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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 59)

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Originally posted by Cutie_Pri

Hey Divya hw r u now... hope u r feeling better...plzz do take care of urself hun Hug Hug Hi Pri, how are you hun? your new id is cute Embarrassed. I am feeling better yaar. Thank you Hug

B4 everybody starts a anti Milind morcha plzzz update n clear all d misunderstandingsTongue hehe, okies

Even I m hating d current scenario
Disapprove Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Can't see my Prachi in Pain Cry me too, but then she will have sort this issue out.

n plzzz do make Milind come out clean 4 ignoring Prachi while dancing intimately wid Sally Angry he cared abt Mark but not abt his own wife Confused dat was really insensitive of him
Disapprove yes, very insensitive. He just expects prachi to understand everything and doesn't see things from her pov.

I luved hw u brought diff emotions in all d characters...luv ur style of descriptn Star Clap Star Thank you Embarrassed

Plzzz do cont. soon...n I hate to say dis but plzz can u make Milind suffer a bit EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I knw it childish Tongue  n dat Milind doesn't hv a clue abt Prachi's fragile state of mind n hw much in pain she is Cry...but still he is sumwer responsibl...agree he had said Sally was not jst a fling...but he didn't tell her hw deep d relatnship went...he is so different frm honest Milind dat Prachi met @ Ooty 
As I find  him a bit responsible for Prachi's pain n tears I want to see him cry over Chi... Tongue
I want Milind to knw knw hw it feels wen u see d one person who is ur world dance in sumbody else's arms lyk d world has stopped feel d jealously...feel hw it feels to b unimportant n misplaced in d lyf  of d person who is THE important person 2 u...don't worry. I will definitely make Milind suffer a bit. But that duffer prachi just can't see him in pain eventhough she bottles up all her hurt and pain. He will have to go through a lot of pain due to Inder later. so, I will let off a bit easily this time.

I jst want to see Milind seething wid jealousy...getting frustrated, depressed wid seeing Prachi wid sum1 else( I doubt if it will ever happen)...feeling d pain n fear of losing Prachi d one he loves to another guy...

I knw I m wrong hereEmbarrassedTongue but I feel
sumwer Milind is guilty here Embarrassed I think ders a bit of a feminist in me Embarrassed Tongue LOL ha, I love that scenario. Don't worry,there is another person in Prachi's life who brings out the insecurity in Milind..and that's our very own inder papa Wink

N Plzzz make prachi more strong n confident...I can't tolerate woman who r soo insecure...every woman hv sum ( Many ) insecurities Wink...but we also hv d ability to face d hardest of d situation wid confidence...gone r d meek house wives days...Prachi herself hv face sally n awkward situatns bravely...infact I lyked it hw fast n gud she adjusted to d Mighty Mishra's lyfstyle...even gave back sum bitchy remarks to Sally Big smile but den it all fades away to nothingness soon
Disapprove She is not a weak person just crazily in love with her husband. She will find her confidence very soon.

I want sum old lover of Prachi 2 show up n Milind 2 get all worked up Wink or Prachi starts to get flirty wid other guy( Jst act) to make Milind jealous( I doubt I dis will at all happen LOLLOLLOL) hehe, fat chance of that happening TongueTongueTongueLOLLOL

LOL Srry I m vry bad wid words EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed srry 4 boring u my lengthy post hope I didnt confuse u or made u lose ur mind LOL wid my whacked out imaginatn n comment Tongue...Dnt listen to my crazy ideas EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed jst do wat u hv planned to write but Plzzz do cont. soon Tongue No hun, enjoyed reading your comments and love your crazy ideas WinkWink


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Originally posted by 111priyan

hye Divya , how are u Dear. where is next part dear , please continue soon...

updating in a few minutes, Priya. just couldn't finish writing this part.

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Hello everyone, sorry, posting a week later than promised. It was a hard job writing this part. Hope you guys like it. Cheers Big smile

                                   Part 96

          The wind picked up speed and a shiver went through Prachi. Her mind vaguely registered the chill in the air and that she had left her cardigan behind. The music died down behind them suddenly and all that remained was an eerie silence. The moon hid behind the clouds again, leaving a pale silhoutte of the two women lost in their own thoughts. Prachi stared into the night, too tired to think or reason. She felt no anger or jealousy towards Sally anymore, just sad……..for what Sally had lost and how helpless and alone she looked that very minute. She hugged her arms around herself and shivered again.
           "You are cold", Sally said softly in a low voice. "Go inside, Prachi", she said again when Prachi didn't answer.
            Prachi gave her a humourless smile. In a way it felt good to feel the cold, a pale reminder of reality. "You should too", she said softly and turned to walk away. She shuddered at the thought of going back inside and her footsteps slowed down as she neared the door. Her mind was a riot of thoughts and tears started flowing down her cheeks and she brushed them away angrily. Her heart cried silently and she leaned against the wall, just wanting to disappear into the dark night.
          Milind took deep gulps of water, his eyes searching for Prachi in the dimlit room. The noise was horrendous, people screaming and laughing. Where is she? He laughed and joked as he passed through the crowd, his eyes trying to locate her. He was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. It had been ages since he played for his friends, among his friends and tonight Prachi's presence in his favourite place only made the night more special. She had been very quiet that night and that disturbed him a lot. She didn't seem to want to talk to him and he had put himself into his music with a vengence trying to stay sane. But now it had been hours since they had come here and she still seemed to be avoiding him. The joy and exhilaration he felt was fast receeding and now he felt lonely without her. How strange it was to feel that way in the place he had always felt so at home, among the people he had known all his life! He sighed, Prachiii!! He smiled on seeing her cardigan hanging on the peg near the back door. Aw, she wouldn't dare step outside without her cardigan. The night would be way too chilly for her. He decided that she must be in the washroom. A chill blast of wind made him frown. The back door was was not on latch. Now, surely she wouldn't have gone outside, would she? Frowning even more, he opened the door and stepped outside.
            Prachi jumped hearing the creak of the back door as it opened. Seeing Milind step out, she moved deeper into the shadows afraid of being spotted. She didn't dare face him looking like a complete mess. She would have no answer to his questions. Taking deep breaths to compose herself, she moved a safe distance from him, her body rubbing against the coarse wall. She bit her lip as something sharp tore at the soft skin of her arm. "Prachii……..", Milind's voice rang out and she covered her mouth to muffle her sharp gasp of pain.
             Milind's eyes searched in the darkness. Damn, this place had been left unattended for so long, without any lights or security, he thought to himself. He frowned on seeing a silhoutte of someone at a distance. Oh, there she is! He sighed in relief. "Prachiii," he called walking swiftly and was taken aback when Sally turned towards him. "Sal……, sorry, I was looking for Prachi. But what are you doing here in the dark?", he asked, touching her shoulder. In the wisp of silvery moonlight, her face shone wet with tears. "Are you alright, Sal?", he asked again, concerned now.
            Without a word, she rested her cheek against his hand and sighed. The warmth of his hand was soothing against the chill of the night. He called her name again and she remained silent, her heart grasping on to the moment desperately.
            Eyes softening, he touched her head, "Its chilly tonight, honey. You should go in".
            Brushing her tears, Sally gave a small smile, "I want to go home, Milind. I think I am coming down with a bad headache", she said softly.
            Milind nodded, "If Prachi wants to leave early then I shall drop you home or I will get someone else to do it. Mark seemed quite drunk already", he said. Arm around her shoulders and offering silent comfort, he walked back with her.
             Prachi pulled on the cardigan ignoring the sharp pain as the material grazed her arm. She couldn't stay outside anymore. She couldn't hear them talking but just seeing Milind and Sally with eachother was too painful. She quickly joined the crowd. No one seemed to have missed her and the place only seemed noisier than before. She jumped when she heard Milind call her name from behind her. She slowly turned to him, her expression guarded seeing Sally standing behind him.
             Surprised to see her, Milind shook his head, "Where were you, Prachi? I was looking for you everywhere", he complained.
             Before she could answer, Mark's voice cut in, "Ah, here they are! Why, darling, did you step outside with Milind for a cosy heart-to-heart talk or what?" he slurred, his smile almost a sneer. Sally took a step back as he bent closer to her.
             Shocked, Prachi looked at Milind worriedly. Irritated, Sally turned her head away "Chill now, Mark", she said sternly.
             Shrugging his shoulders, Mark turned towards Milind unsteadily, "She seemed to have forgotten, mate. Atleast you should have reminded her that you were only her ex-boyfriend. Her current boyfriend was still indoors, all alone", he gave a sarcastic laugh.
             Milind's eyes narrowed. Ignoring Mark, he turned to Prachi, "Do you want to leave now or stay a bit longer, Prachi?" he asked calmly.
             Looking from Mark to Sally and him, Prachi nodded, "Now, please", she said softly.
             Milind stepped closer to her, "Good, we will just let the guys know and we will drop Sally on our way", he said.
             Prachi closed her eyes in dismay, "Oh god, how am I going to bear this further", she thought helplessly.
             Mark patted Milind's shoulder, "Sally will go with me", he declared slurrily.
             Milind gave him a bored look, "Yeah mate, we all knew what happened last time you drove her home fully drunk", he said sarcastically.
             Mark gave a sneer, "Cool. So, you take my girlfriend home and I take your wife", he laughed.
             He choked on his laughter as Milind grabbed his collar, "Don't you dare bring Prachi into this. One more word and I will smash your face into a pulp", he said in a dangerously soft voice.
             "Enough, guys", cut in Vicky and slowly Milind released his hold realising that people had gone quiet around them.
             "Man, he is such a bully", whined Mark and Vicky patted his shoulder. "Cool it, man. Pete's just pouring you another shot. You are not planning to miss all the fun tonight, are you?", he said suggestively and Mark nodded and walked off staggeringly towards the drinks table.
              Vicky gave a reassuring smile at a stunned looking Prachi and Sally. "Sorry about that, ladies", he applogoised. He put his arm around Milind, "Get going now, bro. I will handle things here. He is just a drunken idiot. Don't mind him", he said.
              Milind gave a curt nod and put his arm around a shaken Prachi. "Sal", he called out to Sally and walked off swiftly.
             There was an uncomfortable silence in the car. Prachi closed her eyes and leaned back. Goodbyes were hurried and they had left immediately. She was still in shock over Mark's behaviour. He had always come across as a very pleasant and friendly guy but tonight…….! Her papa always said that alcohol brought out the hidden animal in man, makes one forget who he was and where he was. How right he was! But then her papa was always right. Mark had indeed forgotten his own self, all in the name of fun and partying.
              "I appologise for Mark, guys", said Sally suddenly. She looked embarassed and Prachi felt sorry for her. Their eyes met and there was a gleam in Sally's eyes that bordered on triumph. Kicking herself for feeling sorry for Sally, Prachi kept quiet.
             Milind gave a slight nod at Prachi and smiled at Sal, "Forget it, Sal. He didn't know what he was saying. He was never very good in handling alcohol anyway. He will be fine tomorrow", he said gently.
             His eyes kept moving to a very quiet Prachi. The minute he put his arm around her, she had moved away from him and a sudden anger had flared in him. He had kept his arm around her shoulder adamantly till they reached the car. Now, she was sitting hudled near the window as far away from him as possible. Why is she avoiding him like that? If she had been quiet on the way to the farm, she had almost shut herself from him now. His eyes kept searching her face but it remained carefully blank. Anger and frustration coursed through him and his eyes hardened. Well, two can play the game, he thought to himself arrogantly.
              Turning to Sally, he gave a bright smile, "I am impressed with the report you submitted this morning, Sal. I might ask you to handle the next one too, only if I am convinced that you can manage it", he said challengingly.
              Sally brightened up, "Try me, Milind. I won't let you down", she said softly.
              The rest of the journey was spent in business talk between Milind and Sally, about their new project, morning meeting and other things. Relieved that she didn't have to participate in it, Prachi ignored them completely and continued to look outside the window, aware of Milind's eyes on her now and then. She sat upwith a start when the car came to a halt in Sally's driveway.
             "Why don't you both come inside?" invited Sally.
             Milind looked at Prachi and realising that it would be petty to refuse she sighed and got off the car. As they walked into the house, Milind laughed softly, "It's been years since I dropped you at your father's house after an evening out. The questions he would ask me!! God knows how I survived it", he sighed dramatically.  
             Sally smiled, her eyes glazing over. "I bet dad is still awake", she winked at him.
             Milind chuckled, "Old habits, I guess", he said and muffled his laughter with a cough when Simon walked down the stairs.    
             "Aw, sweety, you are home earlier than I expected", Sally's father called out and Sally rolled her eyes at Milind.
            Struggling to keep a straight face, Milind moved forward to shake his hand and Simon greeted Prachi warmly. "How did you keep tabs when Sally lived in her flat, Simon?" Milind asked cheekily.
            Simon smiled, "I know she is a big girl now, Milind but here it's my house, my rules, right?" he asked and Sally kissed his cheek.
            Prachi smiled feeling the warmth between them. Her heart clenched with a sudden longing to be with her papa and she blinked furiously to clear the sudden tears away.
           "We should be leaving now, Sal. It's quite late already", said Milind, refusing her offer of coffee and Prachi quickly took her leave from Simon.
           Walking out of the door, Sally tugged at Milind's arm. "See, that branch still stoops towards my bedroom window", she said and pointed to the huge tree in the garden.
             Milind chuckled, "Yeah, but I am too heavy to swing on those branches now. Now-a-days, I do the right thing and ring the doorbell", he said. "Now, get some sleep and don't think about anything else. All will be well tomorrow", he said softly and walked to the car. Waiting for him to join her, Prachi wished Sally a good night and got into the car.
           As the car pulled out of the driveway, Milind turned to her, "Prachi, what……?".
            She cut him before he could continue, "I am tired, Milind. Do you mind, please?" she said softly and closed her eyes.
             Too stunned to say anything, Milind stared at her. The shrill ringing of his mobile phone cut through the silence and Prachi was relieved as he was kept busy by the overseas business call till they reached home. 
            Prachi threw her purse on the bed and sat down, holding her throbbing head and jerked up when the bedroom door slammed shut. She closed her eyes seeing the fury in Milind's eyes.
            "You don't want to talk to me, be anywhere around me. What the hell is going on, Prachi?" he asked angrily.
            Prachi turned away from his probing eyes, "Nothing. I just want to be left alone for sometime. Is that too much to ask?" she said calmly.
            Eyes narrowing in anger, he lifted her face up towards him roughly, "Yes…..yes, it is when it concerns you and me. I apologised for my behaviour last night. What more do you want?" he snapped.
            Pulling herself away from him, she stood up, "I don't want anything, Milind. Just leave it", she said and turned away from him.
            His hand closed on her arm and he pulled her back to him, "Don't you dare turn away from me when I am talking to you", he said silkily and let her go immediately when she cried out in pain. "What is it? What is it, Prachi?" he asked concerned.
             Prachi touched her arm, suddenly remembering that hurt herself in the dark. It had completely slipped her mind. She slowly slid off her cardigan and stared at her bloodied skin.
             Milind took a sharp intake of breath, "How did you get hurt? Why didn't you tell me? No, don't touch it. Let me clean it up first", he spoke quickly and pulled out the first aid box. He stilled when Prachi moved away from him.
             "Don't. Just don't" she warned, tears brimming in her eyes.
             Too shocked to react, Milind watched speechlessly as she cleaned the blood herself. There was a sharp cut and Milind swore under his breath and held her hand. "Let me do it", he said harshly.
             Prachi pulled her hand away from him, "Don't touch me, Milind. Just stay away from me", she screamed.
             Hands clenched into angry fists, Milind stepped towards her. "You don't mean that, Prachi", his voice shook.
             "I mean it, damn you", she screamed and pushed the first aid box away, its contents dropping on the floor. She gave a harsh laugh ignoring his stunned expression, "Why this sudden concern for me, haan? All night, you had eyes only for Sally. Now that she is not here, you remembered me", she bit out angrily.
              Milind froze, unable to believe his own ears, "What are you talking about? Where did Sally come in between all this?" he asked in utter disbelief.
              "You would ask that, wouldn't you? You know what, Milind, you should have taken up Mark's offer and swaped me for her", she said bitterly.
              The room rang with her words and Prachi froze realising what she said. A shiver went through her when Milind's hand shot up and pulled her head towards him, his hand tightening in her hair. His eyes glittered with fury and utmost hurt, "How dare you, Prachi? How dare you?" his voice shook so badly and he pushed her away from him in disgust and strode of the room.
             Thoroughly shaken and disgusted with herself, Prachi sat down. Oh god, what had she said! How could she! A fierce anger had gripped her and she wanted to see him in pain, wanted to hurt him as much as she was hurting within herself. But now that she saw the hurt in his eyes, she didn't feel content but only ashamed of herself. Suddenly she felt like a stranger in her own body. A myriad of emotions had taken over her very soul and she felt lost and utterly terrified.  Milind…Milind……her heart cried silently. Why does she want to be run into his arms and at the same time can't bear his touch? Why does she want to hurt him as much as she could but can't see him in pain? But then what does she actually want? She didn't know…..The pain in her seemed to have numbed her to rational thoughts or behaviour. Could death be worse than this? Could it be more painful than this? She didn't think so. Oh, If only she could just die this very moment!  Too tired to even cry, she buried her face in his hands.
                Furious, Milind paced the lounge in angry strides. He wondered if he heard her right. Did she really say that? How dare she……….how dare………He sat down on the sofa, tears stinging his eyes. Atleast Mark was drunk but Prachi is in her senses. How could she even think like that let alone say it aloud ………to him? He held his head in his hands as her words kept ringing in his mind. What did she mean when she said that he had eyes only for Sally? He closed his eyes in pain. Did she really think that? How could she?  Why is she bringing up Sally again? He had thought all that was sorted out months ago. Had he been mistaken? But then why tonight? Was she upset about him dancing with Sally? Why did she not say that outright? Why is she shutting him out?
                Unable to keep the questions to himself, he strode back into the room. He forgot his anger and questions seeing her whimpering into her hands and blood oozing out of the cut in her arm. Taking deep breaths to compose himself, he sat next to her without a word and started cleaning the cut. Prachi stilled but didn't move away from him. She watched him as he dressed it up efficiently taking utmost care to not touch her, her heart breaking even more. He pulled out a nightie for her and threw it on the bed. "I will leave you alone now", he said and strode out to the balcony. Prachi watched him go, every cell in her body wanting to call him back to her.

                 The night had turned misty and Milind watched the changing lights of the water fountain lost in thoughts.  He can see clearly that lastnight's misunderstanding alone was the not the reason for Prachi's reaction. There was something more but what? He raked his fingers through his hair confused. He couldn't understand where Sally fit in all this. Now that they were married, he had thought that she had left behind all her insecurities about Sally. Suddenly he wasn't sure. But then she had reacted violently when he praised Sally last night too. He frowned and Prachi's words rang in his mind clearly.. No one takes my place, Milind. No one…..He hadn't heard her sound that vehemant before. Now her words took altogether a different meaning. Oh god, she wasn't talking about the party at all! And now she said that he should swap her for Sally. She surely wasn't just repeating Mark's words. Tension coiled inside him and he stared into the dark night. As if something snapped open, Prachi's reaction to Sally on various occasions came back to him. And he had been so blind, so blissful in his married life that he had never even suspected anything. But she had seemed friendly with Sally. Was there a hidden tension between them that he had failed to notice? Confused and worried, he paced restlessly. But they had talked about it before, on various occasions. Damn it, Prachi! He swore angrily. Why does she keep holding on to this and for how long? Buried up to his neck with work, he had needed her with him more than ever and she is buried in her own insecurities, pushing him away. But then he could tolerate anything but that. He will have to talk to her and now. He needed answers and fast. He was not going to waste another night of their life in stupid misunderstandings.
            Determined, he strode back into the bedroom. The lights were still on but Prachi seemed to be sleeping. Feeling torn between waking her up and letting her sleep, he stood there. A soft whimper alerted him and he walked closer to the bed. Prachi was whimpering his name in sleep, a lone tear running down her face. His heart constricted with such fierce love, that he staggered. He touched her face gently wiping the tear, "Sweetheart", he called her softly.
             Prachi woke up with a wild start and stared at him as if he was a stranger. He cupped her face, "Prachi, Was it a bad dream, darling? It's okay. I am here now", he said gently.
             As if suddenly seeing him, she pulled away from him. Feeling like his heart was being wrenched away from him, he reached for her again, "No, sweetheart, don't move away from me. I can't bear it, Prachi", his voice broke and he pulled her stiff body towards him.
            Placing a glass of water against her lips, he urged her to drink. Prachi obeyed taking a few slips but remained silent. She moved away from him again and curled up on the bed. He watched her as her eyes closed. Turning off the lights, he got into bed and pulled her closer, ignoring her feeble resistance.
           He caressed her head resting on his chest but she stayed stiff in his arms, "You used to fall asleep the minute you come into my arms, Prachi. Why not now, sweetheart? What has changed and Why? You are in my arms but I feel that you are miles away from me and I can't bear it. It's killing me, Prachi", his voice shook and he closed his hand over hers. She never relaxed and her fist stayed clenched. Tears filled his eyes and he brushed his lips against her head softly, "I have done something to hurt you so much, Prachi. But I don't know what. Oh god, I just don't know", he whispered in a broken voice. He continued caressing her head and hummed softly. Dawn broke, its faint rays filtering through the curtain and atlast she relaxed, slowly falling asleep in his arms. Milind stayed awake trying to find solace in seeing her sleep, fear and despair gripping with every passing minute.
             Prachi woke up with a start and found herself alone in bed. The curtains weren't pulled back and the room was still pleasantly dark. She reached out to touch his pillow, his smell still lingering in the sheets.  She rested her head on it as memories of last night filled her head. After all that, she had still fallen asleep in his arms as always. He would be at work now. Did he get any sleep at all lastnight? She didn't think so. Her mind remembered the helplessness in his voice and her heart clenched with pain. He wanted to know what he had done. What was she going to tell him? There was a beep on her phone and resigned, she picked it up. "Wake up and shine, Prachi BHABHI. My flight leaves in a few hours", it said. Prachi sat up with a start. Oh god, it had gone 11 am already and Vicky was leaving that afternoon. She should have been at his house now and that was more important at the moment. She hurriedly got off the bed and swayed as a wave of dizziness hit her. She touched her arm, finding a new plaster. He must have changed it this morning, she thought. Her eyes fell on a single red rose on the bedside table. She picked it up and held it close to her heart, tears brimming in her eyes. "Milind", she whispered.
            Vicky pushed the suitcase aside in frustration. He never remembered carrying so much stuff. He loved to travel lightly and hated packing. Milind packed for him most of the time and today that moron would come only hours later. To top that, Prachi was bringing more stuff for Pooja. Ah, it had been weeks since he last saw her, he smiled to himself. Suddenly travelling didn't seem that bad anymore. A soft knock sounded on the door and Prachi walked in with bags. The look in her eyes hit him straightaway but she averted her gaze quickly.
             "Thanks for turning up before my flight took off, Prachi", he said sarcastically and raised his eyebrows when she didn't respond. He pointed to the bags, "To make up for the delay, you can carry on with packing. I am giving you exclusive rights today. I am still hung over and tired", he complained and threw himself on the bed. With a small smile, Prachi started packing for him.
             Watching her closely, Vicky said, "I know I shouldn't be saying this but you do look terrible, Prachi. And I am sure only one person could be responsible for that". Prachi stilled but didn't respond. Vicky sat up, "Okay, I am getting a bit tired of talking to myself", he said and nodded in satisfaction when Prachi gave a small smile. "If you are still upset over Mark's behaviour, then I don't blame you. He was way too jealous and he went off handle. Sorry about that, Prachi. When he wakes and remembers everything, the first thing he will do is beg for your forgiveness. You can be as nasty to him as you want but he will grovel at your feet till you forgive him. He is a good guy but just got way too drunk yesterday", he said and Prachi nodded.
              He pushed the suitcase away from her and sat in front of her. "I spoke for so long and all you do is nodding your head. Things seem to be serious. What happened?" he asked gently. Prachi looked up and very worried now, he held her hand, "What's wrong, Prachi?", he asked concerned. This certainly didn't look like a little tiff with Milind.
               As if all the fight went out of her, Prachi sighed, "He loved her, didn't he?" she asked almost inaudibly.
              Vicky's eyes narrowed, "Who loved whom, Prachi?" he asked.
              "Sally", she said softly, struggling within herself.
              Vicky drew a sharp breath, "And Milind?" he asked in disbelief. She nodded, averting her eyes. Vicky studied her silently, "Why are you asking this question now, Prachi? Was it the dance yesterday?" he asked. So, it wasn't just Mark but Prachi too….damn! he swore to himself. When she didn't answer, squeezed her hand, "What is stopping you from asking Milind? He is the only one who could answer that", he said.
               Prachi pulled her hands away and stood up. "I should have known better. Of course, it's your brother and you wouldn't talk about him", she said bitterly.
              "Prachi" called Vicky sternly and she sat down again. "I know how it looked lastnight. No wonder both you and Mark are reacting. But Prachi, they had history and that place was brimming with it. You would always see that underlying chemistry between them. It happens to everyone. Put me and my ex-girlfriend together that close, you will see it and Pooja would rip my head from my body", he said gently.
                Prachi shook her head, "It's not just the dance, Vicky. I know he cared for her very much. It wasn't a casual fling", he said.
               Vicky frowned, "But who said it was a casual fing? They were together for almost three years, Prachi……his first girlfriend who also happens to be his best friend from childhood. One must be really callous to not feel anything and your husband is not such a man", he said. Seeing her troubled face, "What is bothering you, Prachi? Are you just wondering if he loved her or do you think that he is still in love with her?  If it is the later, then it is very serious and your relationship is at stake", he asked concerned.
               Prachi burst into tears and buried her face in her hands, "I don't know what is bothering me, Vicky. I know he loves me…….very much but I can't accept that he might have loved Sally just as much. Then why didn't he tell me so? I am scared to think that I might have come between them, if…..if he would have been happier with her" her voice shook badly.
              Vicky looked taken aback and his eyes narrowed, "Wow, now that's strong! If that's what you think then what are you doing here? Leave him and then he and Sally can live happily everafter", he said sarcastically.
             Prachi looked stunned and stared at him. Leave him and go away…..let Sally take her place…A life without him…..No…Nooo, her fist clenched into fists and violent sobs raked her.
              Eyes softening, Vicky touched her head, "Silly girl, do you think he can live without you? He can be no one else's but yours, Prachi. And you know that too. Then why such thoughts?" he said gently. Her sobs reduced into hiccups and he passed on a glass of water, urging her to drink. "How can you even compare his feelings for you with what he might have felt for Sally? He was a kid then. That's not an age to make promises of a lifetime together. We didn't even know which college we were going to. But now he is a grown man who has found his love and life with you. Yes, he did care for Sally very much and still does but don't ever compare that with what he feels for you", he said gently.
              Prachi's eyes flashed, "Oh yes, he cared enough to be heartbroken and miserable when she left. People talk, Vicky and I can hear them", her voice broke again.
              Understanding dawned on Vicky and he relaxed, "Ah, so you heard people talking. Do you think they know him more than I did? But whatever I tell you is not going to be enough. You need to hear it from him, Prachi. Milind is the only person who could answer your questions" he said.
               Prachi asked as if she didn't hear him, "Was he really heartbroken, Vicky?", her voice shook.
              Vicky sighed and she looked at him with tearfilled eyes. "He was only a teenage kid, carefree and reckless, great life and a hot girlfriend. When they became a couple, none of us were surprised. They had always been very close and they were such a hit. When Sally's world fell apart, she relied heavily on Milind. He stood by her, we all did. When she announced that she was leaving, he still supported her. But I think it hit him only after she left. Of course, he missed her. It was the first time he lost someone close to him. He didn't know how to handle it. And he didn't want to talk about it, even to me. So, we let him be. But life moved on and he did too. The other girls in his life didn't match up to Sally because he didn't find a friend in them. But you, Prachi…….He found everything in you. So, don't go around comparing the two" he said.
                 "If he hadn't met me in Ooty, he would have got back to her when she came back", she said almost to herself.
                 Vicky sighed, "May be! He felt very guilty when he came to know that she was in love with him during their teenage days. If he hadn't already fallen in love with you, he may have reacted differently. But it didn't happen that way", he said.
                 Prachi stared at him, "Milind knew that Sally was in love with him?" she asked, shocked.
                 Vicky nodded, "Yes, she told him herself and he was so upset for causing her so much hurt then. When it would have mattered, she never told him and he never suspected and when she did, he wasn't available any more. They both had moved on. And don't blame him for that, Prachi. It was not his fault that she was in love with him", he said gently.
               Prachi closed her eyes, "Still is, Vicky. She's still in love with him", she said softly.
               Vicky stared at her in disbelief. "Sh*t", he swore. Oh god, this is a complete mess. Oh, poor, poor Sal! He felt sorry for his close friend. Suddenly he sat up and studied her, "How do you know that, Prachi? Did she tell you? What else did she tell you? What is going on between both of you?" he asked concerned.
                  Cursing herself for giving it all away, Prachi looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please, Vicky, let it go. I just know it. Don't ask her anything", she said.
                  Vicky's eyes searched her face, "Don't ever forget this, Prachi. Sally may be my close friend, but if she had caused you any distress, I will never forgive her. You are my sister, my family. If you want to tell me anything, please do so. I promise I won't say anything to Milind unless you want me to", he said softly.
                  Prachi gave a small smile, her heart lifting up, "Thanks, Vicky. I know you will. But please trust me. It's a women thing and I am capable of handling it myself. Please don't say anything to Milind", she begged.
                 Vicky looked at her for several seconds and then nodded, "Alright, Prachi but whenever you need to talk, you know where to find me", he said. Prachi sighed with relief and he silently vowed to keep an eye on this. He wasn't going to let it go that easily. "Tell me one thing, Prachi. Do you doubt Milind's love for you?" he asked.
                Prachi closed her eyes. Did she? She shook her head. "No, Vicky. I would never doubt it. Not now, not ever", she said, a weight lifting off her heart.
                 Vicky smiled in approval, "Good and now, talk to him, Prachi. I can sense that you have a lot of questions and as I said, only he can answer that. So, ask him. Your relationship is too precious to let such things rattle it. I know what you mean to him, Prachi and I am sure you know it too. Give him a chance to explain before you judge him based on what other people said. He deserves that much", he said softly.
                  Prachi nodded, tears flowing down her cheeks. Vicky put his arm around her shoulder and she sobbed softly, her head resting against his shoulder.
                   A sharp knock sounded on the door and before she could look up, Milind walked in and went still. "Oh, I am sorry………", lost for words, his eyes took in her tearstained face. With his arm still comfortingly around her shoulder, Vicky gave a small smile, his eyes gently reassuring a worried looking Milind.  

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puth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 February 2010
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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
beautiful update divvya...
As vicky said it's better for Prachi to discuss all the things abt Sally to Milind...even milind has a clue on why Prachi is upset so it would be better even if he opens his past to her and assure her that he doesn't love sally any more...
soni4eva IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 November 2010
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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 6:27pm | IP Logged
aww dat was a fab update
am totally in love wid ur ff 
fanx 4 da update n da pm eagerly w8n 4 da nxt part x Smile
rosie111 Senior Member

Joined: 20 September 2007
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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 8:26pm | IP Logged

thanks for  the  beautiful  update

nivedha84 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

Hi Divya,how r u Hug

this Update was Brilliant,well written perfect to the TClapClapClap,I couldn't have asked for better update divya,each and every line u wrote was FAB and i have no complaint xcept for the delay in this update but its worth the wait and i cant wait more to read the next update and i snicerly praying that nothing in this world could  stop u from giving us the next update ontime or b4 time but not a delay i cant take it.i was waiting for this moment for a looong time,the BIG CONFRONTATIONBroken Heart i know its going tobe emotional ride for MIChi and to the readers.Stern Smile
so start wrtting divya,this time iam not settling for anything but a midweek update/regular update Day Dreaming.i know iam being heartless but cant help it dear.sighhh Approve
thanx for tis brilliant update divyaStarStarStarStarStar
lub u

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Asmi2013 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged

i m speechless Divya...Thumbs Up

very well written...Thumbs Up 

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