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FF:December*Part 4 Page 20* (Page 3)

bluedreamz953 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Hi again!!
Here's Part 1. I have started their story from Geet's birth.So basically,my entire story is in flashback!

Part 1

~ Scene 1 ~

25 November 1988

Rano is in Dehli's best hospital.She is in labour.Curses and ear-deafening screams were coming out from her labour room.''Raj!!!!!!!!Main tumhe khaa jaungi...humesha aise karte hain..maine kaha tha...kisne kaha tha mujhe pregnant karne ko??...Humesha hum aurton ko hi yeh sab jhelna hota hai!!'' ''But,baby,tumne hi toh kaha th ki tumhe ek pyara sa beta chahiye bilkul Maan jaisa..ab mujhe kyun daath rahi ho??Relax okay!!''caressing her forehead while Dadi,Ranbir,Tanya,Dev,Maan,Brij aur Naintara were waiting outside.The adults were laughing their heads off listening to the woman in labour's shrieks.The kids, however were confused.

Brij,being the oldest who was 7, was explaining to the younger ones,
Brij - Tara,remember,Papa said we're going to have a sister!' 
NT - Veerji, Mama said it's a brother,not sister! Why is Maa screaming? Is our bro-(Brij glared at her),i mean our sister being naughty?
Brij - No,Tara...I think Maa is trying to take her out of her tummy.It'll be so fun na?Having a cute sister!! 
NT - You mean,I'm no cute?(starts crying) 
Dev - Hey,Tara..tu mat ro...veerji toh mazak kar rahe the,na?Tu toh sabse cute hai...(NT still crying)Tara...agar tu chup hojayegi toh main tujhe mere crayons dunga...chup hoja na!(Hugs her)

Maan,who was aloof,not knowing why his Tara di was crying went to Dadi who was now paying attention to the cute conversation of her grandbabies.The adults had decided that Dev and NT were to marry as they grow up.
Maan - Dadi dadi! Detho,BriT Teerji Tara di toh lula lahein hain...Dev bhai untoh tup tara rahe hain letin woh loh rahi hai..taldi aao...(I hope u can understand his toddler language - otherwise he basically told dai toh to come and make NT quiet)
Dadi - Accha aisa kaha Brij ne?Chalo abhi main uski khabar leti hoon...

Maan quickly ran behind Tanya,hiding from Brij coz Brij would surely bully him for telling on him.
Tanya and Ranbir broke into laughter seeing their cute son. Soon,the wailing of a newborn reached everyone's ears. Maan got scared and started crying...The doctor came out and told everyone it was a girl.Brij was making funny faces at NT whom Dev was comforting.Brij was so happy.

Tanya - Maan,tum kyun ro rahe ho?Chup ho jao..Dekho ab Maa ko ladki hui hai...Ab toh tumhare saath khelne ko ek aur friend hai
Maan stopped crying at the mention of a new friend. 
Maan - Usta naam tya hai mom?
Tanya - Uska naam...abhi decide nahi hua hai...Accha chalo usse dekhoge nahi?Phir usse uska naam bhi puch lena. (walked into the ward)

Maan - Maa!!Aap timaar ho tya?Aap taldi se theet ho jao..nahi toh main aapto Geet se nahi milne dunga!
Rano,who was very feeble and exhausted,pulled him up and cuddled him up in her lap and asked him,
Rano - Yeh Geet kaun hai?
Maan - Meli nayi friend...Rano still looked confused..Arre aapti baby...aapto yeh naam nahi pasand?
Rano - Geet...Rajbeer(who was playing with his new-born),hum apni beti ka naam Geet rakhenge!! Rajbeer too agreed...

Maan was over the moon. He jumped off the bed and went to Ranbir who was now holding his Geet. 
Maan - Dad,aap mujhe meli Geet do.Main bhi usse khilaunga...(Ranbir who was afraid Maan might hurt the baby,looked at Rajbeer and Rano to seek permission)
Rano - Arre veerji,de do usse uski Geet...jab tak usse godh mein nahi lega, tab tak usse chain nahi aayega!
Ranbir told Maan to sit on the bed next to Rano and placed the baby in the three-year-old's lap.
Maan was amazed at her small size.He ever-so-softly carried her and caressed her cheek,to which Geet giggled. He softly kissed her cheek,captivated in her sparkling eyes. Rano was overwhelmed at his affection.That very moment,she knew,no one could ever love her daughter more than the angel carrying her right now. Tanya wiped her devrani's tears and took Geet from Maan's embrace.Maan's facial expressions were of one who had just lost his prized possession. He couldn't bear to be away from his Geet for even a second. Rano giggled at his reaction and cuddled him.

Dadi was pacifying NT who was burning in jealousy at all the attention her baby sister was getting.Brij's high hopes of having his sister all to himself too were dampened.Both of them were sitting on the couch next to dadi,sulking,while Dev sat next to Brij,terrified though he was just a year younger. 

Ranbir and Rajbeer left the ward to complete the formalities and also inform Darji about Geet's birth. Darji was currently in Singapore handling his business. He was going to call Rajbeer who was currently handling the branch in Delhi to join him in Singapore as he wanted to retire and enjoy the remainder of his life with his wife.

After some time,Dadi was leaving with the kids and Ranbir while Tanya and Rajbeer wanted to stay back with Rano and Geet. Maan was so scared that they'll hurt Geet that he started throwing tantrums,unwilling to leave.He was rooted to the bed. Rano laughed and said,
Rano - Rehne do isse...mera beta mere saath hi rahega aaj!
Maan - I LOVE YOU Maa!!Hugging her tight.

The rest of them headed home...

~ Scene 2 ~

9 December 1988

It had been 2 weeks.The entire Khurana family was at the airport,Rajbeer,Rano,Brij,NT and Geet were leaving for Singapore. Darji who had already established his business in Singapore,a shoppers' paradise with the best deals in all of Singapore.It was one of the top-notch companies. Perfect for immigrants from India as it was like a Little India in Singapore where all indian spices,clothes,medicines and all other Indian products could be bought for at the most reasonable prices. It was the first and the biggest departmental store.The entire 6 floor building was owned by Mr Sukhwinder Singh Khurana,which was a big,no,huge,no HUMUNGOUS achievement for a non-Singaporean in the 1980s after Singapore had gained independence in 1965. 

He was the most powerful Indian in Singapore but he was a humble,noble man who was as down to earth as could be.He always helped the needy and never looked down on anyone. 

(Wow,i ddin't realise that I too much gyan baatne lagi...LOL...What to do!! I am a Singaporean..haha)

The younger brother and his family were about to enter the immigration area.It was time for the final good byes! It was really a crying ceremony.Dadima was crying softly,trying to be tough and not break down. The kids were wailing away,especially Geet and Maan and Dev and NT.Brij was quite unaffected,excited to go to Singapore.He went to a small shop at the airport to buy a last pack of chewing gum coz he wouldn't find any in Singapore.He would be fined.It was strictly a big NO.Life there was nothing like life in India.No one could even think about breaking the law,unlike India where breaking the law was NOTHING serious,in fact nothing at all!

It was time for their flight already. Tanya had to literally pull Maan from Geet,till they entered the immigration area. Thinking it was okay to release Maan already,Tanya left him but to her dismay,Maan dashed past the policemen and went to Rano who was pacifying Geet.He quickly hugged Maa's legs as he saw the policemen rush over to bring him away. 
Maan - Maa tya main Geet ko apni godh mein lelu aathri baar?? 

Rano gave him her wailing Geet who shushed immediately as he took her in his arms.
Rajbeer told the policemen to please wait for 5-10 mins while the toddler could part from his daughter. The policemen stood there while the tourists were staring at the adorable three year old.The were in a daze,even the airport staff were looking at Maan.

The three year old with jet black curly hair was lulling a baby to sleep so that she wouldn't realise she was going to be separated from him.He was more concerned about her grief than his own.The two kids developed a unique bond in the two weeks since her birth.A bond of affection.A bond of care.A bond of concern and a bond of love. They were going to be separated for some time,a long long time.A year to be exact. Now,he'd only meet her next December.

Next December.

So how is it so far?
All my other FF readers,you see this is quite a long update from me considering the length of my usual updates.Haha...You can expect more of this length!
Please tell me how is it...and please don't leave one liners like ''Please add me to the pm lsit.''Haha! I demand long comments!! 

PS:The more comments,the faster and longer updates you'll get, otherwise, muhahahahahaha!
Love you all!!
Merry Christmas!!Hug

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bluedreamz953 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Please feel free to ask me anything you don't understand!
Please forgive my mistakes,if any.
Pms will be send out later..M too lazy right all of you who have requested to be added to the pm list,please don't complain that you haven't received one coz I haven't sent out any at all!!
Love you!

Thanks a lot for all ur comments...
Silent readers,please I beseech you!!
Please comment so that I know if you're liking it or not or what are you liking or any opinion at all!!
Really motivates me to write more!!

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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
wow... such a cute update... specially Maan's Dialogs 

Maan - Dadi dadi! Detho,BriT Teerji Tara di toh lula lahein hain...Dev bhai untoh tup tara rahe hain letin woh loh rahi hai..taldi aao.

so cute...Day Dreaming

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
This iis Soooo cuteeeee
Love it
Loved ittttt
Awhhh Maan is Sooo cute
Love his Toddler Language hehe
Awhhh he has to separate from geet..
But loved it..
Continue soon
Cant wait for next part
Thanks for the pm!

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 4:06pm | IP Logged cute...
do continue plz..

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untamedtigress IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
plz plz update soon it sounds so cute ,cud u plz add me to ur pm list and tell me bout the next updates thanxSmile

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
maan's dialogues are so cute
such a lovely update it was!!
thanks 4 d pm..
do continue soon..

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-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Awe your concept is really sweet and love how the bond started from birth where w 3 year old todler has such an innocent love towards the new born and it's really amazing to see how you portrayed these emotions and that to beautifully I'm realliy liking this ff so do continue soon Smile

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