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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Ek shaam Aesthetics ke naam ... yes... believe me....

Disclaimer: the topic on which i am gonna do some very debate worthy and important for the overall look of any show, and i m not responsible for this because. Anj & Co.. made me do this...LOL

Out line,,,
There are many ingredients of one successful show.. but all our focus remains on story, direction, editing , camera work, dialogues, acting and some sizzling chemistry... but one thing we ignore is the overall look of  the show... make-up. styling, costume, interiors, lighting etc which are really important in the character development. ... so tell me are they less important than any other department??? aren't the people related to these department need to be appreciated or criticized for their work???
so in a desi version.. aaj in sab ki kher nahi.....LOLLOLLOL i'll start with the main leads first...

Geet Handa:
Born & brought up in HP...  currently a working women and would be wife of the leading business personality of Delhi...

HP track

her dressing was according to her role + the traditions of her family as well the place from where she belonged.... less make worked for her to make her look 18 years old...(luckily the lead was God gifted with a good complexion+features) her look after getting married too was justified ...she looked a newly wedded Punjabi gal... and then the era of uniforms began..... rest comes under Delhi track.

Delhi track:

Geet gone through a drastic change ..becoming an independent working women.... the change in her Make up was pleasant. . but dressing and hair style??? wasn't  any minor  change required??? it moved to love track where in we got to see her in open straight hair and stylish sarees on different occasions..... (all backless & sleeveless , which wasn't justified for me) and anar-kali suits..  but her casuals/daily wears were all similar with only color change..... y?? how on earth a person wears that kinda uniforms???  by now she has worn three type .. all were different in color but similar in stuff of fabric, cuts, style, and length of the shirt....y don't some one ask the designers to be innovative??? even a tailor master has to be innovative in his stitching to run his business successfully... there should be an experimentation with the length of shirts and sleeves, (full, medium, half)  prints of suits,,, stuff  of the suits,,, to give our bechari eyes a break....

Make up and hair style:

all we get in the name of hair style is a tightly packed choti (pony tail)  with bonus of two  open strands of hair or open straight hair..and in both the caes the side partition is always preferred... apparently no check and balance on the styling team is responsible for this consistency...   and when she ties her hair... a big bulge of hair mass can be seen which looks really wired.. i know they have to use wigs... but if they know their work properly then they could  have found a solution for this issue... only if they consider it as a flaw...

have a look,

her make up is almost ok again i would say her natural beauty over comes many flaws...but their is a term known as Technical make up... if the make official aware of it... geet has a beautiful round face and this type of face needs something called
Contouring ... yes a darker shade is applied on the both cheek bones and well as chine line to make the face look thinner.. but i always felt it missing.... engagement and Khon bhari mang  where two events were there was so many flaws in the make up specially... they made her face look wider and older...  so they need to work on this.. and do something of her office bag....PLSSSSSSS


in this case also ,  the uniform fashion is applied..
ghajni look for office...
Tight shirt and jeans as casuals
and Aladin pants for work out.. and dont forget the white shows with aladin pants... 

well  i dunno which fashion technique says that the men wears should be this much tight??... and for casuals they can try T-shirts of different styles along with dress shirts... y cant a rich, modern, and stylish businessman wear a T shirt???

and y cant they use a stylish track suit or something for his
tai-chi sessions.. those aladin pants with white horrendous shoes.. kill the style factor of those Hot scenes...LOL

Make up and Hair style:

 cant they try a funky hair style on MSK?? he is a 50 yrs old guy who cant experiment with his looks... and the use of excessive foundation and kajal.. badly affects his manly look... and his evergreen jelled back hair...denies a fact that
"nothing lasts forever" LOLLOLLOL and they can also buy another wrist watch for a business tycoon.. Ouch

Set designing:
the interiors of Khurana mansion are ok... but the interiors of Maan's bedroom and geet's out house room are not khurana mansion types... have a look

from bed to the chairs & table (extremely tiny chairs and table) and baba adam times bed... i cant believe the millionaire MSK has lived there for like six long months...
and if we compare maan's bedroom with dadimaa and dev's rooms then undoubtedly maan's room doesn't have that royal look.. the bed  (non-classy) the door (looks  artificialLOL) and all the furniture looks cheap and boring... so they need to redo his room before the wedding...

so like a food recipe remain incomplete without proper garnishing and presentation,, a show is also incomplete without making it look stylish and perfect in every single aspect...

PS: my hands need a massage....LOL


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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
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Page # 1, a discussion about fashion, styling and overall look of Geet-HSP by Gouri, Adits and Shonuu,,,, and episode analysis by Jyoti &  Ashu..

Page# 2, continuation of fashion theme by Pooja and jhan, Anj, shradha & smita  (still reserved)  episode analysis by Starlite and  Shrey_I a poem by Bri...

Page# 3, analysis by temoroks,  Ann, Marsha and Opti,  TT article  description by Resmi... Shinus  and geeti (still reserved)

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Theme for the day'Aesthetics'wow so I get to discuss clothes, make up, styling'etc etc'. my favorite topic' Big smileTongue

Starting with attire

We all love dressing don't we??? Well so is attire that important?? Lets find out what the attire can tell you about a person' Attire does tell you about the person's financial status, power, mood and some times the nature as well'

Thoda general Gyaan'..

Bradley Bayou, celebrity and award-winning fashion designer and author of 'The Science of Sexy' says that there are four basic body types; the inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle and hourglass. Within those body types, no two are the same. It is for that reason Bayou says it's important to start with an understanding of your body type and then dress to balance.

Some tips for dressing as given by Theresia Whitfield:

  • Consciously choose clothes that make you feel authentic, that say something about your personality before you even say a word.
  • Align your clothes with your personal and professional goals. In other words, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  • Use your clothing as a form of social communication. The clothes you wear can change the professional attention you get, the kind of people you befriend and even the kind of dates you attract.
  • Shop your image. Don't simply focus on the style of the moment. Shop at the stores that project the image you want to send.
  • Consider conceal and reveal strategies which help you show off your best.
  • Find your guaranteed color.

Knowing this lets start with Geet

Geet is always dressed in Indian wear and isnt comfortable with western wear. Its not because she is against those clothes, she is uncomfortable as she has never worn them earlier..... for Demello wedding, despite being uncomfortable in such clothes, she was wearing the short dress as she thought it will impress she is willing to adapt.....

About ..... Her Salwar suits..... The pattern has changed with time..... The dresses she wore in HP were far more conservative than what she wears now..... The dupatta for her signifies her honour and hence even if the dupatta serves no purpose of covering her frontal body, it is there....lying nicely placed around her neck.....

The backs of the dress have changed from high neck to deep low cut backs.........showing that the gal is not averse to showing her skin......... for her adapting everything to western world isnt necessary......... she believes you can look hawt n sexy even in Indian clothes...... Lolzz...... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

Geet has used her clothing very well for social communication...... well MSK got attracted to the gal who is different in nature and also as she is different from the high society gals who try to grab his attention...... Geet's simplicity in dressing too is a point of attraction for Maan. .....WinkLOLLOLLOL

Geet wears a variety of colours.... However the dress designers have forgotten that no person ever has all the dresses stitched in same pattern.........At the most 2 dresses will be of same pattern..... This needs to change now..... Geet might continue wearing Salwar suits post marriage but they need to be of a variety of styles..... With marriage, she will be the CEO's wife and all her dresses should suit her new status. Her clothes should have a blend of salwar kameez and sarees. Sarees for party and sarees for office wear also need to be different in terms of their blouse stylings. Office isnt a place to wear spagetti strap almost backless blouses. Sleevless blouse with different shaped back can be the way her blouses are designed. Sarees too shud be of different kinds......Please avoid similar material, similar print sarees in multiple colours.....
Geet can also venture into western wear... She looked quite comfortable in the dungris she had worn in Indian Paints office...... Geet can wear formal trousers and shirts too for work and can fit into demins and kurti for casual wear in future. So in effect, Geet's dressing should be a blend of all sorts of clothing.....
Maan -  

Office wear.... Well frankly now am tired of the same 4-5 short and Ghajini jackets. For heaven's sake, he is the CEO of a very successful construction company, stays in a Rs 30 crore worth Mansion and has just 4-5 pair of office wear??? Wake up ppl..... I aint gonna describe what Maan's style statement talks about him..... I will let shonuu and Aditi speak bout it as I am short on time.... Might update this post on Sunday.....

What Needs to change with Maan's dressing....... Guys have u forgotten that Maan's dressing in Kurbaan Hua segment? That is called stylish dressing for a party.... Well u need to get some of that stylishness again.....Maan's formal as well as casual wear has become very repetitive' You can continue having the Ghajini look clothes.....but it shud be limited..... Use more of some more semiformal shirts with demins, Once in a while maan can be dressed in a full business suit, some times in semiformal jackets like Kurbaan Hua sequence one...... We surely need change of cloth set for him.....Also the clothes now seem too tight on Gurmeet.....its time to change the size of the clothes..... Trousers are too short'looks like mera joota hai japanee , yeh pataloon Englishtani..... In other words..its tangawala pants....LOLLOLLOLLOL change is needed immediately.....

What's with the balloon exercise pants (harem pants)? They are looking quite weird..... We can see Maan exercising in proper track pants..... Also bout his night clothes..... I have only seen geet wear his night wear kurta......Maan has never worn them...... Even yesterday in the morning when Annie was in pajamas and Geet in her night clothes....... Maan wasn't yet ready for office but still wearing casuals?? Who wears casuals to work in Kitchen before 7 am???

Some symbolism - Maan's Ghajini style tight shorts n jackets show he is a closed person....has tightly bound his innerself within.... actually GC is suffocating in those tight clothes.....LOLLOL

Annie -  The Gal is too thin to be wearing such short clothes..... Her legs look like sticks... Please make her wear bit longer clothes...... Atleast knee length.....

Daadi -  well can we have better fitting blouses for her? Earlier when Suhasini Mulay essayed this role, she had white sarees......Anju Mahendroo has cream colour sarees.... white would look classier is what I feel...... More royal..... so change that if possible....

Meera -  One gal whose dressing I like is Meera's'she has a proper mix of Indian and western. The Dress designer for Geet needs to be chucked away and Preneet should be appointed to design the clothes for all..

Naintara-  Well I don't understand y do negative characters in serials always change into western wear immediately when they separate from their so called husbands?? In any case I liked the sarees as well as the westerns she is wearing.....

Dev - His causal dressing, when ever he does wear clothes is quite nice and suits his character.... He as a character is supposed to be casual about everything in life and hence the casual clothing suits him.....

Arjun - So far so good....

Styling  (make up and hair)

Geet -  She needs a change in hair style post marriage. I mean the single pleat wont look good on a CEO's wife.... either she needs to keep hair open all the time or she needs to use a hair bun 'but no pleat' it looks very secretary style..... hahahahaha.....LOLLOLLOLLOL

Please makeup take note that sometimes the foundation is bit too much.....Drashti doesn't need that much foundation.... Please be careful with the wig usuage..sometimes it's a bit too obvious....

Maan - hahahahhaaLOLLOLLOL........I have lots to talk here but I hv no time...... CryCryCry

Make up -  Foundation is to be used to smoothen the skin tone effect.....not to paint.... Makeup artist stop using Gurmeet's face as a painting board..... Foundation needs to reduce... Angry

Gurmeet has beautiful eyes..Smile... please stop using the is making the eyes look girlish..... No kajal please.........Angry

Beard -  needs a bit of trimming...... The L shaped beard on the cheeks needs to go..... Please check the look in early Delhi office days.....that looked perfect in terms of make up as well as stubble.....

Hair - LOLLOLLOLLOL...... Stop gelling it up like stand weirdly...... seeing that hair, reminds me of There's something about Mary.....WinkLOLLOLLOLLOL..... Well I hope u all understood which scene I meant............. ROFLROFLROFLROFL

Again 'Check the Kurbaan Hua or early delhi office days'. The hair style and make up was far better then....

Uff'I wud love to go on and on.....but no time..... Will update later......

Merry Christmas to all....... c ya after 2 days as am going out of town.....  

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La lala La laa la laaa... LOL yes the episode was very very nice...

Juru ka gulam ban'ne ke 101 tareeke
(by Maan Singh Khurana)

frequently used tips
help your wife in dressing as well as in undressing...ROFL

serve breakfast on the bed itself...

read books titled "tips for pregnant women" and follow each tip...

learn how to change the nappies of the baby...

learn how to do all the household work,,

always prefer you wife over your work....ROFL

always prefer your wife over your family members...ROFLROFLROFL

dedicate all your valuable or invaluable time for only and only your wife....ROFLROFLROFL

learn the tailoring  techniques for when your wife need to  give measurements for stitching...

never give any bhao to other gals in front of your wife,,,and dance toh bilkul nahi or else you
wife can hit a slap on your "Kaan ke neecha"ROFL

Less in use tips:

never force your wife to say "I Love you"... she'll say when she'll feel like....

dont let your wife measure the increase or decrease in her wight with weighing balance..always weigh her by carrying her in your arms (practice will polish your skills)

buy expensive gifts for her (sorry wrong entry)

keep on tempting your gal friend  to have a good time after marriage..
dance with your GF to give your love story a filmy touch..ROFLROFLROFL

do as much wadaas (promises ) as you can to make her stay hooked to her decisions...

do some choocie chhoos and hugging with your wife to make her feel she is married to a guy...ROFLROFLROFL

Office genda phool:

wow what an office... where staff plays Family Family... what kinda office is that ??
ROFLROFLROFL half playing ladki wala (because geet doesn't have a family) and half ladke wala (because Maan has a small family ..CurrentlyROFL) .. boss plays Papa  to baby  (baby need a father)and  Dai Maa  to Geet..(geet needs Dai.. HP touchROFL)  and rest of staff helps in home decoration ..what a multi-talented bunch of people..

Yeh PYAAS kahin ker de na mujha Pagal...
 Baras Ja  Re Ur-jun Baras JAAAA
(says Un-vesha)

ufff what a compitetion level??? one Ur-jun and Two NAGIN Evil Smile.. i mean they should leave him alone for some time.. and whats with Ur-jun's background music... "Pyaas" (thirst)
ROFLROFLROFL y pyaas???ROFL and they are using pyaas for urjun then they should use "Bhook " (hunger) for Un-vesha to make a bhooka pyaasa couple...ROFL

i will repeat my golden words to predict that soon we'll have to witness a  hot passionate or OTHERWISE  scenes (CON) of this bhooka pyaasa couple.. and may be before maanneet marriage only....
ROFL shame on them...there might be some tabela adventure ...or playing lost lost in jungle... or getting locked in ur-jun's office...ROFL but something will happen for sure.. and Ur-jun will use Un-vesha to avenge maan... (sorry but my serial experience taught me all this) ok lets suppose Ur-jun makes un-vesha pregnant ,,and then refuse to take up the responsibility... by either saying he had never done anything with Un-vesha and she is just trying to trap me..or "I AM IMPOTENT'..Pinch how can she become pregnant?? ROFL

Papa Kehte hain bada Naam Kare ga..

well dont think i am getting partial towards maan if i say the most beautiful scene of tonight's episode was MSK in tears to see that sonographic image of the baby...  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
and being a human i can understand his feelings in that moment... it always feels good when you get something without any HARD WORK....
ROFLROFLROFLit has happened to me when i didn't prepared for my exams and was scared of getting flunked and i topped in the whole class... i stared crying and all were shocked to see y am i crying sitting on my seat instead of going on stage to get my prize...????ROFLROFLROFL when mom asked me i told that i wasnt expecting this..she said you should thank God for blessing you... i thanked God as well as my class fellows for not preparing well for exams because of eid holidays...ROFL so i think maan should also thank God as well as Dev for disowning geet and baby warna sari life catch catch khelne aur GITH ke baal sawarne mein nikal jati .... ROFL


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thanx jyots...

Aesthetics n more.SmileSmileSmile...

its 1 of the much needed topics n guess d 1st part of our agenda...
k knw me cutting d intro part as both my dearies(shonna baby n gou) hv written all neccessary...

will directly start wid d agenda..........

ATTIRE.....Off The Rack

GEET HANDA : Her dressing hs alwaz bn ethnic....which is bt obivious gvn to her background...the place she belongs to n d way shez bn brought up...i succeeded to recall 1 of the instances frm HP days which reflected the force behind her behaviour n dressing..daarji 1ce hd punished her fr returning home widout her duppatta .....

it showed how conservative atmosphere she belonged to...thou all salwaar kameez the dresses were good..well fitted n less repetitive..n evn thou dey wer loud in colour at times..she carried dem off wid confidence....

coming to Delhi....the girl couldnt change herself more coz of bn brought up in conservative atmosphere... bt still to manage n adjust wid the city life she did experiment as much she could.....but yes it was a gradual process may b aftr a month or so v started seein her in dos low back dresses....different colours but similar patterns....we go in a store n the shopkeeper tells us " madam yeh ek pattern hai aur isme char colour available hai.."...but we surely wudnt pick up all four dresses of d same pattern only coz the colours r different....wud we???......same wid her it kurbaan hua (white saree)...pee loon (gold) or recent 1 white wid purple embroidery....dey hv all bn of same pattern wid revealing blouses.....she undoubtedly looks gud in dt does look repetitive..Indifference....

there r various patterns in blouses.....evn if she wants to stick to ethnic n nt go in wid total western....ders alwaz an option to team up tunic or kurtis wid jeans /leggings as the girl is in shape n hs a gud height....

the importance of clothes is dat they do symbolize change or different phases of an individuals life...fine u wannna create an individual style of urs...but dat surely doesnt mean wearing same patterned clothes in different colours...experimenting more n being confident is also
Aaj ki nari..Big smileBig smileBig smile.

her hair... dey need attention as well....DD hs nice curly hair ..Thumbs 1ce in a while hair widout too much of ironing can look geet alwaz hs a pleat(wig) so its kinda obivious dat she wud a bit wavy hair...n dey wd look gud at times n wud b refreshing change .....


i agree dat ders less scope of experimenting in Men as compared to in women...but dat surely doesnt mean 1 sticks to waist coats....

i do like waist coats ...dey look so gud....but if u wer same waistcoats time n agn...ya same nt evn similar coz v see him in same black waistcoats n times.....dey loose der charm..Thumbs Down..

i remember how gud he looked in dt black blazer he hd worn b4 d kurbaan hua dance sequence.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Way To Go...

he looks gud in bandh galas/jodhpuris..Big smileBig smileBig smile..a business tycoon like MSK can also wear suits at times...wud look dapper ..Big smile..

some more shirts wud also do....coz he hs bn wearing same shirts agn n agn n shopping fr him toh banta hai boss...Shopping 3............LOL

for now its only abt des two ...the leads of the show ...ll post more on dem n thers in d next post...

abt 2days episode...Smile

good..Way To Go...

highlights : dadima explaining maan abt geet n her preg prob....

maan n geet scene in her cabin....

maaneet in hospital...1 of  best maaneet scenes in recent past..Morph...

but wat wid pregnancy ..wat month is it exactly..ConfusedConfusedConfused.. LOLLOL

dats it frm my side....

............................ TO ALL...............

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I got a bit emotional today watching the sonography sceneCry...very rarely I hv seen such type of scenes and that too such type of ILU confessions..very originalThumbs for me that scene remains special and best emotional scene of this show till dateEmbarrassed..I hv never seen such a touching and emotional ILU confession coming from a girl in any show ever in my 12yrs of serial experienceApprove 

Now overall when I look at the whole episode I feel  the flow of the episode was not proper today...they should hv divided the episode into two should hv been the office scene and how MSK satisfies Geet's food cravingsTongue and this whole hospital scene should hv come tomorrow since it was very specialEmbarrassed..all of a sudden it looked like a jerk when MSK-Geet suddenly reaches the hospital...not a very smooth transition thereErmm
Now that was my critical mindLOL..but as a general viewer..the hospital scene takes the cake and was a very touching scene of this show till dateDay Dreaming....beautifully executed and actors did grt hereClapSmile...the  scene was truely magicalDay Dreaming..when Geet looks at the sonogram,she was tightly holding MSK's hand near her stomachEmbarrassed..and then both were looking at the sonogram in a divine way cherishing the beautiful picture of the unborn baby in front of their eyesDay Dreaming...then when Geet saw MSK dropping that tear from his eyes..she finally said ILU to himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...very magical..Embarrassed... Who would hv thought that the ILU from Geet's mouth will come in this scenarioStarStarStarStar...And this is what I love about this show..its their relationship which is so pure and divine and not out of any most of the shows we hv these cliched ILU situations where the couple goes for romantic dates or for long drives or mayb some rain sequence when the ILU comes LOL  but here its the unqiue factor which is making the show different from the restEmbarrassed;I don't think even a single viewer of this show would hv guessed that the ILU from Geet will come in this mannerDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming;I know in the precap once again we hv Geet asking MSK that why u r so if she is still worshipping him like God but I can actually identify with those dialogues in the precap in such situationEmbarrassed...because lets b frank MSK like character doesn't exist in real man will so easily accept a woman with a past baggage of his own brother but here he not only accepts her with her past baggage,but gives her all the happiness,love,care that she truely deservesClap...and when Geet sees that tear coming out of MSK's eyes,she realises that he is equally enjoying that divine moment looking at the sonogram..he is truely feeling like a father of the child..and this is what makes Geet feel proud of her man but still she is in awe and disbelief that she can get a guy like MSK Embarrassed;She has seen that her own family members were guilty of this child and wanted to kill it and here this man whose brother himself was the culprit has given her not only love,happiness and respect in life but is also cherishing the moment of joy with her with equal enthusiasmClap;And this is where she just cannot stop herself worshipping her man at times which is totally understandableSmile....These r few reasons the scene touched me to heart because very few men will show their feelings or emotions so openly to their woman and the way MSK shows it today to Geet is truely commendable and unbelievableClapClap..both GC-DD were exceptional in this sceneClap
I also loved the whole mango eating scene and the way MSK kept teasing her with continental lunch wala dialogueLOL;These r simple yet very realistic scenes between a man and woman or a boy and girl just before their marriageEmbarrassed
MSK's telephone talk with Dadi was also another realistic sceneThumbs Up..also confirms that Dadi already knew about Geet's pregnencyBig smile..loved the way Dadi was giving lecture to MSK about how to treat a pregnent lady and about her different mood swingsLOLEmbarrassed..I liked GC's expression of realisation there...Smile...Now here issues can b raised about when Dadi knew about Geet's pregnency ,why din't she gave it any importance till now especially when she knows that Geet is carrying the heir of their family onlyErmm;Well somewhere if Dadi had poured all love for Geet only because of the baby,we viewers would hv called her selfish thenLOLEmbarrassed;Now that she is pouring love for Geet not because of the baby but because she is going to b the daughter-in-law of Khurana family,we r still hving problems with itConfusedLOL;So in short more than Dadi,I feel we viewers r too confused about our own assumptions sometimesROFL;Yes we can argue that when Maaneet had a fight and were separated,why Dadi din't react much if she knew that Geet is pregnent with Dev's reason here is simple..Dadi very well knew that the unborn baby of my family is safe since my stalker pota will make sure he becomes Geet's saaya 24/ I don't need to worryROFLROFLROFL..and thats what MSK did by buying Indian paints for GeetWinkLOL..So why Dadi need to show any concern for the baby when her pota itself was creating records in stalking and protecting both Gith and the baby KhuranaBig smileTongue...
Starting breakfast scene looked OTT for meOuch..I mean I would hv preferred a golgappa session maybErmmLOL;But knowing MSK,its in his basic nature to do samaj seva for GeetROFL;He can distribute mobile phones to the staff for Geet and he can even distribute free continental breakfast to the staff to make sure that Geet admits she haaatss continental food..thats our MSKROFL
ROFLROFLROFL;He doesn't mind if Geet does not eat that continental stuff but he wants Geet to admit it or else he goes back to his dusht danav modeROFLROFLROFL...curious case of Chronic Fatigue SyndromeGeekROFLROFLROFL...
Maan carrying Geet in his arms and running inside the hospital was a funny and cute scene but the transition from office to directly hospital was not proper and editors  screwed up badly hereAngryOuch...this one scene sort of broke the flow in today's episode Smile...
Last scene was good...Tasha trying to hit on Arjun and seeing this Annie feeling jealous...ROFL...But Nikunj still cannot act ...her jealousy expressions were blahhhOuch...Piyush was good with his attitude todayThumbs Up..the guy is impressing me nowEmbarrassed
All said and done...I will say today's episode still stands out for me just because of that one touching sonography sceneDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming....I don't care if the size of the baby was shown properly or not or whether logically Geet's pregnency months r counted or notLOL,what matters for me r those emotions and feelings that Maan-Geet will attach with the baby and thats what I saw today..the emotinal bonding with the BabyEmbarrassed..
My Rating:9/10...Actually today's episode din't hv a proper flow and I said episode should hv been divided into two parts and hospital scene should hv come in a separate episode...but still I gave it a high rating on emotional quotient and for that one sonography scene which looked like a christmas spl gift given to the viewers from the CVsEmbarrassed
Shonuu ,Adits and Gouri superb job doneClapClap...u three hv almost said it all about fashion and now I want CVs to take note of all these points that u 3 hv suggestedThumbs Up


My short tips for the actors in terms of fashion will be..

Geet:Want to see her in sarees after marriage..and yes more open hair than that wigEmbarrassed

Maan:Want to see him more in casuals and jeansEmbarrassed..and yes stripping once in a while will kajal/soorma plss and less foundationLOL
Arjun:Right now he seems fineErmm..can work on his hair a bitTongue
Annie:Want to see her more in long hair is fine for her..
Dadi:She is fine with her dressingLOL
Dev-Meera:Let them come back in the picture again..will then give gyaanLOLLOL

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posts: 29856

Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:06am | IP Logged
@Shonnu and Gou fab Analysis StarClapClapStarWow I actually never thought a lot about it in detail but ur discussion does make me put my mind to it..
@adits amazing analysisThumbs Uptell me abt it men don't hav anything much to do expcept remove tehir excess kajjal..

will add more comments to itBig smile
Office Paperming Gith Handa: Ahh I always love episodes which start wid himLOLlol the way he was papmering her by carressing her headSee I knew it Adi has the dhak dhak for Maan..he wants to be on his side.,..he is heartbroken coz maan is leaving him for gith so he wants to spend sum alst days of Maan's bachelor hood with himEmbarrassedROFL
the way Maanisha was preparing adi to go to maan "Jayyiye na Sir" and he was fixing his tie and stuffLOLManishaa never fails to gift me a smile with his presenceBig smileTongue
NO fair I want Maanisha to be on maan's sideOuch
Adi Stammering: The side effects of Dhak Dhak..and Maan is besharam he is luking for peon Laliyaraam where is he I thot whole Ip was given a job so he shuld be in Kc too na..anyways Adi offered Thanda thanda lassi and Maan reject haww u r shameless..Pandeyji adi manisha all love u shoo much nd u not giving them bhaavOuchand tht Malhotra meeting in Gurgeon Office will be wiating forever coz Munda will be buzy Romancing his GithTongue
Breakfast in Office: Ok he is not kanjoos he is providing breakfast in office which Gith wasted so he loves environmentBig smilebtw don't these guys hav breakfast from homee sab kudh pade Maan sir ka continental food khaane ke liyee and Manishaa I'm Lovin it he probably wants Mcdonalds ka breakfastLOL
Pregnancy Lessons for MSK: Haww I thot he was experienced he knew abt Papaya and didn't knw abt this Now I am confused whether he is experienced or notConfusedLOL
Gith's Plight: aww I feel it subah se bhukhi hai and MSK tortures her more Mum is back from Canada and she is all hype abt this chatpatta desiresLOLshe remembered her days and quickly ran to make her sum raw mango juiceLOL
Kacche Aaam: Ahh yum I wanted to eat it soo badly I can only eat tht in india huh my mouth was wateringgand then there was salt and red chilli powder too ahhh I want to have some wish it was summer..Ouch
MSK's grin when she agreed to have the food was sweet I loved the scene it was adorablee made me smile hehe and wen he came forward to say: "Now I knw tht during preganncy one desires for these types of food" the expressions thereLOL
Aaam Ke side effects:Lol the way he ran "GITH why are you holding your stomach Gith Do you have allergy I shuld have asked doctor" hehe the way he was panicing..Loved the concern thereEmbarrassed and he picks her up the 20th he pciked up her up like a doll Gc is used to it nowLOL
Doktor Doktor:lol the way Geet was giving those smiles when she was named the patient hehe cutee..Tongue
NE&Err-Jun: Ok I get it she is lattoo over him..He didn't have to do much but can u plz change tht BG jus seems lyk sum pepsi/cola BG where sumone is thirstyLOL
Bacha&Maa Vs Ziddi Papa: Loved Maan's concern for bothBig smile
Sonography:Bacha exists there is proof..aww my family is insanee..they quickly brought the vid when my sonography was done and they were watching it side by sidee.. and a total we are family moment..thankuu Cvz for thtHug I actually neva saw tht but jus today mum revealed it..
aww Maaneet were in tearss tht tear drop from his eyes The parents were so overwhelmedEmbarrassedItni Khushi Itni Khushii *bhaskar divakar bharti style*I did get a lot emotional..
we finally got a pciture of the the superman babyy awww..Embarrassed
I love You: I just had this fear tht this shuld not be cliched lyk every normal one but it wasn't it was unique and a perfect moment to portray itBig smileGC&DD A fab job theree...Star
Tasha's Prince Charming: TongueROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLO0ohhu Wedding Planner How kewl...
NE is J: Owhk then Tooo PHASHTTT her gaddi is going too phashtt Itni jaldi J..Err-jun maybe shoo happy..No working hard giving out khoon pasina..NE is jus falling for him without doing muchStern Smile
Precap:Maan Aaap Bhagwaan Ho
@Piyush You are getting there with ur actingSmile
@Nikunj I had to imagine ur J expressions in my headall u did was staree..Stern Smile
@Cvz Gunjan&Sandip There were editing flaws..will try to ignore it for a day since the hospital scene made it all for meBig smile
@GC & DD as usual a fab jobw ith ur comic timingsClapand the hospital scene was outstanding jsu bcoz of u tooEmbarrassedStarStarClap
I am acting like a total GCM today all over my take there are words like adorable sweet cutee...Ash is insane today..Stern Smile
New VM
one more

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Dear Geet HSP Team,

Since you are in mood to grant wishes. I have few more:
1. Scene that gives us Annie's backstory
2. Darshaan of Statue Dev
3. ArTas =Tasha & Arjun (she can sell KC secrets to him;))
4. Sasha ki Sighting or Something about y she is missing

About the epi, it was near perfect. Only thing missing was flow, which went out the door btwn mango lunch and hospital corridor. Next time go slow. You have 6 days a week, no?

Also, why does MSK have so many telephones on his desk? Is he running a hotline service from his desk? 

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