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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 8)

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Originally posted by sonakap1

Divyajee kuch to khabar do....................

Lo, kabar de di. Likh rahi hoon yaar. I will post later this afternoon Big smile

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plzz update soon..cannot wait..
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hi Divya....your update was simply great....waiting for milind & prachi to meet soon....
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Originally posted by fan1204

plzz update soon..cannot wait..

posting in a few minutes. 
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Originally posted by jyothi_cool

divya cont soon

Just updating now, Jyothi. Sorry for the delay. 
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Originally posted by crlds

hi Divya....your update was simply great....waiting for milind & prachi to meet soon....

Thanks Carol, Milind will be back in the next update. Posting the part in a few minutes. Ta
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Hello friends, sorry for the delay. 2011 started on a busy note for me. Tried to make up with a loooong update. It was getting too long, so I had to stop it where I did. Next one will follow in a couple of days. Cheers Wink

                                    Part 89

            The noon was bright with a pleasant chillness in the air. Pulling the cardigan tighter around her, a slightly nervous Prachi nodded with satisfaction at the set lunch table in the garden. Anand was home and Prachi had painstakingly cooked lunch for him. Shweta and Shreya were delayed and would be home only the day after. Even Milind and Vicky would be back only tomorrow, she thought with a sigh. She smiled seeing Anand walk towards her. He touched her head fondly and exclaiming how delicious the food smelled, sat down at the table.  Prachi smiled with relief to see her father-in-law eat with relish, praising that Prachi was as good a cook as Shweta. As lunch progressed, Anand kept the conversation lively and soon, Prachi was laughing. Beneath all the laughter, her face still looked troubled, Anand thought to himself with a frown.
            "I am sorry I made Milind stay longer in Paris than expected, Prachi. It is important that he handles the talks as the new ventures were his idea", he said softly.
            Prachi shook her head urgently, "I understand, Dad. Please don't appologise", she said hurriedly.
            Sipping on his drink, Anand leaned back, "How did yesterday afternoon go, Prachi? I am sure you would have met some……how can I put it……interesting women?", he asked with a twinkle in his eyes.
            Prachi giggled, "I wouldn't call them interesting, Dad. They were more like EXHAUSTING", she said.
            Anand laughed, "I am impressed, Prachi. I think we have the same taste in people. I sometimes wonder how Shweta puts up with them", he said.
             Relaxing even more, Prachi told him about some of them and they both laughed over it. Watching her keenly, Anand shook his head, "There is something else bothering you, my child. What is it?" he asked kindly.
             Prachi's smile slipped, "There was a column in one of the weely magazines that came out today – an interview by one of the TV actresses whom I had met once when I attended a dinner with Mom. She seemed very friendly that night", she said softly and went quiet.
             Anand nodded, "You will soon see how many faces some people can put on for appearences sake. Sometimes you will be left wondering who the person beneath all that faade really is. Go on, Prachi. What did she say?" he asked again.
             Prachi's lips wobbled, "She had made remarks about a few society women. There was something about me as well. She has  implied that mine is a typical "rags to riches" story". She has mocked about my dress sense and offered to give me precious little tips if I request her", she said slowly, her eyes filling up. Even though her family had warned her that its only a matter of days before she gets to read something about herself, Prachi had not been prepared for such mockery and spite. She remembered Sally's words about how badly people could hurt her. How right she was! She sighed.
              Anand looked at her kindly, "And you are letting that trouble you? I will be worried only if you take up on her offer and ask her advise", he said and smiled as Prachi looked at him surprised. "Prachi, you have only made us proud, my child. Your dress sense and the way you carry yourself is extremely impressive. None of these highflying society women could match your child like sweetness. If they have started attacking you then it means that they are afraid of you already. Well done!", he said softly and inspite of herself, Prachi smiled.
              "Do you think so? Am I really okay?" she asked eagerly.
              Anand laughed, "Of course and you are more than just okay, Prachi. I am sure Milind would have told you that. If he hasn't then I am going to have a serious word with him", he said.
              Prachi smiled shyly, "He has, Dad. And Mom has told me that too" she said softly.
              "That's very good then. Now you have heard from me too. And I can even get Vicky and his parents to vouch for me on this. Would that ease your mind?" he teased her.
              Prachi laughed, "I feel better already. Thanks, Dad" she said softly.
              Anand looked at her, "Now I can see why Inderji is so protective of you, Prachi. No wonder he still thinks you are his little girl. Even in this short span of time, we have grown so protective of you. You are our little girl now and I wouldn't let anyone even think of hurting you", he said softly.
              Prachi blinked away the sudden tears unable to respond to such kindness.
             Getting up, Anand walked towards her and touched her shoulder, "Enough of such talk, Prachi. Now, I need to finish up some work, get some sleep and get ready to attend the fashion show this evening. There will be a huge donation to charity and I am one of the benefactors. So, I have to be present there" he said.
             Nodding, Prachi got up and walked back to the house with him, "But dad, Mom won't be back till tomorrow. Who are you going to take with you?" she asked, wondering if Sally was going to stand in for her mother-in-law.
             Anand smiled, "I was actually getting to that, Prachi. Would you like to go with me?" he asked softly.
             Prachi looked surprised, "But dad, I wouldn't know what to do" she wondered aloud.
             Anand smiled, "Rubbish, you will find a lot to do and you can "people watch". That's a trick from Shweta's book and it never failed to amuse her. I will tell you all about it but only if you come. We will have plenty to laugh about by the time we return home", he said and waited for her answer.
             Prachi brightened up. She smiled and nodded, "Yes, Dad, I would love to. Thank you", she said.
            "Well, that's settled then. You have a few hours to sort yourself out. You can call Shweta and ask for her advise if you want. But I am sure you will do fine. Remember, it will be a glittery evening and I am going to show off my daughter-in-law to the world" he smiled at her and patting her shoulder, walked to his study.
              Prachi was jittery as the hours ticked by. She didn't want to disturb Milind or Shweta and quickly sent a message to Milind that she was attending the evening function with Anand. She knew that neither her husband or Mother-in-law would have read the magazine or even heard about it yet. She would tell them when they get back. A very efficient Anna had arranged for a beautician to come home to help her get ready and under her professional hands, Prachi literally glowed. She was wearing a long maroon silk dress that moved in luxurious waves around her legs with a very modest neckline. Her hair was pinned up and a few tendrils framed her face. Rubies adorned her neck, ears and wirst and she looked very sophisticated and extremely beautiful.
              When she walked down, Anand smiled approvingly. "I wish whoever made that comment about you also attended this evening, Prachi. You will make her eat her own words. You look perfect, my child", he said fondly and Prachi beamed.
               He guided her by her elbow to the car and Prachi smiled happily as the car sped away. Curious about the people attending that evening, Prachi fired questions after questions and Anand answered her patiently.
               Suddenly, Anand laughed, "You remind me so much of Shweta, Prachi. During our early days of marriage, she was just like you. So curious and excited about everything. She would never tire of asking questions and I would never tire of answering them", he said fondly, his eyes soft.
               Prachi smiled at him, "I can see that you are missing mom very much, Dad" she said.
              Anand sighed, "Its been a few days, Prachi. You would think after all these years, I must be used to staying away from her for days together. But I am just as crazy about her as I was when I first met her", he said, his voice turning very soft. Seeing the look on Prachi's face, Anand laughed, "How much has Milind told you?" he asked.
              Prachi gave a shy smile, "A little bit, Dad. But I would love to hear more", she said cheekily.
              Anand chuckled, "And I would love to tell more. Rakesh was my close friend and I had known Shreya from sometime too and was good friends with her. But I had been out of the country when they got married and missed all the ceremonies. Rakesh had just joined our company and was working directly under me. They threw a party on their first anniversary and that's when I first met Shweta. One look across the crowded pub and time went still for me. I was completely floored and was so worried of making a fool of myself. I knew I was besotted and asked her out by the end of that evening. She just laughed it off and walked away. For the whole week, I did everything I could do to woo her……flowers, chocolates, soft toys……you name it all. And all for just a dinner date. Atlast she agreed and by the end of that evening, her eyes had the same look as mine. And as they say, the rest is history", he concluded, his eyes clouding with memories.
              Prachi sighed and leaned back, "How beautiful", she murmured.
              Anand smiled, "Beautiful…..yes but not always easy. We had our share of tough times too. We had to fight our way to get married. The difference in wealth was a major hurdle. Shweta's father opposed it and even Shreya had doubts. I managed to convince them all but my mother found it very hard even after we were married. She didn't make it easy for her but Shweta knew how to handle her. By the time, Milind was born, they were good friends and I was relieved", he sighed.
             Prachi looked surprised, "How could anyone not like mom? No wonder they became friends", she siad almost to herself.
             Anand looked at her, "Yes, eventually but my mother did make it harder for Shweta. When your marriage was fixed with Milind, Shweta vowed that she would do everything to help you settle in" he said.
             Prachi nodded gratefully, "Yes, dad. I can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of this family", she said.
             Anand patted her shoulder, "You don't know how happy you have made us, my child. Shweta couldn't have any more children. Though Milind was and still is the centre of her universe, Shweta had always longed for a daughter, especially when Milind grew up and started spending more time with me, found common interests. Just like every son and a father. And then you came home…….the daughter we never had. Now our family is complete." he said softly.
            Prachi blinked furiously as tears threatened to fall unchecked, "Dad……" she struggled, overwhelmed by emotions.
        Anand pulled himself together, "I am sorry, Prachi. I didn't mean to make you emotional. I was only trying to tell you how much you mean to us all. So, from now on, forget what others think or say about you. You know what you are to us. Just promise me that you wouldn't let such things upset you", he said and Prachi nodded furiosly still too choked to speak.
             When she went to bed that night, sleep came easily. She spoke briefly to Milind about the evening and he sounded very happy that she had a good time. Half asleep, Prachi smiled to herself. Indeed, she had a very good time. Anand had been fantastic and within minutes, she had started feeling comfortable. He had introduced her to everyone and found common topics that would interest her. True to his words, he had proudly shown her off to the world and Prachi hadn't disappointed him. She had enjoyed dinner as well, conversing easily. And she could easily pick out whose smile was genuine and whose eyes shone with jealousy. On the way back, She had a good laugh with her father-in-law remising over such people. Content and happy, she fell into a deep sleep.
              The next day, her bubbly mood went down a dip when Milind called up appologising that he would return home later than expected. They were attending Micky's party in the evening and he had told her to get ready and wait for him. Left alone again in the huge house, Prachi busied herself with various chores, took a long walk in the garden and then soaked in the bath tub for almost an hour.
              At 6 pm, her irritation and disappointment had reached to the limit and fully dressed, she sat on the couch and sulked. Even if he turns up now, they wouldn't have enough time to talk to eachother much. Micky had already called her warning her to be on time. He would never forgive them if they were late. He was celebrating his success, his first million, with his close friends. He had landed a hefty software contact with the Mishras and a few more millions would find his way very soon. Prachi was very happy for him. She had been surprised when Milind told her that he was a computer genius. Though he tried to follow his parents into the lawschool, he has lasted exactly two months and gave up. Milind's parents had intervened then and though disappointed, Micky's parents realised that their son's calling was not law but computers. Micky had been so relieved to study what he had always wanted to and today he had proved himself both to his parents and to the world. Prachi would never have guessed if Milind hadn't told her and her respect and fondness of Micky grew more.
             Giving up, she looked at herself in the mirror just before walking out of the room. Dressed in a black and silver short sleevless dress which stopped just before the knees, with a hint of cleavage and minimal jewellery, she looked beautiful. Satisfied, she picked up her bag and walked down the stairs. Her steps slowed and eyes widened at the unmistakable deep voice of her husband. Oh god, he is here!!! Her face breaking into a smile, she rushed down the stairs, her mind vaguely registering the man nodding to her as he carried Milind's suitcase upstairs. She rushed towards the tea room and stood still seeing Milind in coversation with Anand. Blood rushed to her head and her heart hammered away as her eyes feasted on him. Oh, how she missed him!! A sigh escaped her and just then Milind's eyes met her and he fell silent. Warmth filled her at his unwavering gaze and the look in his eyes and Prachi's cheeks burned.
               Anand frowned when Milind didn't answer his question and turned back to see what his son was staring at so intently. A small smile played on his lips as he watched them lost in eachother and cleared his throat, breaking the spell. "All right children, I will leave you alone now but Milind, just drop into my study before you guys leave", he patted his grinning son's shoulder and smiling at a red faced Prachi, walked away.
                 Prachi's heart thundered as Milind walked towards her. The back of fingers caressed down her cheek. "Hey, sweetheart", he said huskily.
                Oh, how she waited for days to hear him say that………to see him this close. She closed her eyes as he bent down to place a soft kiss on her forehead. Without a word, she threw herself against him and hugged him fiercely. "I missed you, Milind. I missed you so much", she whispered softly.
                Thrown off balance, Milind steadied himself and chuckled. Pulling back slightly, he whistled, "Whoa!! That's some welcome, Mrs. Mishra. I think I should go away a bit more often", he winked at her and laughed when she started hitting him.
               "Don't you dare, Milind. Promise me that you will take me with you wherever you go", she said softly, her eyes moist.
              Smiling, he kissed her forehead again, "Do you think it was easy for me, darling? Even if I had taken you with me, I would left you all alone in the hotel room", he said appologetically. He sighed as his phone rang. Holding her close to him, he spoke to Micky assuring him that they were leaving now. He shrugged appologetically, "We have to leave now, Prachi. He is getting worked up now. I have so much to tell you and hear from you but I am afraid that it must wait. Friendship beckons, my love. Let's go", he said and pulled her along.
              They stopped very briefly at Anand's study and left immediately. As the car sped away, Prachi leaned against him, feeling the strength and warmth of his body against hers. He didn't even have time to sit down for a minute. Dressed in black, he looked a complete eye candy, his eyes gave no hint of tiredness but Prachi knew that he had had a busy day. God knows what he ate and how much he slept. She smiled and her hand caressed his face. "I know you wouldn't have even eaten properly. I am going to feed you so much in the next few days and I will not hear any excuses. Okay" she said.
              Milind laughed and pulled her closer, "Anything you say, my darling wife. Afterall I have to make up for the lost days", he said. Their eyes met, lingered. "How I wish I can kiss you now, Prachi? I know your whole make-up will get smudged if I do, for I know that I can't stop with just kissing you", he said huskily. Smiling at her shy eyes, he traced his thumb just below her lips, "You sounded very brave on the phone, honey. Let me see what you do tonight", he said way too huskily and a shiver went through Prachi at the glint in his eyes. Oh, she couldn't wait to see as well! A wave of shyness engulfed her and she hid her face against his shoulder away from his heated eyes. Milind chuckled, "My sweet and shy Cherry girl", he said softly.
                 Lifting her head, he kissed her lips softly and throwing caution to the wind as her lips parted under his, deepened it. Prachi kissed him back with as much fervour, her hands wound around his neck. His hand caressed down her arm and rested on her knee. Caressing her soft skin, his hand moved up and Prachi's hand shot down to hold it still. Slowly he eased away from her, breathing heavily. His thumb wiped her wet lips and he handed her handbag without a word. Too shy to look at him, she did her best to make herself presentable but still when they walked into the club, her eyes were overbright and cheeks too red.
              Prachi watched a laughing Milind among his friends. The party was in full fling and the exclusive club was the one Milind frequented. Her heart had clenched when he told her that it was on the dance floor there that he realised how much he was in love with her. She decided she really liked the place, Prachi thought to herself shyly. Micky was in great spirits and he had just left her side. It was a good sized group and they occupied a secluded corner of the club but shared the dance floor.
             She smiled at Vicky as he placed a drink in her hand. "God, Prachi, stop giving Milind such looks. It is embarassing for us poor souls", he sighed dramatically and jumped out of the way as she reached to hit him.
            "How do you know how much I missed him? You kept him all to yourself", she complained.
            Vicky chuckled, "Oooooohhhh, someone is jealous" he said and smiled when Prachi pouted. "I was only joking, Prachi. He missed you just as much. You can keep him all to yourself now. I will handle work for the next couple of days. Happy now?" he asked softly.
             Prachi touched his arm, "No, Vicky. I know how busy you all were. But it was still very hard for me to be away from him. And you have to return to India as well. Poor Pooja is missing you so much. You men are all so heartless", she said. When he protested, she smiled, "You know I am going to miss you so much when you leave for India. But we will be there very soon. Then I will spoil you with good home cooked food. Its time you forget all the ready meals", she said sternly.
             Vicky gave her a hug, "Oh my dear Prachi Bhabhi, how lucky I am to have you", he sighed teasingly though very touched and pleased. Laughing, Prachi hit him.
                Seeing his gaze suddenly fix to a distance, Prachi turned to see where he was looking and turned back to stare at him. Vicky was whistling softly and quickly coughed to cover himself at her angry look.
               "Oh god, you too, Vicky", she hit him again, ignoring his protest.
               "Come on, Prachi. Its SALLY!!! How can a man not look?", said Pete who had just joined them with a dreamy look and highfived a laughing Vicky.
               Oh well, she did look way too hot in a blood red mini dress, she thought to herself. The safe presence of Mark next to her was enough to calm her nerves when they met. Her eyes now narrowed as she watched Milind's undivided attention as he conversed with Sally. She looked at Pete, "I think I need to go and find Merin", she said warningly.
                Pete gave her a patronising hug, "There, there, Prachi. Let's leave Merin out of this", he said and Prachi laughed.
                Picking up his drink, Pete put his arm around Vicky's shoulders. "Atleast Mark is not too bad. Even if he caught us throwing looks at Sally, he will only laugh it off. He was in the same boat as us once upon a time. But we didn't dare look at Sally then, did we? Milind would have torn us to shreds", he said and chuckled.
                Prachi who was busy talking to another girl, stiffened. What did Pete just imply?
               Quicky throwing a  worried look at Prachi's back and wondering if she had heard it, Vicky pulled Pete away from them to meet Milind.
                Prachi answered automatically to the girl's question, though her eyes stayed on Milind. She relaxed seeing Micky and Vicky join them. She smiled when Merin and a few other girls joined her. They walked off to a near by table and settled down with their drinks.
               Merin nudged Prachi, "Just a couple of more hours, Prachi and you can have him all to yourself. You are looking at him with such bedroom eyes and I am feeling hot", she teased.
               As the girls laughed, Prachi went bright red having been caught. As the other girls picked up from where Merin left, the conversation became more heated and Prachi was left blushing furiously.
               Merin laughed and put her arm around Prachi, "Oh you poor thing, how shy you are? How does Milind manage?" she asked meaningfully and Prachi only blushed  more. She tensed feeling Sally sit down next to her.
               "We can only pity him, Merin darling. What he needs is a tigress to match him but alas, he settled for a shy little kitten", she said sarcastically.
              Smile erasing from her face, Prachi turned to glare at her. A beautiful face but such venomous words! Only Sally knew how to make her feel horribly low. She always hits at the most sensitive spot which sends her realing down. With a sudden tightening in her chest, Prachi glared at her.
              Merin slapped Sally's wrist, "No catty remarks, Sal. Who knows if this shy little kitten transforms into a fierce tigress in the bedroom? What say, Prachi?", she nudged her and Prachi managed a smile.
              Sally snorted, "Is that why he is looking for another excuse to get away for a few more nights? Now that tells me how interested he still is in you", she said way too softly, her words only intended for Prachi's ears.
              Prachi's distressed eyes quickly darted towards Milind on the dance floor. Was he going away again? Nooooooo, please Nooooooo, her heart silently cried.
              Sally hid a triumphant smile. She knew that Milind would have no choice but to go away again and with the amount of workload he wouldn't take Prachi with him. Her eyes followed him. How good he looked, so energetic, so full of life. What did he ever see in this boring girl? She thought to herself angrily.
            Seeing a quiet Prachi, one of the girls got up, "I am going to get more drinks for everyone. What would you like, Prachi?" she asked.
             Sally sniggered, "Should I check if they have a glass of milk, kitten?" she asked again softly and laughed when Prachi mouthed a silent "Shut up".
             Prachi looked at Merin as she picked up a strawberry from her drink and popped it into her mouth. Filled with fruits, it looked good. "I will have what Merin is having", she said.
             Merin frowned, "Are you sure, Prachi? Do you want to taste mine first?", she said and offered her drink.
             Prachi shook her head, "No, thanks but I will have the same", she said firmly ignoring Sally's questioning eyes.
             As their drinks were served, Prachi tentatively tasted hers. It was both sweet and soury and Prachi took a quick sip. It was nothing like she had ever drunk before as it went trickling down her throat warmly. She cleared her throat and glared as Sally reached to take her glass.
              "Leave it, Prachi. I will get you a soft drink", Sally said sternly, her eyes boring into Prachi's.
              Prachi held her glass and gave a challenging look, "No, I like it. You can find a glass of milk if you want", she said with a toss of head, quickly smiling at Merin's raised eyebrows.
              As talk resumed again around the table, Sally looked at the dance floor, "What are the boys doing? I think we should go and join them. They seem to be having too much fun without us", she said with a frown.
              Merin shook her head, "No, Sal. Let them be. I am enjoying this girl time. We don't get it often. They would be already drunk anyway. We will join them later", she said.
              Milind was out of the dance floor and was engrossed in a serious conversation with Vicky and Micky. Prachi's eyes kept following him. She can see that he was discussing business. And he seemed to have forgotten about her. She pouted and ordered a second drink. A slow warmth was filling her. She felt lightheaded and laughed merrily. Tension seemed to have drained away from her and even Sally didn't seem to bother her anymore. The music was soothing, the clutter of conversation lively.
               Sally hissed when she ordered a third glass. "What do you think you are doing? You are going to make a fool of yourself", she said harshly.
               Prachi gave a sweet smile, "If I don't know you better, I would have thought that you actually care for me. Even if I make a fool of myself, its my problem, not yours", she said sweetly.
               Sally's gaze hardened. What a stupid girl! She never drank alcohol and now she has drowned such a strong drink that too two in a row. Anyway, it would be fun to watch her fall flat on her face. She shrugged, "Suit yourself. And by the way, I read that interview in the magazine", she said.
               Prachi glared at her, "I am sure you were very happy. All your warnings did come true. It sounded as if someone took words out of your mouth", said Prachi angrily.
               Sally just looked at her, "You are wrong, Prachi. I was not happy when I read it", she said softly. Seeing a surprised Prachi, she smiled, "Not just you, even I am surprised. That girl is a bitch and whatever she said about you was so uncalled for. But yes, I did warn you. So, next time watch how people are around you", she said.
                Prachi continued to look at her with surprise and wariness. This girl confused her. She blew hot and cold when she chose it and Prachi was tired of the game. She shrugged and took another sip of her drink, "Thanks for the warning. I will keep it in mind", she said slowly.   
               Prachi had almost finished her third glass when she made her way to the dance floor along with the other girls and almost bumped into Vicky. The room spun around her. She swayed and giggled, her hand clutching his arm to steady herself.  
               Vicky frowned at her and her choice of drink, "Are you okay, Prachi? What are you drinking?" he asked surprised.
               Prachi giggled again, "Who cares? It tastes yummy and I feel so warm. Where is Milind? I want to see him", she said, already moving away from him.
               Worried now, Vicky guided her across the room and she gave a brilliant smile after spotting Milind. Vicky tapped Milind's shoulder and pointed to Prachi, "Trouble", he said softly and moved away.
                Frowning at the drink in her hand, Milind took the glass away from her and looked surprised as she pulled him on to the dance floor. She put her arms around his neck and cocked her head to one side, "Let me introduce myself. I am Prachi Milind Mishra and I am looking for my husband. Would you happen to know where he is?" she drawled, her voice slightly slurry.
                Milind grinned, "Whose arms do you think you are in if not your husband's, Mrs. Prachi Mishra? And what did you drink?", he asked a bit sternly.
               "Something with lots of fruits, I don't know what it is called. But it is yummy. Where did you put my glass?", she demanded.
               Milind removed her arms from around his shoulders, "Enough of your yummy drink. I think we should go home now", he said.
              Shaking her head, she hugged him again, pressing her body against him, "I don't want to go home now. I want to dance", she declared and started moving to the beat clumsily.
              Surprised and worried what and how much she had drunk, he pulled her off the dance floor before others noticed. She giggled and hugged him again, her lips tracing his jaw and the corner of his mouth. "Now, I think going home is a great idea. But first, kiss me", she said huskily, her lips nibbling at his and Milind's body tightened. Oh god, how is he going to handle her now! He has never seen his wife drunk before, he thought to himself and glared meeting Vicky's laughing eyes across the room.
               "Your car is ready, Milind, whenever you guys want to leave. I am sure you will have a busy night ahead", he winked meaningfully.
               Leaning against Milind, Prachi pouted, "Why are you not even kissing me, Milind? I am going to tell Vicky how heartless you really are", she complained.
              Ignoring Vicky's amused grin, Milind kissed her lips softly, "We should leave now, Prachi", he said softly.
              Prachi protested, "Kiss me properly, Milind" she said and pulling his head down, she placed a loud kiss on his lips.
              Holding her firmly by her waist and ignoring her protests, Milind walked away. Finding Micky with Sally, he quickly explained that he had to leave early and appologised.
             With a "I told you so", look, Sally looked at a slightly swaying Prachi, "Milind, the evening is still so young. How can you even think of leaving so early?" she asked softly.
             Giggling, Prachi traced Milind's neck and down, her fingers disappering through the open buttons of his shirt, "Why do you think we are leaving early, Sally? Afterall, we have to make up for all those lost nights", she purred and reached up to kiss Milind's lips.
               Sally's face turned grey and Micky's eyes widened. "Oh my, you get going guys. I won't stop you", he giggled and patting Milind's back, winked at Vicky. Unable to stop grinning, Vicky looked at Milind holding Prachi steady and close to him as they walked out of the club. His brother looked bewildered and so unsure of himself that he had to stop himself from laughing out aloud. Catching his eye, Milind shrugged and smiled sheephisly. 

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