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adoremevirgo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Originally posted by savi-tan

Felt that the sonography could have been much better directed.  They didn't even ask Geet to change her clothes + the baby looked around 6-7 mths old....The scene when Geet confesses her love was very touching.....other dialogues shown in the precap....I thought she already said it before when they last visited the hospital together...oh matter, we will hear it one more time.
 You don't always have to change you clothes do you?? I know you can just get one done in your own clothes they just have to lift up you shirt or whatever it is you have own....if there anything more to be checked then it makes sense...right?
Yea the baby looked overgrown gotta give it you on that oneROFL..but then again you can't always have everything logical....Ouch

Oye They Baby was no Over Grown......I am a MBBS student yaar.....It was perfect if they are trying to show ki she is in her first trimester.......Mera Vishwaas nahi ho raha???Type Fetus at 12 weeks in Google and check....Wink
thanx for the info...of course since u r an MBBS student u will know better...
really...i wish everyone wud stop trying to find fault in this scene which is exceptional due to GC and DD's performance and the new heights the maneet relationship has reached...
come on guys...for once let us enjoy the positive things of the scene rather than brooding over the flaws...
in a daily is almost next to impossible to maintain 100% logic in every it is better if we accept that and enjoy the logical side...

Ninelives IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi guys..Smile

Merry Chritmas
Just my a general viewer..BTW..JUST LOVE GHSP even more nowadays..GC n DD simply awesome..
When we make the choice to fill our heart space with unconditional love, our world blossoms into a beauty far greater than we have known

Unconditional love has no limitations no just flow....Hiccups are a part and parcel of life..but Love and when it is the way we are witnessing between MSK N just does not need any words to be described...It just absorbs U...Tiny sequences, Major sequences Just feel so in place na!!!!Clap

Today's episode simply left me speechless.Clap..MSK n Geet were totally in tandem as usual..GHSP served a super duper platter for us on this Christmas Eve...

Loved that MSK just does not give up...His reasoning is very simple..Just wants Geet to admit her not having had the breakfast he so painfully and with tears had prepared and the reason for not having it..1st the breakfast...then the "oh so called Continental Lunch"..haa haa...hilarious..So very like MSK..Somehow GC was in full form yet again...

Loved that a doubt of mine which according to me could have created some hiccups in Maaneet marriage...thank God CV's of GHSP are progressive..............Dadima knows abt Geet's Pregnancy and thank god is happy abt it.....WOWClap

Loved MSk rushing His Geet at a drop of hat just seeing her feeling pukish..Even his meeting forgotten..To the Hospital...amazing expressions of DD here in MSK's arms...when asked who is the can be silly during their wives..Or would be in that state..Seen my own brother do that to his wife...When this scene was aired..Both of them were watching and yes we revisited that part of our lives...

So much was said abt the requirement of quoting the "I love U "Some wanted it ..Some did not want it coz their love needed no such words..I was among those who said their love did not need those 3 words....But Boy i was in so many serial watched have i seen and "i love U " so momentous.... but look at the way ILU comes in this type of situation...mind-blowing

CVs of GHSP saved the "I Love U" for the best moment. Emotional and tremendous ...It was a perfect way to confess your love for special... Spontaneous and true Perfect.

The tear of joy and from MSK.. This scene was what made me actually shed tears...I have yet to see a parent react in such a way on seeing his child..on any show..GC was simply mind-blowing here...this left me completely speechless... But none of them made me cry. That one tear of joy from maan's eyes had me in tears. I doubt anyone else could pull it off. actor of his extraordinary caliber...only such a brilliant actor could pull this one

The feeling of pride, the joy, the amazement..all seen so clearly on their faces.....Thank U CV"S of GHSP..For giving us this moment..The joy of watching GHSP again and again...

They dare not do anything to this baby now..It is Maaneet's baby now...and yes and has now made a bond just like maaneet have with many maaneetians...

MSK this is for you......HugBlushing

I am loving Arjun every day....So sincere..yet really no one knows what he is up to..but yes he seems to realize his effect on NE...the way he used Tasha....anvesha getting "J" abt Tasha..haila ..aise kaise?

1 drop of tear shed by MSK....created a Tsunami here..... He already feels so connected to the baby of his love his Geet...His child.... Geet was oh so overwhelmed to see her Maan..Her Dusth Danav ka yeh avatar.... I am so looking forward to MaanEet-baby scenes. Cvs, please dont let anything happen to the baby, Geet and Maan both will never survive this shock..,

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."

Chalo guys..i was slow to write but i needed this time...

Bye for now..

Inshallah will meet again tomorrow..

Merry Christmas to one and all


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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Originally posted by -RushTrip-


kya baat hai...i loved it totally

this is one episode i can watch over and over again..

Maan and omlette...he does have a bee in his bonnet about it..i his head...the guy so hates lies and wants her to admit it..and does everything he can to get her to say it but poor soul had to understand that it was not her but the baby revolting against his efforts...

loved the family the office...

and the moment with baby and i was simply superb

fantastic CVs....

loved the Arjun and Ani angst..and loved the tasha being used by Arjun to make Ani jealous...

Bechari Tasha..uska naam ab toilet roll hai..use and throw.pehle..sasha ne kiya ab Arjun kar raha hai...

hai hai..bechari tasha pe ye julam na karo..CVs..usse romeo de do...

thora Romeo pe julam karo usse Tasha de do

Manisha..needs to realise whether he want a saheli aur saheli ka pati ya he wants his flame and his be...har cheez maan sir aur uski patni ke liye karta hai... i think usko pata chal gaya..Maan ka gharwaala nahi ban sakta toh saali toh bann hi jaayega!!

Adi is the sweetest..haklata hai magar pyar se...i love this guy..

hey many loves..i love maan, fallin gin love with arjun and now i love well..
wow...mera bhi jawab nahi...number does matter!! lover her one is going to spared from my love drugs today..

sabko pyar baaton...

well to say the long story short i loved it..and i love Geet!!

i am in totally faltoo moodd..

I am in love
i am in love
i am in love

tum dil ki dhadkan mein
rehte ho rehte ho!!

saale sab kameene...!!

Muni mere das rupaiya bach gaya!!

Di....yeh to cheatin hui....fallin in love with 3 men?? Maan was not enoughBroken Heart lolz
but today the episode was very nice....what would you rate today's episode??
Maan was good today i think i saw the glimpses of the old maan
ClapClapClap Yes Yes Yes...He was the MAAN i so wanted to see..... him...the looks he was givin to geet....because she wasn't tell him the truth....but Di i want my old maan back....sadu....arrogant ass.....this is gettin way too sweet to handle nowROFL....although GC did brilliant today in the sonography room......expressions were damn good...and DD...what to say about this girl....Embarrassed
So di anything today?? Kuch kuch?? Just a little something??Tongue
As for Arjun...and Ani di...u seriously like watching these two?? i feel like Arjun (piyush) is good,...but Nikunj...i know she is new...b sometimes it looks like she is improvin...and at times shei back to square oneLOL 
but the scenes she has to do are just simple scenes.....Confused
but Di i loved today's episode....even i would watch it again and again....

Already caught it thrice...Baaki do bhi DekhoongiLOL Trust me after a long time i am wanting to see all the repeats without missing even one

i get the feelin that DD likes being carried by GC......aaj thora maza le rahi thi...she was full on maharani....her epxressions were damn cute and hilarious when the nurse asked who the patient....she was smiling to the coreROFL
and GC today i thought he did a brilliant job as maan...what do you think Di??Tongue

Agree with Both of u ......Love Viji

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RushTrip-

Originally posted by killerkinrul

Hey All

kaise ho sab ?
A song for Maneet
Jhilmil sitaron ka aangan hoga
Rimjhim barsata sawan hoga
aisa sunder sapna apna jeewan hoga
i love this song and today when baby scene was going i felt singing this Song EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Loved Maneet today there every scene was fab today loved the way DD eat aam wow too good i feel like Eating one heeeee Wink
kya bolo Maneet are so romantic and they are so dutyful towards eachother they can do anything for eachother brilliant
thanku creatives for giving such a mindblowing Confession i mean baby also hearing
mom dad romance wow chooooooo chweet na
and Baby maneet dhak dhak loved it kya heart beat hai haayeeeee
and the Cry wowwwwww it was the best chota sa aanson unki palkon pe wah maaza aagaya sach main i was cried and smile together
this is the Maneet/Gurti Magic Embarrassed
Loved the baby pehli jhalak 
I Love u Maneet humesha , forever Smilechahe ye show jitna bhi chale MANEET kabhi nahin bhoolungi Smile
aaj ke episode main i only dont like 2 thing
Annie arjun jealusy part yuckkkkkkkkkkk
and time limit 2 days se i am feeling ki show chota hogaya hai heeeeeeeLOLAngryAngry
Maneet 10/10
Gurti 10/10
will updt ltr moreSmile

arre killer

you dont like arni??
mujhe toh bahut pasand aa rahe hain..

i love the way... their chemistry is being played out...

Mujhe Bhi...Par main Ani ki expressions se satisfied nahi hoonAngry....But on a broader picture yes ARNI is looking WOW.....

anyway... chalo...achcha hai... har koi..har cheez pasand toh nahi kar sakta na..!!

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RushTrip-

aditi, Shivu

i am writing part 3 of Vinu ka Raaz as well so i will keep coming and going..

i know nothing new about it..hai na

but..about Ani and Arjun..

i think this is how it will play out..

Arjun's plan is to make her fall in love with him..what he will not anticipate is him falling in love with her as well adn that is the twist..and that is when he will abandon his plan and help maan and geet instead of seek revenge..
they say revenge always back fires on them...

but yes...i think it will be ani who will be hurt first and she will try and help his plan not succeed in ruining Maan and be the person to tell him what Nt and Dev did to geet and that is when he will feel contrite and he would have fallen in love with her anyway... in the mean time

so the story will then have him fall on his knees.. and beg Ani to take.. him in his life..

Exacty the way i feel......Unless the CV's surprise us with an entirely new twistWink
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Oye Viji are you still knocked out due to maaneet???
Chalo time to get knocked in.....cause we have to move the thread na??

Me Kab Ki Knocked out ....Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

You know what i was thinkin.....along with this sweet sweet stuff....we need something sour and bitter....was thinkin about bringin in the social aspect bac now too..

news should be out that Maan singh Khurana is gettin married right?That to, to the same girl that left him stranded in front of many during the engagement......some issue as that again..
and i want geet to be full on sherni this time...let people hear her voice...about the real deal...
lettin the people of India know what has happened to her...and that it happens to many

Waah Shivi Kya baat hai...waise Idea bura nahi hai....Infact it a rocking Idea....CV's can we have something like this

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RushTrip-


hamare khayalaat milte..hain..yes..

Embarrassed Yep yep yep!!!!

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