Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Hey Everyone
Lol do I really need to introduce myself.LOLOk anyway just for the Formality..I am Anwesha unfortunately someone decided to steal my precious name and frm that day I think My parents named me during the wrong Graha..Ouch

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi has given Indian Television some fantastic pieces of dance performances to remember forever..
-Kurbaan Hua

Who can ever forget the most extravagant piece of performance like Kurbaan Hua. I will actually cherish it for the rest of my life. It is difficult to describe it in words because there has been an equal effort from everyone with this masterpiece from babaji aka spot boy 
to the actors..

The Editing is Damn Perfect.Jas and Rajnikant edited it impeccably.The Spotlights were in the right place at the right moment.The Actors were spot on with their performances with every move, they were in their characters equally..Maan&Geet felt the their first physical attraction through this dance and it was portrayed in a flawless manner. The most impactful bit is when they are losing the hold of each other's hand slowly.Just reminds me "Judaai bhi toh pyaar ka ek naam hai". And then they come back into each other's arms and start creating an own world of theirs in form of dance with extreme passion.There is anger first ,love & passion equally. Geet tries to go away but she is attracted to him. She doesn't realise she is dancing with her dusht danav she gets lost into another world. And when she realises that she pushes him back and Maan realises the same.He was confused about her.And all this emotions were portrayed through this dance.

I think many other tv shows have copied this form of dance as they have been inspired from Geet but those shows failed miserably haha.Kurbaan Hua was a moment that no other show can recreate no matter how excellent actors they use for the remake.The Song choice was perfect for both Maan&Geet / Dev&Naintara. Every Twist Every turn with the dance makes us feel so excited beneath, with everyone wishing that "I wish I had the same partner who would pull me with the some aggression+passion and make me feel as if I am living in another world"

It is just magical by the way I don't wish that because I've already been though this phase hehe.
The Costumes were just perfect with Maan looking dashing in black making me drool over him and Geet who adorned a white simple yet gorgeous looking saree. What More can I say the dance itself spoke 10 million words. The Choreographers did a splendid job with every move and 24th June was one of the best Executed episodes because of this performance.
-Maahi Maahi

Ash's Version of Both(Kurbaan Hua&Maahi Maahi)

They Aparrantly had to rehearse for sangeet at that time which never took place in the actual sangeet. But oh well moving on Geet was in a confused situation, she was blaming herself for ruining Maan's relationships with his family but she didn't know how to share the same with him. So They decided to express their emotions through salsa. Maan was confused about her behaviour while Geet was concerned about her past affecting him. And they expressed their emotions of pain through every step. They needed each other throughout to feel each other's love, to hold each other, they expressed the desire as to how that they found themselves complete with each other.

Song Choice was apt.It is my favourite song as well. The actors did a splendid job with every move. Drashti was suffering through back pain at that time that it took 10 hours for them to shoot so hats off to her for carrying herself well without showing a lot of pain&the whole team for co-operation, the way Gurmeet was being careful by holding her so that she doesn't feel much pain was really caring. And not to forget the gorgeous saree geet was wearing with the backless blouse sure made a trend for other women.

Editing was good but there were some spider web transitions used which was very weird. Anyway an applause for the Choreographers for choregraphing some new steps never seen before.

These two dances were all about pain&passion so...
Dance like there's no tomorrow 
For you should dance, and dance with joy 
Releasing that deep inner sorrow

Express those feelings and thoughts with dance 
If you cannot speak those words 
As dance is art, life and love 
For dance is absolutely superb

Dance from dawn till dusk 
If dance is what you know best 
For dance is the finest form of body language 
As dance is the best way to express

Dance reflects the righteousness of life 
Delightful, meaningful, and evocative at times 
For dance is the only way to show 
That life can be so divine

-26th July Dance Promo

This was a Symbolic Promo where Maan and Geet are lost into each other, they are falling for each other,they are getting even more closer and the atmosphere was made more sensous but then suddenly they come back to reality where they are in office and geet's past dev is standing there who betrayed her and he is Maan's younger brother.

Not much to say becuase this never took place as it was delayed for some reason but the little dance was powerful according to the situation they were going through.
-Where's the Party Tonight

A typical disco party where Maan is grooving on the dance floor with the ladies trying to make his lady insecure.The main aim for this dance was for Maan to play his last card to know whether Geet loves him not and it worked. Geet really got insecure with him dancing with all the girls and we witnessed a half inch kiss & miss & hug..

It was great the 100th episode with an amazing sequence like this  which was worth watching. The spotlights, the surroundings everything was captured beautifully. The dance steps were choreogrpahed very well. Gurmeet did a fabolous job there. Costumes were reflecting the surroundings with Maan looking sensously hot shot it black and Geet in black suit with transparent sleeves.

The Sequence was Edited well too by Jas & Rajnikant. I hope the creatives work on the editing people a lot because how much ever everyone works, at the end of the day the editing table is responsible for the final outcome. If there is a fault there everything turns out to be a haphazard.
-Behke Behke (Forceful Dance)

The one at last when Maan forcefully dances with the pregnant Geet because he was drunk and angry. That was one scene where I hated him, I guess every woman did. But outstanding performances from both the actors as they portrayed every emotion of pain,anger,passion,desire flawlessly.

I have never actually written so much and I promise I am not coming back to make you Yawn againLOL

ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

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HEllo everyone!

Today- Let's look at the significance of the wedding rituals for Maan and Geet.

HEre is my perspective on it!

Please contribute!

You're all invited to the most Hatke wedding this year

 Geet- Miss Hoshiyarpur Express-Mishti-shona-No HAnda


Maan-Sir- Dusht Danav-Das Sir wala Raavan-Singh-Khurana

Yes- A wedding- a grand celebration of a bond of Love

 Note- I might have missed some significant rituals and ceremonies'apologies..but do add!

 The love of Maan and Geet

A beautiful relation shown in a slow progression

From two people who disliked each other- they have come to be two who are enclosed in a world of their own.

We have all seen that journey- rolled our eyes, laughed, cried with them and now we join them as they are joined in matrimony.

Weddings have a special place in our lives because they celebrate two lives coming together and it's a communal celebration.

The title of the show is Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi. She was isolated from society and community..just like Maan was too..she was because of her circumstances, and Maan because he created walls around him.

Now- those walls down- they are in the middle of community and the middle of people and not lost..because they have each other.

I have always seen in weddings- when a couple is sitting together..they are the ones who stick together in the midst of all activity and merry-making..they are the observers- in the middle and yet detached.

Wedding and it's significance for Maan and Geet

Geet and Maan are united in mind and soul. They love each other and grow with each other. They wish to grow together in life. Marriage for them, as Maan says is a journey..a new step in their life- a step towards a beautiful future where they will live TOGETHER..will be seen as TOGETHER..MAan ki Geet and Geet ka Maan.

There is a deep spiritual aspect to their love and marriage adds to it

Of course- one may or may not agree with this but this is a subjective reading

 Let's look at a few wedding rituals before THE wedding rituals and what they have meant for Maan and Geet.


Songs are a perfect way of celebrating..singing of their love.

Geet has been the song of Maan's life.

This was shown in a deep personal way as well when Geet alleviated MAan's suffering and reassured him that he'd be a very good father.

Geet told Maan-using the word Papa..she related the child, to the father.

She made them into a family.

And she brought him back from the deep abyss of guilt he was sinking into.

She raised him to Life..and he saw the beauty in her eyes..he saw the love'he saw Life reflected there and he realized it was okay.

He had called her the sunshine of his life.

Sunshine is the life-giving light- and for him- Geet gave him a new life and made him appreciate it.

This was their Sangeet.


Maan wanted to put Haldi on Geet's face first.

You color my life with your love.

You have made my life Technicolor from the monochromatic it was.

I want to color you with my love.

His love brings out the beauty in her.

IT is he that makes her luminous as he can see the beauty- inside and out.

And with that special haldi ritual- he brought out that inner beauty with his love so that when anyone else put haldi on Geet- she was already shining with the inner beauty that Maan's touch had brought out.

Geet brings out the best In him.

Geet touched her MAAN and colored him with her love'the fire of happiness glowed bright and she brought that glow out'it was in his eyes..shining bright..


So- Although Haldi is a ritual that is used to bring out the beauty in both the bride and the groom..Maneet did it by bringing out merely the beautiful glow of their love.

It didn't matter if he wiped it off from Geet's cheek..what he wanted to do had been done.

She tells Maan to keep the color on his cheek because it would continue to remind him of her touch'keep him Maan and not MSK for some time at this happy time- a man just happy 'of course..manisha ke time pe no one can not be happy so'.


It is said that it is to deepen the bond of love an dis a traditional part of weddings'

The darker the mehendi- the better it is seen to be!

Of course- For Maneet- the mehendi is going to be dark! :P


 White and Red 'purity with passion..

Of course- Maneet have had a pure passion in their relationship.

A love which is spiritual as well as sensual.

White and Red is the color of the chuda too.


Well..Geet has made some girl friends too haina?

It is said that the girl on whom the kalirein falls is the next in line to be married-AKA-ANNIE here..HAHA


Usually, the male family member of the bride does the kanyadaan'

But in Geet's case'either dadi or annie or the pandit will do it perhaps..

Maybe pinky's dad? Or the adi or family representatives?

 Anyway- while giving the bride's hand to the groom, a promise is asked of the groom to assist his wife in realizing her dharma,artha,kama'basically spiritual fulfillment in life

She is to be protected by him and she is to be loved by him'just like he will be loved by her and they will grow together to get spiritual fulfillment.

 The Vows

In the presence of the Fire God- these are the seven promises the couple gives to each other

 1. To nourish each other.


When Maan made Pasta and Geet was sad-

He says the way I have saved you from all troubles till now- I will also save you from this problem of humger

 Maan has ensured Geet had food to eat..LOL

The episode where Maan ensured Geet got food to eat but nakewl gave his raaz away. Geet and Maan ate for the first time together from the same thali

 Geet fed Maan chocolate mousse.

Maan has made mushroom omlette for Geet

 And so on'

 2. To grow together in strength

 From the first- Maneet have helped each other grow in strength.

Maan has given important lessons to Geet and inspired her to stand for herself.

Geet has taught Maan to open up to Life and to Love..

They are strong as individuals as well as united.

Maneet personify mutual love and strength

 3. Preserve material wealth

Well..Geet got a job as Maan's secretary..

Money hasn't been a part in their life..but as together- now post marriage- Can be shown!

 But they have other kinds of wealth- of their moments together and they preserve it to the full!

 4. TO share each others' sorrows and joys

 They have been together in the sharing of each others' sorrows and have promised to give each other all happiness

 In Office during hum-tum

In Outhouse Maan's pain came out in an outburst

Geet and Maan in the dargah scene- are bound in a bond of pain and relief.

Pain with the realization that they are soul-bound. Relief that they have found each other.

In HP Maan shares Geet's pain

And so on'

Maan shared his sadness in the sangeet episode recently

 They have found moments to be together-staying together even in the worst of times-being a part of each other..that that thread that binds them tugs at their heart strings when either is in pain

 5. To care and be responsible for their children

Maan loved Geet and when they get back together- he promised to take care of her and their baby.

When he felt he failed by choosing Geet and not the baby'he felt guilt ridden and was in anguish..but Geet assured him that he will be a great papa!

Well- we need to be shown this post-marriage :P

 6. To be together for lifetimes to come

"zindagi ki har subha tumse shuru ho aur har raat tum se khatam"

 Main Stalking Karta and Miss Hoshiyarpur can do anything but stay apart from each other'

No matter what- after wedding, MSK and Geet will remain together- in heart,soul, mind and body.

Physical separation mustn't be for long'provided there's a new track doing the rounds'

 7. Soulmates forever..part of a whole..HUM

 Maan and Geet have become from You and Me to Hum'and this is a symbolic and holy unification of that HUM.

Their love has welded them together as individuals, made them grow as individuals and now'they are ready to embark on their journey HUM..:)

As a family..with the baby..facing problems TOGETHER; their love helping them withstand all that they face

 The mangalsutra and Sindoor

Geet has put the Tabeez around maan's neck already.

MAan will put the mangalsutra on Geet


KBM..he has filled her maang with his blood already..culminating their bond of blood'they are bound by it..have always been shown to be..

 Maan and Geet- an intense love story- it's made us cry,made us laugh, made us FEEL what they were going through each moment.

It has made us understand the dilemmas, and the pain, the anger and the joy, the nok-jhoks and the fights, the passion and the tenderness.

 Completed by the bond of marriage-

Maan and Geet will emerge stronger- with promises given- some realized and some to be realized'but not broken.

 They will face all things together..all joys and all calamities

 If msk goes to jail- it will be after this marriage.he will go as Geet ka Maan- stronger..leaving her sad..but as a woman who will fight for her husband's rights!

As being Maan's strength and not his weakness.

Helping each other when they stumble- their relationship after marriage will definitely be filled with moments of all kinds..let's see and travel with them on their journey'post marriage

 Post Marriage

 All these vows need to be realized once more'after marriage..a fulfillment of those promises taken in front of the Fire.

Give their marriage a hatke-feel!

This will give some dynamic to their relationship too- I know marriages are tough and not just a bed of roses'show the their journey

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wow nice

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This is awesome Mali!!!ClapClapClapClap I hope CVs read it carefully and pay attention to it.  Thanks for the hard workHug

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Awesome work Mali and everybody!

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u are amazing

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Maliha... Fabulous effort dear..great great work.. ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap i m so sorry for not being able to contribute .... Cry pleaje forgive me..!!

Super stuff...going thru the posts.....right now..!! Fab work dear.. truly awesome..!! 

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Originally posted by jyotic_74

I really hope CVs read this pot please paste this on GEET FB

yes yaar!!! ve posted it there too!!! 

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