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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 39)

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Originally posted by sonakap1

Hey Divya, Hi Sona

Brilliant update as always..Thanks hun .All Prachi's excitement for the party went down the drain in just a minute. But I feel Shweta was of greater fault here. After all they were hosting such an important dinner at a very crucial time. Agreed Prachi took over the responsibility but they all knew that it was her first time. If the seating was of such an importance Shweta should have talked to Prachi about it herself or at least had a final look. Prachi also reacted badly. As Sally said a small thank you and all would have gone well. But Prachi has been holding on to a lot as far as Sally is concerned. So all the bolied up emotions came out and Sally as always was at her cruelest.  Yes, Shweta was at fault but with so much on her mind, she didn't check. And Prachi instead of pulling herself together and get the evening over and done with, made it harder for herself and other. Why would Sally lose such an opportunity? She did make full use of it. Now the question is what will Milind do? Going by at where you ended, Prachi's troubles are far from over. If I am not mistaken Milind will blow his fuse once he hears the cause of Prachi's behaviour i.e. Sally. I am sure instead of understanding Prachi's POV he will lay it all on Prachi and her obsession with Sally. And may be then Vicky will enter the scenario, as he was as bewildered by Prachi's reaction. And hopefully will be instrumental in getting all her insecurities out and is even able to grill some sense into Milind. Sort of but not quite. Milind will definitely react in the way we all expect him to. He is too thickheaded to understand Prachi's distress at the moment. But he will, very soon.

Soory is baar jayda lamba comment nahin de payee. You know the reason also. I will make up in the next update. Please bear with me this time. No worries at all, Yaar. I am glad you gave your comments. How are you? Drop in a few lines. I have been very concerned.

Take care and update soon, You take care too, Sona. Luv u. Hugs, hugs



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Originally posted by diyak

pls update soon,divya..can't wait anymore to know abt milind's reaction towards prachi..

Updating in a few minutes, Diya SmileSmile
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Originally posted by 111priyan

oye yaar tell me when r u planing to update. holi gift?

Holy gift coming up in a few minutes Big smile
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Happy Holi Friends!!!!!!!!!! May this day fill your lives with beautiful colours. Here again, all I can do is give you an update to celebrate the day. Meri taraf se ek chota, sorry, lamba sa thofa Wink. For some reason, it was the most difficult part for me to write. That's why a week's delay in updating. Let me know what you all thought about it. Cheers Big smile

                                                  Part 94

Milind swung open the bedroom door and stared at the mess. Pillows and duvet lay on the floor, her jewellery thrown over the dressing table, her carefully made up hair in complete disarray, Prachi lay on the bed face down, sobbing frantically.
             "If you had finished with your tantrums, would you care to explain what it was all about?" he asked in a clipped tone, his eyes furious.
              Prachi slowly sat up and continued sobbing.
              Her silence angering him even more, he kicked the cushion on the floor out of his way and paced restlessly. Her sobs only intensified, fuelling his anger. He strode angrily towards her and his hands gripped her arms painfully. "I asked you a question and I expect you to answer it, Prachi", his tone was silky smooth but his eyes flashed black fire.
              Terrified into silence, Prachi swallowed a sob, her eyes pleading. "You are hurting me", she choked and shivered when he let go of her immediately.
              Milind stood still for a few seconds trying to calm down. Then sighing, he sat down on the bed. "You organised everything, Prachi and you were the only one who looked like wanting to be anywhere else but there. You looked so disinterested and so miserable. Why? And I want an explanation. NOW", he said sternly.
              Prachi looked at him with angry eyes, "Yes, I organised everything. I put so much effort but no one appreciated what I had done. Everyone sees only my mistakes. Even you" she complained loudly and started to sob again.
              Milind shook his head in annoyance, "You know that's not true, Prachi. Everyone appreciated your efforts, even our guests.  And you did mess up big time with the seating arrangments. I am glad that Sally spotted it at the right moment. It would have been way too embarassing otherwise" he said sofly and touched her cheek.
                Even more furious now, she pushed his hand away. "Oh yes, that Sally does everything perfectly. She is just brilliant, isn't she? Everyone said that about her and you should too. She can do no mistakes, can she? And I can do nothing right. Even Vicky said that she was the one who was behaving like a hostess and not me", she said vehemently.
                 Milind's eyes hardened and he stood up, "Well, someone should have behaved like a hostess. Atleast she did, when you did not look too bothered. Even if you couldn't thank her, you could atleast spare her your anger", he said.
                  Anger coursed through Prachi at his words. How dare he too takes her side? "Why? Haven't you and Vicky thanked her enough? She just wanted to hog all the limelight and you expect me to thank her", she said bitterly.
                  Milind looked at her incredulously. "She was only doing her job, Prachi. As for as she was concerned, it was purely a business dinner. She knew the importance of tonight………unlike you. It was not a job for you, was it? This is your family. Forget the extra effort, you could have atleast looked interested……..for my sake, for my parents' sake.  If you felt so strongly about Sally hogging all the limelight then why did you let her, Prachi? Why did you let her take your place?" he asked harshly.
               Prachi reeled as if slapped on the face. She stood up, her whole body shivering with rage. "No one takes my place, Milind. No one" she said, her voice vehement and trembling.  
               Shocked at her vehemence, his eyes searched hers. She is talking about the dinner, isn't she?, he wondered to himself. His eyes narrowed, studying her, "No one can, Prachi. No one ever will", he said softly.
                They stood looking at eachother when Milind sighed, "Why, Prachi? How could you behave like that? Did this evening meant nothing to you? Did you not understand how important it was for Mom, for us? Does our success and failure not affect you just as it affects me and my parents? I expected you to stand by me, be my partner but you let me down, Prachi. One mistake was pointed out and you sulk for the whole evening. Were you only worried about getting appreciated? When did you become that selfish?", he asked, disbelief and pain evident in his voice.
                 Stunned by his words, Prachi reached out to touch his arm, "Do you really think that I was selfish?" she asked in disbelief and closed her eyes at the unforgiving look in his eyes. "May be I was, Milind. I know you are disappointed. But believe me, I too wanted this evening to be a success. I am a part of this family too. I know how important this evening was for us. I was looking forward to host this dinner so much.  I did everything I could but when Mom was upset about the seating arrangements, I just didn't know what to do. I know I reacted very badly", she explained, her reasoning sounding inadequate even to her own ears.
                Eyes turning even darker with anger, he shrugged her hand off his arm, "Are you telling me that you got offended because Mom pointed out a mistake? I don't believe this", he looked astounded. He raked his fingers in his hair in utter disbelief. "You can't handle such a small issue and you are calling yourself a part of this family. What do you want now, Prachi? Do you want Mom to come and appologise to you?" he gave a harsh laughter, ignoring her stunned expression. "I am asking you for an explanation for your behaviour. Are you offended by that, Prachi? Do you want me to beg for your forgiveness?" he asked every so softly and Prachi reeled under his cruelty.
                Anger and distress coursing through her, she clutched at his arm, "Stop it, Milind. You got it all wrong. How can say such things to me? How can you be so cruel?" she screamed, her anger reducing to sobs.
                She flinched when his hands closed on her arms again, his fingers digging into her soft skin, "You want to scream, tear up this room, throw a raging tantrum………….go on and do it. But inside this room. And I will adore every bit of it. But out there, Prachi……..You are my wife,… daughter-in-law of this family. And I expect you to behave like one. Whatever your reasons are, I will not tolerate a repeat of tonight's behaviour again. Am I making myself clear?" his voice was silky, in direct contrast with the thunderous look in his eyes.
                Too scared to answer him, she stared at him with pain in her eyes. "Do you understand?" he bit out harshly and she nodded slowly. He left her abruptly and walked away and stood near the windows staring into the night, his body tense with anger.   
                Silence stretched between them and when he turned back to her, she stepped back involuntarily. He glared at her wordlessly and walked out of the room, the door closing behind him with a loud bang.
                Too tired to think or reason, Prachi sat down on the bed heavily. Milind's anger had shaken her to the core. How right Sally was? She had indeed let him down. Did he not say so himself? She flinched again remembering his angry words. A tortured sob escaped her and she pressed her knuckles in her mouth to muffle it. Oh god! What have I done, she thought miserably. Once again, she had let Sally affect her in the worst possible way. If Milind is this angry, how are her in-laws going to react?
               And Milind was right. Why did she let Sally take her place? She had mentally stepped back and before she knew, Sally had taken over the whole evening. She had accepted defeat even before the battle began and crowned Sally victorious. Why? Has she become so used to Sally outwitting her everytime that she backed off even before the evening began? Or has she started to mentally acknowledge that Sally was the right person for her position? Horrified by her own thoughts, she gasped for breath. Oh god, where did that thought came from? What was happening to her? Suddenly scared, she got up and stumbled around the room, vaguely realising what she was doing and why she was doing, scared to her very soul.
               Milind was worn out when he pulled himself back up the stairs to his rooms. Vicky was dropping Sally at home and his parents had atlast retired for the night. He knew no one bought his feeble excuse of Prachi coming down with a terrible headache all of a sudden, but no one questioned him either. When he wished his parents goodnight, he couldn't help but squeeze his mother's hand. She looked weary and he and his Dad had exchanged a silent look that spoke volumes. His mother had looked so tired and so vulnerable at that moment and anger had coursed through him over his wife. How could Prachi get offended by Mom's words so easily? His mother was the sweetest and most understanding woman in the whole world and she could never offend anyone let alone Prachi. Does Prachi not know how much Mom loved her? Upset and angered by his wife's behaviour, he walked straight into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker. He shrugged off his shirt and threw it carelessly on the dining table. The delicious smell of coffee beans filled in the air and he inhaled deeply, trying to clear his head. He felt her presence before she spoke and he stiffened.
              "Let me make it for you", Prachi said softly.
              He didn't turn towards her. "No, thank you. I am capable of making one myself", he snapped.
              Prachi make a small choking sound and bit her lip hard trying to not burst into tears.
              Sighing, Milind placed the coffee mug down noisily and closed his eyes. "Prachi", he called softly. He walked towards her and lifted her chin up to face him, "I am sorry, Prachi. I know I have been really harsh. But I was very angry………still am. Let's leave it tonight. Go and get some sleep. I have some work to do", he said gently.
               Prachi's tearfilled eyes searched his face. He sounded so formal, so distant. She wished he would take her in his arms………just once, so she could bury her face in his chest and cry her heart out. Just once…….her heart silently ached. But he was already moving away. "Milind", she called softly, moving towards him.
               "Get some rest, Prachi", he gave a sad smile and picking up his coffee mug, walked out of the kitchen.
              Prachi closed her eyes when the door of his Study clicked shut. Resigned, she walked back to the bedroom. She curled up on the bed and slowly fell into a very disturbed sleep.
               Prachi woke up with a start not knowing what had disturbed her. The room was just as it had been before she fell asleep, the space next to her not slept in. Did Milind not come to bed at all? Where is he? She got up frantic with worry and her eyes fell on the bed side clock. It was 5.30 am. Where was he all night? She thought worriedly and was startled when the door of the dressing room opened and he walked in fully dressed in a suit. They looked eachother in silence.
               "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you", he said in a very formal tone.
               "You are leaving already?" she asked softly, even more hurt by his tone.
               "Iam meeting a few delegates in Birmingham", he said and adjusted his tie. Unable to say anything, her eyes stayed on him. "Do you want me to cancel this evening's programme? I am sure Vicky will understand" he said softly.
                Prachi gasped having almost forgotten. Vicky was leaving tomorrow to India and tonight they were all meeting at one of Milind's oldest hangouts. Prachi shook her head, "No, Milind. Please don't. Its Vicky's last evening. I don't want to miss it", she said urgently. Milind kept looking at her and she nodded at his unspoken question, "I am fine, Milind. I will be", she said softly.
                Muttering a curse, he strode towards her and cupped her face. His forehead touched hers and he sighed, "My god, Prachi, what's happening to us?" he asked hoarsely.
                A shiver went through Prachi. I don't know. But I am very scared, her mind screamed.
                His lips caressed her eyelids, brushing away the tear drops and Prachi sighed, her arms tightening around him. He placed featherlight kisses on her lips and as they parted under his, pulled her closer to him in an urgent kiss. His mouth ravished hers with all pent up emotions and Prachi's hands only clutched at him tighter, needing to hold him closer more than ever. She was breathless when he let her go.
                "I have to leave now, Prachi. But we have to talk. We do need to……..very soon", he promised and kissed her softly again and gently moved away from her. Refusing her offer of coffee, he walked out of the room.
              Sleep forgotten, Prachi quickly showered and went downstairs. The house was mostly quiet, softly bathed in the early morning light. Picking up a cup of coffee, she walked into the dining room. The table was cleared of lastnight's decorations and back to its normal look. She sat down where she had been sitting last night. She rested her head on the table, feeling the coolness of the wood caressing her cheek and sighed. If only she had handled herself better! Regret filled inside her for the upteenth time. Sally weighed heavily on her mind. Strangely she didn't feel anger towards her anymore. What was the point in blaming Sally when the fault lies in herself? Milind was right. Sally had done far more than what was expected of her and like a fool, Prachi had only eased her way. Suddenly tired, she closed her eyes. Her mind slowly relaxed as the day gently unravelled,……… the soft chirping of the birds, the sounds from the kitchen, distant conversation. Without realising she had slowly fallen asleep, her coffee forgotten. She woke up with a start feeling Shweta's hand on her head.
              "Prachi", her mother-in-law's voice floated from a distance and Prachi sat up with a gasp.
              "Mom……I …….I am sorry. I think I had fallen asleep", she said hurriedly and got up.
              Shweta's eyes were tender, when she touched her shoulder, "Your coffee has gone cold, Prachi. Would you like to join me for breakfast in my room?" she asked softly.
               Too ashamed of face her mother-in-law after her behaviour lastnight, Prachi nodded slowly and gave a nervous smile as the maid wheeled the breakfast trolley towards Shweta's room.
               The sit-out area in Shweta's room was bathed in the soft morning light. The air was crisp and Prachi liked the pleasant chillness. Twisting the ends of her dupatta nervously,  She watched Shweta as she stirred sugar into her coffee.
               "Forgive me for saying so, Prachi but you do look terrible", Shweta said gently and Prachi's eyes filled with fresh tears.
               When Prachi didn't answer, Shweta's hand closed on hers, "Am I the reason?" she asked softly and Prachi looked at her in shock. "I upset you last night, didn't I? It was thoughtless of me, Prachi. I had so much on my mind and suddenly there was a problem and it was time for the guests to arrive……I think I snapped at you without a thought about your feelings. I am really sorry", she said softly.
                Too shocked to reply, Prachi just shook her head in denial.
               "Are you still very angry with me?" Shweta asked again and Prachi held her hand.
                "Mom, please. How can I be angry with you? You can say anything to me, Mom. I will never be offended. You have every right. And I know it was my mistake. I was only upset because I disappointed you", she said urgently, tears flowing down her cheeks.
               Chiding her, Shweta wiped her tears, "Silly child, Just like how you can never be offended by what I say, I too will never be disappointed in you. Trust me, Prachi. I am not", she said, relief evident in her voice.
               Prachi brushed her tears with the back of her hand, "Are you really not angry with me, Mom? I did spoil the whole evening", she asked sadly.
               Shweta smiled tenderly. She looked like a little girl, she thought to herself. "I know things didn't go too well but you didn't spoil the evening, Prachi. These dinners can be a bit overwelhming. Yesterday's guest list wasn't the most easy going either. And it was your first time. Slowly, you will get used to it, like I did" she said gently.
                Prachi smiled after what seemed like ages, guilt lifting up and relief settling warmly inside her. Urged by her mother-in-law, she ate slowly. "Mom, will I really get used to all this? What if I don't? I am really scared", she said worriedly, mentally flinching, remembering Milind's anger.
               "Would you believe me if I told you that once I was just as terrified as you?" Shweta asked.
                Prachi shook her head, her eyes wide with disbelief. No, it can't be. She had been splendid last night. Even in her state, Prachi had watched her mother-in-law in awe.
               Shweta smiled at the look in her eyes, "See, I got used to it", she said cheekily and Prachi smiled.
               Watching her intently, Shweta suddenly asked, "Did Milind say something, Prachi?".
                Prachi's smile dimmed. "He was very angry. He said that I let him down", she said in a very soft voice.
               Shweta grimaced, "I am sure he didn't mean it, Prachi. My perfect little boy can be a bit hot tempered", she said appologetically.
               Prachi looked at her wide eyed, "Only a bit?" she asked in disbelief.
              Shweta burst out laughing, "Okay, a bit too hot tempered. Looks like you had a glimpse of your dear husband's temper", she said.
              Prachi bit her lip, "This is not the first time, Mom", she said softly.
              Shweta sighed, angry with her son and deciding to have a stern word with him. "How can he be angry with such a sweet girl? He doesn't know how lucky he is" she said in a huff .
               Prachi smiled almost sadly. "Is he really lucky, Mom? I am not too sure", she said softly.
              Frowning, Shweta pulled her chair closer to Prachi, "Prachi, Is there something you are not telling me? What is bothering you, my child? You know you can tell me anything" she asked with concern.
             Startled by her own carelessness, Prachi pulled herself together, "No mom, I was just thinking about Milind's anger. I don't think he slept at all lastnight. And he left so early this morning. He will be busy in meetings all day. I am just worried", she said.
              Shweta patted her cheek, "Don't worry. Your husband is a big boy now. He can take care of himself. You both are going out tonight, aren't you? I am sure being with his friends would help him relax", she said gently.
               Nodding, Prachi got up and followed Shweta into her bedroom. She smiled seeing the artwork she had purchased in the art exhibition a few weeks ago, adorning the wall.
               Following her eyes, Shweta smiled, "You were right, Prachi. It does suit this room very much. Anand was very impressed by your choice. By the way, I was going to ask your suggestion in changing a bit of this room's dcor. You really are good in this", she said appreciatively.
               Prachi beamed. Her earlier worries almost forgotten, she walked around the room, suggesting and discussing.
               Her eyes fell on the photograph adorning the cabinet and wondered how she had never really noticed it before. With a smile, she traced the chubby cheeks of Baby Milind.
               Shweta smiled over her shoulder, "He was the cutest one year old in the whole world", she said with motherly pride.
               "He still is", Prachi said shyly and blushed when Shweta laughed.
               "Of course, Prachi. No wonder he is so spoilt. Its too late for me to change so you should learn to be a little bit stern with him", she teased making Prachi blush even more. Pointing to the picture, Shweta said, "It was during the boys' first birthday party, Prachi and both Vicky and Milind were such well behaved babies that whole day. They looked more like twins and I even have a video of that party. In fact, I have put together photos and videos up to their fifteenth birthday. I was going to gift it to them for their birthday this year but couldn't finish it. Do you want to see what I have done? It will be a very memorable one and I know the boys would love it", she said fondly.
               Wow, wouldn't that be great! Prachi nodded eagerly and waited impatiently when Shweta downloaded the file onto a memory stick. Looking around, Prachi spotted another picture of Vicky and Milind holding a sports cup and walked towards it.
               Seeing her looking at the photo, Shweta said, "It was during their highschool football win, Prachi. Milind was the captain of his team and it was a very special victory. He is still very proud of it. Football and music ruled most of his teenage years", her eyes were tender with fond memories.
                Prachi fingers traced his face. He looked so young and utterly adorable, his muscular build already evident, his curly hair in complete disarray. Her eyes caught the silver and leather bracelet he was wearing and she frowned. Milind didn't like to wear jewellery of any kind. Even her papa was complaining when he refused the diamond studded ring that Inder wanted to buy for their engagement. Instead, her papa had to give in to his demand for a simple band of white gold which he now wears as his wedding band. Must have been something really special, she thought to herself.
                Seeing her tracing the bracelet, Shweta touched her shoulder, "That bracelet was a gift for his 16th birthday, Prachi. He wore it for a very long time", she said and turned back to her laptop.
                Prachi nodded, "Vicky must have given it", she said almost to herself.
                "Sally did", corrected Shweta and busied herself in disconnecting the memory stick.
                 Prachi's smile froze and her hand slowly fell to her side. She pulled herself together when she realised that her mother-in-law had been calling her name a few times. She took the memory stick from her wordlessly.
                 "Why don't you go and get some rest, Prachi? You look really tired. I have to leave for my office now. Then I have to join Anand for a business dinner and we have another public engagement to attend this evening. You and Milind might get back late as well tonight. I think I shall see you only tomorrow.", Shweta said with concern.
                 Prachi frowned, "Did Dad not go with Milind?" she asked slowly.
                 "No, Milind has taken Sally with him. She was the one who was working with him on this project. They will handle it alright", she said and busied herself in getting ready.
                 Not trusting herself to speak, Prachi quickly excused herself and walked out of the room. She suddenly felt dizzy and her hand reached to hold the wall for support. Pulling herself together before someone spots her, she dragged herself upto her room and sat down on the bed. Her mind was in a complete riot and she closed her eyes. Had Sally been that special to him? He had worn something he usually disliked for so long………just because she gifted it to him. Her hands held his pillow close to her chest and she rocked herself slowly. In her mind, she could clearly see Sally with Milind…….in the car, at the office,…………..walking, talking, laughing……..and she opened her eyes, shocked. Oh god, is she going crazy? Why is she behaving like a jealous wife? They have just gone for a business meeting and it is not the first time they were together at work. Her common sense chided her but too worked up, it did nothing to calm her.
                 Realising that she was still holding the memory stick, she plugged it into the laptop and sat back to watch it. She slowly relaxed and a smile played on her lips, her eyes soft with love, she watched her husband as a baby. He sure was the cutest one year old like Shweta said, she thought proudly. Little Vicky did look like Milind's twin. And she laughed seeing a very cute little Micky crawling around. She held her breath seeing the sweetest little blond girl on a very beautiful woman's arms. "Is this Sally's mother?" she thought with a sudden pang. The woman was very beautiful and resembled Sally a great deal. Does Sally see her mother every time she looks at herself in the mirror? She thought and her eyes filled up, feeling the other girl's pain. The video moved on to cake cutting and Prachi relaxed again. Shweta had put in a beautiful collection and Prachi continued watching the other parties as the four of them grew older. She couldn't help notice how close Milind and Sally were even as little children, holding arms, playing and laughing together. It reminded her of herself and Neev and she smiled. Childhood and friendship….what is more innocent and sweeter than that?
               She sat up straight as she opened his 15th birthday party photos. They looked different, grown up but still kids. Teenage suited Sally even better and she had blossomed into a breathtaking beauty. She could already see the change in the way Milind was with Sally. The grins and the playfulness didn't look that innocent anymore. There was a kind of posessiveness in the way he was holding her hand, smiling and talking. They looked great together and Prachi's eyes filled up when Sally pinned a flower on his jacket and he smiled at her. It looked beautiful and she watched the rest of the video completely lost in far away thoughts. She became agitated when the file ended. Is that it? She wanted to see more. She wanted to see the 16th birthday party. She wanted to see how they were together. She knew in her heart already that that year was when they got involved even more. Disturbed, she got up and paced the room, agitated. She wanted to know more……….everything about them. What had happened? Why did they drift apart? Would Milind have any photos in his study? She walked towards the room hurriedly and stopped short near the door. What was she doing? Why is she doing this? Shocked and even more disturbed, she leaned against the wall for support.
                She couldn't understand the sudden and desperate need to venture into his past. Scared at her own craziness, she closed her eyes in prayer. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Hey bhagwaan, yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai? Mein yeh sab kyun jaanna chahthi hoon?", her hand automatically gripped her mangalsutra, fear throbbing inside her. 
              Milind walked away from the conference hall towards the corridor. It had been a very busy morning and he had called a short break. The meeting will resume after 15 minutes. Prachi had been on his mind all day and he pushed himself into work with a vengence. Now he was desperate to call her, hear her voice, know she was fine. Her tearfilled eyes seemed to have etched into his mind. Why had he been so harsh to her? His anger only hurt her more and he knew that. But for some reason, he couldn't stop himself and that was why he didn't want to talk about it any more last night. He still was angry with her but it had dulled to an ache. The phone rang for a long time before she answered and his impatience vanished the minute he heard her soft voice.
              "Prachi", he called her name and wondered what to say. She sounded so low. When she didn't reply, he cleared his throat, "I just called you to remind you to be ready by 6 pm. I will come home to pick you up. Vicky is just spending the day with his parents and will come there straight", he said carefully in a very neutral tone.
Disturbed by her silence, he sighed, "Did you eat anything?" he asked a bit softly.
                Prachi struggled to answer normally, "Yes and you?" she asked.
                Before he could answer, Sally's voice floated behind him, "Milind, here, I grabbed a sandwich and coffee for you. You might be happy to fast all day and I am starving", she said and dangled a sandwich in front of him.
                Milind looked at her annoyed, "When did I tell you to starve?" he asked arrogantly.
                 Sally made a face, "Come on, be a good boy and eat something. You are just surviving on coffee and tonight god knows how much alcohol you will consume. Take it, Milind", she said and thrusting the sandwich in his hand and walked off.
                Having heard her clearly, Prachi gave a small smile, "Eat something, Milind" she said softly.
                Milind sighed, "I don't feel like doing anything, Prachi. How can I when I know you are upset?" he said.
               Prachi's eyes filled with tears, "I am fine, Milind. I had breakfast with Mom. And I will eat some lunch as well. Please look after yourself. I know you didn't even come to bed last night", she said in a low voice.
              Oh, Mom and Prachi had breakfast together. So, all is well between them. Was he getting worked up over nothing? Relief settled inside him lifting him out of his weary mood at last. "I am sorry, Prachi. I had fallen asleep in the Study. When I came into the bedroom this morning, you were fast asleep and I didn't have the heart to wake you", he said slowly.
               Prachi bit her lip hard as tears threatened to well up again, "I am sorry, Milind", she said way too softly.
               Milind felt his throat thicken, "Don't be, Prachi" he said and realising that he had to get back soon, he promised to come home on time. Just when Prachi was about to hang up, she heard him say ever so softly, "I love you, Cherry". She sat there holding on to the now silent phone for a very long time.

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thnx for the update divya..loved it :)
-BlackSky- IF-Stunnerz

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puth IF-Dazzler

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lovely update divya....
ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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