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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 93)

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Originally posted by divvya

Hi everyone,
      Sorry for the very long delay. Will post the next part tomorrow afternoon. Now, that's a promise Big smile

YIPEEE... Divya is back...Now wait is on for the part...HUGSSS

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Originally posted by divvya

Hi everyone,
      Sorry for the very long delay. Will post the next part tomorrow afternoon. Now, that's a promise Big smile

divvya you are back..yaayyy...waiting for the update...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Divya waitin for the update

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Hello Shello everyone HugHug, A very BIG SORRYYY for this very long delay in updating. Believe me, it wasn't intentional or planned. The word "Busy" took altogether a new meaning during the last few weeks. Phew, it is a relief to get back to IF and TFOP. Missing kayamath forum but oh well, I will brave this fanfic forum. Thanks for all the support and understanding. Hope to give you regular updates. This is the 100th part and thanks again for sticking with me and this looong FF all along. Making this update looong just for you all. Luv  u Hug. CheersBig smile

                                             PART 100
               Prachi relaxed back in the comfortable luxury of the car trying hard to not get irritated with London traffic. The hustle and bustle of the city was too striking as the car neared The Mishra's head office. A smile lit up her face as she closed her eyes, anticipation filling inside her.  After a very memorable weekend, she had returned only that morning and Milind had gone to work after dropping her at home. And she had missed him all day, she bit her lip shyly. She was happier than words could ever explain. The glow on her face and the spring in her steps told Shweta all she wanted to know and her mother-in-law had greeted her warmly. Finding both Anand and Shweta at home all morning was an added bonus and her day had only got better. When Anand suggested dinner together that evening, Prachi had brightened with excitement. Knowing Milind's busy schedule for the day, Anand was doubtful if he would agree but Prachi had assured him that she would make all the arrangements and would guarantee Milind's presence. After her in-laws left, Prachi had booked a terrace garden table at one of their exclusive hotels. She knew that Milind loved the ambience of that place and the great Italian food they served. He even had a private suite there and she was confident that he would definitely be impressed with her choice of venue.  He hadn't called her all day and she couldn't wait to see them that evening. He didn't know of the dinner plans and she toiled with the idea of calling him or just turning up at his office. Now that she had the perfect excuse, there was nothing to stop her from going there. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when she turned up unannounced. He might be busy but would never refuse to go out with her. With her mind made up, she had dressed with extreme care. Afterall, she would be the centre of attention when he walked into the office building. Her dinner dress was an expensive one-shoulder number and she had kept jewellery to the minimum……just as he liked. Her jacket camouflauged and toned it down, just right for the afternoon. Excitement building inside her, she restlessly watched the rush of traffic on the streets.  
            Her only frustration was that she had been unable to reach her parents all day. She had so much to tell them and having been busy over the last few days, calling them had been the last thing on her mind. When the phone at their chennai home rang unanswered and their mobile phones were unreachable, she only got more irritated. Even Neev had been unreacheable. Where did they all go? She bit back a slight annoyance. Of course she didn't expect her parents to tell her what they were planning to do every day but sulked that they hadn't even bothered to call her over the weekend. But then in her state of mind she hadn't remembered to call them either, she thought guiltily. She picked up the phone and called her parent's home again.       When she had almost cut the call, Neev answered in a distant and low voice.  
           "Neev, try and put a little bit of life in that "Hello"" she teased.
          "Prachi…???" he sounded surprised and then went quiet.
           "Really Neev, can you not atleast pretend to be happy to hear my voice? Have you all completely forgotten my existence?" she asked not even trying to hide her annoyance.
           "No…Prachi, I am sorry. I was just busy with work. Believe me, you are constantly on my mind", he said urgently.
          Pleased, Prachi laughed, "Now, that's better. Where are my dear parents hiding? I just can't get them on the phone", she complained.
           There was a long silence before Neev answered. "Your parents have gone to Mumbai. I am sure they will call you tomorrow", he said softly.
             Prachi frowned. Why did they go to Mumbai now? "Neev, is everything alright, there? What are you not telling me? And why are you sounding so different?" she asked worriedly.
             "No, Prachi, nothing to worry about. Uncle had to go there for work reasons yesterday and Ma accompanied him too", he said hurriedly, his voice falsely bright.
              "Oh, why would they have any time to think about their only daughter? That's why they didn't even bother informing me. You are as bad as them, Neev. Don't forget that I will be there in a few days", she said angrily.
             "It was all a bit sudden, Prachi. I am sure they will call you when they can", Neev reasoned quickly.
             Prachi frowned. What could be the reason for their sudden plans? Surely, it must be business. Her Papa never has any time to think of anything else anyway, she thought fondly.
              Neev's voice cut through her thoughts, "When are you coming back, Prachi? I can't tell how much I am looking forward to see you. We all are", he said softly and Prachi's anger and irritation disappeared completely.
             "I miss you all, Neev. Even my friends were asking me when I will be back. But there is so much happening here and I don't know when Milind is planning to return to India. I am going to have to speak to him very soon", she said heavily.
             "It's alright, Prachi. Don't keep bothering Milind or his parents about coming back here. I don't want them to get upset with you", he said hurriedly.
             Surprised, Prachi laughed, "Why will they get upset with me, Silly? I can ask and say anything to anyone here. Do you know how much everyone pampers me? ……Much more than you and my parents ever did! We are all going out for dinner tonight and the even the venue is of my choice", she said proudly.
             There was a lengthy silence before he answered, "I know they will never do anything to hurt you. They love you very much, don't they? ", he hesitated again, "I am glad you called, Prachi", he said way too softly.
             Prachi frowned again. Why is he talking like this? "Neev, you definitely sound weird.  Are you missing me so much? Is that what it is? Don't worry. I will be there very soon and I will shop till I drop just for you in London. It's a promise. Did you have dinner yet? Order some take away. You should have learnt to cook, Neev. Don't worry. Mama won't leave you to struggle for long. She might even return tomorrow", she spoke quickly, not even letting him to answer any one of her questions. Her eyes brightened up on seeing the office building loom in view, "Okay, Neev, I have to go now. I am near Milind's office. And haan, if YOUR ma and uncle calls you, just remind them that they have a daugher and she is very angry with them", she said in a huff and hung up.
              Neev stared at the now silent phone with a small smile. That was typical Prachi. Talking to her had brightened up his mood after the helpless anger and frustration he had been feeling all morningday. He didn't know what was happening in Mumbai. The more he thought about it, the more worried he got. Even his parents hadn't called him. He wondered if he should have told Prachi. But then what good it would have done apart from distressing her. How happy she sounded! His heart felt lighter after hearing her voice. Let her enjoy the evening. However he felt towards Milind, he knew that he and his parents will take very good care of Prachi. Of that he was very sure. If only the world was filled with such good people! But he only knew too well that the real world out there was way different. He sighed and closed his eyes.
              Prachi's high heels clicked softly on the steps as she walked into the building. The minute she stepped in, all eyes had zoomed on her and with a polite smile on her lips and a slight nod acknowledging the greetings, she walked towards Milind's office. Taken aback to see her, Milind's Assistant rushed to greet her.
              "Mrs Mishra, I am afraid, Mr Mishra is in a meeting. I wasn't aware of your visit", she appologised.
              Quick to assure her, Prachi smiled, "My visit wasn't actually planned. How long will the meeting last?" she asked.
              "It is only a short one. He will be here soon. Would you like to wait in the waiting room?" his assistant asked.
               "Of course not, I would rather wait in his office. But first, I need a cup of coffee", she said, her smile never slipping.
               "Why, of course, Mrs. Mishra! I will get you a cup of coffee straightaway", the assistant said hurriedly.
               Prachi shook her head, "No, don't bother. I would like to go the cafe myself. If you can just point me the way", she said.
               Walking towards the outdoor cafe, Prachi let her annoyance flow. Did his assistant really think she would wait in the waiting lounge? She is his wife, for God's sake, she thought irritatedly. She sighed as soon as the cool breeze hit her, relaxing her immediately. She looked around with interest, taking in the decor. The bright shades of the cafe blended with the carefully maintained greenery around it and the place was immaculate and welcoming. It was almost empty, not surprising as it was the end of office hours. She certainly wouldn't mind sitting there on her own and relax with a cappucino, she thought with a smile. Her feet were already tiring in her highheels and she wondered if she had made a stupid choice as the evening was definitely going to be a long one. She should have stuck to her usual lowheels. But it added inches to her height and a classy edge to her steps and with the amount of interest her visit had generated in the office, she knew she would be high on their gossip. Atleast, they would have no complaints on her dressing sense, she thought. She had just picked up the menu, when Sally's voice made her jump.
            "Prachi, what are you doing here?" Sally's voice was full of disbelief.  
             Equally surprised, Prachi looked at her, "Oh hi, I thought you might be in the meeting with Milind", she said.
             Sally shrugged, "I am not involved in any of those projects", she said and walked to the coffee bar. "I was going to get a cappucino", she said.
             Prachi gave a sweet smile, "Then I will let you buy me one too", she said and suppressed a smile when Sally rolled her eyes and proceeded to buy her one too.
            Walking to the farthest end of the caf, Sally leaned against the high table, "So, what are you doing here? Don't tell me that you missed me terribly and couldn't wait to see me", she said sarcastically.
             Prachi smiled, "Not at all. I have just returned from a very romantic weekend with my husband, holed up in our flat. Do you think I would have time to think of anyone else, let alone you?" she said sweetly.
             Sally's eyes narrowed, "Careful, Prachi. Don't rub it in too much", she said harshly.
              Prachi sighed and put her cup down, "Why do you always bring out the worst in me, Sally? Is it the same for you too?" she said softly.
              Sally raised her eyebrows, "You don't affect me one way or the other, Prachi", she said in a huff.
              Prachi laughed, "We both know that's not true. Anyway, did Mark take you for dinner and make up? He said he would after that night" she said.
              Sally shrugged, "He is still trying. I might have forgiven him but won't give in that easily. His remarks were unnecessary and distasteful. He had no business bringing you into that conversation", she said.
               Prachi smiled. She wondered if Sally really knew what she had just said. "I am touched, Sally. I am glad to see that you are as worried about me as I was about you", she said softly.
               Sally's eyes hardened, remembering Vicky's words. "You are the last person I would be concerned about, Prachi. Anyway, I have loads of stuff to do still. I have been at my desk since 8 am and had only an apple for lunch. So, see you around", she said, stepping back and stiffened feeling Prachi's light touch on her arm.
             "Wait, Sally. I was actually wondering how to meet you. Now that you are here,……..I wanted to talk to you about………", seeing Sally's surprised look, she hesitated. …. "About us", she said after a few seconds of silence.
              Sally stared at her, "There is no such thing as "us", Prachi", she said.
              Prachi gave a sad smile, "It would have been easier that way, wouldn't it?" she said almost to herself.
             Sally gave a bored look, "As I said I had a really busy day and still have lots to do. Whatever you wanted to say, make it quick", she said.
             Prachi just looked at her. "The first time Milind spoke about you, I didn't know your name or how you looked. I didn't even know Milind well, then. But rightaway, I just decided that I didn't like you", she said, her voice growing distant as she spoke.
             Sally made a face, "Thanks, Prachi. I don't like you very much either. Now, I have to get back to work. Unlike you, I work hard for a living", she said nastily.
             Prachi gave a small smile, "You don't make it easier to like you, you know. But wait, Sally. I am not finished yet", she said clearly.
            Something in Prachi's voice making her hesitate, Sally's eyes searched hers, confused.
            Prachi sipped her coffee in silence, "Before I knew, you became a constant presence in my life. I kept hearing about you and I just wanted to know even more. And that didn't make me like you any better. I was even glad that you didn't attend my engagement. I thought I was prepared, Sally. But when I first met you, it was my worst nightmare coming true. You were everything I didn't want you to be…. beautiful, smart and perfect for Milind. I felt so insecure, so jealous of you", she said softly.
            Sally stared at her, "But you have him, Prachi. All those things I have wanted, prayed for…they are all yours. I should be the one feeling jealous and insecure of you", she bit out vehemently.
            Prachi looked at her, "See, I told you that we affect eachother just as much. When I realised that you loved Milind, it sealed my feelings for you. I hated you, Sally or so I told myself. But it wasn't that easy. The more I got to know you, the more confused I felt. If one minute I wished you to disappear from my life, the next minute I could connect with you. I felt your pain and hurt over your mother's death. I understood your loneliness and your desire to get back to your old life. I even understood your feelings for Milind. Behind the facade you put up, I saw how vulnerable and how normal you are. I saw you as a daughter, friend and a girl who people adored….. .whom Milind adored. If all that softened my feelings for you, realising how close you were and still are to Milind, only made me wanted to hate you further. I wanted to erase you from his past. I wasn't ready to share that part of his life with you eventhough I had no control over it. I wanted to rewrite history. How stupid of me, isn't it? I got caught in this all-consuming myriad of emotions. Where you are concerned, I started becoming someone else I didn't even recognise. Everything became a competition, Sally….my whole existence", she stopped speaking, her breathing now laboured.
            Stunned by her words, Sally just stared at her. If her last meeting with Vicky had unsettled her, Prachi's words were like holding a mirror to her own feelings. Isn't this how she had felt too? This constant change of emotions where Prachi was concerned!
               Prachi nodded understandingly, "You feel the same about me, don't you? In someways we understand eachother better. After all that transpired between us, I should have told someone about what's going on between us, if not Milind, atleast Lisa…….or Vicky ……..or my mother. But I didn't tell anyone, Sally. I just couldn't. For some reason, it just felt so personal……..everything between us was too personal to share with anyone. I didn't know how to handle it. And then I flipped……terribly and I hurt myself and Milind in the process. It took that to jolt me back to reality. I have realised how stupid I have been. Like you said, I have everything you ever wanted for yourself. Then why should I be jealous of you? Why should I be jealous of the past I had not been a part of? Why should I worry about what could have been if you had not left this country and gone away or if you had come back earlier than you did?" she asked, her voice heavy.
              Sally's eyes were moist and bright and Prachi's eyes held hers unwaveringly. "You made a choice when you left him. I don't know what your circumstances were. That other night in the shack, you called yourself a fool for leaving him but you were a even bigger fool for staying away far too long. You came back. Sadly you are still where you were years ago but life around you had sped past. Milind had moved on. I know you loved him very much, still do. I won't ever question whose love is stronger here, yours on mine. You certainly have loved him longer than I have. It still hurts, Sally but I have accepted it. Atlast I have made peace with Milind's past and your place in it. Believe me, it wasn't easy. I am still learning to not resent you. I might still, at times. But this is where it ends for me", she said, her voice strong in contrast to the paleness on her face.
             Unable to utter even a word, Sally could only stare at her. When Prachi's hand reached to touch hers, she quickly pulled away.
             Prachi gave a sad smile, "If you were and still are, a part of Milind's life, I am his whole being. Whether you like it or not, I am his present and his future. I won't come between your friendship but at the same time, I won't let you come between my love. I tried to hate you but now I realise that I can't. I don't think I can ever, Sal and I don't know why", she said softly.
             Sally stood staring at a distance, her eyes a riot of emotions. When she didn't say anything, Prachi picked up her coffee cup and started to turn way.
            Sally's low voice stopped her. "Only my friends call me "Sal"", she said, almost inaudibly. As Sally's eyes searched hers frantically, Prachi gave a small smile and walked away.
             Prachi walked back stiffly, praying that her shaking legs wouldn't give way. She was still trembling when she entered Milind's, thankfully empty, office. She fell on his chair, still unable to believe that she had said all that to Sally. It might have been an utterly stupid thing to do, but she felt no regret. Atleast she got it all off her chest. She had been powerless to stop herself but for once, she didn't care. She closed her eyes and she slowly relaxed as her breathing calmed down. A sudden longing to see her husband filled her. She can't tell him anything but just being with him would have been reassuring enough. Her eyes fell on the photograph on Milind's table.             She picked it up, memories going back to Tahiti. It was a beach shot, hands filled with mehndi, eyes full of happiness, she was leaning against Milind. The smile on their faces could have lit up the whole world. Her fingers traced his face, a sob building inside her. Yes, she would never let anyone or anything come between them. She held the photograph close to her chest, her mind going back to the time it was taken. A slow smile lit her face and her eyes softened, shutting Sally totally out of her mind. She was startled when the door opened and Milind walked in. She slowly put the photograph down on the table and smiled seeing the change of expressions on her husband's face. The poor Assistant who she could see hovering behind him seemed to not had a chance to warn him of her presence. The look on Milind's face changed from stunned to surprise and then happiness.
             "Prachi?" he stopped in his stride and nodded a quick dismissal at his relieved looking PA.
             Eyes roaming over her handsome husband, Prachi smiled, "Sorry I startled you.  Should I have waited for your assistant to check with you while I waited in the waiting lounge?" she asked cheekily.
             "Of course not, sweetheart. That would have been so unlike you", he said teasingly and giggling, she rushed into his arms. Holding her close, his voice dipped low, "Tell me what do I owe for this unexpected treat. Still in the weekend mood, are we?" he gave a slow wink and Prachi blushed. He traced his finger down her cheek, "I missed you too", he said softly.
            She hit him with mock anger, "Liar! You would have called me atleast once if you had really missed me", she said.
             Laughing softly, he sat in the chair and pulled her on his lap. "Ah, now that you are here, let me tell you in detail how much I missed you", he said, kissing her lips softly.
             Prachi's finger traced his stubble, "Will you also make up for the time I waited for you all alone here? Promise me that you will do whatever I ask you to", she said huskily.
              The back of his hand traced her cheek, "Careful, Mrs Mishra, I might want you to ask me for lot more than what you had planned", his voice dipped low.
              Prachi went bright red and bit her lip. "Do you think of anything else at all, Milind?" she chided him shyly.
            Milind chuckled, "Not after the weekend we spent together, Cherry. My mind is full of very indecent thoughts. Having you here is not helping matters", he said softly.
            Prachi ran her finger over his lips, "Should I go?" she asked.
           He bit on her finger, "Don't you dare, Prachi. I want you all to myself for the rest of the evening. Promise me", he said.
             "Why do you think I am here? I was hoping to tempt you to spend the evening with me. I am even dressed appropriately", she said softly.
             Intrigued, Milind's eyes looked over from her head to toe. "What are you wearing underneath that jacket?" he asked, his fingers deftly undoing the buttons. He gave a soft whistle and his fingers traced the neckline of the dress. "Oh my, isn't this temptation enough?" he asked. His hand ran over her curves and watched with satisfaction as her body responded immediately.
              Prachi's hand shot down to hold his hand still over her knee, "I meant dinner", she said shyly.
                Milind's lips nibbled at hers, his hand ignoring hers and mover higher, tracing the softness of her thigh, "I already have a raging apetite, sweetheart", his husky voice sent shivers down her body.
                Prachi shifted, allowing his roving hand more access, her lips opening under his. Her hand threaded into his hair, holding him close. Milind was the first to break apart, their breathing gone heavy.
               "I can't let my PA find us in such a compromising position", he said heavily. Her face gone crimson, Prachi slowly eased away from him. Smiling at her red face, his hands adjusted her clothing. "Did you say something about dinner?", he asked teasingly.
                She blushed and nodded slowly. "With Mom and Dad", she said shyly.
               Milind groaned, "You heartless girl, how can you expect me to behave decently in front of them after such a tantalising start? Now, I want more", he said, head bent and ready to take her lips once again.
              Quick for him, Prachi jumped off his lap and moved away. Satisfied to see his eyes heating up, she shrugged off her jacket completely and shook her head, her slightly curled hair falling luxuriously around her face. She gave a slow twirl, her dress rising above her mid thighs and winked at him.
             "I am ready, Milind", she said.
             His slow grin turned into a chuckle and he threw his head back and laughed. "Oh my, you are in a mood today. Bring it on, Cherry. I am all game tonight", he said and reached for her.
               With her leg half draped over his, Prachi sat snuggled against him in the car. Milind twirled a strand of her hair around his finger, "If had known that one weekend together could bring out this seductive nature out of you, I would plan one romantic getaway every weekend", he said softly and she blushed.
              "I missed you all day, you know. Atleast Mom and Dad were there in the morning and then I was all alone and missed you even more", she complained.
               Milind kissed her pouting lips. "You should have called me", he said.
               Prachi grimaced, "I had such a perfect opportunity to come and see you and didn't want to waste it", she said and he laughed. She rested her head on his shoulder, "I did keep myself as busy as I could. I called my friends in India. They all wanted to know when I was coming back. Then I tried my parents and no one picked up. Atlast I reached Neev just before I came to see you. Do you know that Mama and Papa have gone to Mumbai and didn't even bother to let me know? I am so angry with them", she complained again.
               Milind chuckled, "So, the Shahs have planned a romantic getaway as well. Don't be such a jealous kid, Prachi. Let them have some time for romance", he teased.
              Prachi hit him. "Chiii, besharam, aap bhi na. Neev told me that they have gone for some business reasons. My papa works too hard. Poor Papa", she said sadly and Milind chuckled again. Prachi suddenly frowned and sat up, "Neev was talking strangely today, Milind. I am feeling a bit disturbed. I hope there are no problems with the business", she said worriedly.
              Milind kissed her forehead, "Don't worry too much, Prachi. He must have been busy and just sounded tired.  He would have definitely told you if it was anything to be concerned about", he calmed her. Nodding, she relaxed back against him.
              Walking into their hotel, Milind frowned when Prachi slightly stumbled and his arm on her waist tightened. "Why do you wear such shoes when you don't feel comfortable in them, Prachi?" he chided her.
              Prachi pouted at him, "I am trying my best to match your height, Milind. So, don't you dare say anything! How will I get used to them if I don't wear them. See how easily Mom walks in them", she said.
              Milind shook his head at her reasoning. Women! They found his parents at the bar, the staff already on high alert finding the Mishras among them. Seeing his mother beautifully dressed in towering heels, he smiled at Prachi. She had a typical "I told you" look on her face and chuckling, he pulled her closer. The evening only became more enjoyable from then on. The corner and secluded table was perfect, the darkening sky and London's skyline beautiful from that height. The garden heaters kept the mild chill at bay and Prachi's eyes shone bright with happiness. The food was great as usual and her heart lurched happily seeing him enjoying his meal. With both Milind and Anand keeping the conversation lively and funny, she relaxed completely.
            Having moved to the cosy sofas with comfortable cushions, they lingered over coffee. The chill in the air was getting more pronounced and Prachi moved closer to Milind. A shaft of cold breeze hit them and she shivered slightly. Milind put his arm around her and she snuggled in closer. He watched her conversing with Anand, her smile, the movement of her lips, the way her eyelashes swept down, the faint blush when she suddenly became aware of his eyes on her. Well concealed in the semi darkness, Milind's fingers traced the softness of her exposed shoulder and slid down and rested by the side of her breast. Feeling slightly breathless, Prachi struggled to keep her face calm in front of her in-laws. When she stifled another gasp, Shweta looked at her curiously.
              "Are you okay, Prachi? Is it getting too chilly for you?" shweta asked.
              With a naughty grin, Milind stood up, "I am taking Prachi to the dance floor, Mom. A bit of exercise should keep her warm. Do you guys want to join us?" he asked.
               His parents refused preferring to top up their coffee cups. Milind led a red faced Prachi away and chuckled softly when she started hitting him the minute they were alone. Reaching the dance floor, he pulled her into his arms, "Let me keep you warm, Cherry", he whispered softly and her heart thudded in response to the heat in his eyes.
               The subdued lighting and the soft music only enhanced the intimacy and she gasped aloud feeling Milind's warm breath against her neck, his body brushing against hers moving to the soft beats. "Mi..lind", she whispered in shock when his hand cupped her softness. His lips traced her ear, her cheek and lingered against his lips, teasing but not kissing. Everytime, her lips opened under his, his lips moving away, leaving her wanting more. Lost in the sensual world, she pressed herself against him and jumped when he let out a harsh swear.
              "Let's get out of here", he said in a harsh whisper, his fingers digging into her waist.
            Breathless and slightly confused, she let him led her away from there. He walked swiftly and without uttering a word and understanding dawned on her when he stood in front of a room door, quickly fishing out an electronic key from his pocket. "Oh god, this is his private suite", she bit her lip, going bright red. She hesitated as the door clicked shut behind them. "Mi..lind", she called softly and gasped as he pulled her harshly to him. His mouth crashed down on hers, hot and urgent and she felt herself pressed against the wall. H er protests died even before it materialised and she kissed him back equally mindlessly. She gasped as his hands and mouth became unrelenting, driving them both into a frenzy of passion. His name was constantly on her lips and atlast with a cry she surrendered completely to his demanding passion.
            Prachi surfaced back into reality after a long time, their heavy breathing the only sound in the quiet room. He gently eased her slightly away from him and with growing horror, Prachi realised that they were still near the closed door. A wave of utter shyness and embarassment swept through her and horrified at her own lack of control, she closed her eyes, her faced buried against his shoulder. His breathing still laboured, he smoothed her messed up hair and called her name softly, "Prachi". She only buried her face deeper and stayed silent. He placed soft kisses on her head, "Look at me, darling", he whispered. Her eyes looked up at him and immediately shied away. Milind smiled, "Don't be shy, Cherry", he said softly and she hugged him back fiercely.
           Still unable to look at him, she slowly walked back to the car, silently marvelling at his composure. Making themselves presentable, they had walked back only to find Shweta waiting for them near the dance floor. Prachi's blushes were a dead giveaway and Shweta had just smiled at them. Too embarassed, Prachi wished that she could just disappear. Seeing Milind chatting to his parents as though nothing happened only fuelled her anger. When he ignored her angry looks and put his arm around her, she pinched his hand and smiled with satisfaction when he jumped. Giggling she ran to the car, half stumbling.
           Back in the car, Shweta shook her head, "I am going to ban those high heels from now on, Prachi. Everytime you walk in them, I am terrified that you are going to trip and fall", she said sternly. Prachi smiled sheepishly and glared at a laughing Milind.
            "She is trying to imitate you, Mom. I think you will have to give them up first", Milind teased. She pinched his hand again and he bit back a curse. She smiled cheekily and stuck her tongue at him. Milind's eyes narrowed, "You are going to pay for this, Prachi. You wait till we reach home. This time we will make it to the bed", he whispered near her ears and Prachi turned bright red worried that her in-laws might hear them.
             He pulled her back to him when she tried to move away, "That was just foreplay, darling. The best is yet to come. You won't get a wink of sleep tonight. Now that is a promise", he said huskily and Prachi bit her lip, her eyes begging him to shut up. She sighed in relief when Anand pulled him back into conversation and before she knew the car entered the gates of their house. She hurriedly got off the car but gasped when Milind pulled her to him. "Staright to our bedroom, darling", he whispered.
             She wriggled out of his hold and stuck her tongue out again, "Not tonight, darling. Tonight you are going to sleep in one of the guest bedrooms. Now, that is a promise", she imitated him cheekily and moved back quickly when he reached for her.
            "You wouldn't dare, Prachi", he warned in a low voice, his long strides catching up with her.
              With a shriek, Prachi ran faster, through the lounge, ignoring the maids' curious looks. Anand and Shweta looked at eachother, a smile playing on their lips.
              Anand shook his head, "Gosh, It feels like having little children around the house", he said.
               Shweta laughed and looped her arm into his, "Isn't it nice to see them like this, all naughty and funny? Milind reminds me of a younger you", she said.
              Anand grinned, "Hey, am still young and going strong. You should know that better than anyone else, darling", he said. Shweta laughed, hitting him and they entered the house.
             Reaching the stairs, Prachi stumbled and turned back to look at Milind and giggled.
              Worried now, Milind slowed down, "I give up, Prachi. Don't run now", he warned.
              Prachi shook her head, "You think I am going to fall for that. I won't let you reach there before me and I am so going to close the bedroom door on your face", she challenged and started up the stairs even faster, her mind vaguely registering Shweta and Anand calling her. She turned back to look at Milind who was still standing at the bottom of the stairs and gave a triumphant laugh.  "Chicken", she called out and gasped when her heel scraped at the edge of the step. Losing her balance and finding nothing to hold on to, Prachi slipped.
              "Prachiii", the voice of Milind and his parents echoed somewhere and with a shriek she fell. She groaned feeling Milind's strong arms stopping her fall and blinked, disoriented and confused. Seeing her in-law's shocked faces, she slowly looked around. She grimaced holding the side of her head. What did she hit it against? She looked even more confused when Milind and his parents asked repeatedly if she was alright. Realisation atlast hit her and she giggled embarrassingly, quickly adjusting her dress, "Oh no, did I really fall down the stairs?" she asked.
            Milind and his parents looked at eachother slightly bewildered. Anand sighed and straightened, "Alright kids, enough drama for one night. Milind, help Prachi up. Lets all get back to our own rooms", he said sternly.
             Prachi bit her lip, feeling even more embarrassed. Nodding his head, Milind helped her help and stilled when she let out a scream, losing balance again.
             Anand immediately kneeled down, "Prachi, what is it, child? Are you hurt? Where does it hurt?" he asked worriedly.
             Grimacing in pain, Prachi pointed to her fast swelling ankle. Shocked now, Milind slowly eased the shoe off her ankle and she screamed again in pain.
             Shweta touched his shoulder, "Milind, take Prachi upstairs and be careful. I will come with you. Anand, we need a doctor", she said.
              Her ankle propped on a pillow and a slight bump on the side of her forehead, Prachi sniffed. The doctor had prodded her ankle, making her scream even more and atlast declared that it must be a sprain. She leaned back on the cushions as Milind and his parents walked out with the doctor. Her ankle was well swollen by now and she leaned back closing her eyes, grimacing in pain. On top of it, she even had a good telling off by both Anand and Shweta. She sniffed loudly feeling Milind's hand on her head.
             "Sweetheart, I am sorry", he said softly.
             Prachi shook her head, "It wasn't your fault. I should have been careful", she said and clutched his hand.
             Still bewildered about the turn of events within minutes, Milind reached for the painkillers, urging her to take it. Ignoring her protests, he made drink a glass of milk and helped her change into nightclothes. Prachi looked even more embarassed by the time he tucked her into bed. His fingers caressed her cheek and he kissed her forehead softly, "Go to sleep, honey. I am sure you will start feeling better tomorrow. All you need is a bit of a rest", he said softly.
              Drowsy with the effect of painkillers, Prachi reached for him, "You promised that you won't let me sleep tonight. Then why are telling me to go to sleep?" she reasoned softly.
              In spite of himself, Milind smiled and kissed her lips. "I will keep my promise tomorrow. For now, just close your eyes", he promised.
             Sighing, she held his hand closer to her cheek, "Stay…..with….me", she mumbled inaudibly.
            "I will, sweetheart. I am right next to you", he said softly.  His hand caressing her head, he watched her slowly drifting into a deep sleep. 

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dangerrose Groupbie

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Back with a bang dear ...Superb part
jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Awesome cont soon

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jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Hai Divya
Thanks for wonderful update
Plz continue soon
Thanks for pm me
kptl Goldie

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Posted: 04 December 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
I've been waitin for this update as desert waits for da rain lolz
It's been long, where have you been hiding
Anyway it was really beautiful update
finally Sally nd prachi confront eachother
now can't wait to see wat will sally do
she's hard nut to crack;)
Rally really really luvd michi's prt that was mindblowing
nd da dinner hehe that was so romantic
can't believe prachi actually fell that is kinda embarrassing situation
still shes really cute lolz
update soon

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