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divvya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone, 

       Continuing this FF in a new thread. Slightly embrassed about the 4th thread of this FFEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Thank you for all the support. Hold on a bit longer and fingers crossed, this will be the final thread WinkLOL

The link for the first part is
The link for the second part is
The link for the third part is

                                             PART 88 - PAGE 1
                                             PART 89 - PAGE 9
                                             PART 90 - PAGE 16
                                             PART 91 - PAGE 21
                                             PART 92 - PAGE 27
                                             PART 93 - PAGE 33
                                             PART 94 - PAGE 39
                                             PART 95 - PAGE 50
                                             PART 96 - PAGE 59
                                             PART 97A / 97B - PAGE 70
                                             PART 98 - PAGE 77
                                             PART 99 - PAGE 85
                                             PART 100 - PAGE 93

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divvya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
Hello Friends, A very merry christmas to you all. And here is my  x-mas gift with loads of love. More of Sally, Prachi chemistry Wink and some phone romance Wink.  CheersBig smile

                                    Part 88

          Prachi took a deep breathe to compose herself. It's been less than an hour since she arrived and she was already feeling the strain. Desperate for a break she had excused herself and found refuge in the loo. It was an all-women's group and outwardly all appeared well. The smiles, the hugs and the casual talks were very properly done and the more Prachi tried to ease in, the more apprehensive she felt. For, she could clearly see the underlying sarcasm and the malicious glints in their eyes. Not everyone was bad. There were a few women she had already met and seemed friendly enough. But Prachi felt the strain of Shweta's absence. For the first time, she realised how dependent she was of her family and how low her confidence level really was. Shweta had been way too careful in accepting invitations selecting the right and easy group for Prachi's sake and that afternoon she had the taste of the real elite world. She reapplied her lipstick and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes betrayed her nervousness. She jumped when the door opened and Sally walked in.
         Raising her eyebrows at Prachi, Sally touched her makeup, ignoring Prachi's eyes on her. A small smile played on her lips as she turned to Prachi, "You are a complete disaster, Prachi. Do you know that?", she asked sarcastically.
         Prachi glared at her, "Thank you, Sally. Trust you to make me feel worser than I already am", she bit back and glared even more when Sally laughed. "I thought you were here to help me or have you forgotten?" she asked her haughtily.
         Sally cocked her head to one side, "What do you want me to do, Prachi? Jump in and fight your battles?" she said with a smirk and leaned back, her eyes slowly assessing an agitated looking Prachi. "Don't tell me I didn't warn you, Prachi. But you were too sure of yourself then. Welcome to the real world. Milind and his family has been treating you with kid gloves all this time and for once, face the sharks. If you think your shy, innocent eyes and your cute smiles will help you win them over, then you are wrong. People are blood-thirsty, my darling. The more you shrink away, the more they will bite. Till now, I have only seen you make it too easy for them. Forget about fighting back, you are not even facing them, honey", she said softly. The girl had looked lost, terrified and had cut such a sorry figure that for a minute, even Sally had felt sorry for her.
           Sighing, Prachi sat down on the plush looking sofa in the rest room. She knew that Sally was right but didn't know what to do. "So, you are not going to help me?", she asked dejectedly.
           Sally smiled sweetly, "I will but only if you ask me nicely", she said and laughed as Prachi's eyes shot daggers at her. She sat down comfortably, "Save those looks for the girls out there, honey. Now lets get down to business and get this afternoon over and done with", she said firmly.
           Knowing that she can't stay there for long and have to go back to the dining area, Prachi nodded and listened carefully as Sally rattled off quick backgrounds about the women they were dining with. Prachi sighed realising as the most bitchiest were the most important people in the society and she surely didn't want to lose face.
          "It's only that spanish girl who you should be a little bit careful about. I can't stand her myself. So, I am taking myself out of that", Sally said firmly.
           Prachi frowned, "Yes, and she is a top model as well. I have never met her before and I don't know why but she was a bit too ferocious in her attacks. She was not even subtle", she complained.
           Sally smiled, "She was the last girl who Milind dated before jetting off to India and she was left high and dry. Is it any wonder that she has her claws out today?", she said sarcastically.
           Prachi's eyes hardened. Well, that explains it. She looked at Sally, "So, she has same issues as you", she said equally sarcastically and immediately wished she hadn't as Sally's face hardened dangerously.
           Sally leaned closer, her voice tight with anger, "Don't you dare compare me with that girl. Unlike me, she would have meant nothing to Milind", she bit out.
           Prachi held her eyes. Of course, unlike Sally, none of the other girls Milind had dated would have meant anything to him. "You are right, Sally. I shouldn't have said that", Prachi said softly.
           Sally's eyes widened in surprise before hardening again. "Good", she said and got up immediately. They walked out together in silence.
            Prachi was dying for another coffee when they left the club. It was almost 5 pm and the afternoon sun was warm. Such a beautiful afternoon and she had spent it indoors, she sighed. Atleast it had gone on much better than expected. After her initial silence, Sally had surprisingly been very helpful. And she had been way too subtle that only Prachi knew that she was actually covering up for her. Whenever Prachi was at a loss of words, when she struggled to open a conversation……..and Sally even covered up Prachi's failed attempt to snub the spanish model. Prachi leaned back contently in the cool confines of the car and smiled at Sally, thanking her.
           Sally smiled back, "You weren't as bad as I had expected", she said.
           Prachi's smile widened, "So, I was not a complete disaster then", she asked.
           Sally laughed, "Not a complete disaster, but almost close. And let me warn you that you have made a few enemies today", she said.
           Prachi shrugged, "I honestly don't give a damn. Those enemies certainly haven't earned my respect. So, who cares?", she said haughtily.
           Sally studied her. She didn't know whether she was that nave or simply stupid. She smiled softly, "You will learn to care, Prachi. The Mishra name is your only protection. Even then they can still hurt you. A lot of women would give anything to be in your place, honey. You are the new comer here, Prachi…….with no big family name, no money or status of your own……..a complete misfit. And believe me, sometimes money and family name are also not enough to protect you from vicious tongues", her voice trailed away.
            Prachi remained silent, knowing that Sally was very correct. She was a nobody in this circle, if not for her husband and his family. Looking up at Sally, Prachi felt her heart constrict suddenly at the far away look in Sally's eyes. Was she talking about herself just now? Who had hurt her and how? What did they say? Did they talk about her parent's failed marriage? Did they mock her for her mother's many affairs? Or have they even smirked at her mother's death? Prachi's eyes searched her face. She had learned bits and pieces from both Anand and Shweta about Sally's past. Not much but enough to know that Sally was victimised by both her parents' failed marriage and her mother's death.  "I am sorry about your mother, Sally", she said softly.
              Sally stubbornly stared ahead, "I still miss her, you know. She was not a bad person, just lost after moving away from Dad. I still wonder how their marriage could have failed. They loved eachother so much. Mom did till the day she died and Dad still does. But they also hurt eachother so much. I think love makes you do a lot of things", she said almost to herself.
             Feeling her throat thicken, Prachi looked away. Sally still has so much anger, pain and helplessness in her. Is that what made Sally react so strongly towards her? Prachi wondered silently.
               Pulling herself together, Sally brought the car to a halt and frowned irritatedly. "You wanted a coffee, didn't you? I need one too. Let's quickly grab one and I will drop you wherever you want to go. We have spent enough time together", she said.  
               Suppressing a smile, Prachi got off. People had opted for outdoors and Starbuck's looked surprising empty. Grabbing a coffee, they sat at a corner table, looking over the river.
              "I will take a walk along the river and I will get Anna to send me a car, Sally. I don't want to impose on you too much", Prachi said softly.
              Sally nodded curtly and her fingers drummed impatiently on the table. Her eyes studied the black pearl bracelet around Prachi's wrist. "That is a beautiful piece of jewellery", she said.
              Prachi's finger traced ther bracelet and she smiled, "Milind's choice. He bought it for me in Tahiti", she said softly, her eyes glazing over with memories.
              Sally inhaled a sharp breathe, "Don't gloat over it, Prachi", she bit out harshly and Prachi looked startled.
              Oh shit! She blew the truce herself. She sighed at Sally's blazing eyes.
              "Honeymoon days are over, my darling. Reality is here. Get over those dreamy looks and face it, Prachi. And I can't believe I am sitting at a coffee shop with you of all people", she said sharply.
               Prachi rushed to finish her coffee, "I think we are done for the day, Sally. The truce can only lost so long. I am not going to push it. Let's go", she said firmly and got up.
              Sally walked out in silence. She stood near her car and looked at Prachi, "I can't say I enjoyed the afternoon, Prachi. But it wasn't as bad as expected", she said.
              Prachi smiled, "On the contrary, I had a great time, Sally. I think we should do it again", she said sweetly and struggled to keep herself from laughing out aloud on seeing Sally's angry eyes.
              As she turned to walk away, Sally's voice stopped her, "Milind was in a rotten mood in the meeting yesterday afternoon, you know. I am sure it would have been a relief for him to get away atleast for a couple of days", she smirked.
              Prachi stiffened. Was he really in a rotten mood? "He had a lot on his mind……business and problems you know. And he will back by tomorrow afternoon", she said stiffly.
              Back in her safe territory, Sally leaned on her car casually, "You can't be more wrong, Prachi. First of all, the business is doing great. No problems at all. Actually, Milind is planning to get a lot of new ventures underway. The office gossip yesterday was that there were problems at home…… May be the wife was getting all demanding and nagging…… It wasn't even two months and if he is feeling the pressure already……….and so on. Secondly, he will not come back tomorrow. The meetings are well under way and it will keep him busy all day tomorrow and the day after as well. He is a busy man, honey. He can't be following you around like a lovesick puppy all day, can he? After all, you are not on your honeymoon anymore? What is it, Prachi? Are you too whinning…….too nagging? Or can you not keep him interested anymore? Is he bored already?", she asked way too mockingly and Prachi turned pale.
                She took a deep breathe trying to compose herself. After the relaxed time they had spent together, Sally's comeback was vicious and Prachi reeled, especially after the misunderstanding She and Milind had yesterday fresh in her mind. "You can't be more wrong either, Sally. Everything is as good as it was before", she said softly and excusing herself, turned away.
              Smiling in victory, Sally called cheerfully, "See you at Micky's party, Prachi. Milind should be back that day. And you did insist that we should spend some time together again, didn't you? We can catch up that evening. Take care till then, honey", she said sweetly and drove away.
          Lost in thoughts, Prachi walked slowly and sat on a bench. Only Sally could have spoiled such a good afternoon. They had almost seemed comfortable with eachother when just one word about Milind tipped her off. Prachi sighed. Was there really such gossip in his office or was Sally just making trouble? Was she being demanding and nagging? Oh stop it!!! She chided herself. No, she was not nagging. "Or can you not keep him interested anymore? Is he bored already" Sally's mocking voice came back to her and reminded her again of the day before. How angry he had been when she asked him that and rightfully so. She just didn't know what she was saying. Was he still angry with her? He did say he was not over the phone last night. Did he just say it to make her feel better?
            A sudden laughter broke her thoughts and she turned to see a young couple behind her kissing. A sudden longing rocked her to the core. Oh god, she missed him! Last night was torture enough……..alone in their bed. Their first night away from eachother since they got married. Another night to endure and if Sally was right, two more nights……..oh no, it is going to kill her. She swallowed a sob. She was so used to going to sleep in his arms…….resting her head on his chest, hearing the steady beat of his heart, the soft rise and fall of his rhythmic breathing, feeling safe and protected in his embrace. Last night, the luxury of the silk sheets, the beauty of the room did not even register in her mind and both her body and mind longed for his warmth. She hugged her arms around her body. She felt cold suddenly. She quickly called Anna to send a car to collect her. There would be no one at home today. Even Shweta was away along with Shreya. She would be all alone in the big house, apart from the servants. Of course, it was very well guarded but that was not of any comfort to her. All she wanted was him by her side.
         Milind looked out of window in his hotel room. The view was as breathtaking as always. The lit up Eiffel tower and glistening dome of Les Invalides added to the charm of the night. Prachi would have loved to see Paris. He thought with a smile. He would bring her soon. It was almost 11 pm and dinner was again full of business talks. Vicky was in the bar with a few other men and Milind had just excused himself. The meetings were going on fine but it meant that he has to stay on for a day longer. He hadn't told Prachi yet. She had sounded so upset yesterday and he didn't know how to tell her that he would be away for two more days. It wasn't easy for him. It was the first time they were away from eachother and he missed her immensely. He wanted to tell her so much after yesterday's little argument and he hadn't had the chance or the time. If she had reacted badly, he hadn't handled things very well either. He knew how shy she can be and still is and his enthusiasm at the lingerie shop was sure to undo her and it had. But then the whole week had been so busy and he hadn't even kissed her properly for days. All that hadn't helped and his mind was too occupied with his little fantasies that he hadn't even noted her discomfort. How was she coping without him? He knew that she would be all alone at home tonight and her first time as well. His mom had been really worried but then she didn't have a choice either. His Dad was also with him but atleast he was going back to London tomorrow. Was she missing him as much as he did? Of course, she would have. He thought to himself longingly. That's why he had sent her a little something to cheer her up. She should have received it by now. He looked at the phone waiting for it to ring.
           Prachi took a relaxed hot shower, missing him even more. Nothing was helping. She had called her parents and Neev, spoke to her friends, chatted with Anna and Eva, had dinner watching TV and still time was moving so slowly. She stood in the walk-in wardrobe, looking at the clothes she had bought the day before. Should she wear any of those tonight? But who for? She pouted sadly. After all the fuss she put up yesterday, now she couldn't wait to wear it for him. She bit her lip shyly. Two nights away from him and it had turned her wanton. She shook her mind to clear her thoughts and ran her hand though his wardrobe, relishing the feel of his clothes. The faint smell of his cologne still lingered in the air. She sighed and stopped at his t-shirts. With a shy smile, she pulled one over her head. She pulled the sleeves up and looked at herself in the mirror and giggled. She looked like a child dressing up. His t-shirt was too big for her and she hugged it closer around her feeling a sudden warmth. The intercom buzzed and frowning at the sudden interruption, she answered it irrtiatedly. Her face broke into a smile, pulling a robe on her quickly, she rushed to the door and gasped in surprise as Eva handed the huge bouquet of flowers and a fluffy brown teddy bear, wearing a small heart shapped note around his neck. Thanking her, she rushed back to her bedroom and impatiently peeled the note from the bear's neck. It was a typed note from Milind.
         "Sending him as my replacement. Trusting him to keep you warm" It said.
 The huge bouquet of red roses had a miss you note on it. Her eyes filled up and she hugged the bear closer and buried her face in the fur.
              Milind picked up his phone on the first ring. "I need my own teddy bear. Nothing can replace him", said a soft voice and he smile.
            "Not warm enough?" he asked huskily.
            "No, not cuddly enough either and he feels too soft", she complained again. "I want my own……..I want you", she said way too softly.
            Milind drew a harsh breathe in. "I miss you too, sweetheart. The cushions are not warm enough either", he said softly.
            Prachi sighed, "Why did you spoil me so much? Now I can't even go to sleep without you", she complained.
            Milind laughed, "Just two more nights, sweetheart. Sorry I have to stay a bit longer. But I will spoil you even more when I come back. But I can't promise to let you go to sleep. On the contrary, you might lose an entire night's sleep", he said softly.
            "I can't wait", Prachi said softly, surprised at her own boldness. Equally surprised, Milind groaned her name. "Milind, you are not angry with me, are you?" she asked softly.
            Milind sighed, "No, darling. Trust me. It was my fault too", he said.
            "No, Milind. It was not", she said quickly. Ingoring his protest, she continued, "You know, I was waiting for you last night, dressed in what you wanted to see me in. But you never came", she said softly.
            Milind closed his eyes, "Prachi, you don't have to do anything you didn't want to", he reassured softly.
             "But I wanted to. And I want you to see me now. Do you know what I am wearing?" she asked softly, realising it was easier to tell him all that over the phone.
             Milind shook his head as if trying to clear the images his mind was conjuring up and sighed.
             "Your t-shirt is too big for me", Prachi complained softly.
             Milind groaned out aloud, "What colour?" his voice was way too husky.
             "Red,… the colour you like against my skin", she purred in a seductive voice.
             Milind almost swore under his breathe. "If you keep talking like this, I will fly back home straight away", he raked his fingers through his hair.
            "What is keeping you then, Milind Mishra?", she asked flirtatiously.
            "Prachiiiiii, don't do this to me?" his voice was hoarse.
            "Come home soon, Milind", her voice broke.
            Milind lay back on his bed, "I will, sweetheart. Very soon. Just wait for me", he promised softly.
            They spoke for a long time. She told him about her day and if he was surprised to hear that she went with Sally, he didn't say anything. Half sleepy, they whispered sweet nothings to eachother and with a contented sigh, Milind hung up. Sleep came to him easily, falling into sensual dreams.
            Prachi buried her face in the soft fur of the bear. How easy it was to say all that to him! How easy it would be to do it all for him! Why had she held back for so long! She chided herself. Two more nights……..and she will make up for everything in her own way. She promised herself shyly and slowly fell asleep. 

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dbr_kmichi IF-Dazzler

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Merry ChristmasSmile

yay!!! i'm first!! Smile
congrats for new thread...!!

it was very nice update...Smile
the convo between prachi n sally was kinda nice...
michi r so much missin eachother
hope everything turns out wellSmile

continue soon


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ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
Hip Congrats

Divya for the new thread and thank u hun for the update, will get back to u soon.

  The whole update was simply superb yaar the way prachi and sally were going was written so good hope sally stops being weird and try to understand michi I think its good for her.

Bravo prachi coming out of the family to face the world is a great step ahead girlClap, their is still lot to improve hun being mrs mililind mishra is not that easy but we know u will beat them all in all waysWink.

Poor michi missing each other, here is how she is feeling for her milind

 Their romance ka tho bathi kuch aur hei phone ho ya ammne sammne kya farak padtha hei bolo Its was so romantic . waiting for more romance in the next one .

for the wonderful journey of michi u have created for us their are now words we have to express dear have a wonderful year ahead.

Take care hun
 love u

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Cutie_Pri IF-Dazzler

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Congrats Divya for ur new thread Orkut Scrap - Congratulate: 1

Thank u 4 dis nice Christmas GiftBig smile
will comment in details abt d update later Embarrassed
Thanx hun May God shower his choicest blessings on you and your family this Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you and your family HugHug

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Congrats divya for the new thread..


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