria surprisingly said "Yes I am why? Do you know someone who lives on that street?"

Kyle started smiling even more and he looked at Maria and he went close to her and said "The love you give me comes with much pride as much as my heart is feeling inside I love that we'll always stay strong and true no one in this world will ever love me like you do". Maria started to laugh and cry and she gave a massive hug to Kyle and she said "Kyle, I can't believe it. I always felt I knew you but I never felt as if we would see each other again, I missed you so much" Kyle smiled and said "I missed you too Maria and I want to say that my heart always belonged to you"

Maria and Kyle broke the hug and they both put their heads together and kept looking at each other and the love between them was amazing and beautiful, they both held hands and started walking towards the sunset reminiscing their childhood memories.

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leeseunggilove IF-Rockerz

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pariiiiiiiiiiii...i have tears in my eyes!!! literally...its such a numbing story for me!
such a beauitful message...we worship love!
bcz love is the only emotion in the world dat harbours all others..love is the only emotion that has the power to turn a person!..
loved it pari..love u..:D:D..
hope u win dis!

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--softyy-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:20am | IP Logged
@nishu......wow........my vote 2 u dear.................i thought of participitatin par no..................

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