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Originally posted by Abida0201

Originally posted by SadieLuvs_Suku

But I Get Two Options, One Is The 30 Day Trial And The Other Is The Full Thing But I'll Have To Get The Serial Number After Downloading The Second Link Down In The Description Box. But That Link Was Deleted And The Second One Under It, Was Gone Too! So To Get The Serial Number I Need That Crack/Keygen Thingg Which I Can't Find!
Sony Vegas Is There, But Is Asking For A Serial Number! Disapprove
I'll Try Downloading It Again But Its The Other Thing That I'm Unable To Get Disapprove

Anywayss Thanks For The Help! Hug
ummm well no then u didnt do it per the description, coz sony vegas ko end pe run karna tha, pehle patch karna tha!! yaar i will write the full description for u!! in a few days i will giv uuu

Arre what If I'm On Google Chrome? Its Completely Different Cuz Sab Downloads Neeche Hote Hain And Then It Opens Itself As well. Ufff I'm Sooo Confused!!
Ohh That Would Be Great Yaar! But I'm Telling You The Links Were Broken Sachiii 
Main Jooth Nahi BoltiWinkEmbarrassedLOL

Ohhh New KriYa Scenes?! Wohooo!!! Big smile

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thanx everyone for ur nice comments n sadieee, so u got google chrome?? but still u can save the downloads to a folder n then i will tell u how to do the rest, do u hav windows 7??? if yes, then u need to put ur firewall n anti virus off 1st, then u will see the FULL download, meaning the programs (patch, etc)
n veena the seperation track will cum up tommorow, im will post the scenes till Krishna tells Pratigya to leave > hospital scene

Edited by Abida0201 - 09 October 2011 at 2:21pm

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thanks for the links.

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Oh Abi,
thank ya

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Thanks a lot Abida...Big smile

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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u all r welcum, the rest will be posted in 1hr or so
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scenes 171 to 186 added!!!
check out post 2 at the 1st page for bigger font, this is just in details, otherwise posts will be double n too long wenever i will update scenes (coz of the description)

Kriya Scenes 171
Amma gives Khichri to Krishna wen hes about to leave for the dhaba+Krishna asks Amma whether she made bhati choka for today+Amma tells that she didnt coz of what happened yesterday+Krishna says that he doesnt know anything and she has to make the bhati choka+Amma continues pretending that she doesnt feel like making something+Pratigya tells Krishna not to force Amma and tells Krishna to rest today also+Amma indirectly taunts Pratigya+Pratigya tells Krishna to return home early as she needs to go to the Saxenas+Krishna leaves without saying anything+Pratigya's waiting for Krishna+Amma pretends to call Krishna and tells Pratigya that Krishna is coming in a bit+Krishna cums home and Pratigya asks why he came late+Krishna gets irritated n taunts Pratigya that she wants everything on her own way+Amma celebrates her succes while Krishna walks away+Pratigya tells Amma that she wil talk to Krishna wen Amma says that she will give him a lecture+Pratigya tries to console Krishna+Krishna agrees when Pratigya consoles him and tells that he gets confused about what Pratigya likes+Pratigya gets shocked when Krishna tells Pratigya that Amma didnt call him+Kriya get romantic+Pratigya tells Krishna to get fresh and thinks why Amma lied
Kriya Scenes 172
SS is angry as he came to know about Shakti was about to sell the family necklace to get money of which he lost in gambling+Amma taunts Shakti+And Amma taunts Krishna also for not being kind to Pratigya+Amma is shocked to hear that everything is well between Kriya even after the game she played+SS is upset and does not want to eat+Krishna forces SS to eat+Krishna also feeds Pratigya and Amma gets jealous+Amma continues her evil plans by telling Pratigya to colour SS' dhoti yellow as he has to wear this at his visit to the Ganges+Amma mixes black colour into the colour+Pratigya is worried n tells Amma about it+Amma pretends to be shocked+Pratigya cums to know about Amma's true colours+Pratigya tells Amma why shes pretending to be good in front of everyone+Pratigya also tells that she doubted Amma earlier also
Kriya Scenes 173
Krishna asks Pratigya why shes worried+Krishna gets angry at Pratigya when she tells about Amma's tricks+Krishna taunts Pratigya for blaming Amma while Amma tried to cover her mistake of colouring the dhoti+Krishna blames Pratigya for mixing the rotten pickle in the bhati choka+Krishna tells Pratigya that shes just jealous of Amma+Pratigya tries to speak up but Krishna tells her to stay in limits n walks away+Pratigya tries to stop him but he doesnt+Amma continues pretending to support Pratigya infornt of everyone while Pratigya is stunned why Amma's doing all this+Pratigya questions Amma about her intentions+Amma speaks up and tells Pratigya that she hates her since she entered Krishna's life+Amma says that she will remove Pratigya from Krishna's life
Amma continues telling her hatred for Pratigya+Pratigya reminds Amma that her relationship with Krishna is very strong and she will not be able to ruin it+Amma tells Pratigya that she will throw her out in a few days+Krishna get angry at the cook when he tastes the chhola+Chandu n Tunna r surprised as they also tasted it+CHandu asks Krishna why hes worried+Krishna tells them to leave him alone as hes worried+Ghanti dadi makes Pratigya understand about relationships and tells her to make kheer for Krishna and he will surely be happy+Pratigya is preparing Krishna's favourite sweet dish+Sumitra confidently tells her that he will not touch it+Pratigya tries to console Krishna with his favourite kheer+Krishna gets happy and is about to eat it
Suddenly everyone cums to the dining table when Krishna is about to eat the kheer+Amma serves the non vegetarian dish to Krishna+Krishna is confused wat to eat as both the dishes cant be eaten together+Krishna prefers to eat the dish made by Amma when Amma pretends to get a bit sad+Everyone is shocked when Pratigya says that it is Ashtami and non-vegetarian should not be cooked+Ghanti dadi taunts Amma+SS gets angry at Amma n tells her to clean the rasoyi+Kriya try to stop SS for punishing Amma, but SS doesnt listen to them+Sumitra provokes Krishna against Pratigya by saying that Pratigya did not stop her while she was preparing the dish+Sumitra adds on by saying that she could've been saved from Sajjan Singh's insults+Krishna is shocked+Pratigya shows her sympathy for Amma and shares her concern about their relationship+Krishna asks Pratigya why shes trying to blame Amma+Krishna confronts Pratigya and asks her why she did not stop Sumitra when she was preparing the dish+Krishna refuses to believe Pratigya when she says that she did not know about it+Kriya's sad tune is played

Kriya Scenes 176
Ghanti Dadi is stunned when she asks Krishna to apply sindhoor to Pratigya and he refuses+Amma continues pretending+Amma puts sindhoor to Pratigya and reminds her counting the days of her exit+Pratigya tells Arushi about Amma's plan and her problems with Krishna+Pratigya feels satisfied by sharing her concerns with Arushi+Amma says that she will dance at Kesars ghod bharai and says that she will make Pratigya dance also+Sajjan Singh's friend suggests that Krishna should expand his business by opening a restaurant and a bar+Krishna asks Pratigya if he should accept the suggestion+Pratigya disapproves of the alcohol part
SS taunts Pratigya in front of Krishna+SS scolds Krishna for supporting Pratigya in each matter+Krishna says that he will talk to Pratigya+Krishna tells Pratigya that he wants the liquor license+Pratigya explains him the reason for disapproving the idea+Krishna agrees and tells he will tell SS about it+Krishna gives his earning to Pratigya and tells her to keep it safe as he has to give everyone their salary+Krishna feels bad when SS says that he always supports Pratigya;s decision+Amma pretends to support Pratigya and Krishna, while SS taunts Pratigya all over+Krishna gets flashbacks of SS' taunts to him about Pratigya while Pratigya's fallen asleep+Suddenly Pratigya wakes up+Krishna asks Pratigya if she is happy with his success+Pratigya says why not and that shes very happy+Pratigya questions Krishna why hes asking this suddenly+Krishna says that he felt like asking it+Pratigya says that he should think about his succes and not to worry
Krishna is in search of Pratigya+Amma informs Krishna that shes gone to her parents house+Krishna is shocked to see the empty box in which Pratigya putted the money+ Krishna tries to call Pratigya as he wants to know where she has kept the money to be given for salary+Amma interrupts and stops him for calling her as shes gone to her parents+Krishna is furious+Amma takes him to the room to find the money by theirselves+The Saxenas r worried about Adarsh as hes leaving for Dubai+Nainaji asks Pratigya is everything is good in the Thakur Niwas+Pratigya says that everything is fine+Nainaji and Dadi are happy to hear that Amma is behaving good with Pratigya+Krishna n Amma failed to find the money+Krishna is worried as he has to giv the salary+Amma says that she will giv money to him+Shyam praises Pratigya for Krishna's succes+Pratigya says that Krishna is still innocent+Amma has taken the money given by Krishna to Pratigya as she has laid a trap for Pratigya+Shakti tells Amma to see whats in his eye+Amma hides the money n luks into his eye+The jeweller comes home with some jewellery+Amma and Krishna are shocked as the jeweller says that Pratigya has ordered a necklace and paid for it+Krishna is furious but Amma pacifies as well as provokes him

Kriya Scenes 179
Krishna is furious+Amma tells Krishna not to get angry as she might wanted a necklace+Krishna says that Pratigya has crossed the limits+Amma tells Krishna not to say anything to Pratigya as Pratigya will think that i (Amma) told him and that she will scold and blame me as shes done it earlier before+Krishna gets more angry to hear this+Amma takes her promise for not saying anything to Pratigya+Pratigya returns and Amma taunts her by asking if she's informed her parents about her being thrown out of the house soon+Amma gets aggressive and holds Pratigya's chin+Pratigya removes Amma's hand and requests her to act like an elder+Pratigya gets shocked when Amma starts screaming and gathers the ladies+Amma acts infront of everyone and tells them not to tell anything to Krishna+Krishna is gets upset when Chandu n Tunna praise Pratigya+Krishna tells them that Pratigya has been behaving irresponsibly and walks away
SS returned from his visit to the Ganges and brings its water for the Pooja+He warns Amma and asks her to be careful with the water and the pooja+Amma mixes kerosene in 1 pot+Amma gives the pot to Pratigya, Pratigya doubts Amma and checks the pot+Pratigya is confused what Amma's next plan is+Krishna returns from work and is arrogant towards Pratigya+The nail polish is spilled all over the dressing table coz of Krishna+But Krishna blames Pratigya+The next morning, everybody gets ready for the pooja at home+Amma cleverly exchanges the water pot from Pratigya's room with the one that has kerosene in it+Amma reacts when she smells kerosene from one of the water pots+SS scolds Amma for speaking up nonsense+Amma checks the pot and says this pot is filled with kerosene+SS tells Amma to blow the fire otherwise she will catch up with fire+Shakti checks the pots and the one from Krishna's room is filled with kerosene
Amma acts+Shakti taunts Krishna for trying to kill his own mother+Sajjan Singh blames Pratigya of trying to kill Amma+Amma acts innocent and asks Pratigya why shes doing this+Kesar's Amma blames Pratigya also+Kesar n Ghanti Dadi defend Pratigya+Amma continues her acting+Pratigya speaks up and asks Amma why shes trying to break her relationship with Krishna+Krishna taunts Pratigya+SS tries to misguide Krishna and blames Pratigya+Krishna is shocked n asks Pratigya to tell the truth+Pratigya proves that the pot full of kerosene does not belong to her room+Pratigya reminds Krishna of the incident that happened previous night, due to which her nailpolish fell on the pot+Pratigya asks everyone to come with them+Shakti refuses but Krishna says that they hav to go with her

Kriya Scenes 182
Pratigya successfully proves that the pot which contained kerosene was from Amma's room+Everyone is shocked+Amma turns the table and blames Pratigya of being clever to prove her wrong+Amma puts herself on fire to prove herself right+Krishna saves Amma but Amma is unconscious+Everyone is rushed to the hospital+SS throws Pratigya out of the hospital when Pratigya tries to prove herself innocent+Krishna doesnt react
Pratigya is thrown out of the hopital by SS+SS warns her not to come back again+Kesar's Amma blames Pratigya infront of everyone+Ghanti Dadi defends Pratigya+SS is furious and warns everybody not to defend Pratigya+Komal sees Pratigya outside the hospital, she misbehaves with Pratigya+Adarsh stops Komal and takes Komal with him+Komal warns Pratigya+The doctor informs the family of Amma's condition and tells them that they need O negative blood urgently+Adarsh tells them about Pratigya's blood group being the same, SS refuses to take it+The Saxenas find Pratigya outside the hospital+Pratigya cries and tells them that she has done nothing+They tell her not to worry and take her inside+SS gets furious+Shyamji tries to explain SS+SS refuses to hear anything and blames Pratigya
SS blames Pratigya for ruining their family+Shyamji tries to console him but SS continues his anger and tells him to leave+The police arrives n arrests Pratigya when SS, Kesaes Amma n Shakti blame Pratigya+Shyamji tries to stop the inspector and asks Krishna to do something+Pratigya is shocked n silent when Krishna doesnt take any action to stop the inspectors+Shyamji, Arushi n Nainaji try to stop the inspectors+Nainaji breaks down wen Pratigya is taken away+ SS and family are relieved as the doctor says that Amma is in a better condition+Pratigya remembers Krishna for not stopping her+The jailer taunts Pratigya+Krishna remembers all the times that Amma saved Pratigya by hiding her mistakes

Kriya Scenes 185
Shyam brings a lawyer to fight Pratigya's case+Pratigya refuses to pray for Sumitra's death, if she wants to win the case+Everyone is happy wen Amma is conscious+SS continues blaming Pratigya+The police inspector comes to take Amma's statement+Everyone is shocked when Amma does not put the blame on Pratigya+SS says that Amma has gone mad+The inspector leaves wen Amma gives a different statement+The jailer releases Pratigya+Pratigya is happy+Pratigya reaches the hospital and meets Amma+Pratigya is thankful for her well-being but is shocked when Amma shows her fingers about her being thrown out of the house
Amma tells Pratigya that she has succeeded and that Pratigya will leave the house now+Amma sees Krishna entering the room and changes her talks+Krishna asks Pratigya why she came here+Pratigya tries to justify but Krishna refuses to listen+Krishna blames Pratigya for Amma's condition+Pratigya reminds Krishna that she proved herself right, but Krishna refuses to agree+Krishna tells Pratigya that he has lost his trust in her+Krishna asks her to get away from him and his life when Pratigya says that its very difficult to stay under 1 roof in these conditions+Pratigya is shocked and leaves+Amma is happy as her plan succeeded+Pratigya remembers everything what happened int he hospital+Sad tune is played n Pratigya reaches home
previous update:
scenes 158-170
click here

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