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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 77)

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Hi everyone, now that all misunderstandings cleared, I thought I will give you a romantic one. It will continue in the next update as well...promise Wink. Cheers Big smile

                                    Part 98
        Lost in thoughts, Milind stared at the murky waters of River Thames turning dark and mysterious in the twilight. He liked this time of the day, when the shadows are long and fading against the fast darkening sky. The crowd had started to thin around him but he didn't move. It had been almost two hours since he came to the riverside. The air was stuffy and warm, a perfect setting for a thunderstorm as predicted for that evening. Words had fallen short and not knowing whatelse to say, he and Prachi had looked at eachother wordlessly. Atlast he had excused himself and left the flat, his legs automatically leading him to his favourite place. His heart felt heavy and aching, unable to forgive himself or Prachi. If he was angry with her, he was angry with himself more. He could bear any pain she gave him but the knowledge that he had hurt her more was unbearable. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the rails. In spite of his anger, there was a sense of joy in his heart knowing how posessive and jealous she was for him. She had put herself through all that pain just for that. He looked up at the darkening sky, his eyes soft and a small smile tugging at his lips. If only she had understood how much he loved her and only her, he thought soberly. Of course she does, a part of his mind chided him. He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. He was someone who always looked ahead and then why was he moping about what had happened. Atleast now everything was sorted between them, or atleast he hoped so. The smile on her face when she looked into his eyes had tugged at his heart painfully. There was such beauty and innocence in it that he only hated himself more. What would she be doing now? Would she be waiting for him….run into his arms? Or would she wonder what was wrong now that he had left her alone? He didn't know if he understood how her mind worked anymore. He sighed, moving away from the water. It was time to go back. He didn't want her to be alone when the storm hits. She would be frightened and at unease. He started walking back, slowing down as he neared a supermarket. He had given no warning to his part-time housekeeper to stock up the fridge. Apart from the basic stuff and canned food, the kitchen was empty. And tonight he felt like cooking. He had always found it therapeutic and enjoyed it. He would spice up his Italian cooking to Prachi's taste, he thought to himself as he entered the supermarket.
           Laden with bags he walked into the silent house. Where is Prachi? he wondered to himself as he placed the bags on the kitchen table. His eyes quickly searching for her, he walked into his bedroom and went still. Curled up on the bed with his pillow clutched to her chest, Prachi was asleep. He slowly walked towards her, his eyes taking in her sleepy form. She seemed to be in deep sleep, with her chest raising and falling rhythmically, her pink lips open slightly apart. Her face looked so calm and relaxed that his heart constricted. How tormented she had looked the night before and now she was sleeping so peacefully! It was as if whatever demons were chasing her had disappeared. Oh, how he wished that was true…… watch her sleep like this every night. His hand reached to touch her face but stilled. Not wanting to disturb her, he stepped back.
               Prachi woke up to a dark room lit only by the faint light from the light lamp. The curtains were closed and she was warm under the duvet. Her slight disorientation cleared soon and she sat up with a start. Oh my god, what time was it? How long had she been sleeping? But how could she fall asleep like that? And where was Milind? The other side of the bed was empty and definitely not slept in. She stared at the dishevelled image in the mirror and ran her hands through her hair. God, she looked like a mess, she grimaced. Quickly making herself presentable, she walked out of the room. The first thing that hit her was the delicious aromas from the kitchen. She slowly walked towards it, her footsteps muffled in the rich carpet. The sound of ENIGMA gently throbbed and she drew in a breath seeing Milind in the kitchen. His body involuntarily moving to the soft beats, he was busy cooking. Prachi swallowed feeling a lump in her throat. A glass of red wine sat on the kitchen table which he had obviously been sipping from. But that's how he always cooked, didn't he? And she used to chide him telling him to drink fruit juices instead. Her eyes filled with tears and she blinked furiously. The room felt warm and rich with the smell of herbs. She stiffened when he suddenly turned towards her. Silence throbbed between them as they stared at eachother wordlessly. Unable to meet his eyes and lost for words, she looked down, her fingers knotting with eachother nervously. Milind's eyes raked over her slowly. Her freshly scrubbed face, pink cheeks, slightly swollen eyes only added to her beauty and he fought an urge to take her in his arms.
              "Dinner is ready", he said, his voice more curt than he intended.
              She stiffened more and he cursed himself and turned back to the hob. There was a new restlessness between them and he felt lost.
              He cleared his throat, "I will set the table up", he said and moved towards the dining table at the corner.
              "Let me", Prachi said almost inaudibly and hurried towards it.
              He moved back watching her clumsy motions. "I like to eat in the kitchen. It feels ……cosy", he said slowly.
              Prachi nodded, "I know", she said softly and their eyes met.
              Clearing his throat again, Milind pulled a chair for her and she murmured small thanks and sat down. She watched as he served her and then himself. The food looked and smelled delicious. Her stomach rumbled loudly indicated how hungry she was.
              "Eat", he said and she coloured with embarassment. They ate in silence and Prachi's heart constricted seeing that he had spiced up the pasta to her taste.
              "Mil…ind", she called hesitantly, her hand reaching across the table towards him.
              He moved his hand away, "There is a thunderstorm coming", he said heavily and her fingers curled back in disappointment.
              She watched with dismay at the half empty bottle as he poured himself another glass. Without a word, she poured a glass of apple juice and moved it towards him and kept her eyes down at his sharp glance. Silence throbbed between them again and with a sigh, Milind picked up the juice glass. A burst of warmth spread through her and for the first time since she walked into the kitchen, she relaxed. They finished the meal in silence and dismissing her help, Milind started to clear away. She hovered not knowing what to do and realising that he had indeed dismissed her, she walked into the lounge. The curtains were pulled back from the floor to ceiling glass windows and the view of the tower bridge and the city adorned with lights was beautiful. She was lost in thoughts when the ringing of her mobile phone startled her. Fishing it out of her handbag, she stared at Mark's name displayed on the screen.
              Taking a deep breathe, she answered, "Hello, Mark".
              "I only called to say sorry, Prachi", he said in a low voice. When she didn't answer, he appologised again, "I am terribly ashamed of myself, Prachi and ready to do anything to make up. Please forgive me. I think I was just too jealous", he said again.
              Prachi gave a small smile, "I know the feeling only too well, Mark. It's okay", she said softly.
              Mark relaxed, "But you have nothing to be jealous about, Prachi. Milind has eyes only for you", he said.
              Prachi's eyes teared up, "I know. Thank you", she said softly.
              "What can I do to make up? Can I buy you a fantastic dinner? You name the place", he said.
              Prachi smiled, "I just had a fantastic dinner cooked by my husband", she said.
              Mark laughed, "I can't match that, Prachi. It would have been very special" he said.
              Prachi swallowed, "Yes, it was……very special", her voice broke.  
              Mark hesitated, "I am really sorry", he said again.
              "Let's forget it, Mark. Why don't you treat Sally to a fantastic dinner? That should cheer her up", she said, trying to sound cheerful.
              "No luck there, Prachi. She won't see me today. I will try again tomorrow", he sounded sad and Prachi smiled.
              "Don't worry. She will come around", she said.
              "I love her, Prachi. I am lucky that she even goes out with me, you know", he said softly.
               Prachi's heart constricted at the wishful tone in his voice, "She's lucky too, Mark. You are a good man", she said.
               Mark sighed, "Thank you. I am glad you think so. Is Milind really mad at me?" he aksed.
               Seeing Milind walk out of the kitchen, Prachi said, "He is here. Do you want to speak to him?".
              "No, Prachi. Not yet. He will call me really dirty names if I speak to him now. Just tell him that I am sorry….please", he said.
              Prachi smiled, "Yes, I will. Now, lets just forget it, Mark. No one is mad at eachother. All is well. Afterall we are friends", she said.
             There was relief in Mark's voice when he spoke, "Thanks, Prachi. You are an absolute star", he thanked her again and hung up.
              Seeing Milind's questioning gaze, she nodded slowly, "Mark….he called to appologise", she said softly.
              With a curt nod, he sat down, "Your travelcase was delivered when you were sleeping. It's in the other room. If you want to get changed……", he broke off. Murmuring a quick thank you, Prachi rushed off.
              Leaning against the closed door, Prachi sighed. He looked so distant and she didn't know how to reach out to him. She wanted to tell him so much, cry her heart out in his arms, feel him caress her head, want him to kiss her………..Tears rolled down her cheeks and she closed her eyes helplessly.
              Milind slammed the bedroom door and paced restlessly. He just couldn't bring himself to talk to her. He didn't know what to say. A part of him was still angry and the other just longed to take her in his arms. How beautiful she had looked sitting across that small dining table! When she reached out to him, all he wanted to do was pull her to him and kiss her senseless. It was with a supreme effort that he controlled himself and only cursed himself more when her face fell. Oh Prachi! He raked his fingers through his hair. He will have to break the ice…….somehow. He took a deep breathe. First a hot shower is what he needed; he thought to himself and walked into the bathroom.
             His still wet hair slightly messed up by vigorous towelling; he walked back into the lounge and just stared. Wearing a long cream coloured tierred night gown with spaghetti straps and her hair left open, Prachi was standing near the glass windows watching the well lit London night below them. She was so still but her fingers resting on the glass curled slightly indicating that she knew of his presence. He walked slowly towards her and stood behind her. His hands itched to run through her silky hair with the ends looking wet and slightly curly. With an effort, he followed her gaze into the night. The sky looked dark and stormy and devoid of stars and the moon. A low rumble of thunder rolled through and a big rain drop hit the glass panel and slowly slid down. Fascinated, Prachi traced her finger down following the trail of the raindrop. A bout of arousal hit him and Milind took a step back.
             "The storm is going to hit any minute", he said slowly.
             Prachi stayed silent. Is he suggesting that they should go to bed? Would he leave her to sleep on her own in the bedroom? Eyes stinging with tears, she curled her fingers into a fist. When she spoke, her voice was just above a whisper, "I want to sleep here, watching this view", she said.
              Milind frowned, "You mean in the lounge", he asked with disbelief.
             Prachi nodded, "On the carpet", she said softly again.
             Muttering a soft curse, Milind threw two cushions on the carpet and pulled a throw off the sofa. "As you wish", he said curtly.
             Prachi's eyes fell on the two cushions and her heart thudded with pleasure. He was sleeping here with her. So, he is not that angry. She bit her lower lip and turned to look at him and gasped. Wearing just his night shorts, he was dimming the lights in the lounge. Slung low on his hips and reaching only up to his midthigh, it covered nothing much. Prachi's eyes slid along his body lingering on his strong thighs and broad chest. A burst of warmth pooled inside her and her heart thudded. Raising her eyes, she saw that he was watching her and blushed. The air between them simmered with tension. The first stroke of lightning hit the night sky followed by a roar of thunder and Prachi jumped. Oh dear, what was she thinking wanting to sleep here? Realising that he was still watching her, she pulled herself together. She quickly lay down facing the windows with her back to him and closed her eyes shut.
              Milind watched her with disbelief, muttering under his breath. Fine, if this is how she wants it, that's what she gets, he thought angrily. Eyes still on her, Milind lay next to her keeping a safe distance between them. He could see the tautness on her shoulders and wondered why she wanted to sleep here. She wasn't planning to sleep on her own, was she? Is that why she wanted to sleep here? Did he just impose himself upon her? Anger coursed through him and he closed his eyes stubbornly shutting his mind from thinking about her.
             Prachi curled her fingers on the carpet, angry and disappointed. Did she think that he was going to pull her into his embrace? Couldn't he even bear to come any closer to her? Is that why he was sleeping too far away from her? Why would he care if she was scared even though he knew that she didn't like storms? Why would he insist that they sleep in the bedroom tucked safely under the duvets? He might as well leave her to sleep on her own. The roar of thunder was loud and she felt strangely exposed as the glass panels left nothing concealed. Tears rolled down her closed eyes and she shut them tighter as another flash of lightning broke through. Rain started pelting now and she forgot how beautiful the view was only a few minutes ago and lay huddled in a tight ball just too scared to open her eyes. If she had been at home, her Papa would never have left her alone. Even after she grew up, he would always sit with her even in the middle of the night, just talking to her and keeping her mind away from the storms.  How safe she used to feel just hearing his voice, feeling his hand on her head? A sob broke through her and she clutched the carpet tightly.
            Milind heard her muffled sob and opened his eyes with a start. Lost in his own anger, he had failed to notice her distress. Of course, he should have known better. Hating himself for being heartless, he moved close to her. How tightly wound up she looked! Shredding his hesitation, he touched her shoulder and Prachi's eyes flew open.
            "You are safe here", he said softly.
             Prachi's hand automatically reached to hold his, her fingers threading into his. Though not touching, she could feel the heat of his body behind her and sighed with relief.
             His eyes softened and his thumb caressed the soft skin of her hand. Aw, his poor darling! "Watch outside. It's so wild and beautiful", he murmured.
             Prachi did, her eyes focusing on the angry display of Mother Nature. How true! The pelting rain and the flash of lightning above the Tower Bridge did have a strange appeal. She pulled his hand towards her chest and held it close. They stayed silent watching the storm unfold. She could feel his breath on her neck and she turned on her back and saw him watching her. Tears started rolling down and her lips trembled. 
             "Prachi", he called huskily and with a loud sob, she turned towards him and hugged him. His arms gathered her close immediately as she broke down in his arms.
             "Shh, Prachi, don't cry, sweetheart. You know I can't bear it", he murmured against her hair, his own eyes moist. His hands caressed her head and after what felt like eyons, Prachi's sobs reduced to hiccups.
             "I…am..sorry", she said brokenly.
             "I am sorry too, Prachi. I hurt you more", he said huskily.
             Shaking her head, she hugged him tighter, "No, Milind. You didn't. I caused most of it myself", she said.
             Milind sighed and rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. She rested her head on his chest and sighed, her arms tightening around him. Oh, how she loved to feel his hard body under her! Milind's hands lifted her head to face him, "I missed you, Cherry" he said huskily.
             Another sob broke through her and her lips took his in a fierce kiss. Her hands threaded into his still wet hair holding him close, her tongue hesitant and clumsy against his, she half sobbed and half kissed him. When they broke apart breathless, Milind's gaze blazed into her very soul, "Don't stop, sweetheart. Tonight, I need you more than ever", he said in a husky whisper.
              A low moan tore through her and she placed soft wet kisses all over his face, "I love you, Milind…..I love you so much", she murmured over and over again.
              Milind's hands tightened in her hair as her lips shed their urgency and became slow and sensual as they trailed down his neck…….his chest and lower. Completely lost in him, Prachi's protest was muffled when he pulled her head up towards him and with a groan, covered her mouth in a deep kiss. His hands tugged at the straps of her nightgown and impatiently pulled it down her arms. Prachi arched her head back as he buried his head in her chest, his hands and mouth driving her insane. She writhed and moaned above him surrendering herself completely to his demanding passion. When he rolled on top of her, she was beyond herself and lost in the exotic world of passion, her fingernails digging into his back, teeth grazing his skin. His name, a half moan and a half cry, was a constant plea on her lips as he pushed herself and him into their very own world where nothing else existed apart from their love and passion for eachother.   
              Prachi's eyes fluttered open and she lay still listening to the sound of the rain against the glass. It didn't sound as heavy as before. She sighed and stretched her body langrously and winced. She bit her lip shyly as memories of the night filled her mind. She turned to find Milind laying face down and in deep sleep. The silk throw was mostly twisted around his lower body and she shyly pulled the remaining part to cover her nakedness. She blushed more seeing her abandoned nightgown in a heap far from where they were sleeping. She leaned closer to him, moving the curls away from his face and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. She rested her cheek on his bare back, relishing the warmth of his skin. Her heart and soul was completely at peace and she closed her eyes holding on to that feeling. It wasn't just happiness and content that filled her but something far beyond explanation, a sense of breaking free from everything that had chased her, threatened to engulf her……her own personal demons. She kissed him again and pulling another throw from the sofa to cover herself, she slowly walked away from him.    
              The clock showed 3 am and sleep gone from her eyes, she curled up on the sofa, her mind filling with the events of the day. For several minutes she watched the rain in silence, the dimly lit lounge adding to the beauty. Her eyes fell on her sleeping husband and she smiled. How simple and honest were his answers today! He didn't dress up his words, never had. Now seeing everything through Milind's eyes, she felt no jealousy or anger. She had just been lucky to have met him at the right time in Ooty. Life without him would have been just plain. He had made it colourful and lively beyond words. Now she can't even relate to how her life was before he came into it. Every minute of her life that's gone by is what made her the way she was, from her childhood to adulthood. And it was the same for Milind too. Whatever has happened in his life is what made him the way he was and that's the person she had fallen in love with and worshipped with all her heart. How could she even think of changing anything? His past was a part of him and for the first time with all honesty, she embraced it. She smiled and hugged her arms around her body. She already missed his embrace, she thought shyly. She turned the TV on, reducing the volume to minimum. Flicking the channels, she settled onto a bollywood music channel. She sighed as a romantic song from yesteryears filled the screen. She was so lost in thoughts and was startled when she felt his arms around her. She looked up and gave a shy smile as he settled comfortably behind her.
               Blushing even more she whispered, "Are you not cold?".
               Milind chuckled and pulled her closer, settling her against his chest, "I am trusting on you to keep me warm" he whispered back and she hid her face in his chest. He kissed her head, "You are really scared of storms, aren't you?" he asked.
               Prachi shook her head, "Not when you are with me" she whispered and he kissed her head again, his arms tightening around her.
               She squirmed when he nuzzled her neck, "Why are you watching cheesy bollywood songs?" he asked.     
               "I like them. It reminds me of home", she said softly.
               Milind stilled.
               Realising what she had said, she cupped his face hurriedly, "That's not how I meant, Milind. This is home too", she said.
               Milind gave a small smile and kissed her lips, "Relax, sweetheart. I know what you meant. If England is home to me, India is to you. That would never change. Are you really missing it?" he asked softly.
               Prachi sighed and linked her fingers through his, "I do sometimes. But we are going back soon anyway. I miss Papa and Mama more", she said.
              "I am busy with a lot of projects at the moment, Prachi. I don't want to leave them for Dad and add to his work burden. You know he never relaxes. It will be a few more weeks before we could go back", he said.
              Prachi smiled and kissed his cheek, "I understand, Milind. It's okay" she assured him.
              Milind's eyes searched hers, "Are you alright, Prachi?" he asked slowly.
              Holding his eyes, Prachi nodded, "I am, Milind. I feel so free, you know" she said.
              Milind hugged her closer, "I love you, Cherry", he whispered against her ears.
              He ran his hands over her body, stilled, caressed slowly again and groaned, "Don't tell me you are not wearing anything underneath" he said heavily.
              Feeling naughty, Prachi giggled shyly, "That's for you to find out", she whispered.
              He groaned again and his hands moved inside her shawl, cupping her softness, "Oh man, I am totally in love with this new Prachi. Seductress", he bit on her shoulder and Prachi shivered.
             "Milind" she called huskily, her hand caressing threading into his hair and sighed as his mouth took hers in a tantalising kiss.
             "This time, let's find a bed", his voice was a harsh whisper as he scooped her in his arms and slung over one shoulder. Prachi gave a slight scream which reduced into shy giggles as he walked towards their bedroom carrying her.      

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ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Wow me the first one thank u so much Divya for the update, will read it and get back to u hun, take care.
divvya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ytanuja

Wow me the first one thank u so much Divya for the update, will read it and get back to u hun, take care.

Wow, tanu Hug nice to see you online yaar. how are you?
ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
Hi Divya me fine hun, how about u?

The update was simply marvelous dear, samne hothi tho tere haath mein kangan chadadethi.

Edited by ytanuja - 29 August 2011 at 4:48pm

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$ara_$hachi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
me second honey bunchHug
really missed michi on screen ... i can very well see that i have lost track on your updates ... maybe coz my hope dies every time i see the watch or calender ... it's more than 2 yrs. after KYMTH ended but michi was no were to be seen together

but the fact which keeps me going is that we are still much active here ... thanking you for this from bottom of my heart
i will surly hit the "like" button where i missed. about the update ... well, i always love michi whether in FFs or any other place ... glad to see there misunderstanding clears out. they are mature enough now & most important have faith.

i think you are the only one here who is genuine enough to take along this FF when the show itself end and the forum itself started to haunt. my regards.

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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luved ittt
thts all is forgiven n forgottennn
sam78 Goldie

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
hey divya. How are you?
update was awesome, excellent and beautifual etc...
finally their misundersting is over and they made up.
i Loved the update.
Hope we get more romantic updates.
you are awesome writer divya. ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapHugHugHugHugHug
plz update soon.
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Divya this update was just wow loved this part cont soon

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