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cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
n soo true...mothers r da greatest gift of GOD

cutiepie12 Goldie

Joined: 15 March 2010
Posts: 2461

Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
I felt lyk dis story ws written for me....
to b honest i tooo hav built a strong shield around myself so dat nobody feels it really shatters me everytym dey critize on my short height n dark complexion....
its soo true dat i hav a perfect family,great frnds,loving czns,studying in 1 of da best unis,da great career ahead bt it always breaks me
awesum writing mehak....
thnx alot for making me realize my strengh

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome works everyone...i quiet enjoyed reading all....
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 12:46am | IP Logged

@Pari_Rinki - OMG OMG

Ur story is beautiful

i am mesmerizedEmbarrassed

Thnk u soooo much 4 d PM

Luv ya <3


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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:40am | IP Logged
AR OS - Destined To Love.


It was one fine afternoon .Armaan was eagerly waiting for his love to come.He checked out the clock it was 8.15 pm.
  Armaan : I am sure , riddhima kisi kaam mein phans gayi hogi isliye shayed 15-30 minutes late aaye

He checked the clock again it was 10 pm.Still Armaan didn't loose hope.

  Armaan : Hmm'''Riddhima''''Aakhir wo Riddhima Armaan Mallik hain itne aasani se tu nahin ayegi , thora aur wait kar leta ho'

  Armaan still didn't loose hope.He waited for half an hour more and then got sleepy and slept on the table.It was 1.00 am Riddhima slowly entered as she knew Armaan would be sleeping so without causing much noise she came and saw Armaan on the table and got so emotional that tears came from her eyes.

Riddhima : Awwwwww''..Armaan ne mere liye itna wait kiya , aur ek mein ho ke ek message hi nahin kar paayi ke important surgery karni thi,I will surely meet him in the hospital'

The morning came.Sun was shining brightly.Riddhima woke up , made a cup of coffee for Armaan and kissed him on his head without much disturbing him and left.Armaan woke up after 2 hours and found Riddhima no where , he got frustrated and angry that Riddhima didn't meet him in the morning too.In  angry mood , he settled off to hospital.

He gave duty to Sid and Shilpa together in path lab and gave rectal examination to JP and for riddhima he gave special ward.He was so angry.Sid , Shilpa and JP thought he has gone mad today , poor fellows they had to suffer.

Recreation Room

Dr.Armaan Mallik was in the recreation room, where surprisingly Riddhima approached.
'Tum' , Armaan said angrily.
And like a 2 year old baby he jumped to the table and sat folding his legs with a kiddish look.After seeing Armaan's kiddish face riddhima changed her face expression too.

(Guyz this the only thing I cannot describe it in words as these are facial expression so you just imagine it like that and in this whole scene Armaan is being too kiddish and riddhima after seeing him changes her face expression like him)

Riddhima : 'Armaan' (Armaan turned his face to the left)

Riddhima turning left side : Armaan (
Armaan turned his face to the right)
Riddhima turning right side :  
Armaan (Armaan turned his face to the left)
Riddhima turning to left side :
Armaan (Armaan turned his face to the right)

Both had kiddish look on their faces.Riddhima understood that
Armaan is angry from her.

Riddhima turning towards right side of him : Batao , kisne 
Armaan ko ghussa kiya (in a kiddish way)
Armaan replied angrily.

Riddhima: Riddhima ki itni himat.
Armaan Riddhima se ghussa hai''Kyun??
Armaan turned his face towards the left but riddhima was stubborn too and she had decided she is gonna convince Armaan.
Riddhima turned towards the left side and asked : Kyun??
Armaan turned his face towards the right.Riddhima did the same things and asked again : Kyun??

Armaan ne Riddhima ke liye saari raat intizar kiya , ke ab ayegi riddhima ab ayegi , magar riddhima ko Armaan ki koi qadr hii nahi hai'Armaan said chidlishy

Riddhima : 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Poor
Armaan ( Armaan gave a angry look) nah I mean Bad Riddhima , Riddhima burhi , bohut burhi hain'
Armaan : Nahin itni bhi burhi nahin hai , thoriiiiiiiiiiii achi hain (gesturing by his hands 'liitle')
Riddhima:Thoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii achi hain.
Armaan :Nahin infact , bohut achi hai , thori burhi hai'
Riddhima:Thoriiiiiiiiiiiiiii burhi hain.
Armaan :Nahin infact , Bohut achi hain or bilkul burhi nahi hain.

Riddhima gave a laugh.'Now that's like my boy'

Armaan ne Riddhima ko maaf kardia..Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy balle balle , party sharty hojaye (acting like punjabi) party sharty nahin tu bhangra wanghra , warna wo nahin tu , tu , ek pyaarey sa sweet sa KISS'

Armaan got very much attentive and serious after riddhima said kiss and he smiled back.And came towards riddhima.

'Riddhima , You are my life , you are my soul , I am incomplete without you.And gave an over-whelming head and kissed her on her forehead just like a sweet husband.

Special Ward

JP after doing the rectal examination experienced vomiting and was admitted for 1 day , riddhima and Armaan came to see him there.Someone called JP to do a blood test and he went

Riddhima was in deep thought and after thinking much she suddenly started the topic.

Riddhima:Come to Fire Escape.

Fire Escape

Riddhima : Armaan , you love me??
Armaan :What a stewpid question , ofcourse I do.
Riddhima:The you can do anything for me just to show you love.
Armaan :Yeah I can even die for you.
Riddhima:No , no Dr.
Armaan Mallik not such a big sacrifice just small.
Armaan :What??
Riddhima:My dad is sitting in his cabin , you have to go and say him 'Hullo!!!!Dear Hitler Dad/Sir , why did u make me disciplinarian??I cannot do the job , this stupid job you gave me'

Armaan :Are you gone nuts??I am never going to do that , I respect Sir very much.
Riddhima:par tumne tu kaha tha , apne pyaar saabit karne ke liye tum kuch bhi karsakte ho.
So then go , jao na..
Armaan :Nah , mein nahi jaraha hain.

Riddhima started yelling and arguing : hana tum kuch nahi karsakte mere liye'''''''''''''.seriously you are

and then Armaan stopped her by putting his hand on her mouth , she fell silent.
Armaan:I do not have to prove my love or claim my love , I love you truly.
You are my love , you are my life.
You are my past , you are my future.
You are my soul , you are my destiny,
Without you I am incomplete.
You complete me.
Armaan Riddhima are 2 bodies but  1 soul ,
 2 names with 1 heart.

Riddhima shed to tears , she couldn't control it.She had never felt that anyone could love her more than him.She was taken aback by tears , she was speechless , she was wordless dunno what to say to Armaan , Armaan 's words just touched her heart.Seeing her tears ,  Armaan droped a tear , how intensely he had said those words made riddhima speechless , she no more could control it and fell into Armaan 's arm.The hug continued for a long time about 25 minutes , there both settled down on the stairs and riddhima put her head on Armaan's shoulder.

Riddhima : Armaan
Riddhima:I Love You

 Armaan smiled n replied : I love You Too.
Riddhima:You make me so special
Armaan , now I get it why I was born in this planet , it was because of you.God made me especially for you he said 'Go Riddhima and bring happiness in Armaan 's life he is perfect for you and you are perfect for him'
Those words just touched
Armaan 's heart and he kissed her on her forehead like a decent husband.

Riddhima kept her head on
Armaan 's shoulder for half an hour and then Armaan kept his head on her lap.The place was filled with silence, Riddhima the whole time was playing with Armaan 's hair and Armaan was enjoying that'

And like this 1 hour went.

Armaan , when's the briefing??
Armaan :5 pm.
Riddhima:Its 5.15pm.
Armaan :What?ShockedShocked
Armaan jumped and went to the nurse station and Riddhima followed him.

Shashank:Where had you been Doctorz , I wanted to announce some important news and am waiting since 15 minutes.

Riddhima:Sir actually,
Armaan :Sir actually , we were in OPD , emergency patient had came , so that's why , so sorry sir and everyone.

Dr.Shashank was over with his announcement and so was
Armaan over with assigning duties.As he left , he gave a wink to Riddhima while Riddhima chuckled to herself.


If u like it press the like button and comment.Smile

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:47am | IP Logged

AR OS - Soulmates.

'Riddhima',I whispered in her ears.
She looked back suddenly and found no one.After not thinking much she turned back again.
'Riddhima',I again whispered but this time in her left ear.
She turned back again to see who was calling her but yet found no one.
With the state of confusion she turned back again to continue her work.
And there I came again , this time more closer and whispered again 'Riddhima'..

Without turning back she muttered 'ARMAAN!!'
I was not at all in state of surprise in fact I felt delighted that my basket recognized me.

'How did you recognize me',I whispered again..
She turned towards me silently..the place was filled with silence , only the waves of air could be heard but it felt like melodious sound for us..
When she confessed,'I Love You Armaan'

I placed my head against her and muttered back,'I Love You Too Basket'

We both were now busy staring at each other's eyes.I was searching all over myself to be seen in her eyes
but all I could see was the intensity,depth and sweetness in her eyes but somewhere in else I could find myself too She stared back at me continuously..when suddenly she said 'I love you three , four , five , six , seven , eight , nine ten times'
It was indeed hilarious and cute to hear this from her.Sometimes the serious riddhima was too much , I loved the innocent , fun-loving Riddhima but it wasn't her fault also , life had taught and forced her to do everything..
I replied back 'I love you Million , Billion , Trillion times'
Her laughter stopped..I assumed that my word about her melted her
but then not controlling much I burst into laughter and she followed me..
I couldn't just resist our funny moment
after so much time we had talk humorously with each other surrounding by an enlighten atmosphere and I so wanted this to share with basket that I just burst into laughter and to see her smiling.She was not smiling , she was laughing whole heartedly , after seeing her laughing whole heartedly I stopped as statue staring at the epitome of beauty and innocence Embarrassed she looked angelic Embarrassedshe looked basketEmbarrassed my basketEmbarrassed ahh why do I end up staring at her always? Haila Armaan Mallik how you became so much filmy?.. This is maybe because I cannot control my feelings for Riddhima and thats why always land up staring and complimenting her.

Riddhima stopped laughing and looked at me.
I slowly started approaching towards her..I stepped further..She stepped back..I stepped further..She stepped back..I stepped further..and made her lean against the wall..Ahan!!She had no way to escape from Charmer's arm..She blushed and looked down just like newly wedded married girl who blushes on the first night of her wedding.'Oyye hoyye'..I never gave a second thought for telling ought this word..whenever I was in excited,happy or romantic mood the word just came out of my throat..With my adorable oyye hoyye she blushed even more..ah she seemed as tomato

'Tomato Basket Gupta',I blabbered along.
Immediately , she looked upon into my eyes.I know Riddhima Gupta very well , this was just her piece of plan to distract me but she didn't know her Armaan is more clever and smarter than her..She tried to observe looking all over the sides searching for a way to go run away..but to her misfortune,there was no way.

'Armaan why do you always stare at me like this?',She asked in a sweet and delicate manner.
Instead of replying her I went back through memories,beautiful and unforgettable memories of the day we confessed.The beautiful memories when we both met unknowing from the fact that in short span of time we will become each other's life.


Still remember 4th December Sunday when I was travelling by train to Singapore  for a medical conference and their I bumped into this lady first she annoyed to me death.I thought no one could have been so boring and arrogant like her and the same state of thinking she had for me.The biggest shock we both received was when we met each other at Conference Hall.Due to the sudden shock I didn't pay much attention to the conference also and blabbered everything which came along my tongue.But I sensed that she didn't pay much attention to my presence and concentrated wholly on the conference.She displayed the whole project perfectly.First time in my life I felt that this gal is not that bad how much I think.After that conference we both became besties.Talking on phone,chatting,texting,teasing each other was our daily routine..when one day came..our life's most important day , the karva chauth day..Riddhima kept a vrat for me and I had no knowledge about this.When I suddenly saw a glimpse of Riddhima at terrace , I followed her through terrace..there she was holding my picture and blabbering..
'I wish Armaan I could tell you about my feelings..But Unfortunately I do not have the guts to say..you might end our friendship if I confess my feelings and I so don't want to lose a special friend like you..',Riddhima mumbled along with my photo.
A tear fell from my eye..Her words had just touched my heart and melted me down..She moved towards the moon and closed her eyes and then she turned towards her left where she was holding my picture.She opened her eyes to open her vrat by seeing my photo but as she opened her eyes she saw ME infront of her.She was surprised to see me here.She actually thought its just her piece of illusion..When I went on my knees and startled off'
I Armaan Mallik accept you Riddhima Gupta as my best friend , Lover , Soul mate , Life Partner , Ma wife ..de..de Mother of my child , my life , my universe .
You are a gift sent by God..You have cum as an angel in ma Life..
My world has been completed as i've gotten you..
My life has been completed as i've gotten You..
You are my Love, Ur Ma Life
You are My past, Ur Ma Future
You Are My Soul, Ur Ma Destiny
With You Is Ma Happiness,
And With You Is Ma Sorrow..
without You I'm Nuthing ..
But wid you i..i'm evrything..
Widout You I'm Incomplete..
If You Leave I Will Die and If You Dun't I will Thank God Every second for returning me ma soul back..

My words just melted her..She badly broke down into tears.It seemed she just couldn't resist my words which contained depth and intensity.She badly broke down into tears and this time I had to take her in arms.She felt relieved and more safe in my arm's.
We broke the over-whelming hug and I kissed her on her forehead.We still shed tears , yes we had to because we both were facing through the same state..We both actually got to know what we think about each other , it was so totally unexpected that we just couldn't resist we were one.. we just couldn't digest that in 2 minutes our lives changed..And it had to change..because my and Riddhima's love was pure and we loved each other unconditionally.

flashback over

'Armaan',Riddhima shouted.
And their I came to my senses.
'Are you mad?',Riddhima asked angrily.
'Yup , mad in your love',I replied with a wink.
'Huh..whatevah',Riddhima seemed angry.

I Pulled her through her arm's and dragged her to the car door and made her sit gently.I also sat in car and started to drive.
Riddhima : 'Armaan,what are you doing and why did you drag me down till the car?'
'Uh I am sorry about this but I have to take you somewhere and If I would given you the authority to state your mind of decision it would be of no use as you would refuse to come and thus I had to bring you in this way',I said..I knew Riddhima very well.

'What you wanna show me',She asked me while throwing me an anger look.

'A SUPRISE',I said.

Suddenly after hearing my statement her anger changed into a big smile while she started blushing also.Ahan!!This is my Riddhima who appears as Gabbar/Hitler but she isn't..She is the most sweet,cute,innocent,awesome,doseme gal in the whole world.


If u like it press the like button and comment.Smile

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:57am | IP Logged
beautifully written!

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angel_KSG IF-Dazzler

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@Princezz22.... its awesome..Clap

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