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 Monday 27/12/10

Gayathri and Srinivasan are eagerly expecting a call from Pallu ' who does not disappoint them. Friday is the girl seeing ceremony ' fixed. RR talks to karthik and asks him to act as if he has given in to Pallu's orders ' "marry the girl of my choice " Karthik does that and Pallu is maha kicked.

 But, Shree ' as she is oblivious to who the groom is ' refuses to go along with this arrangement. As expected, Prem is very much part of this intimate family discussion and plays Shree's advocate ' "why compel her for such dramas when she is not game??" Do not know how the parents will convince Shree ' possibly, Karthik would call her and keep her in the loop??

Rajmohan's house ' Both Suruthi and Aadhi  are sitting as if their ship sank just then. RM tries to implement his usual tactics of shouting and asking "  I can find them better spouses !!" But this time around it back-fires ' Aadhi shouts back saying that RM is the only reason for all the unhappiness ' "can you find us spouses who are dear to us??' RM looks at Suruthi for support ' who has just one word "sorry" The kids scoot the arena and poor mrs. RM is made to witness some glass breaking by darling hubby



Tuesday  28th December 2010  Episode - ask AAR...

Mrs & Mr Viswanathan (Palli's parents) preparing the monthly grocery list.  Ding dong goes the bell and Rukku arrives.  AAR feels Mrs & Mr Viswa are familiar.  Palli is called for.  AAR wants to talk to Palli.. AAR tells of the stalled Vicky engagement saga, Palli jumps to a conclusion for AAR's dullness.  AAR vetoes Palli and tells she was the cause of stalling the engagement and she has no confusion because of that.  Palli dhaat bhoots saying no eevu irakkam in spoiling a girl's life etc etc. AAR tells the connection between Nivedha, Adhi and the enacted drama.  Says RM now spilt the true reason that RR has two wives and AAR is upset because of that.  Palli gives a know all look, AAR asks if it is not a shock to her, and Palli tells that the josiyar said the same thing.  Palli asks if Anu is aware, AAR is unable to tell her but Ganesh doesnt believe she says.  Palli starts her husband being someone special puraaNam. (neethaanmaa stepney)  Further says just because Anu is like what she is her husband is two timing, if only Palli was in her place, would tear him to pieces.  The monologue continues... Palli curses the second wife, for she must be aware of his earlier marriage and she would find out that dirty person and will make her tongue pull like (naakka pidungira maadhri) (OMG..i was laughing my head off).  Palli wants it to remain between themselves until the truth is found.
AAR next visits Anu's house.  Is welcomed by Nivedha.  Anu and RR have gone shopping.  AAR indulges in small (investigative) talk, asks if RR takes them out often.  Nivedha tells that he is a very busy man so doesnt get time, Anu is proud of his hard working personality, but he loves them goes Nivedha.  AAR thinks about RM's words.. Nivedha wants to know why AAR  is thoughtful.   Nivedha gets updated on the stalled Shruthi's engagement and AAR being the cause. Nivedha is shocked her periamma could do such a thing, says Adhi is out of her life  AAR convinces her saying Adhi is a good boy who wanted to get married with his parents' consent, that Nivedha is being a cashew in jumping into conclusions.  Nivedha thanks periamma for opening her eyes.  In comes Anu alone, AAR asks where is RR and Anu promptly tells has gone off on work.  AAR is thoughtful again...  Anu shows off the saris purchased and tells all were selected by RR, that he does everything with so much love, AAR thinks of Ganesh's words - how understanding both of them are and how RR can never do dhrogam to Anu (joke of the year !!)  Nivedha is dispensed for a cup of coffee,  AAR looks disbelievingly at Anu and asks if she is so in love with her hubby, Anu says is lucky to have him as her husband.
Karthik waiting for Shreenithi in the park(??), she comes and tells about the bad news.  Karthik laughs and tells her to go ahead and say yes to the groom, and lets the cat out of the bag, that he is coming with his parents for girl seeing on Friday...

Wednesday  28th December 2010  Episode - 177
Shreenithi in conversation with Karthik who updates her on his mother and her mother meeting in the market and how they understood each other.  So now the girl seeing arrangement.  Shreenithi says after girl seeing Palli will do sky earth jumping and stop the whole thing, her family and she herself will be put to shame.  She is very sad, saying she thought Palli okayed after knowing she is the same girl that Karthik loves.  Karthik reel Ottufies whatever his father told him, that once Palli talks to Shreenithi (nadakkira kaariyamaa) she will change her mindset if that doesnt happen RR will convince Palli (adhu seri)
Anu's household.  Anu arranging her clothes in the shelf.  VO Santhosh on his handphone with someone.  Ding dong goes the bell.  Anu asks Manju to answer the door, who comes and asks Santhosh why he did not answer the door, gives him some dose and opens the door to find Vasanthi (Mrs.RM) there.  Welcomes her in and calls Anu.  Vasanthi asks Santhosh how he is.. he replies that Vasanthi and Co have spoiled their santhosham, Anu intervenes and ask Santhosh to ask for pardon.  He just stands, Vasanthi says nothing wrong in whatever he told, is forced again, and says sorry, leaves.  Vasanthi updates Anu on Shruthi's engagement being called off.   AAR is a close friend of the groom's, so recommendation needed for Vasanthi.  Anu wants to know the real reason for Nivedha's engagement getting cancelled.  Vasanthi starts, and enters AAR.  Anu welcomes her and asks her to join in.  AAR is helpless.  AAR asks for water, Manju is sent in, a courier comes and Anu goes to attend.  AAR tells Vasanthi not to divulge the real reason now... wants to find out if the reason said by RM is true then will let the cat out of the bag.  AAR covers saying that there is someother problem with the jathagam, is harmful to RM as FIL so they said whatever they did.    Vasanthi requests AAR to arrange for Shruthi and Vicky's wedding.  AAR the wedding arranger says will do..Vasanthi leaves.  Anu tells she was upset with Vasanthi but if it is harmful to her husband how would she accept the proposal.  AAR gives the SBT look.
Adhi on the swing thoughtful. AAR comes in, Adhi is unaware.  Adhi says problems galore so he was thoughtful when AAR asks him why in such a mode. AAR says sorry, Adhi tells why should she be sorry as if she was the rootcause for it.  SBT again.   RM and Vasanthi have gone out.  Shruthi is called for.  She too has a gloomy look and AAR asks if she too has problems. Shruthi cites the stalled engagement.  Adhi wants to know if it is some curse, AAR says all problems caused by Man and his actions, then why blame fate and other such things.  AAR owns up stopping of the engagement, both Adhi and Shruthi shocked.  They  ask for explanation, which AAR gives.  Concludes that the disease is diagnosed, now the cure will be made.


eclat, I will watch this tomorrow after everyone goes off to work and do the update.  I don't think anyone has missed it so far!

Update for Thursday, Dec 30, 2010:

In brief: AAR assures Adhi and Shruthi that they will get married to Niveda and Vicky respectively, says that Vicky knew about this drama of hers, but she kept Shruthi in the dark so that her shock and sorrow will be genuine and will really affect RM.

RM and Vasanthi in the middle of the road at night, outside their car, talking about something - why they could not talk about it inside the car is something I will never understand.  Vicky's dad, Padmanabhan, gets down from another car, walks toward them, asks about their welfare, assures them that Vicky will get married to Shruthi, says he knew about AAR's scheme to stop the engagement.

Prem and Shreenath - Prem tells Shreenath to find out why Shree is opposed to the idea of getting married, and not to force her into a marriage, Shreenath calls Shree to tell her this, and she says she is agreeable to getting married!  Later, Shree explains to Prem that the maapillai is Karthi himself, so she has agreed. 

RR and Palli in their bedroom, Palli wants her car to be ready for the girl seeing ceremony, RR calls MK and asks him to bring the car to his house in R.A.Puram, MK is thoughtful.

RM and Vasanthi in their bedroom, RM says he will vetti Adhi if the talk of his marriage with Nivedha comes up, Vasanthi counsels him to keep quiet, he tells her to get up from the bed and says he will never accept Nivedha as his DIL.

Thodarum ....

Update for Friday, Dec 31, 2010:

eclat, I am going to give you a break.  This is a brief update because, as already explained, this is a short window of time, after lunch, before the next meal is prepared.
I apologize, folks!  I haven't even come near the computer until now - Jan 2, 7:26 p.m, and there is still a load of dishes to be done, and the kitchen to be cleaned.  Tomorrow, I have to find and rearrange everything in the kitchen and pantry, since everyone has put away stuff wherever they found an empty spot!

Prem is furious, thinking about Shree and her upcoming engagement.  He looks at the pictures he got someone to take when Shree cut the ribbon for his new office.  Dad and mom, along with the guy from Dubai, come in, want to know why he is looking so glum.  He tells them about Shree being girl looked (peNN paarkaradhu) by Karthik, mom says there are plenty of girls, including one in her own family, dad pooh poohs that offer, Prem leaves in disgust, dad looks at the photos in his room and gets an idea.

Shree is ready to go to work, mom and dad want her to stay home since the girl seeing ceremony is that evening, she says she will return early, but they insist.  Mom says they have to go somewhere first, so she reluctantly agrees.

Palli is asking her dad to fix a date for the marriage, and dad points out that the girl seeing ceremony is not over yet (good point, what if the girl is sensible and asks what job this boy is doing?  Velai illai paiyanukku, she is busy fixing a date for his wedding, mudhalle avanukku oru velai paNNa arrange paNNu!  Beats me how they can even look for a wedding proposal for an idle, jobless guy, and the girl's parents don't even ask that important question!  On the other hand, when did these serials ever have any sense?)  Dad comes up with two dates, she rejects one because it is a weekday, and decides on the second, because it is a Sunday.  Just you wait, Palli, you will go there and start screaming because the girl is Shree!

Ganesh and AAR in RR's office, he congratulates Ganesh for getting the Bangalore proposal - and the man knows nothing about building construction!  Heaven help the company for whom he is building the office!  AAR comes up with the first wrinkle in RR's plan, she says she cannot move to Bangalore, so she will remain in the house here.  Just then the phone rings, it says Home, but RR switches it off.  AAR has already looked at the phone, seen that the ID said it was from home (yes, yes, we are shameless and look at the ID on other people's phones and then talk about naagareegam and culture and brag about our foreign background!), asks RR why he didn't answer the call from Anu, he mazhuppufies, saying it is from some anaadhai home which is asking for donations.  (Let me guess here, AAR will mention the call to Anu, she will say that she did not call, then AAR will put two and two together, and then she will try to get the phone from RR and track the number down!  All this is fine, just do this quickly, don't take six months to do it, okay?)  After they leave, the phone rings again, it is Palli, reminding him to come for the girl seeing ceremony at 3:30 this afternoon.

Paati and Balu - he wants to return to the village, she asks him to stay till his wife is cured, he says she doesn't seem to be getting better, rather, it looks like she is driving everyone else crazy.  Paati says their staying with her has helped her and been a big support for her since she has been lonely all these days.  She consoles Balu, saying that their daughter will herself come looking for them.

Shree, her parents and brother get down from a car.

Thodarum ...

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Thanks for the detailed update!
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Thanks for the updates roja and eclat..
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