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Originally posted by divvya

Originally posted by 111priyan

Divya Dear when will u update Saturday or Sunday?
sunday hun, still writing. 

its ok, no worries take ur time Dear.

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hello friends, Wish you all a happy and super romantic Valentine's day HeartHeartHeart. What's better than love and being loved. Love you all and wish you a great day tomorrow. And here comes, Michi .........and Sally......and Inder WinkLOL. Cheers Big smile

                            Part 92

             Prachi's eyes never left her husband as he walked back to where she was sitting, Sally walking close by him. He gave a small smile and cupped her cheek.
             "Let's wind up this evening, Vicky", he said softly and a shrewd Vicky immediately picked up the unspoken message.
             Though surprised, Micky got up immediately and kissed Prachi's cheek wishing her a good night. Prachi watched as Milind spoke urgently to Vicky in hushed tones and started to walk towards the car along with Micky. Even more surprised, Prachi looked at Sally whose eyes was staying fixed on Milind. Just then Sally turned to look at her and Prachi almost gasped at the anguish in her eyes. She held Prachi's gaze almost emptily and slowly looked away. Prachi stared in confusion when Vicky put his arm around Sally's shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Sally looked at him and gave a small almost sad smile. Prachi's heart constricted. Something has happened, she was sure of that. Sally hadn't spoken a word and Milind looked troubled. What did she tell him? She wondered silently and followed them. When they reached Micky's car, Micky's face was a mask of concern. Goodbyes were quick but Sally remained silent. Prachi stared feeling strangely alienated when Milind bent down near the car window and spoke to Sally in soft reassuring tones. Sally just nodded mutely. Milind squeezed her hand before the car pulled away.
            Milind turned to his wife, "Prachi, I have to go to the office now with Vicky. Can I get someone to walk you home or do you want to take the car?" he asked softly.            
            Prachi looked at Vicky to Milind in confusion, "Why would you go to the office at this time, Milind? I am walking back home and you are going to come with me. Can office not wait untill morning?", she asked.
           "No, it can't", snapped Milind and sighed seeing the hurt look in her eyes. He cupped her face, "Sweetheart, just once can you do as you are told without asking too many questions?", he asked almost impatiently.
            Stung by his tone, Prachi's eyes filled with tears so quickly and Milind let out a swear and stepped back.
            Vicky touched his shoulder, "Calm down, Milind. Let me check what is happening at the office. Why don't you walk back with Prachi? I will meet you there shortly and then we can leave immediately" he said and patted his shoulder. Waving goodnight to Prachi, he walked away, already speaking on the phone.
            "Let's go" Milind said curtly and started walking towards their house and Prachi half ran to keep up with his long strides and pulled at his arm.
            "What did she tell you? What is going on, Milind? Why are you not telling me anything?" she asked angrily, tugging at his sleeve.
            Unwilling to get her concerned unnecessarily, Milind pulled her closer and increased his pace. "Nothing to worry about, sweetheart. Sally was concerned about a few things. It might be nothing but I need to go the office to make sure everything is alright. It might take a while. So, don't wait up for me and go to sleep", he said gently.
             His patronising tone only fuelled her anger, "You are leaving me alone in the house and going out so late in the night because Sally is just concerned about something. I am not a fool, Milind. You either tell me exactly what it is going on or you are not going anywhere?" she bit out angrily and sat down on the garden bench.
             Half amused and half irritated at her adamancy, Milind kneeled down in front of her and held her hand. "My God, Prachi, you know to push a man's patience to the limit, sweetheart. Alright, there seems to be a security breach at the office. Sally thinks that someone has broken into her cabin. I told Micky to make sure that her flat is safe and to stay with her tonight. If her suspicions turned up correct, then it would be a very long night for me. Are you satisfied now?" he asked.
              Prachi's eyes widened in concern, "A security breach? But how is that possible? Are you suspecting it to be an inside job?" she asked worriedly.
              Milind's face hardened, "I hope not, Prachi. If it was, then we have a real problem. If the media gets wind of it, it would be disastrous. Our security has always been very tight. Dad is away and I have to deal with it now. I have already ordered a thorough check and I have to be at the office." he said and got up.
              Prachi held his arm, "Be careful, Milind. I am scared now" her voice broke.
              Milind kissed her forehead, "That's why I didn't want to tell you anything just yet. I will be safe, Prachi. No one is lurking in the dark to take me down. Don't get any dramatic ideas in your head", he said half-teasingly. "Vicky will be here any minute, darling. I have to go. I will be back as soon as I can", he said softly.
              Prachi's eyes looked even more worried and she clutched his arm tighter, "Oh god, I am going to be all alone in the house", she said and looked around her suddenly.
              Milind gave an exasperated sigh, "Sweetheart, our house is very well guarded and there are servants too. You are not alone", he said.
              Prachi clutched his shirt, "But Mom and Dad are not here and you are going away too. I am really scared", she said softly.  
              Milind took a deep breathe and walked into the house with her, "Just get into bed and go to sleep, Prachi. I will be back soon", he said and kissed her lips. Prachi clung to him almost fiercely and he kissed her urgently and patting her cheek, he walked away.
               Left near the huge staircase, Prachi looked around her. The lights have already been turned down and the house was bathed in soft dim light. On any other night, it would have looked romantically seductive but tonight it only scared her more. If someone had indeed broken into the office and if Milind suspects Sally's flat might have been violated too, how can she be sure that she was safe in the house? She shuddered at the thought. Oh, why should she have to be alone tonight of all nights? Even her dear friend Brute was at the farmhouse, so far away from her. When one of their servants wished her a good night, she gave a quick nod and rushed up to her room. Turning on the music, she changed quickly and sat near the window, trying to read.
               She gave up after a few attempts and stood near the window, gazing into the garden. He makes Micky to stay with Sally for her safety but leaves me alone in the huge house, she fumed silently. Her troubled mind went back to the evening. Though Vicky kept her busy in conversation, her eyes had wandered time and again to where Milind and Sally were standing. They were out of earshot but she could see them clearly in the garden light. She had tensed when Milind put his arm around Sally. She sighed and closed her eyes. Even Vicky had done the same to Sally but that gesture looked nothing more than friendly. But with Milind, it looked different…… familiar…….intimate. That was it. It was the familiarity that had always bothered her whenever she saw them together. Even a small smile or a simple touch had that unmistakable familiarity which screamed of their past together. What else did they talk about? And what made Sally so sad? She hadn't seen her this quiet before. Agitated, she got up and turned the music off and paced restlessly. Why doesn't this Sally disappear somewhere with Mark and leave her alone? She could see that all her friends really cared for her but with Milind it again seemed one notch more. He seemed too protective of her, too caring, too………….oh!!.......Completely worked up now, she curled up on the bed, too strung up to go to sleep.
              Her eyes fell on the clock. It had gone past midnight and the night was eerily quiet, dark and slightly misty. She wondered what Milind would be doing and prayed it to be just a false alarm. She knew that Milind won't rest until he had investigated thoroughly and felt satisfied. It was indeed going to be a long night. Till now, she never realised that such threats could exist in real life. Her father's small business never had the need for any extended security. Even their Mumbai house didn't have any secuirty alarms. The more richer, the more dangerous and stressful life gets, she sighed. She pulled Milind's pillow close to her chest. Suddenly she missed her favourite battered cushion that she had had since she was a little girl. It was her comfort pillow and had been her faithful companion on many sleepless nights and through nightmares. Slowly, thoughts of her past life filtered in. Her little room,…her favourite books,…the smell of coffee drifting from her mother's kitchen that woke her most mornings,… the sound of her papa's favourite ghazals,… her mama's cooking,… Neev's constant chatter,…. her favourite TV programmes………… Tears filled her eyes, her heart clenching fiercely at the thought of the life she had left behind. Suddenly she felt lonely, the whole house seemed too big and too quiet, the night cold and windy, the country strange.  A sob broke out of her. Her parents' house was small but cosy and warm. Just the thought of finding her parents next door had been enough to put her into dreamless, contented sleep every night. How many times as a little girl, she had sneaked into her parents' room and squeezed herself next to her papa…..drifted to sleep on the sofa with her head on her mama's lap, hearing her parents' easy conversation……..Even the noise on the street outside used to be comforting……Here even if she strained her ears, she couldn't catch a whisper of sound. There were people around her in the house but not her family. She was safe but lonely. Oh how she missed her homeland………..her parents………home. Tears trickled down her face and she murmured softly, "Papa".
                Sally closed her bedroom door and fell onto her bed. Micky was in the lounge watching his favourite detective show on TV. He had painstakingly checked every nook and corner of her flat and obviously satisfied after finding nothing untowardly, sent her off to bed. Always her most trusted and close friend, he hadn't questioned her silence in the car or afterwards. He kept looking at her quizzically but she knew that he would never ask untill she was ready to tell him. Her mind was in too much of a turmoil, her body and soul in pain and nothing could soothe her tonight.
                  She closed her eyes as Milind's words echoed inside her head over and over again. "You didn't, Sal" …..Three words that said it all. But that is what she had wanted him to believe, didn't she? She remembered how painstakingly she did everything to give him the message that he wasn't as important to her just as she wasn't to him. Or rather she had thought that she wasn't important to him. Had she been wrong? He hadn't questioned her one word when she told him that she had decided to leave for the States with her mother. He just accepted it. Wasn't he the one who had packed her bags? But he didn't leave her side even for a minute that last night. They couldn't have enough of eachother. But he never asked her to stay back…never declared undying love for her like she had wanted him to.  When he waved her off at the airport, her heart had shattered to pieces but she had held her head high. PRIDE……. And what had that cost her? She made her first contact with him more than two weeks after she started her new school. Then in her email, she had elaborately described how fantastic life was, how handsome and cool the boys were, how she had already been asked out several times and how much she was enjoying life. But reality was much much farther than that. It was only after two weeks he replied. His email consisted of one line. "I am glad you are having fun". That was all it said and she had been stunned into silence. Was that it? Was that all he had to say after all that they had together? Was he not angry…….jealous? When Micky told her that he went out with Merin, she was furious. How dare he and how dare that cow? She was glad it was short lived but angry, she didn't speak to Merin for months. But when she did, her dear friend had forgiven her readily.
                  The girls changed and within a year Milind had dated two others. She hadn't lagged behind as well and made sure that Milind knew about every guy she went out with and how fantastic they were. They never called eachother and they contacted only through emails and texts. After a few years, she had really started to  believe that she was off him and living life to the fullest…….untill her mother died. She hadn't heard anything from him even after the funeral but then he had called. Just hearing his voice after years and from miles away, had undone her completely. He sounded just like she thought he would and it affected her just as much as it had done all those years ago. She realised then that she was living a lie and after that nothing could keep her in the States. She had to get back home…….to him. When she met him at the charity dinner after eight years, it was as if those eight years never existed. She was hopelessly in love with him, always had been and whatever happened, nothing would change that. But clearly, he had moved on and she had stayed right where she had been even though she was the one who pushed him away. Why didn't she get back to London a little earlier? A few months would have made all the difference. And tonight how easily he had said…  "You didn't, Sal"…..just as she had wanted him to believe. She lay curled in a ball as pain shot through her. She felt too empty to even cry.
               Suddenly scared to be alone, she got up and walked into the lounge and stood watching Micky who was slouched on the couch with popcorn in his hand and eyes glued to the television. He looked up at her and smiled. She sat next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. Micky put his arm around her but remained silent.
               Atlast, tears slowly tricked down Sally's cheeks, "I pushed him away, Micky" she said softly.
               Micky sighed, his eyes staring unseeingly. Oh, he knew how she did! "Yes, you did, honey" he said gently.
               "Now I want him back", she sobbed.
               Micky smoothed her hair, "No, you can't, darling. You left it far too long, Sal….far too long", he said softly.
               He soothed her gently till her hickups died down. Laying a sleeping Sally on the couch, he covered her with a duvet and stretched out on the other sofa. Praying with all his heart that his best friend finds peace within herself, he slowly fell asleep.
                The alarm and the phone rang at the same time and an irritated Inder quickly turned it off and picked up the phone. He looked at his sleeping wife. She had attended a wedding reception last night and was too tired when she went to bed. Unwilling to wake her up, he walked out of the room.
                "Hello", he said sleepy and was instantly on full alert when he heard the soft "Papaaa".
                "Prachi, Prachi beta, how are you, gudiya? I am glad you thought about your papa atleast now. It must be past midnight there. Why are you still awake?" he spoke quickly.
                Brushing her tears, Prachi smiled. Her papa sounded just the same. "I couldn't go to sleep, Papa. I miss you and mama very much", she said, her voice breaking.
                "We miss you too, my child. Yeh ghar tumhare bina soona soona lagtha hai, gudiya. I just wanted to hear your voice, know you are well. You should call atleast once in a couple of days, Prachi. Your mama tells me off if I call you too often", he complained.
                "I am sorry, Papa. I was very busy and just didn't have time. But I always think of you and mama, you know. Tonight I was missing home too much. That's why I called", she said softly.
                After a few minutes of conversation, Inder asked, "Where is Milind, Prachi?".
               "Milind is at the office, Papa. There is some sort of a security alert and he has gone there to find out more. There is no one at home. Mom and Dad are away too. Vicky' s parents are not in their home either. I was really scared to be all alone. That's why I couldn't sleep", she said.
                Inder frowned, "There is a security alert and he left you all alone at home. How can he be so careless? Does he not know how scared you will be? Oh, my poor child. No wonder you can't sleep", he said angrily.
                Feeling suddenly defensive after her father's words, Prachi quickly interrupted, "Nahi papa, I am not completely alone and the house is very safe. He won't leave me otherwise. It's just me. You know how I don't like being on my own at night. I know hearing your voice will make me feel better. That's why I called. I didn't wake you up, did I?" she asked.
                Inder smiled, "No, you didn't, Prachi. Even if you do, I won't complain. You don't know how much I was waiting to speak to you. Bas ab jaldi yahaan aa jao, gudiya. I will feel better knowing you are only a short drive away from here", he said.
               "Even I miss India, Papa. But I don't know when we  are coming back. Vicky will be there next week. Milind hasn't said anything and I didn't ask him either. I will speak to him. I will have to get my papers sorted out at the university as well", she said.
               Inder frowned, "Prachi, are you sure you don't want to continue your studies there?" he asked softly.
               Prachi smiled, "I won't be able to, Papa. You know how much Milind travels. It won't work", she said.
               Inder snorted, "I know that, Prachi and he will take you with him once in ten trips he makes. You will be all alone here doing nothing", he said irrittedly.
               Prachi's face fell. That's true. He surely won't take me everytime he goes away. Then she brightened, "But whenever I am alone, I will come home, Papa. That would be perfect to spend time with you and mama", she said.
               Inder laughed. When she put it that way, it didn't sound that bad after all. "Yes, my child. You can come whenever you want to. It is your home after all" he said and smiled seeing a sleepy eyed Premlatha walk towards him. "Here, your mama is awake now. Speak to her and I will make a nice hot cup of coffee for her. She loves it when I pamper her", he laughed as Premlatha hit him.
                Prachi giggled. Are her parents getting more romantic in her absence? She thought naughtily. She spoke quickly, filling in on her mother on a lot of things. "Mama, I was missing you all and was even crying" she said soflty, suddenly guilty of her own thoughts.
               Understanding, Premlatha smiled, "At times I miss my parent's house very much too, Prachi. But it didn't mean that I was going to run back leaving you and your Papa on your own. Don't feel guilty, beta", she said softly.
               Prachi sighed in relief, "I am very happy here, Mama. You don't know how much Mom and Dad pampers me. I feel so loved and so content", she said.
              Premlatha smiled with tears in her eyes. Isn't that what she wanted to hear? "Just be happy like this, gudiya. I don't want anything else. Milind is not home, is he? That's why you suddenly started missing us. When he is around, he don't have time to even think about us", she teased.
              Blushing at her mother's teasing, Prachi whined, "Mama, aap bhi na" she protested and Premlatha laughed. Telling her to not stay up too late and go to sleep, she hung up.
             She smiled when Inder handed her a cup of coffee.
            "See, did I not tell you, Premlatha? I know my child very well. She can't wait to come back here, to be near us. She will soon grow tired of that glittery and fast life too. She never liked crowds and won't feel comfortable in such elite circles. She was never cut out for that life, Premlatha. It has started to show already", he said.
              Premlatha stared at him speechless. He sounded almost gloating triumphantly. What has happened to him? Does he want to see his daughter unhappy just to prove that he had been right? Oh god! She prayed ernestly that he was wrong and that her daughter would remain happy and content in the life she had chosen herself.
              Speaking to her parents had done the trick and Prachi fell into a dreamless sleep. She woke up later than usual and realising that Milind hadn't come home all night, she became agitated. When she walked down, the house was buzzing with activity as usual but even her in-laws hadn't come home. She busied herself by cooking lunch and went back to her bedroom getting more worried as hours ticked by. She was sitting on the terrace when she jumped feeling his arms enclose her. She closed her eyes when he buried his face in her neck. "Hey, sweetheart", he whispered and her face broke into a brilliant smile. She turned to him and frowned in concern. He clearly hadn't had a wink of sleep and looked tired.
               She touched his face when he lay sprawled on the sofa with his head on her lap. "What happened, Milind? Is everything okay?" she asked nervously.
               He sighed, "No Prachi, Did you not watch the news today?" he asked. She shook her head, even more worried now. "There was a break-in attempt in the other building where Mom has her office. It was thwarted immediately but the danger is real. Sally's cabin had been broken into. We found the guy, a new employee who was looking to sell information for money. The threat was not for my new projects but for Mom's", he said and sat up, raking his fingers through his hair.
               Prachi stared at him stunned. She knew that Shweta was in the middle of clinching a multimillion business deal but how did Sally get involved in that? She wondered.
               "Mom is upset as expected. She can't allow anything to go wrong at this stage. It was kept strictly under wraps but any leaked information would pay handsomely. Sally was not even fully involved in it. She was only working  on the periphery but atleast she didn't have any information on her. She is moving in with her father for the time being till everything settles down. I am not taking any risks", he said tiredly. He held her hand and looked at her, "I am starving, Prachi. Then I will get a shower and back to work. It is going to be another long night", he said.
                Prachi immediately rang the kitchen for coffee and food to be sent up. Leaning closer to him, she loosened his tie. "Is everything solved now, Milind?" she asked.
                "For the time being. Micky is increasing data security and he is going to have a couple of busy days. The security at the office is tightened to the maximum. Dad is furious that someone was allowed to try to access confidential information. But for now, things have calmed down. We just have to be more careful till the deal is signed and Mom makes an announcement. And you Prachi, just be careful about who you speak to and what you say" he said gently.
                 Prachi looked taken aback. "What do you mean, Milind? You think I will be targeted?" she asked.
                 He smiled and cupped her cheek, "Nothing to worry, darling. I am just concerned that people might find it to easy to try and gather information from you. Just be aware when someone tries to get too friendly", he said.
                 Before she could ask him more, the food arrived. He ate quickly and got up. She held his hand, "Shouldn't you get a few hours of sleep, Milind?" she asked softly.
                 Smiling, he pulled her closer, "I am feeling better already, Prachi and I have to make some phone calls to India too" he said and hugged her closer.
                 Prachi closed her eyes, her senses filling in his smell, his touch.
                 "Did you sleep well, Prachi? I was worried but was too busy to call you" he said.
                 "No, I was scared and even cried. Then I called my parents and then slept. I was waiting for you to come home since a long time", she said, her voice muffled against his shirt.
                  Milind kissed her head, "I am sorry, sweetheart. That's why I didn't want to tell you anything then. But you are an adamant little thing, aren't you?" he admonished.
                  Prachi hugged him tighter, "Stay with me for some time. I want to talk to you", she whispered.
                "Join me in the shower then", he nuzzled her head.
                Prachi hit him and tried to move away, "Don't you think of anything else, besharam. What about getting back to work?", she chided him.
                Laughing, Milind pulled her with him into the bedroom. "Time saving techniques, darling. We can talk in the shower, you see", he winked.
                Prachi stuck her tongue out at him, "I am not going to fall for that, Milind Mishra. I know you too well by now", she shot back.
               Milind's eyes darkened and he slowly undid his shirt buttons, "What a pity, darling! I thought there are lots left to know still. Time for a few more lessons then" he drawled.
                Prachi swallowed as he slowly undressed. He moved closer to her and gave a wicked smile when she stepped back. "Get your thoughts in order, sweetheart. You have exactly half-an-hour to tell me whatever you want to" he said huskily and without warning swept her up into his arms. Prachi screamed in shock and hit his shoulders with her small fists and ignoring her protests, he walked into the bathroom. 

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i loved it...but this sally is getting on my nerves now....:)
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As usual FANTASTIC UPDATEThumbs UpClap
All scenes very well writtenClap very well described.........luved tham all.........esp the part where prachi calls her father when she was alone and scared.  it so true and natural......... how much luv and luxuries you get at your hubby's home......but whenever u r in pain or alone you realise how much you miss your parents and all those small small things in your parents home.....esp. when u r newly married.  this scene touched my heartClap
i wish and pray this Valentine's brings lots of luv n happiness in your life that u start writing next a full romantic update soon (hahahaaaaa)Hug
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Thank u dear for the dramatic emotional update it was quite spicy with everything in it, u rock hun Clap
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i never realised milind and sally were that seriously involved but sally seriously needs to get a life, her friends pamper her too much! she has got a great guy yet she leaves no opportunity ti taunt prachi.... inder is almost competative in his belief that milind took his daughter away.... these two are going to make prachi cry soon!
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thank goodness even in such tension times milind has nt stop comforting prachi 
n luved d updateeeee

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