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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 33)

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Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. Here comes the next part. Its slightly long in an attempt to make up for the delay. Waiting to hear what you guys think of it. Cheers Big smile

                                         PART 93

           The garden lights cast a pale yellow glow competing with the setting sun. The breeze was very mild and the evening warm. Prachi breathed in the fresh evening air, her mind relaxing. The last three days had been hectic and she was feeling the pressure. The security alert had triggered a frenzy of work and activity and her family had been way too busy. She almost never saw her father-in-law although he was in London. Milind was always between meetings and the one night he came to bed, she had been fast asleep and he had left early in the morning before she was awake. The crumpled sheet and pillow was the only sign of his ever being there and a fierce longing had shot through her as she lay there missing him more than ever. The last time she had seen Vicky was the night when they had dinner at his house. He seemed to be non-existent and his parents were out of London too. Shweta was having an unusually hard time with her new business deal and feeling the heat of the security breaches. Her eyes looked stressed with lack of sleep but she always had a smile for Prachi. When Shweta mentioned the dinner she was throwing for some very exclusive guests at their house, Prachi was eager to help, talking the responsibility of organising the formal dinner,…. her very first one. Though slightly nervous, she had reassured Shweta when her mother-in-law expressed concern if she will be able to handle it all in such a short span of time. She knew how important that evening was for her family as it was their way of reinstigating that the Mishras are still at the top of their game and these little security glinches has done nothing to rattle them. Shweta had repeatedly told her that no mistake can be made that evening and to recheck every little detail. Prachi had acquired every information about their guests from Shweta's secrety, their likes and dislikes. She knew exactly how the table would be set, the colour theme, the elaborate dinner courses and when it would be served. There would be 24 people dining that evening and the list had some very important names which only made Prachi more nervous. She had been very busy in the last couple of days, checking every single detail and was in high spirits despite the tiredness. The only thing that brought down her mood was the knowledge that Sally would be present. She was going to partner Vicky and seemed to be more involved in Shweta's project than before. Shweta's praises about how brilliant Sally was only fuelled her irritation towards the other girl and throwing this dinner all by herself was Prachi's way of showing that she could be as good as Sally in everything she did if not better. Inspite of her resolve to not think about Sally, just mentioning her name brought strong reactions in her. Tomorrow evening would be a challenge and she would prove to Sally how good she can be, she vowed to herself.
            Her face broke into a brilliant smile as Shweta walked towards her. "Mom, everything is ready. We just have to wait for Dad and Milind to come home", she said cheerfully.
           Shweta smiled as she sat down, "Its been a few days since we all had dinner together. Thanks, Prachi. I needed this evening to relax a bit. But if all goes as planned, the deal will be done by the end of next week and then I can relax completely. I am sorry that you have been left alone these last few days", she said softly.
           Prachi smiled, "I understand, Mom. I have been very busy aswell with organising the dinner. I only hope that I don't disappoint you tomorrow", she said nervously.
           Shweta laughed, "You will only make us proud, Prachi. I like your colour theme and the menu you put together. It is going to be a great evening. I have complete faith in you", she said softly and Prachi beamed.
          "Ah! Don't I love coming home to this", drawled Anand who had just joined them and  he kissed his wife's cheek.
           Shweta laughed, "Credit goes to Prachi, Anand", she said.
           Anand nodded and thanked Prachi and smiled as her eyes searched behind him. "Milind will join us in a minute, Prachi. He has gone to freshen up", he said and Prachi blushed as her in-laws laughed.
           Her eyes brightened as she saw Milind walk towards them wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Quickly kissing his mother's cheek, he put his arm around Prachi, "Missed you, Cherry", he drawled in a whisper and Prachi gave a shy smile.
           As they sat down to eat, Anand said, "I am sorry that I am keeping Milind very busy, Prachi. Once things calm down, I will let him off for a few days", he promised.
           Shweta shook her head, "Don't trust him, Prachi. Things never ever calms down. This is one promise that he would never keep. And Milind takes after his Dad. Even if Anand lets him off, he wouldn't pull himself off work. I think in that aspect, we both didn't do very well in choosing our husbands", she said in a huff.
           Anand raised his eyebrows and Milind laughed, "Come on, Mom, you couldn't have found a better person to be your husband and the same goes for Prachi as well", he said and winked at her, his fingers interlinking with hers under the table.
           Prachi gave him a naughty look, "I think I agree with Mom, Milind", she said softly and his parents laughed as he grimaced.
           "Don't worry, Prachi. Once you become a mother, you will have no time for anyone else. You will be way too busy that Milind will be the one who would be desperate for your attention", she smiled and Prachi went a bright red.
           Milind whistled softly, "Now that's a fantastic idea, Mom. What do you say, Prachi? Do you want to get busy?" he drawled and Prachi bit her lip too shy to say anything in front of her in-laws.
           Anand cleared his throat, "I thought that Prachi still had another year of studying", he smiled at his wife.
           Milind grinned, "I conveniently forgot that, Dad. I am sure Prachi can multi-task like every other woman on the planet" he said and his parents laughed. He dipped his head low and whispered, "What say, Cherry? Shall we give it a try?" he drawled naughtily.
           Too shy to look at anyone and furious with her husband, she pinched his hand and hissed, "Besharam, shut up".
           Milind chuckled and winked at his grinning parents.
           They sat down relaxedly as coffee was served. Night had set in and the garden glowed under the lights, the lit up fountain only added to the beauty. Arm around his wife's shoulder, Milind was sipping his coffee and chatting relaxedly. Prachi was literally glowing and sighed happily. Just his presence around her was enough to chase away all the blues and put a song in her heart and a sparkle in her eyes. She sighed again and leaned against him comfortably.
           Conversation moved around work when Anand suddenly said, "Milind, don't forget to speak to Sally later on. You really shouldn't have snapped at her in front of everyone. The poor girl was really upset". Milind nodded slowly and Prachi looked at him curiously.
            Seeing Shweta frown, Anand quickly explained, "Milind is worse than me, Shweta. He was leading the meeting today and he had asked Sally to get a report ready and she had forgotten. He told her off in front of everyone and the girl was almost in tears", he said disapprovingly.
            Milind sighed, "Dad, she knows me too well to be so careless. I gave her a job to do and I expect it to be done. But still I will call her later", he said.
            Prachi was surprised that Sally had taken the brunt of Milind's anger and at the same time felt slightly sorry for her wondering if Milind was as hard a taskmaster as Anand is known to be.
            Shweta grimaced, "I think I am at fault, Milind. I had been keeping her way too busy as well", she said appologetically.
            Anand squeezed her hand, "Let her go, Shweta. The pressure is too much for her and I heard that it's affecting her relationship with Mark as well. Simon was worried that Sally had not been really herself in these last few days and is even ignoring Mark's calls", he said worriedly.
            Milind raked his fingers through his hair, "Oh god, I am feeling guilty now, Dad. I will speak to her soon. We will pamper her a bit tomorrow and I know she will like it", he smiled.
            Anand nodded, "She has seen me in the worst of tempers, my son but she always held her cool. I was surprised that she could be reduced to tears by a few angry words", he said.
            Milind gave a small smile, "Its because it was me who was telling her off. I should have known better. She will come around, Dad. She can't stay angry with me for long", he said confidently.
            Prachi froze, something heavy settling around her heart. He seems to know very well the effect he has on her. Then does he also know that she loved him and still does? A very uncomfortable feeling settled inside her, making her hot and slightly breathless. She stood up suddenly excusing herself. Milind got up too and leaving his parents to converse, they walked back to their room in silence.  
             The minute they walked into their bedroom, Milind pulled Prachi into his arms. He buried his face in her neck, "I still have some work to do, Prachi. But I will be back soon. Stay awake for me", he whispered huskily.
             Pulling away from his arms slightly, she looked at him, her eyes accusing. "You were only going to call Sally" she said.
             Milind smiled, "That too and I have to make a few other phone calls. I will just be in the study. By the time you have a nice hot shower, I will be back", he promised.
             As he was about to leave, she pulled at his arm, "You have been friends with Sally a very long time, Milind. Have you never been angry with her before?" she asked softly.
            Surprised at her question, Milind smiled, "Its always Vicky who picked up one thing or the other to argue with her and end up having a blazing row. I was always the good boy. To my knowledge I picked up a fight with her only once before but did make up very quickly. A sulking Sally is really hard work to bring around", he grinned at the memories.
            Prachi was watching him intently, "How did you do that then?" she asked very softly.
            For a moment, Milind looked taken aback and lost for words. "I ………er………just chocolates and flowers, I think. It was a long time ago, Prachi. Anyway, I will be back shortly", he said hurriedly and walked out of the room.
            Prachi stood still, her eyes slowly filling up tears. It was much more than chocolates and flowers and she knew it. The worst thing was though it was a long time ago, he still remembered it.
            Milind walked into the study feeling slightly disturbed. Why was Prachi asking all those questions? Did she expect him to tell her how they made up? Oh hell, those memories were long forgotten. Irritated, he busied himself with work.
            A very disturbed Prachi took a quick shower and tried to read. Tiredness was catching up with her and she yawned. Minutes ticked by and there was no sign of Milind's returning. Giving up atlast, she walked towards the study.
            Milind hung up atlast. The last phonecall had taken more time than expected. It was almost midnight and he had to call Sally as well. He waited patiently for her to pick up. He smiled as she snapped a hello down the line. "Ouch, that hurt my ear", he complained softly and the line on the other side fell silent. "I only called to say sorry", he said again. He grimaced as she let out a swear.
            "I can tell you exactly where you can stuff your sorry", she snapped again.
            "Oh god, Sal, that was so unlady like", he laughed. When she started again, he cut in quickly, "Okay, okay, I get the message. I have been a pig and I deserve all those names you just called me. Now, be a good girl and lets forget it, Sal", he said.
             Sally smiled, "Yes, you are a pig, Milind Mishra and I will think of more names to call you. I spent such a beautiful evening all sulking and crying and working on your blasted report", she said.
            Milind laughed, "That's the Sally I have always known. Come what may you get on with the job. Now can I expect the report first thing tomorrow morning?" he asked cheekily.
            "You moron, your father is much better to work with than you. I am seriously considering a change of jobs", she whined.
            "Ah honey, just put up with me for another month or so and then I will leave you alone. You can have Dad all to yourself but provided you answer my Mom. She is very posessive when it comes to her husband", he teased.
            Sally laughed, "Anand has always been like a father to me since I was a baby and that's exactly how he stays. And your mom knows that, you idiot" she shot back.
            Her voice softened, "I am glad you called me, Milind. I was really angry with you, you know. I wouldn't have forgiven you", she said in a huff.
            Milind grinned, "You are such a liar, Sal. Of course, you would have forgiven me. I know you can never stay angry with me, atleast not for long. Now get some sleep but make sure you have that report ready for me first thing tomorrow morning", he warned her and chuckling, he hung up when she started to call him more dirty names.
              Prachi hovered near the half-open door, angry and irritated. She had been waiting for him for so long and here he was happily chatting with that Sally, she fumed silently. How long had he be on the phoneto her? she wondered. She knocked on the door hesitating to enter.
              Milind looked up from his laptop, surprised, "Prachi, from when did you have to wait for my permission to enter the room?" he asked.
              Slightly ashamed of herself, she walked in slowly and stood watching him.
              He gave an appologetical grimace, "Sorry sweetheart, my phonecalls took a little bit longer than expected", he said.
              "And you forgot about me completely", she complained in a soft voice.
              Milind smiled and beckoned her closer, "How can I ever forget you, my love?", he asked softly and pulled her on his lap. "Aren't you a part of me?" he asked huskily.
              Fighting a sudden urge to cry, she leaned against his chest, "Baatein banaana koi aap se seekhein" she chided softly.
              Chuckling softly, he held her closer, "I have every trick up my sleeve to butter you up" he said and kissed her forehead. "Give me a couple of minutes. Let me just finish reading this" he said.
               Prachi took a peak to see what he was reading. Soon, the numbers on the spreadsheet became boring and she closed her eyes, nestling closer to him.
              One hand caressing her head, Milind quickly scrolled down the pages, his shrewd mind taking in every detail. Atlast he closed his laptop and looked at his wife and smiled seeing her in deep sleep. "You are such an unromantic sleepyhead, Prachi. The minute you come into my arms, you fall asleep", he chided her softly and kissed her head lovingly.
               Without disturbing her much, he picked her up in his arms and walked into their bedroom. She stirred when he laid down on the bed and was half-awake when he joined her minutes later. He caressed her cheeks and she looked at him with sleepy eyes and yawned. Smiling, he kissed her lips and buried his face in her neck, his arms gathering her close.
               "I love you, my cherry girl", he whispered close to her ears.
               Fresh tears prickled her eyes and slowly rolled down and her fingers threaded through his hair, holding him close to her. Feeling the wetness against his cheeks, Milind looked up, his eyes searching hers worriedly.
               "I missed you", she said softly and relaxing, he kissed her tears away. "I missed you too, sweetheart. Just a few more days of such hectic work, darling and I promise that I shall spend more time with you. Please!" he promised softly.
                She nodded and sighed as he kissed her slowly, tenderly.
               "Now get some sleep, Prachi. I won't disturb you. I can see how tired you are" he said and smiled when she yawned again.
               She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. A few minutes passed and she stirred restlessly.
             "What is it, Prachi?", he asked, his hand caressing her head.
             "I can't sleep", she mumbled.
              Milind smiled, "Shall I swing you in my arms? But aren't you a little bit heavy for that?" he teased.
              Prachi giggled softly, "Do something else then", she said.
              "What else do you want me to do? Sing a lullaby?" he asked again.
              Her arm held him more closely, "I am not a baby, you know", she mumbled again.
              "Aren't you?" he kissed her head, humming softly.
              Prachi smiled and held him more closer. Within a couple of minutes, her hold relaxed and she was purring softly.
              Milind's lips caressed her head, "You are a child in many ways, sweetheart and I can never love you enough" he said softly and holding his sleeping wife in his arms, he slowly fell asleep.
              Wrapped in a pink teddy robe, Prachi walked out of the bathroom, towelling her wet hair and stopped still. Milind had just walked into the room and she gave a shy smile as his eyes roamed over her from head to toe.
              "I thought you had already left for the office", she said shyly.
             Grinning, he walked closer to her and pulled her into his arms. "Then its good that I had a perfect excuse to came back to pick up my laptop", he said and brushed his nose against hers. His thumb traced the water drops on her wet lips.
             She wound her arms around his neck and cocked her head to one side, "You should have asked someone to bring it to your office for you", she said.
             "And miss such a perfect opportunity. I am no fool, my darling wife", he drawled, his hands undoing the knot of her robe.
             Eyes wide, she clutched at her robe tightly, "Milind, what are you doing? You should be at work and I have so much to do today. Anna and Eva would be waiting for me. I have to go down", she said and shrieked when she fell back on the bed as he pushed her gently, her robe falling wide open.
             Eyes heating up, Milind tugged at his tie and shrug off his shirt, buttons popping out. "Oh my, if that is not an invitation, what else can be?" he said hoarsely and joined her on the bed.
              It was an hour later than planned when Prachi walked down. Even if Anna and Eva hadn't noticed Milind leaving the house again minute's earlier, Prachi's bright red face or shy eyes were a dead giveaway. Hiding their smiles, they wished her a good morning and got busy with work. By afternoon, the dinner table was well laid out, china and silver gleamed. White and gold was the theme and Prachi had added dashes of green and yellow, reciprocating the warmth of summer. It was beautifully laid out and satisfied, she rushed away to get ready.
              She had just finished checking herself in the mirror when Milind walked in. The look in his eyes told her everything she wanted to know and her cheeks coloured delicately. He slowly walked towards her, his heart constricting, overwelhmed by her beauty. Dressed in a long white and gold one shoulder gown, she looked dazzling. Her only jewellery were long, heavy gold earrings and a thick gold bracelet. Her hair was swept to one side and lay in soft curls. He took a deep breathe, "Wow" he said softly, almost afraid to touch her. She looked etheral.
              Prachi gave a  shy smile, "Thank you" and stoop on tiptoe to kiss him on his lips. "I left your dinner suit on the bed. Get ready and come down quickly", she said and glided past him, her long dress moving in soft swirls around her ankles.
              Milind closed his eyes for a minute and shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. "Wow", he said again and with a satisfied smile, rushed to get ready.
               If Shweta and Anand were mighty impressed with the arrangements and complimented her, Vicky too exclaimed what a great job she had done. Her eyes searched her husband's face and lit up with joy as she saw nothing but pride and approval in his eyes. She was doing her last minute checks in the tea room when she heard Vicky's loud whistle.
              "Oh my! Sal, you look absolutely gorgeous, honey. You are going to make me very proud", he said and kissed her cheek.
              Prachi quickly walked out and both girls stood looking at eachother, their eyes assessing and approving. Wearing a silk copper coloured off shoulder gown, her hair pinned high with a diamond clasp, tendrils of hair framing her face, Sally looked like a fairy-tale princess. Though she knew she looked equally good, Prachi felt a sudden jealousy rip through her as everyone exclaimed how beautiful she looked, including Milind.
              Sally laughed and slapped Vicky's wrist when he put his arm around her waist, "Behave now, Mehra. It won't take me long to call Pooja and tell her how your eyes look besotted tonight", she warned.
              Vicky grinned, "Be my guest, Sal. I will pacify her later. Now, let us enjoy the evening. First come and see the dinner table. Prachi has done a great job. The whole evening is her organising", he said proudly and led her through.
               Prachi smiled when Milind put his arm around her waist.
              Sally looked around in surprise. Even she had to admit that Prachi had done a very good job. The rest of the evening is yet to be seen, she thought to herself. Anna had just finished putting the name tags and Sally frowned and looked again carefully. She walked back to the lounge and touched Shweta's arm, "Are you really sure about the seating arrangements? It might not go down very well with those people" she said in concern and Shweta looked at her confused.
             "Prachi arranged everything, Sally. Now to think of it, I never even checked it", Shweta said and walked hurriedly with her, leaving a confused Prachi rush behind them.
            Shweta stared at the name tags in shock and turned to Prachi, her eyes flashing angrily, "Prachi, did I not tell you that there should be no mistakes? If you were in doubt, you should have checked with me again. Did my secretary not give you enough details about all our guests?" she asked curtly and Prachi nodded nervously and looking even more confused.
           Shweta sighed and waved her hand towards the table irritatedly, "You have seated the wrong people together, Prachi. Such slip ups could turn a perfect evening into a disaster. People will think that we were deliberately insulting them. No dinner ever hosted by Mishras has gone wrong till now" she said.
           Having never seen her mother-in-law angry, Prachi stared at her stunned. Hearing voices in the lounge, Shweta tensed.
            Sally nodded to her, "Why don't you go and handle the guests? Prachi and I will sort it out. I know about them very well and you can trust me to not make mistakes", she said softly.
            Smiling at her gratefully, Shweta nodded. She turned to Prachi, "Rearrange it and join me soon", she squeezed her hand softly and walked away swiftly.
            "Prachi, do you want to give me a hand here?" called Sally and Prachi automatically walked towards her, her whole body stiff with shame and shock.
            Of all the things, she had to make this blunder and Sally should be the one person to pick it up. She had read all the information thoroughly but missed the subtle hints. Now seeing Sally rearrange everything, Prachi could see that she had indeed done a big mistake. What would Mom think of her? Oh God, she trusted me and if not for Sally, I would have let her down completely. The very thought filled her eyes with tears.  
            Feeling sorry for her, Sally gave a small smile, "It's important to have the right mix, Prachi. That would keep the disagreements interesting but not disastrous. You spice up the evening but soften the heat too. That is the trick", she said, swiftly changing the tags.
            It only took ten minutes but it felt like hours to Prachi. She watched Sally in awe. Never in her mind had she felt so low and so ashamed but the same time couldn't help but admire the other girl.
           Sally stood back and looked at the table. "Now everything is perfect", she declared and smiled at Prachi.
           Prachi's eyes shot daggers at her and even Sally looked taken aback. "Of course it will be perfect. Afterall, it was Sally who had set it right", she said harshly and marched off to join her family.
           Sally's eyes hardened, "A simple "thank you" would have done, you ungrateful bitch", she muttered under her breathe as she walked back to the lounge.
           As hours ticked by, Prachi wondered how an evening which had promised to be so perfect could turn into a nightmare, well, atleast for her. Her confidence already in shambles, she struggled through every minute of the evening. She was seated between Milind and Anand, Sally between Milind and Vicky and even the reassuring presence of the two men on either side of her didn't calm her nerves. She was horribly tongue- tied and howmuchever her family tried to ease her into conversations, she failed miserably. The appreciation from the guests about how good the food was, how perfect the arrangements were, did nothing to ease her nervousness and she could see Milind and his parents gaze at her worriedly now and then. Sally was a perfect partner for Vicky and he seemed to be mighty impressed with her only making Prachi more bitter and aware of her own failings. It was a relief for her when the long dinner atlast ended and they moved to the garden for more drinks. She carried on making small conversations dutifully but was aware that she was fooling no one. Conversation turned on to business and Prachi only felt more shut out. Milind's reassuring gazes did nothing to ease her and the evening dragged on for her. She almost shouted in relief when the night drew to an end and their guests started leaving.
              Milind pulled at his tie and raked his fingers through his hair, "Oh man, that was painful" he muttered and turned around feeling Sally's hand on his arm. He gave a small smile, "Thanks for everything, Sal. You were brilliant and I owe you for this", he thanked her genuinely. She had stepped in for Prachi ever so discreetly everytime she slipped up.
             Sally patted his arm, "Don't mention it, Milind. Poor Prachi, she seemed so miserable", she said softly.
             Milind clenched his jaw but remained silent. Excusing himself, he went to join his parents.
            Standing at a distance behind them, Prachi froze. Tears stung her eyes and she stiffened finding Sally in front of her.
             "You did well with the arrangements, Prachi. The food was very impressive as well. Good choice", Sally said with a smile.
             Prachi glared at her with furious eyes, "Cut the crap, Sally. I know what you were doing all evening. Haven't you had enough fun showing off how perfect you are  when I am not?" she bit out angrily.
             Sally raised her eyebrows. "You are spoiling for a fight, aren't you? Fine, have it your way. Yes, that's exactly what I was doing. But I was only doing my job, Prachi  and it was more fun to do it in front of you. Did I not tell you during the first time we met that this life is not for you? You don't have what it takes to be a Mishra. And today you proved me right. This is their life, Prachi. This is what they thrive in…….this show of power. And you only disappointed them. Just setting the table and ordering the proper food is not what all these dinners are about. That would be at your father's house. This is a different kind of play and you are so out of this league. You were such a let down, Prachi. Yes,…. you were" she said softly and turned to walk away.
             A sob escaped Prachi and Sally turned back to her. "Sorry, but you asked for it. I would have just congrajulated you and walked off. But you wouldn't let me", she almost appologised and walked away.
             Prachi stood there wanting to double over and howl in pain. Sally was right. She was a complete let down. How was she going to face her husband and in-laws? If this is their life and hers as well now, how was she going to cope? How many times would she embarrass them? How many times will they forgive her? For the first time, she wondered if Milind had made a mistake in marrying her? How long before he wonders the same too? The very thought send a shudder through her and she took deep breaths trying to stay calm.
            Wanting to get out of the place and lick her wounds in private, she rushed towards the house and walked straight into Vicky. Steadying her, Vicky shook his head, "Look where you are going, Prachi. Now where is my partner? She was brilliant tonight, wasn't she? I am sure people were left wondering who the hostess was…… or her. You were so quiet throughout the evening, you silly girl", he chided her.  
            Prachi looked at him with blazing eyes, "Traitor", she bit out and seeing Milind walk towards them, ran past him towards the house, trying hard to muffle her sobs.
            Vicky stood stunned and turned to look at an equally stunned Milind. "What is wrong with her?" he asked worriedly.
            "That's exactly what I am hoping to find out", Milind said harshly and strode towards the house in angry strides.

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awesomeeeeeeee update divya
bt feeling so sad for prachi 
even though she is trying to adjust smthing goes wrong or tht sal takes d cake of prachis effort 
n if d situatio remains like this i think prachi will surely regret marrying milind
n hope milind finds out tht sal n prachi  r like enemies 
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Hey Divya,Hug

Loved the long update after a long timeBig smile OMG you have left us at a wicked cliffhanger there. Now I'd be wondering what is going to happen between my beloved couple till your next update (which I hope would be soon or I'll die out of curioisityLOLLOL)

Prachi did overreact but I will not blame her! Sally might have her own good intentions behind helping her out in this one situation but anybody would be suspicious about their enemies' change of heart overnight and Prachi just did thatOuch To top it off, Shweta blowing off her fuse at her soft daughter in law worsened things I guess.     
In short, I felt really sorry for Prachi in this updateOuch These are the times when the gap between Mishras and Shahs are most apparent. And Sally was such a meanieAngry I hope that Prachi would not seek comfort in her father's arms after this ordeal. Now I am wondering what Milind is going to say to her. Angry Milind may be hot but never that good to deal withBig smile
I have a doubt though? Did Milind hear Prachi call Vicky 'traitor' or was he just plain irritated at her behaviour?Ermm
I am extrmely sorry for not giving a long comment for this long partOuch Its just that university work keeps me real busy nowadays and the pressure is only going to increase over time. So you'll have to make do with this mini commentsWink
Update soonBig smile
P.S- That quickie scene was so romantic and sensual though you did not describe any of itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL Somehow I find such scenes more sexy than the othersBig smileLOL

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Loved the update Divya. Sorry didn't leave comments on the last 2 updates. We have one angry Milind. 
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feel really bad for prachi, this high powered world really isn't for her and milind and her in laws should understand dat. And should be sensitive enuf to stop praising sally so lavishly all da tym- how would milind feel if prachi's parents praised neev? finally prachi is reacting to sally, sally may have helped her in recent tyms but she has openly stated her love for milind too and poor prachi cant even tell him wat sally said at their first meet.
ps. m confused about milind and sally's past- they were a couple as  teenagers and then she left to be with her mother in america and they lost touch? milind met prachi in the meantym while sally realised she wanted him back? is that it? from this update it seems they were intimate too and milind had strong feelings for her so wat happened?
johnangad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 6:53am | IP Logged
and if they have a showdown now, prachi better not bow down like always!
-BlackSky- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged

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hey nice update divya..
but its soo sad that such a beautiful evening has turned out to b like this for her...neva expected that :(.....
oh poor gal....hope with these insecurities she doesnt get detached with her family...........
dat was after a long dnt delay dis time...eagerly waiting for the next update....lov yaa..:D

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