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Kriya Scenes 1
Pratigya introduction+Pratigya slaps Angad+Krishna introduction+Angad tells Krishna about Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 2
Angad tells Krishna to kidnap Pratigya+Krishna sees Pratigya for the first time

Kriya Scenes 3
Krishna thinks about Pratigya+Krishna at the tailor of the saxenas+Krishna gets Pratigya's dupatta and beats up angad

Kriya Scenes 4
Krishna returns Pratigya's dupatta+Krishna with Chandu and Tunna talking about their fight with Angad+Pratigya's marriage being fixed+Krishna, Chandu and Tunna playing cards+Krishna stops Rolly

Kriya Scenes 5
Krishna luking at himself in the mirror+Adarsh inquires about Nikhil+Pratigya worried about the note written on the kite+Krishna sees Pratigya with her mum n sis, going to the saree shop

Kriya Scenes 6
Krishna luking at Pratigya in saree shop+Krishna pays the saree for Pratigya+Krishna tells Chandu and Tunna about it and tells them that he wants to see her in a saree

Kriya Scenes 7
Krishna calls Pratigya and fone goes busy+Krishna hits Chandu+Krishna drinks tea with Shyam+Krishna follows Pratigya and her family in pooja

Kriya Scenes 8
Krishna, Chandu and Tunna are in the same boat with Pratigya n family+Krishnas fires shots create terror among the crowd+Pratigya's announcement

Kriya Scenes 9
Krishna tattoes Pratigya's name at his arm+Krishna hits Chandu again and Chandu tells that hes turned blind in love and is worried about Krishna+Krishna tells Chandu and Tunna that he will prove that Pratigya loves him+Krishna didnt like Pratigya going to parlour+Nikhil and family arrive at Pratigya's house+kid tells that sum1 is hitting Tunna

Kriya Scenes 10
Pratigya is dressed up while Nikhil and his family come to see her+Nikhil talks to Pratigya+Krishna sends a letter and asks Pratigya to come out+Mandir scenes (Pratigya's dupatta at Krishna's face)

Kriya Scenes 11
Nikhil gets icecream for Pratiga+Krishna doubts the car outside Pratigyas house+Krishna asks Nikhil for an adress+Krishna luking at his tatoo+Krishna practicing how to say I Love You

Kriya Scenes 12
Krishna chosing shirt+Krishna hits Angad, coz he says what if Pratigya marries sumwhere else+Pratigya wears the saree, which Krishna gave+Krishna assures to Angad and friends that Pratigya will cum to meet him

Kriya Scenes 13
Krishna calls Pratigya+Pratigya goes out to meet Krishna+Pratigya waiting for Krishna+Chandu gives flowers to Pratigya+Angad spoils Krishnas plan, Adarsh takes Pratigya back

Kriya Scenes 14
Krishna angry to see Nikhils family at Pratigyas house again+Krishna scratches Nikhils car+Krishna doubts about Pratigya getting married and hurts himself+Tunna tells about the engagement hall+Krishna waiting outside Pratigyas house

Kriya Scenes 15
Krishna cums to know about the engagement+The maid takes Krishna to the hall+Pratigya getting ready+Pratigya cums down+Krishna cums to stop the engagement

Kriya Scenes 16
Krishna hits Nikhil+Everyone is surprised who Krishna is+Adarsh tries to hit Krishna+Shyam asks Krishna to go and Krishna refuses+Pratigya speaks up+Krishna tells Pratigya to speak up+Pratigya tells Krishna to go+Pratigya slaps Krishna

Kriya Scenes 17
Chandu and Tunna speaks up+Tunna shows Krishna's tattoo+Engagement continues+Pratigya thinking about what happened and cries+Krishna is sad+Angad cums and consoles Krishna+Angad speaks up

Kriya Scenes 18
Angad tells Krishna to speak up and do something+Chandu and Tunna are also furious+Krishna gets angry wen Angad says your love was fake+Krishna stops Nikhil and warns him+Angad, Chandu and Tunna instigate Krishna to kidnap Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 19
Pratigya dreams of Krishna cuming into her house+Inspector tells Krishna about Shyam lodging a complaint against him+Krishna shoots Angads hand+Krishna and friends see that Pratigya's house is locked and suspect that they r gone to Nikhils house+Krishna and friends wait outside Nikhils house

Kriya Scenes 20
Krishna enters Nikhils house and questions Pratigya+Krishna comes with Shagun+Shyam scolds Krishna+Shyam tells Krishna to send his parents+Chandu and Tunna furious that Shyam talked about Krishna's parents+Krishna worried about Pratigya being forced by her parents

Kriya Scenes 21
Krishna decides to talk to his parents+Krishna cums to Thakur Niwas+Thakur family introduced+Krishna irritates Dadi+Amma stops Krishna from irritating Dadi+Pratigya going to Banaras+Chandu and Tunna tell Krishna about it+Krishna stops the bus and takes Shyam and Pratigya out

Kriya Scenes 22
Krishna hits himself with knives+Sajjan Singh agrees for Krishna marriage with Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 23
Krishna asks Amma whether shes hit again by SS+Angad kidnaps Pratigya+Pratigya gets conscious and is scared+Krishna calls the Saxenas, they think that he kidnapped Pratigya+Amma tells Krishna to respect women

Kriya Scenes 24
Pratigya mistakes that Krishna kidnapped her after seeing the tattoo+Arushi dreams that Krishna kidnapped Pratigya+Krishna argues with his mother for his love+Pratigya escapes

Kriya Scenes 25
Pratigya hurt after people talking cheaply about her+Pratigya returns home+Everyone is relieved to see Pratigya+Pratigya thinks about her kidnapping+Adarsh to stab Krishna, but Chandu and Tunna stop him+Shyam cums to know that Adarsh'' gone to Krishna

Kriya Scenes 26
Krishna and Adarsh fight+Pratigya stops them and tells that she is ready to marry Krishna+Chandu and Tunna are happy+Krishna tells his family that Pratigya agreed+Everyone is happy+Krishna tells SS about it

Kriya Scenes 27
Krishna furious at Adarsh' condition to marry Komal+Krishna agrees for Adarsh' proposal+Krishna tells Komal that she will stay happy at their house+Krishna comes to Saxena house for selecting the wedding card+Pratigya choses the weddingcard

Kriya Scenes 28
Haldi rassam being performed+Komal dances at sangeet+Pratigya and Nainaji share emotional moments on the song+Krishna shows his room to Pratigya+Krishna comes close to Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 29
SS decorates the wedding hall+Saxenas arrive+Couples performing the ritual of bathing+Pratigya getting ready+Krishna and Pratigya exchange garlands+Krishna touches Pratigya's feet+Krishna and Pratigya are married

Kriya Scenes 30
Pratigya enters Thakur house+Pratigya's taken into Krishna's room+Krishna tells i will come in the night+Krishna furious at Pratigya for not eating food given by him

Kriya Scenes 31
Pratigya's mu dhikayi rassam+Krishna asks advice to Chandu n Tunna for the first night+Krishna enters room+Pratigya ignores Krishna+Pratigya throws necklace given by Krishna+Krishna furious

Kriya Scenes 32
Amma questions Pratigya about her first night+Krishna still upset+Pratigya cleans the mess in the room+Chandu n Tunna come to meet Pratigya+Krishna gives the fone to Pratigya so that she can talk to her parents+Pratigya still angry at Krishna+Krishna touches Pratigya while shes sleeping+Pratigya wakes up and is shocked

Kriya Scenes 33
Pratigya refuses to change her name+SS is furious+Krishna supports Pratigya+SS threatens Krishna+Krishna still supports Pratigya+Pratigya upset, Krishna luks at her+Pratigya walks away

Kriya Scenes 34
Pratigya thinking about what happened during Pooja and cries+Krishna walking and thinking about what Pratigya said+Pratigya going for Phag Phera+Krishna stops Shakti from killing Shyam+Krishna says to Praigya that he didnt feel bad for what Shyam said+Krishna defends Komals behaviour in front of Pratigya+Pratigya questions Krishna why he arm-twisted her family to marry her

Kriya Scenes 35
Krishna helps Pratigya in the kitchen+Krishna stops Shakti from hitting Pratigya+Krishna disturbed to see Pratigya crying+Pratigya blames Krishna for ruining her life+Krishna is furious

Kriya Scenes 36
Krishna tells SS to plan honeymoon+Krishna asks Pratigya to pack her bags for their honeymoon+Krishna argues with Pratigya+Krishna hurts Pratigya by holding her arm+Krishna tells that Komal and Adarsh are going aswell

Kriya Scenes 37
Krishna comes with the ticket+Pratigya doesnt want to go for honeymoon+Krishna tells that Adarsh and Komal are coming aswell+Kriya, Komal and Adarsh reach the hotel+Krishna dreams that hes giving flowers to Pratigya and she hugs him+Reception boy interrupts and asks to sign the papers+Pratigya to sign the papers and says shes Krishnas wife+Krishna is happy

Kriya Scenes 38
Krishna gives a rose to Pratigya+Pratigya walks away and Krishna is furious+Roomservice boy tells that Kriya make a wonderfull jodi+Krishna hits foreigner when he sees Pratigya shaking hands with him+Krishna holds Pratigya's hand in the market+Kriya, Komal and Adarsh enjoying in market+Krishna keeps following Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 39
Krishna enters room and sees Pratigya sleeping+Pratigya scared, but Krishna goes to sleep+Krishna says I Love You at the echo point+Krishna insists Pratigya to say I Love You, otherwise he will commit suicide+Pratigya says I Love You+Krishna hugs Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 40
Krishna asks Pratigya to leave all the tensions and hold his hand+Pratigya walks away+Krishna confused why Pratigya doesnt get happy, while he does everything for her+Pratigya scared to shake hands with a boy who praises Krishna's love+Photographer takes a picture of Kriya+Krishna wears a t-shirt with Pratigya's picture

Kriya Scenes 41
Pratigya shocked to see the room decorated with flowers and all+Krishna comes close to Pratigya+Pratigya ignores Krishna again+Krishna is furious and says he will take his right today

Kriya Scenes 42
Pratigya says that is this his love for her+Krishna is furious and forces himself on Pratigya+Pratigya speaks up+Krishna tries to force again but pushes her away and says your not worth of my love and walks away+Both share a sad moment alone

Kriya Scenes 43
Kriya going back from honeymoon+Krishna helps Pratigya, while car stops suddenly+Krishna doesnt go inside Saxena house+Kriya back home and act in front of everyone that they are happy+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna search for Angad+Krishna stops himself from consoling Pratigya+Krishna ignores Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 44
Krishna challanges Angad+Krishna and Angad fight+Krishna beats up Angad

Kriya Scenes 45
Krishna orders Angad to apologise to Arushi+Krishna comes home+Pratigya is shocked to see Krishna hurt+Krishna stops Pratigya from helping him+Pratigya helps Krishna+Krishna warns Pratigya not to tell anyone at home+Pratigya cares for Krishna

Kriya Scenes 46
Krishna has a high favor+Doctors checks up Krishna+Krishna furious at Pratigya for informing his family+Pratigya worried about Kesar+Krishna tells Pratigya not to involve in SS matter+Krishna says that men have only right to take decisions+Krishna shares his tensions with Chandu n Tunna
Kriya Scenes 47
Amma refuses to cook rubbry on request of Pratigya+Krishna gets rubbry for Pratigya+Krishna tells Pratigya to come with him to the cinema+Pratigya refuses to go inside the cinema, Krishna forces her to come inside+Pratigya runs away+Krishna follows her+Krishna stops Shakti from hitting Pratigya and scolds Shakti+Krishna tells Pratigya not to worry about SS+Krishna tells Pratigya that he wont touch her and they sleep on 1 bed

Kriya Scenes 48
Krishna asks Pratigya to come and sit with him and stop working all the time+Krishna looks at his tattoo wen Pratigya goes out of the room+Kriya not going to the doctor for check up+Pratigya furious and doesnt want to lie to family about her pregnancy+Krishna lies to family about Pratigya's pregnancy+Pratigya worried and Krishna warns Pratigya not to tell the truth to anyone

Kriya Scenes 49
Pratigya is hurt+Krishna tells Pratigya not to cry+Pratigya questions Krishna why he wants to hurt his family+Pratigya scared and thinks Amma knows about her fake pregnancy+Krishna adds more seed to into the potli+Krishna tries to rape Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 50
Pratigya hestitates to sit in the pooja, but Krishna convinces her to do so+Pratigya stands up and reveals the truth+Krishna insists Pratigya to stop this drama and continue the pooja+Pratigya refuses+Krishna slaps Pratigya+Pratigya tells she is going to leave the house

Kriya Scenes 51
SS to throw Pratigya out of the house+Shyam stops SS+Shyam takes Pratigya with them+Krishna argues with SS and others+Shakti shows gun to Krishna+Guru Ma explains Krishna+Krishna loses control+Krishna hits the mirror after thinking about what happened

Kriya Scenes 52

Krishna goes against SS+Krishna comes to take Pratigya+Pratigya refuses to come with Krishna+Krishna upset, thinks about Pratigya+Krishna hits Shakti with a vase+SS comes back with Komal+Krishna surprised not to see Pratigya back

Kriya Scenes 53
Krishna dreams of seeing Pratigya everywhere+Krishna creates noise at home and wakes up everyone and tells hes going to get Pratigya back+Krishna calls Pratigya and says hes standing outside+Pratigya asks why hes creating a scene+Pratigya takes Krishna to the terrace

Kriya Scenes 54
Pratigya brings dinner for Krishna+Pratigya cares for Krishna when he gets a cough+Pratigya requests Krishna to leave+Krishna came to take Pratigya+Krishna says hes happy not to be like educated people+Krishna leaves without Pratigya+Krishna humilates Pratigya after seeing her with Arushi+Krishna forcely holds Pratigya's hand+Arushi gives a lecture and Krishna is stunned+Pratigya leaves with Arushi

Kriya Scenes 55
Krishna forcely takes Pratigya with him+Pratigya tells Krishna to stop the car+Krishna ties her with ropes+Sajjan taunts Krishna+Krishna leaves the house with Pratigya+Krishna takes Pratigya to his tabela+Pratigya refuses to stay at the tabela+Krishna tries to convince Pratigya+Chandu n Tunna arrive and stunned to see Kriya

Kriya Scenes 56
Krishna tries to console Pratigya+Pratigya refuses to eat food which is brought without buying+Krishna gets furious+Pratigya luking at the sky+Krishna keeps up talking and Pratigya tells him to keep quiet+Krishna luking at Pratigya, while Pratigya is washing her face+Krishna gives away his ring and buys ingredients for tea

Kriya Scenes 57
Pratigya asks where he got the money from+Tunna tells that Krishna gave his ring away+Pratigya surprised to see chocolate bars which Krishna bought for her+Pratigya serves tea+Pratigya cleaning the tabela and Krishna luking at her+Tunna gives his mums saree to Pratigya+Tunna gets emotional after seeing Pratigya in his mums saree+Chandu gives food made by his mum to Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 58
Pratigya hurt after Shyam told her to leave and not interfere in their matters+Krishna shocked to see Pratigya crying+Krishna tries to console Pratigya+Krishna sees that Pratigya is still not asleep+Krishna tries to make Pratigya happy+Pratigya impressed by Krishna

Kriya Scenes 59
Arushi tells Pratigya that Angad kidnapped her+Pratigya shocked to know the truth+Krishna at Saxena house and says we need to search Arushi+Everyone is shocked to see Pratigya with Arushi+Krishna asks whats the matter and Naina lies to Krishna+Pratigya tells Krishna that she wants to stay+Krishna tells her how can i refuse+Krishna tells Chandu and Tunna that he left Pratigya at Saxenas because she asked it so lovingly+Pratigya slaps Angad+SS comes to get Kriya back with band baaja

Kriya Scenes 60
Krishna is happy to be back home+Krishna tells Pratigya to come and sit with him+Pratigya searching Krishnas kurta as Krishnas not finding it+Krishna forcely makes Pratigya sit on the bed+Krishna made a mess for finding his kurta+Pratigya cleans the mess+Krishna stunned to see Pratigyas different behaviour+Pratigya says if they can be just friends

Kriya Scenes 61
Krishna luks at Pratigya while shes sleeping+Krishna gives his blanket to Pratigya+Praitgya wakes up and is shocked+Praitgya tells we have to be just like friends+Krishna apologises to Pratigya+Kriya go to sleep+Komal beats up Krishna+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna talk about posibiity of friendship between boys and girls
Kriya Scenes 62

Krishna asks Pratigya about her friends+Pratigya holds Krishna's waist while sitting on bike+Pratigya feeling worried+Krishna asks Pratigya who loves her the most+Pratigya answers Papa+Krishna hurt that Pratigya doesnt recognize his love

Kriya Scenes 63
Krishna, Chandu n Tunna catch Lucky and Jugnu+Krishna comes to know about Pratigya slapping Angad+Lucky tells about Angads matter+Krishna comes to get Pratigya+Pratigya sees that Krishna is upset+Krishna ignores Pratigya+Krishna argues with Pratigya+Krishna blames Pratigya from using him and hiding things from him

Kriya Scenes 64
Krishna blames Pratigya from keeping him in dark about Angads matter+Krishna warns Pratigya not to meet any lawyer+Krishna fights with Aman+Krishna shocked to know that hes the lawyer Pratigya was searching for+Pratigya insists to keep him as lawyer+Krishna is furious and leaves

Kriya Scenes 65
Krishna supports Pratigya and agrees to keep Aman as their lawyer+Pratigya confused how to tell Krishna the truth about her kidnapping+Krishna hugs Pratigya in the kitchen+Krishna argues with Pratigya that no one cares for him+Pratigya wants to tell Krishna about her kidnapping+Krishna says not to tell him anything and tell her family whose her own

Kriya Scenes 66
Krishna thinks about everything he did for Pratigya+Krishna forces himself on Pratigya+Krishna tells Pratigya that if she cares for him, she has to surrender herself to him+Pratigya continues to tell him something important+Krishna refuses and says i will listen after you accept my condition+Krishna meets Aman and questions him+Krishna supports Pratigya for going to the court+Pratigya thanks Krishna+Pratigya insists again to tell Krishna something important+Krishna refuses+Pratigya is about to tell him and Krishna gets furious

Kriya Scenes 67

Krishna has a headache+Pratigya massages his head+Pratigya explains Krishna that one has to listen to the other to avoid misunderstandings+Pratigya is about to tell him again that some noise is coming from outside+Villagers come to ask justice+Krishna gets furious and tells that there is no apology for betraying+Krishna tells Pratigya he would give the same punishment to her for betraying him+Krishna tells Pratigya that she changed his life+Pratigya sees that Krishna is in a good mood and wants to tell him about her kidnapping+Krishna interrupts and tells that we have to be ready+Pratigya reveals the truth

Kriya Scenes 68
Krishna is hurt and leaves+Shyam is released+Krishna is in a state of shock+Amma blackens Pratigya and Shyam's face+Shakti throws Pratigya out of house and Krishna comes+Krishna defends Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 69
Krishna washes Pratigya's face+Pratigya is shattered and cries+Krishna takes her to the room+Pratigya hugs Krishna+Krishna pushes Pratigya and tells she has betrayed him+Krishna is heartbroken

Kriya Scenes 70
Pratigya apologises to Krishna and explains him the matter+Krishna still cant believe that Angad didnt do anything with her+Pratigya takes care of Krishna+Krishna requests her to leave him alone+Krishna is depressed+Pratigya cries+Krishna wipes her tears and suddenly stops himself+Krishna leaves the room

Kriya Scenes 71
Krishna refuses to have breakfast+Krishna feels hurt by Amma's talks+Dadi consoles Krishna+Pratigya cries+Kesar tells not to worry because Krishna loves her a lot+Kesar tells Pratigya that her love for Krishna will win+Krishna lying on the deck of his jeep and getting drenched in rain+Pratigya calls up Chandu to ask about Krishna+Krishna standing at the end of the clidge

Kriya Scenes 72

Pratigya dreams of Krishna+Pratigya hugs Krishna+Pratigya comes out of dream and sees if Krishna has come+Chandu and Tunna come to take Pratigya with them+Pratigya, Chandu and Tunna search for Pratigya+Kids are troubling Krishna+Krishna wakes up+Pratigya finds broken beads of Krishna's bracelet+Pratigya realises that it was Krishna who the kids were calling mental

Kriya Scenes 73
Pratigya sees Krishna walking+Snake bites Pratigya+Krishna takes poison out of Pratigya's leg+Chandu and Tunna singing the song ''So Gaya Ye Jahaan''+Krishna gets unconscious+Pratigya takes Krishna to the hospital

Kriya Scenes 74
Krishna is in a critical situation+Pratigya gets flashbacks of Krishna+Krishna dies+Pratigya pleads to Krishna to wake up+Krishna revives+Dadi shows signs to Krishna that he survived coz of Pratigya+Amma says that she's also the cause of his condition+Krishna holds Pratigya's hand and wants her to stay back with him+Krishna sees Pratigya lying at the side of the bed+Nurse wakes Pratigya up by talking to Krishna+Pratigya nurses Krishna+Doctor tells that Krishna's condition is better now+Krishna insists to go home

Kriya Scenes 75
Pratigya tries to feed Krishna+Krishna turns away+Pratigya tells that she can never think of hurting him+Krishna drinks soup and gets a cough+Kriya share a romantic eye-lock+Krishna has a headache+Pratigya talks to him but suddenly realises that Krishna is sleeping+Amma scolds Pratigya for ruining her day by showing her face+Pratigya insists Krishna to take his medicine+Krishna scolds Pratigya+Pratigya tells Krisna about Aman's proposal+Krishna hurts Pratigya by saying that tell Arushi to tell Aman about his secrets before marriage

Kriya Scenes 76
Krishna throws the soup away+Krishna says that he doesnt want to eat food cooked by Pratigya+Krishna asks Pratigya to leave+Pratigya gives medicine to Krishna+Pratigya sleeps on the floor+Krishna gives Pratigya a blanket when shes asleep+Krishna has a high fever+Krishna refuses to get a check up+Krishna says that you have hurted my heart, there is no recovery for that+Pratigya insists Krishna to eat the food+Krishna takes the plate n eats+Pratigya asks Krishna to get ready for going to the temple+Pratigya requests to Krishna to come at time+The Pooja starts+Krishna arrives but doesnt attend the Pooja+Pratigya is waiting for Krishna

Kriya Scenes 77

Krishna leaves without entering the temple+Pratigya is hurt+Pratigya asks why Krishna didnt come to the Pooja+Krishna gets furious+Pratigya is resting+Krishna brings food for Pratigya+Pratigya is surprised+Krishna adds red pepper in Pratigya's food+Pratigya still eats the food+Pratigya wakes Krishna up+Pratigya says that she'll make besan ka halwa for him+Krishna is surprised that shes behaving so sweet, even after what he done+Chandu comes to meet Krishna

Kriya Scenes 78
Krishna asks Dadi to oil his hair+Krishna tells Amma not to support Shakti, coz every1 knows how Shakti's behaviour is+Krishna brings Arushi back home+Krishna supports Pratigya after SS accuses Pratigya+Krishna says that he trusts Pratigya as much as Amma+Amma is furious+SS raises his hand to slap Krishna+Krishna holds SS' hand and puts it down+Krishna says that Pratigya is pure as the Ganges+Krishna warns everyone not to insult Pratigya, otherwise he will break his relations with them+Pratigya thanks Krishna for trusting her+Krishna says that he just pretended in front of everyone+Pratigya is hurt

Kriya Scenes 79
Pratigya asks what she should do that Krishna will believe him+Krishna turns his back to her+Pratigya keeps her hand on his shoulder+Pratigya surprises Krishna by wearing the saree he gifted her b4 marriage+Krishna sees Pratigya's wound+Pratigya insists Krishna to put medicine at her hand+Piyasia gets an electric shock+Pratigya says to forget what happened+Krishna says what if something happened to Pratigya+Pratigya is happy to see Krishna's concern for her+Pratigya asks Krishna what if something happened to her+Krishna gets furious and leaves

Kriya Scenes 80
Pratigya is confused and asks Krishna that what she should do+Kesar hears it+Krishna leaves+Pratigya is in fantasy world+Humko Humise Chura Lo is played+Krishna is getting drenched in rain+Pratigya is getting ready and wearing the saree given by Krishna+Krishna comes back+Pratigya cleans Krishna with a towel+Pratigya hugs Krishna+Krishna pushes Pratigya+Krishna gets furious at Pratigya and asks her why she did this+Pratigya confesses that she luvs him+Pratigya says that he isnt worth of her love and packs her suitcase and leaves

Kriya Scenes 81
Krishna stops Pratigya+Krishna says how could i know that you love me, when you never showed any signs+Pratigya says I love you+Krishna is about to kiss Pratigya, suddenly Amma knocks the door+Pratigya says that she will stay with Kesar+Krishna insists to stay there aswell

Kriya Scenes 82

Krishna comes close to Pratigya+Pratigya stops Krishna by saying that Kesar is awake+Krishna gets upset+Pratigya teases Krishna+Pratigya cums to know about Krishna's birthday+Pratigya is upset at Krishna and leaves to get ready+Krishna is stunned to see Pratigya dressed up+Pratigya seeks blessings of everyone+Pratigya sits to wish Krishna

Kriya Scenes 83
Pratigya gives a flower to Krishna and wishes him+Pratigya puts the whole ladoo in Krishna's mouth+Chandu arrives+Krishna demands his gift+Chandu insists Pratigya to sing and dance as its Krishna's birthday+Everyone insist Pratigya to dance+Pratigya dances+Krishna dances with Pratigya+Chandu is praising Krish and happy that everything is good now+Krishna insists Chandu to leave as hes not feeling well+Pratigya says that she will make tea for them+Krishna is irritated+Pratigya is making tea for Chandu+Krishna says to get rid of Chandu fast

Kriya Scenes 84
Krishna throws Chandu out+Pratigya runs away and locks the door+Krishna gets angry and walks away+Pratigya searches Krishna+Krishna holds her from the back+Krishna takes Pratigya to the terrace+Krishna surprises Pratigya+Kriya consummate their marriage+Krishna wakes up and searches for his clothes+Pratigya took it with her

Kriya Scenes 85
Krishna cums down with the bedsheet+Amma is furious to see him in this condition and taunts Kriya+SS teases Krishna after seeing Pratigya's bindi on his back+Pratigya stitching Krishna's button+Krishna breaks another+Pratigya pinches Krishna with the needle+Krishna cuddles Pratigya and they fall on the bed+Krishna asks a kiss+Pratigya gives a kiss on Krishna's cheek+Pratigya tells Krishna to wipe the lipstick mark+Krishna asks another kiss in return+Pratigya kisses his cheek again+Krishna is about to go and Pratigya asks wen he wil cum back+Krishna tells her to wait like a gud wife+Pratigya is worried about Kesar and tries to contact Krishna+Pratigya calls up Chandu+Krishna tells Chandu not to pick it up+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna about his SR+Chandu n Tunna ask Krishna to tell more+Krishna tells them to get married n experience it theirselves

Kriya Scenes 86
Krishna avoids Pratigya and goes to sleep+Krishna's shirts button is missing+Pratigya stitches it+Krishna is still upset+Pratigya talks to Krishna about Kesar+Krishna says he understands Kesars pain but tells Pratigya not to send Shakti n Amma to the jail+Pratigya refuses+Krishna gets furious+Komal tells Krishna to come along n release his mother+Krishna agrees n goes+Pratigya is hurt and cries infront of dadi+Krishna drinks the water which is washed with Amma's feet

Kriya Scenes 87

Pratigya is hurt coz of what happened+Krishna consoles her+Pratigya is happy and hugs Krishna+Krishna tells Pratigya to get milk for him coz he will stay awake all the night+Pratigya pinches Krishna n leaves the room+Krishna requests Pratigya to wear his shirt+Pratigya cums out wearing Krishna's shirt+Kriya share a romantic moment

Kriya Scenes 88
SS stops Pratigya from sitting in the Pooja+Krishna refuses to sit in the Pooja without Pratigya+Krishna explains Pratigya that he wont do anything without her+Krishna gets romantic+Arushi tells Kriya that Komal is expecting+Kriya are happy+Krishna says he wants to become a dad aswell+Pratigya leaves the room by teasing him+Pratigya tells everyone that Komal is expecting+SS is happy+SS avoids Krishna

Kriya Scenes 89
Krishna tells Pratigya to eat something+Krishna consoles everyone+Pratigya is impressed by Krishna+Pratigya tells Krishna to get a bath+Krishna says he will, only if she gives him a bath+Kriya share a romantic moment+Krishna asks Pratigya to sleep+Krishna asks whats bothering her+Pratigya tells that she is worried whether her dad can manage all the costs+Krishna tells he will help them with SS money+Pratigya refuses and tells she will only take his help when Krishna will earn money himself+Pratigya pretends that shes sleeping+Kesar enters the room while Krishna holds Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 90
Pratigya tells Krishna that she's not feeling well and go to sleep+Krishna starts arguing+Pratigya irritates Krishna+Kriya come close+Amma argues with Pratigya+Piyasiya lies that Pratigya didnt inform her when she was going out+Pratigya speaks up for Kesar+Krishna tells Pratigya not to interfere in other family members matters+Kriya argue+Krishna gets furious when Pratigya sarcastically comments on him being jobless+Pratigya gets irritated when Krishna tries to make love to her even avoiding her the whole day+Krishna leaves the room

Kriya Scenes 91
SS finds Krishna sleeping at the terrace+SS argues with Krishna+Praitgya blames Krishna for fighting with her and leaving the room+Pratigya speaks up for Kesar+Pratigya warns the Thakur family that she will send them to jail if they try to get Shakti married for the 2nd time+Shakti tries to hit Pratigya+Shakti and Krishna fight+Amma hits Pratigya+Krishna warns everyone+Shakti gets a gun to shoot Krishna+SS gets furious to see Shakti and Krishna fighting

Kriya Scenes 92

Krishna is getting ready+Pratigya copies Krishna by talking like him+Krishna decides to take Pratigya out for dinner+Pratigya refuses, but Krishna insists+Pratigya agrees, but tells Krishna not to fight with any family member+Amma scolds Krishna+Kriya arrive in the restaurant+Krishna orders the waiter to get some candles+Pratigya praises Krishna+Krishna touches Pratigya's feet with his feet

Kriya Scenes 93
Krishna praises himself+Pratigya teases Krishna after seeing that hes wearing no shoes+Krishna beats up the thief+Aman stops Krishna+Aman argues with Krishna+Pratigya stops the people hitting the thief+Krishna gets furious and goes home+Pratigya cums and talks to Krishna+Krishna explains Pratigya why he beated up that thief+Pratigya asks forgiveness+Krishna is still upset+Pratigya pretends+Krishna asks a kiss+Pratigya gives a kiss

Kriya Scenes 94
Krishna talks about SS happiness for Arushi's engagement+Pratigya doubts SS+Krishna gets upset+Pratigya cheers Krishna up+Kriya get romantic+Munni dance at Arushi's engagement+Kriya are back home+Krishna argues with Pratigya about Shyam+Pratigya requests Krishna to respect Shyam+Krishna cums into the room and lifts up Pratigya+Krishna is happy and tells Pratigya to ask anything+Pratigya requests to go to her house+Krishna agrees, but tells they wont stay for long+Pratigya pretends that shes upset+Krishna explains that he will just pretend to be angry at her family+Pratigya is back home+Krishna suddenly hugs Pratigya from the back+Pratigya tells Krishna about Arushi's in laws condition+Krishna is shocked

Kriya Scenes 95
Krishna gets furious to know that Arushi's in laws dont want them to attend the marriage+Krishna tells his family about it and blames Pratigya+Pratigya cries+Amma serves breakfast to Krishna+Amma accuses Pratigya+Pratigya accidently drops the milk+Amma taunts Pratigya+Pratigya is upset+Krishna ignores Pratigya after coming out of the bath+Krishna doesnt wear the shirt which Pratigya has taken out for him+Krishna tells Pratigya to stop taking fake care of him+Krishna calls Piyasiya to stitch his shirts button+Pratigya is hurt

Kriya Scenes 96
Pratigya tells Shyam that she wont attend Arushi's wedding without her in laws+Krishna is happy and lifts her up+Krishna tells everyone to ask forgiveness to Pratigya by hurting her without knowing that she wouldnt attend the wedding without them+Everyone leaves+Krishna takes Pratigya out+Pratigya doubts to see Aman with a girl+Pratigya calls up Aman+Krishna cums out of the bath and shakes his wet hair at Pratigya+Krishna gets romantic+Pratigya makes the rangoli for diwali

Kriya Scenes 97

Krishna praises Pratigya's work+Amma ruins Pratigya's rangoli+Pratigya gets upset+Krishna cheers up Pratigya+Amma tells Pratigya to serve the food to the visitors+Pagdi game is being played by the men+Krishna celebrates diwali with the Saxenas+Krishna takes Pratigya to the terrace+Kriya celebrate diwali alone+Krishna explains the game to Pratigya+Kriya get romantic

Kriya Scenes 98
Krishna has stomach ache+Pratigya teases Krishna+Pratigya takes Krishna to the hospital and sees Aman with a girl again+Krishna consoles Pratigya+Pratigya is hurt that Arushi didnt believe her+Pratigya tries to hide it from Krishna+Krishna asks what happened+Pratigya cries infront of Krishna+Krishna gets furious n takes his gun out+Amma stops Krishna+Krishna calls up Chandu and tells him to keep an eye on Aman+Pratigya explains Krishna not to make mistakes in angriness

Kriya Scenes 99
Pratigya wakes Krishna up+Pratigya tells Krishna that we have just 2 days to stop the marriage+Chandu calls up n tells he has seen Aman with a girl+Aman proves Kriya wrong again+Pratigya tries to prove herself+Aman accuses Pratigya of lying+Krishna gets furious+Arushi doesnt believe Pratigya+Krishna threatens Aman+Pratigya cries n Krishna consoles her+Pratigya tells Krishna to find Amans wife+Krishna threatens the nurse and finds out the girls whereabouts+Kriya search the address

Kriya Scenes 100
Kriya find the adress+Krishna refuses to go inside+Pratigya insists+Kriya plan what to do next+Krishna says lets go to the cinema+Pratigya refuses and says im tensed and your cracking jokes+Chandu joins Kriya+Krishna plans how to humilate Aman+Pratigya says not to do such a thing as Arushi will be shattered there+Krishna scolds the waiter+Baraat arrives+Kriya watching and waiting for Anu+Pratigya feels bad to see Adarsh in a bad condition+Pratigya mistakes seeing Anu while its someone else+Arushi comes to the mandap+Pratigya stops the wedding

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Kriya Scenes 101
Pratigya tells Aman to tell everyone about Anu+Aman tells that Anu is just his client+Aman blames Kriya for doing such a thing+Krishna tries to beat up Aman+Pratigya stops Krishna+Pratigya requests Anu to tell everyone the truth+Anu double crosses Kriya+Anu lies infront of everyone+Krishna gets furious+Amans dad breaks the marriage+Shakti says that he will marry Arushi+Krishna and Komal tell Shakti to leave+Arushi to marry Shakti+Arushi slaps Pratigya+Amma is furious to see Arushi as Shakti's wife+Amma blames Pratigya and refuses to accept Arushi as her daughter-in-law

Kriya Scenes 102

Kesar takes Shakti and Arushi to the room+Kesar breaks down+Pratigya consoles Kesar+Krishna tells Pratigya to sleep and be happy and forget everything+Pratigya breaks down after remembering everything+Amma plans to do hawan+Arushi ignores Pratigya+Pratigya feels sorry for Kesar+Krishna tells Pratigya to forget everything as everyone is happy+Kesar also requests Pratigya to forget everything, coz nothing can be done now

Kriya Scenes 103
SS tells Pratigya to leave if she doesnt want to attend the Pooja+Krishna tells Pratigya to join the Pooja+Pratigya refuses and leaves+Krishna argues with Pratigya for insulting him in front of everyone by not listening to him+Pratigya doesnt say anything+Krishna gets furious and leaves+Krishna to sleep at the terrace+Krishna thinks that Pratigya has come to get him, but its Shakti+Shakti asks what hes doing at the terrace+Krishna gets irritated by Shakti+Pratigya comes to get Krishna+Krishna requests Pratigya to attend the Mu Dhikayi rassam+Krishna cheers Pratigya up+Pratigya still refuses and Krishna is hurt+Pratigya agrees

Kriya Scenes 104
Krishna comes and tells her that she done the right thing by not touching Arushi's feet+Pratigya argues with Krishna+Krishna gets angry+Shakti laughes at Krishna by seeing him at the terrace again+Shakti seeks for Krishna's help+Krishna leaves+Pratigya talks to Krishna about his dad, while Krishna is hurt+Pratigya talks to Krishna what she should do to make him happy+Krishna says to care for his family aswell+Krishna tells Pratigya about Shakti-Arushi's honeymoon and wants to go aswell+Pratigya says we dont need to, coz we know each other now very gud

Kriya Scenes 105
Krishna surprises Pratigya+Pratigya gets irritated+Krishna is hurt+Pratigya feels bad and cheers Krishna up+Krishna sings a song+Kriya get romantic+Arushi refuses to go for honeymoon+Shakti forces Arushi+Pratigya advises Arushi+Arushi argues with Pratigya+Pratigya shares her concern with Dadi+Pratigya follows Baba and thanks him for helping her+Chandu and Tunna are happy to see that their work is done+Amma taunts Pratigya wen Arushi agrees to do anything for their family+Amma blames Pratigya for not giving them a grandson+Krishna questions Pratigya and tells her to tell Amma wen they will take a child+Pratigya walks away

Kriya Scenes 106
Pratigya refuses to have a baby+Krishna asks what the problem is+Pratigya stuns Krishna by saying that she will take a child only wen he will earn money by himself+Krishna expresses his displeasure with Chandu n Tunna+Krishna searches for Pratigya+Krishna is stunned by knowing that Pratigya is washing Arushi's clothes+Krishna argues with Arushi+Arushi taunts Krishna for being unemployed+Pratigya consoles Krishna and tells him not to feel bad, coz Arushi is still her sister+Pratigya talks with Krishna about getting a job+Krishna tells Pratigya that hes changed after marriage and wants to be with her only

Kriya Scenes 107

Pratigya serves kheer for Krishna+Krishna gets angry by the bad taste+Krishna is silenced to know that Pratigya cooked it+Pratigya is confused how this happened+Arushi tries to outdo Pratigya by serving kheer made by her+Krishna consoles Pratigya+SS tells Shakti to check all the work+Shakti taunts Krishna for doing nothing+SS tells Krishna to work and Krishna refuses+Krishna and Arushi plan Pratigya's birthday+Krishna forces Pratigya to sleep

Kriya Scenes 108
Arushi pretends to help Krishna by making the cake for him+Krishna celebrates Pratigya's birthday+Romantic music is played wen Krishna takes Pratigya to the room while Arushi is watching+Krishna tells Pratigya to seek everyones blessings at her birthday+SS humilates Krishna by refusing getting him a car for Pratigya+Krishna leaves the house by saying he will show them that he is worth of earning money+SS and Amma blame Pratigya+Pratigya defends Krishna's decision

Kriya Scenes 109
Amma tells Pratigya that Krishna wont do any work+Pratigya refuses and believes that Krishna will earn money+SS tells Piyasiya to burn Krishna's clothes as he will earn everything by himself from today+Krishna shares his concern with Chandu n Tunna+Tunna advices Krishna to get flowers for Pratigya+Pratigya prays for Krishna's success+Krishna cums home with flowers+Everyone is surprised with Krishna's talks+Krishna gifts the flowers to Pratigya+Krishna's drama stuns Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 110
Krishna is furious at Pratigya and asks where his clothes are+SS and Amma blame Pratigya+Krishna refuses to work+Pratigya is hurt+Krishna consoles Pratigya and agrees to work+Krishna is confused what to wear+Krishna gives a bedsheet+Krishna cums out with the bedsheet and gets romantic+Pratigya wakes Krishna up and tells him to go for searching a job+Krishna talks to the Murti

Kriya Scenes 111
Krishna refuses to have breakfast till he doesnt earn money+Pratigya tells Pratigya to seek everyone's blessing before leaving+Dadi gives blessings to Krishna+Pratigya tells Kesar that she trusts Krishna+Amma taunts Pratigya+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to help him finding a job+Krishna cums home with a bunch of things+SS is stunned and confused from where he got all this+Pratigya doubts Krishna+Pratigya is shocked about the way Krishna earned money+Krishna argues with Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 112

Pratigya cums to the terrace to console Krishna+Krishna questions Pratigya about knowing the fact hes unemployed then how can he find a suitable job+Pratigya tells Krishna to do something which wont damage his image+Krishna agrees+Pratigya worries about her family+Pratigya feels helpless and Krishna says he will help her+Pratigya says she will only take the money earned by him+Chandu n Tunna praise Krishna for his work which he had done+Krishna is confused why Pratigya doesnt praise him+Krishna tells Pratigya that Arushi has realised her mistake+Krishna refuses to break Arushi-Shakti's marriage and says Arushi has to pay for her mistakes+Pratigya vows to help Arushi+Pratigya takes Krishna to the mandir

Kriya Scenes 113
Pratigya requests Krishna to take Arushi to Saxenas+Kriya come to the Saxenas+Pratigya talks to Shyam about Arushi+Krishna tells Shyam to forgive Arushi n that shes come to ask forgiveness herself+Shyam refuses to forgive Arushi+Shyam has forgiven Arushi n Arushi will stay with Saxenas+Komal speaks up+Kriya come back to the Thakur house+SS is furious to know that Arushi wont come back+Amma blames Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 114
Shakti is furious to know the truth+SS n Shakti leave to get Arushi back+Amma speaks ill about Shyam+Pratigya warns Sumitra+Krishna stops Amma n Pratigya+Krishna stops Pratigya from calling the police+Shyam tells Pratigya that SS n Shakti took Arushi with them forcely+Arushi is back in the Thakur house+SS is furious at Arushi+Pratigya tells SS n Shakti not to keep Arushi at their house forcely+Krishna tells Pratigya to calm down+Shakti takes Arushi to the room+Krishna consoles Pratigya+Kesar n Piyasiya tell Pratigya to explain Arushi by listening to the thakurs+Dadi consoles Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 115
Krishna asks SS, Amma n Shakti why they're behaving like this+Piyasiya tells that Shyam&Adarsh have come with the police+Shakti says that he will kill Kesar to get Arushi+Krishna explains Shakti+Shakti is furious+Amma blames Pratigya+Shakti forces himself at Arushi+Kriya stop Shakti+Amma to lock Arushi in the room+Pratigya stops Amma+Amma taunts Krishna+Pratigya is worried about Kesar+Kesar tells Pratigya not to worry

Kriya Scenes 116
Krishna asks the workers whats going on+SS explains Krishna+Krishna is happy to see that SS is concerned for the family+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna freezing in the cold n worried how to find a job+Krishna tells Pratigya not to blame SS again n again+Pratigya explains why SS is forcing Kesar to go to her maternal house+Krishna explains Pratigya+Kriya get romantic+Pratigya hears a noise from outside while Shakti is taking Dadi outside+Dadi screams Pratigya+Pratigya hears Dadi coughing+Dadi tells Pratigya that Kesar is burried+Pratigya seeks Krishna's help+Krishna is shocked to know that Kesar is burried in the grave+Kesar is taken to the hospital+Dadi, Krishna, Pratigya n Arushi r happy to know that Kesar is allright

Kriya Scenes 117

Pratigya tells Kesar to file a complaint n speak up+Krishna requests Dadi to say his name+Krishna speaks up against Shakti+Kesar to leave+Amma blames Pratigya and cries+Krishna gives milk to Amma+Amma throws it at Krishnas face+Pratigya praises Krishna and touches his feet+Krishna gets happy and kisses Pratigyas forehead

Kriya Scenes 118
Dadi, Pratigya n Piyasiya praying+Amma taunts Piyasiya+Dadi speaks up against Amma+Krishna requests Dadi to tell why she didnt speak for so many years+Dadi praises Pratigya for Krishnas humanity+Pratigya wakes up Krishna+Krishna goes out to find a job+Dadi tells Pratigya the receipt of Aloo n Bengan ka Bharta+Amma tells Piyasiya to make Daal+Dadi stops Piyasiya+Amma taunts Pratigya and Dadi

Kriya Scenes 119
Krishna refuses to join SS business+SS gets furious+Amma blames Pratigya for this+Krishna furious at Pratigyas suggestion of doing a job herseslf+Krishna talks to Pratigya while shes pretending that shes asleep+Pratigya forces to have breakfast and go to find a job+SS interrupts Krishna when hes going out for a job+SS blames Kriya for sending Shakti to jail+SS tells Krishna that from today he will be responsible for all the costs+SS questions Pratigya+Krishna tells SS to ask him n not Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 120
Krishna n Tunna waiting for Chandu+Krishna n Chandu surprises to see Chandu in a new style+Chandu tells Krishna that hes going for modelling+Krishna insists that he will go for modelling in his place+Chandu agrees+Krishna modelling+Pratigya calls Tunna+Pratigya thanks Tunna n Chandu+Photographer scols Krishna+Krishna furious at the photographer and hits him

Kriya Scenes 121
Krishna furious after photographer incident and tells Chandu n Tunna about it+Krishna cums home+Pratigya serves Pakoray to Krishna+Krishna furious at Pratigya when she asks about his 1st earning+Krishna tells Pratigya that hes doing everything just for her and she shouldnt tell him to work anymore as he cant find a suitable job+Amma being kind to Pratigya about her family+Krishna doubts at Amma's behaviour+Amma tells Kriya about Kesars pregnancy+Ghanti Dadi doubts Amma's behaviour+Amma continues about her concern for Kesars health+Krishna brings fireworks for celebrating+Amma n Krishna play with fireworks+Krishna butters Amma and tells Amma to explain to SS not to pressurize him for finding a job while Pratigya luks

Kriya Scenes 122
Krishna is happy for seeing Amma's concern for Kesar+Amma tells Krishna that shes not bad by nature and she can do anything for her family+SS brings Kesar home+SS is happy+Kesar says that she doesnt want to stay at TN+Amma gets furious and SS calms her down+Dadi stops SS and tells Kesar to continue wat she wants to say+Kesar explains+Pratigya supports Kesar and tells SS that he cant pressurize Kesar+Pratigya explains SS about a husband-wifes relation and says that Shakti isnt worth of being called a husband or a father

Kriya Scenes 123
Pratigya says that they shouldnt pressurize Kesar if she doesnt want to stay here+Amma taunts Pratigya+SS speaks up and says that only that will happen what HE wants+SS threatens Kesar to stay back+Krishna takes Pratigya to the room+Pratigya argues with Krishna+Amma tells SS that Kesar isnt at home and blames Pratigya for all this+Kesar comes back and tells that she wont leave as she knows that they will get her back at any cost+Amma tells Kesar to pray for Shakti+Kesar tells that Shakti isnt her husband+SS gets furious+Krishna stops SS as saying that he shouldnt say anything to Kesar+Pratigya speaks up for Kesar+Amma tells Pratigya not to support Kesars wrong decision+Dadi speaks up against SS+Krishna cums to the terrace while Pratigya is hanging the clothes+Krishna helps Pratigya and tells Pratigya that he can help her at home aswell as thats also working+Pratigya explains Krishna that his work is to earn money and help his family+Krishna argues with Pratigya and hurts Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 124
Dadi asks Pratigya where Krishna is+Amma makes jokes about Pratigya about her knowing Krishna so well+Pratigya is stunned to see that Krishna is still asleep+Krishna gets furious and challenges Pratigya to find a job without going outside+Krishna tells Amma to oil his hair+Amma reminds Krishna about his concern for her in the past and asks why hes changed+Pratigya is upset and thinks about Krishna's challenge+Piyasiya tells Pratigya to serve food+Amma serves food to Kesar+Krishna tells Pratigya to serve him food+Amma taunts Pratigya and tells Krishna that hes done good by not going to find a job as his fathers money is just for his sons+Shakti returns+Shakti hurts Pratigya+Krishna stops Shakti+Shakti speaks up against Krishna+SS interferes

Kriya Scenes 125
Krishna talks to Pratigya+Pratigya ignores Krishna+Krishna gets upset and makes 2 sides of the bed+Krishna asks Pratigya where the toothpaste is+SS taunts Krishna+Krishna tries to console Pratigya+Pratigya tells Krishna to get a pen and paper for her+Chandu n Tunna make jokes about Krishna buying pen n paper+Krishna imagines Pratigya teaching him+Chandu n Tunna laugh at Krishna+Krishna tells them to be quick as they hav to get pen n paper for Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 126

Krishna, Chandu n Tunna arrive at the shop+Krishna is confused and calls Pratigya+Pratigya explains to the worker what she wants+Komal shows her TV to Krishna+Komal asks Krishna what hes doing with the pen n paper+Krishna tells Chandu to hold the pen n paper as people will make jokes of him+Krishna gives the pen n paper to Pratigya and tells Pratigya that he doesnt want her to teach him+Shakti tells Krishna that he does all the work and yet Krishnas having a massage without doing a thing+Shakti tells SS that he wont work untill Krishna doesnt get a job+Shakti speaks up against SS+Pratigya tells Krishna why he doesnt support SS, Krishna walks away+SS is hurt

Kriya Scenes 127
Amma consoles SS+The family is hurt, song is played at the background+Shakti reminds SS his condition that he wont go to work+SS tells Shakti that he doesnt need anyone and leaves+Amma gets upset at Shakti n Krishna+Shakti speaks up n leaves+Krishna tells Amma not to worry+Amma is furious and serves Krishna+Amma throws the food at Krishnas shirt+Krishna blames Pratigya+Pratigya is busy writing sumthing and Amma doubts that shes writing a letter to her family+Amma throws Pratigyas paper away and tells her to come n do the householdings+Pratigya continues writing+Krishna taunts Shakti as none of his wife wants to stay with him+Shakti gets furious+Shakti n Krishna argue and Amma stops them

Kriya Scenes 128
Krishna n Shakti fight over the milk+Ghanti Dadi scolds them+Amma also speaks up+Krishna complaints against Shakti in front of Pratigya+Pratigya laughs and Krishna breaks his button by purpose+Pratigya stitches Krishna's button n pinches him+Amma is worried about SS as he didnt return yet+SS scolds Shakti when he tells SS why he reduced the loan of the servants+SS scolds Krishna also+Pratigya continues writing while Krishna's sleeping+Pratigya posts her letter+SS tells Shakti to take Kesar to the hospital+Amma taunts Kesar after Shakti saw Kesar hiding money+Pratigya speaks up and tells Kesar to tell from where she got the money+Kesar tells that she sold her Mangal Sutar

Kriya Scenes 129
SS calls the jeweller and asks if a lady from the Thakur family came to sell her mangal sutar+SS is furious+Kesar says that Shakti isnt her husband+Shakti speaks up and blames Kesar+Pratigya tells Shakti not to insult Kesar+SS says that Kesar wont go out of the house untill she gives birth to his grandson+Kesar is worried as she wanted to abort her child+Chandu n Tunna notice that Krishna is tensed+Krishna shares his concern+Chandu n Tunna suggest Krishna to lie about his job+SS teases Shakti+Krishna tells everyone that he found a job+Shakti doubts and tells to giv his earned money first then he will believe him+Krishna agrees and seeks blessings of everyone+Krishna tried to avoid Pratigya+Pratigya asks about his job+Krishna doesnt tell anything about his job and just says that he isnt doing anything bad+Krishna goes to sleep

Kriya Scenes 130
Krishna acts infront of everyone that no work will be done without him+Shakti doubts+Krishna speaks up+SS tells Krishna to go+Dadi tells Krishna to seek blessings from bhagwan+Pratigya gives Krishna his tiffin and Krishna is touched+Chandu n Tunna wait for Krishna+Krishna feels bad for lying to Pratigya+Chandu n Tunna console Krishna+Shakti misbehaves with Kesar+Amma tells Shakti about kids+Shakti tries to touch Pratigya+Shakti worried about Krishna earning money+Shakti throws the coffee made by Pratigya+Dadi speaks up+Krishna playing carem with Chandu n Tunna+Krishna takes the Rani from the caremboard+Chandu n Tunna scare Krishna by saying that Pratigya came+Amma tells Pratigya to go to the terrace n keep the cults in the room as Shakti planned to scare Pratigya+Shakti locks Pratigya in the room and throws kerosine in the room+Pratigya is scared

Kriya Scenes 131
Shakti scares Pratigya+Piyasiya opens the door+Shakti stops Pratigya and makes jokes about Pratigya+Amma asks Pratigya whether shes done the work given by her+Amma tells Pratigya to go to the kicthen+Kesar asks Pratigya whether shes allright+Pratigya hears Amma n Shakti talking+Pratigya threatens Shakti+Krishna comes back home+Shakti doubts about Krishna's work+Pratigya stops Shakti+Shakti continues asking about Krishna's job+Krishna walks away+Krishna talks to Pratigya about Shakti+Carems Rani falls from Krishna's shirt

Kriya Scenes 132

Pratigya asks about the Carems queen+Krishna lies and goes to the bathroom+Krishna sees that Pratigya is still awake+Pratigya tries to ask about Krishna's job+Krishna ignores and goes to sleep+Krishna tells Pratigya to come along n see which job he does+Pratigya tells that she trusts him+Krishna feels guilty+SS make over+Chandu n Tunna wait for Krishna+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna that Pratigya nearly caught him by seeing the Carem's queen+Krishna feels guilty+Krishna cums back home and sees SS+SS avoids help of Pratigya and Krishna+Kriya worried about SS and Shakti's behaviour

Kriya Scenes 133
Amma tells Adarsh that everything is happening coz of Pratigya+Adarsh scolds Pratigya+Krishna gets out of control when he sees a tear in Pratigya's eye+Komal taunts Krishna+Krishna tells Shyamji that Adarsh made Pratigya cry+Krishna consoles Pratigya+Pratigya excited about her 1st holi wid Krishna's 1st earning+Kriya romantic scene (8 kisses)

Kriya Scenes 134
Pratigya tells Krishna to have breakfast+Krishna refuses+Pratigya tells that she will bring his tiffin to his work+Krishna refuses and tells to get the tiffin fast+Krishna leaves+Pratigya gets a call from her job+Amma doubts+Pratigya gets her 1st earned money by writing an article+Pratigya is happy and decides to go to Chandu n Tunna and ask where Krishna works+Pratigya heartbroken to learn the truth+Pratigya taunts Krishna and leaves+Pratigya is heartbroken (song is played in background)+Pratigya cums back home and feels bad after seeing SS condition

Kriya Scenes 135
Krishna cums back home with Chandu n Tunna+Krishna worries about facing everyone+Krishna surprised with everyone's strange behaviour+Krishna feels relieved after knowing that Pratigya gave money to Amma by saying that this is Krishna's 1st earned money+Krishna thanks Pratigya+Pratigya asks whether Krishna wants to know from where she gave the money+Krishna doubts Pratigya+Pratigya tells him about the article+Krishna doesnt believe Pratigya+Krishna asks a child to read the article and gets happy after knowing that Pratigya wrote her name with his+Krishna cums back n feels guilty

Kriya Scenes 136
SS praises Krishna at the dining table+SS teases Shakti and taunts him+Ghanti Dadi says that Pratigya is responsible for Krishna's success+Pratigya refuses and Krishna coughs+Krishna shares his concern with Chandu n Tunna+Chandu calls Pratigya and tells that Krishna met with an accident+SS to throw a holi bash+Pratigya rushes+Amma taunts+Krishna apologises to Pratigya+Pratigya tells that he wont gain her trust ever again and leaves

Kriya Scenes 137

Kesar;s mother meets Pratgya+Kesar's mother taunts Pratigya+SS tells Maayi to hav rest+Maayi praises SS+Piyasiya takes Maayi to her room+Dadi asks Pratigya whether everything is allright+Maayi makes negative comments towards Pratigya+Dadi praises Pratigya+SS asks why Krishna didnt return yet+Maayi tells Shakti to eat+Krishna cums back home n meets Maayi+Amma n Maayi praise Krishna+Krishna feels embaressed n refuses to eat+Amma brings food for Krishna n taunts Pratigya+Krishna gets irritated+Amma gets furious and blames Pratigya again+Krishna refuses to hav coffee, but after Amma's tauntings he agrees+Maayi massages Shakti+Singers entertain the Thakur family+Krishna is still upset n leaves+Krishna tells Pratigya not to work anymore coz shes already proven herself+Pratigya insists as Krishna isnt working aswell+Krishna gets furious

Kriya Scenes 138
Amma, Maayi putting ubtan on SS n Shakti+Amma n Maayi taunt Pratigya for not putting ubtan happily on Krishna+Krishna leaves as Pratigya isnt doing it with joy+Amma taunts Pratigya+Krishna shares his concern with Chandu n Tunna+Chandu n Tunna tell Krishna to make Pratigya happy as its their 1st Holi+Holi celebrations start at Thakur Niwas+Krishna's cousin, Radhe, eyes Pratigya+Krishna tries to make Pratigya happy+Krishna cums to the kithcen to apply colour at Pratigya+Dadi n Maayi insist Pratigya to apply colour on Krishna aswell+Krishna applies colour at Kesar n Amma

Kriya Scenes 139
SS, Chandu n Tunna celebrating Holi+Krishna joins Chandu n Tunna+Shakti gives Bhang to Chandu n Tunna+SS shows his cooking to Krishna+Piyasiya tells that everyone is enjoying outside n says that Shakti, SS n Krishna r having too much Bhang+Amma n Pratigya go to stop them+Amma tries to stop SS, but he refuses+Pratigya stops Krishna, Chandu n Tunna by having Bhang+Chandu n Tunna apologise to Pratigya+Radhe eyes Pratigya again n tries to put colour on Pratigya, but Pratigya leaves suddenly by seeing the Saxenas+Krishna dreams his dance with Pratigya+Krishna has Bhang+The Saxenas leave, SS tries to stop them but they leave+Adarsh stays n SS reveals that he was behind Adarsh success+Komal is happy to hear this+Amma tells everyone that they can play Holi wid Pratigya+Pratigya slaps Radhe

Kriya Scenes 140
Krishna joins SS+Pratigya slaps Radhe+Amma taunts Pratigya n Radhe lies+Amma tells Pratigya to apologise to Radhe+Pratigya refuses n leaves+Servants take Krishna back to his room+Pratigya is heartbroken+Krishna wakes up n sees hes still wearing his dirty clothes n searches Pratigya+Amma n Maayi taunt Pratigya infront of Krishna n tell him that she slept Radhe+Kesar consoles Pratigya

Kriya Scenes 141
Krishna questions Pratigya why she slapped Radhe+Pratigya walks away+Kesar tells Krishna the truth+Krishna wants to hear the truth from Pratigya's mouth+Krishna sees Pratigya's wound n gets furious+Krishna decides to kill Radhe+Pratigya tries to stop Krishna+Krishna leaves+Amma taunts Pratigya+Pratigya follows Krishna+Krishna reaches at Radhe's house+Radhe's mom tells that hes not home+Krishna leaves+Pratigya searching Krishna n gets flashbacks of all the incidents+Pratigya calls up Chandu n Tunna

Kriya Scenes 142

Pratigya reaches at Radhe's house+And asks whether Krishna came+Radhe's mother is concerned+Pratigya leaves+Chandu n Tunna reach n follow Pratigya to search Krishna+Krishna beats up Radhe's friend+Krishna catches Radhe+Krishna n Radhe's mud fight+Radhe escapes+Krishna follows Radhe n tells him to come out+Krishna and Radhe's fight continues+Radhe pleads Krishna to leave him

Kriya Scenes 143
Pratigya tries to stop Krishna+Radhe pleads+Krishna refuses and tells Radhe not to move+Radhe tries to escape while Pratigya is trying to stop Krishna+Krishna fires+Pratigya comes between and accidently gets shot+Krishna is shocked+Pratigya falls down+Krishna pleads with Pratigya to open her eyes+Chandu tells to reach hospital asap+Krishna picks up Pratigya and they manage to stop a car+Radhe is escaped and catched by SS+SS asks where Krishna is+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna reach the hospital+Krishna asks the receptionist where the doctor is+Krishna drags the doctor from the canteen+Tunna comes to get the Saxenas+Chandu tries to console Krishna+The doctor cums out n tells that Pratigya's critical+SS arrives and tries to console Krishna+Krishna is completely shattered n hugs SS

Kriya Scenes 144
Pratigya's health worsens+Saxenas arrive in the hospital+Nainaji slaps Krishna+Chandu tells the truth+Krishna appologises to Nainaji+Krishna goes in the operation room+The doctors tell him to leave+SS and Amma try to console Krishna+Krishna prays to God for Pratigya's life

Kriya Scenes 145

The doctors take Pratigya to the other room as her health worsens+Krishna pleads to go inside aswell+The doctor refuses+Krishna is shattered+Amma consoles Krishna+Amma pleads infront of SS+SS consoles Krishna+Chandu n Tunna take Krishna home+Maayi stunned to see Amma's changed behaviour+The doctor tells that Pratigya is allright+The light goes+Krishna is furious+The nurse tells that the generator isnt working+SS is furious+Chandu n Tunna try to fix the generator

Kriya Scenes 146
Krishna, Chandu n Tunna leave to get a generator+Pratigya's health worsens+The doctor infrorms the family+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna get the generator+Radhe stops Krishna, Chandu n Tunna+Krishna tells Radhe not to stop him+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to leave with the generator+Radhe doesnt let them go+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna beat Radhe n his friends+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to leave with the generator n he will handle them

Kriya Scenes 147
Chandu n Tunna get the generator+Pratigya out of danger+Krishna to hit Radhe but spares him+SS taunts Shakti as he didnt come inside to see if Pratigya is fine+Krishna tells SS not to explain him anything as he doesnt care for his own wife+Shyam thanks Krishna+Krishna says that he will stay with Pratigya+Krishna talks to unconscious Pratigya+Krishan promises that he will work and do anything for her, but cant live without her+Pratigya wakes up n sees Krishna+The nurse cums n tells Krishna to go out of the room+The nurse tells Pratigya that shes very lucky to hav a husband like Krishna+Krishna shares his feelings with Pratigya+Pratigya forgives Krishna+Shyam n Arushi come n praise Krishna+Amma brings food for Pratigya n tells that it was her fault which leaded her in the hospital

Kriya Scenes 148
Krishna taking care of Pratigya+SS tells Krishna n Pratigya about his olden days with Amma+Pratigya cums back home with Krishna n SS+Krishna takes Pratigya into the house+SS taunts Shakti+Krishna takes Pratigya to the room+SS taunts Maayi+Krishna asks loan from SS+Emotional moment between SS and Krishna

Kriya Scenes 149
The Thakur women selecting saris+Krishna asks information about selling sarees from the seler+Krishna tells Chandu n Tunna to get information about the prices of the sari, as he thinks that the seller is selling it expensive+SS praises Amma and tells her to get the green sari+Chandu n Tunna inform Krishna about the price and tell that the seller is selling it too expensive than it is+The seller pleads+Pratigya takes Krishna inside+Emotional moment between Kriya+Krishna promises that he wont ever lie to her n will start a business+Krishna helps Pratigya in the kitchen+Amma gets furious+Maayi speaks ill about Pratigya in front of Amma+Krishna talks about his businnes to Pratigya+Amma gets furious

Kriya Scenes 150
The Thakur family praising Pratigya's cooking+Amma taunts Pratigya+Maayi joins+Krishna gets the idea to open a dhaba+Amma gives negative comments+SS and GD support Krishna's decision+Shakti also gives negative comments+Pratigya speaks up+Amma continues speaking negative about the idea+SS interrupts and supports Krishna's decision+Krishna asks PRatigya the difference between Hotel and Restaurant+Pratigya explains+Krishna n Pratigya decide dhaba's name+Maayi trying to force Kesar+Pratigya cums n asks Kesar what happened+Kesar says she doesnt want to share her room with Shakti+Pratigya defends Kesar+Pratigya takes Kesar to her room+Cute scene of Kriya (Pratigya laying on the bed n Krishna on the sofa)+Krishna going to search a location+Pratigya praises Krishna+SS asks where Krishna is going and supports him+Maayi decides to leave

Kriya Scenes 151

Pratigya speaks up against Maayi+Maayi to drink poison+Kesar agrees to Maayi's demands+Kesar talks to Pratigya about her decision+Pratigya tells Kesar that she can ask help whenever she wants+Maayi taunts Pratigya and takes Kesar with her+Krishna selecting his cook and finds one (Marti Laal)+Krishna in search of a location and asks Pratigyas help+Krishna agrees on Pratigyas suggestion n goes to see the location+Shakti gives sweets to Krishna as Kesar is back in his life+Krishna gets furious

Kriya Scenes 152
Krishna praises Pratigya and sees that Pratigya is upset+Krishna consoles Pratigya+Pratigya tells that Krishna should giv his first earning to SS+Amma gets jealous+Krishna takes Pratigyas bandage off+Pratigya teases Krishna+SS is happy to see that his family is complete n happy+Komal left her in-laws house and is back in Thakur Niwas+Komal tells everything to SS+Krishna tells Komal to stop this drama+SS tells Komal to relax and he will call Adarsh+Komal complains against her in-laws+Komal tells Pratigya that shes speaking the truth+Krishna takes Pratigya away from there and tells her to go with him as they hav to see the dhaba+Pratigya says she cant go as Adarsh will cum in a bit+Krishna agrees and says they will go together+Krishna tells the truth to SS about Komal+Pratigya scolds Adarsh+Krishna takes Pratigya with him

Kriya Scenes 153
Krishna sees that Pratigya is upset and stops his bike in front of a chaat shop+Pratigya refuses+Cute scene between Kriya+Krishna feeds Pratigya+Kriya reach at the dhaba+Krishna shows the sample to Pratigya and asks whether its good+Pratigya says its good+Kriya finalise the sweet dish+Krishna dreams about a future+Krishna tells SS that his dhaba is ready+Amma and Shakti make jokes about the dhabas name+All are stunned when Krishna tells the name of the dhaba and says that Pratigya suggested it+Ammas changed behaviour towards Pratigya+Amma apologises to Pratigya+SS and Krishna doubt Amma+SS asks whats running in her mind+Amma continues pleading infront of Pratigya+Amma praises Pratigya and hands over the keys to Pratigya+Everyone is stunned

Kriya Scenes 154

SS is still suspicious+Amma agrees to her mistakes+Shakti speaks up why Amma is behaving like that and taunts Pratigya+Krishna tells Amma to repeat what she said as he cant believe it+Amma praises Pratigya+Pratigya refuses to keep the keys+Amma hugs Pratigya and Krishna+Krishna is very happy and praises Pratigya+Pratigya trains Chandu n Tunna+Krishna's dhaba is ready+Kriya r happy+Radhe sees Krishna's dhaba and makes jokes of Krishna+SS praises Krishna+SS tells Pratigya to invite her family also+Amma praises Pratigya+Amma says that Pratigya will do the inauguration+Pratigya says that SS deserves to do the inauguration

Kriya Scenes 155
Krishna is scared and tensed whether his dhaba will get the succes+Pratigya consoles Krishna+Radhe burns Krishna's dhaba+Marti Laal (dhaba;s cook) calls up Krishna and tells that everything is burnt+Krishna and Pratigya leave immediately n inform the family+Krishna gets out of control when he sees his dhaba all burnt+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna get the water tanker+Krishna is heartbroken when he sees all the damage after the fire is brought under control+SS and Amma console Krishna+Pratigya promises Krishna that the dhaba;s inauguration will be held as planned+Pratigya informs the Saxenas about the fire+Shyam says that they r also coming to help them recovering the dhaba+Krishna isnt convinced, but Pratigya convinces him+All the family members work on the dhaba+The Dhaba is ready again+Everyone is happy and goes home to get fresh as the inauguration has to be done today also+SS tells Krishna that they hav to find the person who burnt the dhaba

Kriya Scenes 156
Krishna is making everything ready+Krishna welcomes the family in the dhaba+Amma does the Pooja+Pratigya seeks Amma's blessings+Amma says that her blessings are always with them and praises Pratigya+SS inaugarates the dhaba+Krishna takes Kesar and GD into the dhaba+PRatigya tells Amma to do the another pooja+SS is delighted by the taste and flavour+SS gives money as blessings to Kriya+Shyam also cums up with money n blessings+Pratigya stops SS by giving money to beggers and tells them to hav sum food prepared in the dhaba+Maayi interrupts+SS agrees+Krishna's gets his 1st customers+Everyone is happy+Shyam praises Chandu n Tunna+SS vows to find the culprit and tells Chandu n Tunna to search the culprit+Krishna tells PRatigya to count the earnings+Radhe cums to the dhaba and insults Krishna, Chandu n Tunna+Krishna is furious but Pratigya tells him to calm as it will be bad for the reputation+The customers speak up against Radhe and Radhe leaves

Kriya Scenes 157

Krishna gives his 1st earning to SS+SS is happy n gets emotional+SS hugs Krishna+Amma is also happy n praises Pratigya and hugs her+Maayi warns Shakti n tells him to start his business aswell+Krishna is tired+Pratigya massages his feet+Pratigya says that she is his wife and should do patni dharam+Krishna in return says that he should also do his pati dharam then+Pratigya stops Krishna and says no need to do it+Krishna gets romantic+SS to leave for Darshan+SS seeks blessings in mandir+Shakti asks money from SS+SS refuses to giv money to Shakti+Everyone is staring towards Shakti+Shakti tells everyone that when SS returns he will talk about his independent work+N he will take it anyways, even if the property has to get divided+Amma is about to slap Shakti n Shakti holds her hand+Shakti speaks up+Krishna tries to stop the furious Shakti+Shakti warns everyone that he will do anything to start his independent work
Kriya Scenes 158
Some college girls visit the dhaba+Komal n Adarsh visit the dhaba n show their new car+Krishna wonders how Adarsh managed to get a new car+Amma oils Pratigya's hair+Ghanti dadi tells Amma to save sum love for Pratigya+Komal calls Amma n tells her that they bought a new car+Pratigya is shocked+Krishna tells Dadi that his dhaba had a succes today also+Krishna shows his earning to everyone+Shakti gives negative remarks+Krishna tells Pratigya that he will get sum jewellery for her+Pratigya rejects and reminds Krishna that he still needs to return money to SS+Krishna hurts Pratigya by mistake+Amma scolds Krishna infront of everyone+Everyone is shocked to see Amma's behaviour
Krishna says sorry to Pratigya as he hurted her by mistake+Krishna says that hes happy that Amma took Pratigya's side+Pratigya gives dhaye bharre to Krishna, but Krishna refuses as hes late for the dhaba+Amma tells Krishna to eat the dhaye bharre+Krishna agrees+Krishna gives a kiss to Pratigya wen Amma is not luking+Krishna leaves+Pratigya catches Amma, when shes throwing her dhaye bharre in the bin+GD praises Pratigya+Amma's talks confuse Pratigya+Shakti gives negative comments about the dhaye bharre n taunts Amma+Amma feeds Pratigya+Krishna arranges a place to sit for a family+Krishna calls Pratigya and tells that the dhaba is running succesfully+Kriya's romantic talks+GD gets emotional

Kriya Scenes 160
Amma supports Pratigya's decision+Piyasiya n Maayi suspects Amma n Pratigya gets more confused+Radhe creates a scene at the Dhaba by putting a cocroach in his plate+Krishna gets angry, but controls himself when Radhe acts being innocent+Customers leave+Pratigya thinks about Amma's changed behaviour+Amma asks Pratigya why shes tensed+Krishna cums home and is upset+Krishna tells Pratigya about the incident at the Dhaba created by Radhe+Pratigya consoles Krishna and tells Krishna not to worry+Amma supports Pratigya's talks
Pratigya wakes up n sees that Krishna is not in the room+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna beat up Radhe+Pratigya searches Krishna+Krishna cums home n lies+Pratigya consoles Krishna n gives him an advice+Krishna agrees+Chandu n Tunna promote the offer at Baba's Dhaba+Pratigya calls her dad+Shyam informs Pratigya about Adarsh being arrested+Komal cums at the TN n asks where SS is+Komal tells Amma about Adarsh+Komal taunts Pratigya coz of her parents not agreeing to help Adarsh+Pratigya supports her parents decision+Amma refuses to come with Komal+Shakti also refuses and Komal leaves
Customers talk about Aap Ki Kachheri+Krishna, Chandu n Tunna serve Chhola Batora to customers+Customers praise Krishna's Chhola Batora+Pratigya cums at the Dhaba+Pratigya is about to tell Krishna about Adarsh, but the police arrives with Radhe+The police cums to arrest Krishna+Pratigya tells the police officer that Krishna cant do anything like this+Radhe speaks up+Krishna gets arrested+Pratigya is heartbroken and tells the cook to close the Dhaba till Krishna comes back+Komal is praising her brothers when Krishna cums arrested to the jail+Krishna is surprised to see Adarsh in the jail+Komal is thinking what Pratigya will do, when her own husband is in jail now+Pratigya refuses to go to the jail to bail Krishna+Maayi taunts Pratigya for not supporting her husband+Pratigya speaks up+Amma supports Pratigya n tells that she herself will go to bail Krishna+Pratigya is heartbroken n Maayi n Shakti continue taunting her+GD scolds Shakti, PRatigya leaves

Kriya Scenes 163
Pratigya is heartbroken+Pratigya shares her concern+GD consoles her n tells her not to stop supporting Krishna+Krishna is still confused why Adarsh is in jail+Komal tells Krishna to stop talking+Amma cums to the jail to bail Krishna+Komal taunts Amma+Amma takes Krishna with him+Maayi n Shakti continue their negative talks+Amma comes home with Krishna n tells him to apologise to Pratigya
Amma taunts Krishna n tells that Pratigya is doing right by ignoring him+Shakti speaks up that nobody thought about him when he was in jail+Krishna goes to apologise to Pratigya, but doesnt as hes ashamed+Krishna tries to talk to Pratigya+Krishna justifies his actions n promises that he wont ever do this again+Pratigya is still upset+Krishna apologises+Pratigya goes to sleep+Krishna searches Pratigya+Amma scolds Krishna+Krishna speaks up+Krishna is furious as the dhaba business is down+Komal taunts Shyam as hes not helping Adarsh+Pratigya speaks up+The police cums home with a search warrant+Pratigya recollects some old memories while cleaning the mess+Pratigya cums back home+GD consoles Pratigya+Amma supports Pratigya
Amma scolds Krishna+Krishna defends his actions+Pratigya scolds Krishna for losing the dhaba by his wrong action by beating up Radhe+Krishna gives up n tells that he dusnt want to run the dhaba anymore+Pratigya speaks up n reminds Krishna about his dreams+Krishna hugs Pratigya in front of everyone when she supports him+Pratigya is shocked seeing Amma kicking the keys of the dhaba+Krishna consoles Pratigya as shes tensed+Pratigya tells Shyam not to worry+Shyam doesnt support Adarsh about his lie+SS arrives in the jail n taunts Shyam+SS tells Adarsh not to worry as hes there now+Pratigya scolds Adarsh n Adarsh insults Shyam n Pratigya in return

Kriya Scenes 166
Pratigya cums to the dhaba+Pratigya tells Krishna about the incident at the jail+Chandu n Tunna wait for customers+Pratigya consoles them and comes with a new advice+Kriya cum home with the chhola bathora from the dhaba+Pratigya consoles Krishna+Amma tells that everyone will eat chhola bathora today+Shakti rejects+Krishna asks SS what happened+SS furious about Adarsh incident+SS reminds Krishna about him going to jail in past+Krishna continues his talks+Amma praises Pratigya+SS taunts Pratigya+Krishna consoles Pratigya n explains SS character+Pratigya to share her doubts about Amma, when suddenly Amma is screaming
SS hits Amma for supporting Pratigya+Krishna holds SS hand to stop him+SS is shocked to see Krishna's courage to hold his hand+SS blames Pratigya for all this+Amma is happy to see Krishna's concern for her+Amma continues praising Pratigya+Pratigya still in doubt+Krishna praises Amma in front of Pratigya+Pratigya is still confused+Kriya leave for the dhaba+Amma gives blessings to Kriya+Krishna tells Pratigya that coz of Amma their Dhaba got their succes back+SS cums to the Dhaba with Adarsh+SS shares his happiness with Krishna+SS, Komal n Adarsh sit on the table+SS gives advices to Adarsh, while Pratigya is listening+Adarsh praises SS support for him
SS tells Pratigya to show sum happiness as his brother returned from jail+Pratigya tells SS that Adarsh has not learned anything from his mistake and tells SS not to support him+SS taunts Pratigya+Pratigya tells Adarsh to follow the right path+Adarsh refuses and tells that i know whose right n wrong and hes the one who'll decide what to do+Pratigya continues telling Adarsh to follow the right path+Krishna praises AMma's bhati choka+Krishna suggests that they should serve Amma's bhati choka in the dhaba+Pratigya tells Amma not to do so coz of her health+Amma tells that Pratigya is right and walks away+Everyone notices that Amma felt bad+Krishna n Pratigya decide to serve Amma's bhati choka in the dhaba+Krishna cums to SS n Amma's room to tell that they will serve bhati choka in the dhaba+Amma finnaly reveals her true colours to eliminate Pratigya from Krishna''s life+SS tells Krishna n Pratigya about Amma's hapiness+Krishna n Pratigya cum to the rasoyi while Amma is making bhati choka+Amma tells Krishna n Pratigya to go and hav breakfast

Kriya Scenes 169
SS praises Amma+Amma tells SS that she can do any work for Krishna's happiness n teases SS by naming him Bhura+Amma mixes rotted pickle in the bhati choka to get Pratigya in trouble+Amma calls Pratigya to pack the bhati choka+Pratigya prepares a board for the dhaba to advertise the bhati choka+Krishna praises Pratigya n gets romantic+Krishna gives a kiss to Pratigya and leaves with the bhati choka+Krishna tells CHandu n Tunna to put the bhati choka in a box+Krishna tells the customers that hes going to serve sumthing special today (bhati choka)+Krishna is surprised that none of the bhati choka is sold+Krishna gets pain after eating the bhati choka+SS tells Amma that im sure her bhati choka will be sold+CHandu tells everyone that Krishna got pain after eating the bhati choka+SS taunts Pratigya for thinking that the bhati choka is responisble for Krishna's pain
SS tells Pratigya that shes jealous, thats why shes blaming Amma's bhati choka+Amma defends Pratigya+SS tells Amma that shes gone mad for supporting Pratigya while shes blaming her+Pratigya calls the doctor+The doctor checks Krishna+The doctor tells due to bad food Krishna has food poisoning+The doctor gives a receipt for medicines and tells his eating list+Amma curses herself for making the bhati choka+Amma indirectly tries to tell everyone that Pratigya was the last one who went to the kitchen after she made the bhati choka+Kesar's Amma says mayb Pratigya did something purposely+SS agrees on what Amma's saying+Amma defends Pratigya+Ghanti Dadi defends Pratigya+SS continues blaming Pratigya+Krishna goes to the kitchen with Amma (after Amma says that she will prepare something for her+Amma puts the rotten pickle at the rasoyi+Krishna asks Shakti why hes tensed (Shakti lost money because of Radhe)+Amma gives water with sumthing to Krishna and suddenly pretends by saying who putted the rotten pickle here+Krishna continues drinking the water+Suddenly Amma indirectly blames Pratigya for putting the rotten pickle in the bhati choka+Krishna is shocked that how Pratigya could make such a mistake+Amma continues by saying that Thank God none of the customers ate the bhati choka, otherwise no one would come to your dhaba+Krishna is about to ask Pratigya about this, but Amma stops him+Pratigya asks Krishna how hes feeling+Krishna indirectly tries to make Pratigya feel what could've happen if someone eated the bhati choka+Pratigya tells Krishna not to worry as the bhati choka might got rotten coz of something else+Krishna indirectly tries to say that who knows someone did something to the bhati choka by purpose
Kriya Scenes 171
Amma gives Khichri to Krishna wen hes about to leave for the dhaba+Krishna asks Amma whether she made bhati choka for today+Amma tells that she didnt coz of what happened yesterday+Krishna says that he doesnt know anything and she has to make the bhati choka+Amma continues pretending that she doesnt feel like making something+Pratigya tells Krishna not to force Amma and tells Krishna to rest today also+Amma indirectly taunts Pratigya+Pratigya tells Krishna to return home early as she needs to go to the Saxenas+Krishna leaves without saying anything+Pratigya's waiting for Krishna+Amma pretends to call Krishna and tells Pratigya that Krishna is coming in a bit+Krishna cums home and Pratigya asks why he came late+Krishna gets irritated n taunts Pratigya that she wants everything on her own way+Amma celebrates her succes while Krishna walks away+Pratigya tells Amma that she wil talk to Krishna wen Amma says that she will give him a lecture+Pratigya tries to console Krishna+Krishna agrees when Pratigya consoles him and tells that he gets confused about what Pratigya likes+Pratigya gets shocked when Krishna tells Pratigya that Amma didnt call him+Kriya get romantic+Pratigya tells Krishna to get fresh and thinks why Amma lied
Kriya Scenes 172
SS is angry as he came to know about Shakti was about to sell the family necklace to get money of which he lost in gambling+Amma taunts Shakti+And Amma taunts Krishna also for not being kind to Pratigya+Amma is shocked to hear that everything is well between Kriya even after the game she played+SS is upset and does not want to eat+Krishna forces SS to eat+Krishna also feeds Pratigya and Amma gets jealous+Amma continues her evil plans by telling Pratigya to colour SS' dhoti yellow as he has to wear this at his visit to the Ganges+Amma mixes black colour into the colour+Pratigya is worried n tells Amma about it+Amma pretends to be shocked+Pratigya cums to know about Amma's true colours+Pratigya tells Amma why shes pretending to be good in front of everyone+Pratigya also tells that she doubted Amma earlier also
Kriya Scenes 173
Krishna asks Pratigya why shes worried+Krishna gets angry at Pratigya when she tells about Amma's tricks+Krishna taunts Pratigya for blaming Amma while Amma tried to cover her mistake of colouring the dhoti+Krishna blames Pratigya for mixing the rotten pickle in the bhati choka+Krishna tells Pratigya that shes just jealous of Amma+Pratigya tries to speak up but Krishna tells her to stay in limits n walks away+Pratigya tries to stop him but he doesnt+Amma continues pretending to support Pratigya infornt of everyone while Pratigya is stunned why Amma's doing all this+Pratigya questions Amma about her intentions+Amma speaks up and tells Pratigya that she hates her since she entered Krishna's life+Amma says that she will remove Pratigya from Krishna's life
Amma continues telling her hatred for Pratigya+Pratigya reminds Amma that her relationship with Krishna is very strong and she will not be able to ruin it+Amma tells Pratigya that she will throw her out in a few days+Krishna get angry at the cook when he tastes the chhola+Chandu n Tunna r surprised as they also tasted it+CHandu asks Krishna why hes worried+Krishna tells them to leave him alone as hes worried+Ghanti dadi makes Pratigya understand about relationships and tells her to make kheer for Krishna and he will surely be happy+Pratigya is preparing Krishna's favourite sweet dish+Sumitra confidently tells her that he will not touch it+Pratigya tries to console Krishna with his favourite kheer+Krishna gets happy and is about to eat it
Suddenly everyone cums to the dining table when Krishna is about to eat the kheer+Amma serves the non vegetarian dish to Krishna+Krishna is confused wat to eat as both the dishes cant be eaten together+Krishna prefers to eat the dish made by Amma when Amma pretends to get a bit sad+Everyone is shocked when Pratigya says that it is Ashtami and non-vegetarian should not be cooked+Ghanti dadi taunts Amma+SS gets angry at Amma n tells her to clean the rasoyi+Kriya try to stop SS for punishing Amma, but SS doesnt listen to them+Sumitra provokes Krishna against Pratigya by saying that Pratigya did not stop her while she was preparing the dish+Sumitra adds on by saying that she could've been saved from Sajjan Singh's insults+Krishna is shocked+Pratigya shows her sympathy for Amma and shares her concern about their relationship+Krishna asks Pratigya why shes trying to blame Amma+Krishna confronts Pratigya and asks her why she did not stop Sumitra when she was preparing the dish+Krishna refuses to believe Pratigya when she says that she did not know about it+Kriya's sad tune is played

Kriya Scenes 176
Ghanti Dadi is stunned when she asks Krishna to apply sindhoor to Pratigya and he refuses+Amma continues pretending+Amma puts sindhoor to Pratigya and reminds her counting the days of her exit+Pratigya tells Arushi about Amma's plan and her problems with Krishna+Pratigya feels satisfied by sharing her concerns with Arushi+Amma says that she will dance at Kesars ghod bharai and says that she will make Pratigya dance also+Sajjan Singh's friend suggests that Krishna should expand his business by opening a restaurant and a bar+Krishna asks Pratigya if he should accept the suggestion+Pratigya disapproves of the alcohol part
SS taunts Pratigya in front of Krishna+SS scolds Krishna for supporting Pratigya in each matter+Krishna says that he will talk to Pratigya+Krishna tells Pratigya that he wants the liquor license+Pratigya explains him the reason for disapproving the idea+Krishna agrees and tells he will tell SS about it+Krishna gives his earning to Pratigya and tells her to keep it safe as he has to give everyone their salary+Krishna feels bad when SS says that he always supports Pratigya;s decision+Amma pretends to support Pratigya and Krishna, while SS taunts Pratigya all over+Krishna gets flashbacks of SS' taunts to him about Pratigya while Pratigya's fallen asleep+Suddenly Pratigya wakes up+Krishna asks Pratigya if she is happy with his success+Pratigya says why not and that shes very happy+Pratigya questions Krishna why hes asking this suddenly+Krishna says that he felt like asking it+Pratigya says that he should think about his succes and not to worry
Krishna is in search of Pratigya+Amma informs Krishna that shes gone to her parents house+Krishna is shocked to see the empty box in which Pratigya putted the money+ Krishna tries to call Pratigya as he wants to know where she has kept the money to be given for salary+Amma interrupts and stops him for calling her as shes gone to her parents+Krishna is furious+Amma takes him to the room to find the money by theirselves+The Saxenas r worried about Adarsh as hes leaving for Dubai+Nainaji asks Pratigya is everything is good in the Thakur Niwas+Pratigya says that everything is fine+Nainaji and Dadi are happy to hear that Amma is behaving good with Pratigya+Krishna n Amma failed to find the money+Krishna is worried as he has to giv the salary+Amma says that she will giv money to him+Shyam praises Pratigya for Krishna's succes+Pratigya says that Krishna is still innocent+Amma has taken the money given by Krishna to Pratigya as she has laid a trap for Pratigya+Shakti tells Amma to see whats in his eye+Amma hides the money n luks into his eye+The jeweller comes home with some jewellery+Amma and Krishna are shocked as the jeweller says that Pratigya has ordered a necklace and paid for it+Krishna is furious but Amma pacifies as well as provokes him

Kriya Scenes 179
Krishna is furious+Amma tells Krishna not to get angry as she might wanted a necklace+Krishna says that Pratigya has crossed the limits+Amma tells Krishna not to say anything to Pratigya as Pratigya will think that i (Amma) told him and that she will scold and blame me as shes done it earlier before+Krishna gets more angry to hear this+Amma takes her promise for not saying anything to Pratigya+Pratigya returns and Amma taunts her by asking if she's informed her parents about her being thrown out of the house soon+Amma gets aggressive and holds Pratigya's chin+Pratigya removes Amma's hand and requests her to act like an elder+Pratigya gets shocked when Amma starts screaming and gathers the ladies+Amma acts infront of everyone and tells them not to tell anything to Krishna+Krishna is gets upset when Chandu n Tunna praise Pratigya+Krishna tells them that Pratigya has been behaving irresponsibly and walks away
SS returned from his visit to the Ganges and brings its water for the Pooja+He warns Amma and asks her to be careful with the water and the pooja+Amma mixes kerosene in 1 pot+Amma gives the pot to Pratigya, Pratigya doubts Amma and checks the pot+Pratigya is confused what Amma's next plan is+Krishna returns from work and is arrogant towards Pratigya+The nail polish is spilled all over the dressing table coz of Krishna+But Krishna blames Pratigya+The next morning, everybody gets ready for the pooja at home+Amma cleverly exchanges the water pot from Pratigya's room with the one that has kerosene in it+Amma reacts when she smells kerosene from one of the water pots+SS scolds Amma for speaking up nonsense+Amma checks the pot and says this pot is filled with kerosene+SS tells Amma to blow the fire otherwise she will catch up with fire+Shakti checks the pots and the one from Krishna's room is filled with kerosene
Amma acts+Shakti taunts Krishna for trying to kill his own mother+Sajjan Singh blames Pratigya of trying to kill Amma+Amma acts innocent and asks Pratigya why shes doing this+Kesar's Amma blames Pratigya also+Kesar n Ghanti Dadi defend Pratigya+Amma continues her acting+Pratigya speaks up and asks Amma why shes trying to break her relationship with Krishna+Krishna taunts Pratigya+SS tries to misguide Krishna and blames Pratigya+Krishna is shocked n asks Pratigya to tell the truth+Pratigya proves that the pot full of kerosene does not belong to her room+Pratigya reminds Krishna of the incident that happened previous night, due to which her nailpolish fell on the pot+Pratigya asks everyone to come with them+Shakti refuses but Krishna says that they hav to go with her

Kriya Scenes 182
Pratigya successfully proves that the pot which contained kerosene was from Amma's room+Everyone is shocked+Amma turns the table and blames Pratigya of being clever to prove her wrong+Amma puts herself on fire to prove herself right+Krishna saves Amma but Amma is unconscious+Everyone is rushed to the hospital+SS throws Pratigya out of the hospital when Pratigya tries to prove herself innocent+Krishna doesnt react
Pratigya is thrown out of the hopital by SS+SS warns her not to come back again+Kesar's Amma blames Pratigya infront of everyone+Ghanti Dadi defends Pratigya+SS is furious and warns everybody not to defend Pratigya+Komal sees Pratigya outside the hospital, she misbehaves with Pratigya+Adarsh stops Komal and takes Komal with him+Komal warns Pratigya+The doctor informs the family of Amma's condition and tells them that they need O negative blood urgently+Adarsh tells them about Pratigya's blood group being the same, SS refuses to take it+The Saxenas find Pratigya outside the hospital+Pratigya cries and tells them that she has done nothing+They tell her not to worry and take her inside+SS gets furious+Shyamji tries to explain SS+SS refuses to hear anything and blames Pratigya
SS blames Pratigya for ruining their family+Shyamji tries to console him but SS continues his anger and tells him to leave+The police arrives n arrests Pratigya when SS, Kesaes Amma n Shakti blame Pratigya+Shyamji tries to stop the inspector and asks Krishna to do something+Pratigya is shocked n silent when Krishna doesnt take any action to stop the inspectors+Shyamji, Arushi n Nainaji try to stop the inspectors+Nainaji breaks down wen Pratigya is taken away+ SS and family are relieved as the doctor says that Amma is in a better condition+Pratigya remembers Krishna for not stopping her+The jailer taunts Pratigya+Krishna remembers all the times that Amma saved Pratigya by hiding her mistakes

Kriya Scenes 185
Shyam brings a lawyer to fight Pratigya's case+Pratigya refuses to pray for Sumitra's death, if she wants to win the case+Everyone is happy wen Amma is conscious+SS continues blaming Pratigya+The police inspector comes to take Amma's statement+Everyone is shocked when Amma does not put the blame on Pratigya+SS says that Amma has gone mad+The inspector leaves wen Amma gives a different statement+The jailer releases Pratigya+Pratigya is happy+Pratigya reaches the hospital and meets Amma+Pratigya is thankful for her well-being but is shocked when Amma shows her fingers about her being thrown out of the house
Amma tells Pratigya that she has succeeded and that Pratigya will leave the house now+Amma sees Krishna entering the room and changes her talks+Krishna asks Pratigya why she came here+Pratigya tries to justify but Krishna refuses to listen+Krishna blames Pratigya for Amma's condition+Pratigya reminds Krishna that she proved herself right, but Krishna refuses to agree+Krishna tells Pratigya that he has lost his trust in her+Krishna asks her to get away from him and his life when Pratigya says that its very difficult to stay under 1 roof in these conditions+Pratigya is shocked and leaves+Amma is happy as her plan succeeded+Pratigya remembers everything what happened int he hospital+Sad tune is played n Pratigya reaches home

Kriya Scenes 187 
SS praises Krishna for taking the step against Pratigya and speaks ill about Pratigya+Pratigya recollects the day wen Krishna told her, he wont ever let her go+Pratigya cries after remembering Krishna telling her to go+Pratigya packing her clothes n sad tune being played+Pratigya dreams of Krishna stopping her, but turns sad again wen Krishna is not there
Kriya Scenes 188
Ghanti Dadi sees Pratigya leaving+Pratigya tells her that shes leaving n Krishna didnt believer her also+Ghanti Dadi n Kesar try to stop her but r shocked to hear that Krishna told her to leave+Pratigya leaves+Ghanti Dadi n Kesar cry+Pratigya walking on the streets and reaches her maayka n cries+Ghanti Dadi scolds Krishna n tells her that what did he tell her that Pratigya left+Krishna gets furious n argues with Ghanti Dadi+Krishna scolds Piyasiya also n tells her to bring milk for Amma+Ghanti Dadi tells Krishna to get Pratigya back, but Krishna refuses n says she wont ever come back again
Kriya Scenes 189
Ghanti Dadi continues telling Krishna that your doing wrong+Krishna refuses and reminds GD that Pratigya has no place in his life anymore+Nainaji tries to console Pratigya+Nainaji n Arushi bring food for Pratigya n tell her to eat+Pratigya remembers Krishna serving her+Krishna brings milk for Amma+Amma questions him about Pratigya n tries to clarify whether he will get her back after his anger is over+Krishna refuses to get her back n Amma gets happy+Shyam enters Pratigya's room n Pratigya acts that shes asleep+SHyam says that he knows shes not asleep+Shyam tries to console Pratigya and tells her that her trust n love will win+Pratigya dreams of Krishna cuming to get her but is disappointed when hes not there
Upset Krishna laying down on the street n sad tune being played+Krishna scolding the officer which tells him that this is not a place for sleeping+Amma back in TN+Amma feels bad when SS tells her that he cant sit next to her as she smells bad+Krishna scolds Pratigya for not supporting her in this bad time+SS speaks up n reminds Krishna that Pratigya has done this to Amma and shes the reason behind all this+SS tells his decision that Amma will stay in a corner far from everyone+Shyam decides to meet SS, while Pratigya is overhearing it+Krishna sees Pratigya everywhere wen he enters the room, sad tune played
Nainaji n Arushi feel bad wen they see Pratigya standing alone+Krishna feels upset n furious wen he recollects his moments with Pratigya while sitting in front of a lake+Komal taunts Pratigya and Arushi scolds Komal for this+Shyam cums back from TN after being humilated by SS+SHyam expresses his worries regarding Pratigya's future in front of Arushi n Nainaji while Pratigya is overhearing it+Arushi decides to talk to Krishna+Arushi meets Krishna and requests him to get Pratigya back n save their relationship+Krishna refuses n blames Pratigya for Amma's condition+Arushi is hurt wen Krishna tells her that he doesnt want Pratigya in his life anymore n Krishna leaves

Kriya Scenes 192
Nainaji tries to console Pratigya+Nainaji n Pratigya r shocked to hear Krishna's decision from Arushi+Amma cries as her family is not ready to take care of her+Krishna scolds everyone for treating Amma so badly+Krishna serves food to Amma+Krishna remembers Pratigya n suddenly leaves from there+Krishna recollects Pratigya syaing i love you to him+Krishna decides to remove PRatigya's memories from his life n decides to burn her sarees/photographs+Krishna burns everything n tries to remove his tattoo from his arm+Sad tune is played wen Pratigya recollects Krishna telling him that he wil always support her n that he cant see her crying
Chandu calls up Krishna n tells him that there is nothing to run the dhaba+Krishna cuts the phone+Krishna scolds CHandu n Tunna for opening the dhaba+Krishna destroys the dhaba+Shyam n Arushi search Pratigya as she was missing+Krishna is near to the place where Pratigya is sitting, but they fail to see each other+Shyam finds Pratigya n saves Pratigya+Shyam tells Pratigya to fight for the truth and save her relationship with Krishna+Amma scolds Piyasiya n continues to poison Krishna's mind against Pratigya+Daadi is worried to witness the day when Krishna will realise his mother's true colours
Krishna misses Pratigya n recollects his time spent with Pratigya+He recollects the moment wen Pratigya forces to shave his beard+He tries to sleep but again dreams of Pratigya n gets shocked to see that Pratigya's not there+Nainaji n Arushi r happy to see Pratigya n question her why she left as they were worried for her+KOmal continues taunting Pratigya+Pratigya speaks up+Krishna knocks the door of SHakti n Kesars room n asks beer from Shakti+Shakti gets happy+Kesar tells Shakti why shes supporting Krishna for going on the wrong path, but Shakti refuses n says that Krishna has chosen the right path now+Pratigya dreams about the times spent with Krishna n gets scared wen she dreams of Krishna falling from the hill nearly

Kriya Scenes 195
Pratigya dreams of Krishna falling from the hill nearly n wakes up+Krishna creates a scene as hes drunk+All the family members gets stunned to see a drunk Krishna+Everyone tells him to cum down n Amma blames Pratigya for Krishna's condition+SS refuses to stop Krishna from drinking+Krishna gets unconscious+Nainaji serves dhayi bharre to Pratigya+Pratigya stops wen shes about to say that Nainaji should save sum for Krishna+Shyam continues talking to make Pratigya happy+Everyone gets stunned to see Adarsh leaving for Dubai
Pratigya scolds Adarsh for not taking anyone's blessings+Adarsh takes everyone's blessings n leaves+Chandu n Tunna try to wake up Krishna after learning from Ghanti Dadi that Krishna started drinking alcohol+Krishna scolds Chandu and Tunna for asking him to renovate the dhaba+Krishna scolds them for taking the side of Pratigya+Chandu and Tunna meet Pratigya and tell her about Krishna's change in behaviour+Pratigya is shocked n worried as Krishna started drinking alcohol+Komal suggests Krishna to remarry and Amma supports Komals suggestion+Krishna refuses and tells that he doesnt want to make a mistake again by getting married+Shakti supports him
Pratigya expresses her worries with Shyam regarding Krishna+Shyam tells Pratigya to meet Krishna and solve the problems+Pratigya finds Krishna's bike outside a bar and she finally enters the bar in search of Krishna+Krishna scolds Pratigya and tells her to stay out of his life+Everyone is shocked and worried to see Krishna coming home drunk

Kriya Scenes 198
Arushi tells Pratigya why she went to meet Krishna as his mother has filled hatred in his heart fully+Pratigya tells Arushi that she believes that Krishna still cares for her, while Arushi refuses+Shyam explains the situation of KriYa to Arushi and makes Pratigya believe that everything will be fine+Krishna dreams of Pratigya stopping him from drinking alcohol+Pratigya wakes up from getting a nightmare about Krishna+Krishna seeks Shakti's help as he is suffering from a hangover+Shakti tells Krishna that it happens and suggests him to drink one more glass+Ghanti Dadi gets furious at SHakti for making him drink+Shakti taunts Krishna of still keeping Pratigya's tattoo in memory of her+Pratigya calls up Krishna+Krishna is shocked to receive her call, but refuses to listen to her+Pratigya tries to call Chandu, but gets worried as he didnt pick up+Chandu talking to the landlord about giving his money+Krishna arrives
Krishna beats up the landlord as he asked money from him+Pratigya cums to the same place n asks Chandu is hes allright+Chandu stops Pratigya from meeting Krishna as hes very furious+Pratigya still goes inside and sees Krihsna drinking+Krishna is furious to see Pratigya+Pratigya is hurt wen Krishna still drinks wen she stopped him from giving the sake of their love+Krishna scolds her n Pratigya leaves+Krishna throws the bottle away wen he remembers Pratigya's words+Drunken Krishna creating traffic jam on roads+Shakti finds him and takes him home+SHakti brings Krishna home and Amma is worried for Krishna
Kriya Scenes 200 
Amma taunts Shakti, while Shakti continues talking about Krishna's behaviour+Amma gets a new plan after seeing Krishna's tattoo+Amma taunts Piyasiya for leaving the press where Krishna's laying down+Ghanti Dadi's worried for Krishna+Pratigya remembers the time wen Krishna hated drinking alcohol+Pratigya expresses her worry about Krishna in front of Nainaji+Nainaji consoles Pratigya n tell her to unmask Amma's reality+Nainaji n Arushi ask Pratigya whether she have thought about sumthing to proof her innocence+Pratigya is worried about how Krishna will react after knowing the truth of Amma+Ghanti Dadi tells Krishna to hav breakfast with her+Krishna refuses to drink wen Shakti gives him alcohol+Shakti tells Krishna that he still hasnt forget Pratigya+Krishna gets furious n tells SHakti not to involve Pratigya in each matter+Amma tells Krishna that Pratigya is still present in his life as he still has the tattoo of her name+Amma pressurizes Krishna with her talks and Krishna decides to remove the tattoo

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Kriya Scenes 201
Arushi talks to Pratigya about Krishna+She reminds Krishna having a tattoo of her name and says that he can do anything for her+Pratigya praises Krishna+Krishna is standing in the cue to erase his tattoo n recollects old memories+Krishna tells the tattoo lady to erase the tattoo from his arm and recollects all the memories again+Amma is happy to see Krishna wen he returns home+Amma gets furious after seeing that Krishna didnt remove the tattoo+Komal advises Amma to get Krishna married again+Krishna gets furious at Komal for irritating him+AMma tells Komal to leave as she want to talk to Krishna+Amma gives the divorce papers to Krishna and brainwashes him to make Krishna sign the divorce papers
Kriya Scenes 202
Amma continues telling Krishna that he hasnt forgotten Pratigya, which makes Krishna furious n he signs the papers+KriYa sad n romantic rain scene (hum tum)+Krishna dreams of Pratigya scolding him for divorcing her and signing the papers also+Arushi is surprised to learn that Pratigya plans to send the sweet dish to Krishna and tells her to think about any other plan+Pratigya believes to end the distance with these small things and gives the sweet dish to Chandu n Tunna+Pratigya requests them to let her know what Krishna's reaction was after eating the sweet dish+Pratigya tells them not to tell Krishna that she made the sweet dish+Everyone at the Saxenas are stunned when Shakti handovers the divorce papers to Pratigya
Shyam requests Shakti to talk with Krishna, but he refuses+Shakti is furious when Pratigya refuses to sign the divorce papers+Pratigya refuses to bow down to Shakti's pressure for signing the divorce papers+Chandu and Tunna force Krishna to taste the sweet dish without telling that Pratigya prepared it+Krishna gets furious n says that Pratigya prepared this+Chandu manages to convince Krishna that the sweet dish was not prepared by Pratigya+Krishna believes them n eats the sweet dish+Ghanti Dadi tells Krishna that he has done wrong by signing the divorce papers+Komal scolds Ghanti Dadi+Krishna is stunned to learn from Shakti that Pratigya refused to sign the divorce papers+Amma is furious at Shakti and Shakti says that Krishna should go with the divorce papers
Amma says that Shakti is right about Krishna going with the divorce papers+Krishna refuses+Shyam n Arushi tell Pratigya to unmask Amma's reality quick in front of Krishna+Pratigya agrees and says that she will surely do that+Naina requests Pratigya to go to the temple and at Thakur Nivas+On the other hand Ghanti Dadi also asks Krishna to go to the same temple+Krishna and Pratigya reach the same temple and they miss seeing each other+Finally Pratigya sees Krishna, both are stunned to see each other+Pratigya tries to talk to Krishna about why he signed the papers while she declared the truth in front of everyone+Krishna refuses to listen to her+Pratigya asks him to meet her the next day so that she can reveal the truth to him+Krishna doesnt listen to her and Pratigya slaps him+Pratigya says that he cant stop her from revealing the truth+Pratigya says that he must cum to know the truth and leaves

Kriya Scenes 205
Amma is surprised when Pratigya calls her n says that shes ready to sign the divorce papers+Amma is happy but gets confused when Pratigya asks her to meet her alone the next day+Pratigya is restless as the next day is very important+Pratigya calls up Chandu n tells him to get Krishna at the place where she called Amma+Amma lies to Krishna when he catches her going out in the morning+Krishna insists to go with her but Amma refuses by telling him that he needs rest+Pratigya prays to win Krishna's trust again+Nainaji n Arushi support Pratigya's decision and make her feel easy+Shyam convinces Pratigya for proofing her innocence+Upon Pratigya's instructions, Chandu and Tunna ask Krishna to meet Pratigya behind Lakshmi talkies, but he refuses and gets furious+Krishna slaps Chandu and tells him to tell Pratigya that she wont achieve anything by sending them+Pratigya reaches the place where she called Amma+Pratigya sees Amma cuming, but is worried why Krishna didnt reach yet+Amma tells Pratigya to sign the divorce papers quickly, while Pratigya continues her talks as shes waiting for Krishna+Pratigya asks Amma what she achieved for breaking her relationship with Krishna
Amma tells Pratigya to stop her talks n sign the papers+Pratigya gets happy after seeing Krishna cuming at the place+Pratigya tricks Amma into confessing to her misdeeds in front of Krishna+Krishna is shocked to hear Amma's truth and recollects all the tricks played by Amma+Amma is stunned to see Krishna overhearing her conversation with Pratigya, while Krishna's heartbroken+Amma tries to tell Krishna that Pratigya's playing a game again+Amma tells Krishna that she did everything for his sake

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Thank u sooooo mcuh for updating da dat we wont have to search in YT...keep on updating..n yes give us a small description of the scene so dat it wud be easy for us to identify the scens...thanks abida!

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Originally posted by RoKa PraNeev

Thank u sooooo mcuh for updating da dat we wont have to search in YT...keep on updating..n yes give us a small description of the scene so dat it wud be easy for us to identify the scens...thanks abida!
ur welcum n sure i will do that, coz its easy for u n for me offcourse to make the VMS:D

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abcd2 IF-Dazzler

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good work abida..........well now it will be easier to watchh krishna and kriya rocking and romanticcc scnes that too in great qualityy.....  thankkkk u so muchhh......lubbed ur logo too.......will u be uploadingg all the kriya scnes

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Originally posted by surbhisachwani

good work abida..........well now it will be easier to watchh krishna and kriya rocking and romanticcc scnes that too in great qualityy.....  thankkkk u so muchhh......lubbed ur logo too.......will u be uploadingg all the kriya scnes
yes i will be uploading all the scenes n once its done i will be making the rest of the VMs or mayb i will be making the vms before adding everything her,e coz im just saving the scenes n will upload the scenes by time

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Originally posted by Abida0210

Originally posted by surbhisachwani

good work abida..........well now it will be easier to watchh krishna and kriya rocking and romanticcc scnes that too in great qualityy.....  thankkkk u so muchhh......lubbed ur logo too.......will u be uploadingg all the kriya scnes
yes i will be uploading all the scenes n once its done i will be making the rest of the VMs or mayb i will be making the vms before adding everything her,e coz im just saving the scenes n will upload the scenes by time
okkkk ..that will be greatttt Tongue........on you tube some scnes r not there ....i searched so much but couldnt findd it will be easierrrr 

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