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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 49)

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Hai divya
How are you dear miss you
plz come back

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CryCryCryCryPlease continue soon!
I really miss this ff :( OuchConfusedDisapproveConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

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Hye Diya , how are u, hope ur healthy. Get well soon Dear...
love u and miss u a lot.

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Hi divya...comeback soon dear...missing you load...

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Hi baar update kar rahe ho nah...

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Hello everyone, missed you all HugHug luv u all Big smile . Sorry for the very long hibernation due to illhealth and a few other problems. Things are getting better now and to make up for my long silence, Iam giving a very long update. I had to stop writing as it was getting way too long. You may want to read it in parts. Take care everyone, cheers Big smile

                                                 Part 95

                  "Prachiii, there is no dress code, honey. You can wear as much as you want or as little as you can. I am going for the later", laughed Merin.
                  Prachi smiled, her mood easing considerably. Milind's call had brought her back to her blissful reality, far away from the danger of venturing into his past. Now she welcomed Merin's call, her bouyous nature only lightening her mood.
                 "I thought we were going to a club. You did say that you were planning something really special for Vicky", asked Prachi.
                 "It's no club, Prachi. This place is a shack on Vicky's farm. Milind, Pete and the others used it for practising their music. Those two were the crazy ones and even formed a band with a few others. That place was our favourite haunt from our highschool days and we used to hang out there after school and in the weekends. Oh, that was life, girl. Anyway, ask you husband if you want to know more about it. Who else knows it better than him? But after he moved to India, he hasn't been there much and even Pete was complaining. That's why I got Vicky to organise it there. What better place to have music and fun? You are going to love it there, Prachi. Now, I am going to let you off, honey. I am meeting the girls in the parlour and we are going to dress to kill. I wish you had joined us too. You sort yourself out and get to the party on time. Trust me, It's going to be so much fun. Byeee!!!", Merin spoke quickly and before Prachi could question her more, she hung up.
                  Lost in thoughts, Prachi walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Her rumbling tummy vaguely reminded her that she hadn't eaten any lunch yet. Milind had told her about the place where he used to spend time practising his music away from home but had never taken her there. Now she couldn't wait to see the place that had mattered a lot to him. But Merin said that it was their highschool haunt, she thought to herself and her footstep slowed. So, Sally must have spent her time there too.   ………With him?...She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. No, not again. She wouldn't think of Sally any more………or of her presence in Milind's life. She walked into the kitchen and dismissing the maids, sat down at the table with a bowl of salad. Milind would be home in a few hours and everything was going to be alright. Then she might even laugh at her own crazy thoughts and fear. A sudden longing to see him rocked her and she closed her eyes. Will he take her in his arms the minute he saw her? Will he say how much he loved her in that deep voice of his? Tears pricked behind her closed eyelids. All she wanted was to just bury her face in his chest and cry her heart out, tell him off for his lack of control over his anger, appologise for letting him down last night, reintrate to herself that he was hers and only hers and that his past will not cast its shadow on her present. She sighed and her lips quivered.
             She sat up startled hearing Brute's loud bark and quickly wiped her eyes as he bounded into the kitchen, ignoring the man chasing after him, ordering him to stop. He jumped restlessly around her, tying to lick her hand and Prachi gave a small smile. She rubbed the back of his ears and he moved closer to her, whimpering in satisfaction.
             "Sorry, Madam, I was going to take him for his walk", appologised the man at the door.
             Brute immediately gave an angry bark at him and started licking Prachi's hand more vigorously.
             Prachi smiled again, "Why Brute Mishra, are you missing Milind?" she asked softly. When Brute whimpered in response, she sighed, "Same here, my friend. Let me just finish my salad and then I will take you for a walk. I think we both need some fresh air", she said to an excited Brute and quickly dismissed the man.
             The afternoon sun was warm and she walked slowly along with Brute, who was sniffing at the grass now and then. As he rubbed against her legs, she knelt down and stroked his head fondly. There were still some things in her new life that didn't have Sally's shadow hanging over it…….like her dear little friend Brute. He had come to Mishra's house years after Sally disappeared from the scene.
             "I won't share you with her, Brute. You will be only my friend. Promise me that", she said fiercely and her eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he nuzzled her face robustly in response. "Good, now go and play with your ball", she said and threw the ball as far as she could and Brute chased after it with an excited bark.
             That would keep him busy for a few minutes, she said to herself and continued walking. Her footsteps slowed as she neared the treehouse. She stood there looking at it for several minutes, her mind remembering the night she spent there with Milind. She shivered missing the warmth of his arms and closed her eyes. Her mind could only remember his face, his smile, his deep voice, the feel of his body against hers. Unable to curb her longing to be with him, she shivered again.
              She entered the spotlessly clean place with sunlight dancing between the trees. She sat down on the floor and leaned back. Wasn't it here that they had discussed about how many babies they would have? She smiled and hugged her knees. She reached out to pick up his old guitar and strummed it tunelessly. Grimacing at the weird sounds it made, she put it away. Only Milind could work magic on this wood with a few strings, she thought lovingly. Suddenly she couldn't wait to see that shack on Vicky's farm, to hear from Milind about the time he had spent there, about the dreams he had conjured there. She wanted to know more about him, about that part of his life which didn't include her, that part which included Sally.
             Shaking herself out of those thoughts, she walked to the chest of drawers and opened the top one. Picking up his highschool football t-shirt, she held his close to her. How naughty he had been that night, making her wear it? But then she hadn't worn it for long, had she? He had gotten rid of it almost as soon as she had worn it. She bit her lip shyly at her own thoughts and buried her face in the t-shirt. "Jaldi aayiye na Milind", she whispered huskily.
            She put the shirt back where she found it and pulled open the second drawer. It was filled with books, few medals & certificates and she went through them slowly. She gasped picking up an old adult magazine. "Oh god, Badmaash. Is this what you did here?" she chided softly and quickly put it back. She pulled the last drawer open. More books…..It looked like it hadn't been disturbed for a long time. She pulled out an old project book and something fell out of it and onto her lap. Her hand shook slightly as she picked up the well worn silver and leather bracelet. Her smile froze and she stared at it for several seconds. Suddenly frantic, she pulled the drawer out completely and lifted out its contents. She leafed through the pages of the other books becoming frustrated by the minute finding nothing else. She gave an audible gasp when a stack of old photographs fell from one.
              A wave of dizziness swept through her as she stared at the photos on her lap. With trembling hands, she picked them up. Her heart almost stopped beating and she kept staring at them for a very long time, unmindful of the tears slowly rolling down her cheeks.
                 Milind took the steps in two as he rushed up the stairs holding a bouquet of yellow roses. He had dropped off Sally at her house and warning her to be at the party on time, he had driven home as fast as he could. The drive seemed to take forever and ever minute had ticked by painfully slowly, the need to see her building up in him with ever passing minute. His footsteps slowed as he reached his bedroom. He wanted to say so much to her, hold her close, appologise repeatedly for his anger and the hurt he had caused her…..most of all, just be with her. He walked into the room to find her seated at the dressing table.               
                Prachi was brushing her hair when her eyes met Milind's in the mirror. They stood holding each other's gazes in the mirror for several seconds and Prachi slowly turned around to face him, her face carefully blank.
                "I am not ready yet", she said softly.
                Milind gave a small smile taking her freshly scrubbed face and red nose, "Cherry", he said, his eyes slowly moving over her. Dressed in a white and maroon short sleeveless dress she looked beautiful. Her eyes looked sad and soft which only added to her beauty. She tried to smile when he handed her the flowers and stiffened when he touched her cheek. His eyes slowly assessing, he caressed her cheek, "I am sorry for last night, Prachi. Will you forgive me?" he asked softly.
                Prachi closed her eyes as tears threatened to roll down. She was still reeling from the effect of those photographs, of finding him and Sally together, in eachother's arms in most of them. There were only a few photographs and mostly in the group of their friends but enough for Prachi to get a glimpse of how it had been between them. It wasn't Milind's 16th birthday photos as she had expected but Sally's. The first photograph itself had thrown Prachi off her balance seeing Sally dressed to kill in a short red frilled dress, her blond hair in luxurious curls, seated on Milind's lap with his arms posessively around her, both smiling at the camera, eyes full of happiness. They both had looked young and extremely happy. In another one they had been caught kissing in the background by the camera and Prachi felt as if her heart was being wrenched out of her. She had sat there for a long time holding the photographs in her hand unable to look at them and at the same time unable to put them away as well. It had taken a huge effort to drag herself back to the house, with Brute walking sullenly next to her, having picked up her sombre mood. With extreme difficulty, she had pulled herself together and was getting ready for the party. But now Milind's presence was threatening to weaken her resolve to the extreme. She held her breathe when he cupped her face, his breathe warm against her skin. It took all her self control to stop herself from crying out in anguish.
                "Won't you look at me, sweetheart?" he asked huskily and with a deep breathe she stepped back and turned away from him.
                Busying herself in brushing her hair, she said in a carefully controlled voice, "Why don't you freshen up? We need to leave soon", she said quickly.
                Milind's face darkened and holding her shoulders gently, turned her around to face him. Prachi closed her eyes, unable to meet his probing gaze and stiffened when he hugged her close to him. "Forgive me sweetheart,…….please", his deep voice pleaded.
                Prachi struggled between the need to hug him back and to pull away from him.
                "Sorry, baby", he whispered again huskily and giving up, Prachi hugged him back tightly.  Relief filled inside Milind and he placed soft kisses on her head. He moved back slightly and cupped her face, "I know I overreacted, Prachi. I couldn't believe that you could be offended by Mom. I was mistaken and sorry is such a small word for what I feel now", he said softly.
                 Prachi slowly removed his hands, "I overreacted too, Milind. I am more at fault than you. Lets talk about all this later. It is getting late now. Vicky will be waiting. I will get coffee sent up for you", she said, only a slight tremor in her voice betraying her mood.
                 Milind stood watching her as she called the kitchen. She seemed to have stepped back from him mentally and he struggled to understand why. Is it because she is angry and upset with him? But she was right. They will have to talk later. Now was not the time. He gave a small smile and walked to the bathroom.
                 Emotionally wrung out, Prachi closed her eyes. Oh god, how is she going to handle the evening? How is she going to laugh among his friends and pretend that everything was fine? Milind was not fooled. He had let it go for the moment but she knew he would want to talk to her very soon. She busied herself in getting ready as the bathroom door opened, carefully avoiding his probing eyes.
                  Prachi rolled the car window down, relaxing in the feel of the cool breeze on her upturned face and zipped up her cardigan closer. There was a definite chill in the air that  evening.  She stiffened again feeling Milind's arm around her shoulders. He raised her hand to his lips and Prachi closed her eyes feeling his featherlight kisses. Unable to stop herself, she leaned against his shoulder and Milind kissed her forehead. "If you want to leave early, you just need to tell me", he said softly and Prachi nodded.
               "Tell me more about this place, Milind", she asked slowly.
               Milind smiled, "When Mom and Dad got tired of me making a racket in the house playing my music, Rakesh Uncle offered us this place provided we cleaned it up and not mess it up too much. It was ideal for us, so close to our school. It started with just music, but later we started hanging out with our friends,….. have picnics on weekends with a bit of studying as well. Sally would pack the most delicious picnic baskets. The farm was not in use. So, it suited us even better", he said.
                Prachi swallowed, a lump forming in her throat. She could picturise it in her mind so clearly. Sally packing a picnic basket for him, hanging out with him……..she bit her quivering lip.
                Ignorant to the turmoil in her mind, Milind continued. "This place had seen the best and worst of me, Prachi. I  forgot myself in my own world of music, lived my fantasies, screamed out my frustrations and disappointments and most of all, came to terms with my life", he said, his voice thick with memories.
                Eyes misting over, Prachi cupped his cheek. She could hear the underlying longing in his voice. Though he didn't talk about it much, she knew that giving up his dream had been the hardest decision of his life. But he had been strong. He had put his responsibilities before everything else. He didn't let his parents down. Her heart clenched with respect for her husband.
                 He looked at her, his eyes holding hers for several seconds. He smiled again and kissed her forehead. "I wanted to bring you here, Prachi but life had become so busy after our marriage. Now, I can't wait for you to see it", he said huskily.
               Prachi nodded and continued to look out of the window, her mind in a jumble of thoughts. She smiled when he pointed his school to her. Set in vast grounds, the reputed international school looked imposing. The car took a sharp turn and Milind pointed out again, "There's Micky's car. They are here already, Prachi", he said, excitement clear in his voice.
                Prachi looked around taking in her surroundings as she walked on the overgrown path when Milind linked his hand with hers. " There is going to be music, booze and a lot of craziness tonight, Prachi. So, be warned. Vicky will be all set to get stone drunk but I will keep an eye on him. He is flying out tomorrow and I don't want him to be hungover", he said and Prachi smiled. "Won't you tell me not to drink too much… you always do?" he asked huskily.
                Prachi's heart flipped over and all she wanted to do was hug him tight and never let him go. But there seemed to be an unseen spasm between them and she struggled to keep her voice steady. "I know you won't. You said you will look after Vicky tonight", she reasoned pitifully.
                Milind pulled her hand to stop her, "You are still angry with me, aren't you?" he asked.
                Prachi's eyes searched his as a number of emotions assailed her. How can she ever be angry with him? How can she explain what she was feeling at that moment……..that she was trying to come to terms with his past with Sally but failing miserably? Just the realisation that he had been Sally's as much as he is hers now was unbearable to her. She had always known that there relationship was anything but casual and today that cemented that. She now understood Sally's animosity towards her better. Whom Sally considered hers and had all hopes of making hers again had become Prachi's? If they hadn't met in Ooty when they did, she knew without a hint of doubt that Milind would have been with Sally. Did she come between them? Is her place rightfully Sally's? A tremor went through her as her mind screamed in pain. She was shaken out of her thoughts hearing Micky's shout.
                 "What took you so long? Get in here now and give us a hand, guys", he screamed at the top of his voice.
                  Milind waved at him and grinned, "Craziness starts now, Prachi. Come", he said and increased his pace.
                 Inside, the place looked much more decent that it looked from outside. It was huge with good lighting and posters of all kinds adorned the wall. Food was already half laid out on a table in the corner. The low stage occupied most of the hall with music instruments.
                 Before Milind could get her on to the stage with him, Micky pulled her along, "Help me with the food, Prachi. Its hard to resist eating them and the guys will kill me if I did", he complained and Prachi laughed, easing up even more now.
                "Look who we have here. Welcome to our den, Prachi bhabhi", boomed Vicky's voice and gave her a hug.
                She smiled when the other men greated her. She quickly laid out the table properly and went to find Vicky.
                He smiled and handed her a drink, "Here, I am not sure if this drink is as yummy as the last one you had on the other night, remember", he winked at her. "But tonight, I want you to have a steady head because I am going to get drunk", he announced.
                She looked at him, feeling ashamed for snapping at him after the party, she held his hand, "I am sorry, Vicky. I know I was very rude last night. Please don't be angry with me", she said softly.
                Vicky smiled at her, "Come on, Prachi, what are you appologising for? You have every right to call your brother a few names. Go on and think of some more. I won't mind", he teased and Prachi smiled with relief.
                 Seated on the stage with Milind, Prachi was getting a hang of the keyboard when Vicky turned towards Micky and screamed at the top of his voice over the loud music, "Get away from that table, Micky. You have finished half the food already. It's supposed to be my party, you moron", he glared as Micky blew him a flying kiss. "Oh man, what is keeping the girls now? How long do we have to wait?", he complained.
                Pete chuckled, "Merin's taken charge, Vicky. We will be lucky if they turn up before midnight", he said in a huff.
                Laughing, Milind put his arms around Prachi. "My Prachi is very punctual, you know. I was very impressed by that when I first met her", he said softly.
                Prachi gave a small smile, concentrating more on the keys trying to play the simple note that Milind had taught her. Even she had been wondering what was taking the girls so long. All the men had gathered already and it was a good number. As she knew everyone well by now, she was kept busy in conversation untill Milind pulled her onto the stage to try out the keyboard.
                 A clutter of voices started up near the entrance and one of the men called out, "Look out guys, here comes the gorgeous girls. Oh man, they do look stunning", he exclaimed and all eyes fell towards the door.
                 The girls did make a grand entrance and Prachi pulled herself out of Milind's arms and walked towards them. Praising them on their looks, her eyes searched for Sally and stared when Sally walked in atlast. Dressed in a red dress similar to the one she saw in the photograph and her hair newly curled, she looked absolutely stunning and a hush had fallen among the men. Someone sighed and someone slapped Mark's back with jealousy and Micky gave her a hug, "Welcome darling. Its been 9 years, right", he said softly.
                Sally smiled. Yes, it had been 9 years and the place looked just as she remembered. Laughing as the men complimented her, she walked towards the stage where Milind, Vicky and Pete were.
               "Oh my, have we stepped back in time or what? Sal, you look amazing", said Vicky, his eyes wide and gave her a hug.
               "All for you, darling. We will make tonight extra special for you", she said softly and kissed him on his cheek.
               Vicky grinned at Milind, "See, I told you that I am the most favourite among the girls. Bring it on my darlings, I am all yours tonight", he winked.
               Micky snorted and wagged his camera at him, "Behave Mehra, I will have all the evidence on film. Think well before you do anything", he laughed naughtily and Vicky made a rude gesture with his hand.
                 Prachi's eyes stayed on Milind's face. When Sally entered the room, he had looked stunned for a moment but his face had become blank immediately that Prachi wondered if she had imagined it. Now he just remained silent.
                 Merin put an arm around her friend, "What do you think, Sal? I am sure this place looks just as messy as you last saw it. When was that now? Wasn't it the newyear's party we had here?" she asked.
                Vicky nodded, "That's right and the very next week she said that she was going to leave the country", he said.
               Sally gave a small smile, her eyes on Milind. His eyes held hers briefly and he quickly looked away. Watching him, Prachi drew a sharp breathe in. No, that wasn't the last time Sally was here and only she and Milind seemed to know that, the realisation hit her and she busied herself with conversation aware of the sudden tightness in her chest.
                  It didn't take long for the party to kick start after that. Apart from having a couple of drinks, Milind stayed on the stage playing his guitar. Prachi carefully avoided Sally and stayed with the other girls. After a courtesy nod, Sally avoided her too which suited Prachi fine. In a strange way, she liked that place, more because Milind looked so at home. The food was mostly devoured in no time and drinks started flowing more freely. Prachi was surprised when Milind gestured her to come to him. Only Pete and he had remained on stage and kept the music flowing and people had already started swaying softly. With experience, Prachi knew that the night will start getting wild shortly. The lights have been dimmed and she liked the darkness. As soon as she reached him, he pulled her on his lap. "This is for you, baby", he whispered and signalled Pete.
                The music stopped and everyone went still as anticipation went up. He signalled again and Vicky and Micky took over the keyboard and drums. He stood up and pulled Prachi in his arms and Prachi found herself tapping along with his steps as he got ready. The music started, Yeah man…….So we back in the club…….. A loud cheer started.
Baby tonight - Usher
Get that bodies rockin from side to side (side to side)
Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back to life)
Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up
No control of my body
Ain't I seen you before?
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Keep downing drinks like this
Not tomorrow that just right now, now, now, now, now, now
                He sang and played like a man posessed and Prachi watched him with awe. He stayed close to her as he sang and her heart lifted up with pride and love. He was soon pulled off the stage and it became difficult for her to locate him among the swaying bodies.
Hands up, when the music drops
We both put our hands up
Put your hands on my body
Swear I seen you before
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
             Feet tapped, hands swayed and bodies moved in rhythm to the beat as if it was indeed the last night of their lives. When Vicky pulled her on to the floor too, she moved in sync with others suddenly feeling free. The room throbbed with the beats and the crowd screemed when the songended asking him for more. Milind obliged and continued singing, others taking turns at playing the instruments. When he stopped atlast, he was engulfed in bear hugs. Prachi too clapped vigorously, her face wet with tears.
               She smiled through her tears when Vicky put his arms around her and squeezed her shoulder. "If only he wasn't a Mishra!" he said softly echoing her thoughts. She nodded, her throat closing up with emotions. "Go and wash your face before Milind spots you, Prachi. I will keep him busy for sometime", he whispered. Nodding thankfully, she fled among the loud cheers.
                She couldn't stop herself and cried silently behind the closed toilet door. She knew that he pushed music behind when he went to University, ready to get groomed to take over his business empire oneday. How hard it would have been for him to come here and step back into his fantasy world he left behind a long time ago? Is that why he doesn't freqent this place anymore? She felt sad and proud at the same time. He was a strong person and she would always adore that. She wiped her face vigorously as she heard voices in the washroom. One was Merin's and she couldn't place the other one.
                "Oh man, if I was not married to Pete, I would have fallen in love with Milind tonight. Wasn't he brilliant?" Merin sighed.
               Prachi couldn't help but smile at her words. This Merin can be limits sometimes, she thought fondly. She wanted to remind her that Milind is married too.               
                 The other girl giggled, "I think I am already in love, whether he is a married man or not. I could swoon hundred times a day hearing his voice. I don't how Prachi manages", she giggled again.
                 Prachi rolled her eyes unable to stop herself from eve's dropping. "Sally seems very quiet tonight, Merin. Mark seems to be sulking too. Is everything alright between them?" the girl asked.
                 Forgetting the need to step outside, Prachi listened carefully. Merin reapplied her lipstick and shook her head, "A few ripples, I guess. The latest one was that she caught him smoking yesterday after apparently promising her that he had quit. Madam was not happy and walked off in a huff", she said.
                The other girl snorted, "I think she is too harsh on him. Give the poor guy a break. What's wrong with him smoking?" she retorted.
                Merin sighed, "You know she can't stand the smell. It makes her sick. But then poor Mark is trying. Not everyone is Milind to stop the minute princess said she didn't like it", she said.
                 Prachi froze. Did he stop smoking for her?
                 The girl looked at Merin in disbelief, "Is it true? Did Milind really do that?" she asked, her eyes wide.
                 Merin bit her tongue, "I will kill you if you repeat this conversation anywhere elese. Milind pretended it was his choice but we all knew" she said.
                 The girl frowned, "But that was all years ago, Merin. Is Sally trying to find Milind in Mark? That is so not healthy", she said worriedly.
                Merin sighed, "I hope not, honey. It would be disastrous", she said softly. "Now let's get going before Pete throws a tantrum. That husband of mine can be a bit of a handful sometimes", Merin said in a huff. Quickly checking their makeup, they walked out.
                  Prachi leaned against the wall, trying to come to terms with what she had heard. Was that the reason behind the look Milind and Vicky shared when they were telling her about their smoking habits? Did Sally mean that much to him? What else did he do for her and pretended indifference? She closed her eyes as pain coursed through her. She could live with how Sally felt or still feels about Milind but knowing about the intensity of Milind's feelings was different. She didn't know if she was strong enough to face that.
                   It took a long time for her to adjust her makeup and when she stepped back into the hall, it was just as noisy. No one seemed to have missed her, not even Milind who was busy talking with the girls.
                  "Why is Vicky getting so pampered tonight? You didn't do this even when I first left for India", Milind complained.
                  Merin winked, "Aw, look, Milind is jealous. The poor boy is going to lose his bachelorhood soon. Let him have fun. This is all Sally's idea, Milind. She wasn't here when you first left for India. That's why you got less pampered", she reasoned.
                  Smiling, Sally touched his arm, "Don't worry, darling. I haven't forgotten you", she said softly and Milind grinned.
                  "I will hold you to your promise, honey. You better make up for not being here when I left for India" he said and winked.
                  Smiling, Sally leaned to kiss on his cheek, "Trust me, Milind. I will definitely make up for the lost time", she promised huskily.
                  Vicky put his arms around them, "Don't push your luck tonight, Bro. You are outwitted tonight. Am the star and I am lapping every bit of this attention", he said smuggly, his cheeks full of lipstick marks already. He had been well pampered indeed!
                Miling gave him a nasty look, "Enjoy your last night, bro because Pooja will find all about it on youtube tomorrow morning", he gave a wicked grin and doubled in pain when Vicky punched him. "You wouldn't dare, Milind. You just wouldn't", he warned and walked away with the girls.
                Muttering a curse, Milind joined Pete and Mark pouring himself another drink. He knew they were just as jealous as him. The music stopped again and they watched in disbelief as the girls took the stage. Oh god, is this the surprise they planned for that moronVicky, he thought and his jaw fell open.
               Vicky whistled loudly as the music started and the girls swayed sexily. Milind quickly checked on Mark and Pete and was satisfied to see them look as if their eyes would pop out. He grinned and watched them dance around Vicky.
Parachute – Cheryl Cole
I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned
I won't tell anybody
Won't tell anybody
They want to push me down
They want to see you fall

Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around
I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound
Won't tell anybody
Won't tell anybody
They want to see us fall
They want to see us fall

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down
         Not wanting to be left behind, few other men joined them and the moves became intimate. Prachi stepped back leaving more space for the dancers, the darkness concealing her even better. Atleast Vicky looks very happy, she thought fondly, trying her best to keep the smile on her face.
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I'll fall into you
          Just as she watched, Sally moved away from the rest of the dancers, her body moving sensuously to the music. She walked towards Milind, her hand outstretched and Milind obliged immediately getting in step with her. Prachi stared as they moved in synchronisation, dancing more closely to the slow song.
 I won't fall out of love
I won't fall out of,
I won't fall out of love
I'll fall into you
          Vaguely she realised that the others had almost stopped dancing as Milind and Sally took the whole floor. She watched in horror as Milind held sally close to him, his eyes never leaving hers. They were both smiling and as the song drew to an end, she moved even more sensuously, her body in close contact with his.
I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you
Baby, if I've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down
         Milind frowned, catching Mark's stare and as the notes faded, he whispered near her ear, "What are you playing at Sal? Mark looks absolutely jealous", he said.            
              Sally's lips almost caressed his ear as she whispered back, "Do I care?"
              Milind frowned even more but she moved slightly away from him and winked. Grinning at her playfulness, he twirled her around slowly, her shoes tapping on the floor perfectly and she neatly went into Mark's waiting arms. Milind stepped back and gave a gallant bow and clapped softly. A few throats cleared and the others joined too, cheering the girls for their beautiful performance.
             Feeling suddenly breathless, Prachi stepped back deeper into the shadows and closed her eyes tightly. She couldn't get the images of Sally and Milind together and her hands clenched into a fist. Feeling her throat closing up, she walked towards the drinks table.
             Micky slapped Vicky's shoulder, "What a treat that was, man! You are so lucky, dude", he exclaimed.
             Vicky laughed, "Even you were jealous, Micky. Wow!" he said. "Remember, we will look all those pictures you took when the party ends and then delete it. No evidence, Mate and I mean it", he warned.
             Micky put his hands up in surrender, "Alright, Mehra, don't get all worked up about that", he promised. Seeing Milind back on the stage with his guitar, Micky smiled, "I don't know about you, Vicky but it was like stepping back in time for me seeing Milind and Sally dance. It's still there between them. I am sure everyone felt it", he sighed.
             Vicky frowned. He was right. The room felt charged when they danced. He didn't know whether it was the place or them.
              Micky suddenly giggled, "You know, man, once I caught them making out behind these curtains", he pointed out behind them.
              Vicky's eyes widened, "Oh god, reallly, why didn't you tell me before?" he hissed.
               "I never told a soul, mate. Milind would have killed me if he had known", he giggled again.
               Vicky laughed, "He sure would have. But then they could never keep their hands off eachother", he said.
                Micky sighed, "I wonder how two people who were so perfect together could drift apart", he said softly.
                Vicky frowned at the wishful look on Micky's face, "A lot of things happen in life, mate, for which we have no explanations. Milind has found Prachi and is very much in love with her. She is perfect for him", he said a bit sternly.
                Quickly pulling himself together, Micky smiled, "Of course, I adore Prachi. But at times like this I can't help but wonder if only things had been different".
                Vicky put his arm around his shoulder, "You can wonder all you want, later but for now, let's go and find more food. I am starving", he said.
                 Micky grinned, "We will in a minute but do you want to step behind the curtains for a minute", he winked at him.
                 Vicky looked horrified for a minute and let a string of curses and Micky chuckled pulling him towards the food table. Vicky frowned catching Prachi walking away swiftly from the corner of his eyes. Was she here all along or did she just pass by? Did she hear anything? He wondered feeling slightly disturbed.
                Prachi almost stumbled out of the place into the chill night. She hugged her arms around herself, taking deep breaths. No, she can't handle anymore of this. Tired, she leaned against the wall. Her pain was too much to even shed tears. What was she doing here? She was the outsider here. That is where Milind belongs, among all his friends, with Sally. The urge to get away from there was stronger than ever and Prachi walked away from the building, stumbling on the over grown path. Realising after a while that she was behind the building, she leaned against a tree feeling lost and terrified. Her eyes fell on a lone figure sitting on a stump and her heart felt heavier than before. Alerted by a gasp, Sally turned around and stared at her in disbelief. The moon burst out of the clouds and the whole place was suddenly bathed in the soft light. Prachi's legs moved on her own accord towards Sally and she stood there staring at Sally's tearstained face.
                "I wanted to get away from everyone", said Sally softly.
                "I wanted to get away too", said Prachi almost inaudibly.
                Silence stretched between them as they both stared at a distance. "This place hadn't changed a bit, you know. I was terrified to come back here. Everytime Merin planned something here, I would suggest somewhere else. But tonight……….tonight I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to be here and here I am. Nothing has changed but everything has changed. Now he wears a wedding ring and you are here", Sally's voice broke.
               Pain coursed through Prachi and she held a branch for support. "When did you last come here, Sally?" she asked slowly.
               "You heard them………for the newyear's party, 9 years ago", Sally bit out.
               "When, Sally?" Prachi asked again.
               There was a long silence before Sally spoke, "When I came to tell Milind that I was leaving the country with my mom", she said in a distant voice. He had guessed it even before she said anything. They had sat outside hand in hand, staring into the night unmindful of the January chill when she broke the news to him. And he never said a word, not then and not when she leaned against him, lost and scared. He had just held her in his arms. Later they had made love like there was no tomorrow………..But then there indeed was no tomorrow. When he dropped her home, she had just clung to him, too afraid to go inside the house. He had walked her inside wordlessly and kissed her and walked away. And she had left the country within a week…..a week in which he almost never left her side. And she, like a fool, waited for him to tell her not to leave. Now she understood that he had indeed, in his own way, proud that he was. "I was such a fool", she spoke softly.
                 Prachi's eyes filled with tears. "Yes, you were", she said almost to herself. The music behind them rose another octave and silence stretched between them, their past and present almost in the verge of entwining themselves.

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