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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 69)

Cutie_Pri IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Hey Divvya wer r u sweetie Confused
U r coming to IF n still not replying to our posts or updating d ff CryCryCryCry
I m really worried...hope u r alrite hun...

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ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 July 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
We miss u Divya jaldise ajjov na pls.

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
divya please update soon...waiting for a update eagerly..Smile

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indigirl226 Newbie

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Hey update soon plzz
its been so long and i cant wait for them to make up alreadyyy
plz :)

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diyak Senior Member

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
hey divya..hope everything is fine at ur end..
pls update the next part soon..its been long time since the last update

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divvya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie_Pri

Hey Divvya wonderful update hun HugHugHug
I jst LOVED it Heart Heart Hi Pri, thanks hun

It was jst PERFECT Thumbs Up
Gr8 piece of writing Star Thanks again

Hv u studied human psychology Wink Tongue coz u seemed to hv mastered it perfectly by depicting every1s emotions jst beautifully
u simply nail d perfect thing at d perfect place Clap I would have loved to study psychology but it was only a subject during undergraduation. I am glad you liked it hun. thanks.

Firstly Mark ohh Mark wat a line he said LOLLOL it was really in d bad taste but den Milind shud now hw inappropriate his associatn wid sally seemed to others... esp to ppl dey r in a relatnship wid...wid Sally being dis way is okay coz she doesnt love Mark n want Milind back but wat explanatn can Milind give for himself Ermm n to top it all he doesn't seem to hv any clue Confused He was being a complete thickhead. He needs someone to drill some sense into him.

Prachi was thinking hw rite her papa is always...r u trying to give a lil gleams of wat lies ahead Wink Tongue Prachi's attitude of thinking her papa can nvr b wrong is surely gonna create probs in future coz her daady dearest hv pretty strong emotions 2wards her hubby darling Wink You caught on, my friend. Yes, I am laying the foundation for the next phase of Michi's story. Wink

I was happy wid d way Prachi reacted...
d sudden outburst really shook Milind n had him thinking to wer things went wrong...atlast d man got sum idea abt wat his wife is feeling...its strange dat he was still clueless abt d whole thing. May b he was too self absorbed to see his wife's miseries Ermm Yes, in a way he was, too happily married, I would say Embarrassed

LOL again I m going to my feminist mode again Embarrassed
but seriously as much I had said in my previous comment abt wanting to see Milind suffer I jst cudnt help but feel a bit sad for him Embarrassed
hehe not only Prachi also we all cannot see him sad WinkLOL Awww, you are a softie LOL
But I guess wid dis part Milind is sumwat redeemed for many readers n I think d whole thing might hv made many to see prachi in bad light...n most of dem wud b cursing Prachi 4 making Milind we all hv a special soft corner for Milind EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed yes, me too. That's why I can't see him in pain for long Embarrassed

Aww I jst luved d part wer Milind comes n tries to take a sleeping Prachi in his arms...dat was really touching Cry I felt emotional writing it.

Well I luved d convo Vicky had wid Prachi...he seemed to b d most insightful of d 3 ( better dan his dear bro Tongue)...I lyked hw he jst got Prachi to speak her mind...sumthing no1 seemed to hv done so far.
HE was even close to knw d truth abt Sally's warnings to Prachi...but our dear Prachi lyks to bottle up everything in herself Disapprove but I dnt want Prachi to tell dis to Vicky..I want her to talk straight to Milind n clear all d misunderstandings.
Vicky is a sweetheart Embarrassed d way he said he wud stand by Prachi n not sally was soo endearing Embarrassed Pooja is one lucky gal Wink Vicky is indeed a darling. As for Sally, Prachi will handle it in her own way.
I hope u clear it all soon Tongue u hv made my MiChi cry soo much CryCry so knw plzzz get all things sorted out n give us sum romantic MiChilicious moments Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreamingwid special Divvya's touch Wink lets sort out the misunderstanding first, michilicious moments will follow...very soon Wink
LOL srry 4 such a longgg post EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed I shud stop writing essays
DisapprovePlzzz update soon Embarrassed Love reading your long posts hun. so, don't be sorry. I am updating shortly.
divvya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

first of all congo for the new thread, i know i am too late to say that but love to see the 4th thread for it ... amazing
thanks for PM Hi Sara, nice to read your post after a long time. Thanks
god knows how i have read those missed out long updatesLOL ... glad to read about sally & vicky ... ofcourse Michi too ... omg possessiveness & jealousy all together ... sally, stop drooling on him, he is married now
all togteher awesome updates ... plz continue soon Thanks hun. I am glad you caught with the updates. I will update shortly
divvya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 January 2008
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Posted: 31 July 2011 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone, sorry for the long silence. My health has taken a big step back and I am dealing with a lot of things right now. I was just unable to write anything. Hope this phase will pass over soon. Fingers crossed. My updates may be as frequent as it used to be. So, please bear with me. I am updating two parts now trying to make up for the long delay. Cheers.

                                             Part 97 A
           Soft laughter filled the dining room, the whole ambience relaxed and the food excellent. Even in her state of mind, Prachi couldn't help appreciating it though she had no apetite. The conversation centred on Vicky and his return to India and Shreya fussed over him ignoring his protests. Prachi looked at Milind seated next to her from the corner of her eyes. Earlier in Vicky's room, he hadn't questioned either her or Vicky regarding her obvious distress but swiftly got on with the packing. Prachi had stood their watching him nervously but soon relaxed realising that he wasn't going to ask them anything. They were soon interrupted by Shweta and Shreya and there was no time for anything at all after that. Now he sat there, picking at his food but politely joining in the conversation. She could feel the tension in him. Her mind replayed Vicky's words over and over. He had told her not to judge Milind without giving him a chance to explain. But was she really ready to ask him for an explanation? She sighed and pushed her plate away and murmured an apology for her lack of apetite. She reached for her glass of water and stilled when her hand brushed Milind's. She looked up meeting his unreadable eyes and with a muttered apology, he moved away. She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe to compose herself. Catching Vicky's eye, she managed a small smile.
            Vicky laughed as he clicked away last minute photographs of his family. Anything to keep his mother smiling, he thought fondly. She had looked so distressed and teary eyed that he had felt guilty about leaving home. He put his arm around her, "Come on, Mom, Don't look so upset. You will be coming to India in a couple of months anyway and I will keep visiting frequently", he said.
             Shreya sniffed, "How would you know what it is like when you are not at home?" she said. Vicky sighed feeling guiltier than before.
             Shweta touched his shoulder, "Milind and Prachi would be leaving in a few weeks as well. It is going to be so quiet without you all", she said, looking dangerously close to tears.
             Oh dear, handling his crying mom alone would be hardwork and now his Mausi too! He put his other arm around her, "Don't worry, Mausi. You both are going to be so busy planning my engagement and wedding that the next year will be gone in a jiffy. I want it to be even bigger than Milind's", he winked at her and relaxed as the two women smiled.
             Shreya smacked his head, "You don't have to tell us, Vicky. We will manage all that. Now, after you get back to Chennai, get some work done as well apart from spending time with Pooja", she smiled.
             Vicky grinned sheepishly. Of course, he will get some work done as well…….when he can.
             Shweta laughed at his expression and ruffled his hair. "I have seen that look in Milind's eyes, Vicky. Go on and have fun. And give my love to Pooja", she kissed his forehead and his smile grew wider.
              Vicky looked at his Uncle thoughtfully. Seated in Anand's office, it was hard to believe that he should be at the airport within the next hour. He had been whisked from the emotional family atmosphere to business talks behind Anand's closed office doors in a matter of minutes. Shreya's loud compliants were easily ignored by his Dad and Uncle when they decide to make the detour via their office. Milind too had looked displeased but agreed to meet them at the airport. Vicky nodded in response to Anand's questioning gaze. "I like the idea, Uncle but both Dad and Milind seem to be unimpressed. Are you sure you want me to work on it?" he asked with misgivings. That seemed to be good business venture but if Milind had shown disinterest…….
              Anand smiled, "No pressure, Son. Think it over. Rakesh and Milind didn't dismiss it outright. I think Milind sees no challenge in it. But sometimes, it is good to get involved in a neat and uncomplicated project", he said.
              Rakesh nodded, "No one will be overriding the other's decision, Vicky. This is business. We won't stop you if you want to go ahead with it as Anand also approves", he added.
              Vicky nodded again. "Alright, Dad, give me a couple of weeks, Uncle. For now, I am okay with it. If anything changes, I will let you know" he said and got up.
              It was getting late and the last thing he wanted was his mother and mausi complaining about his carelessness. As Anand and Rakesh continued their discussion, reminding them to meet him near their car, Vicky walked out. He stopped to chat with a few of the staff on his way and his footsteps slowed as he neared Sally's cabin. She was in the middle of a meeting when he had arrived. Had she finished? Wondering to himself, he peered through the half open door. Seeing her busy in conversation over the phone, he walked in and leaned against the door.
             Sally wound up the call with a promise to discuss the business over lunch tomorrow. She turned and her jaw dropped seeing a smiling Vicky. "What the hell are you doing here? I was going to call you shortly and wish you a happy journey. Have you changed your mind about leaving?" she asked with disbelief.
             Vicky grinned and walked towards her, "Yeah, My heart was breaking over the thought of leaving you, my darling", he said naughtily and winked at her.
             Sally's eyebrows rose higher, "What a nerve, Mehra! The first thing I will do after you leave is to get on the phone to Pooja and tell all", she threatened.
             Vicky smirked, "That smug look on your face tells a different story", he teased. Seeing her glare at him, he stepped back, "Alright, I was dragged to the office by dad and uncle enroute to the airport and didn't want to miss the chance to say proper goodbye", he said softly.
             Sally's eyes softened, "I am glad you did, Vicky. It was just like old times being with you all. I am going to miss you", she said.
             Vicky opened his arms, "Same here, Sal. Now come here and give me a proper hug", and engulfed her in a bear hug. Holding her close, he remembered the look on her face at Milind's wedding. What a fool he had been to not have understood! "Oh Sal, I wish I would never have to choose between friendship and family", he murmured almost to himself.
              Moving away, Sally looked at him curiously. "What do you mean, Vicky?" she asked.
              Vicky shook his head and smiled, "Nothing, Sal. Tell me, is your idiot boyfriend back in his senses?" he asked.
              Sally rolled her eyes, "He has called me five times in the last two hours and I am fed up of telling him that he is forgiven. He is too scared to call Prachi but I am sure he will do it sometime today", she said. When Vicky didn't answer, she asked again, "How is Prachi, by the way? She looked very upset last night".
              Vicky looked at her, "I am glad to see that you are worried about her. She cares for you too, you know. It's weird but then WOMEN……..I have given up trying to understand them a long time ago", he said, his eyes speaking volumes.
              Sally's smile froze and she stared at him. When she spoke, her voice trembled, "What did she tell you, Vicky?" she asked harshly.
             "What do you think she told me?" he asked back.
              Sally stayed silent. "No, she wouldn't have", she said. "Not much, anyway", she said again.
              Vicky sighed, "Why didn't you tell me, Sal?" he asked. Sally closed her eyes and remained quiet. He touched her head, "What took you so long to come home, Sal?", he asked, his voice breaking.
               Tears filled Sally's eyes, "I have asked that question to myself a million times, Vicky", she said huskily and moved back when he tried to give her a hug. "So, what would you do if you have to choose between me and her?" she asked.
               Vicky's eyes held hers, "My loyalty is where Milind's heart is and even you know that it rests with Prachi. I have also formed a precious bond with Prachi, Sal. I feel very protective of her", he said softly.
               Sally gave a sad smile, "I understand, Vicky. You actually came here to warn me", she said bitterly.
               Vicky shook his head and put his arm around her, "No Sal, its more of an advice than warning. I can't see either you or Prachi in pain, dear. You both mean a lot to me. But today, I came here to ask you to forgive me, …………for being blind and not seeing what I should have, for being a lousy friend, for not doing enough for you, my friend", he said way too softly.
              Tears rolled down her cheeks as she leaned against him, "I don't blame you, Mehra. I was blind myself and when I could see it all so clearly, it was too late………way too late", she sniffed.
                 Oh god, what a mess! Vicky thought to himself, "I only want you to understand that this will only cause you more heartache. We don't get everything we want in life, Sal. Milind's life is with Prachi and nothing or no one can ever change that. I am not heartless to demand that you forget everything this instant and move on. But just promise me that you would try, for your sake and for everyone's as well", he said.
                Sally moved away from him and wiped her tears, "So, what now? Are you going to tell him?" she asked.
                Vicky gave a small smile, "It's not my position to tell him, Sal and neither Prachi's. And you know better than me that she won't. But one day, you will tell him yourself. You need a proper closure Sal….and Milind too" he said softly. And when that time comes he would be there for his brother. Who else but him knows that the guilt will rip Milind apart?
               Sally stayed silent and he squeezed her hand, "Till then, take care of yourself and be happy. Atleast promise me that you would try", he said.
                 Sally nodded, "TRY……..that has become the motto of my life, Vicky. And I am tired of trying, you know", she said pitifully.
                Vicky closed his eyes, trying to get a grip on himself, "You have your friends to hold your hand, Sal. You have always been a fighter, my friend and I have always adored that about you. Aren't you the only girl who has ever punched me?" he said softly.
                Sally punched his arm, "I loved punching you, you know", she smiled through her tears.
                He smiled at her, "Only because I let you. Just keep up that smile and that spirit, Sal. You will come out of this heartache very soon. Just remember that we all love you and always had", he said and before she could say anything, he squeezed her hand again and walked out of her cabin. Sally slowly walked back to her chair and sat down heavily. She sat there staring at the closed door for a very long time.
             Vicky was relieved to reach the airport well ahead of time and before the rest of his family arrived. Inspite of refusing, the whole family was keen on giving him a proper send off and he was getting restless already. Milind on his own would have been fine to see him off but his mother had been adamant. His ears were ringing with business talks as his Dad and Uncle had discussed nothing but that all the way. He smiled with relief spotting his family walking towards them and waved at them. While his mother started fussing over him again, his Dad was getting restless.         Both he and Anand were due to attend another meeting shortly and their goodbyes were hurried.
              Shreya glared at her husband, "Why did you even bother to come to the airport, Rakesh?", she asked angrily.
               Vicky laughed at the helpless look on his Dad's face and put his arm around his mother, "Mom, don't be too harsh on Dad. He is busy and I have had enough time to say a proper goodbye. But even you and mausi are off to meet friends for dinner. So, you get going and Milind will sort out my checking in", he pacified her.
               Taking cue, Milind started walking towards the VIP check in and within seconds, Vicky joined him. "Gosh, goodbyes are getting longer now-a-days. Where did the good old days go when we just picked up our backpacks and whizzed off?" he sighed.
               Milind gave a small smile, "Unfortunately we have grown up and become more responsible and at the moment I am regretting that more than ever" he said.
               Vicky touched his shoulder and pointed to the coffee shop, "Lets grab a cup", he said and walked towards it.
                Sipping his coffee, Milind leaned against the wall. "So, what was it all about, Vicky? What have I done wrong?" he asked.
                Vicky raised his eyebrows, "So, you know that you have done something wrong. Now that's a start", he said.
               Agitated, Milind ran his fingers through his hair, "She was in a terrible state last night, Vicky. I have never felt so helpless and clueless before. She even said that I had eyes only for Sally last evening", he said.
               "And did you have eyes only for Sally?", Vicky asked casually.
               Milind looked stunned, "What the hell do you mean?", he asked through clenched teeth.
               Vicky touched his shoulder, "Relax, bro. The venue for last night's party was a bad choice from the start. It is always a bad idea to mix the past and the present together, especially bringing wives and ex-girlfriends together in a place which screams of your past. If Mark could react why couldn't Prachi?", he asked.
               Milind sighed, "Is it the dance, Vicky? Was she upset over it?" he asked again.
               "The dance was only one of many things that she was upset about, Milind. You guys did go a bit overboard with that dance though", he said softly.
               Seeing the confused look in Milind's eyes, Vicky continued, "I know Sally is still a close friend, Milind but you seem to have forgotten that she was also your ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, none of the others present there had forgotten. People talk, you know and Prachi seemed to have heard things", he said.
               Milind's clenched his fist, "What did she hear? Why did she not ask me outright?" he bit out angrily.
                "I think she is scared of what she might hear from you. She is hearing snippets from others and putting together a picture of her own making. It is a dangerous mistake, Milind. No wonder she is utterly shaken. What I don't understand is her fascination with your past with Sally?" Vicky asked.
                  Milind stared at a distance. "But she has always been, Vicky. Even I fail to understand why. One minute she will question me about Sally and then react strongly to whatever I said. That always made me hesitant to discuss it. She had always been insecure about Sally. But I thought our marriage would have settled all that. Now I realise how wrong I had been", he said in a distant voice.
                Vicky shook his head in annoyance, "If Prachi was always that insecure, then you should have been more careful when Sally was around. You should have handled things better, Milind. There is no excuse for that. She is fascinated about your past because you closed up whenever she asked you about it. I am not surprised at all. You are the one at fault here, Milind", he said.
                 Milind stared at him, "What do you want me to tell her, Vicky? Do you want me to give her a day-to-day account of what all happened between us? Don't be ridiculous", he bit out angrily.
                Vicky's eyes flashed, "That attitude is what has got you into big trouble now. She doesn't have to know what you did every minute together, Milind. She needs to know what you felt for Sally and what you feel for her now. That poor girl is a complete mess. She is even wondering if she came between you and Sally….If you would have been happier with her", he said sharply.
                Milind's eyes narrowed into mere slits as anger coursed through him, "Wow, is that what she thinks now? She, of all people, should know me better than that. How wrong I had been?" his voice trembled with suppressed anger. He shrugged off Vicky's hand on his shoulder and leaned closer to him, "So, she thinks that I am still holding a candle for Sally. Am I that sort of a man who would be married to a woman but secretly pinning for another?" he gave a harsh laugh. He gripped Vicky's shoulders, "What a fool I had been, Vicky? A blissfully happy fool! I thought I had the perfect marriage but what a joke. My wife doesn't trust me, never had. My marriage lacks the basic foundation, Vicky, …..TRUST……What am I going to build my life on?" his voice reduced to a mere whisper.
                 Vicky closed his eyes feeling the pain in his voice and for a minute anger gripped him. How could you do this to my brother, Prachi? I can't forgive you for this. He took a deep breathe to calm down and touched Milind's shoulder, "Get a grip over yourself, Milind. Your anger is not wrong but try to put yourself in Prachi's shoes. You must see it from her point of view. She is scared, Milind and confused. Her problem is that she loves you way too much. That is what making her prone to all these insecurities. I think she is way too jealous and possessive of you that she lets herself or you know. You both need to talk it over. Show your anger, question her but also answer her questions. For once, let go of your pride and tell her all that she wants to know and more. It's your marriage, your happiness at stake here, Milind. Sort this out before it wrecks your relationship", he said firmly.
                 Milind stared ahead, "Why, Vicky? Why this? Where did I go wrong?" he asked painfully.
                 Vicky squeezed his shoulder, "You should have seen it coming, Milind. That's where you went wrong", he said softly.
                   Milind gave a sad smile, "Now what, bro? Do you have questions too? If you do, ask me now" he said bitterly.
                   Vicky gave a small smile, "Cut it, bro. I never had to ask you questions, mate. In some ways I know you better than you know yourself", he said softly.
                   Milind's eyes grew moist, "Then why not Prachi? I thought that she was the only one who knew me well as you do", he said.
                   Vicky nodded, "She does, Milind. But this, she is not thinking straight and she needs your help to see it clearly. She wasn't there, remember. She didn't know you then. Whatever you do, just talk to her first. Trust me, by tomorrow morning, you both will realise how silly it all had been" he said calmly.
                   Another announcement indicated that it was time for him to go. He turned to walk towards the gate with a very quiet Milind behind him. Before going through the gate, he turned towards Milind, "You know I have to go now, bro. I will call you tomorrow and I want you to sound better than you do now" he said.
                  Milind nodded and hugged him, "Take care of yourself, bro. I am going to miss you" he said softly.
                  Vicky slapped his back, "Same here, mate. That place is going to feel strange without you. Just come back soon" he said and walked away swiftly.
                   Walking back into the lounge, Shweta's eyes swept the foyer impatiently. What is keeping Milind so long? She wondered silently. She didn't know if Prachi was going home or if Milind had other plans. She was due to meet some friends shortly and would be late if she didn't leave now. She frowned, spotting Milind in one of the corner chairs. Coffee cup in hand, he was staring into a distance obviously lost in thoughts. She walked up to him and laid her hand on his arm. He looked up blankly and her frown deepened.
                   "Milind, what's wrong?" she asked softly, sitting down next to him.
                  Milind gave a dry smile, "Why should anything be wrong, Mom?" he asked back.
                  Shweta smiled, "You are my baby. I know and understand every expression on your face, Milind. You never had to tell me when you were hungry and when you were in pain. I have been watching you all afternoon but didn't want to ask anything in front of others. What's wrong?" she asked again.
                 Milind sighed and took her hand in his. "Mom, have you ever wished that I was different, that I was better?" he asked.
                 Shweta touched his face, "My son is perfect in every way and I love him the way he is. Why would I want him any different?" she asked softly.
                 Milind kissed her hand, "Why doesn't everyone love me the way you do, Mom?" he asked huskily.
                 Shweta smiled again, "Not everyone is your mother, Milind. And everyone else loves you for what you are too. Instead of moping in self pity, go there and talk it out with Prachi", she said.
                 Milind looked surprised, "How do you know it's Prachi?" he asked.
                 Shweta laughed softly, "Neither me nor Anand told you off for anything. Vicky wouldn't do anything to cause you any distress. So, the only other person who holds that power is Prachi. I have been watching her all afternoon too. She doesn't look any better than you do. So, don't waste time sitting here. Every relationship faces small ripples now and then, my child. There is nothing to be disheartened about. All you both need is some time together. Get away from the house for a couple of days. Switch your phone off. We know where to find you if the need arises. Now get up and come with me. I am getting late already", she said firmly. Pulling at his arm, she walked towards the car.

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