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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 85)

divvya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in updating the next part. Life has become way too busy and I feel that I have no control over it any more. Anyways, this update is shorter than my usual. Down with flu and feeling way too groggy to write anymore. So, pls bear with me. The next update with be the 100th part of this story and I will make up for everything in that...promise WinkWink

                             Part 99

             With a protest, Prachi pulled her duvet up and tried to bury deeper into it. She smiled hearing his soft muttering, "Sleepyhead". She stretched her arms and opened one eye to look at her husband, "Coffee…….", she murmured sleepily.
              Milind caressed her pink cheeks, "Anything else, my princess", he asked softly.
                Prachi stretched again, "Breakfast", she opened her arms wide for him. Her arms closed around him as he rubbed his nose against hers, "Lazybones", he chided her and she giggled. "I am ravenously hungry", she pouted.
               Milind bit her lips, "Devour me", he said huskily.
               Prachi blushed, "What else did we do all night?" she asked shyly and hid her face in his shoulder when he chuckled.
              "My, my……aren't I a happy man! I hope to keep up your appetite", he nuzzled her neck, making her squirm. "Now go and freshen up. Breakfast is getting cold", he said softly.
                Prachi's eyes widened in surprise, "Wow! You really brought me breakfast in bed. Oh god, I am so spoilt …….and you are the most wonderful husband in the whole wide world", she declared happily and rolled off the bed. She blushed seeing his heated eyes glued to her thighs displayed below the shirt she was wearing and hurriedly tugged it lower. "I couldn't find anything else this morning", she almost whispered.
               "It's mine right?" asked Milind and she nodded. "Then I want it back……now", he lunged for her and with a scream, she rushed into the bathroom and shut the door on his face.
              "Don't you dare change into anything else, Prachi and I mean it", he threatened after giving up when Prachi didn't open the door.
              The terrace garden was bathed in the mid-morning sunlight, the temperature outside holding on to the last leg of summer. Stretched out on the lounger, Milind sighed contently, his eyes soft and loving on his wife. Happily drinking her coffee, she had indeed done justice to the simple but filling breakfast he had put together. She had really been ravenously hungry. He grinned with satisfaction. As she readjusted her position leaning comfortably against his chest, her bare leg trailed over his, drawing an immediate response inside him. She had listened to him and was still wearing only his shirt. His sudden intake of breathe alerting her, she looked up at him and blushed at his gaze, pulling the thin throw coyly over her exposed legs. He chuckled and undid a button on her shirt. Slapping his hand away, she glared at him.
              "No more, Milind", she said warningly.
              Milind raised his eyebrows arrogantly, "For how long, baby?" he asked.
              Prachi blushed and leaned closer to him, "Untill we are back in bed", she whispered.
              Chuckling, he bit her lips, "Oh man, my wife is insatiable and I am loving it", he said making her blush even more. He nuzzled her neck, "I will gladly take up that offer. Shall we get back in bed?", he drawled naughtily.
              Prachi hit him again, "We are not in Tahiti, you know", she said softly and bit her lip when he laughed.
              "Our honeymoon is a never-ending affair, sweetheart. It doesn't have to be Tahiti. All we need is a bed and absolute privacy and a phone that's turned off", he teased. Prachi giggled, hitting him with her fist.
             "Shouldn't we check if Vicky had called? He must be meeting Pooja later today", she said and reached over him to pick up his phone. Turning it on, she smiled seeing Vicky's text. "See, I was right. He has reached home and is going to meet Pooja later. Milind, I can't wait for their engagement. I am now the bahu of this family. I am going to show off so much. And I am going to tell Pooja everything she needs to know about our family", she giggled happily and Milind chuckled.
                "You can also warn Pooja that this house of full of Ogres", he winked at her.
                Prachi looked at him naughtily. "I don't know about the others. But my husband is definitely one…..with an appetite to match", she whispered.
                Milind gave a growl and she shrieked when he pretended to bite.
                "Mi..lind, stop it now. Let's go out. You will never behave otherwise", she glared at him.
                Milind shrugged, "If that's what you want. Where shall we go?" he asked.
                "How about a temple? There isn't even a puja room in this place. Every home should have one", she complained.
                Milind looked at her surprised, "Seriously, Prachi. Only you can think of going to a temple on our romantic weekend. And this place was my bachelor's pad. Making it a home is your job. You set up a puja room here like you did in Chennai. You only have two options, darling. We either go back to bed or go for some biking. I didn't get to show you my new motorbike that Dad gifted me for my last birthday", he said.
                 Prachi smiled, "Biking sounds fun. We will do it later this afternoon. But first let's go to a temple. I can't tell you what I had been going through since many days. Now I have my sanity back. Is there a better place to go apart from a temple?" she asked softly.
                 Put it that way, he couldn't argue with her. With a smile, he pulled her on his lap, "Alright, temple it is then. But first, give me what I want", he said huskily. He held her fists as she tried to hit him, "Aren't you the sole representative of a traditional god fearing Indian wife? Every holy book you would have read should have taught you that fulfilling your husband's wishes is your first and foremost priority", he said naughtily.
                Eyes flashing at his naughtiness, Prachi traced his lips, "The holy books also compare husbands to Gods", she said softly.
               Milind grinned, "Wow, even better, what do they call? Yeah, pati parmeshwar, right?", he said.
               Prachi hid her smile, "My pati parmeshwar is way too demanding. How many wishes of his can I fulfill?" she asked softly.
               Milind groaned, "Oh, every one of them, baby…….every little one", he said huskily, his fingers deftly undoing the remaining buttons of her shirt. Prachi drew a shuddering breathe in and her half-hearted attempts to stop him failed when he buried his face in her sweetness.
                  Shweta smiled as she disconnected the phone. Stretched out under the warm sun in their garden, with an open picnic basket, Anand raised his eyebrow, "Looks like all in well in our Son's world. Your smile says it all", he teased.
                 Shweta laughed, "Yes, he sounds normal,… funny and naughty. Can you believe that he is taking Prachi to a temple? Only she can make him do that", she said in wonder.
                Anand chuckled, "Wives, what power they have! How can a mere man fight against it? It's much easier to give in. I am glad that my son is learning fast", he said and Shweta hit him. Pulling her closer to him, he put his arm around her, "Now that you don't have to worry about Milind any longer, do you think you can shower your attention on the poor husband of yours?" he teased again.
              Laughing, Shweta rested her head on his shoulder, "You have my complete attention, darling. I am all yours for the rest of the day", she promised.
               Anand placed a hand over his heart, "Oh my, how sweet that sounds and I promise to make full use of it", he drawled and Shweta ruffled his hair.
               "Anand, I was just thinking if it is really necessary for Milind and Prachi to go back to India now", she said suddenly and Anand sat up, picking up her mood. "I mean, Prachi has changed into distance education and she can always go back for exams. If Vicky finalises a date for his engagement, we have to be there anyway. We have expanded our business ventures again, Anand. Even if you won't say anything, I know how much pressure you are going to be under when Milind leaves. We need him here and you know that too", she said softly.
                "I don't disagree, my love. Even Milind keeps postponing his return though he never said anything. But I had promised Inderji months ago that Prachi will go back to India for sometime. She is expecting that too. It would be unfair to change things now. Let her complete her studies and it will give her time to settle down as well. But I can't afford Milind to stay away longer than a year. I really do need him here and I must say he is just brilliant. You don't know how many time I have sat that the meetings feeling utterly proud", he smiled and traced her cheek. "Also, Inderji had called twice last week asking if we have decided when Prachi would return", he said.
               Shweta frowned, "Just tell him that she will return when she has to", she snapped.
               Anand raised his eyebrows, "Ouch, that was harsh", he said surprised.
               "He has mentioned it so many times, Anand and I am getting tired of it", she said irritatedly.
               Anand smiled, "Come on, Shweta, he is missing his daughter. Won't you do the same thing if Milind was away? I know he has annoyed you a few times but don't harbour any hard feelings towards him", he said softly.
               Shweta nodded. May be she was indeed reacting a bit too strongly. Whenever Milind was away from home, she would be impatient for him to come home. Why should it be any different for Prachi's father? She smiled at her husband, "You are right, Anand. I would be signing that business deal in a couple of days and things will start to fall into places soon. We will discuss with both Milind and Prachi and decide on the date of their return", she said. Smiling with approval, Anand kissed her forehead.
             Prachi brushed her hair, lost in thoughts. The cool evening breeze was pleasant through the open windows. What a day it had been! He had given in to her demand and took her to the temple, she had gone on the bike ride with him. It was a exhilarating experience and her thoughts had gone right back to Ooty. But she hadn't enjoyed having to wear a protective riding gear and helmet. That only took the fun off the whole thing but Milind had insisted as it was the law. She made a face. They had stopped at a country pub and had dinner. Milind had laughed when Prachi complained about the bland English food. They would spend another day in here, she thought happily. The absolute privacy and the place that she had felt close to in her heart even before she set her foot on, only fuelled her love and passion. She felt extremely close to her husband both in body and in mind and she relished the feeling. No riches in the world could match it. Lost in faraway thoughts, she didn't see him come in and shrieked when he lifted her into his arms.
             "My arms feel bare without you in them", he whispered in her eyes and smiling, she put her arms around his neck.
              "Will it be like this when we get back to Chennai, just us?" she asked huskily.
                He lay her on the bed and pulled her closer, "Between my work and your studies, we will try and snatch some time for romance", he said.
                 Laughing, she rested her head on his chest, his fingers immediately playing with her hair. "Milind, I am going to be very busy when we go back to India. Will I be able to manage everything?" she asked, suddenly serious.
                 Milind smiled, "Ofcourse, baby. We will manage everything together. I am sure your parents will also help you along the way", he reasoned.
                 Prachi nodded, "That's true. But Papa is more concerned about my studies. I think he knows how much of a distraction you are for me", she said shyly.
                 Milind laughed softly, "I will try to behave, darling but no promises though. Inder Uncle is so used to worrying about you that my assurances are going to be of no effect", he said a bit dryly.
                 Rolling over to face him, Prachi traced his stubble, "Milind, can I ask you something?" She hesitated when he nodded, "You call my mother as Mama….but you still call my Papa as Uncle. Why is that?" she asked slowly.
                 Milind remained silent for several seconds and gave a small smile, "Your mama and I got along very well from the beginning, Prachi. We have a mutual respect for each other and she never judged me or treated me unfairly. She treats me like a Son and to call her Mama seemed natural. But your Papa and I are on a completely different wavelength. Sometimes, I am still Mr. Mishra for him and he is Mr. Shah to me", he said.
                 Worried now, Prachi searched his eyes, "I know you both didn't start off very well but Milind, he is my father. At least for my sake, can you not take the first step?", she asked.
                 Milind's fingers tightened in her hair and he held her eyes, "Do you really think I haven't tried? You have no idea how much and how many times I have held myself back just for you, Prachi. It takes two people to form a relationship. I have given it all I could. Now it's his turn", he said with finality in his voice.
                 Hurt, Prachi's eyes filled with tears. The look in her eyes tugged at his heart. Sighing, he brushed a tear from the corner of her eyes, "I didn't mean to hurt you, Prachi", he said huskily. When she stayed silent, he said, "Alright, what do you want me to do?" he asked defeatedly.
                 Prachi hugged him, her wet eyelashes brushing against his neck, "Whatever you do, just remember that he is my father and I love him very much. I won't ask you for anything else, Milind", she said softly.
                 His arms held her closer but a sudden weight settled around her heart. She knew how difficult her father had been when he visited London. She understood how Milind felt but at the same time couldn't help wish that things were better between the two most important men in her life. Feeling his feather light kisses, she relaxed slightly. Her Husband would do anything for her happiness and so would her father. Shouldn't that be enough to bring them closer? Oh, she hoped! Oh, how she hoped!

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kptl Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
Wow that was mind blowing!!!!
glad to see the old MiChi back :)
was waiting for this update lolz
now have to wait till next month for da next prt
update soon!!!!!
now can't wait to seewhat will take place next
sam78 Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 6:27pm | IP Logged
hey divya.
hope you feel better.
update was awesome.
milind taking prachi to temple.
love the milind's parent's part, they are so awesome.
i loved the update.
hope next update have more romance, after all it going to 100 part of the FF.
see you soon. take care.HugHugHug
rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
im so speechless with d way thy sort out d things
it was super coolll
luved ittt
prachimishra85 Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Hey welcome back Divya
Missed u sooo much
Thanks for this wonderful n Michilicious update... Loved Michi here... Their charm and karizma is back
Thank u so much dear for update and advance congratulations on ur impending Centerary Update
Heart Prachi
ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Thank u Divya for the awesome romantic update, how's ur health hun, take care of urself , will get back to u soon.
jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 3:45am | IP Logged
It was awesome update divya
Plz continue soon
Thanks for pm me
nimmi101 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Hai Divya
That was really very nice update
Loved it very much
pls continue soon
Thanks for pm me

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