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~*Maneet Christmas OS*~

cutiepie9512345 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!!! It's me Amna!!
Well, i was sitting watching the lights and all, since i live in Canada i had an idea for a holiday/xmas oneshot on Maaneet....
As most of you already know my other FF's on Maaneet!
I couldn't resist and have included Vicky and Dev too......
Hope you guys enjoy it!!
This is another way for me to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

It was the night before Christmas. 

Laughter, celebrations, gatherings filled the air.

"Geet jaldi karo hum late ho jaayainge" he said waiting in the living room.

Gosh why did women have to take so long getting ready.

"Uff ho, tumhe zara sib hi patience nahi hai? Shaadi ke baad kya karoge?" she said shouting from inside.

"Kya hua beta?" said Geet's mom Rano coming towards him.

Maan shrugged.

"Geet sab tayyar hain, kitni der hai?" Rano said knocking the door.

"Iss sadu ko toh main bahar nikal ke batati hoon!" she said irritated.

Maan's eyes widened and his mouth gaped open.

Rano hid her laugher.

"Hone wala pati hai, sharam kar" Rano said giggling.

"Sharam to ussi din mar gayi thi jab main is akru se mili thi" she said now opening the door.

Maan who was fuming in anger went blank just as he saw her.

She wore a red blouse with a black fitted knitted skirt that hung just mid-way to her thighs.  The shirt was tucked in and she wore a black knitted blazer and black stockings with emerald green knitted boots that hung below her knee.

Her nails were painted green with red candy canes painted at the corners and she wore a crystal pendant shaped like mistletoe.

Her hair was in large bouncy curls.

Rano left winking at Geet seeing Maan's expression.

Geet decided to be naughty and winked at him, dashing past him flashing her red leather clutch.

He stood there gaped and then recovered.

"Everyone ready?" Dev said while casually putting an arm around his wife.

"Yup let's go" Vicky said grabbing Geet and his girlfriend Rhea's hand.

Maan smirked as Geet turned and blew a kiss at him.

"Dehan se" Sukhdev said as he saw his daughter blow a kiss at Maan.

Maan went all serious again seeing his future-father in law watching the little gesture.

"Ji" he said trying his hardest not to blush as Dadi did the same, she blew a kiss at him teasing him.

Rano, and Dadi stood watching the couples go out and all in a romantic mood.

There was a party going on at the Handa's place.

And the youngsters had decided to off to Niagara Falls to party.


Vicky and Rhea were at the front, with Rhea driving and Vicky gawking at her.

Dev and Naintara sat in the two middle seats.

And Maan and Geet were at the back.

It a seven seater dodge caravan.

Last time, Vicky had banged the car straight into the fire hydrant so Maan had strictly told him that if he was driving they would this car.

Maan watched Geet put her clutch in the middle seat that separated the two of them.

"Ghussa ho?" he asked smiling.

"No no, I'm fine" she said with attitude.

"It's the holiday season sweetheart, you shouldn't be angry" he said offering her a hand.

"You figure it out and I'll let it go" she said facing away from him looking outside.

"Ooohh" Dev said turning around.

Maan clenched his jaw.

"Dev why are you being nosy let them sort it out" Naintara said scolding her husband.

"Yeah Dev bhai let Geet show bhai who's boss" Vicky said laughing.

"Just wait till you get out of the car!" Maan said threatening his little brother.

Rhea turned some music on while the others giggled and teased the two.

"Geet I think you're the only one who can make bro go all over you" Dev said moving forward avoiding Maan's glares.

Naintara and Vicky were engrossed in a conversation, deciding where to go first.

"I wanna go to the haunted house!" Vicky said arguing.

"No, first were gunna go on the skywheel!!" Naintara said messing his hair up.

Rhea just sang along to the music.

She was the only one who's singing didn't annoy anyone.  She was allowed to sing.

"You're brother doesn't even know how to compliment a lady, kabhi kabhi main sochti hoon yeh tum dono ka hi bhai hai?!" Geet said indirectly talking to Maan.

Dev laughed high-fiving Vicky who suppressed his giggles.

"Fiesty bhabhi!" Vicky said howling.

Maan looked at her in anger.

"Why did she have to do this infront of everyone?"

As his anger vanished; which was quick, because his lady-love seemed ten-times more upset.

She was cursing him looking outside the window, trying to find interest in the long high-way and passing cars.

He unfastened his belt and picked her clutch and put it on his seat, sliding towards her.  Now in the middle seat.

She saw him and sighed annoyed.

He smiled at her attitude and put an arm around her.

After all she was his love, and his love, Maan Singh Khurana's love had to have arrogance.

"Move, ab kya huwa?" she said taunting.

"I'm sorry" he said while his lips pressed on her shoulder.

She smiled away from him but pretended to be angry again.

"Koi zaroorat nahi hai! Itni mehnat se main tumhaare liye tayar hui hoon, aur tum? UGH! Just forget it, all you men are the same!" she said not facing him still, or she would break into laughter.

He smirked.

"Acha? Then why did you say I'm one of a kind? If all men are the same, you should be in love with all" he said smugly.

"You really like digging yourself deeper don't you?" she said now facing him.

"I love you, baby!" he said squeezing her towards him tighter.

She blushed looking down, her eyelashes shadowing her face.

"Yo, Vicky turn the music up, if I hear them romancing god knows what bro will do to me!?" Dev said chuckling.

As the four wooed the two lovebirds, Maan and Geet nodded their heads at them.

They all love it that way, all teased each other, and had a blast.

He leaned in closer to her, she backed up against the window.

"Maan" she said softly.

"Am I forgiven, beautiful?" he said cutely, raising a brow.

"Yup, you're forgiven handsome" she said not being able to hold his intense gaze.

He moved back now jerking her into his arms.

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm tellin'you why…." Rhea said turning the music off. 

Singing loudly so that the others could join in too.

They all started singing in their individual voices.

"Hey, let's play antakshri?!! Couple against couple" Vicky said raising a brow.

"Done!" Geet said excited.

Vicky and Geet loved that game, they could play it anywhere anytime.

"Married ones start first!" Rhea said smiling through the mirror at Naintara.

"Hey, no fair you guys always make us first just cuz were married?!" Dev said pouting.

"Kisne kaha tha shaadi karne ke liye?" Maan said getting back at him.

They all laughed at Dev and Naintara as Naintara began, and Dev joined in.

Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se, mohabbat ho gayi hai tumse, meri jaan mere dilbar mera aitabar kar lo, jitna bekarar hoon main khud ko bekarar kar lo meri dhadkanon ko samjho tum bhi mujhse pyaar kar lo……

"Romantic!" Geet said nudging Tara.

"Now we know what bhabhi has on her mind" Vicky said winking.

"Bhai your turn" Rhea said talking to Maan, and Geet.

"Laal dupatta ud gaya re mere hawa ke jhonke se, mujhko piya ne dekh liya hayye re dhoke se….mana ke mujhe dil dega who magar meri jaan lega woh" Geet finished smiling at Maan.

He kissed her cheek.

"Aww so cute" Tara said in awe.

"Woh ajnabee, woh ajnabee, woh ajnabee, woh ajnabee…..aisa koi mujhko mil gaya hai saathiya jise dekh kar main bhoolon sari duniya……" Rhea sang.

"Who ajnabee, woh ajnabee, jo dekhe door se dekhoon main usko hi bas usko hi ab sabkuch bhool ke who ajnabee" Vicky finished smiling.

"Aap ki khaatir mere dil ka jahan hai haazir, apne saare armaan kar doon main zaahir…." Dev said bowing infront of Tara.

"Oooooo" Maan said teasing the two.

"Zara si dil main de jaga tu, zara sa apna le bana, zara sa khwabbon main saja tu, zara sa yaadon main basa, main chahoon tujhko meri jaan bepana, fida hoon tujhpe meri jaan bepana…" Maan said gently picking Geet's hand up and finishing off kissing her.

She blushed gently blinking at him.

"Wow, bro" Vicky said impressed.

And they all enjoyed the car ride while Vicky sand bachna ae haseeno like a maniac.


"Ooh I love it, it's all so holidayish!! I love it!" Geet said getting out of the car twirling around in the night sky.

Maan pulled her close by the waist nuzzling her hair.

"Wow, guys sky wheel ke liye apni romance bachayiyay!" Vicky said looking at the two passionate love-birds.

"Pehle hum haunted house jaa rahe hain!" Tara said pulling Dev's arm.

"No, bhabhi please sky-wheel pe, waise bhi Maan bhai can't wait!" Vicky said rubbing his hands together.

"Yeah, let's go to the sky-wheel so I can kill Vicky at the top of the closed farris wheel gondola!" Maan said glaring at Vicky.

"You're really a loser babe" Rhea said teasing her boyfriend and slapping Geet's palm, both girls giggling.

"Haunted house it is-but bro kuch kam nahi lag rahe!" Dev said making a run for it.

"Tum sab ko main bata hoon!" Maan said running behind Dev.


All waited in line as Geet and Rhea looked really scared.  Tara ofcourse had no problem.

"Yaar mujhe dar lag raha hai!" Rhea said snuggling into Vicky.

He of course left no opportunity to get all cozy with her.

"Guys relax it's all fake" Tara said assuring them.

"Maan agar tumne mera haath choda, toh main, main mujhe nahi pata, magar it's not gunna be good!!" Geet said hugging Maan and threatening him.

"Hahaha, no main tumhaare saath hoon sweety" he said kissing her hair.

Dev looked at his wife who didn't seem to be the least amount afraid.

"Is it freaky? Not that I'm creeped out?" Dev asked Tara in a low voice so no one heard.

"Aap ko darr?  Don't worry main hoon—baby" Tara said amused.

Dev looked down embaressed.


"OH MY GOD!!" Rhea screamed jumping into Vicky.

As the paths got separated for the two.

They both got separated in the haunted house.


Dev and Tara walked holding hands and Dev sweating a bit.

"I love the setting and the animation"  Tara said amazed at the work.

"Yaar, I don't believe ke meri biwi itni brave hai" Dev said kissing her hand.

As they saw a ghost approach them Dev hugged Tara.

Tara got slightly creeped out at the actor who looked like he was literally going to kill the two.


"Maan I'm scared!"Geet said stopping and closing her eyes.

He picked her up and she cuddled into his chest.

"We could have stayed out" Maan said worried.

"Tum ho to dar kaisa" Geet said smiling at him.

"Dar toh tumhe lag raha hai!" Maan said confused.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!" Geet clutched Maan's shirt as what looked like blood fell behind him.

As they walked further, they saw an exit.

"Bas itna tha?" Geet said happy.

As he went through the door something clutched his leg.

"Oh my!" Maan shouted as he felt something tug his leg.

"WHAT THE ****!!!" Geet shouted as she saw dead bodies on the floor.

She secured her arms around Maan's neck so tightly, as she began to shiver in fear.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Maan shouted at the actor who tried to spook Geet out.

The zombie man looked at Maan moving back.

"Maan I want out!!" Geet cried into his chest.


As Dev and Tara came out they saw the other two pairs.

Rhea was punching Vicky's chest, crying and swearing at him for letting go of her hand.

"Mujhe kya pata tha they would divide our paths" Vicky said wiping her tears.

"I hate you!!" she shouted but then hugged him in fear.

"Kabhi nahi chod ke jaoonga" he said soothing her.


Maan had Geet in his lap, her head on his shoulder.  Her eyes closed.

"Don't tell me you carried her?" Dev said raising a brow.

"Atleast we didn't separated!" Maan said winking at Vicky.

Geet clutched Maan's collar.

"I love you!" she said placing a kiss on his neck.

"I told you I wouldn't leave you" he said breathing into the crook of her neck.

"Hmmm" she said now opening her eyes.

"Are you okay now?" he asked fixing her hair.

She nodded smiling.


"Guys lets grab a bite" Vicky said.

They all went and ate, the girls fixing themselves, and Rhea and Geet proud and thankful for waterproof makeup.

"I'm so mad! I didn't know it was gunna be that scary!" Rhea said while eating her salad.

"We weren't scared" Dev said proudly as Naintara rolled her eyes amused.

"Yup we sure weren't" she said nudging Dev.

"Bhai but you were smart" Vicky said raising a brow at Maan.

"I'm Maan Singh Khurana ofcourse I'm smart" he said proudly.

"Main itna bhi nahi dar rahi thi" Geet said drinking her iced tea.

"Jhoot!" Maan said surprised at her lie.

Geet winked at the rest.

"You just wanted to be all over me!" she said trying her hardest not to laugh.


"Were in a restaurant control yourself!" she said sitting back enjoying.

He glared at her.


"I love this at night!" Vicky said kissing Rheas cheek.

"I love the view" Dev said agreeing.

Geet saw that Maan was still upset at her.

"Guys it's our turn" Tara said entering the gondola.

The pairs sat in individual gondolas.

Vicky immediately began making out with Rhea as soon as the door closed.

Dev and Tara began their cute talk.


"Itna ghussa kyun ho?" Geet said moving closer to Maan.

He just ignored.

"I'm sorry, I was joking and they all knew that" she said holding her ears.

He softened a little.

Then he grabbed her close by the wrist.

The gondola was at the peak point and everything was visible.

"It's so beautiful" Geet said resting her head on his shoulder snapping pictures of the view.

"Just like you" he said kissing her jawline.

"Really?" she asked clicking a picture of them.

"Really" he said moving closer to her lips.

"Look mistletoe" she said pointing up to the hanging mistletoe above them.

He smirked pulling her into a kiss.

He kissed her passionately.

And she did too, clutching his hair.

They broke apart resting on each others foreheads.

"This is a Christmas I won't forget, because this is my first Christmas with you" he said softly.

She smiled blushing as his breath tickled her lips.

"I love you" she said pulling him into another kiss.

She sat licking a candycane as he bit it off of her and they started all over again, that is until the ride was over!

And that was their first Christmas together……….

COMMENT and tell me if you enjoyed!!

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OH MY GOD.......


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desigirl_18 IF-Rockerz

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Loved Loved loved it bf!!! Awesomeness and a treat to read!! The setting was awesome with ferris wheel and all could imagine it totally!!! Hai Day Dreaming!!!!! ending was awesomeWink

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gr8 one dear.......... loved it

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Maneet13 Senior Member

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your are good writer merry Christmas

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super fantic OS

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
very well written..
enjoyed it thoroughly...
do write few more os..
looking forward to ur next update..
keep going..!!
n merry christmas to u n ur family..

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--Zehnaseeb-- IF-Stunnerz

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Great. Merry christmas!!Big smile

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