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The childhood Wish !A sajan short FF!--Note pg47 (Page 27)

.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Princess_Ayesho

AwwwBig smileHeart

Amazing updateBig smile, I loved the antakshri gameSmile
And all the songs were greatSmile
Samrat so cute and innocent getting mesmerised by GunjanWinkBig smile
I also loved the dice and box gameBig smile
Samrat is such a sweetheartHeart
Naintara is so wickedTongue, arghh! want her to get out of their livesLOL
Looking forward to precap, good job!Big smile
thnqxx ash!
dont worry the police will arrest her!
thnq yu!

--Annu4MayUr-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
nice update.thanks 4 sharing.
.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
really nice update yara 
  good job yara 

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.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 5:47pm | IP Logged

hye Peepz im finally back with an update! as yu guys read my mjht FF love story  told yu how many things i have ti update and my exams are coming up ! so thats why i wont be able to update any fo the things b4 march but if i get a phew mins and im free il try updating one of my FF or write An OS in my gallery and b4 keaving i wanna update everythign and will try giving a promo in this FF as well for now enjoy this Update! and i will be adding precaps from now on so yu guys get to know that wat is happening in this FF!


Precap now it was between samrat and gunjan sam wanted to lose cuzz his happiness was in gunjan so he wanted gunjan to win so gunjan made the shot into the basket but she missed the first time but she all wished was that samrat to miss so she cud continue samrat missed on porpose so they can continue and when he throwed it it missed then gunjan was happy and shot it in and it succesfully got in and samrat's turn he missed again cuzz he wanted gunjan to win! and gunjan jumped she was so happy and she will be getting a prize  and her prize was she will get to go to the SPA

it was night everyone was ready for the party and everyone was loking beautiful but gunjan wa slookign more beautiful in the dress she wore it was this-

she was wearing a blue dress with her heel's and was looking too beautiful! and now naintara's plan was ready ..........................


as gunjan was ready she came out of her room and naintara saw her she was so much jealous looking at her and samrat was on his knee;s giving gunjan his hand to dance the soft music start's to begin and dadi was in the room relaxing and resting while samrat gunjan lost in each other's eye's hugging and kissing each others necks

naintara cudnt see it anymore and she wanted just to seperate them both but she cudnt so she got a plan she wanted this time to kill gunjan so she called the waiter

naintara: called the waiter ''yeh poison ki bottle lo or ek orange juice main millake joh woh blue dress prom walli dress main kahri hai na usko dedo uska naam gunjan hai''

Waiter: kya madam kyun pahsana chahti ho humme?

Naintara: she knewed that the waiter will dot hat if she gaved monay so she took out a bunch os money and gives him ''tum yeh logge toh hei karogi na!''

Waiter: thank yu madam ap ka kaam ho jayega

Naintara: ''hurry'' rolling her eye's and wiater walks away! ''ab dekhna gunjan samrat ko main kaise letti ho tummharre se cheen ke or tum ab duniya se gayii bye bye''

The waiter takes the tray filled with alot of orange juice glasses and have one of the poison ones almost everyone was grabbing the glass of orange juice but the waiter saved the poison one but as he was reaching to gunjan sumone accidently pushed him and the juice fell's down!

the waiter goes to naintara and.....

Waiter: sorry madam par juice gir gayaa byee!

Naintara: oyee kaha jaa raha hia mere paise de?

Waiter: par maine juice banaya itni mehnat karri toh paise mere hai!

Naintara: yeh mehnat thi juice gergaya or usne peeya nahi toh matlab money is minez!

Waiter: kyun ladai karri hai madam main yaha pe sab ko bata bhi sakta ho kai ap gunjan Ma'am ko marna chahti hai

Naintara: acha acha  jao lekin sochlena inn paiso se tera kcuh bhi bahla nahi ho sakta!

Waiter: nahi chahiye tumharre paise keep it!


At that time naintara's plan got failed but she was happy atleast she didnt got caught but now she haded anther plan ..

Naintara: ''agaya idea or iss idea main beecharri gunjan ko koi bhi help nahi kar sakta! neither sam!''

She saw gunjan and samrat dancing together and hugging with kisses she couldnt see taht anymore they were to lost in each other that they both didnt even noticed that there are people all around them and they werent giving attention to them at all! and people didnt bother looking at them as well! but naintara felt too much jealous

she went to the music spot where the music ka dabba was! jaha se song chal raha tha she got out the CD which says ''Parihai ek Pari'' in a slow motion she puts the CD in and the song Plays! 

but guess wat?? as she was seeing gunjan she wasnt paying attention to the song she never knewed that the pari song was playing which she hates! but she never noticed and naintara waiting for her to faint and die any mintue but that never happened cuzz gunjan was so busy in romance with sam

but sam noticed that but she never payed attention to it i was shocking even naintara was shocked even sam he never knewed that she's so atracted to me! but dadi heard the song she came outside and guess wat dadi haded camera's all around the house even in the music room where the songs changes and in the room she saw naintara going and she zoomed in the camera which says Pari hai ek Pari 

dadi was a lil shocked but all she wanted to save her daghter's child who is like her daughter so she ran downstairs and closed the tape and went and hold naintara's hand and slapped her in front of everyone!

gunjan went to dadi asking her what happened! but she was to busy slapping naintara and samrat also went up and asking dadi what happened dadi turn's to them holding naintara's hand

Dadi: ''beta this girl wanna kill gunjan!'' saying it as a tear escapes form her eye's!

Samrat: ''W.H.A.T!! but how can she'' with anger in his eye;s!

Gunjan: went up to her ''why did yu wanna kill me naintara i always accepted yu as my friend i never tought yu will do that with me why did yu wanna kill me??'' saying it with her innocent face 

Naintara: crying ''i anted to kill yu because....

Dadi: daid  knewed that she will be talking sumthing about samrats and gunjan's childhood so she ...''Gunjan to room main jaa ill tell yu later!

Gunjan: par dadi......

Dadi: par war kuch nahi yur going to yur room thats all i know!

Gunjan: she looked at daid's face she was in a bad mood and was very angry so she left ''ok Dadi''

Dadi: ab bol!

Naintara:fells on the floor holding dadi's feet ''Dadi im sorry but now i relized that i was too much wrong''

Dadi:she picks her up ''acha pehle mujhe batao toh why did yu do that!''

Naintara: ''kyunke....''

Samrat: jaldi bata teri himmat kaisi hui meri gunjan ko marne ki!''

Dadi: ''Sam beta patience rakho she cant controll her tears give her a min to tlk''

Samrat: daid magar..

Dadi: a person shud must have a chance to talk!

Samrat: ok!

Naintara: i loved Samrat from the beginning of the college but didnt have courage to tell him so i maked him my best friend and now he got his love and i love him i wanted him! thats why lekin now i relized that their love is so much strong that no one cant break it!''

Samrat: ''i never tought you will do that i tought yu were my best firned and i cud share everything with yu''

The Police enters! and asks ''who is naintara here we got to know that she tried killing sumone'' samrat points at naintara and tells the police to arrest her! but dadi stopped the police!

Dadi: ''Ruk jaiye inspector sahab!'' 

Samrat: daid kya hua why r yu stopping them?

Dadi: ek second sam!

Dadi: inspector sahab joh ladki ne ek galat kaam karra ho agara woh pashtaye toh usko ek chance toh milna chahiye na! ap crimanls ko kyun arrest karte hai? taake woh suddar jayai or koi crime na karre isne galti ki par phir yeh suddar gayi she was apologizing so why r yu arresting her!

Inspector: oh we didnt knew that thankxx for telling we can free her! and yes your right!

the inspector free's naintara and leaves while naintara cried and hugs dadi 

Naintara: why didnt yu let me go with the polic i deserve to be in jail

Samrat: she's right she deserves to be in jail!

Dadi: because she alredi said sorry and shez sorry and feels guilty! and please samrat try understanding if a person feels guilty it means she wont do it again so just forgive her and jab tak main tumharre saath ho no one can harm yu and gunjan

Samrat: ok dadi!! 


Everyone Was Gone in the room where gunjan was sitting there she founds a night dress! and it Says ''GUNJAN BETTER WEAR THIS AT NIGHT AND STAY IN THIS ROOM'' she felt strange

as everyone was gone from the hall naintara hold samrats hand and took her to the room where gunjan was waiting and was wearing the night dress and told him ''samrat i have a surprise waiting for yu inside the room i hope yu enjoy the night'' and pushes him inside the room and tells him to lock the door!

as he enters he saw gunjan wearing a very light colored night dress! and it was open from the bottom and her skin was kind of oily and fresh! she was sitting on the bed and yu cud see her legs  because the night dress was a lil open form the bottom

samrat goes upto her and gunjan was feeling unconfortable and samrat sat in his knee's and feeled her oily milk fresh legs and touched it with his hand and went all the way up touching her body gunjan stand up and and her back was facing samrat samrat went in front of her face so he can see her face and he pushed her to the fluffy bed

she fell's on the bed and he jumps on top of her he opened the AC and puts the blanket on top of them and he goes to her back trying to open the dori and gunjan closing her eye's because she could smell his strong fresh smelling breathe cuzz he was to much close to her and he kissed on her lips while opening the dori

then he opens the button of her night dres and she was wearing a bikini and they now both were sleeping in each others arm the blanket on top of them


Precap- naintara teasing samrat and gunjan and they both fall in love with each other

sorry for the small update but haded no idea about what to type and wen i was typing my all hard work got lost and i haded to start over again  i hope yu liked it DONT FORGET TO CLICK THE LIEK TAB!

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-Indescribable- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 6:04pm | IP Logged

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.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Princess_Ayesho

OMG sanu, mujhe yeh FF boht aacha laga yaarSmile

Wow I thought that naintara would never realize her mistake, but good thing that she didBig smile
I was so shocked about naintaras plan to kill gunjanShocked
Good thing, that her plan failed, haha all thanks to that waiterLOL
*UFF* she didnt even deserve her money backLOL
Yikes I thought that Gunjan would get embarrased after listening to that song, thank god that naintara's plan failed againBig smile
Awww I loved the scene where gunjan was dancing with samrat on the dance floor and was just so mesmerised with him, that she didnt realize what was happeningSmile
And YAY good thing that naintara has got rid of her evilness, hahaSmile
She has realized how much sajan love eachother, and will never enter their lives againSmile
Too bad the police didnt arrest her, but atleast shes good now, and has accepted their relationBig smile
And I loved the ending where Samrat enters the room where Gunjan is waiting for him, and awww the romance Day Dreaming
OMG the precap looks so interesting, cant wait to see it, yay naintara is a good girl nowBig smile
Lovely FF sanu, and look ive given you a huge commentLOL
Love u bestie
Luv AyuHeart
wow!!! itna huge comment maan gayi tujhko
hahaha mjhe usko jail main nahi phekna tha insaan ko apni galti relize honni chahiye!
hahaha jaa tu waiter ko asli main thnkx karke aaja ROFL i know par badwa lenne se acha hai wapis dedo! not embarrssed it attacks her brain and she faints and if that keeps happening the doctor said she will die if that thing continues but akk credit goes to sam who maked her more busy with him! yeh toh honna hei tha! hahaha ab sabak sikh liya naintara ne and now shez fine with them! hahah tujhe arrest karwana tha usse? actually gunjan didnt knew that samrat will be there she just followed wat it says on the box of the dress and she waited actually that was naintara's plan of getting them together! 

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rock8 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 6:21pm | IP Logged

Hey sanu luv it yaar, mind blowin

Waise tumhe director ban jaana chaye ,waise bhi nowdays drama r getting borin

W need sumtin new 2 entettain

Luv ur story, keep it up

N keep rockinClap

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.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2011 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rock8

Hey sanu luv it yaar, mind blowin

Waise tumhe director ban jaana chaye ,waise bhi nowdays drama r getting borin

W need sumtin new 2 entettain

Luv ur story, keep it up

N keep rockinClap

thnk yu!!!
and director ROFLcracks me up! noo ways yaar mujeh singer banna hai! director main nahi phasna!LOLwaise thnkxxx alot! 

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