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TREAT FOR CVS - with badam da akhrot!! (Page 5)

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Today's Den Theme:MSK's past SameeraTongue
One character which I guess all viewers have been waiting for in the show for various reasons is none other than MSK's past baggage ..that is SameeraTongue...Sameera's name was mentioned only twice in the show by was during outhouse track and second was during diwali party...and both the times it was indicated that MSK in his past was betrayed by a lady named Sameera which has made him bitter towards life and relationships until Geet came in his life to change it allEmbarrassed...
So Sameera here plays a cruicial part in MSK's past in many ways from story and logic POV as follows......
  • MSK was a woman hater in HP and early Delhi days...Was it just because of Sameera or its a combination of Sameera+Troubled ChildhoodErmm
  • MSK kept saying that his feelings for Geet is "Anjana Ehsaas" something which he never felt before..he is giving flowers to Geet for the first time..all this sort of indicated that MSK has fallen in love for the first time then what was his ehsaas for Sameera ??Confused...was she just a part of his teenage fatal attraction or someone whom Dadi had selected for MSK and he went ahead with Dadi's wish but never strongly felt anything for her ??Ermm
  • MSK's attic room has shown that his past grievances r not just limited to Sameera..the way he showed his childhood cycle to Geet...So this sort of indicates that mayb his childhood too was not really filled with love or happiness and lets not forget he was searching for someone in HP tooErmm..
  • If MSK expects truth and honesty from Geet,then why has he hidden the Sameera chapter from Geet even now when they r getting married ??Confused..
CVs when Sameera comes in the picture..these above questions will b raised by the viewers for sureSmile...and so the track of Sameera needs to b developed accordingly making sure that MSK's character is not ruined or logic doesn't go for a tossBig smile...But yes its necessary Sameera comes in the picture post-marriage because MSK's past still remains a mystry for the viewers and  all viewers r still curious to know what made MSK a dusht danavTongue...
So here r some of the possible tracks for Sameera...I m listing down two tracks which will work for the show and two tracks which will never work for the showBig smile..and one track whose chances r 50-50 depending on the executionTongue
Sam Tracks which will work for the show and MSK's characterThumbs Up..
Option 1:Sameera was selected by Dadi for MSK...MSK was always a loner because of his troubled childhood(Mayb his mother story can b brought in the picture here which explains why he had strong hatred against woman);But MSK gave green signal to Dadi's choice and went ahead with his relationship with Sameera;He started to enjoy his life again but before he could actually fall in love with Sameera,she ditched him for better career prospects..mayb ran away from engagement or marriage without telling anyone (lets say she wanted to b a model and so she cannot get married so soon)...So MSK went back to his shell thinking all women r like his mother..who run only after money....this explains why his feelings for Geet were anjana because he never fell in love with Sam Big smile(But this should b justified in the show from MSK's mouth in his self-talksSmile);...In the present when Sam returns, she should return in a grey avataar with a mission to get MSK back in her life and thats when we will get to see the clash of the titans between Sameera and Geet where Geet will stand in support of her hubby of courseEvil Smile;Also reason why MSK never told anything to Geet about Sam is because he never loved her..simpleBig smile;But if Samaan comes in the present,MSK should b the first one to tell about his past to Geet..haanApprove
Option 2:Sameera was MSK's college buddy;He was attracted to her and mayb on the way of falling in love with her;Sameera knew it and took advantage of his feelings for her with the help of some emotional blackmail ;Mayb Sameera needed money to start a new life with her XYZ boyfriend and so she sort of trapped MSK with a emotional story so that she can get half of his bank balance in her nameTongue;This explains the past outhouse outburst of MSK when he saw Geet doing the emotional blackmail on him and he said something like "u feel girls like u can easily make me a fool and run away with my money"Wink;So mayb in the past MSK was taken for a ride by Sameera and then even before MSK can realise his love for this girl,she ran away with her BF taking all his moneyOuch;Mayb MSK's mom too did the same with his father which added up to his hatred for woman and reason why we saw the dusht danav MSK in HP;Reason why MSK never told this chapter of his life to Geet is because his past was no way affecting his present or future with Geet unlike Geet's past which was carrying its baggage in the presentOuch(But this should b justified in the show from MSK's mouth in his self-talksSmile);But if Sam makes an entry in the present,MSK should b the first one to tell the past story to his wife GeetApprove;And yes noone is interested to see a saint Sam in she should b negativeEvil Smile and make her enter into the present as some business tycoon's wife mayb who is all set to seduce MSK..ala Aitraaz film trackEvil Smile..but yes unlike Aitraaz track don't turn MSK into a victim like Akshay kumarLOL..he should b strong enough to kick out Sam from their life or Geet should b strong enough to stand in support of her hubby and fight the battle together against this unwanted SamaanLOLTongue...that will make for a very interesting trackBig smile
Sam tracks which will never work for the show and might ruin MSK's character-sketchThumbs Down
Option 1:If MSK was married to Sameera in his past and even had a child and then Sam ditched him for money,career or some other man(say MSK's brother Vicky)Ouch...this will go against MSK's basic character-sketch since he is a man who believes in truth and honesty and hiding his first marriage secret from Geet will sort of kill his characterDead..So CVs showing married MSK in the past will b equal to death of the showThumbs Down...bewareEvil Smile...
Option 2:If Sameera turns out to b innocent and the reason for MSK-Sameera break-up in the past turns out to b Dadi or NTOuch..Mayb Sam was from a poor family and so Dadi-NT manipulated the situation to kick Sam out of MSK's lifeOuch;This will mean we will get a innocent positive Sam in the future and that will never b digested well by the viewers because then track will go along the pathetic lines of MSK in a dilemma to choose between Geet or Sam..yuckkDead;So a strict NO for this trackApprove ;If at all CVs r thinking from this perspective ,then for damage control make sure MSK realising that he never loved Sam in his past and reason why he felt everything for Geet for the first time and so even if Sam was innocent,no ways he can leave his Gith because she is only his first and last loveEmbarrassed;After this make Sam negative wanting to get her revenge from KhuranasEvil Smile
Track which can work 50-50 depending on the execution and viewers mouldLOLTongue..
Only Option:Now this track may or may not work..its a risky track ..but if viewers r matured enough to grasp it,then the track can do wondersTongue;Viewers feel MSK is pavitra,but if we look at the sort of moves and control that he has shown around Geet(during RTM or other passionate moments) ,its clear that he is not a virgin and is quite apavitraWinkTongue;So mayb he had a one night stand with Sameera out of physical attraction but then he was ready to marry her not out of love but because he slept with her out of fatal attraction(this is normal when u r young and in your teens and MSK is no GodSmile);Mayb Sam was pregnent after this..u never he was all set to marry her...but Sam wanted to concentrate on her bright she aborts her baby and even dumps MSKOuch;This gives a huge jhatka to MSK because its the second time he was ditched by a woman(first time he was ditched by his mom maybOuch);And reason why he becomes bitter towards life;Then when Geet comes in his life,not only he realises the true meaning of love but he also feels attached towards the baby and the way Geet has shown the courage to keep her baby despite the society going against herBig smile;Here CVs will hv to justify why MSK had hidden such a huge truth from Geet all this whileSmile;One justification can b since Geet's past too was similar to his past,he din't wanted to give her extra burden of pain by telling his past to her which has nothing to do with their present or futureSmile;But again the justification should come out clear via MSK's self-talks and once Sam makes her presence felt in the present,MSK should b the first one to tell Geet about his colourful past lifeWinkTongue;And yes Sam in the present should b negative that Maaneet together can b pitted against her in the fightEvil Smile....
So Moral of the story is that Sameera track is a jackpot for this show from story point of view post-marriageApprove
Next Question is how can Sam be introduced in the present r some of the options for it
  • Let Arjun bring Sameera in the present to ruin Maaneet's happiness post-marriageEvil Smile;NT-Arjun can do it togetherTongue...Since Brij too is coming back..let Brij as Duryodhan and Arjun as Karan together bring the Sam factor to ruin MSKEvil Smile
  • Let Sameera be a successfull business woman or a model who is all set to seduce MSK with a vengence ala Priyanka Chopra of AitraazEvil Smile..but here make sure MSK is strong enough to fight it out along with his GithTongue..
  • Make sure Vicky and Sameera tracks r completely separate and NOT connected..because both tracks can be a jackpot for this show and can extend the keep them separate..Sam and Vicky should not hv any connectionApprove
Last but not the least selection of actress playing Sameera's role is very important because that will decide the future of Sameera's track..the actress should b strong enough to carry a grey character just how Piyush is successfully carrying out Arjun's characterApprove;So plss make sure the actress is powerful in her acting skills and should match upto MSK's levelTongue

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Smooth Criminal

So it's the due date for my assignment and all the devils better read and discuss else I will come after you for revenge and it can get very nasty...just ask Parsa.

I have a new professor her name is Professor Airport. If you don't know whom I am speaking of, search somewhere below she is probably there. So anyways, Professor Airport has given me the assignment of deciphering Arjun through the study of Mahabharata.

We have had the pleasure of meeting very interesting non-existent characters a few weeks ago. There is Anvesha Khurana better known as Non-existent sister and then Arjun Rathod the stealthy villain (maybe). Arjun is a character that can go in many directions. He has the prospective to be molded in to whatever the story demands, he can transform from villain to saint.

Arjun Singh Rathod was first introduced to us while competing in a street fight. What was the point of introducing him to us in such a way? Introducing Arjun in an underground fight has left is with the impression that he is a risk taker and likes danger. It told us that he is not someone that you want as your enemy. Not only does he take part in the fight against the undefeated champion, but also succeeds in his battle.  He is a character with strong will and determination.

Arjun may come off as a hard-hitting character, but when we see him in the scene with his sister, Naintara, we realize that he is also a caring brother. He vows to keep her safe and swears revenge upon Maan Singh Khurana, whom he believes has ruined his sisters' life. This kind side to Arjun might as well be his weakness.

Naintara has poisoned Arjun's mind and has not told him the entire truth.  He is misguided and possibly digging his own grave. Being ill informed always leaves blind spots. The blind spots may lead to his loss. He does not seem to be completely evil and upholds morals to some extent. For example, giving Geet advice despite her being a stranger to him. The question is what will he lose? What if he really falls in love with Anvesha while playing his games? If he does, then when his truth comes out Anvesha may not accept him.

Arjun, it appears is proactive and a planner. He makes foolproof preparations before taking any action. From the first moment, he has drawn out how he will bring down Maan. Maan and Geet are getting married and it just so happens that Arjun opens an event management company. He has done his research. This gives him the upper hand. He is able to make his way in to their home. Not only that, he has also made a place in the hearts of the women in Maan's life, Geet, Daadi, and Anvesha. The women in Maan's life have the most influence over him. Arjun possibly has discovered that.

Arjun dynamic:

  •  Arjun has targeted Maan's sister, Anvesha in his plan for revenge. Though it is not clear what his plan is, he is toying with Anvesha's feelings. He may believe in the saying, "An eye for an eye". Maan hurt his sister and in return he will hurt Anvesha, hence indirectly targeting Maan. What can he do by using Anvesha as a pawn? He can tarnish the Khurana's reputation by maligning Anvesha as a characterless girl. 
  •  Has has to have effect on Maan and Geet's relationship. Arjun wants to take away Maan's happiness, which is Geet. In order for Maan and Geet to take a hit, Arjun must bring Geet in to play. Maan will never approve of Arjun as a partner for Anvesha. Knowing this, Anvesha turns to Geet for help. Geet then convinces Maan to allow Anvesha to be with Arjun. This gives him the perfect chance to target Maan.
  •  He can marry Anvesha and leave her or malign her reputation. That is when Maan will blame Geet for taking part in the destruction of his sister's life. Another possibility is that Arjun may actually fall in love with Anvesha, but must carry on with his revenge for the sake of his sister. If Geet and Arjun become friends, she may aid him in taking the right path.
  •  Another possible plot that can be shown is Arjun falling for Geet. He can then fight for her with Maan. Though he will fail just like Karna did when fighting for Draupadi against Arjuna.
Originally posted by an12345678

Something from An that I (Ann) have somehow missed and wholeheartedly agree with. 

There is something that we are ignoring while sketching or predicting the character of Arjun. That is Geet's trust and in the end it's going to win. Arjun will turn positive because Geet still believes in goodness, and not because he is going to fall in love or he will discover his sister's plan.

He has to turn positive in the end without doing too much of damage, and possibly repent. But, there is a dark tunnel to cross before seeing the light. So Arjun will play the game.

Since this is Geet's story and she convinced Mann to hire him and start trusting people, it would look out of order if he betrays that trust. He may play dirty games, woo NE to serve his evil purpose, will fall in love, or draft a plan to spoil the wedding but he will turn out to be positive. 

If he remains negative then Geet loses again.


Taking Inspiration from the Mahabharata

(Disclaimer: Do not kill me if I kill the epic. This is purely from my POV and is open for debate.)

Note: I will be looking at this thorough Arjun's point only.

Character from the Mahabharata that Arjun can possibly resemble is Duryodhona.

  • Duryodhona represents Arjun, because Naintara steers him in the wrong direction. He only sees what she wants. Similarly Duryodhona was misled by Sakuni, his uncle. Sakuni in attempt to keep the kingdom in the hands of the Kauravas, guides Duryodhona.
  • Durydhona attempts to take the Kuru Kingdom from the Pandavas. In Geet, Arjun may try to take over Khurana Constructions or make them bankrupt. Duryodhona was actually successful in this mission with the help of Sakuni. It led to the exile of the Pandavas fro 13 years. In the show however, the Khurana's can rebuild their empire. Geet being Maan's support and strength through the ordeal
  • Eventually Duryodhona is defeated by the Pandeva's in the Kurukshetra war. Arjun can continue to believe that he has succeeded in over taking the Khurana's but eventually Maan will again regain his position, just like the Pandavas did after the war.

Arjun as a character has immense potential to grow.  He basically has grey shades. He is neither good nor bad. He can change according to the information he is given. Through his eyes, he is not doing anything debauched, but merely fulfilling the duties of a brother.  To him, Maan is the felon.  Like any other person, he believes in justice being served for the ones who have been wronged. In this case, it's his sister. He is simply taking the side of his sister and fighting for her. He may be misinformed, but that does not change to what extent he is willing to ruin someone's life. That is the major difference between him and someone who is actually a positive character. He uses his intelligence for evil despite knowing the difference between right and wrong. Positive characters tend to stay one-dimensional. However, someone like Arjun can take many forms, may it be good, evil, or both. Now that is an appealing individual. He is someone who adds the right amount of spice and twist in the story, someone who should always stay true to his shady nature. 

Here goes a song in the name of Arjun. 

"Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie? You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal" ROFL ROFL



Character Index for Mahabharata (If you are not familiar with Mahabharata)

Arjuna - One of the five Pandava brothers. He is the most skilled archer and is always able to hit his target where he wants. Though he was very accomplished and could take down any enemy, he maintained high morals.

Karna - Son of Kunti and Surya the sun god. Kunti bore him as an unwed mother and could not raise him in fear of society. So she set him down the river and was adopted by Adhiratha. He did not know the origin of his birth till later. Karna's friendship and loyalty to Duryodhona bound him to fight against the Pandava brothers. But he did not have knowledge of Duryodhona's enmity against the Pandavas. He especially had animosity against Arjuna for winning over Draupadi. Is defeated by Arjuna during the battle of Kurukshetra.

Duryodhona -  Son of the Kauravas. His father was born blind and hence was denied power over the land, while the Pandavas were given power. This created a hatred for them in Duryodhona's heart as he was denied the throne. Duryodhona was

Sakuni - Duryodhona's uncle who had misguided him filled more poison in his heart for the Pandavas. Sakuni, wanted to take the Kuru Kingdom from the Pandavas for his nephews.

Subadra ' She was one of Arjuna's wives and sister of Krishna. She marries Ajruna despite her family being against it because they were cousins. Krishna advises Arjuna and Subadra to elope because Krishna had a soft spot for Arjuna and wanted the best for his sister. Subadra then pretends to kidnap Arjuna, so her family does not blame him for their elopement.

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Characters come in various colors. I like the gray ones. They are full of potential. Imperfect beings that make the story dynamic. Through their mere presence they create suspense. The truly intriguing ones can play others like pawn, but are somehow still human. Arjun Rathod is one such enigma. He's a fighter, a planner, a risk taker, a thinker, a free spirit. He loves Naintara and has bought her bull about Mean Swarthi Kameena. Why would he not? She is his trusted sister. Maan does not fall for his "peace" gambit, but the 3 ladies in his life appear susceptible to Arjun. Daadi he trust he seems o have won, Annie to his charms has fallen prey, Geet wants to give him scope. He may also have an admirer in Tasha, who can help him make inroads into Khurana Construction. But, let us not underestimate BabaMaanDev. 

What we do not know is what bad story NT has given about begunah Maan. What Arjun does not know is that the story is false and his sister is not suicidal, but homicidal. How will we react when he learns the truth? Will he be able to live with his actions? Will he be the Arjuna, Karna, or Duryodhana of this story? For those of you conphused ' Geet mein yeh log kaha hai? I am talking about the great Indian Epic ' Mahabharata, the ultimate treasure trove of grey characters.
  • Arjun: Is his name emblematic of his ultimately "white" nature? Arjun* Why might the paradigm fit? He is woeing the Advil against her brother's wishes for his own strategic reasons. Just like Arjun entranced Balaraama & Krishna's sister before her marriage to another. He has the strategic, artistic and combative nature. And once he learns the truth (becomes enlightened), as Arjuna was by Krishna on the cusp of the kurukshetra war, he may fight to defeat his own blood (NT).

  •  Karna: Or will his obligation to NT, as her brother, overwhelm his sense of justice or fair play (assuming he has some)? If so, will he gift away his armour like Karna at the start of the battle upon learning the truth of his birth and awareness that he was siding with evil? Yet, then proceed to side with NT regardless due solely to loyalty.

  • Duryodhana: Or will he stay staunch to the bitter end like Duryodhana. Seeing no wrong in what he is doing ' his mind entirely corrupted by his puppeteer (NT). Giving Maan takkar to his last breath/exit.

Which of these Gray Archetypes he will follow is for the Geet:HSP team to decide and for us to gobble up or gag upon. It would be kewl if they sketched remorse, inner-conflict, isolation, and desperation into Arjun Rathod's story that will keep him gray. How so?

  •  An occasional bout of perception that he is deluding an innocent girl, who herself has wronged none except the audience with her presence.
  • Glimmers of guilt when he is with Geet. Unbidden attraction to her radiant warmth
  •  Raw regret or rage that he cannot meet the eyes of MSK when he is defeated or enlightened
There are a 101 paths that Arjun can take into his destructive destiny. Here is but, a quick sampling:
  • Baazigar: He kills Anwesha not immediately but, later when he realizes that she is not MSK's jaan. He then gains entre into KC via Geet, whom he quickly becomes enamoured with. Then we can have Darr or a outright powerstruggle
  • Corporate Espionage: He can slowly siphon the secrets of Khurana Construction directly from the home, Tasha, etc. during the course of the event planning. Then use it against MSK when he's back from his honeymoon.
  •  Marriage Con: He can marry his way into the family ' seducing Annie and then maybe saving the bride from Brij, so its hard for even Maan to say "no". Then make work and family life for Maaneet total regret.
  •  Contract Out: He can bring recruit outside muscle (i.e. Sameera or Brij, as they may have mutual goals and would not know each other). But, he does not seem the designating type.
  •  Direct Warfare: We can rule out a straight up war at this early stage, as Arjun is intent on keeping his intentions hidden. But, later such a all-out corporate competition war might happen.

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TRPS, TRPS, and TRPS ~ it's all about those three letters and as to how we get those numbers? Along with a good plot, story, logic and screenplay we need a good marketing campaign..

Here are some ways of marketing the show more effectively.

Word of mouth 

The age old way of marketing, the time-tested formula.

For this to work CVs need to pull up their socks, because a good plot, logical story and good screen play can only make people recommend the show. to others. Geet has all the elements - good chemistry, a potential for a beautiful plot so CVs time to act is NOW and fix the story line

Interesting promos

Promos the best way of advertising the show. Don't we wait for the promo and analyze it and rip it? Be it the promo where Geet's bangles break or the promo of the fake mangetar. The suspense, the curiosity of what we will see and the wait for one promo to be completed so we can have another one

So how can we use the promos effectively??

The times when we had wonderful TRPs we had some good /intelligent promos which left us wondering and guessing and analyzing. A new Promo every week will help the AAM Janta who are not online to get excited and watch. Promos must leave the audience guessing and analyzing' and excited to watch the episodes.

Of late there has been a drop in the number of promos and even the ones that have come out have either come late in the game or are just clippings from the episodes...

The Precaps and the ads before the episode

CVs need to survey on what the audience wants to see. Maybe ask people to SMS/ conduct a survey or something creative. Knowing the pulse of the audience is essential to show the right precaps and mini promos before episodes.

If audience wants Maneet and they want their happiness, then showing Arjun and Anwesha before the episode will cause viewers to turn the TV off... Eg. Showing Maan and Geet's tailor scene would have helped gain TRPs more than Arjun-Anwesha lift scene.

The captions on the Geet ads before the episode sometimes don't match the show and that leaves the audience frustrated at times.e.g we saw Daarji will be back in Geet's life two days before but it is Brij who is back.

Why not have some quiz/contests based on episode for the viewers during the breaks with some exciting prizes? That will force viewers to watch the whole episode..


SBS- Oh its 2 pm and the first thot we have is whether Geet was on SBS today. We all wait for those SBS episodes and discuss the same for 50 pages on the den continuously but CVs this is a very important marketing tool that has to be used carefully.

Mahi Mahi dance was shown completely on SBS and the one seen on SBS was better than the one seen on the show. SBS should be used to build the suspense and viewers should not feel they are watching the actual show and the 9.30 pm slot is the edited REPEAT of the show'

Let's take the KBM, if we had not seen Maan saving Geet and the suspense was not out... on SBS I am sure the TRPS would have increased further. SO while we do need to advertise on SBS, probably every day it should not give away the whole show.. It should be the key highlights or the high points alone, not the whole episode..SBS should not give away information abt actors being on vacation etc that spoils the interest for the viewers'

So SBS should maintain the suspense element and ensure that the right  spoilers are released.

SBS can also be used to advertise contests on Geet on FB or star one site..

Facebook /Twitter and online tools

Online marketing can be a boon if used correctly.. or a bane if not used properly..Right now thiscan be used more effectively than the way its been used.... Why not have some good contests for viewers with exciting prizes( autographed pics, visits to the sets and more)  on FB and advertise the same before or during the show..

Spoiler pictures -  We  love and wait  for them  and OMG over J. I absolutely love them but then they are again better than what I see on screen and when they are released right before an episode giving away the whole storyline it takes the charm of the scene away'.

Tweets should happen from time to time on important high points alone' This gives the team a feel of the expectations audience has

Have some online surveys for what the audience wants and advertise the same during the show.. this is good customer feedback survey and will help with engaging the audience..


Articles should be released at the right time with authentic content. Articles are mostly wrong and the audience expects something based on the content but gets something totally different and that causes frustration.

Lastly, QUALITY speaks for itself  and no marketing will work without a strong and logical story and plot.The team should have conduct some surveys for customer feedback as well so the team knows what the audience is expecting .

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Hi peeps… today we will be exploring the marketing and promotion ideas….. I am going to keep my inputs short as we had already done a detailed promote Geet and award CVs with TRP thread where we gave ideas to the viewers for promoting the soap while today we will be looking at what the PH and the channel can do to promote the soap….we will essentially try to answer 3 questions- How, What and When…I am not segregating How, what, when….
There are a number of ways of marketing the daily soap. The print medium, the voice medium, the internet medium, visual medium and events – all can be used effectively to have a good marketing strategy.
Print Media
1.     Newspapers can be used effectively once a week to show the precap of the serial. Generally newspapers carry a written precap of 1-2 soaps daily…. Once a week, the soap can target to have its precap shown in various newspapers. Target the day when the most exciting event of the week is to be shown and give a precap in the newspaper that day.
2.     Page 3 of newspapers like Times of India, Mirror, India Express, DNA, Hindustan Times are read widely by readers. Once a month a small article on one of the cast along with the soap's name tagged would get the soap in the limelight….
3.     An event like Maan-Geet marriage should be promoted on a big scale by giving a half page advertisement in the newspaper atleast a week before the date of the episode where the marriage will air.
Voice media
1.     With Yash's entry there were contests on radio…such contests should become more frequent.
2.     Promote the serial with a precap and short story on the radio – FM is widely heard by anyone who travels in cars in India and with traffic being a major problem, people are bound to hear the radio through their travel time. Thus radio advertisement makes perfect sense.
3.     Merchandising can be used effectively…. Radio contests can result in Geet HSP merchandise as prizes… T shirts, coffee mugs, caps …
Visual medium – TV medium
1.     Promos – Remember the target audience when preparing the promo… target audience for star one is youth…and most people don't like tragic promos…. Promos need to be more cheerful and also promos need to come at the right time…. Promos should come before the entry of a character and not after the entry. For example – Brij's re-entry into GHSP yesterday came in the serial before the promo was released. Most of the promos in the past 2 months have come after the story started moving in the direction of the promo. The promo needs to be released before the story takes a particular turn.
2.     A generic promo is needed every month.  A promo which is a bit longer and can be aired on all sister channels…. A promo which indicates the story line for the next whole months…something which is suggestive and symbolic…. A promo like the office salsa dance promo released on all Star channels except Star one in the month of august…. Such promos generate interest….
3.     SBS and SBB segments – regular SBS and SBB segments are very essential. GHSP is getting it right when it comes to the number of times the serial is covered. However the content is not correct. Revealing too much thru a segment spoils the fun and the viewers then do not feel the need to watch the episode. The segment shud induce the curiosity in viewers to watch the episode… so leave the viewers hanging or wondering as to what is going to happen… just hints shud b given thru the SBS and SBB segment. For example  - Today's SBS and SBB segment showed the entire tub scene…. Whats the fun left now…. All know whats going to happen and how it will happen…. Curiosity got killed… instead the segment shud hv just shown geet waiting at the bath tub n then geet inside the tub getting agitated that she is all wet…maan trying to touch her hair…. The segment shud hv ended there…. Promote a serial..but also know how much to reveal….
4.     Precaps within the serial….finally the PH is getting this right….precaps of interesting events happening in the next day's serial give the viewers a reason to tune in again the next day….
1.     Articles on various e-media channels…. Release article about the new entries and future tracks with teasers on various channels like IF, Telly tadka, telly chakkar and also Star One.
2.     Use Facebook and twitter more effectively to interact with the viewers.
3.     Become more active on the discussion boards of facebook.
4.     The status msgs on twitter and facebook need to be catchy and teasing..not revealing too much…
5.     Spoiler pics- pictures released before the episode should reveal the entire episode…. Just 3-4 pics from the episode and that too dis-joint pictures…single picture from different scenes should be released before the episode to generate interest…post the episode the other pictures can be loaded…. Releasing a series of pictures from the upcoming episode gives away almost the whole episode and then viewers lose interest in watching the episode…
6.     Announce contests on Star one and here GHSP merchandise can be used as prizes….
1.     The leads of the show shud attend events together and promote the show.
2.     They can appear as chief guests at various college and school functions as GHSP's target audience is youth.
3.     The PH can become a sponsor of some college event…co sponsor.. and it can be an in kind sponsorship so that merchandise is used and GHSP will get promoted like that….
4.     Events like dance competitions or dialogue competitions can be arranged in the malls …like the radio events or movie promotion events that happen in shopping malls…. The leads can promote the show like this…

Ok that's it for the time being…. More pravachan will come tomorrow if I feel upto it …..

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Intelligent Promotion - Innovative Marketing

According to OTX - an online market research company, a staggering 51% people especially teens know about TV shows from ads or promos seen on TV closely followed by a 33% of people knowing through word of mouth and the remaining 26% through print advertisements. Traditionally, on-air promotions - commercials and interstitials - are considered the effective way of marketing TV shows. But to be effective, people need to actually see the ads. 

Ratings can always tell the studios and networks how many people watched their shows, but they can't indicate why people watched. For a show to succeed it is most critical to know in advance if a show is on pace to make a splash or limp out of the gate. Any audience input that can direct minor changes could mean the difference between a show's success and its failure.

The primary audience discussing Geet HSP is the highly influential group of females in the age group of 15-28. The reason Geet could make a mark soon after its launch was luckily for the show, these enthusiastic viewers were among the biggest proponents of online research and feedback mechanisms - telling friends over chat, or Facebook, over the phone or at a coffee joint about the TV show that really touched them. The main reason for their optimism was the lead protagonist who was facing a problem that's so prevalent in some parts of the country. It was a welcome change of pace for them. A dependable cast, an intriguing plot and a favorable timeslot also helped. Having a male protagonist with an air of mystery surrounding him and his actions and the vulnerability of an 18 year old in facing opposition from her family and the world but still finding a reason to smile made the show a strong watcher.

There was a time during the time Dev saw Geet in Delhi that Geet HSP promos were all over the television. On all major networks. That was strategy. Placing the ads at the right time at the right place in the right tone. That was the time we saw a climb of ratings. Interest was generated. The plan was laid. The story was told.

But we are seeing a dip in the ratings for the show now. The show still has a loyal audience who sit through and watch the show and their favorite actors. But for a show to sustain in the long run, it needs a new strategy, a wider audience, a wider reach. A story needs to be told in a way to engage the audience. The show needs to be marketed and promoted. What can be done?

1. Hire a Digital Person who's the semi-public voice for the show:

Yes, GEET on Facebook is a person who talks about the show. But you need a person who is publicly known. Not a digital publicist. But someone who twitters about the show, who has an email address every fan has in their contact list. Someone who has access to the production house and whose primary job is to build excitement for the show. This person needs to dole out photos and info, answering questions and being a "fan" of the show. 90% of the time, fan websites for a show are far superior to the official network efforts. Harness that energy and bring it in-house. Yes, this will cost a bit of a money. But it is still a cost-effective way to build anticipation. 
Secondly, having a digital person helps in calming the nerves of the viewers in case a twist comes up in the show. For negative publicity is the worst kind of publicity that any show can receive.

2. Release info about the show frequently.

SBS and SBB is doing this for the show. These shows offer glimpses of what to expect in the next few days. Photos are released on GEET Facebook to generate interest. But sometimes these tend to fire back as the audience does not want to know too much. Generate interest but don't lose audience. If they have seen the entire sequence on SBB or SBS why would they want to repeat watch the same thing on the show again? It is as good as burning out your own audience. Publicize the show, but in the form of behind-the-scenes look, interviews with the leads. A photo or two to generate interest, but not give out the plot.

3. Realize that you cannot control the message.

The most frustrating thing for the makers of a show is that the fans don't always understand what's going on with the show. Sometimes the comments are not complimentary. And darn it, the fans just won't play nice and listen only to the network branding of the show. The truth is no matter how hard you try, you can never control what people say about a show. You can't even really be the place for people to come and talk about the show online. But the makers can be a moderating voice in the discussion. It is important for the makers of the show to help guide the discussion and use the inside knowledge of the show to build interest. Listen to the fans, take their inputs and utilize them if it suits you. Don't ignore them, but don't patronize them too. The future of every television show lies online at a time of declining network budgets and fewer promotional rupees. Even though you cannot harness that energy completely, you can direct in some directions that will help the bottom line.

4. Utilise the digital press wisely.

There are a lot of people writing about television online. Choose them. Check the size of their audience, the quality of their reporting and the likelihood that a story will not just find the intended audience, but be passed around across the web.

5. A strong story to tell.

Any amount of promotion or marketing the show won't work, if there is no story to tell. Along with the star power, there has to be plot twists and edgy writing. There has to be a target audience and the story has to be told so that they get the message. Use the feedback in the form of ratings and audience input to reposition the marketing efforts, to change plots or even recast roles if the script demands.  GEET HSP has a strong storyline. There is a social message in it. Market how the show is different from others. Highlight the problems of the society, but don't preach. The show can reach over to the young girls who are subject to such atrocities, to the families of such girls who suffer, to the organizations that work on rehabilitating such girls, to the men of the society to stand up and offer companionship to such girls. There is no dearth of viewership if the story is told in a gripping way.

6. Use other medium.

The print medium for example. Give out advertisements in the newspapers at the time of a high point. Create a countdown if possible. Advertise on billboards. Never underestimate the person stuck in a traffic looking at the billboard. Include a video ad with other shows streaming online on Star networks. Stream a part of the show on Facebook. But before anyone can watch, ask them to send the promotional clips to a few of their friends, a way of forcing word-of-mouth.

7. Audience involvement.

Have a contest with the audience involvement. Ask them for ideas, ask them what they would like to see. Give out GEET merchandise. Involve them and acknowledge them for they are the ones who keep your show running.

There is an insatiable demand for quality television. Perhaps the answer to this marketing conundrum is as simple as this: make innovative, smart, entertaining shows and the audience will find them.

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Dare to be different

David Blaine the Illusionist markets his credentials on the streets of New York as a street magician and rises to the top of magician charts and you are left wondering at his gall.

Barack Obama speaks at U of Michigan and tries to sell his performance and goals in schools and colleges.

George Bush during his Presidency spent time in that infamous 911 incident reading a nursery rhyme at Booker Elementary School to show the grandfatherly gentleman that is the Commander-in-Chief.

The Orson Welles adaptation of the H.G. Wells story the "War of the Worlds" lead to a scream with Welles's War of the Worlds radio broadcast on October 30, 1938, convincing Americans that Martians were attacking Grover's Mill, New Jersey.and people were seen running in fear that Martians were all set to take over from earthlings.

Closer home, and in recent times, Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots saw some innovative marketing techniques with the famous butt chairs making their presence felt in super malls and public places with being pictured in it becoming a fad or fashion and Khan himself roaming around the country for two weeks in disguise and challenging his fans to spot him. 

Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D'Souza spent a night together in a car to promote their film Chance Pe Dance, Amitabh Bachchan read news on a TV channel to promote Rann, while actress Neha Dhupia threw condoms at a college crowd - all this to publicize their films.

That old belief that quality begets you an audience is a thing of the past when choices have multiplied.

The below-the-line activities, a marketing parlance for non-mass media promotions, was a successful formula that producers and stars, even established ones are hitting on to market their product, be it a film or a book or a work of art.

Creating a buzz is the keyword that drives product positioning and it has triggered a new race for fresh and more aggressive marketing methods. 

Part IIThe MarathonThe Marathon Runner, The Podium

The Marathon

The Boston Marathon or The New York Marathon or even the Pune Marathon always aim to succeed. 

It is a long stretch, it is not like a 100 M sprint that is done and over with in the current world record of  9.69 seconds Usain Bolt. 

The organizer has to plan for any unplanned event as most times Marathons be it the New York Marathon or the Pune Marathon run on the streets where there could be other eventualities that derail the course of the event or impact it.

The Channel

Star One's overall GEC is about 3 as compared to Star Plus which is about 30 odd. Therein, lies the difference between a 4.0 or something TRP that a show on Star Plus generates in the same time slot against Star One's GHSP.

So, the channel being the event organizer or the host should first off broaden it's marketing spectrum and consider newer and unique segments to target in terms of consumers for their overall content as well as in terms of age group, markets, consumer base. I am sure their marketing heads with great credentials from premier business schools should all be considering factors such as reach, availability, and exploited or currently utilized.  

There is a saying this side of the street that you can't know what you are losing until you are losing it and you can't know what you would gain had you been looking at B Street from the intersection point of D and L street . Well, to befit that analogy, let me give you a simple example, your target consumers are 13-30+ though you might say it is 18-35, cause today youngsters at 13-14 look for serials and most have a mix of literature ranging from Harry Potter to Jane Austen to an M & B on their shelves and these are the consumers that watch with avid interest an SRK-Kajol film. 

They start young these days and it is not limited to teenagers alone, even pre-teens watch romance and drama. 

Some suggestions:

Every college has an annual fest and it has some random cultural fest or something. These are good places for getting publicity through viral marketing and sponsorship of a part of the program like a fancy dress competition or even a dance competition with theme of the Channel's main shows. It would work.

Precent/Proof of Concept: A  college fest managed by a Geetian/Geet fan in Ahmedabad had some of the contestants don the garb of GEET the main protagonist in Geet HSP. And it was a roaring success.

Kitty parties/ladies clubs: These are places where women randomly socialize and share thoughts and ideologies. The Channel could target these groups and try to garner their responses by tailoring one or two episodes based on their needs and fancies.

Social organizations: A strong concept or theme that can be marketed to specific core social group such as GEET HSP's initial storyline of a small town girl who is deceived etc., within the subject matter and framework of honor killings.

Location: Being able to weave in all the locations they want to target by using local famous spots eg., like they used the Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah for the Teri Deewani segment during that specific time and marketing it to the specific consumers through viral marketing or internet could help fuel more mileage.

Here I would like to add why the Hoshiarpur segment did not work in the initial days in generating TRPs and the Delhi segment worked was that at that time, GHSP had low visibility on online or social media, there was less buzz and lower volumes of content on GHSP generated everywhere

- Billboards. Most shows that are popular in rival channels seem to have well placed Billboards or placards in all the right places and points, which is something to be considered.

Support a Cause: If the channel is smart, it would tie itself into one of the causes like NDTV has tied itself in to the "Save the tiger" campaign and as a BYPRODUCT of that support is reaping benefits with celebrity marketing of that cause thereby, positioning its brand internationally with the extinct tigers that is a cause for concern from Africa to Americas.

Promos Commissioning of and Airing of: I know for a fact that it is the channel's prerogative and that it costs tremendous amounts of money, air time, production time, and may be even the Production House is charged/debited for the aired slots as per rate/per airing. So, would it not make sense to make these promos intelligent and superior than the run of the mill products? There was a time when the promos were unique and had a varied flavor and design. They were also well crafted. That is the way to go, SUBTLE marketing wins over quantity.


It has been brought to our attention that it is the Channel that holds Copyrights on all brands of the Serials that it airs such as GHSP/Geet/Geet Hui Sabsey Parayi/Maan/Maan Singh Khurana, which are brands in itself with a strong social presence and online market positioning. I think the channel should capitalize on it and cross sell these brands to advertisers as well as utilize these brands in pushing their products. As also, start to build on these brands through merchandising T-shirts, caps, clothe bags that are modeled on products that are used by these protagonists. These can be done through online Paypal or Ebay account through their official channel and some form of payment systems built into their system and handling and logistics outsourced.

Here I would like to recommend to the Channel a few important posts that could give a glimpse or idea as to what or how:

Which Brands Could 'Geet HSP' Characters Endorse by deejayaqueel

Geet Merchandising Random Ideas Horseplay

Bring on Ur White T's
 [this could be run as a slogan contest by the official channel web site and the T's could be sold by the web site with a few given off as freebies]

The Production House

They already have existing Facebook and Twitter pages where their FB page has touched a 6-figure mark in 8 months. 

They should capitalize on these numbers.

Invisible marketers/Backup marketing team:  A one third of those 100,000 above users on Facebook that have liked GHSP are your invisible and backup marketing team whose word-of-mouth marketing, whose engagement, whose buzz could act as positive channels or negative channels. 

Leveraging them and utilizing them successfully, strategically will lead to a great success story that has not been envisaged when originally the page was conceived. For this you need to get out of your traditional thinking patterns and adapt to a new and fierce marketing technique that may be none of the B-schools of today teach and can only be learned at Starbucks or at how an American traditional blue denim has become a matter of choice to a young 16-yr, old traditional Muslim boy in Muzzfarpur, if you can understand that, you can understand what I am implying. 

The power of the web is like hydel electricity power generation, harness it and channel it properly and it could lead to humongous groW*H and success stories. But for that you need out-of-the-box thinking and realization that this is one loyal customer base that you need to exploit to germinate and pollinate.

Local Print Media/Regional Press/Language Press

The PH should also think of using the local media and regional press to push its product with paper inserts/news items in language dailies, or sponsoring story contests in regional/lanugage weeklies and monthlies such as Lokmat, Anand Bazar Patrika, Navbharat Times, Mayapuri etc., 

The Marathon Runner

If we can conceive a story that can catch up with the times and weave current events as sub plots or variations in theme, or as just anecdotes then we can really play a different ball game altogether.

You started with the story of a girl who fights odds, weaved in the social evil of honor killings. Till date it is still rampant in Haryana. But there are about so many wonderful women who have been rehabilitated and there are people fighting the kaap panchayats. If you can bring these anecdotes as a sub text into the story in the end and map it to how real stories like Geet have coped and survived to emerge victorious against such social evils, you can easily catch the pulse of the audience and build on the ship of faith and hope. Think how inspiring it will work as a backbone to the story.

If you can weave in elements like the current injustice of the Arushi murder case etc., into it, don't you think intelligent news items in popular media could push your serial into the limelight?

The Podium

It is actually the pinnacle and these are many, one is from a creative perspective reaching top notch quality where your product speaks for itself. Two, is from a marketing perspective where you brand builds itself and benefits from itself. Brand positioning in people's mind to brand identification with several facets of life, personality, products, consumer choices in consumption of products related or pushed by your brand. Thirdly, it is about the sheer increase in reach, and audience and thereby, the number of persons switching on and tuning in to your product at that specific time eagerly, loyally till kingdom come.

End note on the theme of Marketing & Promotion: I conclude sincerely herewith on my monologue and self dialogue that is inspired from my addiction to Geet HSP for the past 199 episodes. It is a humble and modest attempt to explore possibilities and is NOT a path-breaking effort. It is done purely for my own satisfaction. It is neither comprehensive nor do I claim it to be factual. - Thank you!!!

Episode 199

A few short notes:

- What if Brij would not be the ultimate evil in the long run; he might see his sister's happiness and that she is going to be married. Hence the contention for the family dishonor goes out of the window and the BIG TWISTER what if it is that on the day of the SHAADI it is BRIJ who does the KANYADAAN of GEET or brings the whole HP family to do the KANYADAAN - Aisa Bhi Ho Sakta Hai 


Taking that Athletics analogy further, we can call an individual episode as a 400 M run or 400 M Relay if you take story and time of each episode. So just like a race strategy is needed to win a 400 M run or 400 M Relay Run, we need to plan and strategize an individual episode.

A Very Unique Suggestion by Blueberry_07

Maybe the promotional crew of GHSP could do a MAHIIIIIII roadshow one day...ROFLROFLROFL...since everybody go by Geet as being the Mahiiiiiiiii show ROFLROFL

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The dance 
the eternal dance 
of the soul is 
my quest

The smile, to smile in the face of all odds is my only adornment
To light up with cheer is in my being
To just see the goodness and shining spirit bubbling forth is my sight

To believe
To have faith
To trust
To innocently trust

That every day brings 
with it a new promise, 
a new hope, a new dawn

This is me ~ GEET
and this is MY STORY ~ Geet Hui Sabsey Parayi
Par na hui apne aap sey kabhi na parayi

Come on, share with me my smiles 
Dance with me and let the oceanic wave of deepest love of life
Wash away all the world's ills and troubles


- Geet 
A first person account of 

PS: The DEN THEME for tonight is "GEET - The Character ~ An Exploration"

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