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Taming the wild 8 SURPRISE pg-307 (Page 77)

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 1:45am | IP Logged

Iam done with with the 5th thread tooDancing, and now it's 6th threadDancing, and congrats with the 6th threadPartyBig smile

Part 61.
Ar was going to talk to Ridz, but Nikki had to come in between, and took Ridz with herUnhappy.                  Nikki yaar you guys conffessed, and now let them confess naaLOL
Nikki cought Ridz staring and ArBlushing
Againg when he was going to confess,  offcorse someone had to come in between and this time it was RohanUnhappy. Rohan man you could have met him in the morning,
aur jab Ar wapis aya, to Ridz was sleeping. OMG why is Rohan repeating that he has a chance on RidzAngry, poor Ar.
Ar ne apne pao pe khud hi kulhari mar liCry, are Abhi ke saath jane dete Roh ko.
Actually Roh is not that bad, I liked his conversation with Ridz, I am so glad Ridz took it so nice, when she got to know that Ar knew about Vivek being married. and i liked the way Roh explained why Ar didn't tell her that he knew Vivek was married. Big smile Good job RohThumbs Up
Ridz you told Roh that you love Ar, why can't you tell Ar
First, Nikki, then Roh, and now the whole family come in between Unhappyawww poor Ar
Roh man you need to stop clinging to Ridz, It's Ar job to drop her to hospital not yoursAngry
LOLLOLLOL aww Ar is jelous of Leo
She didn't had to wait long for the answer, Armaan came to a skidding halt in front of her. It didn't took her long to understand that it was another Leo Armaan fight " Armaan kyun pareshan kar rahe ho use..? "
Armaan was shocked to hear it " main ?? Main pareshan kar raha hun ? ise !! Pata nahi kaun se galat waqt par ise laaya tha jeena haraam kar rakha hai isne mera pata nahi kaun se janam ka badla le raha hai ? roz kuch naa kuch fad deta hai roz kuch naa kuch chaba daalta hai... Aur tum keh rahi ho ki main pareshaan karta hun. Isko ! Kya tum ise kuch khaane ko nahi deti ?.." LOLLOLROFL
Ar is so sweetDay Dreaming
On the other hand Armaan was stull mumbling to himself " Waah ek to I share my tastes with a dog, upar se yeh kutta mere alawa sabke peeche dum hilata ghumta rehta hai aur upar se mujhe hi lecture milta hai ki main isse pyaar se baat nahi karta.. Wah kya baat hai ! ab kutte se bhi pyaar karna padega, biwi hai jo milti nahi aur kutta hai jo pechha chhodta nahi huh , kya hoga mera bhagwaan !? " he kept mumbling while wearing the other pair which luckily was spared by Leo LOLLOL
Rohan and Swati daal mein kuch kaala hai.... Ar is feeling insecureUnhappy
Awsome partSmile
Part 62:
Ridz wanted send Ar as soon as posible to work, just to read his diary. LOLLOL
LOLLOLRidz threw diary away, cause Ar had written about spending a night with some girl

" kuch to ho raha hai, I'm having these strange feelings like I've never felt before... Agar main BP ko bataunga ki F TV se jyada achhi mujhe Ridhhima ki daant lagne lagi hai to wo kya sochenge mere baare main ? wo to hans hans kar zameen par laet jayenge. But what can I do ? It's true. She's pulling me like a magnet and I feel helpless before this pull. Yesterday she asked me if I was feeling pain anywhere and I kept staring at those rosy lips.. Those hypnotizing eyes.. And I completely forgot what to say. Idiot ! Armaan Malik you are an idiot ! Wo kya soch rahi hogi tere baare main. Couldn't you think of something nice. See this is what I was saying The Armaan Malik just whimper before her.. But kuch to karna padega yaar.."
Awwww Ar is cuuutttteee Day DreamingDay Dreaming
" Bhai gave me the perfect idea.. My birthday. And if you were wondering where I was then I was just busy sorting few things and have reached the conclusion that whom am I kidding man ! I'm in love ! Yesss !! I'm on love with Ridhhima. Scary but true "
Her mouth fell open at this.. ' did he just said that falling in love with me was scary...! ' Ridz you used to be Gabar at that time LOLLOL
" BAN ! Bas total ban lag jaana chahiye same colour dresses par. Ek to ghar jaane se bhi manaa kar diya gabbar ne upar se main hint dene ki koshish kar raha hu aur sab gadbad ho gaya. Kya zarurat thi Niki ko same colour ki dress pehan kar aane ki. Aur yeh Ridhhima. She thinks main aur Niki ! Noo way yaar ! Ridhhima it's you ! Only you. " Day DreamingDay Dreaming
" I sometimes wonder if she know how special she is.. I wonder if she know how precious she is to me... I wonder if she know how lucky I am to have her in my life... I love her so much... All I want is to have her with me..." Day DreamingDay Dreaming
I totally loved What Ar had wrote in his diary, Ar i just.hmmmm ArLOL
Ridz called Ar to get home early, I totally loved AR scene after a long timeBig smile
par beech mein yeh leo kaha se a gaya. well maybe leo thought sab log in ke beech mein arahe hein to mein kyo peeche rahoTongueLOL
Ar was so supprised to hear that song from Ridz Big smile
OMG Roh why did you have to come earlyAngry
Muski you tooUnhappy awww poor Ar, came early at home just for Ridz, and here Roh and Muski won't leave her alone.
pehle kami thi kya, aur ek haddi a gai, SAMMY.. Pehle Roh Ridz ko nahi chorta tha, ab Sammy nahi chore gi Ar koDead
Great part with haddisLOLSmile
Part 63:
Ridz is so jealous LOL
both laughed and when she stopped singing, gave a peck on his cheek. Flaring someone's anger to the bursting point. The swirling and dancing, though stupid, was tolerable but what was the bloody need of that kiss. Fine ! a peck, but why ?! Can't she get this thing straight. He's mine ! He's my Armaan you bi..." Big smile
Haayyeee yeh dono behan bhai, yaha se kab jaye geStern Smile
Standing before mirror his mind repeated Rohan's words.. ' I'll marry you anytime, anyday...' damn ! Why will he marry her ? she's already married. To me... But.. You can't claim her Armaan... But she likes me too... Yeah, exactly. Likes, but what about love ? don't you think they look cute together and even their names rhyme. Rohan Ridhhima. Rohan Ridhhima, Ro..' shhuutt uupp he shouted out only to realize that he was all alone. He let out a deep breath.. It was just imagination, just imagination. LOLLOL
Ridz yaar Ar is already insecure with Roh, and now you keep talking about him, even if you are with him.  Ar insecure feel naa kare to bechara aur kya kare.Unhappy
Cute Abhi nikki sceneBig smile
They were going to lunch together, but Yeh Roh har bar beech mein a jata haiDead. Man can't you let them go alone. Humesha apne chance ka sochta rehta hai.Angry
" it's fine Ridhhima, if you want to bring him along then what can I say... Tum ek kaam kyun nahi karti bring Sapna too, I'll ask Amit to join us. Let's have a real 'friendly lunch' " and she actually brought Sapna with them LOLLOLLOLROFL
AR could atleast sit together but No, these brother and sister won't allow themDead.
Ridz was talking to Sapna and Ar heared Wrong part of the conversation Shocked
So thats Roh and Swatis story, and Ridz is helping him. I think they shuold have told ArConfused.
No Ar you can't let Ridz go now, you have done so much, you can't just give upUnhappy
Shocked Haaawww this Prajapat is back againDead, i thought he is out of story.
Whats wrong with Rohan he spoiled their moment againDeadAngry.
Ar you can't think of divorce Cry
Superb partSmile
Part 64:
Ridz Ar is too going to feel scure naa..he was really angry, not even takig her phone calls.Unhappy
I loved Ridz converstaion with DR. Das, hmm Ar is having night terrors, not nightmares. I hope Ridz do something with this Smile
Ar had nightmare, where Ridz is leaving him, i feel bad for him, but as always i liked the way Ridz took care of him Smile
" Ridhhima main tumhe khona nahi chahta... agar tum mujhse duur chali gayi to main jeete ji mar jaaunga..." He thought Ar you shouldn't just think about it you should have said that. Cry BUT BUT
 The best part is that they conffessed to each other I can't belive they really did. DancingClapPartyPartyDancingClapClap
" What ??! " Now Rohan choked on his drink " Main aur Ridhhima... Tera dimaag to kharaab nahi hai ?! Wo meri bhabhi hai ! my friend !just like a sister to me ! Where the hell you got this idea from ! "  yeh line tum pehle nahi bol sakte the, only thing you said to Ar was that you were ready to marry her.Angry
" Armaan you idiot ! You got it all wrong I love her . See " he held his face in his hands pointing it to the group before their eyes
" Ridhhima ! "
" Tujhe Ridhhima ke alawa koi aur nazar nahi aata kya ?! bevkoof uske saath dekh "
" Who ? Sapna ! She's married ! "
" aooww that hurts ! "
" You deserve it. You king of idiots ! Sapna nahi idiot uske saath , in blue dress "
" Oh my god Anjali ! She's married and hugely Pregnant ! weirdo "
" And now you are a certified fool ! Not Anjali you jerk ! Swati.. It's Swati.. My love, my wife for second time and the mother of my soon to come child ! "
LOLLOLLOLLOLi just loved this scene ROFL
Armaan got off his seat jumping " she loves me ! She loves me ! She loves me ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! " Finally you know that Big smile
It's not always good to read Ar diary Ridz, she thought Ar doesn't love her, and she saw the divorce papers
I loved who Ridz Confessed her love Big smile
" Haan, tumse.. Aur ab to shayad bahut daer ho chuki hai magar main jaane se pehle apne dil ki baat tumse keh kar jaana chahti hun, i know it doesn't mean anything to you and don't worry I'm not expecting anything in return either " he stood still, trying to figure out what she was talking about " Armaan.. I love you... I've always loved you... And it didn't happened today or yesterday... I loved you the day you held me at the airport, I loved you the day when you touched me in that room in Rajat's party, I loved you the day you fought for me, I loved you the day you stood up for me before that jerk Vivek, I loved you the day my parents took your side instead of mine.. I loved you everytime you made me smile.. The truth is I've grown with you. You made me see things, feelings I was knowingly blind to. The very first time I met you I knew that you were someone special. I just didn't realize when you became everything to me. Heavens Armaan ! all this while I loved you but the only thing was I was too dumb to see that ,to realize that... I fall in love with you every day, every moment... I love you Armaan, I love only you... I wish I could've told you this before... Before things reached to this " she raised the divorce papers..tears now flowed freely
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingParty
He chuckled " yeah that reminds me of something. Just a sec. " he ran to the wardrobe room and came back within minute " though I wanted this to be different and in much better circumstances and place but I don't want to delay any further " he bent down before her on one knee and took her hand in his " Ridhhima, I remember the day we met. You stole my heart and made it skip twice. You have been the highlight of my life. When I sleep, I dream of you, when I work, we work together, when your heart beats, mine beats with yours. We have been friends for some time now; but I think we were lovers from forever.. not one day has gone by without me thinking of you. I think of you, and the biggest smile comes across my face, I feel warm all over and my heart still skips a beat for you whether we're on the phone or just in the same room. Sweetheart, just looking into your eyes still makes me feel like the first day we met. I have the same dream we both want, and that's to love eachother, be with eachother forever. I fell for you so long ago. And I want it to be like that forever " he took out a white rose from the inside of his coat " to say that I'll always be there for you " she accepted it smilingly, he then pulled out a yellow rose " I will be your best friend for ever.." lastly he pulled out a red one " and this sweetheart.. to say that I love you more than words can say... would you accept me , your silly husband, to be your soulmate for eternity ? " Day DreamingDay DreamingClapClapPartyDay Dreaming
Iam so happy they conffessed their love to each otherBig smile, and I hope Prajapat never ever comes back in the story.Dead
Ridz had to stay with Anji at the hospital, and Ar is for sure going to sleep well, after what Ridz gave him Big smile
Awsome, great, superb part:DBig smileSmileSmile
I still don't have words to describe the parts, they were just amazing super, great i totally loved them, I know its not enough words for the parts, especially the last one Day Dreaming iam just speechless i don't know what else to say.
God bless youSmile
i just havre 2 parts left Big smileDancing, i will read them ASAP, and comment  till then take care

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Originally posted by luvkaranmadly


Hey guys!!!!!!!

Mansi di said that theres no net service nd so she will post the installment tomorrow in the morning if she can manage warna in the evening. Nd also dat there was some error problem yesterday..other we would hav got the update yesteday itself..

with luv!!!!!!!!!

Oh!! its ok.. we will do all the INTEZAAR's EmbarrassedLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Thank You for the message SmileSmile

Net ji jaldi thik hojao.. humien update padhna hai ... LOLWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Yaaahhh!! Updatedd!!!
Wonderfull updateee yaarrr!!

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diiiiiiii plzzzzzzzzz updateCry

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Di waiting 4 ur update

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Hey Mansi, any chances of seeing an update tonight?? Please update na....Unhappy

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mannuuu wat happened??
u planned to update day before yesterday..then kya hua..why u didn't update??

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