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Tomorrow Full of Promises4 MichiFF Note pg100 1/4 (Page 21)

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Finally updated my comment on Pg.17Big smileBig smile

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Originally posted by sonakap1

Sally continues to be the confounding best. She simply loves to hate Prachi. She rattles Prachi to see her at her worst, can't stop herself from winding her and unsettling her and on the same level is concerned about her also. If her blow hot, blow cold attitude is confusing Prachi it is affecting Sally also. If Prachi needs to talk about Sally to someone, the need for Sally to talk and unload all her baggage seems much larger here. I now have my doubts that Shweta is going to be the one person who will be lending ears to both these girls. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this aspect of the story. I just cannot wait for that to happen. OMG I have started sounding like a broken record. Its time I zip it up' I don't mind hun. keep talkingTongueLOL. Yes, Prachi affects Sally just as much as she affects Prachi. No, Shweta won't be that person. I will leave you to keep guessingTongueSo Shweta is out, Vicky you are noncommittal, Milind is not happening....Than who??? Will it be Anand? As if my guessing is gonna help me in any way....You are going to continue torturingTongueLOL LOLme on this...SIGH....SIGH...SIGH...I give up, it will happen when you plan it to happen. Why is Milind not happening??? Why not the man himself?Wink Now I am confused, wasnt' it you who said that it will not be MilindConfusedConfusedYou are really enjoying it nah. As of me, I am now official off this guessing gameBig smile Big smileBig smile hey, it was just for fun yaar. Don't be offended. I said it will not be Milind who Prachi will talk to. But as for Sally, who else than the man himself?

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Originally posted by rajeev fann

loved the update...loved michi's reunion......waiting for the update

Thank you. Next update coming up shortly. 
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Originally posted by tellycrazy

Finally updated my comment on Pg.17Big smileBig smile

Got it, Nithya. Will reply to the same Big smile
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Originally posted by tellycrazy

Big smileHey Divya Hi NithyaHug

 First of all, a belated happy birthday and lots of good wishes for your new year Big smileThank you EmbarrassedSecond of all, congratulations on your 4th thread Clap Thanks again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed(which reminds me that this is the first time I am commenting here)  I was not being lazy but my final exams were going on and the list of submissions were endless But now I am done and dusted with my semester and can make up for not commenting for this long! No complaints hun. hope you did your exams well. But hey, your semester is done and dusted. So, I can expect comments regularly, right? Wink

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about the drunk Prachi  I was a bit apprehensive when you made her drunk in the previous update but glad to see that her charms are working on Milind even in the drunken state. Probably you should consider getting her drunk more often looking at what happened afterwards when they got home later on. Milind is too intoxicated by her charms now. Another drunken episode will drive him completely crazy Wink

Looks like Sally's infatutaion has more to it than what meets the eye I just realized that we do not know much about the romantic relationship of Sally and Milind, save for some hints that were dropped by Vicky to Prachi. It would actually help for us readers to know what actually conspired between Milind and Sally so much that she pines for him even today! How deep a bond did they share? Confused I'm not sure whether Prachi should know the whole story as such things are better left unsaid in a marriage, Very true. Somethings are better left unsaid in every relationship. but it would not hurt us to know even though we may have to bear a part with Sally and Milind in itLOLLOL Probably you can give a narration about that through a conversation between Vicky and Pooja perhaps or even better, Anand and Shweta (though they are less likely to know the specifics of their son's datesBig smile) Shhhh, parents are not supposed to know too much TongueLOLAhh, I'm giving you ideas, amn't I?Wink If you follow up on all my suggestions I see a potential for a fifth thread for TFOPTongueBig smile Oh no Shocked, I am glad for your suggestions yaar but no fifth thread LOL. I am all set to give you glimpses of Milind-Sally story. A little sneak peak in the next one. 

I really love how you bought out the bold Prachi albeit with the help of the alcohol and how quickly Milind went about analysing the reasons behind his wife getting drunk! An irony indeedLOL yes indeed! LOL
And now comes the most hilarious part of the updateLOLLOLLOL Shweta must have got a shock of her life to see her nomally demure bahu drunk and happy in the arms of her son. As I was reading it, I was sympathizing with poor Milind and imagining the embarrassment at being caught in that stateBig smileLOL Yet you captured a moment when Prachi ran to her mom in law and told her how much she was missedSmile Alcohol truly bought out some suppressed emotions in Prachi which would normally not have escaped her shy barrier that she has constructed around herTongue Yes, it did help shed a lot of inhibitions and both Milind and his poor mother were floored LOL
I understand that you might have to soon open another thread for this FF if you go into details everytime Michi makes love but once in a while letting your imagination run wild. Awwwwwww, am too shy to conjure up details now EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL. I am sure your imagination will be as good as mine WinkLOL would be appreciated by all, especially me.I don't doubt it at allTongue LOLThe bedroom romance was sizzling as always and glad to see that both were equally matched in passion for each other.
Then comes the hangover and the remorse part! I think Milind handled Prachi pretty well when he consoled her and even confronted her to an extent. It was natural for Prachi to feel the way she did but she should not always resort to alcohol whenever Sally gets on her nerves. As Milind 's wife she is going to face a lot of sour looks from others and as an optimist, I say that Prachi should make Sally her learning ground as nobody taunts better than herLOL Well jokes apart, Prachi should get over her insecurities however hard it is. I am mentally cringing at the fact that she would have to defend her relationship next from her father when they would go to India. I still think that Sally is a much easier hurdle to cross than Inder. It is often painful to stand up to your own than the strangers. Prachi needs to be confident in her love to do that! You are very correct there, hun. Sally is not Prachi's big problem. Like you said, it will be easy for her to handle others than her own. It will take a long time for Prachi to completely shed her insecurities. But she is getting there very slowly. 
Shweta too handled her bahu well and loved her advice. Hear, hear PrachiBig smile I think every married man has a moment of relief when he see his wife and mother bondingBig smileBig smile and for Milind it was a moment of happiness to witness that special bonding. What a good note to end a fabulous updateSmile Aww, thank you. Do continue soon and I am so sorry to have kept you waiting all this while. In fact I had written a half page comment for this update but when I posted it, the whole thing got erasedCryHope everything is fine at your end All's well on my side hun. thx. Loved your comments. Thanks for taking the effort to write a second time. Am updating in a few minutes. And no semester means no excuse for not commenting!!!! WinkLOL
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Hello everyone, Couldn't finish writing yesterday. That's the reason for the delay in updating but tried to make up with a long update. waiting to see what you all think about it. I will continue from where I left in the next one. Cheers Big smile

                              Part 91

          Prachi hid behind Shweta pointedly ignoring Vicky's naughty grins. He hadn't said anything to her reminding her of the night before…..atleast not yet. But knowing Vicky, it won't be for much longer. Both their families had met for afternoon tea and Vicky had keptt giving her  wicked smirks and laughing with Milind  and she was sure that she would die of embarassment if he kept up with it. She jumped when he cleared his throat standing behind her. She whirled around, her eyes flashing warningly and cringed seeing her husband standing behind Vicky with a matching grin.
            "So, Prachi bhabhi, how's your husband behaving now? Is he still being heartless and not kissing you properly?", he drawled naughtily and Prachi turned a bright red seeing Shweta shot them an amused look and quickly turn away. She gritted her teeth hearing Milind's soft laughter and before she could respond, Vicky bent closer.
             "My brother has got the "Cat that got the whole pot of cream" look on his face today. Would you happen to know the reason behind his blissful look? Anything to do with last night?" he winked at her and yelped in pain when she stepped on his toes ever so discreetly.
              "It's got everything to do with last night, my dear brother-in-law. But you won't be hearing any more details. So, shoooooooo off", she said softly and tossed her head arrogantly ignoring his chuckle. She blushed when a laughing Milind pulled her closer.
              "Have mercy, bro. Stop bothering my poor wife. And do as she said. Just shoooooo off", Milind winked at him and they both laughed heartily.
              Shweta called her just then and finding the perfect excuse, she slipped away from them. The rest of the afternoon was pleasant enough with easy bantering and laughs and Vicky left no stone unturned and drove her crazy with his subtle teasing. Her angry glares did nothing to stop him and she was seething when Milind too joined him. She was glad when Shweta kept taking her side and silencing her naughty boys. She was having a great time and was sorry when the afternoon came to an end.  The men were going back to the office, Shweta and Shreya were meeting a few friends leaving Prachi free for the evening.
              Left all alone, she was sitting in the garden and  was surprised when her phone rang. Smiling to see who the caller was, she picked up quickly. "Are you not done with your teasing? Do you want to continue it over the phone as well?" she demanded in mock anger.
              Vicky laughed, "Now, Now, my dear bhabhi. No more teasing. I actually called you to make up for my behaviour. I am let off for the evening, but Milind is still busy with Uncle. So, I was wondering if you wanted to go out this evening. How does a stroll by the river and loads of icecream sound?" he asked her.
               Prachi smiled brightly, "If this is how you will make up every time, then I wouldn't mind your teasing, Vicky. Where shall I meet you?" she asked, glad that she wouldn't have to spend the evening on her own after all.
              "I am on my perfect gentlemanly behaviour now, Prachi. So, I will pick you up from home. My brother will skin me alive if I did otherwise", he said dramatically and Prachi laughed.
              And true to his words, he did make up brilliantly. Prachi did more than strolling along the river and licking icecreams to her heart's content. She did souveneir shopping for her friends in India and Vicky indulged her thoroughly. When Milind joined them for dinner at one of the riverside restaurants, the evening couldn't have been more perfect for her. She slept on the way home and was half drowsy on her feet when Milind walked her to their room and tucked her into bed that night.
              Inder cut the call with irritation evident in his face. "I can't believe how irresponsible your daughter has become, Premlatha. Its been days since she spoke to us. Now, she has even switched off her mobile. God knows what she is doing and how she is", he said angrily and sat down.
              Premlatha smiled, "So, she becomes MY daughter whenever she is irresponsible, right. My daughter is too busy in her married life that she can't keep phoning her parents all the time. Inder, she would have been busy. Call her at home later. Atleast you can speak to her in-laws", she said.
              Inder glared at her, "Don't you worry about her at all, Premlatha. What sort of a mother are you?" he said angrily.
              Premlatha sighed, "I am a mother who knows that her daughter is way too happy in her sasural, that her husband and in-laws adore her, that she is well looked after, that she has become very responsible and matured. That is enough for me, Inder. You will never understand that", she said soflty.
              Inder snorted, "Women! How can a mere man understand them? All I want to do is hear her voice, know that she is alright. Is that too much to ask for, Premlatha?", he said heavily.
              "Uncle is right, Ma. I miss her too. How can she be that busy? Has she too joined Milind in his heavy partying?", said Neev sarcastically and sat down next to Inder.
              Premlatha glared at him, "Neev, Milind is ghar ka damad hai. I will not tolerate any sarcastic remarks about him. Is that clear?" she said sternly.
              Stunned at the rebuke, Neev looked at her speechless. "Oh, so your so called damad has become more important to you than me. Of course, who am I to you? I am sorry that I even said his name", he said angrily and walked to his room. "Neev, beta, tum bhi na", sighing, Premlatha followed him to pacify him. A brooding Inder picked up the phone again and called the Mishra house.
                The evening breeze was still warm and Milind hummed to himself as he walked. It had been a brilliant idea to spend the weekend at their chalet in the woods. It was a quaint looking wooden building of two floors and Prachi fell love with the swinging chair in the balcony and was ecstatic that it reminded her so much of the bamboo house in Ooty. When his mother suggested a weekend getaway for him and Prachi, he was surprised but very pleased when Prachi was adamant that his parents should join them too. She insisted on having a family getaway and when his parents gave in, he knew that they were equally pleased. And here they were in the woodland where Milind had spent numerous summers and had many fond memories. It had always felt like a different world to him with nothing but trees and sound of the birds and a flowing stream for company. It was always a relief from their fast paced London life. Even their farm house in the country bustled with servants and phone calls always reminding them that their usual life was just an arm's length away. But here, no servants, no phonecalls but solitude and peace and Milind had always treasured it. They had reached there only that morning but had spent a pleasant day. He had gone fishing with his dad and when they attempted to cook it on an open fire, Prachi had wrinkled her nose complaining of the smell making them laugh heartily. Dinner was simple and in the kitchen.  Leaving Prachi with his parents he had gone for walk on his own.
                He loved that time of the evening, the moonlight streaming through the trees, the almost still night silent around him. He was lost in thoughts, his mother's words kept coming back to him. He knew that a talk between them was imminent and when Shweta called him to pick her up at her office the day before, he knew that she would bring it up. As expected his mother was concerned about reasons behind Prachi's drinking. Milind knew that his busy work life was not lettting them spend enough time with eachother of late and he had listened quietly when his mother advised him to learn to balance work and home. Shweta had wondered if trying to settle into their life was putting pressure on Prachi and she was trying to cope in her own way. He was even more shocked when his mother mentioned the spanish model whom he had dated briefly. He was surprised that Prachi hadn't said anything to him about meeting her. But then his mother had heard about it from her friends. Only earlier that day, Anand had told him about the comments in the magazine regarding Prachi and that actress was going to issue an appology in the next week's issue.  He knew that his Dad had made sure that she appologised but it had bothered him that Prachi hadn't as much as mentioned it to him. He sighed and closed his eyes. Are these adding pressure on her.  He had wanted to talk to her after returning home last night but Shweta had suggested the weekend getaway over dinner and they got carried away with planning it. Prachi had been so excited that he didn't have the heart to bring all that up. He stopped walked and raked his fingers threw his hair. The air was turning slightly chilly and realising that it was getting late, he started to walk back.
            The house was quiet when he got back and he quietly walked up the stairs. Surprised to not find Prachi in the bedroom, he walked to the balcony and went still. Ears plugged to her ipod, eyes closed, she was swinging in the chair. Face scrubbed clean, hair let open and well cut black silk pyjamas moulded arounded her body, she looked cute and sexy. He stood watching her, his heart clenched with fierce emotions. Feeling his gaze on her her, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Seeing his unwavering gaze, she gave a shy smile and pulled her ear phones off. She watched him in surprise when he walked slowly towards her and kneeled down in front of her. She went still when he buried his face in her lap and slowly her hand rose to caress his head. His hands closed around her legs, caressing them softly and he remained silent. Prachi's fingers threaded through his curls. "Milind" she called softly. He looked up, his eyes dark and scuritnising.
             "I don't like it when you hide things from me, Prachi", he said suddenly.
              Her mind on full alert, Prachi stared at him, "What did I hide from you?", she asked nervously.
               He held her hands in his and kissed them softly. "Why didn't you tell me about that spanish girl you met at the club, Prachi?" he asked softly. When she didn't answer, he cupped her face, "You didn't even tell me about the comments in that magazine about you. Has it become so hard for you to tell me anything? Why, Prachi?", he asked again.
               Worried at the troubled look in his eyes, Prachi clutched his hands, "I wanted to tell you, Milind but you were so busy lately and I didn't want to bother you with trivial things", she said her eyes pleading him to understand. The time was never right. She should have known that he would hear it from someone else.
               Milind drew her closer to him. "Nothing is trivial to me when it concerns you, sweetheart. I want you to tell me if there is anything or anyone that you are not comfortable with. I want to know if you don't like something. Nothing is trivial between us, darling. It bothers me so much that all these had been bothering you and I knew nothing about them. I know I haven't been spending enough time with you. So, lets make use of every second we spend together, Prachi", he said huskily.
              She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. Milind tucked her hair behind her ear, "I am sorry that you had to meet that girl in the club. She was not a very nice person and it took me a while to realise it. She didn't take it very well when I broke up with her", he said softly.
               Prachi sighed, "I gathered as much. She does have a poisonous tongue", she complained.
               Milind kissed her head, "You must wonder what sort of a man you have married, right, Prachi?. I pluck you out of the safe cocoon of your parent's house and thrust you into all this…….jealousy, vicious tongues and nastiness. People pass sarcastic comments about you and I didn't even know it. I won't blame you if you even hate me for this. But do you, Prachi?", his voice was very low, almost like a whisper.
               Shocked, Prachi's eyes searched his desperately, "Do you really think that I am capable of hating you for anything, Milind?", she asked softly and cupped his face. He touched his forehead against hers and sighed.
               "I don't kow what sort of a world I left behind for you, Milind. All I know is that my world revolves around you. I should have told you about all that before. But I think I was trying to handle it all by myself,… be brave. Dad does know about that magazine article though. And about your ex-date, she might as well be non-existent for me. I just blocked her out. I am not comfortable to talk you about any women in your past, Milind. I am so very posessive about you that I don't want to think about anyone else with you, past or not. And don't you dare think that I would hate you for anything", she said almost vehemently.
                 Milind hugged her closer, "Oh, my love", he whispered against her ears. "You will get an appology in the same magazine next week, Prachi. Dad has made sure of it", he said and Prachi smiled.
                 "See, what complaints can I have when I have such a loving and caring family, Milind? Soon, I will be as good as Mom. I would handle any nastiness and vicious tongues and give back as good as I get. I am learning", she said almost proudly and Milind chuckled and hugged her tighter.
                 He sat against the cushions comfortably and pulled her on his lap. "Life will get even more busy once we get back to India, Prachi. There will be days when I will have to stay away from you. But I don't want that to come between us. I can handle physical distance, Prachi but mentally and emotionally, I am even more dependent on you than you realise", he said huskily.
                 Prachi kissed his lips, "And I am on you, Milind. You can never be away from me, my darling husband….mentally or physically. I won't let you", she said and buried her head in his chest. He was surprised when she moved back suddenly and hit him, "Hey, you liar, you promised that you wouldn't go away and now you are saying that you will have to stay away from me for days", she complained.
                 Milind laughed, "I would never lie to you, Cherry. I said I won't go away now but may have to do so later on", he explained. He smiled at her forlorn face, "Now tell me who told you that I was going to go away again?" he asked, smoothing away the tendrils.
                 Prachi looked at him from under her lashes, "Sally", she said softly.
                 Milind frowned but smiled immediately, "Of course, she would know, wouldn't see? And she was right too", he said and put his hands up as Prachi glared at him again. "I didn't lie either, darling. I would go again to Paris but take you with me as well", he said and brushed his nose against hers.
                Prachi gave a squeal of delight, her eyes brightening, "Really?" she asked and beamed when he nodded. "Will you take me to Eiffel tower?" she asked eagerly and Milind laughed.
               "Yes, I will and you can take as many photos as you want and then show it to your friends", he teased but a dreamy looking Prachi ignored him. Holding her close, he kissed her head. "I am going to tell Sally off for upsetting you", he said softly.
                Prachi's fingers traced patterns on his shirt, "I thought that you liked Sally too much to scold her", she said softly, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.
                Milind smiled and nuzzled her neck, "May be but I don't like her that much when she upsets my darling wife", he whispered and Prachi's smile widened.
                She hugged him and whispered, "Do you know how much I love you?" she asked huskily.
                Milind grinned, "I don't know baby. Why don't you show me?" he asked, his eyes gleaming meaningfully and his hand moved under her top, caressing her soft skin and moving higher.
                Prachi gasped struggling to hold his hand still. "Stop it, Milind. Mom and Dad are just downstairs. What if they hear us?", she hissed.
                Hands growing bolder, Milind bit her lips, "So what? They would be too busy to bother about us" he said.
                Prachi tried to push him away, "Chiiiiii, besharam. Behave Milind or else I will scream for Mom", she threatened softly. She gasped as Milind pulled her head back and she stared into his smouldering eyes.
               "Oh yes, Prachi. You will scream, baby. I will make sure of that. But it will be my name on your lips……..over and over again", his husky voice sent shivers down her spine. She closed her eyes giving up to his demanding mouth. 
               Prachi sighed, the warmth of the afternoon sun pleasant. They had been having a great time and Prachi felt even more close to her in-laws. After a relaxed morning, a picnic and a game of badminton, the men had offered to cook dinner. Shweta was busy setting up the hammocks for herself and Prachi vowing to enjoy the relaxed time when the two men toiled in the kitchen. Prachi filled two glasses of chilled juice, her mind wandering to the night before and her cheeks coloured delicately. Her husband had been true to his words and she had only screamed his name over and over again as he pushed her to the brink of ecstasy. Oh god, he is so insatiable! She thought to herself and blushed again.
              "Why do I have a feeling that I know exactly what my wife is thinking now?", she jumped hearing the familiar drawl near her ear. She blushed more when he grinned and traced her cheeks, "Was I any good, Prachi?", he drawled again and winked meaningfully.
               Gasping at his question and worried that her mother-in-law might hear them, she pinched him sharply to shut him up.
               Milind yelped and rubbed his chest, "God, Prachi. That hurts" he whined and brushed her hand away when she reached to touch it. "Now kiss and make it better", he demanded.
              Quickly checking that Shweta wasn't watching them, she moved closer and blushed even more when Milind pointed to his chest. She bit her lip shyly as she undid a button and placed a soft kiss. Before his arms closed around her, she ducked and ran away.
               Milind watched her with a wide smile, "Later, Cherry. You will have nowhere to run", he promised to himself and walked back into the kitchen.
              Dinner was excellent and the father and son duo was way too proud of themselves. They lit a fire as the air turned chilly and sat around it talking pleasantly,  with Milind strumming his guitar softly. Prachi looked at her family, her heart constricting with happiness. They were travelling back to London first thing in the morning and back to their busy world. It was a much needed break for them and Prachi was glad that she insisted on it. She laughed when Anand turned on the music and asked her to dance with him. She laughed merrily dancing with her father-in-law. Later when Shweta and Anand danced, she watched them leaning close to her husband.
             "They make a beautiful couple, Milind and they are so much in love", she sighed.
             Milind put his arm around her, "Yes, Prachi. They are perfect for each other", he said, his eyes soft as he watched his parents.
            Her finger traced his arm, "Will you love me just as much 25 years down the lane?" she asked softly.
            Milind grinned naughtily, "At that time, I will have a 20 something draped over my arm, honey. We will have to go with the trend. What say?" he drawled.
             Prachi's eyes gleamed in challenge, "Oh, I better look for a toyboy then, just to keep up with the trend", she said cheekily and gasped when Milind's hand tightened in her hair almost painfully and pulled her head back.
             "To hell with the trend, Prachi. I will be the only man you will ever need and ever have in your life", he said hoarsely and kissed her.
               Milind was cleaning the dishes with his mother and Prachi had gone for a walk with Anand. They were remising over the day when Anand's private phone rang. Frowning, Milind picked it up and was surprised to hear Inder's voice. "Hello Uncle, how are you? Sorry, Prachi has gone for a walk with Dad. Here, Mom wants to speak to you", he said and gave it to Shweta.
              Greeting him pleasantly and enquiring after Premlatha, Shweta appolgised when Inder said that he had been trying to call Prachi for two days. "I am sorry, Inderji, Prachi would have turned her phone off. We are using only Anand's private number. Don't worry about your daughter. She is very well and she is definitely not missing India. We are keeping her way too busy, you see", she said.
               Inder's voice hardened, "I can see how busy you are keeping my daughter, Shwetaji. The poor child doesn't even have time to call her parents. But I am sure she is missing us just as we are missing her", he said almost harshly.
               Shweta frowned and there was a lengthy silence between them. When she spoke, her voice was curt, "I will tell Prachi that you called, Inderji. She will call you back as soon as she can. Good night", she said and put the phone down.
               Watching his mother intently, Milind's eyes narrowed, "What is it Mom? Did he say something?" he asked, anger lacing his tone.
               Shaken out of her thoughts, Shweta gave a small smile, "Nothing, Milind. I was just thinking about work", she brushed his concern and walked out to the sit out area.
               Frowning now, Milind followed her and put his arm around her, "You only have to tell me, Mom. He didn't say anything to upset you, did he?" he asked again.
               Smiling, Shweta leaned against her son, "You don't have to be that protective of me, Milind. You may be gown up now but you are still my little boy", she patted his cheek as he grinned. "Inderji was just concerned that he hasn't spoken to Prachi for a while. I will just tell Prachi to call him as soon as she gets back" she said. Milind nodded, though not completely satisfied.
               They were talking pleasantly when Anand returned with Prachi who was complaining about the windy night and brushing off dirt from her clothes. When Shweta told Prachi that Inder had called, she looked surprised and guilty.
               "Oh god, I haven't called them for a few days, Mom. I had been so busy that I completely forgot. First, let me take a shower and then I will call them", she said and rushed up the stairs.
               Wishing his parents a good night, Milind walked to the balcony and stared into the night. Knowing Inder, he couldn't shake the feeling that he could have said something to upset his mother. Sighing, he gave up trying to figure it out. He walked into the bedroom and smiled hearing the sound of the running shower. Its been a long time, he said to himself and quickly undressing, he walked towards the bathroom.
                Eyes closed, Prachi stood under the shower, relishing the feel of the hot water on her skin. Her eyes opened in shock and she gasped feeling him behind her. Feeling his eyes on her, she stood frozen unable to cover herself. A shiver went through her when their bodies touched and his hands traced down her arms and she moaned when they moved lower. Milind's lips traced over her shoulder, his knowing hands, caressing her, slowly and sensually. He turned her towards him, his arms enclosed her body in his and his lips found hers. Prachi's mind lost all sense of reality and returning her father's call became the farthest thought in her mind.
               Sally managed a smile, her slightly worried eyes silently watching Milind. The evening was pleasantly warm and the food was delightful. Vicky had invited them for dinner at his house as he was leaving for India in a few days. He and Micky had been keeping the conversation really funny and Milind and Prachi too were laughing silly. Unable to join in, Sally shifted in her chair agitatedly. She had been wanting to speak to Milind all afternoon but he had been so busy at the office after his weekend away that she never got a chance. Both Anand and her father had been out of town and she had pondered over her doubts in her mind to no vail. She thanked Prachi as she handed over a cup of coffee. They have been very polite to eachother all evening, making small conversations.
             Unable to wait anymore, Sally touched Milind's arm, "Milind, I need to speak to you for a minute", she said softly and got up.
             Surprised, Milind quickly excused himself from others and walked away from the group. Taken by surprise, Prachi's eyes followed them as they walked towards the dimly lit garden fence.
             Micky patted her shoulder, "Don't look so worried, Prachi. I am sure your man is in good hands", he joked and Prachi managed a smile. Giving her a quizzical look, Vicky pulled her back into the conversation.
              Milind stopped walking and looked at a very quiet Sally, "What is it, Sal?", he asked.
              Sally looked at him with confused eyes, "It might be nothing, Milind. But I thought that you should know. I think someone had been in my cabin……..going through my things. I can't put my finger on it. But there are subtle signs. I think someone had tried to even log into my computer", she said softly.  
              Milind stared in disbelief, "Are you sure about this, Sal? But how is this possible? We have a very tight security and constant surveillance. If someone had broken into your office, then we have a breach. Why didn't you tell me before?", he asked angrily.
              Sally touched his arm, "I know it is impossible, Milind. And I hope I am mistaken. I have been thinking about it all day and you were so busy that I couldn't talk to you about it", she said worriedly.
              Agitated now, Milind held her shoulders, "Did you notice anything amiss? Any missing files at all?" he asked urgently.
              Sally shook her head, "No, all our project files are on my laptop and heavily protected too", she assured him.
              Giving her a curt nod of approval, he barked orders into the phone. Turning to her, he put his arm around her and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. "I am glad you told me, honey. It might be nothing but I will get it throughly checked. What I am more concerned is that if it is professional or personal? Did you notice anything different in your flat, anything at all in the last few days?" he asked.
              Sally shook her head, now looking seriously worried. What if someone had broken into her flat as well? Oh no! she closed her eyes in dread and leaned against him.
              Milind shook her, "Listen, I am not trying to scare you. But I want you to be careful. I will get your flat and car checked first thing in the morning. If you suspect anything, anytime at all, don't hesitate to call me. Make sure you turn the security alarm on when you reach home. Or better still, why don't you stay here tonight? I don't like the idea of you going back to your flat before I am sure it is safe", he said with concern.
              Inspite of the sudden fear, Sally smiled, "Just as protective as ever, aren't you? Thanks, Milind but I will go back to my flat tonight" she said, eyes warming softly.
              Milind smiled back, "Old habits die hard", he said. He moved away from her as his phone rang. It was the security chief assuring him that a thorough check was under way. He spoke quickly and turned to her and frowned seeing her look at the treehouse in a distance.
               "This place hasn't changed even a bit. Do you still come here, Milind?" she asked suddenly, her voice distant.
              Surprised to see the sudden change of her mood, Milind smiled, "Not untill recently. I haven't been there for a long time. My playmates have all grown up", he said softly.
              Sally smirked, "No one to show off your pretend muscles, I guess", she said cheekily.
              Milind laughed, "Hey, My pretend muscles turned real a long time ago", he said.
             Sally turned to look at him, her eyes holding his, "I know, Milind. I was a part of your growing up process, remember", she said in a soft voice.
             Milind slowly looked away, his eyes staring into a distance. Memories of childhood and later hung heavily amidst them.
             Sally reached to touch his hand, "Did you miss me, Milind?" she asked huskily.
             Milind looked at her for several seconds, "You didn't, Sal", he said way too softly and moved away quickly.
             Sally closed her eyes as a sudden surge of pain, almost like physical, swept through her.
              Walking a few steps away from her, Milind smiled, "Time to get back to the others. Prachi will be wondering what's keeping us this long. Let's go, Sal", he said and when she joined him, he walked back without a word.

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ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Thank u so much hun for giving us such a hot and romantic update ,Prachi ke boldness dekar milind aur swetha hi kya hum sab ka bee hosh udgaye. i loved it as it is nice and sweet prachi kaa doosara roop jo dekneko mills.
Wecant blame sally for her behavious poor soul she has love for milind but her bad luck she could not express it to him, now its too late she has missed him we all know even milind does not have anyfeeling right know for her he only sees his childhood friend in her and he always wants her safety like all the rest of the friends group does. diya isse jada kuch nahi paka rahi hona milind ke maan me sally keliyeWink aisa kuch hei tho prachi tumme kacha chabajayegiWink.
The romance between michi was as hot as always we love u for giving us such scenes.
It was so cute even in her nasha prachi try to hug swetha to her how much she missed her, love the bond they have ,it was so cute what swetha advised her d-i-l .
The next morning was so emitonal scene between michi prachi ko apna galti ka ehsaas jo huvva poor girl she was feeling guily for herself and she is mostly worried how her devar is going to tease herLOL,
Even in their romantic life milind is worried for his prachi behaviour he felt their is something behind all this ,will he able to find out what was the real reason, hope prachi comes out of all these very soon yaar,
sorry for the late latif again apne waade ke muthabhik maina 1000 times tho nahi lekin kumse kum 100 times tho padahi hoga waiting eagerly for the next one .
Take care yaar

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Thank u hun for the looooooooooooooooong update i will get back to u later.
Take care hun.

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