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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:12am | IP Logged

Helloo Nissar, CVs, Barry, Gurmeet, Drashti, the rest of the GHSP team, friends  et al – Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !  Today's epi was just perfect for the occasion…we got our own version of Christmas … a brilliant touch.  Today, officially, Maaneet and baby are a family … HUM personified.  A very emotional moment to finally see the baby - not only for Maaneet but for all the fans around the world.

Hope the baby is a girl and you name her 'Khushi' for all the happiness she brings to Maaneet and us fans :)))

MSK walks into office in a bad mood, followed by Geet. But Geet's family is eager to take their new role seriously and waylay her, offering tea/coffee, help etc etc.  So if everyone is on Geet's side, who will be on MSK's side.

I loved Bal Brahmachari's dialogues…shreeman ke pas jaane ka sahas kaun karega ? So Maanisha n BB enlist Adi to go to Bajrangbali to find out his heart's desire.

So Adi, enters the cabin and has an extra severe bout of stammering…asks if MSK would have lassi.  Poor Adi must have thought a cold glass of lassi wud help cheer up MSK.   I think when Adi is finally able to blurt out the real reason, Maan is touched. 

Maan notices the lunch box sitting on his desk. He glances out the cabin window and notices that the office staff is pampering Geet.  So he steps out and says that he has ordered continental breakfast for his team who are overjoyed.  Geet's heart sinks. MSK asks Adi to distribute keeping in mind to give Geet an extra helping.

Bal Brahmachari stammers 'andey ka maas'….ROFL….Pandeyji u were superlative ! Barry – hats off !

Maan is still adamant to see Geet eat his continental breakfast.  He even tries some emotional blackmail b4 deciding to feed her with his own hands.  Poor Geet denies….twice….that's when MSK has had it….and walks off in a huff.  Geet barely able to hold her nausea.  I feel like shouting 'I told u so'.  I'd sensed the pregnancy related nausea picking up steam yesterday and said so in my take.  It's a great feeling when u know ur guess was right :))) Ok, ok…enuff gloating V…move on.

Maan answers his phone thinking its NE but turns out to be Dadi. So u fought with Geet again today.  So the pota starts complaining…ha ha ha !  so Dadi gives him a dose of cravings during pregnancy. 

Why did Dadi take so long to even admit that Geet was preggy ?  When did she find out? Was it when Dev/NT were arrested ?  If she knew it then, why did she let Maaneet go thru their MU ?  I think the CVs used a bucket full of cinematic liberty to close this loop. All of us had been debating this issue for sooooo long and CVs closed this loop in a jiffy.  While analyzing Dadi's role, I had mentioned that at the end of the day, Dadi was only for 'family'.  Now that Maaneet are finally getting married, the baby  is suddenly part of the Khurana family and get's prime  place , eh Dadi ?

Poor Geet – pregnant, famished, skipped breakfast, possibly even lunch …and to cap it all, nauseated.  GC/DD were just super !

Aam ki allergy :))))) LOL…He lifts her n carries her all the way to the hospital…this entire scene was just  HOWLARIOUS !  A must see !


 Aaj pehli baar pataa chalaa Arjun has staff helping him to decorate the house.  NE is too busy line-marofying Arjun.  Arjun still biding his time.

Maan overrides the doc and Geet at the hospital…a concerned dad.  Oye hoye, even Geet is yelling at him.  So sonography it is… aur aap itne hyper kyun hai ?

The baby's heartbeat silences both as they look towards the monitor….and they see the baby for the first time.  Maaneet are spellbound looking at the tiny miracle.  Maaneet hold both hands together, smiling and once again turn to look at the baby.

Geet turns to look at Maan who is gulping furiously…and she notices a trea trickle down Maan's face.  Overwhelmed, Geet says Maan ILU ! Maan turns to look at her speechless and content.


LOL ! Now Arjun has 2 on his tail – NE and Tasha.  Fun !  Arjun seems to be enjoying the attention … let's see how long b4 NE explodes !

Precap – Aap itne achche kaise ho ?  Koi insaan itna achcha kaise ho sakta hai ? Mere ateet ke baarey mein sab kuch janne ke baad phir aapne mujhe apnaya ?  Maan smiles.  How will Maan respond ?  That's the million dollar question.

Nissar, CVs, Barry and the team – Brilliant

Gurmeet, Drashti – Two thumbs up !

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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Style is about being a prince even in beggar's clothes

Jhoot bole kauvva kaate
kaale kavve sey dariyo
mein maikey chale jaaongi
tum dekhte rahiyo

Ek baby key liye
Kuch bhi karenga
Dance karenga
Duniaye sey ladenga
Doctor ko bhulayenga
Duniya ko hiladenga
Sab kuch utharputhal karenga
Ek baby key liye
Haan Ek baby ke liye
Kuch bhi karenga

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Reserved... Big smile
Yippeee the baby is alive and kickingSmile

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:13am | IP Logged
Today's den theme is one of my favorite topics styling Big smile and I am going to give you some pointers for the future Wink

The transistion from village girl dressing to city girl dressing has been accomplished but the kinds of suits that she wears are not suitable for the kind of look that will say that she is MSK's wife and bahu of the Khurana Khandaan. Ideally I would like to see Geet continue to wear Salwar Kameez's but the more classy kind - something that spells class the minute you look at it. I would love it if she continued wearing salwar kameezs to work and only wore sarees for special occassions. Get her some classic well cut salwar kameezs with a little bit of rich embroidery and a nice duppata.  Thumbs Up Why are you so scared of giving her prints? Have her wear small prints after the wedding.

But I know you will probably put her in sarees so I am going to concentrate on that. The blouses have to be more conventional and the sarees less see through.  For example something like this- look at the blouse it is something that can be worn to work (ignore the saree and concentrate on the blouse).

Here is another sample of the kind of blouse that she can wear - it is sleeveless but the strap is thick enough to be considered professional.

Here are some more options

Start a new trend. Maybe she can wear blouses with butterfly sleeves Wink

MSK is supposed to be a business tycoon and sometimes he dresses like a peon.Ouch Angry Disapprove

Again I loathe the blue shirt+black vest combo that he wore when he rescues Geet from the rain after she tells him she is pregnant and then again during the time she is talking to the children selling flowers. It needs to go into the trash can Approve

Get Maan in formal business attire - a nice suit and some nice formal shirts.  Here are some samples

Now in this photo please pay close attention to the length of the pants. They reach a little below the ankles. That is the right length. The Charlie Chaplin pants GC is wearing need to go. Angry and yes do not expect me to believe GC grew taller after you ordered them Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile ROFL ROFL......most probably they shrunk LOL LOL time to replace them Tongue. Also why are his pants so tight......I wonder how he can breathe in them Ermm........the pants need to be a good fit - neither too tight so as to cut off circulation by acting as a tourniquet or too loose so as to serve as a parachute ROFLROFL

Once he gets to work he takes the jacket off and roams around in shirt and tie. He can even take the tie off and needs to put it and the jacket back on only if he is meeting with a client.

Now for his night attire he needs some nice pyjamas.

For his exercising he needs some nice track pants. The alladin baloon pants are weird and yeah do not try to tell me that he is wearing what people doing Tai Chi wear. Don't even bother. I know that they are supposed to wear lose clothing - my instructor wears something like this

The other characters
Daadimaa is fine
Thumbs Up

Adi Sir is awesome Thumbs Up

All of office staff are fine except Tasha Dead Thumbs Down......why does she dress like a hooker Thumbs Down......give her some normal office attire like this.....she can still wear shortskirts and a nice blouse.

Arjun is fine

NT looked great in sarees and now in western wear.

Dev was good. Thumbs Up

Meera had the best dress sense and I know this is simply because Parneet Chauhan herself has an awesome dressing sense. Hire her as a dress designer for your show and you will never have to worry again.

Analysis will come later Big smile

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-RD- Moderator

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:14am | IP Logged

Plus I saw this tweet had to share .....i was in splits

lil_angel_007    -TMK(Tees Maar Khan) was 2 funny!!! Buh still no comp 4 our MSK!ROFL

Todays Episode- why do viewers crave and bug the CV's for romantic the scene today between Geet and MSK at the doc ..wasnt it great in terms of romance .....Romance is not abt physicality alone it has lots of beautiful aspects to it and emotional connect is one

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Theme of the Den - Aesthetics

Shonuu, Adits and Gouri have explained well.
I also like Jhan's and Jyo's Suggestions.
Gouri you mentioned the movie and I can see it WinkLOLROFL Now I can not get back to serious stuffLOL

All has been covered by the people mentioned above hence I'm not adding anything.  I would still love to see Geet in western attire for some special occasionWink

Episode Analysis

Maan aur Geet karein office mein pravesh,
Maike valon ke shuru hue upadesh.
Geet ki karein khatir, chai, coffee mangakar,
Geet jo kahogi voh le aayenge jakar.
Pandey ji Geet se kuch yun batiyaye...
Geet tumhara hone wala hai vivah, tum kyun is sab ki karti ho parvaah.
Yeh sab geet ki samajh na aaye... Pinki anuvaad kar use bataye..
Geet ko hai kaam ki dhun,
Adi bulate Pandey ji aur Manisha bhi aayi yeh sun.
Maan ka palada hai khali, chalo shamil ho hum ban unki toli.
Bajarang bali ke paas jaane ka sahas Adi ko karna hoga,
Maan ko yeh samachar unhe hi dena hoga.
Adi pahunche Maan ke samaksh, rakhne ladke walon ka paksh.
Maan ho gayein hain sehmat, Adi ki acchi hai kismat.
Maan ne mangvaya sab ke liye naashta,
Continental ki baat sun ho gayi hai Geet ki halat khasta.
Naasthe ka office karmachari lutf uthathe,
Geet kuch tum bhi khao yeh batate...
Geet ki ulajhan kisi ko samajh na aaye,
Maan kahein main naastha deta hoon khilaye.
Geet ne roka Maan ka haath, naashta nahin kha sakti samajho meri baat.
Maan ho gayein hain khafa, Geet ko chahiye thodi khuli hawa...
Phone pe dadi daant lagayein, jhagada kiye bina tumse Maan raha na jaye?
Maan apna dukhda sunaye, aur dadi unhe samajhayen.
Geet hai garbhvati, aise samay aisi baatein to hain aksar hoti.
Khane ka man jo ho jaaye, par samane aane par ji usse hi michlaye.

Geet ka man achaar ke liye lalchaye, desi khana na mile aur voh pachtaaye.
Maan hain laye dopahar ka khana, Dadi ne hai bheja...
Meri pasand ka khana, continental hai voh tumhe hai batana....
Saath khane ke naam par Geet ki hawaiyan udi,
Maan ko bhejna chahti hai yahan se jaldi.
Khane ke naam  phir ho rahi tu tu main main...
Maan kahen nahin chahti tum mere sand khana to jata hoon main.
Geet ko ek tarah khayi to doosari taraf kuaan nazar aaye,
Par Maan ka roothna na use bhaye.
Khane ko khola bade dheere se, kahin mehak se phir jee na michale.
Aam dekh aagayi usme jaan, Maan aapko pata tha main hoon hairaan.
Pehle nahi thi iski khabar, isliye laaya hoon khao tum hoke bekhabar.
Geet use khaye phir bhi uska jee michlaye,
Maan yeh dekh bada ghabaraye,
Chalo tumhe Doctor ko detein hain dikhaye.
Arreeee dekho yeh to godi mein uthaye hospital le aaye....

Doctor kar rahin Geet ki jaanch, Maan sang khade pakade haath.
Maan nahin sunenge ab kisi ki baat,
Aaj to ho kar rahenge sab test aisi ki darkhwaast.
Geet  kahe main hoon theek chalein hum aur aap,
Maan ki hai zid kam se kam Sonography to ho sakati hai aaj.
Dhadkan sun Geet hai awak, anakhen hain bhar aayi...
Yun liya maan ka haath apne haath.
Maan ho gayein hain bhavuk, ankhon mein unke bhi hai neer.
Geet bole pyaar ke voh teen bol...Jinhe sun Maan ke hoton par hai muskaan.
Swayam ke bheetar jeevan ka aabhas, kitna adbhut hoga yeh ehsaas.
Jeevan ka yeh amoolya kshan, dekha humne Maan aur Geet sang.
Gad gad hain dono ke hriday, vaatsalya se ashru poorit hain nayan.

Anuvaad = Translation, Samaksh = In Front of, Paksh = Side, Sehmat = Agree, Darkhwaast = Request, Awak = Suprised, Neer = water, Adbhut  = Surprise, Amoolya = Priceless, Kshan = Moment, Gad Gad = Emotional, Hriday = Heart, Vatsalya = Tenderness/affection, Ashru = Tears, Poorit = Filled.

Thank You CV's for showing us that baby is safe and sound...GC & DD portrayed the feeling beautifully...Clap

Well lot of people are curious to know the duration of Geet's pregnancy..this is what I assume.... she is still shown in first trimester...reason check out this link about Sonography ...

The embryo can be observed and measured by about five and a half weeks. The heartbeat may be seen as early as 6 weeks, and is usually visible by 7 weeks gestation. So considering the above info...I presume Geet is still shown in 1st trimester Smile
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged
I liked over all the episode today, but I think the editting team truely lost it today with jumping from office to hospital in such a way, but I liked the concern of MSK over Geet today, the way he kept on telling her to eat then the whole concern in the hospital, so cute....
I am speechless over the emotional scene in hospital, pehli baar is tara se MSK ko dhek rahe hoon, he never believed in emotions, but for Geet he got so emotional, so sweet.......
GC and DD were super today, what expressions and chemistry, super jodi.................
I seriously didn't understood what is Arjun doing in KM? He is much doing modeling than being wedding planner LOLSilly 
I give today's episode 9/10, coz I didn't like the editting today............

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Points to be noted.

1. Scene with office staff was over the top. Tone it down and do not exaggerate.
2. Maan bringing Geet mango was oh so sweet. Both GC and DD were good in this scene.
3. Maan rushing to the hospital and over reacting was over the top again, though his concern was touching.
4. Thank you CV's for clarifying that daadi knows Geet is pregnant, though I was sure she knew. But I will have to say that her reaction towards this fact was not dealt with properly.
5. What can I say about the ultrasound scene? That is something we all have waited very long to see. I feel elated to finally see that baby. CV's the baby needs to stay. Maan and Geet's reaction was perfect. It could not have been a better moment for Geet to say "I love you" then at that instant. Now Maan needs to say it as well. I do not like in the precap how Geet is once more telling Maan how good he is to her. They are life partners, he is not giving her charity. I would love for him to simply answer her with a "I love you" to her questions. That is the only reason he needs to give her.
6. Judging by the ultrasound the fetus is about 12 weeks old. I am glad that the CV's have pai attention to small details like this. They should continue to do so. These types of details give the viewers more insight. Now we know how far along Geet is with the pregnancy and why she has not shown a baby bump yet. But CV's, she should be showing soon.
7. Annie I do not like because of the actress. Keep the character but replace the actor.
8. Arjun I like very much. Give us more insight into his thoughts. The Arjun-Tasha dynamic is interesting. We know he is only attempting to make Annie jealous because he knows she has a crush on him. I like how her disses her all the time. :))

Overall flow of the episode was not good. Editing was choppy again.

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