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Taming the wild 8 SURPRISE pg-307 (Page 77)

parit.mansi Senior Member

Joined: 05 March 2010
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
nice part plzzz plzz cont soon n plzzz do pm me 

divan_arshi Senior Member

Joined: 05 August 2010
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
MANSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi!! ShockedShockedShocked

u mere andar ka besura singer jagainggggggggAngryAngryTongueLOLLOLLOL


chalo sab jan kaan band karo Tongue

here i start Tongue

aa bhi jaaaaaaaaaaa...Cry

aa bhi jaaaaaaaaaaa...Cry

ohhhhh! mansiiiiiiiiiiii aa bhi jaaaaaaaaaaa...CryCry

din ho gya kab ka vidaaaaaaaa, update de bhi jaaaaaaaaaaaaa ConfusedConfusedDead

Godddddd!!! forgive me for my insanity Big smile

people dont maring pathars on me plej Confused

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ARCaskettFan Goldie

Joined: 26 October 2010
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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
hey nyc update plzzz cont.
divan_arshi Senior Member

Joined: 05 August 2010
Posts: 725

Posted: 20 January 2011 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
update ni aayaaaaaaaaaaaCryCryCryCry

banging bangles on thermacol wallCryCry
saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 October 2009
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged

mansi..2day v r getting installment or not???

please yaar leave a msg ....

update 2day please

Sriha Groupbie

Joined: 09 September 2010
Posts: 161

Posted: 21 January 2011 at 3:25am | IP Logged
comeon.....dont keep us waiting up 4 sooooooooo many days.......
pls update soon......
dieing to read ur ff........

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MissDior Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2011
Posts: 263

Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Hey congrats for 3rd threadPartyBig smile. From 2nd thread you gave every part a name and
I loved itSmile. The names really suits the partsSmile i have read 10 amazing parts, i will post 5 parts first and then 5 parts in other post, cause i was almost done with posting my post on those 10 parts but somehow it got delatedDead so here goes the parts
Part 48:
Awww Ar and Ridz are missing each other. Ridz even woke up 8 in the morning, to wake up Ar, when she was at her parents houseBig smile.
Ar is so sweet he actually called her mother and told her how to make coffe for her but she still perfers Ar wali coffeEmbarrassedDay Dreaming.
I jsut hope Vivek is married with someone else, and Ridz doesn't go back to himDead.
Nice to see Abhi and Nikki take care of each otherSmile. I hope Ar and Nikki ka patch up ho jaye.
Very nice part Smile
Part 49:
I liked the coversation between Ar and Nikki, It was quit emotional. Iam so happe ke in ka finally patch up ho gaya, thanks to RidzBig smile.
I really like Ridz character, but the only problem is, she thinks she loves Vivek.Dead
When Abhi came their I thought he was going to be angry with Nikki, but he was so sweet.
Ar is so sweeeeeet he was actually hungry for that kasam he gave her,
 my fav. scene from this part
" Tum aise kyun ho Armaan ?? " He looked up at her mouth still full with spoonful of rice confused he looked down at himself checking himself whether
something was wrong.. Then raised his eyebrows asking " kaise??? " She chuckled seeing his innocent confusion... she took a tissue paper and wiped the gravy
which was sticking near his mouth...
" Aise... Ek stupid si kasam ki wajah se saare din bhuke rahe..??"
" Ohh.." he smiled but then became serious " Tumhare liye wo chhoti baat hogi... mere liye nahi thi " he looked into her eyes but then quickly became himself
again " Aur main to pehle se aisa hi tha tumne mujhe kabhi gaur se dekha nahi kya..? " He said lightheartedly and resumed his eatingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Mind blowing partSmile
Part 50:
I was surprised, Ridz kept the fast. I thought she was going to think that the fast is for Vivek and not Ar, but she kept the fast for Ar.Big smileBig smile
Ar arranged dinner for both of them, mainly for Ridz, cause she was looking so paleTongue
Ar even put kala tikka on Ridz's neck awww  Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Ar told Nikki, he saw Abhi with another girl, and he had thougt of a divorce lawyer tooLOLLOLLOL
ShockedShocked I hope nothing serious happens to Ar
Awsome partSmile

part 51:
Ridz was so scared for ArSmile. Offcourse Ar won't let any doctor check him. I loved the way Ridz convinced him to let the doctor check his head.
My fav. scene from hospital part is:
" shh ,bas ho gaya Armaan, thodi dust thi wo clean kari hai... Don't crease the forehead.. Relax, forehead ko dheela chhodo " she tried to soothe him but he
started turning his face away " Armaan please face this side " she was standing on his right as the cut was the left ,when he didn't turn his face she placed
her hand on his face from under the sheet and gently turned it to her direction. He forgot everything for a moment, she didn't remove her hand from his face
and cupped it softly ,the other hand was on his head caressing his hair. She was probably too worried to notice what she's doing. Armaan's face was just
centimeteres away from her. They were so close that he could smell her sweet fragrance ,he held her hand tightly which cupped his face Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Ridz took really good care of Ar at home too, my fav scene from there:
" Achha ! Wow ! now look Mr. Armaan Mallik, yahaan doctor main hun aur upar se I'm your wife !, to mujhe double hak hai. Ab chup chap muh kholte ho ya
nahi..." she threatened him
Armaan was happily surprised to hear those words, he looked at her frowning face " haan tumhe hak hai Ridhhima, pura hak hai " he thought as she brought the spoon near his mouth.EmbarrassedBig smile
Why is Ar so sweetDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Ar saw Ridz in the showerShockedEmbarrassed and he couldn't take his eyes of her, good thing Ridz didn't catch him staring at her, nahi to world war 3 shuro ho jatiLOLLOLLOLLOL I loved the sceneSmile
They are going to meet Vivek, Iam so looking forward to read about Vivek mystery, but Iam a little scared too for both Ar and RidzConfused. Confused
Awsome, superb, great partSmileSmile

part 52:
i feel so bad for Ar he is in pain, and he is sacred for loosing Ridz. Poor Ar even dreamt of Ridz going to away from him to VivekDead
He gave a weak smile " nahi Ridhhima, tumhari life main ya to main reh sakta hun ya Vivek " Riddhima stood rooted hearing him, for a moment they kept looking
into each others eyes... Awww i feel so bad for ArUnhappy
She said she's thirsty... he grabs a water bottle and then something clicks in his mind , he grabs two big cold drink bottles too.. he gives her one challenging her to finish it in 3 minutes... she takes up the challenge and both start... to his surprise she beat him... he stopped at every restroom on their way.. thanks to hot dogs and cold drink challenge !!!. LOLLOLLOLROFLROFLLOLLOL
The way she hugged the earth, when they got of the ride LOLLOLLOL the whole scene
was so funny..
He even became a part of clown party, poor him trying to juggle, but the balls falls on him LOLLOLLOLLOLROFL
You wrote the whole scnen with the song(very nice song, it was just perfect for them) in between so well.Smile
Awww Ar came in to Ridz room to sleep on the sofa, but surprisingly she told him to sleep on the same bed, that was soo sweet of Ridz.Big smile
My fav scene from the bedroom is:
She smiled to herself and went back to her book... Just then Armaan changed side... he was stirring kind of uneasily .. As if looking for something about
him... Still sleeping though... she didn't knew when it happened, coming near her he placed a hand on her waist and ... Holding her tightly snuggled up to
her.... she gasped, but before she could even react he was quiet and peaceful again holding her tightly...
Surprised, he called out " Armaan.. Arm.." She looked at his face, he frowned and suddenly she could not speak any further ... Something made her stop..Day DreamingSmile.
LOLLOLLOL Ar told the police the she was drunk cause her boyfriend dumpde her, and when he told the officer that he is Ridz husband, LOLLOLLOLROFLROFL poor officer LOLLOLLOL
Awwww Ridz wanted a kiss from ArEmbarrassed, and Ar told her that she wil regret about it later, but they kissed, " See Armaan, I don't regret it " she whispered so sweetSmile, but the sadest thing is that she was drunk. Unhappy
Their dance was awsome Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Hmmm so Vivek will come in the next part,I just hope he has done something really bad, so Ridz can just leave him Dead
Iam speechless I can't describe with words what this part was. I have to say again you write so well. This part had everything in it, It was sad, It was
funny, their feelings, their pain, and much more.... iam in love with this story... I read this part so may times. Big smileSmileSmile

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MissDior Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2011
Posts: 263

Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged

Iam done with the 3rd thread too Dancing and now the 4th threadDancing. And congrats for the 4th threadBig smileParty

Part 53:
Finally Ridz met Vivek. I knew Vivek would be be marriedAngry. OMG Vivek came close to Ridz just cause of moneyDeadDeadAngry
Atuls little joke, did a great damageUnhappy
Vivek is so cheap he married cath. just cause of moneyDead. Vivek is really good for nothing, i just can't belive him.Angry
He wanted Ridz to take out of the resturant, cause he was afraid the cath will come their, Iam glad Ridz didn't go some where else with him.
Not enough with being married he even has a childAngryShocked.                                                                       ShockedShocked he was married before their sagaiShocked
How dare he talk nonsense about ArAngry. Iam glad Ridz know he married cath just cause of her money.
" I wish I could meet him now. Lucky guy to get such a pretty wife "
" No, I think I'm the lucky one to get him " she looked at Catherine, knowing perfectly well that Vivek was now eying her. Well said RidzSmile
ShockedShocked he wnats to get divorce from cath, and then marry Ridz, and keep the baby. Vivek is so disgusting.DeadAngry
Good thing she slaped him, he desrves itAngry
Omg poor Ridz is soBroken Heart i just hope she dosn't misunderstand Ar
A part with shocks, but great partSmile

Part 54:
Ar has done so much for Ridz, and he is still doing so much for her. He desrves so much. Why can't Ridz see how much Ar loves her.Unhappy
Right now I can't blame Ridz, she is going through a hell now.Unhappy
I was so sacred when she blamed Ar too, but i was relieved when she talked to him again.
Ar didn't forgot her birthday, even she forgot it. Ar is sweet he is by her side, and giving her his support, and trying to cheer her, Day Dreaming
Iam glad she promised Ar that she wont shed a tear for that cheap VivekDead. It will take her time to be back to normal, and iam sure Ar will support her.Big smile
Lovely partSmile
Part 55:
Poor Ar is afraid she will not come back, and he didn't wanted her to leave but Ridz needs some time to herself.
Omg she misunderstood Ar, and thinks that he too wants to get separatedConfused.
Ridz It's time you realize that you actually love him. Think about every thing he has done for you, he being your husband supported, and cheered you up when you got to know that Vivek was a jerk. 
In this part i just loved SapnaSmile, thank god she talked to Ridz about Ar.
OMG he was going to confess his love but, itne ghalt waqt par udhar pohanch gayaBroken HeartBroken Heart. I feel so bad for himCryCry. he is Broken Heart I feel like crying when i read about his feelingsCryCry. This was a really sad part.... Now I think it's Ridz turn to realize that she loves Ar, and he loves her, and to get evrything on the place.
I can't see Ar suffer moreCry
Sad, but great partSmile
Part 56:
Finally Ridz realized that she is in love with ArPartyDancingDancingClap
. I loved the scene where she is reading his diary.Smile
"... Shayad kabhi to kahunga ki Ridhhima, When I first met you....I never imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you.. I never thought that I
would have dreams about you or miss being by your side or get buttterflies in my stomach when somone mentions your name... when I first met you I never
thought that I'd love you as I do now Day DreamingDay Dreaming 
" I thought my heart was as strong as iron before I met her and then... I found my magnet... All the strength was unable to keep me from the pull I felt..." Day Dreaming
and offcourse i loved the most wanted dialogue: There was no doubt now.Everything cleared.. She didn't like Armaan.... She loved him... Dancing
" Yes, Armaan I love you... Only you PartyDancing
I feel so bad when i read Ar's feelingsUnhappy, he is so Broken HeartBroken HeartHe isn't eating dinner aur upar se he is geting wet in the rain. CryCryCry
Now he has so high feverShocked Ridz will take good care of him, hope Ar gets well soon, even Ridz is with him nowBig smile
Awsome partSmileSmile
Part 57:
Iam so happy, Ridz is taking good care of Ar. Awwww Ar couldn't belive Ridz was there for real
" Ridhhima tum ? Tum.. Tum.. You're real ?! " the touch couldn't be a dream , he felt itBig smileSmile
I loved the way Muski scolded him, and twhen Rahul scolded AR, muski blamed Rahul for everything LOLLOLLOL
Awww Ridz won't let Ar eat ice cream, It's just good for you Ar. Smile
" Achha ek aur theek hai, last one. Paagal khane main saare paagal dance kar rahe the, do chup chap baithe the. Doctor ne socha ki wo theek ho gaye hain usne
unse puchha ' aap dono dance kyun nahi kar rahe ? ' to unhone kaha ' ki hum dono to dulha dulhan hai naa '
And both burst out lauhing. He cried out " bas bas Ridhhima I can't laugh any more.. it hurts..." clutching his stomach LOLLOLLOLROFL
They had lunch together Big smileDay DreamingSapna is just greatBig smile
Superb partSmileSmile
Iam finished with the 4th thread tooDancingNow i have just 10 parts left yyyiipppiiiiSmile. You are a great writer,ClapClap 
I will read more an comment till then take care

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