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u both r welcumm, more scenes to cum in the evening or tommorow (after seeing today's epi)

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scenes 144 to 157 added!!!
check out post 2 at the 1st page for bigger font, this is just in details, otherwise posts will be double n too long wenever i will update scenes (coz of the description)

Kriya Scenes 144
Pratigya's health worsens+Saxenas arrive in the hospital+Nainaji slaps Krishna+Chandu tells the truth+Krishna appologises to Nainaji+Krishna goes in the operation room+The doctors tell him to leave+SS and Amma try to console Krishna+Krishna prays to God for Pratigya's life

Kriya Scenes 145

The doctors take Pratigya to the other room as her health worsens+Krishna pleads to go inside aswell+The doctor refuses+Krishna is shattered+Amma consoles Krishna+Amma pleads infront of SS+SS consoles Krishna+Chandu n Tunna take Krishna home+Maayi stunned to see Amma's changed behaviour+The doctor tells that Pratigya is allright+The light goes+Krishna is furious+The nurse tells that the generator isnt working+SS is furious+Chandu n Tunna try to fix the generator

Kriya Scenes 146
Krishna, Chandu n Tunna leave to get a generator+Pratigya's health worsens+The doctor infrorms the family+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna get the generator+Radhe stops Krishna, Chandu n Tunna+Krishna tells Radhe not to stop him+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to leave with the generator+Radhe doesnt let them go+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna beat Radhe n his friends+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to leave with the generator n he will handle them

Kriya Scenes 147
Chandu n Tunna get the generator+Pratigya out of danger+Krishna to hit Radhe but spares him+SS taunts Shakti as he didnt come inside to see if Pratigya is fine+Krishna tells SS not to explain him anything as he doesnt care for his own wife+Shyam thanks Krishna+Krishna says that he will stay with Pratigya+Krishna talks to unconscious Pratigya+Krishan promises that he will work and do anything for her, but cant live without her+Pratigya wakes up n sees Krishna+The nurse cums n tells Krishna to go out of the room+The nurse tells Pratigya that shes very lucky to hav a husband like Krishna+Krishna shares his feelings with Pratigya+Pratigya forgives Krishna+Shyam n Arushi come n praise Krishna+Amma brings food for Pratigya n tells that it was her fault which leaded her in the hospital

Kriya Scenes 148
Krishna taking care of Pratigya+SS tells Krishna n Pratigya about his olden days with Amma+Pratigya cums back home with Krishna n SS+Krishna takes Pratigya into the house+SS taunts Shakti+Krishna takes Pratigya to the room+SS taunts Maayi+Krishna asks loan from SS+Emotional moment between SS and Krishna

Kriya Scenes 149
The Thakur women selecting saris+Krishna asks information about selling sarees from the seler+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to get information about the prices of the sari, as he thinks that the seller is selling it expensive+SS praises Amma and tells her to get the green sari+Chandu n Tunna inform Krishna about the price and tell that the seller is selling it too expensive than it is+The seller pleads+Pratigya takes Krishna inside+Emotional moment between Kriya+Krishna promises that he wont ever lie to her n will start a business+Krishna helps Pratigya in the kitchen+Amma gets furious+Maayi speaks ill about Pratigya in front of Amma+Krishna talks about his businnes to Pratigya+Amma gets furious

Kriya Scenes 150
The Thakur family praising Pratigya's cooking+Amma taunts Pratigya+Maayi joins+Krishna gets the idea to open a dhaba+Amma gives negative comments+SS and GD support Krishna's decision+Shakti also gives negative comments+Pratigya speaks up+Amma continues speaking negative about the idea+SS interrupts and supports Krishna's decision+Krishna asks PRatigya the difference between Hotel and Restaurant+Pratigya explains+Krishna n Pratigya decide dhaba's name+Maayi trying to force Kesar+Pratigya cums n asks Kesar what happened+Kesar says she doesnt want to share her room with Shakti+Pratigya defends Kesar+Pratigya takes Kesar to her room+Cute scene of Kriya (Pratigya laying on the bed n Krishna on the sofa)+Krishna going to search a location+Pratigya praises Krishna+SS asks where Krishna is going and supports him+Maayi decides to leave

Kriya Scenes 151

Pratigya speaks up against Maayi+Maayi to drink poison+Kesar agrees to Maayi's demands+Kesar talks to Pratigya about her decision+Pratigya tells Kesar that she can ask help whenever she wants+Maayi taunts Pratigya and takes Kesar with her+Krishna selecting his cook and finds one (Marti Laal)+Krishna in search of a location and asks Pratigyas help+Krishna agrees on Pratigyas suggestion n goes to see the location+Shakti gives sweets to Krishna as Kesar is back in his life+Krishna gets furious

Kriya Scenes 152
Krishna praises Pratigya and sees that Pratigya is upset+Krishna consoles Pratigya+Pratigya tells that Krishna should giv his first earning to SS+Amma gets jealous+Krishna takes Pratigyas bandage off+Pratigya teases Krishna+SS is happy to see that his family is complete n happy+Komal left her in-laws house and is back in Thakur Niwas+Komal tells everything to SS+Krishna tells Komal to stop this drama+SS tells Komal to relax and he will call Adarsh+Komal complains against her in-laws+Komal tells Pratigya that shes speaking the truth+Krishna takes Pratigya away from there and tells her to go with him as they hav to see the dhaba+Pratigya says she cant go as Adarsh will cum in a bit+Krishna agrees and says they will go together+Krishna tells the truth to SS about Komal+Pratigya scolds Adarsh+Krishna takes Pratigya with him

Kriya Scenes 153
Krishna sees that Pratigya is upset and stops his bike in front of a chaat shop+Pratigya refuses+Cute scene between Kriya+Krishna feeds Pratigya+Kriya reach at the dhaba+Krishna shows the sample to Pratigya and asks whether its good+Pratigya says its good+Kriya finalise the sweet dish+Krishna dreams about a future+Krishna tells SS that his dhaba is ready+Amma and Shakti make jokes about the dhabas name+All are stunned when Krishna tells the name of the dhaba and says that Pratigya suggested it+Ammas changed behaviour towards Pratigya+Amma apologises to Pratigya+SS and Krishna doubt Amma+SS asks whats running in her mind+Amma continues pleading infront of Pratigya+Amma praises Pratigya and hands over the keys to Pratigya+Everyone is stunned

Kriya Scenes 154

SS is still suspicious+Amma agrees to her mistakes+Shakti speaks up why Amma is behaving like that and taunts Pratigya+Krishna tells Amma to repeat what she said as he cant believe it+Amma praises Pratigya+Pratigya refuses to keep the keys+Amma hugs Pratigya and Krishna+Krishna is very happy and praises Pratigya+Pratigya trains Chandu n Tunna+Krishna's dhaba is ready+Kriya r happy+Radhe sees Krishna's dhaba and makes jokes of Krishna+SS praises Krishna+SS tells Pratigya to invite her family also+Amma praises Pratigya+Amma says that Pratigya will do the inauguration+Pratigya says that SS deserves to do the inauguration

Kriya Scenes 155
Krishna is scared and tensed whether his dhaba will get the succes+Pratigya consoles Krishna+Radhe burns Krishna's dhaba+Marti Laal (dhaba;s cook) calls up Krishna and tells that everything is burnt+Krishna and Pratigya leave immediately n inform the family+Krishna gets out of control when he sees his dhaba all burnt+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna get the water tanker+Krishna is heartbroken when he sees all the damage after the fire is brought under control+SS and Amma console Krishna+Pratigya promises Krishna that the dhaba;s inauguration will be held as planned+Pratigya informs the Saxenas about the fire+Shyam says that they r also coming to help them recovering the dhaba+Krishna isnt convinced, but Pratigya convinces him+All the family members work on the dhaba+The Dhaba is ready again+Everyone is happy and goes home to get fresh as the inauguration has to be done today also+SS tells Krishna that they hav to find the person who burnt the dhaba

Kriya Scenes 156
Krishna is making everything ready+Krishna welcomes the family in the dhaba+Amma does the Pooja+Pratigya seeks Amma's blessings+Amma says that her blessings are always with them and praises Pratigya+SS inaugarates the dhaba+Krishna takes Kesar and GD into the dhaba+PRatigya tells Amma to do the another pooja+SS is delighted by the taste and flavour+SS gives money as blessings to Kriya+Shyam also cums up with money n blessings+Pratigya stops SS by giving money to beggers and tells them to hav sum food prepared in the dhaba+Maayi interrupts+SS agrees+Krishna's gets his 1st customers+Everyone is happy+Shyam praises Chandu n Tunna+SS vows to find the culprit and tells Chandu n Tunna to search the culprit+Krishna tells PRatigya to count the earnings+Radhe cums to the dhaba and insults Krishna, Chandu n Tunna+Krishna is furious but Pratigya tells him to calm as it will be bad for the reputation+The customers speak up against Radhe and Radhe leaves

Kriya Scenes 157

Krishna gives his 1st earning to SS+SS is happy n gets emotional+SS hugs Krishna+Amma is also happy n praises Pratigya and hugs her+Maayi warns Shakti n tells him to start his business aswell+Krishna is tired+Pratigya massages his feet+Pratigya says that she is his wife and should do patni dharam+Krishna in return says that he should also do his pati dharam then+Pratigya stops Krishna and says no need to do it+Krishna gets romantic+SS to leave for Darshan+SS seeks blessings in mandir+Shakti asks money from SS+SS refuses to giv money to Shakti+Everyone is staring towards Shakti+Shakti tells everyone that when SS returns he will talk about his independent work+N he will take it anyways, even if the property has to get divided+Amma is about to slap Shakti n Shakti holds her hand+Shakti speaks up+Krishna tries to stop the furious Shakti+Shakti warns everyone that he will do anything to start his independent work

previous update:
scenes 141-143
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Thanks for the heads up. I'll have a look over the w/e.
Let me say in advance ...Super! 'Cos I know you're work is always vunnerful!

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thank you abida for making and pm meeBig smile

i was waiting for it
good job as usual

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Thumbs Up as usual Great work abida di. Big smile .
I can't imagine mkap forum widout u. Your efforts to make our forum an outrageous one can't be explaind in words. Wink Embarrassed
keep up your wrk. Smile

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thanx for liking everyoneee
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