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The childhood Wish !A sajan short FF!--Note pg47 (Page 23)

SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
loved d update....
dadi rocks yaar...
thnx 4 d pm..

saniya.x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Wonderful update
anishalakhani78 Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
wonderful update!!Smile
amazing job!!Clap
thanks for the pm!! Smile
love ya sanu!! Heart
.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 3:59pm | IP Logged

Hey Guyss I Know it have been a long time since i update my FF but all i can say is that dont expect an update on weekdayss maybe by chance ill update on weekdays but usually yu will get an update on weekends but until that enjoythis update


they were all at excel college where 3 buses were standing and dadi haded no idea's how to make gunjan and samrat together! so she holded their hands and told them to go and sit on the bus! as gunjan sat inside the bus suddenly samrat sat next to her and dadi wanted all the students in 2 buses and all the teachers and principles in the other bus and so now when they were together and their friend were together! they all were having fun playing games

[Arjun is one of samrat's buddy]

A: hey Peepz m getting bored just sitting here and everyonez so quite Why!! abhi humme 2 hourzz or yahi bus pe rehna hai come on letss have FUN!! -everyone was still quite-

A: lagta hai tum logg toh kuch karne walle nahi ho so lemme start with antakshari!
everyone: good Idea!!
A: challo ill start gimme a word!
A: Nvm ill just start! boring Peepz!
A: He start's singing his fav Song!! 

where it continue's and people sings their fav Song now it was samrat's turn who was staring at gunjan and the window was open gunjan was surveying outside and looking at the nature beauty and the win was blowing her hair was flying it was silky and samrat enjoyed staring at her when it was his turn....

A: chal teri barri hai sam tu koi ganna ga
sam didnt pay atnnetion he waslost in gunjan 
A: ''oye sam'' saying as he puts his hand in front of sam's face and sa finally looks at arjun
S: kya hua? ganna gao na
A: kya hogaya tujhe?? its yur turn to sing!
S: oh .....!! par wat shud i sing!??
A: ''koi sa bhi that yu will like to sing in front of yur life partner''winks on the word lifepartner!
S: ok!!! but first plzz bee quite!

He Get's Ready And everything was Quite and he starts ......................and closes his eyes...

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun
kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun 
kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun
Kisi zaaba mein bhi, woh laafaz hi nahi
Ki zin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon
Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

Shokion mein doobi yeh aadayein, chehare se zalki hui hai
Zulf ki ghani ghani ghataein, shaan se dhalki hui hain
Lehrata aanchal hai jaise baadal, bahoon mein bhari hai jaise chandini
Roop ki chandini
Mein agar kahoon yeh dil kashi
Hai nahin kahin, na hogi kahin
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

Tum huwe mehrabaan toh hai yeh daastan
ohhoh tum huwe mehrabaan toh hai yeh daastan
Ab tumhara mera ek hai karwaa, tum jahan mein wahan
Mein agar kahoon humsafar meri
Apsara ho tum, ya koi pari
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin
Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun
kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun
Kisi zaaban mein bhi, woh laafaz hi nahi
Ki zin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon
Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen
Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin
Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin

After He open's his eye's everyone is staring at him!! like he's a famous celebrity! and gunjan looking at him and he felt emberassed and he lightly said ''kya hua guys?? aise kyun dekh rahe ho sab??'' no one replied first then he said louder!''kya hua why are yu all looking at me like that?'' no one said anything staring at him then suddenly everyone stands and clapsssss *CLAPPINGS* but gunjan didnt stand!! 

A: wow!! dude i neva thought yu can sing that good!! if yu find yur life partner then tell me ill help yu make a gr8 date! and winks again!

S:Luaghs'' thnkxx dude'' while giving a big SMILE! '' woh mujhe bhut jald milne wali hai '' while syaing he luks at gunjan '' shahid woh mere barabar main bhi ho sakti hai '' looking at arjun!''kya pata samne bhi hosakti hai kahi pe bhi hosakti hai''

A: wow dude!! yu believe this!

S: sure i do blieve that! cuzz i have went trough it! i have lost my love in childhood and m just trying to find it!

A: aww!! so tell the story!!

S: i cant ill surely tell yu when she's all mines! ill tell yu all that day! and share this happiness!

A: ill wait for that day! and if yu need any help we will surely help!

S: acha acha now next turn antakshari ki next turn bas ab ek hei ladki bachi hai and that is GUNJAN

G: gunjan didnt wanted to sing and she said '' sorry guyss i dont wanna sing'' 

S: sorry but yu have to i didnt wanted to sing as well! but i did

and everyone started cheering GUNJAN GUNJAN GUNJAN!!!

G ok guyss ok !! ill sing!

and she start;'s singing Yeh Zindagi With her eye's closed and wind passing through her hair flying! and as she stops singing everyone wanted her autograph where she smies!


they reached to the House and They Enters 10 Girls cud be in a room and 10 boys can be in the other room so totally there Were 20 girls and 20 boys! so there were 2 boys room nd 2 girls room! and the house was too big and too beautiful and it looks like a palace there was a beach close to it and frontyard backyard in the frontyard there were 2 tree's and there was a laying down swing! and there were balconies  and plants it was to beautiful and a restuarant was close to it where couple goes!

they All Were soo tired so as they came they went into their rooms and were all laying down for 30 minz and tlking as naintara was too jeulous of gunjan so she wanted to be in gunjan's room and next to her bed and so thats what she did after 30 minz everyone putted their clothes in the cuboard and relaxed again but after 1 hour prinicple called them in the living room which was too big! and announced that we r having a competition!

P: ''heylo guyss!! i decided when we have came to a long HOLIDAY! why not we have fun then! so abhi rest ko chodo kyunke i have planned on going to a sPA that is close to here! but later like tomorrow'' AND everyone Jumped As YAY! '' janna nahi hai that which game we r playing??''

Everyone: sure we want To

P: ok first it wud be difficult to explain this games i have all set up theres a box! and a dice which yu have to throw in the box if yu did then gr8 go back of the line there wud be 2 lines 1 of girls and 1 of boys! its usually against B vs G means boys Vs GIRLS so lets see who will win wait first follow the direction get in a LINe and dont do anything if yu got the dice in the Box! go back of the line! and if yu missed plzz go stand somewhere out of the line and when there is 2 girls left nd 2 boys left the 2 boys will compet each other and who ever wins from the boys is the champ and the same with the girls then the champs will compet each other understand??

Everyone: understood!


Ready Set go Guyss!!

2 girls lost the first time in making the shot and 5 boys alredi lost now it was gunjan's turn she maked it and went on the back of the line now it was naintara's turn she made it went back of the line samrat came he made it and went back one more girl made it went back and 6 girls lost at the same time and 7 boys lost 2 girls won back of the line 4 boys won back and now there was 5 girls left and 3 boys!

P: dekhna gunjan ki dadi jeete ge toh boys hei jeete ge

D: hun! woh toh dekhe jayega ''akes a face on him''

P: lekin jeete ge toh humarre hero hi!

D: hero ban gayee zero! and giggles

P: dekhlena ab!

D: dekhlongi

And now it was naintara and gunjan so now they both were againast each other and sam rlly wanted to gunjan to win and he crossed his FINGERS and now naintara shott and succesfully mad eit now gunjan turn she was shaking and scared but she made it successfully now naintara's turn naintara shot and suddenly dont know how she missed! and the box fell DOWN! but she haded to wait for gunjan to make the shot if she did gunjan won if she doesnt makes it then they continue so this time gunjan haded confident and shooted SHE MADE IT IN SUCCESSFULLY and jumped like a baby and wanted to do bhangra but saw everyone looking at her and clapping she was so happy but she wasnt in the finals yet now samrat Vs a boy off course no one was stronger than him so sam won! but now it was between samrat and gunjan sam wanted to lose cuzz his happiness was in gunjan so he wanted gunjan to win so gunjan made the shot into the basket but she missed the first time but she all wished was that samrat to miss so she cud continue samrat missed on porpose so they can continue and when he throwed it it missed then gunjan was happy and shot it in and it succesfully got in and samrat's turn he missed again cuzz he wanted gunjan to win! and gunjan jumped she was so happy and she will be getting a prize and dadi went to principle 

D: nananana girls won!!! and showing him her tongue with attitude

dadi and prinicple were liek best friends!

gunjan suddenly fell down and no one noticed cuzz they were tlkoing and principle and dadi were having a fight but nainatara haded a jeaoulsy in her eyes and saw gunjan felling down and sam saving her they were in each other Arms!

suddenly gunjan went to prinicple and asked for her PRIZE 

P: tumhara prize hia tht yu will go to the SPA and ill pay for it and everyone will be here she was so happy she wanted to start doing bhangra!


everyone was ready for the party and everyone was loking beautiful but gunjan wa slookign more beautiful in the dress she wore it was this-

she was wearing a blue dress with her heel's and was looking too beautiful! and now naintara's plan was ready ..........................


Precap- Naintara's Plan and The Plolice Arrests Naintara!

Sorry Guyss M Making Yu All Wait Alot For Naintara's Plan Rite LOLBut Yu all will get to know the Plan Soon...!! next part yu guyss will get it for sure! and ill add sum sajan scene's! and naintara sudhar jayegi when the police Arrests her!

Plzz click the like Button and leave yur Amazing And Rocking commentss plzzzBig smile

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
tht was sooooooooooooo awesomeeee
MMBG IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
Awesome update.
-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
hey nupsi Hug
wow wonderful update
loved this part sooooo much
so finally they reach picnic
and i loved the playfull atmosphear they had all the way it made it feel like a real picnic that i wanted to go too also!.......
loved the game they played with the dice and box
awww samrat left gunjan win hes such a sweetheartEmbarrassed
and gunjan was so exited that she wanted to do bangra LOL LOL
and i liked gunjans dress for party its pretty
hmm cant wait to see wat happens next
that naintara better not to something evill..hate her..........
cont soon
and this time i mean soon LOL
Love ya
-desiresoul- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged


hey candy Hug aweosmeee updt yaar loved it finally they wnt to picnic aww... samrat wants to lose so gunjan could win sooo sweet and that naintara ughh cnt wait 4 nxt update wen she gets arrest LOL


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