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Monday 27/12/10

Habbaaaa Roja vale thanga mudiyalai intha kOdumai ' Update vera yaa????


Raani decides "enough is enough " ' gets up and with folded hands appeals to who ever cares to listen " I wanted to call off this wedding  an hour before ..when I lost hopes of my arumai annan bringing the jewellery but my anni stopped me from doing so.. but now,''off I go.." Shocked expressions round ' Roja gets the pleasure of seeing every face'' as Raani is about to remove the garland '" maalai yai kazhattathe'" MMMM arrives with his appendage Shiva, Nandhini and her dad'. MMMM gives the nagai to Sarrrooojjja and tells her that she can weigh the whole thing at leisure (oopsss Rojaaa, sOntha sarakku add pannathey nna kekka maate??) Appeals to all and sundry "here are the jewels'now time for tying the noose'" Another round of blank looks from every one and MMMM has no clue asto why every one is looking at each other's face and maintain an eerie silence. Time for MMMM to go down on his knees ' but before that Park appeals to Aaksh's father "Yovv, athaan nagai vanthache, thaali katta enna delay??" Crowd le oru Perisu decides to step in 'Sivamani (Aakash appa peru athu than paa , Roja kku jenma sabalyam aachu !!) you were ready to throw your daughter away..ippO antha payyan is ready to fall at your feet'.if what DSDR did was wrong, your daughter is also at fault.." blah blah'..finally the marriage happens habbbaaaaaaa much to the chagrin of DSDR and his wealthy FIL.


Kavya in the working women's hostel ' Malar sOllame kOllame Oditta. The lady in charge shouts at Kavya for "buying Viruthu Patti Saniyan " and is all set to go to the police. Malar walks in and is overjoyed to see "kavya akka" . Obviously she got up early and went around looking for jobs ' " naa enna Ungalai mathiri padichavalaa?? Veettu velai kidaikkumaa nnu paarkka pOnen, no one wants an unknown person " Finally Kavya convinces the in charge and warns Malar " no more gallivanting like this, gotcha??" Kalyana Mandapam ' photo session . Sarrooojja is all smiles ' bends over backwards and attends to Raani " nee Onnume sappidalai'Horlicks?? Dey , Horlicks kOndu vaa'." Blah blah ..all the time she is arranging the jewels and posing the photographs' LR 1 can't contain her comment ' " Yovv, paarthiya'. Intha Sarrooojjaa vai.." Park maama points out " she is another Bhagyam'.neeyum panathai paartha Oru mathiri, illatta Oru mathiri thane pesare' anyways , Raani has enough training from you to handle 100 Sarrooojjjaasss" RS and DSDR take leave " Rommbba santhOsham MMMM, promise pannina mathiri ,,wedding ai nadathi.." Park maama does not forget to needle "neeyum enna ennavO panni paarthe'. Wedding happened in spite of you ..sOllame Odidu.." LR ! lovingly invites panakkara sambhandhi " please eat the wedding feast. Athukku naanga kanaaku paarkka mattOm" Reva for her part praises MMMM and judiciously uses " nee aambilai yaa MMMM aambilaiya " asthram.


MMMM is thanked by every one "kadavul mathiri.." MMMM refuses to accept the kudos " all this should go to Nandhini" Flashback time ' MMMM and Shiva are sitting in the auto ' dejected. MMMM finds that his phone is switched off (ohh, appO venum nnu pannaliyaa?) and switches it on ' Nandhini calls and wants to know the way to the mandapam ' Shiva grabs the phone and tells Nandhini that MMMM is in a soup ' Nandhini asks them to come home. The duo  promptly reach Nandhini's house and she angrily confronts " So,, unakku Oru problem..athuvum thangai kalyaaname nikkara alavu kku problem'but you did not hink of me?? Coming to me for help???


Freeze on MMMM 's face..


Update for Tues, Dec 28, 2010:

update by eljayma

This is going to be brief, friends - I am falling asleep on my feet.

In short, Selvam recounts how he went to Nandini's house, and she wanted to know why he didn't approach her earlier, Siva explained how her MIL had scolded Selvam on an earlier occasion, then she came with the money, her father called a jeweler whom he knew, and so that's how they got the jewelry. 

Kavya comes to the wedding and explains that she was delayed but she is here now, Sori has gone to "foreign" for business.  Archana comes to know about her family going to Coimbatore because her athai's husband is seriously ill.

I missed something here, but Nandini remembers how Archana came to her house, told her about Selvam's plight, and gave her the 45 sovereigns of gold which her parents had given her and she tried giving to Selvam, and asked her not to tell Selvam about it.  (I remember someone, probably migan, had guessed this would happen, last week).  In any case, Nandini thinks she cannot keep it secret for long.

Last scene - group picture of Rani and Akash with the whole family, each person asks if they are not being included, and then they are included.  Please, Pillayarappa, let this be the group photo that our movies are famous for, and let this be the beginning of the end of this show.

Thodarum ....

Wednesday  29/12/10
update by rojakka.

Eljay is  MIA - so, here is a brief update.

Kavya comes to her office ( Sori order kku no mathippu??) - Rojaaaa, can't you wait before you shoot bullets??? Well, the reason is that Malar needs to be crowned. Calls the manager and says that Malar has no education . Manager wonders " namma office high profile ...inge education?? and a job??" Kavya solves the problem by saying that Malar could be an attender and warns the manager " Ithu namma Aalu, gavanam, ok?? " ( Apologies, Mr.Bhagyaraj ) Then Kavya starts the cat and mouse game of probing - probes the manager about the "condition" of the business and the Manager talks about her health condition. As Roja was getting fed up, Sori came to her help - Sori calls the manager and says that he has some good news and wants the whole office to listen. Kavya signals to the manager "naa inge irukkarathu theriya vendam " . Sori happily informs his brood " success..success... now we have more business..more turnover..... 20 % increase for all of you...blah blah "  A confused Kavya is asked " cake vetti celebration??" She accepts but wonders "why did Sori lie to me?? Avoiding me kku vera reason??"

Raani and Aakash come home. Sarrrojja does the harathi and demands money. The ever obliging MMMM only has money in his pocket - bakki ellarum Olichu vaichuttanga....Paalum pazhamum... finally Aakash gets to Ooram kattufy Raani - talks about the travails of their affair and how it ended happily.....boommmm amma wants Raani to show some maangai maalai as one relative wants the design. Raani says that she handed over everything to arumai naathanaar. Sarroojja is busy yapping with some one..... To cut a long story short , all the jewels other than that most wanted Maangai maalai is missing. Mr.Sarrojja comes from outside, learns the scenario and sweats. Namba smart Archu makes the most wanted statement "namba Raani vantha neram...nagai kaanOm naa... " MMMM shuts her up.....eyes down to Sarrooojjjaaa..every one points fingers.....and Sarroojjja is back to being her true self........sandai vanthathu Lakshmana, sOthu mOotai yai kizhe erakku....

Thursday 30/12/10

update by rojakka.

Ellaraiyum pOle Roja kkum ithu semai bore - bullet point update thaan ppa.

Sarrroojja is in Lage Lage mood - Mr.Saroja is thiru thiru...Finally the necklace is
pulled out by junior Sarroojjja ( Junior Mr.Sarroojjaa?? whateverrr) and the whole jing bang
pounces on that poor guy  - who puts his hands up " ask Sarroojjja" Well, it turns out to be that Sarroojjja had doubts about the jewellery - "over night le...50 paun??? Kalyaani Covering le vaanginathO?" - she tells every one that MMMM, the Marathadi Maharaja could have pulled wool over every one's eyes - All hell breaks loose , Aal Aalukku pesaraanga, Archu sings her usual "Yen purusan theennnnn, eppOvume mAakkan thenn.." Reva enters the fray and orders that Sarrooojjja must ask for clemency. Veppam 1000 degrees.... finally MMMM says that this house is where Raani will spend the rest of her life... "no mannippu, no nothing...." The bride's side jing bang cries...cries...cries..... Raani joins....Aakash veettu drawing room le Onassis kappal vidalaam... apram ellarum leaving ..habbbaaaaaaaaa Roja vaale mudiyalai da sammmyyy...

DSDR - waiting for his results at the clinic. Tells his friend that these days every thing is going wrong for him.."intha result um negative aagitta...?" We have to wait for the doctor's verdict - might happen tomorrow??? Best of luck to Shree - for updating that trash..


Friday 31st december 2010 Episode Update

update by shreenithi
DSDR vasu and his more DSDR are in hospital ....why?...same know whether DSDR is aambalai or not...(sorry for this sentence...but...i'll write like this only..coz...dir idhadhaan solla vaar...DeadDead..) ...Doctor says everthing is normal..not to worry abt anything...DSDR and DSDR happy o happy....But Vasu still having doubt abt his............He asks doctor again...Doctor rombha clearly says he is a perfect complete man....Doctor tells vasu to bring his wife for check up....DSDR and DSDR 32 teeth ayum kattikittu comes out of the hospital....Freind DSDR says ur wife is ur villi...first take care of her....Vasu gives a villain look and my turn to pazhi vaangufy her....DeadDead(aiyo....same track again with female lead??....NOoooooo)
Bags aranmanai...Park comes with vegetables and calls his daughter ...He tells her to start cooking...Solliputtu goes to freshen up..Bags lsitens to her husbands amnesia problem and comes out takes the towel and keeps it on the table....Park comes and again calls rani...Bags porukka mudiyama comes out tells her husband that rani happily iving in her husband's house....LOL...Bags and park feeling abt their daughter's absence.....
Bags and park crying....PArk konjam adhigama crying...Bags says she feels very bad to see her husbanduu crying...Bags leaves the place silently....Goes inside his room and continues his crying....Bags brings coffee to her Yov ....Park moraching...And thatti vittufying the glass....and warns her not to come near him...LOLLOL....Bags says sorry...But park says no way...i'll never forget the drogam she did for selvam and archu....tells her to get out...Bags crying crying leaving.....
Park starts cooking....Bags azhudhukitte watching....says she was wrong...but ippo thirundhiutten...Enakku yaarumae illai...iam a orphan now....Park says idhudhaan god's punishmentto u...Enjoy....Bags crying hard....Park finishes his cooking and starts to eat...Bags watching...Park's food was so kevalam pola...saapida mudiyala avaralayae....He takes his bed and goes to sleep....Bags feels very sad....
Vasu's room..."VASU....THE MAN" terror aa performs walking practice....Revs comes and edho kindal pannufying...Revs goes to sleep....Vasu stops her and asks for some milk.....Revs goes to bring milk....Vasu locks the door and starts searching for the tablet....Suddenly revs opens the door and  comes in..(door lock pannina maadhiri irundhudhu??).....Vasu ularufying that he is searching for some visitung card....Revathi suspicious...Goes out...vasu continues his searching and finally finds it in the washroom!!....Screen freezes on vasu's villain look face...

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Thanks roja akka for update.......

eppadio  Rani kalyanam nadandhachu...... habaaaaa......... adhutha prblm selvamku enna???? bcz if one prblm away from him another enters. that's y??????
me to having same doubt phone vennumnu switch off pannaliyaa?????

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Thanks Roja akka, appada finally the wedding is over.

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Thanks RP
oru vazhiyaa kalyaNam over...habbanu periya moochchu vidaNumaa or yabbaanu bayapadaNumaa? aduthu endhakuttai kuzhapparaangaLO!!
Archu kuduththa nagaiya no touching but yaarO Nandhini kuduththa nagaiya aasaiyaa bringing for anfu sister... enna egovO enna  kaNraaviyO... namma thalai vandha konjam andha wall kadan vaangalaam, damaal damaalukku... avanga kaaNOme...

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Thanks for the update!

this nandhini and her dad r turning into whole negative roles in TMS for sometimes, it was on latharav's interview in dinamani Sunday special dec 18th. so there comes new problems.

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I wonder y its like a uniform for anyone who gets married on Thirumthi Selvan to wear Pink Saree with Whire blous. It was the same for Archana, Kavya and now for Rani. LOL
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Thanks for the update!

i was relieved when i read alot of posts saying TMS is ending several weeks ago? with this rate it wont end for another year or 2Angry. TMS is rank 1 in TRP, unbelievable!

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Thanks Eljay - Paasa mazhai thaangalai - absurd is the only word that comes to Roja's mind - uh huh

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