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VaaniBhandari Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:21am | IP Logged

R:Main aur armaan...ek dooje ke liye bane hai aur main uske bina nahin jee sakti, main sirf aur sirf armaan se hi pyar karti hoon.Uski Basket hoon aur rehna chahati hoon.

HeartArmaan's basketHeart

The journey begins...

Armaan enters their bedroom decorated beautifully with roses & orchids. Riddhima was sitting in the centre of the bed, her mind filled with nervousness & anxiety. As she saw Armaan proceeding slowly towards her, her heartbeat became erratic & she clinched the bed sheet with her toes.

Now armaan was just one inch away from her. He was absolutely spellbound by the way she looked. Fully draped from head to toe in a rich deep red & golden lehanga intricate with shimmering sequins, diamantes and bright colored real stones, she looked overwhelmingly beautiful?almost hypnotic!!!


He settled down closer to her & lifted up her chin.

A :( whispers) is kaynath ki samse haseen ladki mere samne hai Star

She smiled & blushed at the same time.

He caressed her face passionately making her lose herself in him.She blushed badly as he planted a kiss on her delicate hands removing the hanging kaliras.

Her shivers made it even more difficult for him to resist.Unable 2 controls his desires anymore he  captured her lips & kissed her intensely .She was shocked initially but responded back with equal passion as he deepened the kiss. Their tongues danced together & he almost chewed up her lips. This was the moment they had been waiting for soooooo long.
The tonsil tennis continued as they both stretched on the bed with armaan on top of riddhima.
Her hands traced his body unbuttoning his sherwani while he was busy detaching the dupatta from her shoulder.

But she froze as he started opening the strings of her blouse. Armaan broke the kiss as he sensed her not responding anymore.
A:(sweetly)?kya hua?

R (looks down):kuch nahi

A:(worried) Plz batao na, kya maine kuch galat kiya?

R:nahi armaan, tumne kuch galat nahi kiya par?.par mujhe .. bahut ?

A:mujhse dar rahi ho?

R:(looked away)

A: armaan aur riddhima to ek hi hain na, mujhse kaisa dar?

R:armaan?agar main tumhari patni hone ka farz theek se nahi nibha payi to

A:(cupping her face with his hands) sshh?tumhe jitna farz nibhana tha tum nibha chuki.Hamare  beech koi farz nahi sirf pyaar hoga, jo pal pal badta rahega. Aur agar tum abhi tayyar nahi ho to its ok? I can wait

Riddhima realized that she could not ruin this lovely moment just because of her nervousness.

R:nahi armaan. Main janti hoon ki tumne is raat ka kabse intezar kiya hai.

A:aur tum?

R: Main bhi yahi chahti hoon armaan. Plz make me yours.



With his she slightly brushed her lips against his bare chest & boy then did she know Armaan was going to loose all his senses.


Aasmani rang ho
pyaar ki boond ho

Armaan removed the diamond necklace from her neck & gave her a love bite.

R: (mumbles) ouch

A: sshh


roshni ho
dhoop ho

He seductively moved into her neck and sucked, licked & bit it leaving red marks everywhere around. He then took off her ear rings & kissed her ear lobes.

chahato ki
goonj ho

Slowly removing her choli, he kissed her collarbone and made a line of kisses up to her shoulder and further down unto her cleavage?.He sucked onto her rounded lushness & bit it occasional making her moan in pleasure He licked her bare waist curve sensuously, but as passion overcame, he began to nibble the area around her navel...


anchal mein hai

dhanak chandani

Hathon mein wo chand hai


Finally he intertwined his fingers with hers & switched off the lights.

Riddhima looked away as Armaan started removing his pj & boxers.

Gairon se bhi

Hai wasta

Apno mein pehchan hai

A sigh escaped her lips when she felt his hands pulling up her lehenga. As his hands caressed her thighs she stopped him.

s- armaan ...umm..

A:(smiling) Fikar mat karo basket,main tumhe itni takliff nahi doonga

With this he parted her legs & she shut her eyes once again enjoying their intimacy.She felt immense pain as they merged into one...


R- (Pulling his hair) armaan pls mujhe dard ho raha hain pls

A- (Looking up) I'm sorry

R- Its ok?it's a sweet pain

A-oye hoyye?I love you basket, I love you a lot Day Dreaming

R :( moist eyes) aaah ? I love you too armaan Embarrassed

The musical notes of her bangles & moans filled the entire room as Armaan started again going faster each time.They made love like there was no tomorrow... Heart

After a long passionate love making session he pulled up the duvet over their heads & snuggled closer to her ….Embarrassed

A:(whispers) mere liye khushi ka matlab tum ho basket .Tumhe paa liya, ab aur kuch nahi chahiye mujhe.Hug

She caressed his cheek which brought a smile on his face

A:oye hoyye…kahan aaj ki raat hai aur kahan wo din tha jab hum pehli baar mile the.yaaad hai?Heart

R: hmm

A:20th aug 2007….meri life ka sabse important din


R:ek baat puchoon?

A:pucho na basket

R:first time, pehli baar jab tumne mujhe sanjeevani mein dekha…ok ye riddhima gupta hai. tumhare man mein kya chal raha tha?Smile



A:(naughtily)main frankly bataoon maine socha tha, badi soni kudi hai, doctor doctor khelne mein bahut maza ayega


A:nahi ….nahi…aur maine…aur, aur yahi hua .Jab hum pehli baar mile to , mujhe pata nahi tha ki ham ek doosre ke itne karee aa jayenge. Lekin…jab maine pehli baar  dekha tha to ….mujhe pata tha …yahi hai future mrs.armaan mallikWink

Riddhima blushed & started playing with his hairs.

A:kya kar rahi ho? kuch kaho na

R: tumne sab kuch to bol diya main kya kahoon?Embarrassed

A:(making a puppy face)hawww…ab main kuch nahi kahoonga

R:you are good at talking baby…talkLOL

Armaan smiles & nuzzles in her hair.

R:kitna ladte the na hum dono


A:hmm…aur us takraar se pyaar tak pahunchne mein kitna time laga tha. Lekin mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai ,jab pehli baar is dill ne tumhare liye kuch mehsoos kiya. Jab hum medical camp ke liye us gao gaye the. Par tumhara attitude tumhare kad se kafi uncha hai.I mean …man hi man mein , I'm sure tumhe bhi kuch hone laga tha.Legin tumhara gusssa to jaise naak pe hai.Sharat ankhon mein…aur dill dupatte mein.

Riddhima was amazed as he knew her so well.Star


A: Aur as usual, attitude to dihaya tha. I mean really, kitni baar, kitni baar bhagwaqn ne hamein signs diye ki we are made for each other.

R:armaan…main kehne se ghabrati thi

A:janta hoon basket…aur phir jab tumne mujhse pehli baar apne pyaar ka iqraar kiya, meri chot par dressing karte waqt.Tumhari ankhon ke un ansoon ne us chot se kayi zyada dard diya tha mujhe


Riddhima's eyes became moist & he noticed it.

A:(wiping her tears) oye …. Main ye badi badi ankhein dekh sakta hoon, par in badi badi ankhon mein bade bade ansoon nahi dekh sakta.

R:maine tumhara dill bahut dukhaya tha na?

A:nahi….Kyunki jab tumhare honthon se maine wo teen shabd sune..I love you, to mere sare zakhm apne aap theek ho gaye




She kissed his eyelids & he gazed at her lovingly.

R:armaan…itne sab hone ke baad bhi.Kya sochkar shadi ki mujhse?
A:(naughtily)sochkar kaun shadi karta hai?just kidding!

Maine apni destiny ko accept kar liya tha riddhima.



Maan gaya tha ki tum meri zindagi mein nahi ho.



Par us raat …hamare beech jo hua,yakeen ho gaya mujhe ki  hamare beech ka rishta kabhi kam nahi ho sakta



Hamari Mohabbat zindagi ki tarah hai, har mod aasan nahi tha , har mod pe khusiyan nahi thi, par jab maine zindagi ka saath nahi chhoda to main apni Mohabbat ka saath kaise chod deta.

Pichle teen saal, che mahino …aur chobees din se is dill ne kisi ko pyaar kiya, kisi ke kareeb jaana chaha, kisi ko bhulna chaha…. to wow tum ho. I don't love you Riddhima I worship you

Riddhima hugged him tighly as she was really touched by his words.

R:Armaan….I'm sorry, meri wajah se tumhe wo sab sehna pada. Hamara kal kaisa bhi ho, vada karti hoon ki main use tumhare liye khoobsurat banaoongi.Day Dreaming


Coming out of the hug he tilted his head and placed his lips upon hers once again. It was just a small peck, a symbol of being together.

As they broke the kiss riddhima placed her head on his shoulder.
A:infact I'm sorry Ouch

R :( confused)tum Kyun sorry bol rahe ho?Confused
A: I should've taken care. Tum subah se itna thak gayi hogi aur main...

He stopped seeing her blush.
R:Nahi armaan... I liked being …Wink

Riddhima bit her tongue realizing what she was about to say & hid herself in his chest.

A:Oyee hoyee...Embarrassed

He placed his arm around her petite waist & finally both of them slept in each other's embrace. Their first night was oblivion for them.

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VaaniBhandari Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2010
Posts: 852

Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:24am | IP Logged
HeartSaajna--True loveHeart
7:00 am


As the sun rays fell on armaan's face he knew the time had come- The time to choose his love, to start a life all together. But he was still not ready to face the two most important ladies of his life.

He looked above & started speaking as if talking to god.

A- Yo dude?hi. Meri zindagi ke har modr par tum mere sath the. Jab maine pyaar ko mehsoos kiya.Day Dreaming

Jab main kisi ka pati bana.Hug

Tumne hamesh mera sath diya. Sach ye hai ki ?ki apni shadi se pehle kisi aur ko chaha tha mere dill ne. Par pyaar matlabi nahi hota.Yahi shadi ka bandahan sikhata hai. Chahe meri rah jo bhi ho, tumne mera sath kabhi nahi choda. Tum bhatke hue logon ko rasta dikhate ho.Plz?plz mere zindagi ke is modr par, mujhe bhi rasta dikhao. Khushi ka rasta. Un logon ki khushi jo? jo mujhe khush dekhna chahte hain. Jinhe main khush dekhna chahta hoon. Mera ek faisla?teen zindagiyon ki khushiyon ka faisla karega. Ab main ye faisla lene mein aur der nahi kar sakta hoon.Plz?plz plz help me plz.Smile


He was lost in his thoughts when shilpa entered.


She wanted to talk to him but was lost for words. So she started fidgeting with her dupatta.

Finally armaan broke the ice.

A- tum theek ho?

S (worried)-kya tum theek to ho?

A- Hmm?.Mujhe koi chot nahi aayi hai aur ?mara bhi nahi hoonUnhappy

S (keeping her hand on his mouth)-armaan plz?Ouch

A few tears escaped her eyes thinking that this might be the last moment they were sharing together.Broken Heart

Armaan was about to say something when shilpa interrupted.

S (pointing towards his chest) - ye kya hai?

She noticed the lipstick mark over there.Angry

A- Ye?wo ?.riddhima?..

S(moist eyes) - oh ya?kaise bhool sakti hoon ki armaan riddhima ka pyaar sabse alag hai?sabse alag. Bas main hi samajh nahi payi.

A- Ye tum kya keh rahi ho?

S- Nahi armaan?. Hamein ek hi zindagi milti hai.Khush rehne ke liye. Aur agar is samjhote ki wajah se tum use gawa dete to main khud ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paati.. Tumne jo faisla liya wo sahi hai.Cry

A- Main kaun hota hoon koi faisla lene wala shilpa?

Shilpa turned around while riddhima stepped in.

S (moist eyes)- Congrats di?aap hi armaan ka pehla aur akhri pyaar ho

She was about to leave but stopped listening to his voice.

Now riddhima was facing armaan while shilpa had her back was towards him

A- Mera pyaar?. uske bare mein kahan se shuru karu. Wo kabhi masoom hai to kabhi shaitan, kabhi bachho se bhi jyada ziddi hai to kabhi ek pyari si sathi.Heart


Riddhima thought that he was speaking about her while shilpa had lost all hopes by now.

A-Use apni nazron ke samne dekhta hoon to mere chehre par apne aap smile aa jati hai?. Aur jab wo mere sath nahi hoti to ankhein band karke, use mehsoos karta hoon?

sirf uska khayal hi meri sari tension door kar deta hai?Star


Riddhima moved closer to him but when he stepped back.

A- Bahut pyar karta hoon main tumse shilpa.........Dil Se"


Shilpa couldn't believe what he just said. She turned around only to see that immense love in his eyes. Her happiness knew no bounds while riddhima's heart broke into a thousand pieces.


Shilpa moved forward & gave him a tight hug.

Riddhima was about to leave with a broken heart when armaan held her hand.


Coming out of the hug, he moved towards her & looked straight in her eyes.

A- Tumhare Yeh aansu meri wajah se hai na,... I am sorry..lekin bhagwan mujhe jo sazaa dega, main sehne ke liye taiyaar hoon....but plz don't hate me

R (moist eyes)-main tumse nafrat nahi karti armaan?. Kabhi kar hi nahi sakti .Tum mere wajood ka wo hissa ho jo mujhse koi alag nahi kar sakta.KOI NAHIIII.. !!.. Bhagwan bhi nahi.. !! khud tum bhi nahi ! Dukh to sirf is baat ka hai ki?. ki tumhara pyaar paa na saki

A-pyaar ka matlab sirf hasil karna nahi hota riddhima? Our love is beyond staying with each other...our love is staying FOR each other, even if we do not hold hands in the journey called LIFE...


R-ek?ek akhri waada karoge mujhse? Aur is baar sacha waada. Waapis apne purane paagal, charming armaan ban jaana. Koi bhi sad situation ho, use hamesha happy bana deta hai.Promise me

A- Promise

R- Smile

He gave her a genuine smile & she put forward her hand.

R- riddhima?.mujhse dosti karoge?

S- nahi

Armaan & Riddhima looked at her with interrogative eyes.

S-(Looking at armaan) armaan aur riddhima kabhi dost nahi ho sakte, Haina armaan?

Armaan lowered his gaze & she got her answer.

R (joing her hands)I'm sorry shilpa ?maine tum dono ke beech aane ki koshish ki

S (hugging her) nahi di?.aap ki jagah agar main hoti ?to main bhi shayad aisa hi karti.

R (coming out of the hug) tum kehte the na armaan ki riddhima sirf armaan ki hai..riddhima pe sirf armaan ka haq hai............. to usi tarah riddhima ko lagta hai ki armaan sirf shilpa ka hai..sirf usi ka haq hai tum par...


A(moist eyes)- riddhima mujhe samajh nahi aa raha ki main?

R- pls mujhe bolne do?isse pehle ki main kamzor padr jaoon, kuch dena chahti hoon tumhe

She handed over an envelope to him He opened it only to find a certificate inside.

A- riddhima ye?

R- Bahut log kehte hain ki pyaar mein chand taare todr layenge . Par shayad main wo nahi kar sakti.  Isliye maine ye taara tumhare naam kar diya.....

A- lekin tumne kya sochkar..

R (cuuting him in bw)- maine kuch nahi socha armaan. Tum bhi mat socho.Aur ye maine tumhare liye nahi, apne liye kiya hai.Taaki jab tum mere sath nahi hoge ?to main iss tare ko dekhkar tumhe yaad kar sakoon.Embarrassed

A- I'm sorry

R (crying)- Sorry is not good enough?it's just not good enough. Bas yaad rakhna ki duniya mein koi bahut khush hai, kyunki tum dono khush ho.


She moved out after saying this leaving a shattered armaan behind.Broken Heart


It was same in heer and ranjha, how heer loved to be in love, it was the destiny of them two separating at the end. Broken Heart


A (looking at shilpa) Kabhi Kabhi dil jorne ke liye dil torna ??.

Before he could complete his sentence shilpa softly placed her lips on his and he too, pressed hers a bit... She thought that this might reduce his pain.
It was just a peck, a symbol of being together?

S (moist eyes)- Agle saat janmo tak tum sirf mere ho. Lekin aathve janam me armaan sirf riddhima ka hoga and that time no shilpa .Ok?

Here stood in a sweet spot was Raj and Simran, it was their love story now. Star

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princessrashida Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:24am | IP Logged
wow nice 
felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Awesome work
loved them both
Sabaah.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:34am | IP Logged
both r great...armaan basket nd saajna
bAkChOd. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 September 2010
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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:40am | IP Logged
luv u vaani............but more than that luv ur ffs.............u should be the winner!
ksgforever10 Goldie

Joined: 12 October 2010
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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 5:17am | IP Logged
luv u vaani..u rok my vote goes 4 u...............:) but personly i m a fan OF SAAJNA.............:)Smile

Edited by ksgforever10 - 28 December 2010 at 5:19am
-rajsua- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 5:24am | IP Logged

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