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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

TREAT FOR CVS - with badam da akhrot!! (Page 2)

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LIST OF ERRORS!!!!Broken Heart



the most striking blooper it was raining wen geet entered to station & not wen maan entered... 

most important it did not look like any DELHI station :(

& he had time to change clothes & come ?

shouting geet geet in mute mode? 

& can anyone point out frm were geet went how she jumped & went out frm her room wen maan entered ?? 



wat abt maan falling into the bag ? & thise chor bacche never interfre?/
& most imp!!! maan's memories he was thinking of tat green dress gift which geet was actually imagining ??? 

and while playing hide & seek both of them wore THE INVISIBILTY CLOAK i guess, how else can u justify the scene wen both standing jus behind the other ?? 




the flight scenes ? manali takes an over night tracel ?

they should have maintatined some cconsistency,


maan goes out in search of her ? & finds her in bench which loooked more like a garden set up of some home rather than a roadaway bench??






how come snowfall stucks only geet & not maan?? 

some kind of water proof jacket he is wearing 


do ppl leave their house open for strangers to step in & make themselves comfortable ?? 

& most important such a biggy house & no room to change clothes for my darling geet ?? 



how come on both clipplings wen they showed the house frm outside it was PINKY'S HOUSE

atleast some other house they could have shown na?? 


SHIRT ?? maan wore a semi sleeve & wen geet gets to wear it , it turns out to be a full sleeve ??


& dupatta, some kind of bed covering or watever the skirt was i could not think 


Getting little out ? did anyone happen to notice the bed position ?? 

wen they entered the house it was so far frm the window 

& during the song sequence wen she had to lie down it jus popped out close to the window?? aladdin ki mat tha kya??

as the talks b/w maan & gett the dialogues were awesomely written, but again i had doubt as it was procceding whether they were seated or standing ?? it did'nt look proper ?? 


the wodden screen & the window's postion in relation to fri & yesterday epi were not coherent... 


& geet ?? her voice was'nt dubed properly, it lost the charm of the intro scenes...



i thought the garedn was a part of khurana mansion ???  frm where did the children start playing in private constructions ??? thoda illogical laga yaar 

& the funniest part!! has not maira seen geet in that file ? & while confronting her how come she forgot tat it's geet ??? 







does the link or a connector pay its existence betwen the outhouse & the kurana' mansion ??/

  it was pathetic yaar... seriously it took moments for me to understand tat it was a poor shoor blooper... 


out of ??? how come geet is apparated ?? i  can use no other word....

how come she lands inside the mansion seconds after her room scene ??? yup, y'day it was bad

& maan standing behind tat wodden screen, he is tall his head was seen a top ? still 3 ladies & even dadima cant make out tat someone was standing ??? 


& my sweetie had to bath twice within minutes?? was'nt the first scene she was dryingher hair & again u show her in the bath tub?? logic??? 

hospital clock : AM  Telling again,,,,, no more clocks in BG..... it hurts time yaar.... it's very small to notice but dunno y i get pissed looking at clocks... may be cos i cant handle time effectively so i get nerved down seeing it!!!


position sense :  time & again,, dunno how many times ve told this.. but i still happen to see tat distance apart while  a single dialogue is delivered... the beloved editing team ?? have u lost it agagin ?? i find it silly tat u ppl can manage ti ignore such things??









It was a full moon day when Maan puts khandani ring on Geet. Consider that as day 1 and how many days have gone by since that...


Day 1 - Maan puts ring on geet's fingers

Day2 - Geet's ring circulates in the office and lands in Maan's hands and he puts it back on geet - enter demellos - discussion on pyar ki nishani bunglow - Maaneet ask each other pyar ke maainey and get answers

Day3 - Demello's wedding - pregnancy revelation

day4 - Maan avoiding geet - Geet runs behind Maan's car-maan stops-geet faints-maan brings her to his room-takes care

Day5- Geet's past revelation to Maan - Maan brings geet back at Khurana house

Day6 - leave for Manali to manage the lie they told dadi

Day7 - Roop tera mastana

Day8 - Back at Delhi-Maan angry with Geet- Dadi announces engagement party - Maaneet go on date - Geet confesses love

Day9 - engagement day - Maan shuru hua subheh - maannet go to doc - back for bhangra - getting ready for engagement - Maan clarifies to Geet that henceforth everything between them would be true including the engagement  - AGAIN IN FRONT OF FULL MOON????


How is it possible????



on engagement night maan showed geet the full moon & nxt day maan's accident & the night in hospital & nxt morning the lift wala scenes & night he is back home ? were did the moon appear from??? 







maan & his substantiation tat he can read her ??

he was the one who could see tears in her eyes in mid rain tat dhaba wala scene & wen she stood in front of him fully broken he could not sense from her words ? her tone ?

maan & his justification??

i care for my bro? o really ? then where did u go wen he needed u the most ?

he is little shararati ?? o really?? with 3 known gf so far we know ??

he is good at heart ??? o really ??? wen he is gonna leave geet , y he choose to make love with her tat fateful night ???


maan & himself ??

did he not tell us all who keep doubitng that he has changed, tat he is still the MSK ?

but he spoilt tat image ? his rxn to adi's comments on tevar i sould not justify ?? 

& i forgive him everytime??? SO THIS TIME TOO U'LL SHOW MAAN FORGIVING DEV ?





NO U FAILED........





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ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

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pinky's dad !! i guess the cv's r thinking we have memory loss....

1. geet's dad wen he spoke to PINKY'S dad had clearly told him tat dont ask me any questions as y geet left HP it's cos of some personal family prob & we cant discuss, so Mr. mirchandani could never now it frm geet;s dad.


2. wen geet told pink's dad tat she was pregnant, he told beta i completely trust u & will not ask u any question...




& pinky??? were is our dialogue writer?????? 

geet & maan are in DELHI......

then how come pinky' tells her dad that geet mangni chod kar MUMBAI se chali gayi???






so if maan & dev came in lIft side by side how come they not meet in the ground floor ??

the lift ? in 3rd floor ?

maan's cabin was in 7th flooor as per previous epiSODES??




OMG 2 hrs in lift ?? & jus so little talk & conversations had happened in office?

1. did not the security inform anyone about lift entrapment ? contact b/w lift & office ? no phone? no alarm? no buzzer??

3.maaan's entry is like ambulance siren in office so no one gotta know he even came to office?

4. the guards called up themselves ? could not inform office in charge to contatct for ambulance? 

abin was in 7th flooor as per previous epiSODES??



 geet lands up in jail after a heavy conversation & mr.maan still roaming in corridors of a hospital not even in ICU ?? 

really delhi's traffic is falling heavy on maan but geet from HP has been saved from such things!! 


remember the DNA testing thing, well ok the hospital will have the DNA information about the father but how to comapre maybe they have a CSI database with them



remember this is india there is no dna database available!! 


ICU: is there any ICU with a single bed ?? even CCU"s have multiple beds...


surgery: we were supposed to believe maan was heading for a surgey ?

how does he land up in ICU without any formal treatment?? do the dotors jus tell he is still serious even without an OT scene??


sanjivani : back to square one!!! 


geet runs to room nos 303? & nurse comments on patient nos 12 ? 

doctor told dadi maan is in ICU?? dailogue writers ? no?again ?

y do i happen to get angry with each of u in turns?? me has royally been fed up with the room && icu triangle!! 

icu & 12 & 303? & now a square? room 26 ??? & to top it all the corrridors is the OBG ward!!

so many baby photos around!!!


cauliflower>??? i guess the hospital is the one going to be constructed in space!! against gravity or zero gravity!!!   tell me were did the cauliflower fall??? if newton was in one such a place his theory of gravity would have escaped & me & all of u reading physics would have lessened!!!

Actually the most famous Maan's Kiss on Geet's forehead was two different shots..joined one shot Maan was holding her head (can clearl;y see that ) and in other shot he was not holding her head....may be they shot it twice and while editing forget the exact positioning of Maan's hand.

 & BE4 TAT REMEMBER the hugs & shugs :

 I counted the camera panned around them 11 times...shubh hai yaar..


the beloved poetry & cards & the writing!!


1. poetry me lovezz the dialogue writers.. bharry good no gr8 work but cvs u ppl could have suggested some logical execution of it? & director sir me izz pissed urentire team needs a make over wen one department is excellent the other does horrendous job?

wat is ur ulterior motive???


2. love written poems in a hospital flower room cards?? some get well msg r supposed to be written right?


3. & u wanted to showcase all the card tat were gifted to u kya?? so many new cards??


4. it was written in braill' script yaar!!


 a. cos geet had poor eyesight but she managed to read it...

 b. both of them were looking up & down & readin so the eyes were not focussed to it but the hands were... 

 c. so they felt the braile acript of dots, which fit into such small cards too & they managed to read it even while looking around....

jus wen maan got admitted in morning he was supposed to be critical & not even midnight all his reports turn out normal ??? 













10) the journey of misunderstanding :

1. the camp confession scene ? who took the pic  & released it to press???? if & oly if the driver had done tat!!! 


2. the hospital hug photo was ok,i mean anyone could have clicked it ?? 


meeera's bed pe yaash ki sandwich ???????


& meera' bed room keeps changing like werrrrr???



y u ppl hasting out with unnecessary ideas of 1 week later stuff?? already geet is preg with how many months oly u ppl can xplain & u wanna run the story with weeks later & still dont care to show her preg?? 


meera's room is the world for me!!! its so different each time ?? i wish we all have such rooms which change with luxury every other scene... tats the advantage of being an interior decorator i guess, we can do make over of our rooms every night!!! 



geet gets locke d up ??? &&&& maan can hear her downstairs ?? 


tell me he has stolen the EXTENDABLE EARS from fred & george weasley!!! 


ok so geet steps down on maan's shoulder without a tactile sense of stepping into human?? 

& her BLINDSGHT some one take her to doc plzz.... 


were was maan standing ?? behind the ladder in one scene & in the next in front ? my beloved editing team me izz so upset with no improvement in ur work ?? 






the first scene!! downstairs the time was 11.45 & wen geet springs up withthe file its 2.01 ?? how how ??? have u turned on the hour glass?? stole it frm the MINISTRY new collections???




THE BEST BLOOPER!!! CHANGING ROOMS IN OFFICE!!! how come onl yone piece of wodden stand stuck out orphaned in the office ? & maan jumping in there too ?? weird to the power of inffinity!!! 





POOJA IN silent mode!!!  diwali in funeral dress code ??????????



THE BEST ::::: jail main rest!!!!!


acha dev she produced nakli papers &&& u told haan hum log canada mein the???


chi moi... u told main prashyatap karoonga... but kab?? JHOOT BOLKE"" jhoot ka saath dekar?? 


THE LOGIcs HAS BEEN COMPletlwt eloped here!!!


dont tell me the air officers have some thing call IMMIGRATION papers & tickets ??????









how come maan can get healed off from lift fall & candle fire & HP GUN attack but not the POOJA THALI AARTHI ??? ok i tell u DIIVINE POWERS OF FIRE R MORE THAN THE PHOENIXXXXX righttt??????/



THE LAL LAL HANDKY : playing hide N seek in maan pocket!!!! 


HOW come oly maaneet get alone in bheed ???


1. PEE LOON sequence ??


2. IN SHIMLA roads???


3. on true engagement morning bath tub scene ???




5. &&& now the DIWALI SET UPPP !!!! 






12) PARTY !!! ---- logic : subtract it frm this show & watch wit Zero expectations : then u ll all ingoy!!!! 

1. dev stayed in meera multiple roomed house && geet did not see him ? 


Blind kingdom rules.... CROWNS to u!!!! 


2, party at day time ? 


3. were r the business ppl who were invited??


4. all wore the sme dress except arhaana were did & wen did she change?


5. outhouse furnitures in farmhouse too ??? 


6. THE UNDESERVED SLAP>>>>> am against it, so will nt comment.. am still defending MAAN...... 


13) THE maang BHari ful SINdoor da lahu.....



GEET seated in heR seat as usual Wit SEat BElts so tat ur TUMmy is proTECted!!! my CUtiea lagaoifies sloW motion Mein BREAk  kk itussi totally unaware of it!!! 


HE helds out the WOUND HEALED hands no pieces of Glass he is a flying PHOenix& ur TEARS u stole FRM DUMBLedor' phoeniX!!! 



& U GET UP... arg I SEE THE SEAT BELT IS MISIING COS NO need of protection now, maan will dothe honours of proyection....


u walk & there he walks... footSTeps in STlye.... 

&  ^& the GLucose levels goes down.... gith tussi na neeche giro, cos it'll turn unlucky  13 th time tat ADREnaline Will rush into maa n to carry u!!!  but my GEET nothing is UNLUCKY b/w u & my maan.. this !13 time nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... its the first time he carries u aFter marriage.....



& i see GITh upset in her ROOm ... how sad .. No decors on BED for SR, now i undersatbd her sad felings.... 



^ i SEE THE FULL moon again which makes its apperance evry other day wenever  maan calls for it!!! but i see the missing dialogues... no witness mooning now???


cause this SR is to be private....


moi izz jumping by the dialogues.. & cnat say anything but bow my head down & SAlute....



 both  walk in stlye to the bed & all those passioncate & caring Moments Left me COnfused as y munda got up frm BED ??? ARGH.. nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......


i see gith hold on like a small kid to its fav toys.. me dheddding tears for her beautiful expressions.....


& moi stll jumpin with Dialogues.... 


& moi closed my eyes to SEE : am borrowing shonnu' words.. AIR chi : maan kissing eyelashes & 76% nitrogen.. tat the COncentration of nitrogen in Air... 

& i SEE maan kissing his own hands.. OmG!!!



& i turn to look into mirros In the ROOm to see reflLECTio then i remember ? how THESE PPL r wearing THE INVISIBILTY CLOAK .. how canthey be visib;le on it ?? 


THEn i see maan get up & do the HOnours of SEDuction & lie DOWn with her.... 




Tell moi were did geet get her clothes from &  wardrobe full of clothes'.


Am sure Meera would have packed & sent it to outhouse on geet's request after the marriage wala scenes!!!






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I really hope CVs read this pot please paste this on GEET FB

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DEaling with all the events tat could have been a turning point!!!!

no worries only tellies....... 




                     A boy is about to come to see Geet. Darjee warns Geet to never repeat the mistake of forgetting to wear her dupatta. Geet requests her mother Rano not to get her married so soon. Rano tells her that no one can go against Darjee's will.The boy's family arrives at Geet house.Dev's family is shocked to see Geet as she was the same girl they spotted in the fields without her dupatta. Darjee apologizes to Dev's family about Geet's immaturity.Everyone is shocked and happy to hear Dev accepting Geet's proposal.Everyone is shocked when Dev says that he was looking for a girl like Geet.Dev's family too agrees to make Geet their daughter-in-law. Darjee forcibly makes Geet accept the proposal.The elders decide to perform pre marriage ritual. Everyone is shocked as dev insists on talking to geet privately.Dev asks geet's wish but she hesitates to talk. Dev's mother wants the marriage to happen at their place.Geet tells dev that she doesn't want to go to Canada.
Dev is upset at geet's wish of not going to Canada with him.NT requests darji to keep the marriage proposal discrete until the pre-marriage ritual takes place.Geet tells rano that she told dev about her wish of not going to Canada after marriage. Rupinder stops rano from telling this to the family.Darjee and family celebrates lohri. Rupinder and rano are worried about dev not showing up.Channi's mother questions brij about channi whom they had killed. Dev's family overhears Brij telling Channi's mother about killing Channi.Channi's mother curses darjee and family for killing channi. Dev assures geet about making Canada like india for her. Darjee asks brij about channi.Geet is happy as dev didn't tell his family about her wish of not going to receives a call from someone which upsets him. Geet's family is worried as dev's family is upset and questions them. Dev's family tells geet's family that he has to go on an urgent work to Canada and he will only return after a year. Darjee breaks the relationship as he cannot wait for one year. Mohinder requests darjee to reconsider the descision but darjee refuses. Rajji takes geet outside to meet presents a stole to geet but she refuses to accept it. Brij sees dev and geet together and beats up dev for meeting geet outside. Dev saves geet from darjee's anger. Police comes to darjee's house to inquire about channi who was killed by brij.darjee asks police to bring proofs before questioning. Dev apologises for all the problems caused. darjee asks dev if he would like to get married to geet in 3 agree's for the marriage . the pre marriage rituasl is about to take place.the pre marriage ritual takes place. Both families congratulate each other. Geet is upset as she has to leave for Canada in three days. Naintara tells Rano that she couldn't get enough jewels for Geet as she couldn't convert her dollars. Rano decides to give away her jewellery to Dev's family.Mahinder sends Geet outside with Dev. Rupinder scolds Rano for giving away all her jewellery. Darjee asks Rupinder to share her jewellery too which upsets her.Brij is angry to see Dev and Geet together again. Dev requests Brij to behave himself with Geet when he scolds her. Some lady calls Mahinder and tells him to meet her in order to know the truth about Dev's family.Rano shows all the jewellery to Dev's family. Dev's mother requests Rano not to tell anything to Dev regarding this. Mahinder spots Kamya stealing a neck-piece. Mahinder starts doubting Dev and his family. Brij informs everyone about dev's family heading towards hoshiyarpur with their jewelries. They check for dev's family in the rest house but dont find them so they suspect them of running and family surprises everyone by coming with jewels for geet.mohinder tells darjee about an unkown call from a lady but darjee apposis meeting her. Darjee tells mohinder not to doubt dev's family as they are respected people but mohinder decides to meet the lady.






 Dev calls Geet and requests her to meet him outside.
 Mahinder comes to meet the unknown lady who called him. Dev makes the meeting with Geet romantic. The lady tells Mahinder that Dev's family had earlier harassed a family for dowry.
 Dev assures Geet that he will always keep her happy. Mahinder takes the lady home to prove it to Darjee about Dev's family's fraud.
The lady sees Dev's family and tells Mahinder that she mistook them and that the family she was talking about is not them. Darjee gets angry on Mahinder for insulting Dev's family and asks him to apologize to Dev and his family.
 Dev stops Mahinder from apologizing but Darjee opposes and makes him apologize to all.

Dev's mother is tensed as she thinks about the consequences they would have faced if that unknown lady would have told the truth about their fraud. Naintara says she bribed the lady for keeping her mouth shut.
 Dev cheers up Geet as she is upset for Mahinder who had to apologize to everyone. Geet is touched by Dev's concern towards her and her family.
Both the family's come to a market together. Geet goes to an astrologer who tells her that she is going to meet her life partner today. Dev calls Geet aside to meet but by the time she reaches he leaves.
 The families leave thinking that Geet would be inside one of the cars whereas Geet is still in the market. Geet doesn't find her family members anywhere and some guys start following her.
 Geet tries running away from the guys and they follow her. She bumps into a stranger in the market.



Rude stranger
 Geet requests the stranger to help her from the guys but he doesn't. While running away from the guys, Geet falls into a river and that stranger saves her from drowning.
When Geet's family reaches home they realize that Geet is missing. The stranger helps Geet reach her village after many requests by Geet.
 Darjee, Dev and few others go back in search of Geet. Geet tries to interact with the stranger but he doesn't respond to her in a decent manner.
 Geet sees the stranger's arm injured and offers help which gets him angry and he drops her mid way. Geet is happy to meet her family.
 Darjee and Brij scold Geet for being so irresponsible

 Brij scolds Geet for seeking help from a stranger. Geet is upset with the way women are ill treated by men in their family.
The mehendi ritual takes place. Dev selects a mehendi design for Geet.
Mahinder overhears Kamya telling Dev's mother that they will fly to Canada soon after the marriage. Geet's family confronts Dev's mother regarding this as Geet doesn't have a visa.
 Brij questions Dev about him returning to Canada without Geet and Dev says that he is trying for Geet's visa.
 Rajji tells Dev to search his name in the mehendi Geet has applied.

Dev's mother is worried as everything inauspicious is happening before marriage. She requests Dev to re think about the marriage. Rano overhears this and tells it to her family.
Dev tells everyone that Naintara will go on behalf on Geet for the visa interview. Naintara takes Geet's signature on blank papers before leaving.
 Dev and Geet meet in the field. A pre marriage ritual takes place.
 Geet is upset as she will be leaving her family and going to Canada. Dev's mother is against cheating Geet and her family.
 Dev's mother decides to stop Geet's wedding as she doesn't want to spoil her life.

Naintara stops Dev's mother from stopping Geet and Dev's wedding. Geet remembers the good times spent with her family members.
Geet and Dev get married. The stranger who helped Geet is shown searching for someone near the same temple where Geet is being wed.
Everyone blesses the newly wed couple. The stranger doesn't find the person he is looking for.
Darjee handovers the property papers of Geet to Dev. Everyone is shocked to see Kamya forcing her mother to accept the papers.
Dev's mother is upset for cheating Geet and her family.

Everyone gets emotional during Geet's bidaai.
Dev's mother feels guilty for cheating Geet. Dev and Geet's car breaks down. Geet witnesses Dev's angry side for the first time.
Naintara consoles Dev's mother. Dev and Geet walk through the jungle to reach a lodge to spend their night. Dev gets Geet's jewelries removed.
Naintara tries to call up Dev but he doesn't respond. Naintara confesses that she is Dev's wife.
Naintara in jealousy tells Dev's mother that she is Dev's real wife and his wedding with Geet was forged.

Dev brings Geet to a lodge to spend a night. Naintara is worried as Dev and Geet are missing.
Dev tries to get close to Geet but she avoids his advancements. Kamya and Naintara set out to search Dev.
Geet and Dev spend their first night. Naintara reaches the lodge and confronts Dev. Dev warns Naintara to not address herself as his wife in public.
Geet again bumps in to the same stranger who earlier helped her. The stranger accuses Geet of being dependent and weak. Geet finds the stranger arrogant.
The stranger wonders why Geet always unwittingly enters his life.

Dev tells Naintara that he will directly meet her at the airport. Dev assures Geet of never leaving her.
Dev brings Geet to the airport. Dev checks in Geet's luggage and asks his family to go to the waiting room.
Dev brings the boarding passes. Naintara offers to have coffee.
Maan is looking for a piece of land which belongs to Geet's family.
Dev mixes a tablet in Geet's coffee.

Dev gives Geet the coffee in which he had mixed the tablet. Dev's mother gets restless on seeing Geet drink the coffee.
Geet drinks the coffee. Dev spills coffee on Geet's dress and tells her to go to the washroom to clean it.
When Geet returns she doesn't find Dev and his family anywhere and starts feeling dizzy. Mahinder tries calling Dev but he doesn't respond.
Geet searches for Dev and his family everywhere. Geet requests the security to let her board the flight but they don't allow her. The security does an announcement for Dev.
The tablet affects Geet and she starts feeling dizzy.

Geet has no official documents with her. The security tells her that there is no one by name Dev who is going to Canada. Geet is shocked to hear this and she faints.
Geet gains consciousness and realizes she is in jail. Geet requests the police to let her make a call. When Dev doesn't respond she calls up Mahinder.. Dev's mother is worried about Geet's condition. Naintara is happy as they execute their plan successfully because Geet's family never bothered to conduct a research on their background.
Darjee, Rukhwinder and Mahinder come to the jail. Darjee asks Geet the reason why she missed the flight and she says it wasn't her fault.
Dev and family are happy as the plan was successfully executed without any hassles.



Darjee is angry with Geet as he had to come to a police station for her. Brij finds out that Dev and family hasn't gone to Canada.
Geet is in a shock and refuses to believe Dev's fraud.. Rano is upset to see Geet in a state of shock.. Chinder, the match maker who got Dev's proposal comes home.
Mahinder asks Chinder for Dev's details. On forcing, she reveals that they bribed her to get them the proposal.
Everyone is shocked when Chinder tells them that Dev's family bribed her to get Geet's proposal.

Chinder tells Darjee that Dev's family had earlier dropped a proposal due to dowry. Darjee orders everyone to keep Geet's marriage a secret. Geet sets out in search of Dev.
Maan puts up a board of his name on Darjee's land which belongs to Geet. Geet and Tito search for Dev.
Brij brings Geet home. Darjee is angry with Geet for stepping out of the house and tells about Dev's fraud and she refuses to believe him.
Brij is angry with Geet for opposing Darjee's decision.
Maan comes to Darjee's house and says that he has bought their land.

Rukhwinder and Rano tell Geet to forget Dev but she refuses to believe his fraud. Maan asks Darjee to come to the court for registry of his land which he has now bought.
Geet wants to go out in search of Dev again and Brij stops her from stepping out of the house.
Darjee regrets for not conducting a research on Dev's family before getting Geet married. Darjee orders everyone to keep Geet's marriage a secret.
Brij order Geet to remove the bridal wear in order to hide her marriage from the outsiders but she refuses.. Geet requests Darjee to not do injustice to her but he doesn't listen to her plea and orders her to remove her bridal wear.

Brij tries to forcefully remove Geet's mangalsutra but she opposes. Rupinder locks Geet in the room when she doesn't give up her stubbornness.
Geet spends days locked in the room by remembering all the good times spent with Dev.
Geet doesn't eat and doesn't even talk to anyone. Geet finally removes her bridal wear.
Geet apologizes to Darjee for arguing with him and agrees to forget Dev forever. Geet requests Darjee to allow her to go to college in order to divert her mind from Dev's thoughts.
Darjee agrees to send Geet to college. Mahinder doubts the sudden change in Geet's behavior.

Geet reaches her land which is now occupied by Maan. Rano informs everyone about Geet's clothes which are missing from her room. Geet is shocked to learn that her land now belongs to Maan.
Geet reaches her land which is now occupied by Maan. Rano informs everyone about Geet's clothes which are missing from her room. Geet is shocked to learn that her land now belongs to Maan.
Naintara is angry when Dev's mother tells her that she had made a call to London from the hotel and that's how Geet got their number. Maan plans to drop Geet home on seeing her unconscious.
The outsiders makes fun of Geet when they see Maan carrying her home. Darjee is embarrassed on seeing Geet's state and listening to the comments made by the outsiders.
Everyone is shocked when Channi's mother sees Geet unconscious and reveals her marriage in front of everyone.

Geet is shocked to see herself being carried by Maan in front of the outsiders. Darjee is angry with Geet for embarrassing him.. Everyone scolds Geet for running away from the house. Darjee punishes Geet for her mistake.
Geet admits that she has realized Dev's cheat and regrets for going against her family.. Everyone feels sad for Geet's state.. Rano consoles Geet and tells her to forget Dev.. Geet decides to seek revenge from Dev.

. Everyone is shocked to see Maan home who has come to get Geet's signature on the property papers.
Maan forces Geet to sign on the property papers and Geet refuses to sign.
Geet tears the property papers when Maan forcibly orders her to sign.
Naintara fears that Geet might find out their Canada address and get them into problem. Maan plans to teach Geet a lesson.. Geet burns Dev's memories.

Dev tells Naintara that they will have to go back to India as they need more money.
Geet tells her family that they should seek police help in order to get themselves justice. Naintara refuses to let Dev go to India as she fears him and Geet getting close.
Mahinder supports Geet in getting justice and punishing Dev. Everyone is shocked to see police at home.
Maan has given a complaint in the police station against Geet. Brij stops Geet from meeting the police.. The police tells Darjee about Maan's complaint regarding the property issue. Brij locks Geet in the store room as he doesn't want her to spoil the family name by going to the police.

Geet's family lies to the police and Maan about Geet not being at home. On leaving Maan spots Geet locked in the store room.
Brij tells Darjee to get Geet married in order to avoid all the problems. Maan sneaks inside the store room where Geet is locked.
Geet agrees to sign on the property papers provided Maan gives out the details of the agent who sold the property to him in order to catch Dev.
Geet's family is shocked to see Maan dragging Geet out of the store room and Maan is angry on Geet's family for lying to him and the police.
Brij assures to get Geet's signature on the papers and even tells Maan that he will give him more land if he agrees to marry Geet.



Darjee stops Geet from calling the police. Darjee requests Geet to think about her family reputation before taking any step.. Geet tells Rajji to go out and call Dev and try getting his Canada address. While hiding from Brij, Rajji bumps into Channi's husband Gurinder.
Maan assembles the villagers and tells them that Brij wants to sell Geet for a piece of land. Geet opposes Maan when he insults her family in front of the outsiders.
Geet signs on the property papers when Maan goes on insulting her family.
Darjee is hurt by the comments made by the outsiders.

Dev gets angry on his mother when she tells him that he was wrong in cheating Geet. Geet feels bad for Darjee who had to listen to the outsiders comments because of her.. Darjee is angry with Geet for spoiling his reputation in the society. He decides to get her married at the earliest.
Maan is shocked to see Geet in his house. Geet requests Maan to give her the details of the agent who sold him the land. Maan refuses to help her and even accuses her of being a woman with no values.
Rajji brings food for Channi's husband Gurvinder. Geet meets Rajji and Gurvinder on her way back and is shocked when he tells her that Brij killed Channi.. Geet doesn't trust Gurvinder's accusations. Maan is angry with Geet for calling him a man with poor thinking.
Munshiji tells Maan that the land is not yet registered on his name and that he will have to go to Amritsar's court with Geet.

Maan wonders why he always encounters Geet in his way. Geet starts feeling dizzy and she doubts herself being pregnant. Maan calls Geet and tells her he will give her the agent's details provided she comes with him to Amritsar for the registry.
Brij calls a doctor to check Geet and Geet is shocked to learn that she is pregnant.
Dev tries to convince Naintara to let him go to India. Geet requests the doctor not to reveal her pregnancy to her family.
Geet hides her pregnancy from her mother Rano too.
Geet feels guilty for hiding her pregnancy from her family as she fears Brij killing her the way he killed Channi.

The lawyer calls Maan and tells him that he has to be in the court with Geet compulsorily. Geet comes out in search of Gurvinder and meets Maan on her way.
Maan orders Geet to come with him to Amritsar for the registry. Gurvinder tells Geet that Brij killed Channi because she was pregnant.
Geet fears Brij killing her like the way he killed Channi and calls Dev to request him to help her. Naintara doesn't let Dev talk and learns about Geet's pregnancy.
Naintara is angry with Dev for cheating on her.
Naintara is angry with Dev for lying to her and sleeping with Geet.

Naintara sends a message to Geet as Dev and asks her to meet in Amritsar. Rajji overhears Brij making plans of killing Gurvinder.. Brij and his men follow Gurvinder to kill him.. Geet meets Maan and tells him that she will come with him to Amritsar. Naintara leaves for India. Rajji hides Gurvinder in her house.. Geet provides first aid to an injured Gurvinder. Geet sneaks out of the house to go to Amritsar with Maan without anyone's knowledge.. Geet leaves with Maan for Amritsar and Brij searches for Geet in the house.

. Geet lies to Maan by saying that she is coming out with him with her family's consent. Brij searches for Geet in the house.
Rajji makes Gurvinder sleep under the blanket to make Brij feel its Geet. A boy comes to see Geet.. Geet tries to escape from Maan in order to meet Dev. Brij gets angry on not finding Geet in her room. Naintara meets Geet and tells her that she is Dev's wife.. Naintara tells Geet to forget Dev and even says her marriage to Dev was a fake. Naintara gains Geet's trust by saying that she was forced to do this by Dev.. Naintara forces Geet to abort her child.

Naintara forces Geet to abort the child in order to save her family's reputation. Naintara escapes on seeing Maan.. Maan gets angry on Geet for running away from his sight. Geet fears the consequences she and her family will have to face. Darjee is angry on Geet for running away from the house.. Geet signs on the registry papers. Geet refuses Maan to help her and doesn't go back home.. Naintara calls Brij and tells about Geet's pregnancy and says that she has gone to Amritsar to abort her child.. Geet prays to god to help her find a solution to her problems.

. Geet decides to keep her child. Rano doesn't believe Geet is pregnant when Brij tells her. Darjee tells Brij to bring Geet back from Amritsar.
Geet prays to god to give her strength to face her family. Brij catches Geet in Amritsar.

. Geet tells her family about her pregnancy. Darjee fears his reputation being spoilt in the society because of Geet.. Brij threatens to kill Geet in order to save his family reputation.. Rupinder suggests Darjee to abort Geet's child in order to save their family reputation. Geet refuses to abort her child.. Geet's decision of keeping her child angers Darjee and Brij.

Rupinder and Rano try their best to convince Geet to abort the child but she stays adamant of keeping it. Rano lies to Darjee about Geet agreeing to abort the child.. Darjee tells Brij to bring a doctor to abort Geet's child. Geet expects Mohinder to support her through this phase.. Maan remembers Geet all the time and wonders why he is becoming concerned towards her. Brij searches the whole house as he doubts Gurvinder hiding inside.. Maan comes home to give the copy of the registry paper and indirectly inquire about Geet. Darjee tell him that Geet has not yet returned home. Geet helps Gurvinder escape from the house.. Geet, Rajji and Gurvinder hide on seeing Brij.

Geet requests Maan to help her in getting Gurvinder escaped.. Geet overhears her family talking about getting a doctor home to get Geet aborted. Geet refuses to get her child aborted.
Brij forces Geet to abort her child and forcibly makes her have sleeping pills.
The doctor refuses to get Geet aborted after hearing Geet's plea but Brij threatens her to abort Geet's child.. Maan tries his best to forget Geet but her memories keep flashing all the time.






. Brij gets angry on not finding Geet at home and decides to kill her. Geet tries to hide from Brij to save her child.. Brij spots Geet in the store room and attacks her. Rano, Rupinder and Mohinder save Geet and request Brij to give them some time to convince Geet to abort her child but Geet remains adamant on her decision of keeping her child.. Maan is about to leave the city as he wants to get rid of Geet's memories. Mohinder tells Geet to run away. Everyone is shocked to learn that Mohinder helped Geet in running away.. Darjee is angry with Mohinder for ruining their family reputation. Darjee orders Brij to kill Geet.. Geet hides from Brij who is out to kill her.

. Brij calls his men and orders them to kill Geet as soon as they spot her.
Channi's brother spots Geet and she runs away from him. Gurvinder helps Geet escape.. Geet and Gurvinder run in to the jungle. Brij and his men catch Gurvinder and attack him while Geet manages to escape.. Maan stays in the jungle as his jeep breaks down on his way to Delhi. Brij and his men catch Geet and attack her.. Brij is about to kill an injured Geet but Maan saves her.

. Maan saves Geet from Brij and his men. Maan gets worried on seeing Geet in an unconscious state.. Mohinder and Rano are shocked when Brij tells them that he killed Geet. Maan takes shelter in a shack with an unconscious Geet.. Brij tells Darjee that Geet is alive and is in the jungle in an injured state. He sets out again to kill her. Maan tries his best to keep himself awake to protect Geet from Brij and his men.. Brij and his men search for Maan and Geet in the jungle again. Maan sees Geet's injuries and nurses them.
Brij and his men spot Geet's blood stains in the jungle and follow them.. Geet is happy to see herself alive and in safe hands of Maan after she gains consciousness.

. Maan advises Geet to seek legal help. Darjee feels guilty for punishing Geet.. Maan gives Geet the sword with which Brij attacked her and tells her to show this in police station as proof. Geet is shattered as her family punished her for no fault of hers and abandoned her.. Geet gets back to her house to seek justice instead going to the police station. Everyone is shocked to see Geet back and alive.. Rano and Mohinder are happy to see Geet alive but she doesn't let them come close to her.

. The family is shocked to see Geet alive. Geet tells everyone about Brij trying to kill her.
Everyone is shocked to know about Geet's marriage and her pregnancy. Geet's father requests Darjee to accept his mistake. Brij confesses to killing Channi while arguing with Geet.. Brij and Darjee are shocked when the police arrests Brij for murdering Channi. Geet declares to Darjee that she has cut all relationship with her family.. The family is hurt to see Geet leaving the house.

. Geet is on her way to Delhi. Maan's office in Delhi is shown.. Geet reaches Delhi and Pinky, Geet's childhood friend comes to receive Geet.
. Mohinder requests Pinky's father Manchanda to allow Geet to stay in his place.
. Geet requests Pinky to take her to the Canadian embassy. Pinky gets a call from office and she rushes with Geet to her office.
. Pinky gets Geet to Maan's office in Delhi where she works.

. Shasha mistakes Geet for a candidate who has come to give the interview for the post of Maan's secretary.. Shasha and Adi take Geet's interview and she seems confused as she is asked a lot of questions.. Maan selects Geet on Adi's insistence. Geet is shocked to see Adi giving her the appointment letter.. Pinky takes Geet to the Canadian embassy. Maan too comes to the embassy for some work.. Fate brings Geet and Maan to the Canadian embassy at the same time.

. Geet requests the Canadian embassy personnel's for Dev's details but they refuse to disclose any details. Maan bumps into Geet at the embassy.. Geet decides to live life on her own terms. Dev is angry on learning about Naintara's visit to Delhi.. Pinky takes Geet to her house. Maan keeps thinking about Geet.. Geet decides to take up the job.. Its Geet's first day at Maan's office.

. Maan inquires about his new secretary. Shasha asks Geet to arrange a meeting. Maan is shocked to see Geet in his office.
Maan and Geet get in to an argument as they are unaware of each others post. Geet is shocked on learning that she has been appointed under Maan.. Maan gives Geet a chance to showcase her talent.. Kamya and Dev's mother wonder why Naintara has gone to Delhi. Geet is worried about working under Maan.. Geet fears Maan firing her because cannot afford to leave the job as she needs a financial support.

. Shasha orders Geet to fill her resignation form.. Geet refuses to leave the job. Dev's mother tells Dev that his elder brother has helped them financially and requests Dev to call him up.. Dev calls Maan who is his elder brother. Dev thanks Maan for repaying all his loans.. Maan gets angry with the unprofessional work ways of Geet and warns her to be careful.
. Naintara arrives at Maan's office.





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Naintara visits Maan's dadimaa who is also Dev's dadimaa. Naintara hesitates to stay with dadimaa until Maan forgives Dev. Dadi maa is angry with Maan for instructing his secretary Geet not to transfer personal calls. Maan realizes that Geet stayed back in the office till 10 PM due to him. When Geet leaves the office late she is chased by some goons. Geet is relieved on seeing Maan arrive.




Maan saves Geet from the goons and drops her home. Dadimaa requests Maan to forgive Dev and bring Dev, Naintara and Pammi home and Maan agrees. Naintara plans to shift in with Dadimaa so that she can inherit the family property. Sasha suggests Geet to make a coffee for Maan. Sasha purposely adds extra sugar in the coffee so that Maan fires Geet. Maan gets Dev's visa done so that he can come back to India and stay with them. Geet goes to Maan's cabin with the coffee.




Geet spills coffee on Maan's shirt accidentally which gets him angry. Sasha tells Tasha to throw Geet's belongings as she is fired but Geet refuses to leave until Maan tells her to. Dadimaa comes to meet Maan in the office and bumps in to Geet doesn't know her relationship with Maan and unknowingly tells her about Maan's arrogant and selfish behavior. Maan borrows Adi's shirt as Geet spoilt his shirt. Geet worries her job being in danger. Dadimaa is not happy with Maan staying in the out house due to Naintara. Dev tells his mother and Kamya that they will have to leave for India soon. Naintara decides to punish Dev for cheating on her for Geet.




Dadimaa is angry with Maan as he refuses to stay with Dev and family in the house. Maan calls Geet to his cabin for dictation. In confusion, Maan gives a wrong document to Geet for print. Dev calls Maan and Geet attends the call. Dev compliments Geet for her voice as he is unaware of Geet being Maan's secretary. Geet prints the wrong documents that Maan had given. The clients get angry on seeing the wrong documents and reject Maan's project. Geet convinces the clients and brings back the project. Maan is angry with Geet for embarrassing him in front of his clients. Geet tells Maan that it not her fault as he gave her the wrong documents but Maan denies his mistake.




Maan realizes his mistake of giving the wrong file to Geet and decides to apologize to but hesitates due to his ego. Geet searches for Dev on internet. Maan calls Geet to his cabin for dictation and apologizes through that but she mistakes it to be a part of the dictation. Naintara refuses to go with Dadimaa to receive Dev at the airport. Sasha scolds Geet for writing sorry in the letter to the client. Maan realizes that Geet took his apology as a dictation. Geet decides to talk to Maan privately as Sasha accused her of being an inefficient employee. Sasha is shocked when Maan asks her to leave the cabin as Geet wants to talk to him privately.




Maan apologizes to Geet which shocks her and his dadimaa who comes to meet him in the office as he hardly apologizes to anyone. Dadimaa is impressed with Geet and dreams of getting Maan and Geet married. Dadimaa teases Maan with Geet as he apologized to someone for the first time in his life. Dadimaa surprises Maan by calling Dev to the office. Maan and Dev don't seem to be very happy meeting each other. Dadimaa requests both the brothers to forget the past and accept each other. Geet wonders how Maan apologized to her and is surprised to see herself thinking about Maan. Dadimaa spots Geet day dreaming about Maan. Maan questions Dev about how he cleared all his debts but Dev doesn't share the truth with him. Maan stops himself from thinking about Geet whose memories keep haunting him. Dev and Geet don't come across each others way being in the same office.




Maan's client insists on handing over his project to Geet and not Sasha. Dev is shocked to see Naintara home but she avoids him. Geet tells Maan that she won't be handling the project. Maan orders Geet to take over the project and tells her to arrange a party for the client. Naintara is angry with Dev for cheating on her. Geet and Dev make a booking for a party hall in the same hotel. Geet and Maan are booked for two different halls in the same hotel.




Maan warns Geet not to make any mistakes arranging the party which gets Geet worried as she has never organized a party before. Geet tells Maan that she doesn't know how to organize a party so Maan helps her by telling the requirements of a party. Sasha is surprised to see Maan helping Geet. Geet starts arranging the party hall according to the requirements Maan gave her. Sasha spoils Geet's party by ordering a wrong cuisine. Dev too arranges a surprise party for Naintara. Dev and Maan are surprised to see each other in the same hotel. Maan wonders why he doesn't get irritated when Dev teases him with his secretary.




Maan gets angry on Geet as the party was pre-poned and the arrangements haven't been made. Sasha lies to Maan by saying she had already informed Geet about it. Geet tells Maan that she wasn't informed but he doesn't believe her. Sasha assures to arrange the hall in 10 minutes to impress Maan. Maan tells Geet to change as she is shabbily dressed. Geet feels bad as Maan didn't trust her. Tasha gives Geet clothes to wear and lies to her by saying they are sent by Maan. Maan's clients arrive. Dev impresses Naintara with his decoration. Maan admires Geet when she arrives at the party. Maan keeps staring at Geet who feels awkward in her outfit.




Everyone makes fun of Geet's attire as she has worn a saree for an office party. Maan is angry with Geet for wearing a saree. Maan again gets angry on seeing the cuisine Geet has ordered and feels embarrassed when his clients make fun of his selection of the cuisine. Maan pulls Geet on the dance floor and scolds her for making mistakes. Geet tries to prove her innocence but Maan doesn't believe her. Maan and Geet dance together. Everyone is shocked to see Geet and Maan so close except Sasha who is heartbroken. With envy Sasha and Tasha tear Geet's saree leaving her embarrassed in front of everyone. Geet is embarrassed in front of everyone as her saree comes off.




Maan is shocked to see Geet's saree come off and he covers Geet with his coat. Naintara insists Dev to attend Maan's business party in order to get involved in his business. Geet leaves the party hall when Rahul makes cheap comments at her. Maan finds Geet in the hotel lobby and consoles her. Maan takes Geet to Dev's room to change. Dev wonders why Maan is turning over concerned for his secretary. Maan offers to drop Geet home but she refuses as she doesn't want to take anyone's help. Maan is touched when she says she cannot expect him to be there always in her bad times.




Maan gets Rahul removed from the project as he misbehaved with Geet. Geet doesn't go to office as she fears facing everyone after the incident. Maan tries to find out who the culprit was behind the incident but is unable to. Maan is shocked when Pinky says Geet won't come to office. Maan realizes Geet didn't make any mistakes in the party and decides to bring her to office. Geet is shocked to see Maan at her house who comes home to inquire about a missing file. Maan advises Geet to come to office and face everyone boldly. Everyone is shocked to see Geet in the office. Sasha envies Geet when she takes up the project Sasha was eying on. Maan is happy to see Geet back. Maan admires Geet when she takes him through the project.




Maan approves Geet's project plan. Geet challenges Sasha to bring out her truth in front of everyone. Geet thanks Maan for encouraging her to come to office and saving her from embarrassment at the party. Sasha advises Maan to stay away from Geet as she is of a junior level. Pinky suggests Geet to present Maan a gift as a token of thanks. Geet brings roses for Maan and he hates roses. Maan scolds Geet for bringing roses as he feels it was an unprofessional attitude from her side. He makes Geet throw the roses. Geet in anger decides not to talk to Maan. Maan wonders why Geet is not talking to him and then learns that she is angry with him for scolding her. Maan is angry as Geet completely avoids him.



Maan calls for a conference to discuss a project and he hopes Geet will speak. Geet finally speaks when Sasha starts opposing her project plan. Sasha is shocked when Maan approves of Geet's design. Naintara is angry with Dev as he still talks about Geet. Geet is waiting for a taxi and Dev also comes at the same spot. Dev is shocked to see Geet but she doesn't see him. Dev wonders why Geet has come to Delhi. A client asks Maan for project design so he calls up Geet in the night to inquire about the project and Geet mistakes Maan to be an eve teaser and shouts at him. Geet realizes it was Maan instead that caller and apologizes to him. Maan calls Geet home for completing the project and she refuses as she doesn't want to go to his house in the night. Geet is tensed as Maan calls her to office at 10 PM in the night to complete the project.




Geet is worried as Maan calls her to office in the night. She keeps a knife for security. Dev is still thinking about Geet being in Delhi. Geet unknowingly closes the office door resulting in both of them getting locked inside as the door opens only from outside. Dadimaa spots Maan's mobile at home and tells Naintara to send it to office through Dev. Geet advises Maan to call the watchman for opening the door from outside. Naintara tells Dev to handover Maan's mobile phone to him at the office. Geet screams out loud to the watchman so that they come and open the door from outside. Dev arrives at the office to handover Maan's phone.




Maan and Geet hear Dev's footsteps and asks him to open the door. Dev doesn't open the door as he mistakes Maan for spending some quality time with his secretary. Dev leaves them and goes away. Geet and Maan begin to work. Maan gives his jacket to Geet when she feels cold in the AC. Dev plans to trace Geet out. Some frictions happen between Maan and Geet while working. Maan inquires about Geet's past and family. Maan asks Geet the reason why her family wanted to kill her.




Geet gets emotional while talking about her family so Maan changes the topic. The power goes off due to bad climate and they spend their night in darkness. Maan and Geet fall asleep in the middle of the night. Maan wakes up and sees Geet in an uncomfortable position so he gives her head support on his shoulder and even covers her with his jacket.

Everyone is shocked to see Maan and Geet sleeping together in the conference room. Dev leaves the house telling Naintara that he is going to the office. Geet is in a hurry to leave the office as she fears people gossiping about her and Maan's relationship. Maan stops Geet for official work but ignores him. When Geet avoids Maan he follows her to the lift.




Maan orders Geet to stay back and attend the meeting with him. Sasha sends the photo of Maan and Geet sleeping together to all the employees. Naintara arrives at the office to check on Dev. The client praises Geet and Maan's work. Naintara doesn't find Dev in the office. Geet gets worried on seeing her and Maan's picture everywhere in the office. Sasha and Tasha tease Geet with Maan in front of everyone and make cheap comments at her. Geet refuses to go with Maan and the clients for lunch as she feels the staff will make stories. Geet requests Maan to stay away from her as the staff is making fun of their relationship and this gets Maan angry. Geet decides to face the staff boldly and not weaken herself.



Geet and Sasha get in to an argument of whose more important for Maan. They keep a challenge stating whoever is called more number of times by Maan is important to him. Dev inquires about Geet from a taxi driver. Sasha and Geet begin with their challenge. Geet expects Maan to call her but he doesn't as she asked him to stay away. Maan first calls Sasha so she scores a point. Geet sees her and Maan's poster in the office and tears it away. Maan is angry to see Geet assembling the staff by doing such things. Geet is shocked when Maan still doesn't give her any importance and calls Sasha again. Geet is worried as due to the anger Maan won't call her. Geet tries to enter Maan's cabin through a courier. Maan still doesn't give her preference. Geet gives an idea to Maan for the project plan when he doesn't seek her suggestion. He is impressed with her idea and this gets Sasha angry. A client sends an invitation to Maan and Geet inviting them for the opening party of his restaurant. This gets Maan worried as Geet has asked him to stay away.



Maan informs Geet about the dinner invitation from the client. Sasha gets angry on seeing this and decides to go instead of Geet for the dinner with Maan. Sasha keeps a bet with Geet where Geet has to play a game by blindfolding herself and spotting the dinner pass. If Geet looses, Sasha will take away the pass from her. Maan gets angry on Geet for playing games in the office. Geet tells Maan about Sasha spreading rumors about her relationship with Maan. Maan doesn't believe Geet and in anger tells her not to come for the dinner party. Maan thinks about Geet and wonders why he is getting attracted towards her. Maan avoids Geet's call and Dev notices Maan getting affected by a girl's thoughts. Geet decides to surprise Maan by attending the dinner party. Maan makes it clear to Dev that no girl can ever affect him or change him.




Geet arrives at the client's dinner party. The hotel manager doesn't allow Geet to enter as she is dressed shabbily. Maan is shocked to see Geet at the party. Maan is shocked to see Geet at the party as he wasn't expecting her. Geet is unaware of the Italian cuisine so she orders a crab unknowingly. Geet plans to leave the party when Maan keeps scolding her. He realizes his harshness and stops her. Naintara informs Dev about Dadima who has allowed him to work with Maan. Geet is shocked to see her dish and doesn't know how to eat it. The hotel manager makes fun of Geet on seeing her struggle with her dish. Maan scolds the manager for insulting Geet. Maan leaves the hotel with Geet as he cannot tolerate her getting insulted.


Maan at dhaba

Geet brings Maan to a dhaba for dinner. Maan is surprised to see the ambiance of the dhaba as it doesn't even have a menu card.

Dev searches Geet

The kids in the dhaba tease Maan as he behaves in an awkward manner. Dev reaches Geet's house in Delhi while tracing her and bumps in to Manchanda who catches him peeping in to the house. Maan is surprised to see the way the food is served at the dhaba.

Maan does bhangra

Maan is surprised with the way people talk to each other in the dhaba. Maan eats chillies when Geet challenges him that he will not be able to eat them. Geet forces Maan to do bhangra and he does a step.

Geet compliments Maan

Manchanda chases Dev out when he inquires about Geet who lives in his house. Geet tells Maan that he is not a bad man as everyone perceives him to be.

Maan and Geet get stuck

Maan is shocked to see his car wheels missing.

Geet hugs Maan

It starts raining and Geet enjoys the rain. Geet remembers Dev and hugs Maan and even Maan hugs her back. Geet and Maan feel guilty on realizing their closeness.

Maan feels a change

Maan remembers the moments shared with Geet and feels a change in himself. Maan's client waits for him in the office.

Dev teases Maan

Dev notices Maan immersed in his secretary's thoughts and teases him. Geet calls Maan to inform him about his client but he disconnects due to guilt.

Naintara argues with Dev

Naintara forces Dev to talk to Maan regarding joining his business before it gets too late.

Maan and Geet's meet

Geet and Maan bump in to each other in the office but don't talk.

Maan is lost

Maan avoids talking to Geet. Maan is irritated with Geet's thoughts which keep haunting him and he finds it tough to concentrate on work. Sasha is surprised to see a change in Maan.

Maan keeps distance

When Geet tries approaching Maan, he tells her to stay away from him. Dev is still searching Geet in Delhi. Maan gets worried on not finding Geet in the office so he sets out in search of her.

Maan's decision

On finding Geet, he gets angry for not informing him about her whereabouts. Geet is surprised to see Maan's concern towards her. Maan feels that he is changing because of Geet so he decides to keep distance from her.

Maan avoids Geet

Maan calls for a meeting and Geet finds him quiet arrogant. Maan gives Geet's project to Sasha to handle.

Geet is upset

Geet wonders why Maan is behaving indifferently towards her

Maan punishes Geet

Maan doesn't tell Geet the reason behind snatching the project from her. She is shocked when he gives her cabin to Sasha. Geet asks Maan her fault but he doesn't say anything.

Geet questions Maan

Geet questions Maan about why her responsibilities are being snatched but Maan hides the truth and tells her to stay away from him. Geet and Maan arrange for a client party with different themes.

Manchanda's concern

Maan and Geet think about each other. Dadimaa notices Maan immersed in Geet' thoughts. Manchanda decides to call a doctor when he sees Geet feeling dizzy.

Maan's and Geet's worry

Both Maan and Geet are worried as their day started with a bad note.

Geet's feeling

Geet feels something really bad is going to occur.

Maan is shocked

Maan is shocked to see the arrangements Geet has made for the party which is in Indian theme.

Maan scolds Geet

Maan scolds Geet for arranging a corporate party with an Indian theme. Dadimaa overhears Maan scolding Geet and accusing her of spoiling his life after joining his company.

Geet leaves the job

Geet tells Maan that she cannot work under him as her ideas are not respected. Maan tells Geet to resign. They both get in to an ego clash and Geet leaves. Geet meets Dadimaa on her way out and tells her about Maan's arrogant behavior.

Geet's and Maan's worry

Geet tells Dadimaa about Maan who doesn't respect her work. Maan tells Adi that Geet has left the job. Maan gets irritated when Adi speaks in favor of Geet.

Maan's and Geet's worry

Geet worries about her future as she doesn't have a job. Maan tells Adi to manage the project in Geet's absence as she wasn't so important for the company. Deep down, Maan regrets for firing Geet.

Dadimaa's advise

Dadimaa advises Geet to forgive Maan and join his company back to which Geet agrees. Dadimaa feels Geet is the only girl who can teach Maan how to live.

Manchanda leanrs about Geet's pregnancy

Maan decides to apologize to Geet as he now realizes his mistake. Geet is shocked to see Manchanda call a doctor home for her check up. She then tells him the truth about her pregnancy. Manchanda supports Geet and doesn't even ask her for any clarification.

Maan comes home

Geet is shocked to see Maan at her house. Geet doesn't listen to Maan when he tries to apologize to her.

Geet misunderstands Maan

Geet misunderstands Maan for coming home.

Geet insults Maan

Geet tells Maan to leave as she feels that he doesn't care about her feelings and feels happy seeing her in problem. This arrogant behavior of Geet angers Maan and he leaves.

Geet gets a job offer

Dadimaa sees Maan angry because of Geet who misunderstood his intention. Dadimaa is happy to see Maan's feelings towards Geet. Dadimaa offers Geet a job of taking care of her grandson and also provides her accommodation.

Dev to join business

Dev requests Maan to involve him in the family business and Maan agrees. Dadimaa tells Maan that she will appoint a secretary for him to which he refuses.

Geet at Maan's house

Geet leaves Manchanda's house. Geet is shocked to see Dadimaa's royal bungalow. Dadimaa welcomes Geet and she avoids Geet and Maan coming face to face.

Maan sees Geet

Naintara is happy with Dev's decision of joining office. Maan sees Geet at home and he mistakes it to be his imagination.

Hit and miss

A big hit and miss happens as four of them Dev, Maan, Geet and Naintara are in one house.

Dev joins office

Dev and Maan leave for office and Naintara goes to drop Dev. Geet assures Dadimaa of never leaving the job. Maan introduces Dev to his staff.

Maan imagines Geet

Dadimaa shows Geet her house which now belongs to Maan. Geet still doesn't know she is going to be working under Maan. Maan imagines Geet everywhere in the office and finds it tough to work in her absence

Maan sleeps beside Geet

Maan screams at Sasha and Tasha as they are unable to find his file. Geet gets scared in the new house. Maan comes home in the night where Geet is staying. He sees Geet sleeping and mistakes it to be his imagination and goes and sleeps beside her.

Geet beats Maan

Maan and Geet are on the same bed and they are shocked on realizing each others presence. Geet doesn't see Maan in the darkness and mistakes him to be a thief and beats him with a stick.

Maan and Geet are shocked

Maan and Geet are shocked to see each other in the same house.

Maan is shocked

Geet doesn't believe Maan when he says it's his room. Maan is shocked to see all his belongings missing from the room.

Maan throws Geet out

Maan in anger throws Geet from the house but she enters through a window. On questioning, Maan learns that his dadimaa has appointed Geet. He goes to meet Dadimaa but is unable to as it's too late in the night.

Geet throws Maan out

When Maan returns, Geet locks the door and doesn't let Maan enter. Maan breaks the door and enters.

Maan and Geet's argument

Maan tells Geet to leave but she doesn't and she threatens him to leave. Geet tries to call Dadimaa but Maan doesn't let her as it's too late in the night.

Geet is shocked

Geet is shocked to learn that Savitri Devi is Maan's dadimaa.

Geet's realization

Geet is shocked to learn that Maan is Savitri Devi's grandson and she was appointed for him. She refuses to leave the house. When Maan occupies Geet's room, she sneaks inside the room.

Geet and Maan argue

Geet and Maan get in to an argument of who is going to occupy the room. They divide the bed and Geet irritates Maan when he dozes off.

Geet and Maan irritate each other

Geet and Maan irritate each other during the night and neither of them let each other sleep in peace.

Geet goes missing

Dadimaa is shocked on learning that Maan was at his outhouse in the night. Maan wakes up and doesn't find Geet in the room. Dev comes to the outhouse to meet Maan.

Maan is lost

Dev notices Maan lost in his secretary's thoughts. Maan searches for Geet in the house but doesn't find her anywhere.

Geet screams

Maan is shocked on hearing Geet's scream from the bathroom.

Geet stuck in the bathroom

Geet faces problem with the bathroom shower which wets her clothes. She requests Maan to handover her new clothes. Maan agrees to handover the clothes only if she assures him of leaving the house to which Geet refuses and comes out of the bathroom wearing his clothes.

Geet angers Maan

Maan is angry on seeing his clothes worn by Geet. Maan and Geet decide to meet Dadimaa and solve the problem. Naintara is angry on seeing Dev crack jokes with the staff members than concentrating on his work.

Dadimaa's strategy

Maan tells Dadimaa to stop interfering in his life and throw Geet away. Geet requests Dadimaa to tell Maan not to throw her away. Dadimaa, to avoid conflicts goes on a fast where she can't talk for a week. Naintara plans to take charge of the entire Khurana empire one day.

Geet's boundary

Geet draws a boundary in the outhouse and divides her and Maan's territory. Maan gets angry on seeing this as Geet stops him from entering his own house.

Maan and Geet's challenge

Maan and Geet decide to make each others life miserable in the house.

Geet in the kitchen

Maan is angry to see Geet in his kitchen. Geet gets irritated when she is unable to prepare her dish as she doesn't find the ingredients.

Maan teases Geet

Maan cooks pasta for himself. He teases Geet as she is unable to prepare her dish. Maan burns his fingers by touching a hot container and Geet nurses it.

Maan gets angry

Geet eats Maan's dish as he burns his fingers and is unable to eat. This angers Maan. Geet decides to console Maan's anger and make him understand her necessity of this job.

Geet gets scared

Geet sees a cockroach in the kitchen and runs towards Maan for help. Maan scolds her for being careless and childish.

Maan questions Geet

Geet is shocked when Maan asks her for the contract she signed with Dadimaa before joining the job.

Geet takes advantage

When Geet refuses to give the contract, Maan hurts her. He realizes his mistake and feels bad for her. Geet takes advantage of the situation and requests him to let her stay in the house.

Maan's accusations

Maan realizes that Geet is taking advantage of him and hurts her again. He accuses Geet of wooing him for his money and property. Dadimaa sees this and confronts Maan and tells him not to punish every woman just because in the past he got betrayed by Sameera.

Dadimaa faints

Geet decides to leave the house. Dadimaa in shock faints and Maan seeks Geet's help. Maan tells Geet to call his younger brother and when Geet goes, she doesn't find Dev at home.

Dadimaa's request

Maan is shocked when Dadimaa requests Geet not to leave.

Dadimaa's wish

Maan agrees to let Geet stay at his house for Dadimaa's happiness. Maan and Geet still have hatred against each other.

Dadimaa's advise

Maan and Geet don't talk to each other. Dadimaa advises Maan to change his attitude towards Geet.

Geet is hurt

Maan sees Geet hurt by his accusations. Dev and Naintara decide to take advantage of the situation by pretending to look after Dadimaa. Geet tells Dadimaa about Maan's arrogant behavior towards her.

Geet gets scared

Geet wonders why she is not getting affected by Maan's arrogant behavior and still cares for him. Maan calls Geet and due to bad signals they can't talk. This gets her worried as she thinks Maan is in a problem.

Bad omen

Geet gets all the wrong signals and feels something bad is going to occur.

Naintara spots Geet

Geet feels Maan is in some problem and sets out in search of him. On her way out, Naintara spots Geet and is shocked to see her in near their house. Geet searches for Maan in the market.

Geet finds Maan

While searching for Maan, Geet reaches a mosque. She spots Maan in the mosque and is happy to see him safe.

Geet's feeling

Maan and Geet are surprised as they start feeling for each other. Geet gets attracted towards Maan and starts liking him.

Maan scolds Geet

Maan scolds Geet for leaving Dadimaa alone and coming behind him.

Geet is surprised

Geet for the first time feels she is falling in love with Maan and her feeling towards him is uncontrollable.

Maan is irritated

Dadimaa tries to tell Maan that Geet cares for him and this is why she went behind him but he seems irritated with her. Geet doesn't tell Maan the reason why she came behind him when he questions her.

Geet and Maan's decision

Naintara doubts Dev and feels he knows about Geet being in Delhi and on questioning, Dev gets irritated. Geet decides to leave the house as she is unable to control her feelings towards Maan and Maan on the other hand feels guilty for hurting Geet and decides to shift.

Geet leaves

Maan starts packing his belongings. When Geet goes to Maan to say she is leaving, he thinks that she is trying to send him out of the house. Maan is shocked to see Geet leave the house. Maan feels bad when Geet says she gives more importance to her reputation than staying in this house for this job.

Maan stops Geet

Maan misses all the moments spent with Geet when she leaves. Maan stops her and tells her to stay back till Dadimaa gets better. Maan indirectly apologizes to Geet for speaking bad.

Maan leaves

Maan tells Geet not to leave the house and says he will shift to a different house and he leaves the house.

Geet regrets

Geet feels bad for Maan as because of her he had to leave his own house.

Maan's office staff

Geet and Maan are worried as they will have to face each other every day. They decide to avoid coming face to face. Geet is shocked to see Maan's office staff at home.

Geet shocks all

Geet hides from the office staff under Maan's table. On spotting Geet, Maan her to step out. Everyone is shocked to see Geet at Maan's house. Maan tells Geet to start work with him again. Geet decides to do Maan's work by avoiding him.

Geet avoids Maan

Geet tries her best to avoid Maan. When Maan notices Geet avoiding him, he purposely gives her work so that she communicates with him but she doesn't come to him directly. Dev doubts Naintara's changed behavior.

Maan's inquiry

Maan asks Geet for a coffee and on not getting it he comes to inquire about why she is avoiding him.

Geet's feelings

Geet lets out her feelings and tells Maan that she is avoiding him because she doesn't want him to come close to her.

Geet controls her feelings

Geet tries her best to control her feelings towards Maan. Sasha questions Geet's relationship with Maan as Geet is staying with him in the house. Dadimaa tells her doctor to make a serious medical report so that Maan remains to look after her.

Geet's mistakes

Geet, by mistakes spills ink on Maan's shirt and face which angers him. Geet goes and bumps in to Maan's client who scolds her for being careless.

Geet opposes Maan's decision

Naintara hires a detective to find out every information about Geet. Geet is worried when Maan gives her work where she is required to be with him. Everyone is shocked when Geet refuses to work with Maan.

Geet's thought

Geet tells Maan that working under him is not productive for her as she wants to explore her skills by working under Sasha and Maan agrees.

Sasha's plan

Sasha plans to seek her revenge on Geet as Geet is going to work with her on this project.

Geet remembers Hoshiyarpur

Maan tells Geet to stay away from the project as it is in Hoshiyarpur but she refuses to as she is unaware of the project details. Shasha tells Geet to give the presentation. Geet remembers her family at Hoshiyarpur and is unable to give the presentation. Maan's client insults Geet on seeing this.

Geet regrets

Maan gets angry on his client for insulting Geet and cancels the deal. Geet feels guilty for not having listened to Maan when he told her to stay away from the project. Geet decides to apologize to him and comes to the room where Maan is practicing Tai Chi.

Geet gets attracted

Geet hides from Maan as she feels a strong physical attraction towards him. Maan catches Geet looking at her and pulls her towards him. When Geet realizes her closeness to him, she moves away.

Maan's concern

Geet is touched when Maan says he cannot tolerate any outsider making fun of her. Geet for the first time feels Maan holds an important place in her heart.

Geet's realization

Geet realizes Maan's concern towards her.

Geet's decision

Geet feels she cannot love Maan as she has a huge responsibility of her child on her. She decides to go away from Maan's life.

Maan's gift to Geet

Maan plans to present a rose to Geet but hesitates to give her.

Detective's information

Geet plans to search for a job before leaving Maan's house. She applies for a job. Dev doubts Naintara when she repeatedly gets calls. Dev recieves the call and the detective informs him about Geet being in Delhi.

Maan's gift

Maan tries his best in giving the rose to Geet but is unable to. He finally hides the rose in a file which accidentally lands in Sasha's hands. Everyone is shocked to see a rose in office.

Geet throws the rose

Sasha is angry to see the rose and tells Geet to throw it in the dustbin as Maan hates roses.

Maan is shocked

Maan is shocked to see Geet applying for jobs.

Geet rejects Maan's offer

Maan receives Geet's call which is from a company where she had applied for a job. Maan rejects the job offer. Maan gives Geet an appointment letter and tells her to join his company back to which Geet refuses.

Geet's decision

Maan feels Geet has a lot of attitude and complains about her behavior to Dadimaa. Geet decides to go away from Maan's life as she doesn't want to spoil his life. Geet misses all the moments spent with Maan.

Naintara's fear

Naintara gets to know that Dev received her call and found out about Geet being in Delhi. Naintara wonders why Dev is not confronting her regarding Geet. Dadimaa is angry with Geet for leaving Maan and due to this shock she faints.

Dadimaa hospitalized

Dadimaa is hospitalized. Geet tries to get in touch with Maan but is unable to. Geet finally calls Maan's house to inform about Dadimaa's health to Maan's younger brother.

Geet calls Dev

Geet informs Dev about Dadimaa's health and her being hospitalized.

Dev reaches hospital

Dev and Naintara arrive at the hospital. Dadimaa gains consciousness and asks for Maan. Geet is shocked to learn that Dadimaa is planning to get Maan married.

Naintara sees Geet

Naintara is shocked to see Geet in the hospital and wonders if Geet has aborted her child. Naintara stays back in the hospital to find out about Geet.

Dadimaa's plan

Dadimaa notices that Geet is in love with Maan. Dadimaa tells Geet to find a girl for Maan and get him married.

Geet is shattered

Geet is completely shattered with the thought of getting Maan married. Geet decides to search a girl for Maan so that it gets easier for her to leave him.

Adi and Geet's task

Dadimaa appoints Geet and Adi to search a girl for Maan.

Geet's decision

Geet and Adi decide to shortlist girls for Maan. Maan comes to the hospital to see Dadimaa.

Geet meets Maan

Adi and Geet shortlist girls for Maan. Geet is shocked to see Maan home.

Naintara traces Geet

Naintara is shocked when Sasha tells her that Geet was an ex employee of Khurana constuctions. Dadimaa suggests Geet to hide the plan of selecting girls from Maan as she fears his anger. Maan doubts Geet when she tells him not to come to office.

Dev and Naintara's argument

Adi calls the girls her shortlisted for an interview. He fears Maan's anger when Geet informs him about his return. Dev is shocked to see Naintara in the office and they finally tell each other about spotting Geet in Delhi.

Maan fulfills Dadi's wish

When Dadimaa forces Maan to marry, he agrees as he is worried about her health deteriorating. He learns that Geet is shortlisting girls for him. Dadimaa is shocked when Maan says he has already selected a girl.

Maan's assurance

Maan agrees to show his girl to Dadimaa soon.

Geet scares the girls

Geet scares the girls who have come to marry Maan by telling them about Maan's arrogant behavior. She is shocked to see Maan overhearing her conversation.

Maan's demand

All the girls run away when Maan doesn't give them a good response. Geet is shocked when Maan tells her to search a girl on contract who can pretend to be his fiance in front of Dadimaa and later on he can leave her. Geet refuses to fulfill his demand.

Geet's worry

Geet is angry with Maan's demand who wants a girl on contract. Maan decides to get Geet's feelings out as he feels she likes him too.

Dev and Naintara patch up

Naintara gets angry when Dev feels bad for spoiling Geet's life. Dev and Naintara bury the hatchet and decide to never discuss Geet. Geet is confused when Dadimaa makes her wear the family jewels she is planning to gift Maan's wife.

Dev's excitement

Geet is confused with all the worries going on in her life. Dadimaa tells Dev that she has selected a girl for Maan and Dev is excited to meet her. Dev goes to meet the girl unaware of her being Geet.

Geet hides from Dev

Dev goes to Geet's room to meet her but she hides thinking it's Maan who is following her.

Dev spots Geet

Dev sees Geet in the outhouse but mistakes it to be his imagination. Maan asks Geet to return the jewelries Dadimaa gave her. He helps her remove them.

Maan's doubts

Maan asks Geet the reason why she is avoiding him and threatening to leave the job. He also asks the reason behind her refusal to search girls for him. Maan is shocked when she says she will search girls for him.

Maan's demands

Maan tells Geet about his requirements of a girl. Pari is introduced.

Dev's worry

Geet is upset with Maan's preferences of a girl. Dadimaa spots Dev upset and questions the reason for his worry. Dev tells Dadimaa that he feels Naintara doesn't love him.

Geet fools Sasha

Geet is upset as no girl wants to be with Maan on contract. Geet plans to send Sasha to Maan as a proposal. She hides the fact from Sasha that it is for marriage and not for a job post.

Sasha meets Maan

Sasha goes to meet Maan unaware of the fact that he is looking for a girl on contract and this angers Maan.

Maan conducts interview

Maan is angry on Geet for sending Sasha to him as a proposal. Maan and Geet both conduct interviews to finalize a girl and Maan keeps rejecting every girl.

Pari meets Maan

Maan shouts at Geet when he overhears her calling him a fussy boss. Maan is angry with Geet for not selecting any sensible girl. Pari comes to meet Maan and is totally attracted to his personality.

Maan likes Pari

Maan is happy to see Geet's jealousy. Geet is shocked when Maan approves Pari. Dev plans a surprise for his anniversary. Dev and Naintara get in to an argument due to Naintara's suspicious nature. Geet reaches Pari's hotel.

Naintara misunderstands Dev

Naintara is shocked to see her photos missing from her wedding album and feels Dev wants to separate from her whereas Dev has taken the photos to make a collage and surprise Naintara. Geet gets angry on seeing Maan's poster in Pari's room and she talking to it romantically.

Geet envies Pari

Geet gets angry when Pari gives a flying kiss to Maan's poster.

Pari's love for Maan

Pari asks Geet about Maan's likes and dislikes. Pari tells Geet about her first meeting with Maan where she fell in love with him. Geet is shocked when Pari agrees to become Maan's fiance on contract.

Maan's concern

Maan keeps food ready for Geet as he has started caring for her. Geet is touched on realizing Maan's concern.

Maan's order

Geet offers food to Maan. Geet is shocked when Maan shares the food with her in her plate. When Geet avoids Maan, he tells Geet to fix his appointment with Pari as he wants to have lunch with her.

Naintara angers Dev

Naintara continues to doubt Dev and brings up Geet's topic always and this anger Dev. Pari is excited to have lunch with Maan.

Naintara spies Dev

Naintara puts a detective behind Dev to trace all his movements. Pari surprises Maan by decorating his desk with roses.

Pari's surprise

Maan and Geet are shocked to see Pari home.

Geet feels uncomfortable

Maan gets close to Pari in order to make Geet jealous. Geet feels uncomfortable with Pari's presence.

Maan makes Geet jealous

Maan makes Geet jealous by planning to gift a pair of earrings to Pari. Geet suggests Maan to gift her a teddy bear instead as she likes them. Maan is surprised to see Geet not being affected by his closeness to Pari.

Geet helps Maan

Maan asks Geet for suggestions to impress Pari and she helps him. Maan tells Geet to book a table for him and Pari in a hotel.

Naintara's anger

Dadimaa is worried about Naintara and Dev's relationship going astray. Naintara gets angry on Dev for involving Dadimaa. Maan is irritated with Pari's crazy behavior.

Pari's act

Pari, to attract Maan's attention pretends to faint so that he comes close to support her.

Geet is shocked

Geet is shocked when Maan lifts Pari and takes her to the room.

Geet is upset

Geet is upset to see Pari getting closer to Maan. She is stunned to find out that Maan and Pari are at a disco.

Geet at the disco

Maan is sure that Geet will come to the disco to check on him and Pari. Later, he is happy to see Geet.

Drinks exchanged

Geet exchanges Maan's drink with Pari's drink, as Pari had planned to get Maan drunk. Later, Maan exchanges his drink with Pari's.

Maan and Geet's dance

Maan gets drunk and dances with Pari. He makes Geet dance with him as well.

Geet hugs Maan

Geet and Maan get close and she hugs him.

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Episode: 100

Geet is upset to see Pari getting closer to Maan. She is stunned to find out that Maan and Pari are at a disco. Maan is sure that Geet will come to the disco to check on him and Pari. Later, he is happy to see Geet. Geet exchanges Maan's drink with Pari's drink, as Pari had planned to get Maan drunk. Later, Maan exchanges his drink with Pari's. Maan gets drunk and dances with Pari. He makes Geet dance with him as well. Geet and Maan get close and she hugs him.

Episode: 101

Geet hugs Maan. She feels guilty on realizing this. Maan is drunk and he tells Geet about his feelings towards her. Geet requests Maan to leave her alone as his closeness bothers her. Geet tells Maan to maintain distance from her. Geet hesitates to approach Maan the next day who is sleeping in her room. Geet recalls the moment when Maan's driver got him to the outhouse in a drunk state. Maan feels guilty for getting close with Geet. Naintara spots Dev in a hotel and doubts him to be dining with Geet whereas he had wanted to surprise her on their anniversary. Geet regrets going to the disco and getting close to Maan. Pari feels Geet and Maan like each other on seeing their behavior towards each other. When Pari questions Maan about his sudden disappearance from the disco, he says he went to a place where he shouldn't have gone.

Episode: 102

Maan tells Geet that he has forgotten about the night's incident as he was drunk. Maan begins to avoid Geet. Naintara is shocked to see Geet in the house. She doubts Dev to have called her home. Maan decides to completely get rid of the feelings he has towards Geet. Pari notices Geet talking about Maan often and feels she likes him. Geet comes searching Maan to the room in his house which hasn't been open since ages. Geet looks for Maan in the room where he has buried all his old memories. Maan tells Geet that he is trying to stay away from her.

Episode: 103

Geet is shocked when Maan decides to detach himself from her. Maan allows Geet to leave the job as she has completed his work. Geet sees the locket in his room which she had got from an astrologer in the market where she first met Maan. Pari plans to check with Maan if he too likes Geet or is it just one sided love. Pari gets to know that even Maan likes Geet equally. Pari plans to unite Geet and Maan. Pari calls Maan and says she has left a surprise for him and that she is leaving forever. Geet is surprised to read a note from Pari which says that she has seen love for Maan in her eyes and that she is going away. Maan is shocked to see Pari's surprise which is Geet.

Episode: 104

Maan tells Geet to arrange a girl as he has to introduce his fiance to Dadimaa. Maan tells Geet to come as his fiance when she finds it tough to get a girl in a short span. Maan gets angry when Geet refuses to become his fiance. Geet doesn't tell Maan the reason why she doesn't reciprocate to his feelings when he questions her. Maan makes Geet realize that he always stood by her and helped her when she was in trouble. Geet finally agrees to become his fiance. Dadimaa is happy to see Maan with Geet and blesses their relationship. Dadimaa tells Maan to get Geet introduced to his brother. Geet fears getting close to Maan in this act of pretending to be his fiance.

Episode: 105

Geet is surprised when Pinky tells her that Maan's client Rasika has filed a court case against him for leaving her project midway. Geet realizes that she Maan left her project midway because of her. Geet offers to help Maan in the Hoshiyarpur project but he keeps her away as it is going to affect her. When Tasha questions Geet's relationship with Maan in front of the office staff, he tells them all that Geet is his fiance. Geet is angry with Maan for telling the whole office about their fake relationship. Rasika calls Geet and tells her to inform Maan to come to the Hoshiyarpur court soon or else he will be taken to jail. Naintara gets angry when Dev proposes to take her to a psychiatrist as he feels she needs medical help as she is growing suspicious day by day. Maan is shocked when Adi tells him that Geet has gone to Hoshiyarpur.

Episode: 106

Geet reaches Hoshiyarpur. She is shocked to see Maan there who forces her to return to Delhi but she insists on completing her work and going back. Maan forcibly takes her back to Delhi. Maan's car breaks down and they get stuck in the night. The family who had befriended Maan and Geet at a dhaba comes to their rescue. They take Maan and Geet along with them to a marriage they had come to attend in Hoshiyarpur. Geet remembers her wedding when she attends this wedding at Hoshiyarpur. Maan takes special care of Geet. Naintara looks for Geet's details in the office and is shocked to learn that Geet is Maan's secretary. She then sees Dev's signature on her file which Dev had signed long back without looking at her file. Naintara feels Dev is involved. Geet is touched with the concern Maan has towards her.

Episode: 107

Geet misses her family. She misses every moment spent with them in Hoshiyarpur. Maan consoles Geet who feels she will never be able to see her family again. Geet tells Maan that she never wanted to separate from her family and that she suffers from loneliness. Maan supports Geet and assures to be always there for her. Geet keeps Maan engaged in the wedding so that he doesn't force her to return to Delhi. Geet meets Rasika and tells her that she has told the villagers that she is building a hotel in their land. Geet gets angry at Rasika when she threatens to take Maan to the jail. Rasika gets scared when she sees a group of angry villagers approaching her. Geet tells Rasika to take her case back or else she will have to face the angry villagers.

Episode: 108

Rasika finally takes her case back as she fears the villagers. Maan surprises Geet by making her meet her sister Rajji and brother Tito. Rajji tells Geet that Brij is in jail and Darjee has strictly told his family not to discuss her topic. Geet thanks Maan for the surprise and Maan thanks Geet for taking a risk to solve his case. She proposes to be friends with him. Maan and Geet become friends. Maan's car breaks down again. It starts raining and they take shelter in a ruin. Brij's men recognize Geet and inform Brij about her. Geet gets playful and hides from Maan. Brij's men take her away while Maan keeps searching for her. Maan finds Geet's belongings fallen here and there and doubts something wrong. Maan senses Geet is in trouble and sets out to save her.

Episode: 109

Brij's men tie Geet and are about to kill her but Maan saves her. Dev remembers Geet and feels guilty for spoiling her life. He plans to tell Maan the truth. Geet is touched when Maan tells her that he will always protect her and even says that he cannot live without her. Geet feels that fate always brings them together and Maan always saves her when in trouble. Geet tells Maan that she punished Brij for his crimes by sending him to the jail. Maan consoles Geet who feels homeless as her family has completely disowned her. Geet and Maan return to Delhi. Naintara gets angry when Dev tells her that he feels guilty for having cheated on Geet and wants to tell the truth to Maan. Maan feels bad for Geet's state and waits for the day when Geet will have faith in him and share all her worries with him.

Episode: 110

Geet wakes up and realizes that Maan was badly injured during the fight and rushes to meet him at the office. Maan is happy to see Geet's concern towards him who comes to his office just to check on his health. Geet is shocked to see her office staff avoiding her. On questioning, Pinky tells her that they all fear talking to her as she is Maan's fiance now. Maan orders clothes for Geet to change as she forgot to change her clothes due to this worry. Adi informs Maan about Naintara taking Geet's file. Naintara is shocked when Maan asks her to meet him as he wants to discuss about Geet. Geet imagines Maan everywhere. Geet starts feeling that she is Maan's special. Geet decides to find out Maan's feelings towards her.

Episode: 111

Geet wonders if Maan cares about her feelings. Geet dreams of Maan everywhere. She remembers all the good times spent with him. Dadi advises Dev to confess his mistake and assures that Maan will surely forgive him. Dadimaa decides to introduce Geet to her friends circle as Maan's fiance. Maan gets angry when his office staff decorates the office to celebrate their relationship. Maan and Geet are shocked to learn that on Dadimaa's advise, these preparations were made in the office. Dadimaa makes Geet and Maan cut a cake. Dadimaa hides a ring in the cake. Maan avoids this situation by kissing Geet's hand in front of everyone to confirm their relationship. Geet and Maan excuse themselves from the crowd. Sasha envies Geet's luck as she is Maan's fiance now. Geet is angry with Maan for kissing her hand in front of the office staff.

Episode: 112

Geet is angry with Maan for kissing her hand in front of everyone. Maan hides the engagement ring from Geet. Naintara arrives at Maan's office to meet him. Geet and Naintara don't come face to face.Maan warns Naintara to stay away from Geet as she has already spoilt Dev's life. He tells her to mend her ways otherwise he will not forgive her. Geet overhears Dadimaa asking Maan if he has put the engagement ring on Geet's finger. Geet tries to conceal her feelings from Maan. Maan tells Geet not to run away from him and her feelings. Maan finally puts the engagement ring on Geet's finger. Geet and Maan are lost in each others thoughts.

Episode: 113

Geet is happy after wearing the engagement ring and on the other hand Maan wonders wonders why he made her wear the ring. Geet goes to office wearing the ring and everyone is excited to see it. The ring falls down and Maan sees it. He gets angry on Geet for being irresponsible. When Maan scolds Geet for being irresponsible, she questions him why he made her wear the ring and Maan doesn't give her an answer. George and Rose come to visit Maan in the office who request him to construct a bungalow for them. Naintara leaves the house as she fears Maan. Naintara breaks all her relations with Dev. Naintara warns Dev to be careful if he is planning to tell Maan the truth about Geet as he will be held responsible because he was the main culprit and she was just a master brain. Maan wants to involve Geet in the bungalow making but she refuses to be involved. Sasha tries her best to impress Maan with her ideas but is unable to. Maan keeps quiet when Geet asks him to define the meaning of love in his opinion.

Episode: 114

Geet finally makes up her mind to assist Maan in his client's project. George and Rose love the project plan. They then invite Geet and Maan for their marriage anniversary. Dev informs Dadimaa about Naintara who has left him. Maan defines love to Geet in his own terms. Geet decides to tell Maan the truth about her life as she doesn't want to cheat on him. On the other hand, Dev decides to tell Maan about Geet. Geet prepares herself to tell Maan the truth about her life. Maan is shocked to see Geet dressed in a short dress who is preparing to go for his client's anniversary. Maan sees Geet uncomfortable and tells her to change in to a salwar. On seeing Maan's concern, Geet decides to tell him the truth about her life and pregnancy.

Episode: 115

Geet comes to the client's anniversary in a saree. Maan admires her. The couple George and Rose revive their marriage vows. Geet fears the moment when she will tell the truth to Maan as she doesn't know how he will react. Dev misses Naintara. Dev tries to contact Naintara but gets no response. Geet searches for Maan and finds him playing with kids. Dev arrives at the client's party to tell the truth about Geet to Maan. Maan feels Geet is going to propose to him so he tells her to confess her feelings. Geet tells Maan that she is pregnant. Maan is shocked to learn that Geet is pregnant.

Episode: 116

Maan doesn't listen to the full truth and leaves Geet. Maan is completely shattered after hearing the truth and misunderstands Geet's character. Dev arrives. Geet is hurt and decides to tell Maan the whole truth as she doesn't want to lose him. Maan feels cheated. Dev arrives and doesn't find Maan there. Geet reaches home and looks for Maan. She tries telling him the truth but he doesn't listen to her and starts avoiding her. Maan's office staff is shocked to see a changed behavior in him. Geet comes to office and sees Maan in a bad mood. She gathers guts to tell him the truth but he still refuses to listen to her. Geet is upset as Maan doesn't respond to her at all.

Episode: 117

Maan calls for a meeting with his office staff and proposes to change his client's project plan as he doesn't want to follow Geet's designs. Dev meets an old friend of his named Meera. Geet tries her best to tell Maan the truth but he doesn't listen to her as he feels she always lied to him. He is angry with her for not telling him about her pregnancy before. Geet faints due to weakness. Maan brings Geet home and looks after her. He fears calling a doctor as Dadimaa would come to know about Geet's pregnancy. Meera and Dev remember old days. Meera is shown to have been in love with Dev before Naintara came in his life. Maan plans to change Geet's clothes as her clothes are wet. Maan changes Geet's clothes.

Episode: 118

Maan sits by Geet's side the whole night and takes care of her. Dadimaa sees Geet suffering from fever and thinks of calling a doctor. Geet and Maan refuse to call the doctor. Maan continues to be angry with Geet. Maan refuses to listen to the truth. Maan is angry but helpless as he cannot leave Geet. Dev decides to meet Maan and tell the truth. Dev meets Maan. Maan is happy that Naintara is out of Dev's life as she always misguided him. Dev cannot gather guts to tell Maan the truth as he fears Maan abandoning him. Dadimaa looks after Geet. Maan makes sure that Geet eats healthy food as she is pregnant. Geet is happy as Maan has forgiven her and is looking after her.

Episode: 119

Maan is angry with Geet and says he hates her. Sasha transfers Geet's table to Maan's cabin. Maan gets angry on seeing this and fires Pinky. Pinky is upset as she lost her job due to Sasha. Geet hides from Maan in the office. Dev helps Meera in decorating her new house. With the help of Adi and Pinky, Geet calls Maan to a conference room in order to talk. Maan is angry with Geet for tricking him and calling him to the conference room. Maan refuses to listen to the truth.


Episode: 120

Geet tells Maan the truth about her life. She tells him under what circumstances she had to leave her family and about the man who cheated her. Maan still doesn't accept Geet as he feels she was someone's before. Geet leaves Maan as she feels he hasn't understood her. Maan feels guilty for hurting her. Maan regrets for misunderstanding Geet. Maan is shocked to learn that Geet is leaving Delhi forever. Maan searches for Geet. Meera comes to Dev's house and meets Dadimaa. Geet comes to a railway station to leave Delhi. Maan follows her. Meera consoles Dev who is upset about Naintara leaving him. Maan searches for Geet at the railway station.

Episode: 121

Geet remembers all the moments spent with Maan. Maan searches for Geet at the station. Geet sees Maan at the station and hides from him. Geet's bag gets stolen at the station.Maan traces Geet with the help of her lost bag. The kids who had stolen the bag help him meet Geet at the station. Maan is happy to have found Geet. Geet again tries to go away from Maan's life but he stops her. Dev tells Meera about marrying Geet for money as he was under a huge debt. Maan requests Geet not to go as he cannot live without her. He apologizes for his behavior. Maan accepts Geet the way she is and even offers to help her raise her child. Geet tries her best to separate from Maan but is unable to.

Episode: 122

Maan goes down on his knees and puts the engagement ring on Geet's finger again. Maan brings Geet home. They again get in to their fun filled arguments of whose more independent and who helped whom more often. Dadimaa spots Maan and Geet with a bag and on questioning, Maan tells her that they have to go out of station on an official visit. Maan wants to keep Geet happy but is curious to know the man who spoilt her life. He wonders if Geet has taken revenge on him. Maan is tensed as he has lied to Dadimaa about their official visit and now cannot return home with Geet. Meera is angry with Dev for spoiling a girl's life. Dev apologizes to her and regrets for his mistake. Meera forgives Dev as she knows that he has realized his mistake. Geet decides to help Maan get out of his trouble. Geet wants Maan to realize that even he needs her help at times.

Episode: 123

Maan tells Geet that he doesn't seek help from anyone as he feels that he might show the other person his weakness. Geet tells Maan that she has booked a meeting for him in Manali. Maan asks Geet if he should find out about the man who cheated her. Maan offers to help her seek justice. Geet doesn't reveal Dev's details as she doesn't want to see Maan in trouble. Meera asks Dev about Geet's details as she wants him to apologize to her. Dev starts developing a soft corner towards Meera after seeing her concern towards him. Geet decides to hide her past from Maan as it will irritate him. Maan also feels that he should not ask Geet about her past. Meera and Dev search Geet. Maan sees a note in Geet's room which has Dev's Canada number on it. He still doesn't know that Dev was the man who cheated Geet and even Geet is unaware of the fact that Dev is Maan's brother. Maan asks Geet about the Canada number but she fears to tell him that it is of the man who cheated her.

Episode: 124

Geet pretends to be unaware of the note and the number when Maan questions her. Geet assures to never let her past affect her present. Geet and Maan reach Manali. They meet their client. Maan starts becoming possessive of Geet.Meera and Dev come to office. Maan gets angry on seeing his client's liking towards Geet. He gets angry when his client takes interest in getting Geet married to his son. Maan insists Geet on revealing their relation to everyone. Maan then tells everyone that Geet is his fiance. Meera and Dev fetch information about Geet from Pinky and learn that she is still working for the company. Dev and Meera realize that Pinky is the one Geet is staying with.

Episode: 125

Geet is angry with Maan for telling the world about their fake relationship. Maan is angry as Geet still feels he is faking up his love in spite proposing to her. They get in to an argument and go separate ways. Maan realizes his mistake and searches for Geet. Meera supports Dev and assures of never leaving his side. Maan spots Geet sitting outside in a snowfall. They seek shelter in a cottage. Geet changes her clothes. The weather is unruly and there are moments of passion between the two. Geet and Maan are drawn towards each other. Geet stops Maan's advancements.

Episode: 126

Maan tells Geet to share her feelings but Geet hesitates. Instead of sharing her feelings, Geet thanks Maan for always supporting her and accepting her in spite knowing her past. Maan gets angry as Geet doesn't share her feelings. Maan waits for Geet to share her feelings and Geet still hesitates. Dadimaa is angry on Geet and Maan for extending their stay in Manali without keeping her informed. Geet tries her best to let her feelings out but is not able to. Dev is ready to meet Geet. Dadimaa plans a party. The party is kept to celebrate Geet and Maan's engagement.

Episode: 127

Maan is angry with Geet as he feels that Geet has instigated Dadimaa to keep a party. Maan grows impatient when Geet doesn't share her feelings. Dev learns about Geet working under Maan. Meera advises him to speak with Maan. Dev meets Maan and learns that he is upset with some girl who is not letting out her feelings. Meera meets Geet and learns that Geet is lacking courage to share her feelings with someone. Dev suggests Maan to give that someone time. Meera gives courage to Geet to speak up. Geet comes to tell Maan her feelings. Maan arranges a dinner date with Geet and asks her to be ready in the evening. Geet is scared with the thought of going on a date with Maan alone.

Episode: 128

Maan arranges a camp side date. Maan tells Geet that her simplicity impressed him. Geet tells Maan that she fears accepting him because she has a bad past. Geet tells Maan about her responsibilities and Maan assures to accept her with them. Geet fears Maan's family not accepting her with the past but Maan tells her not to worry. Geet accepts Maan's proposal. They are happy to unite. Meera tells Dev about her meeting with Geet. Dev is shocked to know that Geet was at his house. Meera tells Dev that Geet has not come to seek revenge from him.


Episode: 129

Dadimaa introduces Geet to her friends. Maan meets Meera and introduces Geet as his fiance. This leaves Meera shocked. Dev looks for Geet in the office. Dadimaa appoints girls to help get Geet ready for the engagement. Maan brings Geet to a maternity clinic for a check up. Geet is touched by his gesture. Geet learns that Maan has booked a ward exclusively for her. Meera searches for Dev in the office and learns that he has gone home. She fears Dev and Geet coming face to face. Meera calls Dev and requests her to be in his room till she meets him.

Episode: 130

The doctor advises Maan to take special care of Geet as she is pregnant. Geet is touched by Maan's gesture. Dev is shocked when Meera tells him that Geet is Maan's fiance. Dev decides to stop the engagement. On the other hand, the engagement celebrations begin. Meera stops Dev from stopping the engagement. Geet gets ready for the engagement ceremony. Maan meets Geet before the engagement ceremony and tells her that he is going to get engaged to her in real as he doesn't want to call their relationship fake. Geet leaves when Dev arrives to meet Maan.

Episode: 131

Dev stops himself from telling the truth to Maan when he sees him happy. Dev decides to go away from Maan's life as he doesn't want his past to spoil Maan's present. Dev and Geet come face to face. Geet gets flashback of her past where Dev cheated her and slaps Dev. Geet decides to tell Maan about her encounter with Dev as she is still not aware of Dev being Maan's brother. Dev informs Meera about his encounter with Geet. Geet is shocked to learn that Dev is Maan's younger brother. Geet is shocked to see Maan's love towards Dev and doesn't tell Maan the truth about Dev who was the man who cheated her and spoilt her life. Geet is shattered. Dev meets Geet again.

Episode: 132

Geet is angry with Dev for spoiling her life. She threatens to take him to the jail. Dev apologizes for his deeds and requests Geet not tell Maan about their past as he will break down.The engagement ceremony begins and Geet is confused as she doesn't know what to do. Meera convinces Dev to attend the engagement. Everyone looks for Geet who has gone missing. Geet runs away from the house as she is not able to choose between her love and her past. Maan and Pinky look for Geet in the house. Geet realizes Maan's love and concern towards her. Geet is unable to decide what to do next. She wonders if she should forget everything and return to Maan or choose to punish Dev.

Episode: 133

Everyone is upset as Geet absconds on the engagement day. This behavior of Geet leaves Dadimaa embarrassed. Geet realizes her mistake and decides to return home. Dev and Meera set out in search of Geet. Geet returns home and is shocked to see Naintara home. Naintara forces Geet to go away but she doesn't. Naintara tells her that she has told the truth to everyone about her past and that Maan has left her. Dadimaa is angry with Geet for leaving the house. She tells her that she will never accept her and tells her to leave their house. Maan is searching for Geet. Geet is upset as she thinks everyone knows about Dev and her past and have left her. Maan and Geet are shattered. Dadimaa is angry with Geet for breaking her trust.

Episode: 134

Maan wonders why Geet left him without saying a word. Geet, on the other hand is keen on meeting Maan to tell him the truth. Naintara poisons Dadimaa's mind against Geet. Dev and Meera are shocked to see Naintara home. Naintara is shocked to learn that Meera knows everything about Geet. Manchanda tells Adi and Pinky about Geet's pregnancy and feels this is the reason behind her sudden disappearance. Naintara dissuades Dev from telling the truth to his family. Meera meets Geet in the garden and they share their worries with each other. Geet wonders how Meera knows everything about her.

Episode: 135

Meera takes Geet to her house. Geet tells Meera about Naintara telling the truth to Maan. Everyone is shocked to see Geet in the office. Meera informs Dev about Naintara telling Maan the truth. Dev is angry on Naintara and decides to surrender to the police. This decision gets Naintara worried as she fears the consequences and she decides to search Maan before he meets Dev or Geet. Dev requests Meera to tell the truth to Maan before Geet meets him. Geet, Adi and Pinky start searching Maan. Naintara and Meera also are looking for Maan. Meera hides from Naintara in the office. Meera is shocked to see Geet in the office who is tracing Maan. Maan arrives at the office.

Episode: 136

Geet feels Maan's presence around. She is shocked to see Dev in the office who comes to meet her. Sasha learns about Geet's pregnancy from Pinky. Sasha questions Geet about her pregnancy in front of the office staff. Dev warns Naintara to stay away from Geet and Maan. Naintara is shocked when Dev back answers her for Meera. When the whole staff starts questioning Geet, she reveals her pregnancy. When Sasha insists Geet on telling the truth about how she got pregnant before marriage, Geet decides to make Dev reveal the truth. The lift in which Maan was there, fails. Geet, takes Sasha to Dev and Naintara to make them answer her question. Dev is shocked to learn that Geet is pregnant. Geet forces Dev and Naintara to reveal the truth in front of the staff.

Episode: 137

Geet exposes Dev and Naintara's fraud in front of the office staff. Naintara is angry with Geet. Geet decides to seek police help and get Dev and Naintara behind bars. Geet misses Maan's support at this time. Maan gets terribly injured in the lift accident. Dev is guilty. Meera breaks her relations with Dev as she wasn't aware of the whole truth. A security guard informs Dev about Maan's accident. Geet goes to the police station to file a complaint but the police doesn't lodge it without a proof. A lady constable advises Geet to get a DNA test. Geet misses Maan as he was always there by her side during her rough phase. She doesn't notice Maan when he is taken on the stretcher. She feels Maan's presence around and then doubts the person on the stretcher to be Maan.

Episode: 138

Geet doesn't find Maan in the hospital. Geet requests a gynecologist for a DNA test but the gyne says it can be dangerous for the child at this stage, hence Geet decides to cancel the test. Dev, Naintara and Dadimaa are in the same hospital. Naintara meets Geet in the hospital and learns her purpose of coming to the hospital. Geet threatens to punish Naintara and Dev when Naintara advises Geet to return to Hoshiyarpur. Naintara tells Geet that Maan has broken all the relations with her. Geet is shattered as she feels Maan didn't even give her a chance to talk and trusted his brother. Suddenly there is a ciaos in the hospital and Geet wonders what happened. There are two naughty kids who make Geet their prey. Their uncle apologizes to Geet for his nieces' misbehavior. The stranger plans to make Geet nanny for his nieces after seeing her behavior towards them. The stranger washes off the paint his nieces had spilled on him.

Episode: 139

The stranger absconds from the hospital leaving his nieces' with Geet. Nainatara tells Dev that Geet will not go to the police station. The kids too run away from Geet and Geet enters Maan's room in search of the kidsGeet doesn't notice the patient is Maan. Geet finds the kids and scolds them for irritating the patients in the hospital. Geet plans to handover the kids to their uncle. Dadimaa is upset for Maan's condition. Naintara consoles her and offers to take up the responsibility of handling the office work. The kids bring Geet to a disco looking for their uncle. The kids vanish from there. Geet searches for them in the disco. Maan gains consciousness and calls out for Geet's name. Geet bumps in to Aditya at the disco.

Episode: 140

Geet handovers the kids to Yash. Yash requests Geet to become nanny for his nieces but she rejects his offer. Geet realizes that she has lost the tabeez and plans to go back to the hospital in search of it. Dev is angry with Naintara who called him to the office late night to get his signatures on some official papers. Dev searches for Geet as Maan calls out for Geet's name after gaining consciousness. Geet comes back to the hospital in search of Maan as she feels his presence around. Geet doesn't see Maan but Maan notices her, and is unable to call out her name. Meera and Dev set out in search of Geet. Geet is upset as she is unable to trace Maan. Geet meets Meera in the hospital who tells her that she knows where Maan is. Meera tells Geet that Maan met with an accident and is admitted in the ICU.

Episode: 141

Before Geet could meet Maan, Naintara shifts him in a different ward. Yash meets Geet in the hospital and requests her to accept his job offer. Geet meets Naintara and questions her about Maan but Naintara doesn't disclose his details. Maan sees Geet and tries to call her but is unable to. Yash catches Geet again in the hospital. Yash helps Geet find Maan. Dev scolds Naintara for restricting Geet from meeting Maan. Maan steps out of his ward to meet Geet. Geet also moves towards Maan's ward. Maan steps out of his ward and Geet enters. Maan and Geet are upset on not finding each other. Suddenly Geet hears Maan calling out her name.

Episode: 142

Geet and Maan are happy to meet. Geet complains to Maan about his sudden disappearance from her life. Meera and Yash are happy to see Maan and Geet unite. Yash is happy to see Geet and Maan unite and out of excitement, hugs Meera who is a stranger to him. He then tries to befriend her but doesn't succeed. Maan brings Geet to a room which he has decorated with flowers. Maan and Geet tell how much they missed each other. Maan asks Geet why she disappeared without informing him on their engagement day. Geet is about to tell the truth when she overhears a doctor's and Dev's conversation where the doctor says that Maan needs rest and cannot take any strain, hence Geet decides to hide the truth but Maan insists on knowing the truth. Geet then tells Maan that she got scared seeing the guests on the engagement day as they reminded her of her past.

Episode: 143

Maan forgives Geet. Naintara poisons Dadimaa's mind against Geet. Dev supports Geet and tells Dadimaa to trust Geet. Doctor advises Maan to take rest. Dadimaa comes to visit Maan in the hospital and is angry on seeing Geet with him. Geet apologizes to Dadimaa. Geet doesn't let Maan work from hospital. Geet throws Maan's phone out of the window when she sees him using it all the time. Naintara fears Geet telling the truth to Maan and Dadimaa. Naintara is irritated as Dadimaa forgives Geet and accepts her.

Episode: 144

Geet decides to hide the truth as she doesn't want to hurt Maan. Maan starts working from hospital.

Maan makes the hospital staff work for him. Geet is angry with Maan not taking rest.Maan stops working on Geet's insistence. Geet fears Sasha telling the truth about Dev to Maan but Adi doesn't let her speak. Dev brings Naintara to the hospital to confess their crime.Maan notices Geet immersed in thoughts and insists Geet on revealing the truth. Just then Dev arrives. Naintara also arrives and they four come face to face in one room.

Episode: 145

Naintara and Dev realize that Geet hasn't told anything to Maan. Maan feels Geet is hiding something from him. Maan sends Geet home so that he can get discharged. Dadimaa forgives Geet and requests her not to leave Maan ever. Maan decides to purchase flowers for Geet. Yash looks for Geet in the hospital as she has to join his company and ends up meeting Maan. Maan is shocked to know that Geet has joined Yash's company and he is angry with Geet for not informing him. Geet surprises Maan by dressing up in a saree and decorating the house. Geet and Maan meet.

Episode: 146

Maan asks Geet about her new job. He wonders what made Geet leave Khurana Constructions and forces Geet to reveal the truth. Maan takes Geet in confidence and insists on revealing the truth. Naintara packs to leave as she fears the consequences. Dev forcibly takes Naintara to the terrace where Geet and Maan are there. Geet tells the truth to Maan. She exposes Dev and Naintara's fraud. Maan refuses to believe until Dev joins Geet in revealing the truth. Maan is shocked to know the man who spoilt Geet's life is none other than Dev, his younger brother. Maan slaps Dev out of anger.

Episode: 147

Maan hits Dev. Geet stops him. Naintara is leaving the house and forgets her passport behind. Geet threatens to get Naintara punished. Dev apologizes to Maan but Maan doesn't forgive him. Maan calls the police. Naintara is shocked to see her passport with Geet as she cannot leave the country now. The police arrests Dev and Naintara. Dadimaa is shattered. Dev apologizes to all before leaving. Dadimaa faints when she sees Dev being taken away by the police. Naintara pleads for forgiveness but no one saves her. Yash reaches Meera's house in search of Geet. Geet is upset as she feels she has spoilt Maan's life but Maan consoles her.

Episode: 148

Geet tells Maan about her new stay, Meera's house. Dev's arrest spreads everywhere on the channels, papers. Maan advises Meera to keep Geet away from the news but Geet reads the newspaper and is shocked. Yash is happy after seeing the news as now it will be easy for him to get Geet work for him. Geet doubts Sasha to have leaked the news to the press. Pinky and Adi take Sasha's phone away. Naintara tries her best to get a bail. Dadimaa comes to meet Dev in the jail. Naintara requests Dadimaa to convince Maan to get them released as this will ruin their family reputation. Geet confronts Sasha for leaking the news in press. Geet is touched by Maan's concern who is still supporting her despite his family's name being tarnished by her. Geet holds herself responsible for Maan's family despair.

Episode: 149

The media surrounds Geet and Maan and throws questions at them. Geet gets scared but Maan faces them boldly. Maan declares to marry Geet soon in front of the media. Geet and Maan are happy. Geet informs Meera about this. Maan is shocked to see Dadimaa unwell. Geet decides to meet Dadimaa. Dadimaa requests Maan to bring Dev back. Maan tells Dadimaa about his decision of marrying Geet. Geet overhears Maan telling Dadimaa that it will be easy to take Dev's case back once he marries Geet, which he is referring to Dadimaa's intention and Geet misunderstands it to be his. Geet misunderstands Maan and feels he is using her to bring Dev back. Geet wishes to talk to Maan but he leaves for office due to some important work. Geet is shocked to see Dev back home who tells her that Maan bailed him out.

Episode: 150

Maan makes Geet the co-owner of Khurana Constructions. Geet comes to office and refuses to get married to Maan as he did injustice to her by bailing Dev out. Geet is angry with Maan and refuses to listen to him. Dev apologizes to Dadimaa for his mistakes. Maan tries to tell Geet the reason why he bailed out Dev but she doesn't listen and feels he did injustice to her. Geet feels Maan wants to save Dev by marrying her. Geet leaves Maan. The media surrounds them again and Geet tells them that Maan is marrying her to save Dev from the punishment Geet and Maan split.

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Episode: 151

Geet and Maan begin their life afresh. They miss the moments spent with each other. Geet and Maan pass by the same place but don't see each other. Maan comes to office and learns about Geet's new company. Geet joins her new company. The workers are surprised to see a girl in the office as only men work in Yash's company. Geet is surprised to know that she has been appointed as a nanny by Yash. Maan buys Yash's company to supervise Geet. Geet accepts Yash's offer and joins his company.

Episode: 152

The new workers are unhappy with Geet being appointed as their in charge. Yash handover Geet's contract to Maan. Geet finds it tough to get adjusted to the new work culture. The workers play prank on Geet and lock her in the store room.Maan arrives at Geet's new company, which he has taken over from Yash. Geet is trying to come out of the store room. Geet is shocked to see Maan in her company.Maan warns Geet to behave herself and treat him like her boss. Geet is shocked to know that Maan has taken over the company from Yash. Yash comes to meet Meera before leaving and informs her about the new development. When Geet decides to leave, Maan shows her the contract which says she cannot leave the company and if she does, she will have to pay 2 years salary.

Episode: 153

Geet is irritated with Maan's arrogant behavior. Meera pacifies her. Maan is angry with Geet's accusations. Next day, Maan gets angry on seeing Geet sleep in the office. Maan orders Geet to get all the clients in place in four hours. He starts pressurizing Geet with work. Geet requests her workers to help her get the client details but doesn't succeed as Maan interfered. Geet is upset as she is not able to cope up with the work pressure in this environment. Maan wants Geet to tell him that she cannot live without his help but she doesn't. He gets angry on not finding the engagement ring on her finger. Geet emotionally blackmails the workers to get the client details.

Episode: 154

Maan detains Geet from the post of a CEO to a secratery as she was late by 1 minute in delivering the work. Maan makes a peon in his office a CEO. Maan scolds Geet for everything. He is irritated with his lazy office staff. Geet changes her clothes to worker clothes on Maan's order. Maan tells Geet to suspend the workers who are trying to be friendly with her. Geet makes the workers on her side. The investors from China arrive. Geet, along with the workers ruin the company's reputation. On seeing this, Maan gives back the post of CEO to Geet.

Episode: 155

Dadimaa invites Maan's new staff for the Diwali party at home. Dadimaa realizes that Geet is working in Indian Paints. Both the office staffs come for the party. Geet too comes. Maan tells Geet to go back but Dadimaa stops her. Dadimaa requests Geet to give a last chance to Maan and talk to him. Dev feels guilty for his deeds. Meera is shocked to see Dev back home. Everyone performs puja. Maan is angry with Geet and tells her to leave. Meera meets Dev and Dev tries to prove his innocence. Meera gets worried when she sees Dev faint. Geet meets Maan before leaving

Episode: 156

Maan feels there is no relationship between him and Geet. Maan tells Geet that she doesn't affect him anymore as he hates her. He tells her to stay away from him. Geet is hurt. Maan wants to prove it to Geet that her presence doesn't affect him, so he calls for a party. Maan calls Geet to his farmhouse. Geet decides to take the office staff along. Maan arranges a party. He befirends a girl in the party.Geet comes along with the office staff. Maan doesn't give importance to Geet and gets involved with the female guests at the party. One of Maan's female guest misbehaves with Geet and insults her. The girl then pushes Geet in the swimming pool and Geet starts drowning.

Episode: 157

Maan saves Geet from drowning but doesn't give any importance to Geet. Geet is hurt by Maan's sudden behavioral change and decides to talk to him. Meera brings Dev home and nurses him who is suffering from high fever. Geet wants to ask Maan the reason why he called her to the party. Geet feels Maan called her to the party to insulted. A girl offers to dance with Maan and Maan dances with her. This makes Geet upset. Geet gets angry on seeing Maan dance with a girl. She plans to leave the party as she feels she is being ridiculed. Maan wants Geet to say that his behavior is affecting her. Maan forces Geet to say she is being affected by his behavior. Geet slaps Maan when he forcibly tries to dance with her.


Episode: 158

Dev gains consciousness and is shocked to see himself in Meera's house. Geet repents for slapping Maan. She consults Meera and shares her worry. Geet decides to apologize to Maan for her behavior but she cannot gather guts to apologize. Dev thanks Meera for the help. Geet fears facing Maan but finally she gathers strenght to face him. Maan avoids talking to her as even he feels bad for what he did. Geet again approaches Maan. She apologizes for her mistake. Geet tells him that he was wrong as he crossed his limits. Geet apologizes for slapping Maan. Maan leaves without saying a word.

Episode: 159

Maan regrets for misbehaving with Geet. Maan decides to go away from Geet. Geet is shocked to learn that Maan has sold the company and the workers have lost their job due to this. Geet holds herself responsible for this trouble. Maan is not able to forgive himself for his misbehavior. Geet comes home to meet him. Geet learns that Maan sold the company to free her from the contract. Dev is worried for Geet as he fears Naintara harming her.Geet tells Maan that the workers have lost their jobs because of his decision. Geet finally tells Maan that she was affected by his behavior. Maan insists Geet to stay away from him. Geet doesn't agree to leave Maan. Geet then makes fun of Maan's defeat as he gave up on his stubbornness. On seeing this, Maan hires Geet and the workers in his company. Dev fears Naintara causing harm to Geet and wants to share his fear with Maan but Dadimaa doesn't let him talk to Maan. Dadimaa advises Dev to go out of station for a while, till the issue resides.

Episode: 160

The workers come to Maan's new office. Geet stops Sasha from restricting their entry. Maan sends Geet to the store room to work so that he can avoid coming face to face with her during the day. Meera helps Dev trace Naintara through a detective agency. Geet and Maan want to talk to each other but hesitate.Naintara calls Sasha and seeks her help in taking revenge from Geet. Maan gets a call from the hospital reminding him about Geet's check up. Maan plans to take Geet to the hospital.Maan comes to the store room. He gets worried on seeing Geet faint. Maan feels bad for troubling Geet. Sasha isin't aware of Maan's presence in the store room and locks it on Naintara's orders. Maan looks after Geet and she is happy to see his concern towards her. Naintara arrives in the office and proceeds towards the store room where Geet and Maan are locked.

Episode: 161

Maan breaks open the store room door. Maan and Naintara are shocked to see each other in the office. Maan tells Pinky to take Geet to the hospital so that he can deal with Naintara without involving Geet. Maan meets Naintara and tells her to leave the office but she doesn't. Maan tells Sasha to get the guards to throw Naintara out. Sasha fears losing her job if Maan learns about her and Naintara's unison but Naintara consoles her. Maan stops Geet from returning to office. Naintara refuses to leave the office. Maan swears to save Geet from Naintara. Dev and Meera are unable to trace Naintara. Naintara shows the power of attorney to Maan which Dev gave her and says she is an equal share holder. Naintara calls for a board of directors meeting to finalize her position in the office. She refuses to leave until then. Geet doubts Maan to be in a problem when he avoids her call. Maan throws Naintara out of the company. Maan tells Naintara to get out of his company as well as their life. Naintara sees Geet entering office. Geet is shocked to see Naintara out of jail and back in office.

Episode: 162

Naintara insults Geet. Maan comes and asks Naintara to leave. Geet leaves office by saying that she doesn't want to be in the same place where Maan is. Geet asks Maan how Naintara came out of jail. Maan remains silent. Sasha informs Naintara that the Board Of Directors has rejected their project. Naintara asks Sasha to take care of it as it's necessary for her to stay in the company. Naintara calls Dev and tells him that she is in Maan's office. Dev and Meera are worried. Maan warns Naintara of worse consequences if she and Dev try to bother Geet. Geet overhears this.

Episode: 163

Geet comes to office and Maan is happy to see her. Geet wants to apologise to Maan for blaming him for the wrong reasons. Sweety Chaddha or the Pindi Queen comes to Maan's office. She is a singer and wants to work on her project of a hotel chain. Geet writes a small note to Maan which says sorry. She is disappointed when he doesn't notice it. Dev tries to stop Naintara from going to office. She makes him realise that he had given her power of attorney at one time.

Episode: 164

Maan tells Geet that he fears affecting her future as he might remind her of her past, as he is Dev's brother. Maan is lost in his thoughts in the meeting regarding Pindi Queen's chain of hotels. Dev shares his worry with Meera about Naintara ruining Maan and Geet's life. Meera asks him to talk to Maan. Geet indirectly tells Maan that she needs his support and company throughout her life and that he holds importance in her as well her child's life. Geet and Maan are happy for each other.

Episode: 165

Pindi Queen wants to work with Geet. Maan asks Geet to take care of the project. Maan shows Geet the tabeez that she was talking about. He makes her wear the engagement ring again. Naintara is stunned when Maan tells her that he is aware of her shares in the company. Maan indirectly tells Geet that he has accepted her apology and later teases her. Pindi Queen is Naintara's friend. They both plan to ruin Geet's life.

Episode: 166

Maan asks Geet to give a name to their relationship. He indirectly asks her to confess her love for him. Sweety wants to take Geet along with her to the launch party of her new album. Geet's dupatta is stuck in a door. Maan takes it and agrees to give it back only when Geet confesses her love. Dev realises that Meera has to suffer because of him, as she has to lie to Geet. Dadimaa meets Dev and tells him, that if he really wants to see Geet and Maan together, he has to get proofs against Nayantara and send her back to jail.

Episode: 167

Geet comes with the team to organise the music launch party for Sweety. Sweety informs this to Nayantara and she asks Sweety to send Geet to the storeroom. Geet looks for the things meant for decoration in the storeroom. The chandelier is about to fall on her. Maan reaches in the storeroom and helps Geet in lifting the boxes. He saves Geet just in time from the chandelier about to fall on her. Maan is furious and scolds Pindi Queen for asking Geet to work. He wants Geet to return home. Sweety informs Nayantara about Maan saving Geet's life. She is enraged to know that her plan failed.

Episode: 168

Maan wants to take Geet away from organising the event. She wants to stay back and work. Maan brings up the topic of confession again. Geet looks gorgeous at the party. Sasha taunts her but Geet snaps back. Nayantara comes to the party to execute her plans. Meanwhile, Geet is looking for Maan at the party. Maan and Geet have a close dance. Geet tells Maan never to leave her even for a moment. She is ready to confess her love.

Episode: 169

Geet is ready to confess her love to Maan when he stops her saying she doesn't need to say it, as her eyes speak of the love for him all the time. Sasha sends Maan away by giving an excuse of a meeting. Nayantara asks Sweety to send Geet on the first floor. Nayantara confronts Geet and taunts her about her past. She tells Geet that she is going to snatch her child away from her. Adi notices Geet with Nayantara and starts finding a way to get to them. Nayantara holds Geet at the edge of the balcony. Nayantara pretends as if she hasn't done anything to Geet. Everybody is petrified to see Geet at the edge of the balcony.

Episode: 170

Nayantara leaves Geet from the edge of the balcony. Maan holds her hand just in time. Everybody is shocked when Geet tells them that Nayantara wanted to kill her child. Nayantara embarasses Geet by asking her about the father of the child. Maan breaks a glass in anger. He fills Geet's maang with the blood. Geet is still stunned at what happened. Geet remains silent. Maan notices this.

Episode: 171

Meera informs Dev that Maan filled Geet's maang in front of everybody. Geet tells Maan that he should've thought about himself before taking such a huge step. Maan assures Geet by his words and says he acted selfish in whatever he did as Geet has become a necessity of his life. Dev is happy to hear about Maan and Geet. He is thankful to Meera for supporting him throughout. Geet doesn't let Maan leave. He puts her to sleep.



Episode: 172

Geet tells Maan that Nayantara was right when she said Geet is Maan's worry and weakness. Geet is unable to sleep. Maan brings her closer to her and tries putting her to sleep. Nayantara reaches at Meera's house. Dev asks her to leave. She pleads to have a drink with him, and says she'll leave forever. Nayantara attempts suicide by mixing something in her own drink. Geet is confused about filling her maang. Maan tells her that he filled her maang not because of the situation but because he wants to make her his life partner.

Episode: 173

Maan proposes marriage to Geet. Maan and Geet decide to tell their decision of marriage to Dadimaa. Geet and Maan meet Dadimaa. Naintara's condition is critical. Meera advises Dev to inform Dadimaa about Naintara. Maan tells Dadimaa about his decision of marrying Geet. Dev informs Dadimaa about Naintara and Maan and Dadimaa rush to the hospital. Dev hides from Maan when he sees him arrive at the hospital. Dev meets Maan and apologizes to him and begs for forgiveness but Maan doesn't forgive him. Everyone is shocked to see police in the hospital who accuse them of attempting to murder Naintara. Naintara offers a deal to Dev. She tells him to save her from going to jail and in return she will withdraw her police case. Dev agrees.

Episode: 174

Geet is worried as Maan hasn't returned from the hospital, nor has he called her. Dadimaa accepts Maan's decision of marrying Geet but requests him to wait for a while till Naintara recovers. Maan wonders how to tell Geet about the delay in their marriage. Geet is happy on seeing Maan return home. Geet gets upset when Maan tells her that they cannot marry right now due to some circumstances. Geet is hurt but supports Maan's decision. Maan is angry as he could not complete his promise of marrying Geet. Naintara gets angry on seeing Dev and Meera together. Naintara feels insecure because Meera is living with Dev. Naintara insults Meera and tells her to stay away from Dev.

Episode: 175

Dadimaa feels bad for Maan's state. Dadimaa apologizes to Geet for causing delay in her marriage. She then informs Geet about Naintara's police complaint. Dev finds a changed behavior in Meera. Geet and Maan feel bad for each other. Meera tells Dev about the comments Naintara made on her character. Maan comes to meet Geet and Geet pretends to be calm and hide her emotions from him. Geet gets scared when the power goes off. She feels better on seeing Maan around. Dev meets Naintara and hands over the divorce papers to her.

Episode: 176

Naintara calls Dadimaa and informs her about Dev giving her divorce. Dadimaa prefers not to interrupt in her and Dev's life. Maan warns Naintara not to call anymore. Dadimaa tells Maan to get married to Geet as soon as possible. Maan informs Geet about the good news. Geet and Maan are happy. Geet fears some problem coming their way again this time but Maan consoles her. Dadimaa blesses Geet. Maan is irritated as Geet has taken a leave from office. Geet feels like preparing food for Maan but doesn't know his tastes. Dev informs Meera about giving divorce to Naintara. Geet dresses up for Maan. Maan returns home. Geet is dressing up for him.

Episode: 177

Maan watches Geet getting dressed up and helps her get ready. Geet accidentally pours water on Maan's file. Maan takes Geet to the office to prepare a new file for presentation. Dadimaa stops Geet from going to office. Dadimaa allows Geet to go to office after seeing her feel upset for not going. Dadimaa skips calling a special guest for the wedding. She then calls Anwesha to invite her. Meera is shocked to see Dev leaving the house. Meera is angry with Dev for leaving her house without asking her.

Episode: 178

The office staff surprises Geet and Maan by showering petals on them when they enter. Everyone congratulates them for their wedding. Adi, Pinky and Romeo help Geet prepare the presentation file. Maan, on purpose scolds Geet in front of everyone for spoiling the file. Geet gets irritated by his behavior. Geet is angry with Maan for making her wait in the office and not allowing her to get back home. Maan learns that Geet is planning a surprise for him. Geet realizes that Maan wants her around him always, hence makes her comes to office. They realize their mistakes. Maan allows Geet to go for wedding shopping with Dadimaa. Dadimaa tries Anwesha's number but is not able to get through. Anwesha is introduced. She receives a call from Dadimaa who informs her about Maan's wedding. Anwesha is Maan's sister and plans to go to Delhi to attend his wedding.

Episode: 179

Geet and Dadimaa shop for the wedding. Geet and Anvesha meet at the market. They have an argument on the Indian and Western culture. Geet comes back to office to attend the presentation. Maan steps out of the meeting to attend Anvesha's call. Maan meets Anvesha who is angry with him for not informing her about his wedding. Geet gives the presentation to the clients. Geet calls Maan to find out where he is and happens to talk to Anvesha who doesn't treat her well. Anvesha doesn't let Maan go back to office. Dadimaa calls Maan and Anvesha home. Geet is preparing dinner for Maan. Anvesha and Geet are shocked to meet each other. Anvesha doesn't like Geet, Maan's choice, as she finds her backward. Dev apologizes to Meera for hurting her. Dev decides to stay away from Meera as he doesn't want her to be in problems because of him.

Episode: 180

Anvesha dislikes Maan's choice as she finds Geet's thoughts orthodox. Geet tells Maan about her meeting with Anvesha. Geet is angry with Maan for absconding from the presentation without informing her. Maan is impressed by Geet's surprise as she prepares his favourite dishes. Maan doesn't eat pasta and irritates Geet during dinner. Geet gets angry when Maan refuses to have the chocolate mousse prepared by her. Maan comes to meet Geet in the night. Geet is angry with Maan for not having the chocolate mousse prepared by her. Maan tells Geet that he wanted to have the chocolate mousse with her alone. Geet tells Maan about Anvesha, who doesn't like her. She feels bad as Maan has gone against everyone for her. Maan cheers her up and says he is just supporting the truth. Maan advises Geet to remove this fear from her mind as he will always be by her side.

Episode: 181

Anvesha wishes to gossip with Maan after dinner but he requests her to start interacting with Geet. Anvesha meets Geet and they immediately gel. Anvesha requests Maan to come along with her for shopping but he refuses as he has to go to office. Maan is surprised to see Geet arrive at office early. Everyone is shocked to see Naintara in the office. Geet stops her from entering. Geet shows Naintara court restrain orders where Naintara is restricted from coming near Geet. Maan calls the police to throw Naintara out of the office. Maan warns Naintara to stay away from Geet otherwise he will put her behind bars forever. Maan cheers up Geet who looks depressed after the incident. Naintara is angry with Geet and Maan for embarrassing her in front of the office staff. Naintara looks at a photograph and wishes to have that person in the photograph soon beside her.

Episode: 182

Geet fears Naintara causing harm to her child but Maan assures to protect her. Maan gets angry when Geet considers her child only hers. Geet apologizes to Maan. Anvesha gets angry when Maan avoids her because of Geet. Anvesha tells Dadimaa about her dream boy. Arjun is introduced, who is a boxer. He defeats another boxer in the ring. Naintara is excited to have her brother, Arjun, home. Dadimaa and Anvesha decide to irritate Maan. Anvesha and Dadimaa stop Maan from meeting Geet by playing cards with him. Maan makes an excuse and leaves them to meet Geet. Arjun is angry with Naintara for attempting suicide. She then tells him about her worries. Arjun points a gun on his forehead. Arjun makes Naintara realize how important a loved one's life is by scaring her of taking his life.

Episode: 183

Maan spends time with Geet on the terrace. Anvesha gets angry on Maan for avoiding her. Naintara tells Arjun about her miseries. Arjun decides to help Naintara in seeking revenge from the Khurana's. Maan impresses Anvesha by gifting her a sports car. He takes her on a drive. Anvesha inquires about Dev. Geet is confused as to what to wear for the rituals. Maan helps her to decide her clothes. Anvesha plans to do something exciting. She decides to play a prank on Maan and Geet and involves Dadimaa in it. Maan admires Geet in the dress he chooses for her. Maan showers compliments on Geet. Dadimaa scolds Maan and Geet for forgetting an important ritual. She gives them a punishment of meeting only for 30 mins in a day. Dadimaa restricts Geet from going to office also. Maan worries about his office work as Geet is restricted from coming to office. Anvesha offers to help Maan in his official work.

Episode: 184

Anvesha plans to make Geet and Maan's marriage exciting with the help of the office staff. Anvesha doesn't let Maan talk to Geet. Maan sends a letter through the peon to Geet. He plans to put a lot of work load on his office staff and Anvesha so that they call Geet to the office. Maan pressurizes his office staff with work. Anvesha finally calls Dadimaa and tells her to send Geet to office. Arjun and Anvesha meet at the basement where Arjun bangs on Anvesha's car door with his car. He doesn't apologize to her. Dadimaa comes to office. Dadimaa and Maan are shocked to see Naintara. When Maan stops Naintara from entering, she says she can come to office in Geet's absence. Arjun meets Maan. Arjun returns Naintara's 25% share holder papers to Maan. Arjun requests Maan to take back his cases filed on Naintara so that he can take her back to US. Naintara is shocked by Arjun's move. Dadimaa assures to take back all the cases. Maan is unhappy with Dadimaa's decision. The peon brings back Maan's letter where Geet has canceled all the plans he made to impress her in those 30 minutes.

Episode: 185

Geet is excited to meet Maan. Maan holds Geet responsible for all the pressure he faced in the office. This angers Geet. Anvesha complaints about Maan being a strict boss to Geet. Geet too feels the same. Geet and Maan have a heated argument. Naintara is angry with Arjun for returning her shares to Maan. Anvesha is trying to get in touch with Arjun as his company organizes weddings but his secretary doesn't put her through. This angers Anvesha. Geet is angry with Maan for scolding her. She doesn't meet Maan when he comes to her room. Maan and Geet finally meet for a brief period and in that, they just argue. Maan tells Dadimaa that he is angry with Geet because she rejected all his options Maan realizes that Dadimaa had read his letter and canceled the options. Maan learns that Dadimaa and Anvesha played a prank on him. He regrets for scolding Geet. The next morning, Maan tries to talk with Geet but she avoids him. Maan gifts a mobile phone to Geet and she refuses to accept it before marriage.

Episode: 186

Maan forces Geet to accept his gift, which is a mobile phone but she doesn't. Maan is angry with Geet for rejecting his gift. On the other hand, Geet is also angry with Maan for always scolding her for not reason. Maan calls Geet to his room and asks her the reason why she is not accepting the gift. Geet tells him that he keeps fighting with her all the time so she doesn't want him to fight on the phone too. Anvesha accidentally takes away Maan's important file instead the marriage file to the wedding planner's office. She calls Maan and asks him to come to the office and return her file. Anvesha is at Arjun's office. To give the mobile phone to Geet, Maan gifts mobile phones to his staff members, as a token of thanks. Geet finally accepts Maan's gift. Manish doesn't like his phone so he exchanges his with Geet's phone. He is excited to receive Maan's call. Maan gets angry as he feels Geet gave away his gift to Manish and fights with Geet again.


Episode: 187

Anvesha notices paint on her dress and she cleans it standing in front of a mirror in Arjun's office. She doesn't realize that it is a one way mirror and Arjun's watching her from inside. Anvesha is shocked to meet Arjun, who is the MD of the wedding planning company. Maan arrives in Arjun's company. Maan handovers the wedding file to Arjun's secretary and leaves. Anvesha refuses to do business with Arjun as he is the guy who banged her car door with his car. She gets angry when she realizes that he looked at her cleaning her dress through the one way mirror. Geet wants to purchase white roses for Maan and Maan insists on purchasing red roses. They again get in to an argument. Geet is angry with Maan for not letting her purchase the roses. Geet and Maan again fight regarding the wedding cards. Finally Maan selects the wedding card of his choice and this upsets Geet. Maan surprises Geet by decorating her room. She is happy and impressed by his concern.


Episode: 188

Geet is happy to see her room decorated. Maan gifts her a set of bangles too. Maan allows Geet to choose their wedding card. Arjun convinces Anvesha to look in to his wedding designs once. Geet decides to select the wedding card of Maan's choice. Maan makes Geet do his work at home. Geet is surprised when Dadimaa too supports him and tells Geet to realize her responsibilities. Geet gets irritated. Geet is happy to see her choice of wedding cards printed. Anvesha starts planning for Maan and Geet's wedding. Geet thanks her for all this. Maan helps Geet select her dress. Maan tells Geet that she will suit in every dress.


Episode: 189

Maan selects jewelries for Geet. Maan wants Geet to be with him forever. Geet cleans the glitter on Maan's face. The ladies tailor comes to take Geet's measurement for her wedding dress. Maan feels jealous when he sees the tailor getting closer to Geet to take her measurement. Maan tells the tailor to go. Anvesha meets Arjun again in the lift and he stops the lift midway. The light goes off. Maan takes Geet's measurement for her wedding dress. Geet and Maan get romantic. Anvesha is scared of darkness and begs Arjun to help her get out of the lift. The power comes back. Maan doesn't leave Geet.


Episode: 190

Maan is happy when Geet calls him Maan instead Maan Sir. Anvesha comes to Maan's office and notices Dev's name missing from his wedding card. She is shocked when Tasha tells her about Maan and Dev's big fight because of Geet. Adi and Romeo interfere and stop her from telling Anvesha the truth. Dadimaa dislikes the bridal dress Geet chooses as it's in white colour. Anvesha asks Geet about her family. She asks Dadimaa about Dev and Naintara who are missing. Anvesha wonders why Dadimaa is not being effected by Dev's absence at Maan's wedding. She plans to ask Geet about Dev. Geet is worried about Anvesha losing trust in her after leaning the truth. Maan comes to Geet's room and notices her upset. Geet doesn't tell Maan anything as she fears losing him too. Maan is worried to see Geet in this state. Maan and Dadimaa arrive at Arjun's office and Dadimaa gets a call so she stays back at the parking lott. Some workers are working on the 1st floor and they mistakenly drop a pipe on Dadimaa. Arjun saves Dadimaa from the accident and Maan notices it.


Episode: 191

Maan is surprised to know that Arjun is planning his and Geet's wedding and Arjun is surprised to know that Anvesha is Maan's sister. Maan doesn't want Arjun to plan his and Geet's wedding and cancels the contract. Anvesha is angry with Geet for creating a fight between her brothers. Maan notices Anvesha upset. Maan notices a changed behavior in Geet who tells him not to treat her as a child and that she can take care of her own problems. Maan and Geet learn dance steps from a choreographer as they are going to perform on their sangeet. Maan notices Geet disturbed and on questioning, she doesn't reveal anything. Maan and Geet dance together. Maan asks Geet the reason behind her being so upset. She tells him that she feels that she is snatching him from his family. Maan realizes that Anvesha would have told something to Geet.

Episode: 192

Maan meets Anvesha who is angry with Geet for separating the brothers and refuses to be a part of his wedding. Maan tells Anvesha about Geet and Dev's past. She realizes her mistake and repents for hurting Geet. Arjun comes home and meets Geet. He notices Geet upset and asks her to share her worry. Geet tells him that she fears losing her love. He advises her to not look at her past which instills this fear in her of losing the loved ones. He tells her to be strong and fight for her love. She feels better. Anvesha surprises Geet by inviting everyone home and arranging a party. Anvesha apologizes to Geet. Geet forgives Anvesha and is happy. Maan is angry to see Arjun home. Geet is shocked when Maan tells her that Arjun is Naintara's brother. Arjun returns the contract papers. Geet finds Arjun genuine and tells Maan to trust him and not punish him because of Naintara. Geet tells Maan that she trusted him despite knowing that he is Dev's brother. She tells him to trust the person and not go by their association. Dadimaa too supports Geet. Maan agrees to them but is still against their decision.

Episode: 193

Maan is still uncomfortable with Arjun planning their wedding. Geet tries to convince Maan to trust Arjun. Maan regrets for upsetting Geet. He decides to prepare breakfast for Geet. Anvesha and Dadimaa tease Maan as they see him preparing breakfast for the first time. Geet is shocked to see Maan prepare breakfast for her. Geet dislikes the mushroom omelet Maan prepares but she appreciates it. Geet tries to avoid eating the breakfast. Maan finds out that Geet didn't have her breakfast Maan asks Geet about the omelet. Geet lies to him saying that she loved it and finished it. Arjun comes home to plan the sangeet arrangements. Anvesha starts admiring Arjun.


Episode: 194

Geet is shocked to see her office staff taking special care of her. Maan is happy to see this. Maan orders continental lunch for everyone. Geet is shocked as she hates Continental food. Maan is angry when Geet doesn't have it. He complains about this to Dadimaa and she advises him to let her have her favourite dish as she is pregnant. Maan gets raw mangoes for Geet. She relishes it. Geet feels dizzy and Maan gets worried on seeing this and takes her to the hospital. Arjun starts planning Geet and Maan's sangeet. The gynecologist examines Geet and Geet is fine. They see their baby in the sonography and feel happy. Geet is touched by Maan's concern. Anvesha calls Romeo and Tasha home to record their views on Geet and Maan. Tasha is impressed by Arjun and tries getting friendly with him. Anvesha feels jealous.

Episode: 195

Geet gets emotional seeing her baby. Geet thanks Maan for the gesture. Maan too gets emotional seeing his baby. Maan hesitates to confess his love to Geet. Geet tells her office staff to arrange a party as she is very happy. They all start decorating the office on Christmas. Maan is surprised to see the Christmas decorations in office. Geet forces Maan to confess his love. The staff asks Geet and Maan to kiss as they are standing under the mistletoe. Geet brings a sandwich for Maan with ILU written on the plate. Maan pretends to be unaware of the term and this irritates Geet. Geet decides to make Maan confess his love. Anvesha is angry with Arjun for recording everyone's interview except hers. Anvesha is impressed by Arjun's personality. Arjun notices Anvesha falling in love with him. Anvesha and Arjun plan to go out in the evening.

Episode: 196

Anvesha cancels going to the office Christmas party for Arjun, whom she plans an evening with. Geet plays games with the office staff during the Christmas party. Geet waits for Maan to say I love you to her. Anvesha gets ready for the evening. Arjun enters Maan's room but hides when he sees Anvesha. Anvesha and Arjun go out. Geet is irritated as Maan is not saying those three magical words.Anvesha and Arjun celebrate their first date. Maan is angry on seeing Anvesha and Arjun together. On questioning, Anvesha lies to Maan saying she was discussing his wedding arrangements with Arjun. Geet is happy to see Maan send a message saying ILU Geet is happy reading the message but then gets angry when Maan pretends to be unaware of the term ILU. Arjun calls Anvesha and asks her to meet again but she refuses to as she is with Dadimaa and Maan. Geet is angry with Maan for making her wait for his confession.

Episode: 197

Dadimaa catches Maan and Geet hugging and teases them. This leaves them embarassed. Geet is irritated with Maan for not saying those three magical words. She sees snowfall in Delhi and is happy as Maan said he will say those words only when it snowfalls in Delhi. Anvesha is shocked to see Arjun in her room in the night. Maan is passing by and he knocks on Anvesha's door. Arjun forces Anvesha to come out with him in the night. Anvesha seeks Maan's permission in getting out in the night. Arjun is happy as Anvesha is lying to her family for him. Geet is happy and shows the snowfall to Maan. She is happy when Maan finally says I Love You to her. Geet is surprised as she is not feeling cold in the snowfall. Geet gets angry on realizing that the snowfall is fake and that Maan fooled her. Anvesha comes out to meet Arjun in the night. Arjun surprises her by blindfolding her and takes her to the terrace of her own house.Anvesha is unaware of Arjun's wrong intentions and trusts him blindly. Arjun brings her on the terrace and tries to throw her down from the terrace. Anvesha doesn't know this as she has a blindfold.


Episode: 198

Geet is happy as Maan says those three magical words to her. Maan is happy as Geet understands him and his small needs. Brij is out of the jail. He is determined to find Geet and seek revenge. Arjun surprises Anvesha by decorating the rooftop. She is impressed. Dadimaa notices Anvesha yawning during breakfast. Maan irritates Geet on the breakfast table by holding her right hand and so that she cannot eat and serve properly. Geet complains about this to Dadimaa which leaves Maan embarrassed as everyone starts teasing him. Dadimaa notices Anvesha yawning during breakfast. Maan irritates Geet on the breakfast table by holding her right hand and so that she cannot eat and serve properly. Geet complains about this to Dadimaa which leaves Maan embarrassed as everyone starts teasing him. Maan is angry with Geet and vows to never come close to her before marriage. Arjun tries to make Anvesha jealous by getting close to Tasha. Anvesha is angry with Arjun for getting close to other girls. She threatens to remove him from the wedding contract.

Episode: 199

Maan starts avoids Geet. He doesn't want to take her to the client's place and chooses Pinky over her. He is angry with her for not allowing him to come close to her. Geet tries to come close to Maan but he doesn't entertain her advancements. She tries to strike a conversation with him but doesn't succeed in winning his attention. Brij is in Delhi. Anvesha tries to interrupt in Arjun's work which gets him irritated. Brij disguises as a chef to enter Geet's wedding. Geet is irritated as she is not able to woo Maan. She seeks Anvesha's help. Geet wears a red short dress and enters Maan's bathroom. She decorates the bathroom with rose petals and candles. On questioning, she tells Maan that she has come to bathe. He still looks disinterested in her. In an attempt to impress Maan, Geet accidentally falls in the bath tub and gets wet. Maan gets attracted towards her.

Episode: 200

Geet is irritated as she was unable to woo Maan. Brij enters Maan's house as Ranbir, the cook and starts living with them. Brij sees Geet and Maan in the house but they don't see him. Maan tells Dadimaa that he dislikes Anvesha spending time with Arjun but Dadimaa opposes saying he should start trusting Arjun. Anvesha starts getting close to Arjun. Geet asks Anvesha about Arjun's character and she praises him. Brij sees Geet again and tries to approach but is stopped by Nakul. Geet maintains distance from Maan. Geet catches cold the next day. Brij enters the outhouse where Geet is staying. Geet is alone there. Brij switches off the lights and tries to attack Geet. She senses someone's presence in her room and gets scared. Maan arrives and sees Geet in a fearful state. Brij is shocked to see Maan there and plans to kill both of them.



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