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Story Writing Competition...*Results Link: 48*

FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 4:09am | IP Logged

Hey guys! What's up?

Well, i am here to hold a competition for you...

As you know that life is all about fun, i decided to have some fun myself...

Well, so i am holding this competition for everyone out there...

All you need to do is, to write your own story and post it here...

Information regarding this contest-

1. You have to write your own original story...[Length doesn't matters]
2. You have to submit it on the given link.
3. You can ask your friends to vote for you.
4. The votes would be counted on the basis of no. of 'Like's and the comments.
5. You can submit more than one entry.
6. You are requested to submit your story before the contest expires.
7. Last date for submitting is- 30th January.
8. Commentators are free to vote how many times they want.
9. In the case of a tie, there would be a tie-breaker round. My vote as well as the votes of other participants only would count.
10. You are free to chose any of the topics you want to write about.
11. Most importantly, just enjoy.

Hope to see your entries...and please spread the news of this competition as far as you can.

Come-on, let's have fun. Enjoy.


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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 4:10am | IP Logged


1st Entry -
My Childhood

2nd Entry-

3rd Entry-

4th Entry-
Tere Liye

5th Entry-
Not Fair

6th Entry-

7th Entry-
Perpetual love

8th Entry-
...but your words are platinum

9th Entry-
Walking through the memory lanes

10th Entry-
Three Way Proposal

11th Entry-
Name: Letting Go
Page: 43
By: Pluks

12th Entry-
Name: The letter
Page: 38
By: Prinnia

13th Entry-
Name: Destined to love
Page: 10
By: Princezz22

14th Entry-
Name: Soulmates
Page: 10
By: Princess22

15th Entry-
Name: Women
Page: 34
By: SajanRox11

16th Entry-
Name: Armaan's basket
Page: 12
By: vaaniKSGmallik

17th Entry-
Name: Saajna- True love
Page: 12
By: vaaniKSGmallik

18th Entry-
Name: My first friend and love
Page: 13
By: Mohit_rockstar

19th Entry-
Name: The other side of the mirror
Page: 15
By: Nishi_sajan

20th Entry-
Name: My place in your heart
Page: 15
By: ruky786

21st Entry-
Name: Vanessa - an orphan
Page: 32
By: --Angel.Nidhi

22nd Entry-
Name: Ordinary
Page: 31
By: -Kanky-

23rd Entry-
Name: Before the end
Page: 31
By: --Angel.Nidhi

24th Entry-
Name: The golden memories
Page: 22
By: AttractiveAdya

25th Entry-
Name: Rakhi
Page: 27
By: SujaLuvsMayur

26th Entry-
Name: Mr. Perfect
Page: 26
By: vaaniKSGmallik

27th Entry-
Name: Confession
Page: 26
By: vaaniKSGmallik

28th Entry-
Name: Imaan
Page: 44
By: Shehnaazz

29th Entry-
Name: Being Friendless
Page: 4
By: ...Aashi...

30th Entry-
Name: Tere Bin
Page: 46
By: mohit_rockstar

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Sajan_Ekta Senior Member

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              I just had a query that we have to post an ' OS ' or ' Story of 2-3 parts ' !? Confused   I have also sent you a PM regarding it.

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"…….but your words are platinum"

'Speech is silver but silence is golden' I have grown up listening to this line. But is it so? I wonder as I look back to where I stand now. It emphasizes on the importance of silence over speech, in general terms. But can we generalize it? Isn't it a little misleading? On the face of it, it does convey an impression that it's better to stay silent than speak our heart out. No, I am not citing the faults in the proverb. Neither am I trying to justify my decisions. But it is up to one that he/she decides when to voice out his/her thoughts and when to adhere to silence.

All I have learnt is that, this one proverb fails miserably when it comes to relationships. I wish I had realized it back then when I thought silence conveys the feelings through eyes. How wrong I was! or maybe I was not. But it is late now, in my case atleast., or may be not! I have lost the most important relationships of my life due to my preference to silence. I wish I had discussed it with them before acting in haste.

But where did I go wrong? I still can't decipher. I have always been alone, though surrounded by humans all around me. It was all silence that prevailed in my heart and brain, though my ears could take the vibrations of speech that engulfed me. Being an orphan never helped me. I never knew how to voice out my inner feelings. I never knew that we have a right to speak in true sense.

I have been taught that one has to always nod to please someone. And I agree to that fact. Didn't I find my school teachers partial to the pupils who always nod at them like puppets over the pupils who effortlessly denied them inspite of their good scores? Weren't my colleagues who are mum to their reporting managers showered with promotions? But I failed to see through the context where the silence is used. And due to that now I am sitting, in the conference all surrounded with loud speakers I don't dare to count, with that loneliness and silence that prevails in me.

Now you must be wondering why I am alone. Where is my family? I had a family, a perfect one, didn't I? But even there I took everything for granted, assumed that my silence would help me in confronting my feelings. But if I see back, it never did.

Family- the one word for which I always craved for, for I never had one till that one person sneaked his way into my life and most appropriately my heart. Throughout my life before him entering it, I have never dreamt of being loved by anyone, let alone getting married to an almost perfect guy. Inspite of being a girl, I refrained myself from dreaming about my prince charming. For I knew, being an orphan, it's my duty to be content with what I had.

Unknown to me, all my protocols changed when I met him. Infact they were almost reversed. All I dreamt about was me sharing my life with him, loving him and being loved by him. But I never amassed my strength to confront him. Reason – my theory of silence again. I went off limits to please him by adhering to all his orders. Oh I forgot to tell you, he was my trainer when I got placed in one of the MNCs. But somewhere deep down I guess God was with me then. He read between my silence, rather than between my lines. He hinted me to speak my heart but I being myself, never did that. Infact that was the only wish of him I always avoided.

I was rendered speechless that day when he took me out on a date and proposed me. I only realized later that it was a family date infact. He brought his parents and sister when he proposed me. The words he said still reverberate in my ears.

"I never knew when I fell in love with you. All I know is that I love you. I don't say that I will shower you with all the happiness, but I will always stand by you in your sorrow and joy, even in your silence. I want you to feel my love and want to be loved by you. Will you be mine?" he said holding my palm in his looking straight into my eyes.

I know I was supposed to say that I love him, that I want to marry him. And I really wanted to do that. But for the first time, I couldn't utter anything even though I wanted to and gave in to my silence. But this time too he read my silence through my tears. He slipped a ring onto my finger and hugged me tight. I was still numb with happiness. He parted from me and wiped my tears pleading me not to shed them. I obliged him and smiled at him.

The next moment I felt his lips on mine kissing me tenderly. I held my breath when he tilted my face for better access before deepening the kiss. I felt blissful at the moment. I never wanted him to stop. Sighing deeply, I let him take whatever he wanted, for I was thankful for him for everything, I still am. I almost forgot that I have to give him back what he deserved. I felt him release my fists off his shirt that I tightly clasped and guided my hands to his neck. When I entangled my hands around his neck, he pulled me closer with his palms sprawled at my back. He moved his palms sensually all over my back and that's when I found my lips moving against his answering all his questions. Again I was engulfed by a soothing silence that I wished would never end.

A loud applause in the conference hall broke my stupor. As I looked around I notice people appreciating the previous speaker and then inviting the new one. I joined them though my mind was least bothered with it, as it was again filled with the silence of its own. As I diverted my uninterested brain to the dias, I froze. I felt myself knocked out of my breath as my mind processed the figure standing on the center of the dias. It was him. I could neither breathe nor could my heart beat.

I don't know whether he could spot me amidst the bunch of people gathered in the hall, but I am sure he could atleast feel my presence, or maybe not. My tired heart rejuvenated at the sight of him, standing infront of my eyes. How I yearned to have a glance at him for the past few months! As I stared at him longingly only one thing came to my mind; How far did I come from him?

Was it his mistake? Absolutely not! I knew that. I knew that even when we both drifted apart, when our worlds fell apart. I knew that I am the only one to be blamed and I still stand by it now. Had I not been silent for the time I spent with him, had I spoken my feelings, had I tried to clear the tension that slowly crept into our lives then, I wouldn't have been miserable the way I am now. I wouldn't have been alone the way I am now. I wouldn't have been silent the way I am now.

Throughout his speech, all I could see through it was my beautiful life that I spent with him, being his wife for two wonderful years. Yes, he married me a month after he had proposed me. I never imagined his family to be so kind hearted to let their member get married to an orphan. But they did. I never told them how much I respected them, loved them. I assumed they would just know it. I really wonder whether they did. I was grateful for his family for believing in me when I myself was against it. But did I stand upto their expectations? No!

I never realized the gap that made its way into my relationship with him, until I was hit by the storm.

"I thought you love me. I failed to recognize that you were just adhering to my needs. I don't need a favour, I want love. Right from the beginning it was always me. I feel as if you never existed in this relationship. I feel as if I am living with a stranger. I feel as if 'we' never existed. I am sorry I made a wrong decision for me, for you, for both of 'us'. I don't think it's going to work. I am sorry." Saying so he left me, leaving me in a whirlwind of emotions.

How could he mistake my love for him as a favour? Ofcourse why not? I never told him I loved him. I never told him what I felt for him. As always, I assumed he would read my silence. But I was wrong. He took my silence as his fault, his defeat. I wanted to scream that I love him. But he was not by my side then, to listen to me. I wished I had said that to him earlier. I wish I had not preferred silence then.

"How are you?" I heard his voice right behind me and turned around in surprise. That's when I noticed that the conference was over and most of the people had already left. But he stood there, just for me, I supposed, his eyes eagerly waiting for my reply. I could feel the pain in his voice, the emptiness in his eyes. My eyes stung as I looked into his eyes for a mere second before looking away.

"What do you think?" I whispered back as I couldn't find my voice in his presence. He smiled faintly looking around. I noticed then that the hall was empty except for both of us.

"I can see that you are doing perfectly well in your life." He said and the very next moment I looked up. I knew that sarcasm in his voice. He was just referring to the choice I made when he abruptly called me one day, a month after we broke apart and asked me one question.

"What is more important, me or your life?" he asked me out of blue.

"My life-"

"Good to know that. Bye." He said and cut the call.

"You never understood what I said." I whispered as a lone tear rolled down my cheek.

"I heard your choice." He said as he stepped forward and wiped the tear away. His touch burned my skin and I closed my eyes wanting to turn to ash in his arms. "Was there anything else you spoke?" he asked wrapping his hands around my waist.

I opened my eyes and stared into his, which were looking at mine expectantly. I knew that if I couldn't say it now, I would never. I knew I should say it before my silence would spoil everything that we shared and if I am not wrong, still share.

"I thought you would understand that you are my life when I said that." I said slowly and noticed the display of various emotions on his face – shock, surprise, joy, pain and then a slight smile.

"How would I understand? You never told me what you felt for me." He said as he pulled me closer gently. He was true. I never told him what he meant to me. I never told him the importance he had in my life, or rather that he was my life and he still is. "Do you want to say something now?" he asked as he planted a soft kiss on my nape.

"All I want to say is that I love you." I breathed out as his lips aroused the fire in me that was buried deep down when he was away. He drew back and caressed my cheek with his knuckles, which made me open my eyes. All I saw was the happiness that adorned his face. If I ever knew that my words could mean so much for him, I wouldn't have wasted time in saying what he had so desperately wanted to listen.

"I waited for you to say this for long before I gave up. Why didn't you say that before?" he asked as he brushed few tendrils of my hair on my forehead back. What do I answer for that? I never knew that words carried such importance.

"I thought that silence is gold when speech is silver." I answered back. He frowned as he heard my words. It took a moment for him to decipher what I meant. When he did, a smile made its presence felt on his lips.

"Oh, then your words are platinum for me." He said still smiling at me and looking at me in amazement. "I love you." He whispered before claiming my lips into a long loving and a passionate kiss. My hands snaked their way around his nape pulling him closer as he caressed my back and waist. I kissed him back with equal fervor and tried to convey what all I wanted to say; silence is better sometimes! I did feel it different this time. For I didn't sense any silence in my soul, I only felt his magical words ringing through my insides.

"I love you too" I whispered, confidently, staring deep into his teary eyes when he drew back.

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Walking through the Memory Lanes

                                                                                        A SaJan OS 

 I walked through the deserted corridors of Excel School. I couldn' t believe that Excel will be demolished by the Government in a few days. The corridors looked so dull and lonely-that corridors which once-upon-a-time were full of life. Students gossiping, laughing and chirping around. Things had changed so much. All memories of College flooded in my tiny organ, namely, brain. Those heavy books,  My favourite Teachers Mr. Shukla, Miss. Aha and many more.


 I headed a little ahead towards an empty room. It was My class. It was the same as before. The Physics project I made was still hanged on one of the yellow-coloured wall's of the class. I caressed the Project with my fingers. My eyes fell on the names written below.


  Efforts By Gunjan Bhushan

  X - B


 My eyes fell to the project hanged next to mine and I sighed.


 Made by Samrat Shergill

  X - B


And there was small picture of Samrat- his nose was stained with red colour. He was so cute!! My heat ached terribly. And the heart-wrecking feeling returned..the feeling that I used to fight now everyday. That feeling overcame me again. No Gunjan, Focus. Focus !!  Hold yourself. The memories of Samrat flashed in my mind. His smiling face and his vibrant, chocolate-brown eyes flashed infront of my eyes.


I regretted the day when I initially saw him. The day I fell for him.


* FlashBack *


 Oh my God !! Would I be able to fit in !!?


I had already changed 5 schools. I hope I will adjust in.


What will they think of me !!?


Are my hairs at the right place !?  Why the hell I am sweating so much !!?


Will they tease me...make fun of me !!?


 My tension grew as I followed the principal to class. Oh Gosh !! I hate Dad' s frequent Transfers. I had always been an introvert fool who cries on little things and takes light-jokes for fun on her seriously. Well, you can call me an Emotional Fool who gets sentimental over little things.


I entered the classroom and smiled nervously. I sighed as the Classroom was Empty. None soul was visible.


' Where on Earth are the childrens !?' The Principal investigated.


' They ought to be in the PlayGround as there Maths teacher has not come and there is no substitution teacheras well.' The peon following us replied resultant to the frown of principal.


Phew !! Thank God, I hate to meet and talk to New people. That would struck you a little strange !?  How can one be phobic to the People around !!?  Me, too, can't answer the this question. From the very first day I got conscious to what was going around- I was like this. I couldn't merge myself into them. I feel a little left out. I am a complete introvert fool who can' t even start a meaningfull conservation with people which was the Major reason for my Under-Confidence.


There' s no-one who can understand me. They wonder why I don't come from my shell. It's Difficult. When I meet people a strange nervousness always overcome me. Millions of Questions would always surround my mind like What they'll think of me ? Will they be wondering that why I am touching my nose frequently!? Is that Awkward !!? I have always maintained a distance to all even to my parents and even HIM- the boy I always craved for.


And they led me to the Playground where some boys were playing cricket whereas girls were chatting. But they all stopped abruptly as the I and the Principal came to their existence.


' Students, you'll be glad to know that one more child is joining our little family. Her name is Gunjan Bhushan.' The Principal announced to the girls discontent as there was one more attraction to their Samrat's eyes. Morever, it came to my mind a little usual late.


' Oh Dear, its overpopulation in our tiny school.' I heard someone's comment and the other children started giggling.


And I looked the path from where that comment originated and saw a tall cute boy with chocolate-brown eyes, staring into mine eyes. His smile grew larger and turned into a mischievous grin-his eyes shinning brightly.


And I fell for him on that very day. I later acknowledged that his name was Samrat Shergill-the only son of the owner of Shergill Group of Industries and girls, they LOVED him like hell.

I had a secret, irritating, stupid, unbelievable crush on him which often made me mad. 'Extremely Mad'.  He was a downright Casanova who didn't gave a damn to someone's else feelings and emotions.


 But the fact was I had a HUGE crush on him. I thought this crush would one day or the other end but It didn't. It made me madder. It was something beyond crush. Love !!?  No, I had promised myself not fall in Love with him. Love.....Never ever. Love makes people go made and make them a weirdo-like someone from Planet ' Love'.


 She'd known him her entire life
She always dreamed to be his wife

Just his smile made her heart melt
But she never told him how she felt
And finally I adjusted in the most horrible class with daily colliding with the face I hated and liked the most to see. I had made two best  friends in the class- Manjari and CJ. Though, Manjari was outgoing and would never think once before she speaks. This characteristic of her landed always me in trouble and she would often unintentionally hurt others with her outgoing words. But, without any doubt, she had a clean heart which had a lot of place for everyone to live in. Whereas CJ was a little too different with her boyish behaviour and looks. But was adored by Everyone around.


 My secret liking for the hot hunk Samrat grew with time. I used to threw a glance at Samrat after fixed time intervals. As my liking for him started increasing I used to abuse Samrat mentally so that maybe my secret liking vanishes and pure hatred about him develops inside meMy this behaviour didn't went unnoticed my Manjari. She started teasing me and taking out the hell out of me and to my misery she was soon joined by CJ.


And I confessed that I had a crush on him. They both smiled evilly and insisted me to talk to him. Had they lost their brains !!? Me, Samrat and Conversation. That's a absolute Flop !! But I sticked to my Pledge to Never Talk to Samrat Shergill until the school is on fire.



Forever hoped to have him here
Always dreamed to hold him near
Time passed and they both did grow
But still she never let him know


Time grew old as we did. Two years passed in the game of glances between me and Samrat. Initially, I used to keep glancing and staring at Samrat but I often noticed Samrat staring back and smiling dreamily. He  used to drawback his I would look at  him. I starting thinking that he,too, had TRUE feelings for me but this thought would soon end as at my next glance I  would see him flirting with Dia and other random girls.


He made me believe that he didn't ought to have feelings for me. As I was a studious geek and he was every girls dream.  The graph of my self- confidence fell day by day. But to addition to my Under-Confidence, I-wasn't-beautiful thought always made my sad. Only If I was beautiful like Manjari I could have got Samrat.


Perfect chances passed her by
But she just couldn't tell this guy
No matter what she'd ever do...
He still didn't have a clue


  Manjari promised me that she'll one day or the other she'll make Samrat and me talk. I smiled as I knew that Samrat would never talk to a geek like me and Me going to talk to Samrat-rather Impossible.


But Manjari did it, I didn't know how but Samrat came to me to invite me to the Stupid game they were playing.


' Heyy Gunjan, well would like to join us in the game !!?' I was a freaking book when The Samrat Shergill arrived towards me. My happiness had no bounds when I saw him TALKING to me.


' Yes, Gunjan would definitely join you.' Manjari spoke before I could. I glared at her. I'll going to kill her.


' Let's go Gunjan. It's time to bring your Love Story on track.' She spoke and dragged me to the other corner of the classroom.


' So my brother and THEIR sisters let's play Truth and Dare !!' Samrat spoke as everyone chuckled.




Oh Gosh Gunjan !! You're gone.


Get ready to be slaughtered like a helpless sheep.


  And that worth-for-nothing bottle on me and SAMRAT. Now, my horror had no bounds. Manjari smirked as I smiled nervously towards her.


' Truth Or Dare !?' Samrat asked, looking direct into my eyes.


' It'sss  Truthh for me.' I replied with a trembling voice. He started thinking for a suitable question for me. Just then, Manjari told something in his ear.


' Okay Gunjan, which boy in this school  do you desire the most !!?' Samrat asked to my utter shock.


' I......I.....desire.....boy...' Words somehow managed to come out of my mouth.


' Okay, you just his name' s first or last name !?' he spoke urging me to reply. I noticed that Samrat had crossed his fingers. But it took me too late to understand what it meant.


' Heyy Chasmish, speak na' Samrat insisted me again. But what did he called me 'Chashmish'!!?  I stared him in bewilderment, as I touched my ' Chashmas' nervously.


But the fate had decided something else and the bell rang and our next lecturer came in. We all parted away and sat on our respective seats.


And it was my FIRST and LAST conversation with Samrat. And after that I never talked to Samrat  and never told my feeling to him as I was afraid that would be his reaction toward my confession. Moreover, I was afraid of the Embarrassment and Teasing I would have to face. And If with any luck he liked me back then he would be interested in me for a week and then I would be one of his once-uppon-a-time-girlfriend. And I wouldn't wanted to be that so I hid my feelings from him.


* FlashBack Ends *


I took deep breaths to calm myself. He still affected me. A lone tear traveled down my cheeks. The memories of my childhood flooded in my mind. I could visualize the day when I saw him for the last time.


' What on earth are you doing here Gunjan !!?' I turned back and saw CJ. She rushed to cuddle me into a tight hug.


' Heyy CJ !! I really missed you yaar !! You've changed. But what are you doing here !!?' I exclaimed, excitedly.


'Ummm......the Management of the school has organized a Party as the school will be demolished in few days.' CJ explained me the whole matter.


' And guess what I'm the incharge and the theme is New Year.......' she spoke and we both continued to decorate Excel' s  Central Hall.


After 3 Hours


' I need to go CJ?' I spoke as a frown came to existence on her face.


' Fine. But you'll come tonight.' She insisted showing her infamous deadly glare.


' Yeah.' I gave a small reply and headed towards my car.


In the Party


 I entered the Central Hall of Excel with Mayank. It was decorated beautifully with a red and white lights set together. I had wore a Red Churidar with red bangles-a typical Indian look. Everyone stared us in amazement. But horror overcame me as someone tapped my shoulder. I turned back and saw Manjari.


' Gunjan !!'  Manjari shrieked and we both hugged each other.


' Good God, you' ve changed. Haven't you !!?' Manjari continued blabbering until she noticed Mayank looking somewhere lost.


' Yeh kaun hain !!?'  Manjari enquired with curiosity building in her.


' He is Mayank- a very close friend.'  I replied, unconsciously looking for HIM.


' Matlab mera chance hain' Manjari exclaimed, grinning sheepishly.


' MANJARI !!' I screamed at a high pitch. Arghh...She makes me mad sometimes.


' That not fair Gunjan, pehle Samrat aur ab Mayank. You can't take both of them.' Manjari complained, frowning.


' MANJARI' I screamed again, jerking Mayank out of his Gaga land. Manjari was really getting the hell out of me.


' Umm...well, I think I should bring drinks for all the beautiful ladies around.' Mayank said, smiling as always. Mayank headed towards the drink's corner, smiling. Suddenly my heart beats started racing as the cool breeze shuffled my hairs.


  HE WAS HERE...!! I could feel him.


But one day her whole world did end
When she saw him again
The wreck he'd gotten in...
She'd never see his smile again


He entered gaining the attraction of all the girls around. My eyes fell on his handsome face, he was wearing a black formal suits with a highly expensive silver watch. But he looked pale and weakened. He has lost THAT infamous smile which made me drool-Something inside him had changed.


He came and hugged Dia warmly. They both chatted a little but I noticed that eyes were constantly moving, in order to find someone special, and occasionally his eyes fell on me. His lips curved into a small smile-as if he had got a second chance to live.


My heart thudded million times faster as I heard his footsteps.


  THUD !!


  THUD !!


 Why in world I agreed to come in this wrecked party!!? An unknown nervousness came over me. Just hold yourself girl. He would walk towards you and just walk through you without giving you a single freaking glance !! HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU BACK. It had only been a one-side love. So just STOP this crap...!!  I mentally made this note in my bruised heart.


' Gunjan' Samrat whispered softly behind me. I turned back to face him.


' Gunjan.....I just wanted to say.....you know what I mean....I mean....you....no.....I wanted to say from a long time....I loveee....' Samrat spoke nervously, but as the god had decided what was next,  a spotlight rested on me and Samrat was lost  somewhere in the darkness.


' Gunjan, from childhood I just wanted to say, that I LOVE YOU?will you marry me..' some unknown voice spoke in the midst of people. Happiness engulfed me as I thought Samrat. He loved me too !! That moment I was happy-in the true meaning.


' Yes' I spoke as tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. The people around clapped for two made-for-each-other souls. At last, we our one. But my happiness vanished abruptly as the next IMAGE I saw.


A manly figure emerged from the darkness, I opened my eyes as he kissed my cheek.



 Everything shattered.

' Gunjan I knew that you loved me too?..I am so happy?' Mayank spoke with happiness in his voice. I looked for Samrat, he stood, far away, deserted. He mouthed ' Congratulations' and walked towards the EXIT of Excel with teary eyes.


 'Go Gunjan STOP him !! He loves you. He had came to confess his love to you' my heart ordered. I stepped ahead to stop him but my eyes fell on Mayank. He was so happy !! I couldn't break his heart. Nevertheless, Samrat deserved far better girl than me. He deserved the BEST !!


Mayank threw his hands around me and hugged me tightly, I hugged him back.


  It was Destiny. We weren't meant for each other.


 And after that what happened became unnoticed by me. The next very moment I opened my eyes I was lying on my bed with the bright-yellow sun rays hitting me.


  It was a brand NEW day with new hopes, aspirations and a new life with Mayank.


 I came out of my room and switched on the Television. I kept on shuffling channels but stopped as I felt a need of food to stop my growing hunger. I got up from the sofa to find something in fridge but before I could reach to kitchen I heard something which shocked me to hell.




 "  We our really discontented to tell our viewers that recently our reporters had reported that Samrat Shergill- the CEO of Shergill Group Of Industries had committed SUICIDE by falling from the 6th floor of Excel School....... Rupali Mehra from ABC News"


  And my world fell down.


 I, unconsciously, ran madly towards Excel. He can't end his life like that. This can't be true. It had to rumor.


Now at his grave she softly cries
The tears running from sad eyes
This hurting girl whose heart is broken
All because of love unspoken


 Finally, I reached there. There was HIS dead body, lying in the pool of blood oozing out from his head. His rib bones broken were brutally and he was lying flat to the ground.


My heart ripped apart into tiny pieces as I saw him in that condition. It hurted, that too very badly. Why did it happen!? Why does my heart hurting o badly s it would collapse anytime and anyhow.


I, unknowingly, entered the Excel which was surrounded with a red tape entitled ' Police Case. Do not Cross.'  I slowly and slowly walked towards the Central hall here the Party was held. He was stood there and smiled. Then, why he committed suicide !? I asked my brain. Though, my heart knew why. HE LOVED ME. He had came to e to confess his abundant love for me. My heart ached again.


 I headed towards the 6th floor-the place from where he jumped. I could feel his pain as I walked through the 6th floor. Fresh tears trickled down cheeks. He had gone through so much pain. If......If I had stopped him??told him that I loved him too.


This everlasting pain was killing me every second. There is so much pain coursing through my soul that my tears had dried. I couldn't breathe- I didn't wanted to. Life started seeming useless and non-worthy. I closed my eyes, it was difficult to hold such a huge amount of pain.


' Gunjan.' someone whispered in my ear. I flew opened my eyes.




 'Samrat, I knew your alive but these foolish people. They were saying?..' My happiness had no bounds as I saw him. Samrat was alive. I hugged him tightly on the very moment I saw him and he hugged me back. I wished that hug could last for eternity. After sometime, we broke the hug and he vanished. That heart-aching pain returned again.


 'Samrat !!' I screamed, maybe, maybe he will back.


 Just then an solution clicked my mind- a solution to get rid of this never-ending pain. It was the same path which Samrat has chosen.



  ' Aahhhh....' a scream was heard by the people around. And a girl' s body fell from the 6th floor. Blood started oozing from her head and within few seconds she was left this world too.


And soon, many people surrounded that two bodies lying on floor and the media started clicking photos with a smile on their faces-after all they had got a 'Breaking News' for their channel which would result in their promotion. Good God, they paid any heed to the two bodies lying there.




 " Recently our reporters have reported that Gunjan Bhushan- the to-be-wife of The Mayank Sharma the infamous business tycoon committed suicide where Samrat Shergill had committed suicide. Does Taliban have his hands in this or it is some other terrorist group!!? We would like to known your opinion?.SMS A If you think its Taliban......SMS B If you think  there are American power behind.....one lucky winner will get a LCD Television Set......Rupali Mehra from ABC News   "


  There was chaos near the death-spot of Samrat and Gunjan- all people were crying and mourning for the death of their loved one.  But seven skies above, there were two souls in each other arms laughing at the chaos they have created.


' I love you Samrat.'


' I love you too dear.'


And a few feets stood God, staring them and smiling. He opened a HUGE book entitled 'Destiny'  and shuffled pages till the god find the desired page.


 The Book Said.......


 " Samrat to commit suicide-Gunjan to marry Mayank Sharma-they both have two naughty  boy twins-Gunjan dies at age of 80 "


But the god erased the words written and rewrote it........


" Samrat to commit suicide-Gunjan alo commits suicide-they both meet in heaven-an eternal unspoken love story- a happy ending to world's greatest lovers "


 " When the love is eternal even the Destiny has to bend infront of it "


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 Thanks for reading,

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