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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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It is emotions that bind the audience to any story.  Some characters incite hate and others love.  In Geet my favourite character is BABY.  She does not exist as yet, but the baby is the character that has driven the story forward to date. She became Geet's impetus to live, the purpose that forced Geet to leave HP, and got her to build a life for herself in Delhi.  It is evidence of the strength of Maan's love for Geet.  

Geet's story truly started the day she knew she was with child. How?  We saw Geet was dumped by Dev at the airport.  She was not ready to move ahead.  Her only aim was to go back to him and prove to the world that he was innocent.  She wanted him back, but the day she came to know that she was carrying a child her search became more comprehensive and detailed.

She tried to match everything she knew.  It was then that she remembered Dev and his family were living in a Guest house and it was the first time it struck her that she could get their number from the Guest House.  So, she did and called up Canada to tell about the Baby she was carrying though they did not care.  

When her family learnt about it, they wanted her abort the child, but she firmly refused.  It was the first time she truly fought her family. Before when it was just Dev, she had parted with her suhaag ki nishaanis.  But, the baby she could never part with.  When the mid-wife refused to cooperate with their forced abortion attempt and they found no other way her own grandfather and cousin brother decided to kill her.

Maan saved her from Brij and unknowingly became the baby's saviour too.  Together the 2 changed the direction of Geet's life – became her destiny.  They gave her courage to fight for justice against her family and break the norms of society by becoming a single mother.  

It was Baby who gave Geet courage to move into an unknown world, a world very different from the one where she had grown up, a world whose harsh realities and rules she was not aware off, a world where she didn't know whether the people support her or be equally against her. 
Baby – The  Silent Character Who Has Propelled this Story
It is emotions that bind the audience to any story.  Some characters incite hate and others love.  In Geet my favourite character is BABY.  She does not exist as yet, but the baby is the character that has driven the story forward to date. She became Geet's impetus to live, the purpose that forced Geet to leave HP, and got her to build a life for herself in Delhi.  It is evidence of the strength of Maan's love for Geet.  

Geet's story truly started the day she knew she was with child. How?  We saw Geet was dumped by Dev at the airport.  She was not ready to move ahead.  Her only aim was to go back to him and prove to the world that he was innocent.  She wanted him back, but the day she came to know that she was carrying a child her search became more comprehensive and detailed.

She tried to match everything she knew.  It was then that she remembered Dev and his family were living in a Guest house and it was the first time it struck her that she could get their number from the Guest House.  So, she did and called up Canada to tell about the Baby she was carrying though they did not care.  

When her family learnt about it, they wanted her abort the child, but she firmly refused.  It was the first time she truly fought her family. Before when it was just Dev, she had parted with her suhaag ki nishaanis.  But, the baby she could never part with.  When the mid-wife refused to cooperate with their forced abortion attempt and they found no other way her own grandfather and cousin brother decided to kill her.

Maan saved her from Brij and unknowingly became the baby's saviour too.  Together the 2 changed the direction of Geet's life – became her destiny.  They gave her courage to fight for justice against her family and break the norms of society by becoming a single mother. 
 It was Baby who gave Geet courage to move into an unknown world, a world very different from the one where she had grown up, a world whose harsh realities and rules she was not aware off, a world where she didn't know whether the people support her or be equally against her.  

In Delhi, Geet accepted Maan's job not for herself but, for baby.  As the story progressed the baby's gave her courage to stand on her own, to fight the taunts of people like Sasha because she knew someday the world would try to defame her because of the baby. 

The baby not only united Maan and Geet, but provided the biggest tests of their relationship to date.  When Maan told her that what mattered most to him was Vishwas and Bharosa, Geet realized that he must know about her baby before there relationship got deeper.  It was the biggest shock and test of Maan's life.  He faltered when she first told him "Mein Pregnant Hu", but did not let her go when he learnt the whole story and when she later explained her fears about her "pavitra" and her "responsibility".  He assured her about her purity and embraced her responsibility.  Made it his own from that day forward.  Took her to the hospital for her first check up.  

Baby gave her courage to fight Sasha, Dev and NT when Maan could not be by her side.  When it was time for her to choose between her baby and immediate justice (with an amniocentesis) Geet chose baby. It was for Baby's sake that she once again stood up to Naintara at Pindi Queen's Party.  It was NT's question about what name Geet would give baby that triggered Maan's extreme act of Khoon Bhari Mang.  Most recently, it was Maan's outpouring of love for "their" baby that inspired Geet's first "I love you".

Maan's love for "their" baby moved the viewers as well as Geet.  His care for her health, fussing over nausea, sensitivity over food cravings, and wholehearted unconditional love for the baby has us all enthralled with him.    
Conversely, while the baby continually united Maaneet, it divided DevTara.  The baby is proof not only of Dev's gunah it is evidence of his disloyalty to Naintara.  And from the moment she learnt of its existence, NT has lived in fear of the day Dev would learn of it.  She played with fire and destroyed Geet's life, but baby's existence fissured Naintara.  It brought out her feminine insecurities: (1) She was not woman enough to hold her man's attention and (2) not fertile enough to bear a baby while Geet got pregnant right away.  The emotional cracks overtime became ravines.  She fought with Dev over the ghost of Geet-cum-baby.  Dev, on the other hand, started to lie about seeing Geet in Delhi.  Their cumulative secrets and lies including her non-disclosure of the baby truth and unwillingness to face the truth eventually driving Dev into Meera's arms away from hers.   

So, while the baby is yet unborn, she has continually driven the story and is an integral part of it.  It is the silent character that has driven the story – no wonder the audience is so passionate about it's existence.      

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There are a ton of baby scenes in the Baby + Maneet = Romance + Comedy

Here are some Dramatic Plots with and without Baby:

1. The most potential story line could be RETURN OF DEV IN GREY not SAINT. The story can be progressed very well if we could see that DEV wants the child or is trying to get his hands on the child after all the child is the "heir" to all the KHURANA empire and the first child of the family doesn't hold a special place for all. Dev could even use the law here as he is the biological father.   There could then be a CLASH OF THE TITANS and brothers. Maan would never let the child go away from him coz its his and GEET happiness and to maan all that matters is GEET's smile.

2. We could have Sameera attempt to use the baby to drive a wedge between Maaneet if she every enters the story.  I.E.  make Geet feel unattractive an unworthy of Maan.  Make Maan doubt whether he will be a good father given his own miserable childhood.  

3.  If Dev dies and Vicky enters the story.  The next story line that could make people connect with the story emotionally is the digging up of the KHURANA secrets.  The writers explain to us who is VICKY and why does pammi call Maan "chote saab ji.." ' this could lead to that Maan is not the legal heir and they have to move out.  But, the baby via Dev may still be the "true" Khurana heir.  So, there could be a battle between Maaneet and Vicky over baby's right to the Khurana empire with Maaneet being its custodian till the baby is an adult.  

4.  Alternately, if Maan is not a "true" Khurana heir, but the baby is.  Then NT might want to fight for its custody and that of the Khurana empire particularly if Dev dies.  

5. The court room here can refer here to The justice that GEET seeks and since now the child, once present, can prove that dev is the Biological father of the child and not only will they seek justice but the world points fingers at them and now they have to face it together.
If the baby doesn't happen'seedhe bhasha mein if The writers decide on a Miscarriage now some tracks that could be developed:

1. Geets emotional breakdown after the baby is lost. Yes that's the most promising track. Yes maan has lost a child too but he keeps a straight face in front of her coz he needs to get her out of her trance. Maans small gestures like taking her for walks or taking her to a dhabba and even missing a meeting coz she needs dadi calls and tells him that she hasn't eaten nything and maan hurries out of office leaving a meeting behind..Yes in this situation makeher weak and make him as her pillar of strength.

2. Once geet has lost her baby her urge to get Justice increases. Till day she was quiet coz she wanted baby to be safe but now she has lost everything she valued so lets see her fighting for Justice against Dev..and pls Dev should be evil here not saint..he proves her wrong, he accuses her of making him spend a night with her without a relationship and here again Geets parents could stand a role..make them stand with their daughter for justice or against for family's "Izzat".

3. The khurana secrets once reavled could lead to both moving out and since baby is not here let us see GEET becoming his strength and supporting him even after loosing her baby.

4. Geet has lost her baby but her spirit of helping others, so their babies does die  She decides to built a rehabilitation centre for women who have been through same traumatic past. 

5. Geet working on political projects where she finds herself engrossed in women who have experience fraudulent marriages and Maan is J or helps her with it.  Or how about maan and GEET visiting places finding proof and people to help them and making their lives better.  No one would come in the open on their own this would require hard work from team actors and even audience and then we can live the Theme of the show too..and truly everyone would like to name their daughter GEET as shown in the first promo..for she not only fights for herself and other JUSTICE against the odds.

With this I sign off. Contribute your ideas for the story and baby pls.       

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Practical Implications of having a baby in the track

Information and Broadcasting minister Ambika Soni in 2009 said, "As long as health and education concerns are kept in mind, it's okay for kids to put make up on."

1. Legal grounds
2. Ethical grounds
3. Logistics
4. Summation


While one is interested in seeing the progress of the baby track, one should also take into consideration some factors.

I am gonna make this as sweet and short as possible.

Legal Grounds

The Child is defined as a person in the 0 to 18 years age group.

Hiring or working with babies, child artistes is covered under Indian Laws by The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 that stipulates certain measures to stop exploitation of child workers. [Link: Act]

Under the provisions of the Act, some of the salient points are as follows:

7. HOURS AND PERIOD OF WORK. - (1) No child shall be required or permitted to work in any establishment in excess of such number of hours, as may be prescribed for such establishment or class of establishments.

(2) The period of work on each day shall be so fixed that no period shall exceed three hours and that no child shall work for more than three hours before he has had an interval for rest for at least one hour.

(3) The period of work of a child shall be so arranged that inclusive of his interval for rest, under sub-section (2), it shall not be spread over more than six hours, including the time spent in waiting for work on any day.

(4) No child shall be permitted or required to work between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.

(5) No child shall be required or permitted to work overtime.

(6) No child shall be required or permitted to work in, any establishment on any day on which he has already been working in another establishment. 

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) was set up in March 2007 under the Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005, an Act of Parliament (December 2005) and it oversees that all guidelines as enshrined in the Constitution of India and also the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are met. 

One important aspect is that there are a bunch of Child Rights groups such as Shakti Vahini etc.,  that are in the mix who are potential child right's upholders.

8. WEEKLY HOLIDAYS. - Every child employed in an establishment shall be allowed in each week, a holiday of one whole day, which day shall be specified by the occupier in a notice permanently exhibited in a conspicuous place in the establishment and the day so specified shall not be altered by the occupier more than once in three months. 

13. HEALTH AND SAFETY. - (1) The appropriate Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules for the health and safety of the children employed or permitted to work in any establishment or class of establishments.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions, the said rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely : (a) cleanliness in the place of work and its freedom from nuisance;

(b) disposal of wastes and effluents;

(c) ventilation and temperature;

(d) dust and fume;

(e) artificial humidification;

(f) lighting;

(g) drinking water;

(h) latrine and urinals;

(i) spittoons;

(j) fencing of machinery;

(k) work at or near machinery in motion;

(l) employment of children on dangerous machines;

(m) instructions, training and supervision in relation to employment of children on dangerous machines;

(n) device for cutting off power;

(o) self-acting machines;

(p) easing of new machinery;

(q) floor, stairs and means of access;

(r) pits, sumps, openings in floors, etc.;

(s) excessive weights;

(t) protection of eyes;

(u) explosive or inflammable dust, gas, etc.;

(v) precautions in case of fire;

(w) maintenance of buildings; and

(x) safety of buildings and machinery.

Ethical Grounds

Taking these legal grounds into consideration, one must also take into consideration the ethics of hiring a baby of a few days old or few weeks old or few months old to face the heat, dust, and the impracticality of the current sets anywhere in Mumbai or surrounding areas with the insane viral diseases on the prowl that are not sparing even much older people.


Is it possible to shoot with one baby and if the baby falls sick what would they do?

Is it possible to have twin babies so that if one goes sick they can shoot with the other?

They need to hire different babies of different ages to show progression of the baby track or will they continue the track with the same baby?

Nannies/parents present on the sets for babies, would it not put some strictures on working?

How fast paced or even paced will their storyline be?

How are they going to ensure continuity?


The article 32 of the UN speaks about child labor as follows-"States parties recognize the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child's education, or to be harmful to the child's health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development."


Addendum Errata:

1- Is it possible for PH/Channel to book a good, well-lit, safe, in healthy locales, better maintained flat and film the baby track in that flat with a limited crew?

2. Is it possible for the PH/Channel to shoot the baby track at the baby's original home with just the lead actors and a limited technical crew and the Director/Cinematographer going there and shooting it with just a hand held or any of the newer camera equipment?

3. Is it possible for the PH/Channel to hire a doctor/nurse/nanny for the period they want to shoot a baby track? Will that be feasible?

4. How are they gonna ensure maximum safety?

5. Is it possible for the creatives to weave a story and plot along the lines mentioned keeping the constraints in mind without doing grave indignity to the story?

6. Or show a small or marginal leap so as to cast an older toddler or baby

7. Most important points and suggestionsThe best option to my mind is to shoot with just the director, the lead pair, the cinematographer at the baby's house with her/his parents present and not take her/him away from his/her natural habitat (this point is an extension on point 2)

8. They can have a second level crew directing the baby and capturing moments of the baby whenever the baby is awake and in good cheer. If I wanted a baby track, as a director, I would tag one second line cinematographer from my technicians with a handheld, stalk the baby for a few days and capture all the essential moments and use SFX (Special Effects) and merge scenes of Maneet that are shot with a fake baby/fake-to-look-like-a-real-baby (doll) - it can be done and it has been done before.

Shoot some scenes with the baby and the lead pair and recycle them at intervals by interspersing with the SFX edited scenes.

There are workarounds as I mentioned in Points 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 so let's look at the bright side too.

[End of Theme]

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The value of warmth is heightened by the winter freeze

Blistering summer heat amplifies the comfort of a cooling breeze

If we do not feel the pangs of hunger, there is no value in satiation

Without frustration there is no sense of satisfaction

In a world sans lies, truth would have no significance

If life were devoid of sadness, happiness would be of no consequence

If failure was not a possibility, success would not have any substance

In the absence of darkness, how would light have any importance

If there was no war, peace and serenity would have no value

Without the presence of evil, being good would not be a virtue.

~~~ Jhanvi ~~~

The first coming

Naintara Rathod (NT) is a vamp unlike any other. She has class stamped all over her. Her language, her actions, her dressing style and her way of carrying herself all reflect this and set her apart from the other vamps who have graced the small screen. By her own claim she is descended from the Rajputs themselves and is of noble birth. She also comes from money but that does not stop her from being materialistic. She always addresses everyone as "Aap" no matter whether it is friend as foe, young or old. She always wore classy sarees and now-a-days sports classy western outfits. 

She never refers to her as Naintara Khurana, she always says "Naintara Rathod naam hai humara" indicating that her own identity is not defined by her husband and that she is the most important person in her own mind. NT is a manipulator who will use anyone and everyone around her be it friend or family to meet her own ends. Her needs and wants take precedence over anyone else's.

Not much is known of her life before she married Dev Singh Khurana, younger brother of the heir to the Khurana fortune, Maan Singh Khurana. The story of how Dev and NT met and married is shrouded in mystery and remains to be explored. In some ways one wonders why someone who was a go-getter like NT would marry a pathetic loser like Dev? By her own admission, NT married Dev thinking he was indeed the heir to the fortune and received a rude awakening when she realized it was not him but his brother who stood to inherit everything.  Given a choice she would have married Maan Singh Khurana  (even now I think she fancies him) but that was not to be because Maan was a man who ran as far away from women as possible. Another point to be noted is that two strong personalities in a marriage will doom the marriage even before it begins. Dev-NT marriage was perfect in that regard because she was a dominant personality and Dev was a submissive one. It was never a marriage of equals and NT always called the shots.

NT is a fascinating case because she is very much a woman but one who exhibits many masculine traits. It is this apparent contradiction that makes her all the more compelling. She is cunning and calculative and plots like a man, dissociating herself from the subject. But when it comes to execution, the feminine emotional side takes over and she goes overboard. 

Let us touch on the masculine traits first. Arrogant, dominating and dictatorial, she needs to be the one in control which is why she never got along with MSK. She bossed over her mother-in-law, even going to the extent of abusing her physically. It was clear to one and all who wore the pants in this family. NT ruled over her spineless husband, making him dance to her will, to the point of getting him to commit bigamy and marry an innocent girl. NT was forced to do this after her husband gambled away his fortune and then hers too and ended up deeply in debt with some dangerous loan sharks. Worried that her life style would be affected after her brother-in-law refused to help and the loan sharks threatened to send them to prison, NT charted out a plan wherein they would go into a village, have Dev marry an innocent girl and run away with her dowry. She forced her mother-in-law and sister-in-law to cooperate with them in their scheme and went ahead with the scheme in spite of her mother-in-law's apprehensions.  

But like any blindly overambitious person her plan had a critical flaw and she overlooked an important detail. She overestimated her ability to control her husband's actions and an innocent paid a price for her overconfidence.  NT did not exactly get off scot free either and paid a price too but this was her own doing and so she gets no sympathy from me. It is common sense that if your husband is an alcoholic, you do not serve him a glass of wine and then leave him alone with the bottle. You know that once he gets a taste of the wine, your chances of keeping him from finishing the bottle are zip, zilch, zero, nada. Dev was a womanizer and NT allowed him to romance Geet to serve their purposes.  Once he was hooked on Geet's innocence and beauty, he went all the way and consummated the marriage, even slapping NT when she tried to stop him. NT did not anticipate her inability to stop her husband. In the cold light of the day, Dev came to his senses and let NT think nothing had happened. NT chose to believe him behaving as a wife who will believe what her husband tells her. NT believed him not because she trusted him but because like any other woman she wanted to believe her husband and save her marriage.

Let us talk about her feminine side. In her own twisted way she loves Dev and craves her husband's love. Like any woman she is possessive of her husband and wants to be the sole woman is his life. This added to the fact that Dev is a womanizer has left her deeply insecure. In some part of her mind she was being a good wife when she made the audacious plan to save him from the loan sharks and pay off his debts. Though she knew it was a means to an end, she was hurt to see him romancing another woman. Dev wooed her back after he spent the night with Geet and let her think that he had created a smokescreen. Husband and wife conspired to leave Geet at the airport and run away with her jewels and money. They used the money to clear their debts and then life went back to normal until NT received a call from Geet saying she was pregnant.

The wife in NT could not bear the dual blow of finding out her husband had cheated on her and that another woman was now carrying her husband's child. She flew to India without her husband's knowledge and confronted the girl and told her to abort the child. She figured that the village girl would follow her dictates to avoid societal humiliation. She let the girl believe that Dev knew about the pregnancy and this is what he wanted. She then proceeded to call the girl's brother and let him know of the pregnancy as insurance, figuring that would take care of the problem. She then returned to her sasural and attempted to butter up her husband' grandmother to wiggle her way into the family's good books again and be the only woman is Dev's life. 

But it seems fate has a cruel sense of humor when it comes to Naintara. Unbeknown to her the land that they tricked Geet into parting with was bought by NT's own brother-in-law Maan.  Fate also placed Maan in the right place at the right time so that he became instrumental in saving Geet's life when her brother attempted to kill her.  Maan and Geet parted ways soon after but soon by another twist of fate, Geet ended up working as Maan's secretary and became close to Maan. Dev followed NT to India and was reunited with her. He knew she was mad at him and commenced efforts to woo her. But then Dev saw Geet in Delhi he commenced a search of Geet, without telling NT. On the other hand, NT also saw Geet and hired a detective to find her. Soon she started suspecting her husband was still in touch with Geet and asked the detective to follow her husband instead hoping that he would lead her to Geet. In her zeal, she ended up destroying a surprise party that Dev organized for her thinking he organized it for Geet ROFL ROFL

. To make matters worse her husband suddenly developed a conscience and decided to confess all to his brother. NT discovered Geet worked as Maan's secretary and decided to steal her file but was caught by Adi. When Adi told Maan about this, Maan called NT in and delivered a threat to stay away from Geet else he would make her pay. He would collect with interest for every tear that Geet shed. NT got spooked and ran away to Canada. This was not a flight following an admission of defeat but rather a strategic retreat to regroup and reemerge stronger.

(continued below)

The return of the prodigal vamp Tongue

While NT was gone, things took a turn she did not expect in her wildest dreams. The one man that she feared ' her brother-in-law, Maan, fell deeply in love with Geet and accepted her in spite of her pregnancy. However, Dev screwed things up by telling Geet he was related to Maan on the eve of the engagement and Geet ran away. Maan left for some quiet time and so when Geet came to her senses and came back, she was greeted by NT who came back hearing about the engagement. NT poisoned daadima's mind against Geet and did not allow her back into the house. In her absence, Dev had become close to his college friend, Meera and NT left no stone unturned to insult the poor girl. Geet confronted Dev and NT in front of her office mates and everyone came to know of her tale. While Maan lay injured, NT went to KC and attempted to take over the business after telling daadi she would hold fort. But in spite of all of NT's attempts to stop her, Geet met Maan and in due time told him about everything. Maan handed over NT and Dev to the cops.

This time NT manipulated daadima by accusing her of always favoring Maan and daadima fell into the trap requesting Maan to bail out Dev so that she could talk to him. This created a major misunderstanding between Maaneet but NT was in prison and unable to take advantage of it. But she falsified documents and bailed herself and her useless husband out. Once out she came to KC to try and harm Geet, but Maan and Geet had made up by then and Maan started protecting Geet. NT had used the power of attorney Dev gave her to transfer his shares into her name and used this to become part of the office management and infiltrate the security to get close to Geet. She took Sasha into her confidence. She also convinced one of her friends to help her hurt Geet by telling her only parts of the story. The friend, Sweety, entered the office and tried keeping Maaneet apart by constantly being with Geet, but Maan still found ways for them to spend time together. Sweety had no idea that NT was using her and would try to kill Geet. She thought NT was a sweet friend who needed help.

NT used her friend Sweety to get Geet into a store room where she made a first attempt on Geet's life by getting a chandelier to crash down but Maan saved Geet. NT made another attempt to push Geet from the 2nd floor (1stfloor in Indian terminology) after she got Sasha to take Maan away and manipulated Sweety into sending Geet upstairs. When she realizezd people were watching and could see her maniacal glee, NT pretended like she was trying to save her but let her go. Maan saved Geet and when NT insulted Geet, Maan ended up filling Geet's maang and accepting her as his wife. He also told NT in no uncertain terms that Geet was now his wife and any attack on her would be considered an attack on him. The whole turn of events left NT stunned.

After the duo left everyone turned to NT with accusing stares and NT tried to use the situation to her advantage. One thing became very clear as she tried to justify herself - she believed she was a victim and had done nothing wrong. As a result of that she felt no guilt and had nothign to repent for. For the first time NT tried to explain herself, not because she cared what the office staff thought but because she wanted her friend to believe her - someone whose opinion mattered to her was judging her and this warranted a defense of her actions. Notice everyone takes on Geet but no one dares say anything to NT because of the touch-me-not attitude she has around her. Unfortunately for NT, her friend had seen her true colors and called her on it. NT broke down and cried for the first time revealing the pain that she carried deep within herself ' the pain of being barren and unable to have a child and how she hated Geet because she was carrying her husband's child. Sweety told NT that she was disgusted with her and was ashamed to call her a friend. NT turned to Sasha and hoped she would understand her, but everyone was shocked and appalled by her actions and left her alone.

Desperate and alone, NT concocted a new plan. She pretended to commit suicide in Dev's presence and then blackmailed him saying that if he did not come back to her she would tell the police that the Khurana family forced her to take this step. Dev agreed to go back but then NT made another grave miscalculation. Giddy with the triumph of having gotten her husband back, she taunted Meera about her relationship with a much married Dev. But that backfired big time, when Dev found out about this he decided to divorce NT. Desperate NT called daadi hoping she would intervene and talk sense into Dev, instead Daadi refused to help and Maan warned her to stay away from the family. Fortunately for NT her brother Arjun landed in India. So now NT has a new pawn to use against the Khuranas. Arjun is not Maan-Geet's wedding planner and is planning to disrupt the wedding. On the side he is also planning on making NE fall in love with him and use him. But Arjun already is developing a soft corner for Geet and for NE and telling NT that these people are not as bad. So the story remains poised at an interesting crossroad.

Finally to sum up the characteristics of NT in one word - she is a psychopath. 

See reference below (

The prototypical psychopath has deficits or deviances in several areas: interpersonal relationshipsemotion, and self-control. Psychopaths gain satisfaction through antisocialbehavior, and do not experience shame, guilt, or remorse for their actions.[12][13][14] Psychopaths lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others, instead rationalizingthe behavior, blaming someone else, or denying it outright.[15] Psychopaths also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness. All of this belies their tendency to make a likable first impression; psychopaths have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything without concern for accuracy or truth. Shallow affect also describes the psychopath's tendency for genuine emotion to be short-lived and egocentric, with an overall cold demeanor. Their behavior is impulsive and irresponsible, often failing to keep a job or defaulting on debts.[15] Psychopaths also have a markedly distorted sense of the potential consequences of their actions, not only for others, but also for themselves. They do not deeply recognize the risk of being caught, disbelieved or injured as a result of their behaviour.[16]

Researcher Robert Hare, whose Hare Psychopathy Checklist is widely used, describes psychopaths as "intraspecies predators".[17] Also R.I. Simon uses the word predator to describe psychopaths.[18] Elsewhere Hare and others write that psychopaths "use charisma, manipulation, intimidation, sexual intercourse and violence"[19][20][21][verification needed] to control others and to satisfy their own needs. Hare states that: "Lacking in conscience and empathy, they take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse".[22] He previously stated that: "What is missing, in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony".[23]

According to Hare, many psychopaths are superficially charming, and can excellently mimic normal human emotion;[9] some psychopaths can blend in, undetected, in a variety of surroundings, including corporate environments.[24]

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Future of current track involving NT

What is Arjun's plan? Arjun told NT that it was their plan? So is this NT's plan and Arjun is just executing it.

Will NT lose again when Arjun realizes that all the garbage she fed him was fake? Will Arjun switch sides and turn against his sister? What will be NT's reaction.

What will be NT's reaction when she realizes that all the men in her life ' her husband, her brother-in-law (whom she coveted) and her own brother favor Geet over her.

Future of the character

Why did Maan hate women and what did NT have to do with it if anything at all?

She could come back to lay claim to Dev's child that Geet is carrying.

She could bring back Sameera to disrupt Maaneet's life.

She maybe the one who bailed Brij out and so she may bring him back again to create more trouble

She can charm a new man with her wiles and set him up as a business rival to Maan.

No reference to NT will be complete without a standing ovation to the brilliant actress who breathed life into the character - Karishma Randhwa Star. Karishma we salute your talent in bringing to life this complex character and playing her in a way that we love her. She is our most beloved vamp. A standing ovation to you. Clap

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opening shot : dear friends.........i am manashi........ opening the den for the first time and that too with a topic like maaneet relationship..........hope you all like my interpretation of this epic love story in the making...............

i would like to thank some wonderful friends of mine........anamika, gagori, anjana.........and also swatidi and kasturidi for their support and you all.....................


                                          MAANEET RELATIONSHIP


The simplest word you will ever come across is''' LOVEEmbarrassed'''but the most confusing or complicated part is '''.. LOVESTORIESLOL''''why''.. the answer is known to one and all''''because it involves a man and a woman''''LOL

So today ''''. let us discuss one such love story''''''''' MAANEET''.Embarrassed



If we look around''.we will find a part of geet in every woman''..some have her fate'..some have her struggle''..some have her spirit''''.some have her never say die attitude''' so she is an amalgam of each one of us'.Clap



No man is good enough now for any one of us after a thunderbolt called MSK hit us''. we want his attitude'''.we want his intelligence'''.we want his passion'''..we want his enigma ''. so he is an amalgam of what we want in our man'''..Day Dreaming


So in short it is a love story of a reality and a dream'' no wonder it is different'''..

This love story was never meant to be simple but it was''''. meant to be'''.

1.     They meet

It was different'''' can you imagine a hero actually throwing the girl in front of goons and turning away''.. but he did'''Shocked

I don't know how many would agree but I always thought it was love at first sight for maan'' that is exactly why he could not turn away the second time'''.Embarrassed


2.     His first words  

It was different'''. can you imagine the first words he ever spoke to her was the famous "chup"LOL''''. but from now on destiny chose him to be her savior and there was no looking back''''Embarrassed


3.      They meet again

Fate played its part '''.. and geet was now no longer the docile and coy girl anymore''.. she had to fight for herself, for her unborn and for her justice against her family, against the world...........Cry and of course against the maan singh khurana who came back to her life out of nowhere once again'''.Wink


4.      They fight

Their journey began now but at loggerheads''''. Angrybut no one could deny the undercurrent that flowed '''. the way he looked'' the way he talked'' the way he touched was something else''something which even he could not understand and that made him worse while dealing with her'''.Wink.


5.     Trip to Amritsar

Geet was from a conservative family''. she was taught not to trust '''. but she did'''.may be for the first time she was going so far with a man she did not know anything about'''..she trusted him unknowingly'''she knew nothing would befall her when he is around''''Clap


6.      The answer to her prayers

Her last ray of hope was mercilessly shattered in Amritsar'''Cry. she had nowhere to go''' that is when she pleaded for a way out and her prayers were answered ''. once again as maan''.Crynot only for herself but also as the protector of her child''..Smile


7.      The knight in shining armor

From now on they were connected with blood'''. they always bled together'.. no one could harm her under his shield'''' he saved her from being killed once again''Clap


8.      Delhi

She came to a new city in search of a new life''' but destiny had other plans'' she had her "dusht danav" waiting for her to sweep her off her feet'''.Embarrassed


9.      Kurbaan hua

Jealousy, anger, passion'''..the dark sides of love found a new meaning''. their bodies found their mates '''..Blushing


10.  Hum tum ek kamre bandh ho

Unknowingly they became friends'''for the first time she shared her insecurities, her sorrows with him''' he gave her the shoulder to cry '''. his words of appreciation gave her a new boost'''Clap

11.  Behne de

Their first date''.. Winkthe hug '''.Blushing the realization was too much to bear''. Maan singh khurana realized he was changing and was changing forever''''Embarrassed


12.  The outburst

Maan singh khurana cannot change or fall in love''''but he did''this was something he could never accept'''the result was the violent elevator outburst and ultimately geet quitting her job'''.Angrythis one day of separation gave them the much needed jerk to realize life is so incomplete without each other''Cry


13  The outhouse

She came back''..he could not believe'''Shockedthey fight''they cook their first meal togetherEmbarrassed'''they eat together'''Embarrassedthey again fight''..LOL


14.  Dusht danav

That is one outburst we can never forget'''..he almost tried to forcefully kiss her because his emotions and baggage of past was unbearable for him'''.Angryand she had to face the music'''Cry


15.  Teri deewani

The realization that you are in love is the most precious'''..geet felt it that day''.and then onwards she was no more the same.....she was in love..........Embarrassed


16.  White rose

Finally maan khurana put his guards down''falling in love was not bad at all''hmmmmmm''..Wink


17.  Kehna hi kya

Physical attraction for the first time'' our geet felt weird'''so did we''the wind, the curtains and the doves only added to the magic............Blushing


18.  Pari

The most tried and tested formula '''. if you want your girl to accept your love ''.you can never go wrong if you make her feel jealous '''..Coolbut life is not so easy for geet ''''..Cry


19. Jhooti mangetar

Their relationship found a new dimension that day'''they were engaged '..jhoota hi sahi'''.Embarrassed


20.  Back to Hoshiyarpur

"ghar laute geet"''''.the most precious words a man can say to his love '' and geet finally deciding to move on holding the hand that would never leave her no matter what..........Clap


21.  Pee loon

Romantically heart breaking''''.Crythe ghost of the past came back'''Cry


22.  Railway station

But this love story is different'''..nothing can go wrong when you have two hearts beating together''no cruel past is strong enough to shake the foundation'.they reunite at a place which indicates a new journey'''..Hug


23.  Confession

The best confession scene ever '' everything without the clich "I love you"''.Embarrassed


24. Engagement and Dev

I always hated Dev''..Angrythat day I hated him the most''.AngryAngryall hopes, all dreams were shattered''he once again single handedly destroyed Geet's happiness with his mere presence'..and the fact that he was maan's brother''.Cry


25.  The revelation of truth

But this love story is beyond any such unwanted truths'' nothing else mattered  other than justice '''not for once it crossed their minds that geet was carrying maan's brother's child'''.it was irrelevant'''for me this was the highest point in the show where this nasty truth was handle in such a dignified manner''''..ClapClap


26.  The separation

Loving someone does not take away the inherent love that we have for ourselves'''.some call it pride'' some call it ego''..yes they never separated for any misunderstanding or third party influence''..they had to let go of the most precious thing in their lives that is each other for the common flaw they have''this was necessary for them to grow as individuals as well as a couple''Cry


27.  The epic slap

We witnessed the most violent side of unfathomable love and obsession''.man handling and physical abuse''..Angrythis is also a part of their love story''that one slap will stay with us forever''.Cry


28. Getting back together

The best part of maaneet love story is they never give up ''.if one backs out, the other makes sure he comes back''geet has never given up on life''least maan''the reverse psychology she played to bring out maan of his guilt trip was the biggest gift she gave him'.she gave him back his pride, his honor, his ego which he lost'''.Clap


29.  Return of the evil

There have been a number of cupids in their lives'''.be it daadi, pari, meera, yash or the d'mellos but the people who actually brought them together were the ones who wanted to separate them''brij, sasha, tasha, nayantara''this time the evil queen came back to get rid of geet's baby .....Angrybut she landed up in uniting maan and geet forever'.Clap


30. Khoon bhari maang 

Finally''.we got what we wanted''.the ever protector, the ever savior came to the ultimate rescue''''and provided the biggest shield of being Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana''..nothing could touch her now'''.Clap


31.  The family

Then came the most awaited phrase of the show hamara bachcha". One phrase we all waited to hear along with our geet from the man she loves.

This love story is incomplete without the baby'we saw a glimpse during the ultrasonography scene''..that one drop of tear said it all'.  "I love you" never sounded so divine'''..



This one of a kind love story is awaiting the biggest moment'''their marriage''this will be a new beginning towards a new life''..yes there are problems, there are hurdles, there are uncertainties ''''.but nothing can stop them '''.. they are bound by destiny''Embarrassed

Geet always had the dream that every girl has''.that someday her prince charming will ride a white horse and sweep her off her feet and carry to the stars '''.that is coming true''.the entire universe has conspired to bring these two together and it witness them unite forever''..Hug



1.      We can draw parallels of maaneet with "Pride and prejudice" and"Noth and South"'' but only in terms of characterization'''Maan singh Khurana has shades of Darcy and Thornton'..they are rich, dashing, arrogant, snob and despise women unless they fell in love''Blushing                                                             Geet is lively, spirited , positive ''.. exactly like Elizabeth and Margaret''Clap

But if we talk about the love story'''.. then it is different'''..maaneet love story is a foil wrapped around issues like NRI fake marriages, honor killing, teen pregnancy and mostly where the girl is carrying the child of the man's younger brother'''.all these things complicate matters'''.Cry

2.     All great love stories end in tragedy '''.. but in this case it started with one( courtesy: anj, gagori and anamika)''''Hug

One such is "Romeo and Juliet"''''.. Shakespeare created these two eternal characters to redefine love'''.love that blossomed against all odds''love that matured surpassing all boundaries''..but fate had cruel plans''''..but not here ''''. 

These two are different as chalk and cheese'''.two people with troubled pasts'''..two people who are absolutely imperfect'''but they complete each other'''..together they are magic'..maan saves geet from the world outside and she keeps him safe from his inner demons''

Maaneet love story has all the elements of love'''.it has the purity ' has the pain' has the passion'' has the possessiveness'' also has the dark sides like jealousy and abuse''''.

Like all great love stories''.they have fallen in love rising above all odds ''''they have fallen in love when they were not supposed to'''.they have the world to face'''.but they will'''.and they will succeed and not give up on life''''this will be one epic story with a fairy tale end'''.HAPPILY EVER AFTER'''''. 

Falling in love is easy''. to die in love is easier''''.but fighting for your love and living it is the toughest part''''..our maaneet has done it and how'''..thats what makes it special'''..thats what makes it different'''Wink

thank you all for bearing with me...........i know it was u all..............Hug



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Today's Den Theme-Maaneet RelationshipEmbarrassed
There are love stories where lovers can die for each other's happiness(Epics like Romeo Juliet and Heer Ranjha)....Then there are love stories where lovers can sacrifice for each other's happiness(Serial Epics Kahin toh Hoga and Kaisa yeh Pyaar hai)..then there are love stories where lovers can fight for each other's happiness(Film Epics like Jodha Akbar and Gadar:Ek prem Katha)...
And then comes a love story where It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end and all that the lovers want is to simply live for each other's happiness till eternity...and This defines Maan-Geet's Love storyEmbarrassed..
What makes Maan and Geet's relationship unique from the rest ?Ermm..Answer is Nothing and EverythingEmbarrassed...Nothing becuase they never claimed to be different from the rest..they never claimed to make their relationship Epic..they made promises but as humans they went on to even break those promises...And Everything because they have nothing to loose and they have always learnt from their mistakes..they both started out their journey following their traumatic past from where they can only rise and shine in love...they consider their love as strength and not a weaknessSmile 
Maan and Geet's Journey started from Hoshiyarpur where they both met in water which is a symbol of purity;Water and Taveez have always bonded them together in a relationship which was not out of any pressure or gratitude but it was simply destiny's call...Embarrassed...
Maaneet relationship cannot be defined as simply love because people normally fall in love at the beginning of their life's real journey...but here Maaneet have already fallen in their life when they met each other;This is one rare love story which started out when disaster had stuck both their lives;Geet was fighting with her own family for her unborn child's right to live while Maan was a wounded tiger who was unable to come out from the scratches of his unknown pastOuch;They already had tasted the bitter experience of falling in love and then getting only betrayal in returnCry;Thats one reason they have never defined their relationship as simply "Love";For them it was "Anjana Ehsaas" in the start because of the strong connection and emotional attachment that they used to feel for each other right from HP to early Delhi office days..Later it went onto become a "Passionate Journey of desire and need" in the middle stages(From the Kurban Hua till the JA moment) when they discovered the real essense of  Need for each otherEmbarrassed and Slowly the "Realisation of a Divine bond" between them creeped into their hearts when they started craving for each otherEmbarrassed;The "Final realisation of love" came in when they realised the value of each other in their lives..We saw Geet's realisation in the form of divine intervention in Maula mere sequenceEmbarrassed and Maan's realisation in the form of energy,aggression and passion that he executes from his Tai-Chi exercisingTongue;
Normally in a love story,lovers experience troubles and trauma after they fall in love;Here Maan and Geet have already experienced those hurdles in their life but once they found/discovered each other,they get to learn a new meaning of life once they decide to submit themselves to their feelings for each otherEmbarrassed;Maan comes out of his attic room past and coverts himself from Dusht-Danav to a man who wants to dream..who wants to smile..who wants to live and enjoy his life;Whereas Geet comes out from her traumatic past of betrayal and converts herself from a shy-conservative girl of HP to a much more strong,determined and bold girl of today who knows how to fight for her rights and stand strong in the societyApprove....So where most couples falter after falling in love,Maaneet have become stronger after rising in loveSmile
So what makes Maaneet relationship truely different from rest of the daily soap couples ?Ermm
1)Sacrifice doesn't exist in Maaneet's life dictionary:Talking about epics, names like Sujal-Kashish and Angad-Kripa from Tellyworld comes to our mindEmbarrassed;Their love story was truely epicClap;But when it comes to testing their love,they have faltered in their life's journey in the name of sacrificeOuch;When u truely love someone,your mission  should be to go and get your love back in your life and not to sacrifice for your lifepartner's happiness..Most of the epic love stories follow the funda of sacrifice but thats where Maaneet's relationship is differentWink;Here when Geet tells MSK that she is pregnent,and MSK goes away,Geet doesn't think of sacrificing her love and moving out of his life...she instead decides to fight for her love like a true tigress of HP and goes to the extent of locking up her man in the office cabin to make sure she gets her point across to him and then leaves it on her man whether he wants to accept her or notThumbs Up;How many female leads have shown this courage in any of these epic love stories ??Smile;Coming to MSK,when he comes to know that his own brother Dev is the real culprit who destroyed Geet's past,he din't think twice before taking a decision of disowning him from the familyThumbs Up;He never showed any embarassment in front of the society or his family while confessing his love for Geet despite knowing about her past baggageEmbarrassedand even after a temporary separation,he makes sure that he goes on to buy the company where Geet is working so that he can stalk her 24/7Evil SmileWinkLOL;...How many lovers have gone on to become such good and smart stalkers for their lady love in Tellyland ??ROFLTongue
2)Trust and Understanding is the key to their relationship:Maan always claimed that he can read Geet's eyes and he has always done that successfullyEmbarrassed;Geet always claimed that she can make out from his face whether he is hiding anything from her or not and she has always done this successfully tooEmbarrassed;Thats real UnderstandingThumbs Up;When it comes to trust,they both have fought with each other several times,even had some misunderstandings which is normal in any relationship but they have never left trusting each otherEmbarrassed;During the separation phase, they had misunderstandings but even then Geet knew that Maan cannot see her tears...Maan cannot see her in danger...Maan will b always there for her whenever she is in troubleEmbarrassed...and even Maan knew that Geet can never take wrong decisions..she can never follow the wrong routeEmbarrassed;Geet did commit the mistake of humiliating her man in public in a rage of anger but she rectified her same mistake with a strong confession in publicApprove;Maan did commit a mistake by forcing him on her in the pool-party but he rectified his mistake next day itself by making sure he keeps a distance from her till their misunderstandings r cleared..thats again another example of understanding where their actions have always spoken louder than wordsEmbarrassed;They have committed mistakes but were bold enough to rectify it themselves without  waiting for the other person to accept their mistakeThumbs Up;When it comes to other epics,Trust and understanding goes for a toss during the misunderstanding or separation period and either the guy or the girl ends up marrying someone else or they keep waiting for the other person to accept his/her mistake only to repent laterOuch..we have seen this happening in many epics like KYPH,Kahin toh hoga or Jassi Jaisi koi nahinSmile...
3)A strong base/foundation was laid for this relationship to prosper without any expectations:Its not one of those love stories where we can say its love at first sight or the guy goes all fida over the girl or the girl dreams about the guy and eventually fall in loveLOL;Here Maaneet's relationship begins with hatred and pain...they meet ..they fight ..they show strong opposition to each other's thoughts because of their own past experiences but then eventually they learn to rectify their own weaknesses from each other's strength and thats what connects them together in a strong eternal bondEmbarrassed;Maan learns from Geet how to let go off the past by releasing it from his life instead of holding onto it and then he opens the door of his heart once again and welcomes happiness and life with a fresh start whereas Geet learns from Maan how to be a strong independent individual and how to stand up for your rights and fight it with courage and determination if u know u r right in your approach and thats when she becomes a bold and confident girl of todayEmbarrassed;So while Geet teaches Maan how to live life to the fullest,Maan teaches Geet how to live independentlySmile;When it comes to other TV love stories,its always the opposite where the guy expects his lady to change herself as per his needs and weaknesses or viceversa instead of trying to adopt each other's strengthsEmbarrassed;I still remember in Jassi serial,Armaan always expected Jassi to understand his helpless situation and Jassi always expected Armaan to  understand her middle-class sentiments....Same is the case with Kaisa Yeh pyaar hai where Angad expected Kripa to try to adjust to his lifestyle and Kripa expected Angad to understand her POV when it came to her marriage with Prithvi...Same goes for Kahina toh Hoga as well ...Sujal expected Kashish to care a damn about society and marry him whereas Kashish expected Sujal to understand her majboori....Expectations have always led down these couples at some point when it came to forming a strong base because always one was expecting the other to take the initiativeOuch but in Maan-Geet love story there are no such Geet doesn't have any reservations before saying ILU to her manEmbarrassed..How many female leads have taken the initiative to say ILU first or give the right to her man to kiss her if she loses the bet ??Wink ...Here Maan and Geet doesn't expect each other to change themselves as per their happiness but instead they try to take the initiative and change themselves for their partner's happiness and they want to accept each other,the way they areEmbarrassed;Geet can go out of her comfort zone and wear a short dress to woo her man on her own wish  while MSK can go to a dhaba or prepare breakfast for his ladylove to see the smile in her lady's face without expecting any appreciation from her..thats why they r differentEmbarrassed
4)They feel their emotions through Music and Dance:EmbarrassedRarely we have seen couples who use music and dance as a medium to display their emotions or feelings for each other and everytime they do this,it has a different meaningEmbarrassedThey depict their emotions, feelings. desires, anger, passion and everything through song and dance whether its the kurban hua moment(wild desire) or hum tum moment(passion and lust) or behne de moment(passion and realisation of love) or teri deewani moment(realisation of pure and divine love) orkehna hee kya moment(realisation of physical desire) or Roop tera mastana moment(passionplay and desire) or pee loon moment(extreme love and passion) ormaula mere moment(love and respect) or tumko dekha moment(divine love ) or wheres the party tonight moment(jealousy and extreme passion) or Mahii mahii moment(Pain,desire and passion) or kuch toh hua hai moment(innocent realisation of falling in love) or  tumse hee moment(longing for someone) or tere mast mast do nain moment(desire to kiss and admire your ladylove) or  shukranallah moment (Ultimate Confession of love)...Embarrassed...Maaneet hv always connected to each other with different display of emotions through these various songs and dance sequencesEmbarrassed;You may call them a musical couple but they believe the sound of music connects them together and makes their love more divine and pureEmbarrassed
5)Equality in their Love and Possession for each other:Normally we have seen TV couples where the guy is possessive about his lady love and can go to any extent to get her be it Sujal of KTH or Angad of KYPH or Milind of KayamathEmbarrassed;But what makes Maan-Geet unique here is that even the girl is equally possessive about her man here and has no inhibitions to take the initiative and make a bold statement like "u can kiss me if u loose the bet"Embarrassed;If MSK says "u r only mine" then Geet unlike any other daily soap lead will not simply blush but with equal courage will confess that "even u r only mine"Approve;If someone like Sasha tries to put her down,she will not simply listen but will make a bold statement like "even if I was not there in MSK's life,still u had no chance lady"Thumbs Up;Thats where the equality comes in their relationship where both are equally possessive about each otherEmbarrassed...
6)Silence and Actions always speaks louder than words in their relationship:Both can make out from each other's eyes whether they r happy or sad or hiding anything from each other..they can read each other's silence Embarrassed;They do become poets at times talking about stars and moon like dreamy teenagersLOLbut whats exciting about their relationship is that when it comes to serious situations,their eyes speak volumes and they can understand each other through their eyes or just a simple touchEmbarrassed;They don't need to give long explanations or justifications for their acts unlike other tellycouples,bas a simple gesture is enough for them to understand each other's problemsEmbarrassed
7)They Have no inhibitions to admire each other's strengths and achievements:Normally Ego is a big issue among couples whether its epic love stories or even TV couplesSmile;A man can never see or admire his ladylove's achievement if she gets more popularity than himOuch;Initially he might feel good about it but later if the guy is not able to achieve that same popularity,it  develops cracks in a relationshipOuch;But here in case of Maan-Geet,its the man himself who is forcing his lady love to come with him to the office regularly..he motivates her to work and stand on her own feet...if he taunts her saying u cannot do anything without me,its because he wants her to prove him wrongEmbarrassed;And then he goes on to admit that "Whatever I can do,u can do it better than me"Thumbs Up;How many daily soap male leads have done such confession in front of their lady love saying she is much more talented than him ??Embarrassed;Thats where their relationship continues to prosper because both r equally enjoying each other's success and achievements in this caseEmbarrassed;MSK might b extremely possessive when it comes to his lady love Geet but at the same time he wants to make sure that she has an identification of her ownSmile
8)They make promises but has the courage to even break them when it comes to each other's safety and security:Promises r meant to b broken and thats what Maaneet believes inApprove which proves they don't claim to b an epic couple but a normal couple who doesn't believe in promises but believes in honesty and understanding moreBig smile;There r many misconceptions in our minds that once u make promises in love ,if u r not able to fulfill them then that means your love was never strongConfusedLOL;Making promises doesn't make your love story epic,even fulfilling them for a temporrary period doesn't prove that your relationship is foreverSmile;Its the ability to break the biggest of promises that u made for the safety and well-being of your love which makes your relationship truely epicApprove;MSK's promise was not to touch her before marriage but when it came to her safety ,he cared a damn about that promiseThumbs Up...Its better to break certain promises rather than fulfilling them at the cost of your partner's life or happinessSmile ...
9)They love to discover each other everyday in their relationship:Once a couple is in love in Tellyland,mostly they get involved in either kitchen politics or some other cliched dramatic turn of events leading to insecurity and misunderstandings with a point of no returnOuch;In this case Maan and Geet r still trying to discover each other in love ..trying to enjoy the phase of being in love without any complications...which comes in the form of those sweet little bickerings over continental breakfast vs desi breakfastTongue or Geet sitting in MSK's lap and yapping about how they both r idiots who always end up fighting with each otherLOLEmbarrassed or MSK holding Geet's hand under the table playfullyEmbarrassed or both visiting the hospital for Geet's sonography and then enjoying the sight of their unborn babyEmbarrassed..Very rarely a couple in tellyland gets to enjoy their courtship period without any intervention of the family or vamps or some third angleLOL,..thats where again their relationship is unique at least in TellylandEmbarrassed..
10)The importance of symbolism in their relationship:We already had a separate Den theme on symbolism and how it played a major role in Maaneet's relationshipEmbarrassed;Whether its the taaveez or the water or the doves or those several loops of dialogues and scenes...they have always given a new dimention to Maaneet relationship indicating that they are a couple who were destined to be togetherEmbarrassed;They discovered love together..they discovered life together..they never fell in love but have learnt how to rise in love...they never became each other's weakness but are slowly becoming each other's hidden strength...they have learnt from their mistakes and have confessed it to the world as well that they may not be a perfect couple  and nor do they claim to be one but they have the courage and ability to show to the world that why they are different and unique from the restSmile;They don't believe in promises but they believe in each other and destinyEmbarrassed..they don't believe in perfection but they believe in consistency which can be imperfectWink..they don't believe in just dreaming but they believe in making their dreams come trueApprove...
Maaneet are now all set to enter the new phase of their relationship post-marriage  which will bind them together forever in a eternal bond of lifelong togetherness Embarrassed...So how do we want to visualise Maaneet after marriage as husband and wifeDay Dreaming...
1)Interesting morning sessions..Geet trying to wake up Maan with a cheek kiss or putting her wet hair on his faceBlushing..
2)Interesting breakfast sessions...Geet sitting on MSK's lap and feeding each otherBlushing
3)Interesting office going sessions...Geet dressing up MSKEmbarrassed
4)Interesting Afternoon sessions...Maan-Geet can hv lunch together in the office cabin ...or mayb MSK taking Geet for a check up and acting like a typical possessive hubbyEmbarrassed
5)Interesting Evenings....Maan-Geet gonig out for long-drive..Embarrassed
6)Interesting Dinner sessions...Maan-Geet can try out dhaba for a changeWinkLOLTongue
7)Interesting night-life sessions...How about disco and some passionate slow dance after dinnerBlushing
8)Interesting night sessions...Don't want to say anything...emoticons will speak everythingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
9)Interesting Honeymoon session...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWell can't expect SwitzerlandLOL but at least Goa or Shimla can do naLOLTongue...
10)Interesting Baby sessions...Maan resting his head on Geet's tummy and talking to Junior Khurana and then kissing Geet's bellyBlushing....
With this I come to the end of my Maaneet thesis ...dunno if I hv done justice to this couple..but words always fall short when it comes to describing this couple  and the complexities that they hv gone through in their life only to emerge out victorious in their love and belief in each otherApprove
And heres a poem which perfect describes Maan and Geet's feelings for each other and their relationship as wellEmbarrassed
I never knew there would be a better tomorrow 
But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow 

My days of sadness are a thing of the past 
Because I have found true love at last 

My days of emptiness are gone for good 
Because you fill a void in my heart that you should 

You've opened a window 
You've shown me the light 
And my love for you will continue to burn bright..

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Great Job Mali...Thumbs UpClap

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