Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

TREAT FOR CVS - with badam da akhrot!!

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~~ CVS ~~


ClapTHE 200 DHAMAKaaaaaa!!!!  Clap

FIRST & FOREMOST : ( sharmi's question ?? ) 


at last part the Geet team ask Geet ne aisa kya ki? 

what actually they did with Geet? HOW IS IT ALL DIFFERENT ????


storyline jus for U to make us LOve i more!!!

1. we want to see maan's past!! his family & the sameera sided coiN story!!! 

2. y on earth maan went to HP ??? who was he in search off??

3. were have geet's family silently ELoped??

4.were is  ILLUSIONIST Vicky?? wwe want his esteemed presence on marriage occasion

5.paranoid pammi & Highlights tho dekho... get them as witness!!!

6.maan's childhood memories retold to GEeT.. wE love maan & wanna know in * out of him.... 

7.DSK & MEERA on verge of EXTINction ?? we demand an explanation ??

8. VOPURIXAER ANNIE SINGH KHURANA!!! connection of dots frm her existence to exitence!!!

9. how many more in KHURANA FAMILY TREE??? 

10.adi pinky love in air!!!

 pehli nazar mein tera jadoo kho gaya!!
                                        mera mann kha raha tera banana
                                        jaane kya hoga ab meera ka kya pata
                                        ab iss office mein milkar kar le thoda

                                          sa kaam or dhaaamm

MEIN hun yahan tu hai jahan... meri CaBIn me aa aa bhi jaa!!!


okie... these were the major issues which keep troubling us DAY in & out!!! 

so scratch up ur heads & try to fill i nthe answers for us!!

we all miSSED HP scenes & know we r requesting for a LEAP into ur paST stoRY to rejuvenate the FUTURE tracks..... 


episodes wise questionss will be shooted out in following posts!!!

a treeat  for the ENTIRE tEAM TOO followin!!!! 


bring DEMELLOS TOO for the marriage!!! 





1-10 : shali, kavita











200+++ : maliha




muskaan,vandana,kavita,sharmi LOL

TIME TURNER CREDITS :  shivangi till day 25!! followed by maliha LOL



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Episode 1st

1. Geet's family….her Daarji, Papaji and Mummyji, Tayaji and Tayiji, her Veerji and Dolly Bhabhi and her cute cousins Rajjo and Tito where introduced in this epi….My question where are they??? 
2. How can parents completely forget their one and only child….Why couldn't we have been shown scenes of Geet's Paapaji trying to get regular updates from his friend Pinky's dad??
3. After Brij's incarceration, what fear did Geet's mom and dad have??? They could have tried to help her out….if they fear Daarji then atleast some scenes of their repentance for not having saved their child could have been shown…
4. Although, I know now they can't go back to these scenes…but they can re-introduce the parents in the current track and show FBs of what happened after Geet left HP…At least there will be some closure for the viewers
5. Brij was indicted for the murder of Channi….In the current track after Brij's bail…we could have been shown FBs of how he was found not guilty for the said charges for the lack of proof. Coz when Geet got Brij arrested, she only gave proof for her attempted murder…and only Gurvinder's accusation was there as proof for Channi's murder…which can be thrown out as hearsay….
6. Brij had a sinister presence in this episode…that seems to lost in the current re-introduction….He was evil and he didn't have any qualms about it….but now he seems more psychotic….
7. Also how Brij got out of prison needs to be shown….And my questions related to this are…
a. Isn't a murder accused on bail not supposed to cross the state line (I'm unaware of the legalities but I think this is one condition)??
b. Isn't a person out on bail supposed to report to an officer weekly or something??
c. Who posted the bail for Brij??
d. Why did Daarji disown his kul ka chiraag?
e. Why didn't Brij's parents try to get him out??
All the aforementioned questions can be answered in the form of FBs…

Episode 2nd

1. Brij is back….Where is Dolly??? She sure added a nice comic touch to the story with her stupidity
2. Geet wanted to study further and didn't want to get marrid at such an early age….This aspect can be further explored by the CVs….They can show her pursuing further education either through correspondence or maybe she can join college too.
3. The education track offers so many possibilities…We can be shown how Geet balances family, education and her career too…
4. The premise of the show has always been that how Geet becomes an inspiration for the girls and women today…So for that to happen we need her to do something extraordinary…Not just have eye locks with Maan *ROFL*
5. Kamya and Pammi….Where are they?? Kamya with her greed and selfishness was a good accomplice for NT….Her return can be shown to counter Annie's presence…That is one negative sister and one positive…
6. Who is Pammi? Based on the initial episodes, we know that she's not Maan's mom because she calls him Chhote Saab….So was she his nanny, who fell in love with his dad and got married to him?? Or did she get pregnant with Dev after a one night stand with Maan's father and Daadimaa made Maan's dad marry her because of that?? There are so many equations that can be plotted for Pammi, Maan and Dev's past….Why can't the CVs explore this??
7. Geet's Taayaji's obsession with Music can be used in a future track….wherein he gets in touch with her to help him find a foothold in the Music industry…I know its lame…but we r discussing possibilities…so…*ROFLMAO*
8. The matchmaker can be used to prove that NT was in India….if it comes to her conviction

Episode 3rd

1. These initial episodes make you hate Dev even more because he duped an innocent girl, showed her dreams of happiness and freedom from shackles …made her fall in love with him…trust him …even more than her family members….and in a second broke all her dreams and shoved her back into the same quagmire…maybe even deeper…He is not even worthy of the word hate….
2. He took away her innocence and didn't even have any guilt about it…Then suddenly he develops a conscience…This fact is indigestible….He has to be punished….There's no two ways about it…

Episode 5th and Episode 6th 

1. Again in these episode we see how Dev plays with Geet's innocent emotions to make her trust him….Dev needs to be given such a dire punishment that no other man dares to do what he did with another girl

Episode 7th 

1. Rajji and Tito are such endearing characters…they can be brought back during Geet's marriage to complete her side of the family….And Rajji can,… maybe have a track with Vicky…if he ever comes…*LOL*

Episode 10th 

1. Although this is not an open loop. But my curiosity makes me ask this question….Who was the lady who came to warn Geet's family?? Can't she be found to convict Dev and NT?? If Dev and family had tried the same thing with other families …can't those families come forward to sue Dev and NT with Geet??

My afterthoughts after watching these epis was Dev has to be punished...period...No second thoughts about it. What he did with Geet was a heinous crime......He played with an innocent girl's heart and crushed it to pieces....He destroyed everything of hers for no fault of hers....If the CVs don't punish him it will truly send out a wrong message to the people who commit such crimes and also to people who are victims of such crimes. Repentance and Remorse doesn't make the crime less brutal...

Episode 15th

1.Who was Maan searching for? And why was he searching in a temple?? If he had to search he could have filed a missing report or something or put an ad in the newspaper or hired private detectives….why was he personally searching for this person(s)?? And that too in and around a temple in Salimpur/Mukeriya???(I think that's where the marriage happened)
2.The way the priest of the temple was speaking ….the person Maan was searching for must be an elderly person as he was talking about pilgrims and stuff….So Vicky is a bit unlikely ….Unless he decide to become an ascetic after leaving the Khurana household *LOL* …But later Maan also refers to the person as Tum so it has to be someone younger…hmmmm….Maybe Vicky did turn Sanyaasi…*ROFL*
3.Where have the demented mom and creepy, greedy sister of Dev disappeared to? Based on the dialogues of Nayantara ts clear that the sister and the mother herself are real sis and mom of Dev's….So, where have they gone to….?? Maybe they have gone to the same planet that Anvesha dropped down from…*ROFL*….As they couldn't come they have sent her in their lieu…*ROFL*!!!
Episode 17th

1.Dev looked evil in this episode. I wish they had retained this evilness….he knew what he was doing with Geet was wrong but he had no remorse…..If this character sketch had been maintained; we wouldn't be seeing NEB-NES romance right now. And I don't know why Abhinav Shukla wanted to turn positive….he looked suave as a unrepenting, uncouth and ruthless villain. And he could act too in this parts….positivity doesn't suit him *ROFL*
2.I felt that Maan's hatred for women is only restricted to weak women….One who are not emotionally strong and depend on others for support…..I think this is a deep-rooted problem….either a mother or an elder sister who was very weak and was tortured by their husbands. And when Maan tried to help them his help was rejected and they sided with their husbands…I think that's why he hates helping weak women as they always run back to the people giving them pain

Episode 18th

1.Here again Dev has been shown as a ruthless, wife-beating man who wants his own way always. And also Naintara was scared of him….she was trembling in the scene after Dev slapped her and was justifying her actions….And it also looked that this wasn't the first time that Dev beat her….coz she flinched and got defensive when he raised his hands and this happens only if you are beaten up regularly.
2.I wish CVs had maintained Dev's character sketch, he looks cool as a villain….and I loved to hate him in these scenes(and that's a good sign for an actor portraying a villain)
3.We get to know that Maan has not been married before from the comments made by Munshiji. As he tells Maan to forget about all his pains and miseries and get married as he is of the right age.
4.Why did Maan want Geet's Land? Based on the conversation between him and the Munshiji we come to know that he has wanted that land for a long time. What is so special about that land??
5.And Maan used to drink to drown his misery…..not sp Perfect now is he??? Looks like the CVs conveniently forgot about this too
6.Even Munshiji mentions that Maan doesn't believe in God when he spots the Taveej on Maan's table….So there is continuity here. But still the visit to the Golden Temple and Dargah are not justified so…
Episode 20th

1.In this episode Kamya (Dev's Sister) says that we knew the buyer of the land (Geet's) before only. And all of them except Dev's mom share a sinister smile. So, did all of them know that Maan was planning to buy that land and that is the reason they decided on Geet for the marriage. Was it a two-pronged attack….to target Geet and Maan both? This loop has not been closed yet.

Episode 21st

1.In this episode Naintara mentions Vadde Veerji(Maan) for the first time. Dev also tells his mother that you only said that I was your favourite then now why are you acting like I've committed a mistake. 
2.Naintara, Kamya and Dev's hatred for Maan is quite visible in this episode. Especially Naintara is spewing venom against him. I don't understand how that hate for Maan turned into love and respect all of a sudden in Dev *clueless*
Episode 22nd

1.Why was Maan putting up a board of MSK Mills on Geet's land…Are they in Construction business or in other business too??
2.Why was the same land used for building a Hotel(Rasika Rathod)?? Was the Land sold to her or were they building a Hotel and then selling it to her*again clueless*?? 
Episode 25th

1.Dev is shown living happily with Naintara in Canada without any remorse, regret or guilt….I'm unable to understand how he suddenly grew a conscience. A man who was as callous and evil as to sleep with an innocent girl knowing that legally she was not his wife and the next day he was planning to ditch her at the airport….can suddenly become a saint. It is humanly not possible unless we are living in some Godly age.
2.He even says that "It Was A Business Deal" and done only to get the land….how can he change overnight?????
Episode 26th 
1.Kamya when questioned by Naintara regarding the Canadian Phone number being with Geet says that, "Why would I call Canada when all of us were in India?? If need be, I would have called Chandigarh to speak with Daadi" 
2.So do the Khuranas have a house in Chandigarh too?? 
3.Do they have any connection with Hoshiarpur?? 
4.Is their past in some way linked with some past of the Handa family?? 
5.Why does Dev's Mom call Maan Chhote Saab?? I'm inferring Maan as Chhote Saab here as in the next dialogue Naintara refers to him as Vadde Veerji and as far as we know Maan is the only Vadde Veerji Dev has….unless there are some more hidden Khurana siblings yet to crawl out from under the stones or drop down from the skies *ROFL*
6.And what was he doing in Canada while these guys were in India? 
7.Why was he staying at their house or is it his house that they are staying in?
8.What is the connection between Dev's Mom and Maan? 
9.Although this is not an open loop….just a query…Channi's Mom said that Geet was married and has been killed because of that in front of Maan…although Brij negates this later…but Maan never raised a question about this later with Geet, why?? 
Episode 28th

1.Why doesn't Maan now try to find the agent who sold him Geet's Land?? Although Munshiji did mention in the 18th episode that the agent has gone missing but Maan with all the resources at his disposal can atleast try to find that Maan and use him as evidence against Naintara and Dev etc? 
2.Although the agent is just a small fly in the whole game….there are many more who can be called in as witnesses….not for the marriage but to prove that NT and Dev were in India during the incident(Coz NT got bail by proving that they were not in India at that time). Like the Matchmaker Chinder Kaur, the Guest House employees where Dev stayed, the pandits in the temple where Geet and Dev got married, the Dhabha or Resthouse employees where Geet and Dev spent the night etc
3.Again Kamya mentions Chandigarh as their hometown…Why did the CVs suddenly shift base to Delhi?? Logistical problem??
4.Naintara is Princess of Patiala???? She belongs to a royal family then why she had to opt for getting Dev married to Geet for money??
5.Or is she from such a family that just has the titles but no money of their own?? And that's the reason she married Dev…hmmm…..point to ponder….
6.Where is her family (other than Arjun)?? Is she estranged from her family?? This track can also be used by the CVs in future
7.Based on Naintara's dialogues that Maan is the sole heir of the property…I feel Dev and Kamya are Maan's father's second wife's children….that's the reason Maan being the eldest is the heir of the family. This track also has interesting possibilities….Maan's past is a cauldron of lies, betrayals, deceit and what not…and if this cauldron is opened than a lot of fascinating stories can be weaved out
Episode 29th

1.Dev's hatred for Maan is highlighted in this episode and also the fact that Dev and Kamya are step-children and Maan is the true heir…Maybe Dev's mom was bought in as a Nanny for Maan and Maan's father and she fell in love, got married and had Dev and Kamya….So this track also privides interesting possibilities for the exploration of MSK's character
2.It is mentioned by the Inspector in this episode that Maan belongs to one of the most-well known uber-rich families of Chandigarh…again Chandigarh…How did it become Delhi….I guess just like Manali became Shimla…*LOL*

Episode 35
Open loop - Geet talk with her baby - Thume kuch nahi hoga. Tum is duniya mein zaroor aaoge.The baby cannot die.

Episode 36
Observation - Geet tells NT, Dev ne apne bache ko marne ko keh diya aur app woh karne bhi aa gaye. Dev should never be able to claim his child. Ever.

Epi 47
Pinki finding Adi 'cute'...where is the followup ? Need to build on this relationship.

Epi 49
Pammi and Kaamya dont know why NT has gone to India. They are not aware of Geet's pregnancy. Incomplete loop.

Epi 50

Dev-Maan convo
Dev says Maan had asked him to 'get out'. Why did Maan say that when he does not know abt Dev-Geet?

Maan pays all Dev's debts. Dev thinks Maan is angry with him bcoz of his galat kaam...was this only debts or something else that seperated the bros.

Other unclosed loops 

1.Where is Channi's husband Surinder??
2.Where are Pammi and Kamya?
3.How is Pammi related to MSK??
4.Are MSK and family royals??



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Epi 51
Dono bhaiyon mein man mutab hua hai, - what was the conflict between the two brothers ?
Dev ko kya zaroorat thi itni ulte seedhe kaam karne ki, agar use galati ho gayi to ho gayi. Lekin Maan apne zidd pe kyun adey huey hai – What did Dev do ? What was Maan's zidd

Epi 52
Dadi -…aapke ek decision hamare poorey parivar ko bikher diya ….a
MSK – mein jo kuch bhi kiya wo galat nahi tha
Dadi – Rukiye Maan , … ab hum akele nahin rehna chahtey hai…agar aap humko waakayi chahtey hai to humarey Vicki ko dhoondh kar waapas le ayenge…aur pooraaney gile shikwey bhulakar aap Dev, NT aur Pammi ko wapas le ayenge.
Maan – Mein aapse vada karta hoon ke mein sabhi ko wapas le aaoonga. 
Did Maan ever find Vicki ? Where is Vicki ? Dev/NT returned, where is Pammi ? Why was Kamya not mentioned ?

Epi 53
M – aap ne mujhe us haveli se nikala tha…ab mein us haveli mein wapas nahin jaaoonga
D - ….to haveli se outhouse kyun shift huey, kahin aur, door kyun nahin gaye, boliye ?
Why did Dadi ask Maan to leave the haveli ? Why didn't Maan move far away from haveli and outhouse ?
Why does Pammi call Maan 'chote sahab' ?... and Dev calls Pammi 'Mom'. What is this mystery ? Why does Dev feel that Pammi ne Dev aur Maan mein hamesha farak kiya hai ?
Epi 60 – Sasha ripping Geet's sari in public. Why is Sasha not yet exposed and punished for this act ?
Epi 63
Sasha – tumhe kisi pe shak hai
Geet – Shak nahin, yakeen hai…aur bahut hi jald mein us shaks aur uske burey iraade ko sabke saamne lekar aoongi
Why has Geet not exposed Sasha ?
Geet telling Maan – Kal raat party mein jo kuch bhi hua, usme meri koi galati nahin thi. Wo galtiyaan kisse hui, kyun hui, kaise hui, wo sab mein aapko bataaoongi, sabot ke saath.
This loop was never closed.

Episode No 85

Open Loops           - No open loops other than mention of Sameera (the biggest loop :D). Sameera ke baad toh har ladki ko khud se door karna mere liye aasaan ho gaya tha. Who is she and what has she done?

General Observation  - Dev - Daadi maa ko bhi abhi beemaar hona tha. Kitne dino baad humne yeah get-away plan kiya tha, sab se door. (Selfish Dev. Please make him bad and mean again)


Episode No 86

Open Loops     - No open loops

General observation  - Use the dharga music more often. It is better then the screaching Mahi.

Episode No 89

Open Loops     - No open loops

General observation  - Rasika Rathod presentation preperation. geet tells Maan that she is intelligent and can handle work more complex than making tea / coffee etc. I think it is time Mann gives her a promotion at work as well because she has proven herself at work.


Episode No 98

Open Loops     - A minor one. Kisi aur ka jhoota nahi khate sir. Aur apno ka? Apno ka kha sakte hai na? We have not seen Maan and Geet share food after this. 


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Epi 101-110


1) One loop that is open is the store room one. Why has Maan become the way he is? Why did he stop smiling etc? I think she should make him revisit that room now that they are about to get married to purge all the darkness out of his life.
2) Geet's family- they were there when Maan and Geet visited HP. Her brother and sister came and visited her at that time. Dev could not find anyone and even Brij Mentioned that the whole family has fallen apart. So they should explain that.

I think there were a lot of other loops that they could have shown as closed but the time for that has passed

1) Maan reflecting on Geet's words after he almost confesses- that she isn't good enough for him, she doesn't want to ruin his life. They could have shown these sequences in FB when they broke-up after Geet tells him about her pregnancy.
2) In HP she says that Maan is more important to her than herself. They could have again used that when Maan was pursuing her to confess.

Episode No 111

Open Loops     - None

General observations - Geet wears new suit (Green). What happened to that one? General change and variety in attire and hair style needed.


Episode No 112

Open Loops     - None

General observations - Maan to NT - Thumari doosri galti, Khurana pariwar ke jayadat ko apni mutti mein pakad ne ki. Clarity needed.

Maan's warning to NT in this episode was soo strong. But his actions in recent episodes have not shown anything.When he eventually destroys NT, it should be something we will never forget. 

Episode No 114

Open Loops     - No open loops

General observations - Pyar ka ghar construction. Maan can have one pyar ka ghar constructed for his Geet :D


Episode: 121

The episode is specially memorable for Maan-Geet's first public declaration in front of unknown people of railway station. Specially from Maan's side he accepted Geet in front of society & don't cares about her past & only looking forward to their future.
1. Why don't Geet or Maan gift flower to each other. Every time they see flower they remember their flashbacks but till now they haven't properly gift flower to each other.?
2. When Dev confess his crime to Meera why dint he tell about Kamya & Pammi. They were in this sin with him. He made the major crime by raping Geet but for cheating Geet all 4 were equally involved.
3. Dev clearly told Meera that he spent a night with Geet then why was she shocked afterwards?

Episode: 122
Episode continues with public announcement by putting ring on Geet's finger. Also Maan started to think about Geet's culprit & give her justice. Also protecting her baby willingly from any danger begins with this episode.
1. Meera had many pictures of Dev at her home but none of them were old. She never cleared was she getting all info about Dev or not. Her introductory episode showed she was not in touch with Dev?
2. Meera was shown a lady of morality & supporter of truth. Then why did not she helped out Geet afterwards when Dev was out from Jail?
Episode: 123
A very important episode where Maan & Geet first time talked about Geet's culprit. Maan offered her help but Geet hide her pain for sake of Maan & decided to find & punish Dev by herself. On the other hand Meera lead Dev toward his confession of guilt.
1. In Geet's file Meera & Dev found her address but why don't they ever visit that place?
2. When Maan found Dev's Canadian phone number at Geet's room she was looking very tensed but why did not he get any clue?
Episode: 124
This is another important episode where Geet promises Maan that she wont let her past interfere their present & Maan publicly declared that Geet is only his.
1. When Geet was first time shown in airport with Dev & others she said she never traveled by air so she was nervous then why she wasn't nervous to fly Delhi to Manali by air?
2. How come Meera knew Pinky's name. She only talked with her about Geet , dint ask her name.
Episode: 125
This episode is a very much matured to handle the childishness in a relation. Here both Maan & Geet acted childishly at first but later Maan took some initiative to make Geet understand the level of maturity they gain in their relation through some decent physical moves.
1. Did Maan cancel Mr. Rawal's project?
2. Geet booked hotel for them in Manali then why they had to spend the night in an unknown place?
Episode: 126
Another good episode where Maan taught Geet about the depth of their relations & bindings & boundaries of their relation as Geet hasn't confess verbally yet. He tried all his ways to make her speack what she feels.
1. Why Maan & Geet returned within a day & why they had to carry 2 huge bags when they had a short visit?
2. Why didn't Maan contact Dadi when he reached Delhi or when he get some network when he knew Dadi will be tensed for them?

Episode: 127
Maan still rigid to make Geet confess but later he chaged his mind when he had some indirect intraction with Dev. Meear gave Geet courage to speak her heart out.
1. Why Dev got so shocked that Geet works with Maan? He knew it earlier then why he was shocked suddenly that Geet told everything to Maan? Why this question did not pop into his mind when he got to know Geet is an employee of KC & that to Maan's secretary?
2. Why Meera went to search for Geet at park? Why dint she go to Pinky's house?
Episode: 128
The famous & divine confession episode. All misunderstandings were solved between Maan & Geet. But it would be more realistic if Maan mentioned about his siblings to Geet.
Episode: 129
After confession episode & it was good with less fault. Dai gave the proper respect of Khurana's to Geet by giving her blessings & gifts for engagement. Most important part was maan too Geet for medical checkup for the first time. Meera get to know about Geet that she is Maan's fiance.
1. Did dadi ever go for engagement shopping with Geet as she mentioned earlier?
2. Did dadi give fake jewelry as gift for engagement which was later removed by Maan?
3. Why Dadi called Meera at home? What important job she wanted to give Meera?
4. Did Geet finish her spa session before leaving for hospital?
Episode: 130
The episode continued with hospital scenes & doctors advice. Maan danced for Geet on her request. Meera told Dev about Geet & dev wanted to stop the engagement.
1. Doctor prescribed Geet for medicine & proper rest & food but till now its never shown properly that Maneet are following doctors advice.
2. Why Dev wanted to stop the engagement? What was his agenda of stopping it?





Episode: 131
This is another important episode when Geet saw Dev & later find out he is Maan's younger brother. She tried to tell Maan but he was carried away with his joy of engagement. Meera told Dev that he should not have spoilt Geet's happiness again.
1. Maan was enjoying the hide & seek part with Geet but why did not he came behind her?
2. Why dint Dadi see Geet when other women were talking about her roaming in public?
3. Maan told Geet that after dadi dev is the most important person in his family whom he cares. Why he forgot to mention the importance of Anwesha that time?
4. How many entrances Maan's room has? How can geet left the room when Maan was standing his room's door?

Episode: 132
Dev requested Geet not to ruin Maan & her relation because of her hatred to Dev. The engagement ceremony began & all guest arrived. Geet is disappeared from home & everyone is confused & looking for her. Maan looking for geet & reached her room but she was not there. She came out of the house & remembered her past & present with Dev & Man & she was in dilemma.
1. The media covered the engagement party but later they haven't shown that the engagement was over or postponed.
2. Meera told dev to join the engagement as she thinks Dev can be Geet's courage if she don't tell the truth. Is that possible?
Episode: 133
The engagement party postponed, Maan left without telling anyone anything. Dev & meera was looking for Geet too. Geet decided to come back but when she returns the party was over. Geet faced NT & she lied that Maan don't want to meet Geet. Geet looked for maan all over & reached to Dadi, she also told her to leave. Both Maan & Geet are shattered.
1. Why did not they show Dadi, Dev, Meera, Adi are trying to contact Maan over phone?
2. Why dint Adi-Pinky looked for Geet?
3. Why Geet was roaming in street in bridal attire at first when Dadi told her to leave. Where did she change her clothes?
Episode: 134
Maan went to jungle & realized that Geet came to talk with him during the engagement party. Geet came out of the mansion & in disbelieve that Maan trusted NT. NT gained Dadi's trust fully & plot against Geet. Dadi thanked NT her for making her realize the fact of Geet. Dev returned home with Meera & faced NT. NT insulted Meera & told Dev that if he goes for repenting then it will harm his family & family reputation. Adi & Pinky came to know from Pinky's father that Geet is pregnant & cheated by someone. Geet was sitting in a park & Meera found her.
1. Smeera track was again mentioned & Dadi said same thing happen to Maan. Does that mean Sameera also left Maan during engagement or weeding?
2. Why Pinky's father was not invited in engagement party?
3. Why was Meera in the park at night?
Episode: 135
Meera took Geet to her home. A new morning began & Geet decided to search for Maan with new hope. She reached office & overlooked Shasha's & other stuffs harsh words. She tried to locate Maan with Adi Pinky's help. Dev told Meera that he is going to police station & told her to find Maan. Meera came to office & discover NT & Geet both are at office.
1. Geet tried to locate Maan through his credit card transaction. Did she succeed to do it?
2. How can NT sit in Maan's office & use his personal laptop?
3. Dev said he was going to police station then why he changed his mind & called Meera that he is coming to office?
Episode: 136
Maan came to office & Geet felt him. She waited for Maan outside the elevator but Dev came out of the other elevator. Dev tried to talk with Geet but she denied. Geet misses Maan in every step but decided to punish Dev-NT. Shasha find out Geet's truth & questioned her in front of all office stuff. Geet took shasha & others to Dev-NT & asked the same questions. Maan elevator got jammed & it drop down.
1. Maan's office at which floor? 9th or 34rd floor?
2. Why Shasha is despo about Maan & furious to Geet? What's her story related to Maan?
3. Maan was asked in elevator for 2 hours & no one inform the office, why?
Episode: 137
Maan had an accident. Geet accused DEV-NT for her condition & went to police station to complain against DEV-NT. Office stuff start talking about Dev's crime & Meera left Dev. Dev & NT get to know about Maan's accident. Police asked for proof & she reached at hospital to make DNA test of her child. Her dupatta got stuck with Maan's stretcher & got torn.
1. How Geet can know that Dev married her as he was in debt that time?
2. Dev clearly told Meera that he slept with Geet then why was she shocked?
3. Why they showed the duppatta was torn when they did not show any clue about it later?
Episode: 138
Geet felt something about Maan & tried to locate the patient but she was stopped by the doctors. Her doc told her it is risky for her baby to make the DNA test now. NT showed the taveez to Geet & told her that Maan return it to her & he never wants to meet her again. Geet was shocked & shattered, she tried to remove the ring from her finger but later drop the idea. Geet met with Yash & his kids.
1. Why was Yash in the hospital with those kids?
2. How can he take bath in the hospital?
Episode: 139
Geet waits for Yash but he disappeared. The kids fooled her & enter to an ICU room where man was kept. Geet felt Maan & Maan also responds during his unconsciousness. The kids get out of the room & Geet fooled her & caught them. She took the kids to their uncle in a disco & remembered Maan. Maan gained his consciousness. NT manipulates dadi & Dadi approved NT to join office. Both Maan & Geet remembers each other & feels each other. Geet faces Yash.
1. How can an ICU patient left alone without doctor & nurse?
2. How Yash can leave those kids to a strager?
3. Why Geet had to go to the disco instead of calling Yash from hospital to his mobile?
Episode: 140
Geet scolds Yash & the kids. Geet realized that she lost the taveez & feels some connection with the patient of the ICU. She decides to return to the hospital. Dev come to office & NT asks for his signature for POA. Dev gets call from hospital that Maan gets back his consciousness & NT gets worried. Geet enquired about that patient to a nurse but nurse denied to tell anything. Geet found her taveez & later she met Meera. Meera told her that Maan had an accident.
1. Why those kids introduced Yash & Geet as their parents to the girl in disco?
2. Dev dint signed the POA docs then how NT gets the POA of 25% of Dev?
3. Why & how Dadi left Maan in his crucial moment?





Episode: 141
Geet came to know about Maan's accident & searched for him all over the hospital. NT ploted against to separate them but finally Yash gave Geet the room number of Maan's cabin.
1. How can Yash roam in the hospital when no one else was allowed like Geet, Dev, Meera?
2. Why no medical attendance was attending the VVIP patient Maan Sing Khurana?
3. Why dint the nurse or doc came when Maan buzz the bell?
4. Why dint Geet checked the cabin where NT was standing?
Episode: 142
Maan Geet got reunited in this episode. Also Meera met Yash first time & Maan asked why Geet left the engagement party.
Episode: 143
Maan & geet reunion continues & doctor advice Maan to rest. NT came to manipulate Dadi against Geet but Dev made Dadi to understand the whole situation. Dadi comes & tried to act rude to Geet but she melted after hearing Geet's honest & open confession. 
1. After such big accident why Maan was not shown to take medicine?
2. Dadi again mentioned Sameera & Maan's happiness but what was the real thing?
Episode: 144
Maan made the hospital as his office & called all his office stuff, later dropped he droped the idea as Geet was angry. Shasha tried disclosing the office fiasco to Maan but Geet managed to stop her with help of Adi. Maan realized something was wrong with Geet & enquired about it.
1. How can a patient just shifted from ICU can roam in the hospital without hospital dress?
2. Why Maan made the hospital stuff work for him? ( he can call his stuff from office if it was this much urgent)
Episode: 145
Maan-Geet-Dev-NT face to face talk. Maan felt something is wrong going on so he sent Geet home. Dadi accepted Geet but with condition. Maan took discharge from hospital & met with Yash & get to know that Geet is leaving KC. Meanwhile Geet made some special preparation for Maan before Dev's truth come out.
1. How Geet can make the arrangements for? Like this one she many times dressed grandly for many occasion. We never saw her to receive any paycheck though once she complained that she cant effort to buy cell phone due to her low salary. 
2. How & why Yash roam in the hospital any time?
3. Maan & Geet still dint gift flower properly to each other. They tried several time but failed always.
Episode: 146
This is the epic episode of revealing the truth of Dev's crime to Maan by Geet. Geet tried to make some memorable moments before revealing the truth but Maan was determined to know the truth first. Maan at first cant believe the himself that Dev was involved in such crime. NT tried to convince Dev run away with her but Dev came to Maan & confess his crime.
1. Geet told Maan about Dev & NT only, why she skiped Kamya & Pammi? They were equally involved in cheating.
2. How can Maan dint watch his Taveez was missing for two days?
3. Dev mentioned he saw Geet's note that she is at terrace with Maan but there was no mention about the place in the note. So how Dev can know Maan & Geet was in terrace?
Episode: 147
Maan decided to punish Dev for his crime & Geet stopped NT from running away. Later Maan called police & Geet filed the case against Dev-NT & police arrested them. Dadi got sick & NT reminded Dadi about their family reputation.
1. Geet captured NT's passport & may be handed over it to police then how can NT made false documents to make Geet's charges wrong. It was not shown properly.
Episode: 148
Maan promised Geet again that he will always be with her no matter what happens. Geet told Maan she no longer stays in outhouse but she stays with Meera these days. Khurana famil's scandal was shown on all media Newspaper & TV. Maan requested to stop Geet go outside but Geet went to office & revealed Sahsa was involved in the news leaking issue to media.
1. Why dint Maan dropped Geet to Meera's place at night?
2. Why dint Geet revealed Shasah's true face to Maan?
Episode: 149
Maan declared that he & Geet will get married in front of the media. Later Maan said Geet the same thing privately. Maan found dadi sick at home & bailed out Dev to meet Dadi against his will. Geet comes to meet Maan at KM & overhears the half truth of Maan-Dadi conversation & got shocked & misunderstood Maan. Shetried to leave but Maan stopped her. Geet tried to wipe out the doubts but after seeing Dev out of jail she misunderstood Maan again. 
1. Generally when court approves parole to any person to come out of jail for some hour, police comes with him/her & be with him/her all time so that the person cant run away. Dev was released from jail for 2 hours parole but why no police guard was with him?
2. Maan heard Geet's anklet's sound & caught her. Why dint he ask why she was leaving?
Episode: 150
This is the famous misunderstanding episode & nasty fight happened in public & private between Maan & Geet. Geet openly denied to marry Maan & accused him for taking side of his family & pushed him in front of the BOD. Maan dragged Geet out of the office to street openly. Both of them challenged each other.
1. The 51% percent stock issue of KC is still unrevealed. What Maan meant when he said Geet will be the co-owner of 51% major stock of KC? Did he plan to make his wife co-owner of the company or is there any family testament where it's said that Maan's wife will automatically become the co-owner of his share stake?
2. Taveez was visible in Geet's hand till Maan dragged Geet out from the office then how it fell down & reached to Maan's hand?
3. KC is located at 8th floor. Did Maan dragged Geet through stairs or did he use the elevator?








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Episode: 151-160
These episodes are most illogical & full of mistakes. Almost every episode leaves a question in mind. In these episodes many things happened. Geet tries to start freshly after Maan challenged her. Maan traces Geet's new job & buy that company. Yash left India, Dev-NT is out of jail & Meera brings Dev at her home. Maan misbehaved with Geet during Diwali party & tried to prove her that Geet doesn't affect him anymore. During pool party he treated her in a very ill mannered way as a result Geet slapped him. Later both of them realized their mistake. Geet says sorry to Maan & Maan sells the new company to make Geet free. Geet manage to convince Maan & she & her co-workers get job in KC. Maan shows his concern for Geet & NT showed up in the office.
1. Geet bought flowers from street but where did those flowers vanish when she reach her new office Indian paints?
2. Maan decided to hide from Geet & instructed same when he bought the company then why he show up next day?
3. Why did not Yash say a proper good bye to his brother's employee in IP?
4. Why did not Maan get introduce with all office stuff?
5. How could Geet climb down rope ladder without training?
6. Why Dadi told Maan to forget everything but later she said he cant forget them as Dev is his brother & Geet is his fiance?
7. How NT could make fake documents & came out of jail with Dev without any hearing of the case filed by Geet?
8. What Maan was trying to prove with the pool party?
9. When did Geet told Maan that other women presence dosent effect her?
10. Why Maan sold the new company without informing the stuff?
11. Why the new boss of IP sacked all stuff except Geet?
12. What position Maan gave to the stuff of IP in KC?
13. Why NT wanted to lock Geet & open by herself?
14. How can Geet missed to see Dev in the same house?


Episode 152... just one thing yash gave meera his contact number so use that contact no and bring back yash...

Episode 159... i have one doubt... geet says " janne anjane mein apne mujhe jina sikha diya aaj tak aap hamar liye ladte the lekin aaj"... AAJ what... 

Episode 160...the entire office knows that shasha gave that info to the media but maan still is not aware of that... in short expose shasha...


Episode 161st

1. Sasha has always been like a thorn in Geet's life but she has never been punished…She has even betrayed Maan just to debase Geet….Even in this episode she acts as an accessory to NT's villainous plot to hurt Geet and her child…Leave alone any punishment, she has never even been admonished by Maan, barring the PQ-Coffee incident where it was just an out burst….She has to pay for her crimes…If the actor playing Sasha has left the show…atleast tell us through dialogues that she has been punished…Maybe an Adi-Pinky convo…or and Adi-Tasha convo….

2. How did Dev and NT get out of jail??? I know Dev explained that NT showed some false papers, which showed that they were never in India at the time of the incident…But what about Dev's confession doesn't that count??? This is one of the biggest loopholes in the story which has not been closed satisfactorily. 

3. Also as Geet is the complainant, isn't she supposed to be informed about the accused's bail….even if we ignore that…What about Maan??? How come he hasn't been kept informed thru his lawyers?? Well this is old news I know but a sufficient closure is required for this blackholes

4. Even Tasha has aided Sasha and NT in their nefarious purposes….Ho come she hasn't been punished either??? And she is even happily participating in Geet's Marriage….confusing…

5. Dev and Meera….One question….Where are they??? I think these two are the most ill-used characters in this story…..

6. Dev had such a potential as a grey character but he turned into a sappy remorseful moron…..And how this transformation occurred????…We don't know….How can a guy with so much hatred towards his brother suddenly start respecting him so much and want to do anything for the said brother's happiness???….We don't know…So CVs please if you cud just explain with a dialogue or two ….maybe we wud be not so confused

7. Meera in her quest to help Dev get his redemption has lost her own identity…She could have been used so beautifully as Geet's confidante and friend who guided and helped her in her moments of crisis…But No…She had to be wasted with Dev….She could have had such a cute love story with Yash…but No…he had to be sent away and she had to turn all mushy with Dev…Ewwww…Puhlease…..If you can't bring back Dev's character…atleast give Meera her due place and make her into a friend for Geet to fall back on…Coz Geet would need someone mature on her side when Maan's past comes a-knocking

8. How did NT get 25% shares?? We never got an explanation for this….As far as I remember Daadimaa never signed any document and neither did Dev….So how did she acquire these shares???

Episode 162nd 

1. Why hasn't Geet tried to find out how NT and Dev got bail??? She asked Maan but he didn't answer….but it is her fight and she is supposed to put them behind bars for what they did to her….Then how come she is not doing anything about it??? She is happy and she's getting married to the man of her dreams but is that enough??? She has to send the message across to all the victims of such crimes that justice although delayed can be obtained and people like Dev and NT can be punished…So CVs don't let this loop be unclosed for long
2. Time and again Maan has promised due retribution to NT against the crimes committed by her against Geet but till date he has failed to keep the promise…Except for a few instances we have never seen him try to get justice for Geet….Its all been talk and no action…So its high time that after the wedding the CVs follow this angle

Episode 163rd 

1. Does Geet know that Dev and Meera are best friends?? And also that Dev is staying with Meera??
2. When did Dev sign the Power of Attorney papers??
3. How did Dev and NT get married??? This is one question that keeps coming to mind again and again…Based on the convos between Dev-Meera and Dev-NT, we get to know that theirs was a college romance…But how did they get married??? 
4. Why does Maan hate Naintara so much and vice versa?? What is it that makes both of them loathe the sight of the other??
5. How come Daadima is unaware of this hatred??? 
6. Why did Meera leave the country after Dev's marriage?? I understand she was heartbroken but how does NT know about that??? Why does she taunt her about Dev and her relationship???

 i'd like to say something to the mahan editing team... next tym you guys show a dream and reality mix... make sure you don't chop the dream... i still cant figure out which part of the dream was a dream and which part was not a dream

Episode 164th 

1. Why don't people do what they say they'll do in GHSP…Like Dev said that he'll go and talk to Maan….He didn't….When NT asked him to come and meet him in the office…He went and met her at her home???? Why??? 
2. Non-existent people drop down from the skies….existing people appear and disappear at random…or don't appear at all….People say something and do something else….Why so much of inconsistency??? Why can't the writers remember what they have written in the previous episodes?? Why Oh Why????

Episode 165th 

1. Pindi Queen…Where did she disappear to?? She came in with such pomp and fervour…and disappeared without a trace….
2. What's happening with her project?
3. Does Maan know of her involvement with NT??
4. If yes, then why hasn't he taken any action against her??
5. Promises, promises, promises….Maan keep saying that he will teach NT such a lesson that she will not even think about setting foot in KC or KM….But does he do something…No!!! 
6. Ok, right now his one-point agenda is giving Geet a happy, never to be forgotten marriage….but wouldn't she be happier knowing that the culprits who caused her so much pain have been punished??? Wouldn't that be like the best gift for her??
7. Why things are always brushed under the carpet? Why aren't things resolved and given proper closure??
8. The 25% shares scenario started off well and then it just lost steam and was not even probed further….We could have seen so many NT-Maan interactions…We could have seen how NT was unable to cope with the workload…How she failed to perform…
9. Or, we could have seen how she used her position to manipulate the board of directors, how she could have made Maan look incompetent…She could have thought that she had won but Maan cud have come back with a bang and blown her bubble of happiness…In the process he cud have come to know of Sasha and Tasha's involvement….But No like all the other potential storylines this had an early demise too…Grrrr!!!

Episode 166th 

1. Again the episode to episode continuity was not there….This has been a common problem with GHSP….The previous episode ends at a particular crucial juncture and the next episode haphazardly starts from somewhere else….Why do the CVs get hit by Ghajini fever??? Please maintain continuity for our sanity and series sanctity!!!!
2. My other problem with this episode was….. why does Daadi and everybody else blame only NT??? Why is she the only one who needs to be punished??? As far as I know it was not her gambling debts that needed to have been paid and she's not the reason that Geet is pregnant….so why is all the blame placed on her head??? I understand Dev is repenting but that does not mean that he is less guilty than NT, that he can go unpunished…If a rapist says sorry, then does that mean he shud be forgiven and his punishment lessened?? Why this bias??

Episode 168th 

1. Ok, I thought MSK ran a Construction business…and Adi was an accountant…How come these people are so multi-talented?? They can plan and conduct events too??? Please CVs some consistency…is that too much to ask???
Episode 169th 

1. Why does NT want Geet to have a miscarriage?? One thing is because it's Dev's child and hence proves that Dev and NT duped Geet and her family….But her hatred seems more deep-rooted…Is it because she can't have any children of her own (Thank God) and Geet is pregnant with Dev's baby by just spending one night with him?? 
2. Is this why Dev is looking for greener pastures ??
3. NT in her twisted way still seems to love Dev…could it be the reason for her wanting Geet dead??? Some more questions….but not yet answered…
4. How can three intelligent, sane people namely…Adi Sir, Romeo and Pandeyji not find the staircase??? Why didn't PQ help them?? These are things which make us question the sanity of the writers…Do they think we r dumb enough to lap up whatever they dole out??? Try to be as real as possible…We r smart viewers and not some dumb dodos.

Episode 170th 

1. And how come Maan found the stairs and was next to Geet in a few seconds…Did he get inspired by the movie Jumper??? Or does he have vampire genes that he flew from the parking lot and came directly next to Geet??? Please keep it real…..for our sanity…
2. Why haven't Maan or Geet tried to get NT arrested for attempted murder??? I know in a later episode she cuts a deal with Dev….. but are Maan and Geet aware of it?? And how can Dev even ask Maan and Geet to not file a complaint against NT?? I know she blackmails Dev but we were never shown what happened after that?? 

. as such no loop but since this episode sasha has been GAYAB.. where is she, you guys wanna chop her character go ahead BUT only after exposing all her deeds...



Episode: 171

Maan & Geet returned to outhouse after Pindi queen's party. Geet was in trance & scared but Maan made her understand the whole matter. Dev returned from Hoshiyarpur & told Meera that he failed to gather any evidence over there. Meera told him about Maan's KBM incident & he gets happy.
1. What evidence Dev was looking for in HP? His fake marriage with Geet did not happened in HP.
2. Where did Geet's family disappear? Geet met her sibling few days ago but Dev could not find them.
3. Dev said the charges filed by Geet were closed then why Brij was not out of Jail?
Episode: 172
Maan continue to console Geet & told her that the baby is their happiness. He made her sleep. NT comes to Meera's home & consumes poison.
1. Why Meera's house has this mini bar only with two glasses?
Episode: 173
Maan officially asks Geet to marry him & takes her to dadi for blessings. Dadi gets call from Dev tht NT took poison. Maan & Dadi went to hospital. NT calls police & charged against khurana family for poisoning her. Dev agrees to make a deal with NT.
1. Generally police enquires when a person consumes poison then why dint police enquires them.
2. NT made a deal with Dev. Was it verbal?
3. Did NT drop the charges against khuranas?
Episode: 174
Dadi tells Maan to postpone the marriage & he agrees. Geet waited for Maan & when he comes she was all set for going to the mansion. Maan told her to wait a bit & she got little sad but tried to act normal in front of Maan. Maan feels guilty. NT insulted Meera at hospital.
1. Why Geet packed her bags & where did she get her cloths?
Episode: 175
Dadi came to meet Geet at outhouse & explain the reason of delay of marriage. Geet went to meet Maan at mansion but cant speak with him. Maan also went to outhouse & Geet normalize the situation. The power went off & Maan came with candle. Meera busted on Dev & he gave NT the divorce file.
Episode: 176
Maan & Geet spent the night at outhouse leaning on wall to each other in floor. NT calls dadi to inform Dev's action about divorce. Dadi & Maan shut her off by telling her it's their personal matter. Dadi told Maan that she called the pandit to finalize the date of the marriage. Maan informed Geet & both were happy. Geet wanted to cook something for Maan & Dadi helped her.
Episode: 177
Geet & Maan had some intense romantic moment & Maan punished her to go to the office as she spoilt the file. Dadi remember anwesha & calls her. Dev decided to leave Meera's place & Meera was upset.
Episode: 178
Geet & Maan again some romantic moments at office. Geet told Maan that they should not hide anything from each other. Dadi calls geet to the market. She also calls anwesha to inform about Maan's marriage. Meera questioned Dev why is he leaving & what he feels.
Episode: 179
Geet meets anwesha outside the mall & they had a difference of opinion. Maan told Geet to handle the project & went to meet angry Anwesha. He made her calm & returned home where Geet & Anwesha meet again.
1. What was anwesha doing in front of the Mall?
2. Where did she come from?
3. How could Geet handle the presentation when she doesn't have any idea about it?
4. Why Anwesha picks Maan's phone call & why did not she tell him about the call?
5. Why did not Maan called at office or Adi to know about the presentation?

 dev and meera were last shown in this episode... where are they... is dev still standing outside meera's room ... 

Episode: 180
Geet cooked dinner for all. Maan holds Geet's hand so she got embarrassed & faced problem. Maan came to have the desert in front of Geet. Geet shares her fear to Maan & he assures her again.
1. Geet was supposed to cook lunch for Maan, when she changed her plan & decided to cook dinner for all?
2. Why did not Maan & Geet share the desert at terrace? They have some previous talk about jhota khana, so they can easily recall that memory & share the food.



Episode 182... i have a doubt... why was arjun fighting in his intro scene... 

Episode 183-we still don't know what NT told arjun...
Episode 184- dadi promised arjun they'd take back all the charges against NT... we still don't know what maan did... did he take them back if yes why hasnt geet been nformed about all this...
Episode 185- NT said " yeh aapka office hai aur aap yahan ke MD hain.. agar koi aur waqt hota to hum aapse poochte ki aapne yeh sab kaise kiya" well that's the question how did arjun do all that...



The biggest mistake of all these episodes... NE...


episode 189... when that guy says 'shadi ek hi baar to hoti hai" maan was not affected by it so cvz don't you dare forget it... maan was not married in the past... remember that... don't even think of showing sam aunty as his x-wife...

the kiss... is pending... 















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Its 22 days from Dev leaving Geet at the airport to Geet starts living in outhouse.
Here is the detail. I have also mailed a word file on the yahoo id. I got it from your FB profile. 
Check your mail preferably since it will be easier for you to read. 

Episode 20 Dev leaves Geet at airport. Geet at police station. 
Episode 21 Day 1 continues with Geet reaching back to her place, Chinder revealing truth.

Episode 22 Day 1 continues with Geet sneaking out of house, brij catching Geet, Geet opposing Darjee, Maan's entry into Handa haveli (night time is shown)
Episode 23 Night continues with Geet's belief on Dev in part 1 of episode and then the next day is shown. 

Day 8
Episode 23 Day 8 starts with Darjee's decision about Geet, Brij's order of locking Geet Episode 24 Day 2 continues with Geet missing Dev. Geet not eating her food, remembering all the past events with Dev (night time is shown)

Day 9
Episode 24 (last two parts) Geet's proposal of studying and Darjee agreeing. 

Day 10
Episode 25 Geet getting ready for college followed by Geet going to City Guest House asking about Dev. Geet calling Dev in Canada, Brij running behind Geet. Geet hiding in Maan's jeep. 
Episode 26 Geet's land, Maan showing Geet the land papers, Geet fainting. Maan carrying Geet back to Handa haveli, Channi's mother revealing about Geet's marriage. 
Episode 27, 28 Day 4 continues with Geet crying, Geet burning her hand as punishment, 
Episode 29 Night time is shown Maan coming along with police. Brij shouting.
Episode 30 Night continues with Maan sneaking inside haveli

Day 11
Episode 30 (last part) & 31 Brij going to meet Maan, asking him to marry Geet in lieu of the papers. Maan coming to Handa's with villagers insulting darjee and Geet finally signing the papers
Episode 32 & 33 Night time is shown with Geet going to meet Maan, Geet-Rajji Talking, Dev-Naintara scenes, Rano Geet scenes, Geet coming to know about her pregnancy.

Day 12
Episode 34 Maan talking to his lawyers, Maan asking Geet to accompany him to Amritsar for land registration, Dev-NT scenes.
Episode 35 Naintara messaging Geet to meet at Amritsar, Brij hurting Gurvinder.
Night time is shown with Geet sneaking out of house to meet Maan to tell him about Amritsar plan.

Day 13
Episode 35 (last part)& 36, 37 Geet going with Maan to Amritsar, Geet meets Naintara, Golden Temple sequence. 
Episode 38, 39 Geet going back on a truck, Handa family trying for Geet's abortion. Night time with Maan coming to Handas to hand over the registry papers, Geet helping Gurvinder via Maan

Day 14
Episode 40, 41, 42, 43 Handa family discussing about Geet and her abortion, Maan leaving the guest house, Maan remembering Geet, Geet's father asking Geet to leave the house, Geet leaving Handa haveli, Brij and his men hunting for Geet, Maan saving Geet and nursing her (night time) 

Day 15
Episode 44 & 45 Maan and Geet in jeep, morning time. Maan dropping Geet on a road. Geet going back to her place, breaking all her relations with her family. 

Day 16 
Episode 46 & 47 geet on way to Delhi, Maan's office, Geet reaching Delhi, meeting Pinky, going to Maan's office, interview, embassy, Pinky's house (night time)

Day 17
Episode 48, 49, 50, 51 Maan-Geet meet at Maan's office, Sasha-Tasha scenes, Dev-Pammi scenes, Geet crying scene, NT in Delhi with Dadima, NT calling Maan's office.
Episode 52 (first two parts) Night time with Maan dropping Geet home

Day 18
Episode 52, 53, 54 Geet in office, Sasha telling her to make coffee for Maan, Geet spilling coffee on Maan's shirt, Maan wearing Adi's shirt, Dadima meeting Geet., Geet saving Chopra project. 

Day 19
Episode 55, 56, 57 Maan trying to say sorry to Geet, NT-Dadi scenes, Dev in Delhi, in Maan's offce, Sasha suggesting for a party for Mr. Chopra. Night time with Geet at Pinky's place. 

Day 20
Episode 58, 59, 60, 61 Geet in office talking to Adi, Maan explaining about the party arrangements, Geet arranging party, Maan, Sasha at party venue, Geet coming in saree, Kurbaan Hua dance, Sasha tearing Geet's saree, Maan helping Geet, Geet reaching back home. 

Day 21
Episode 62, 63(first 2 parts) Geet not coming to office, Maan going to her place, Geet comes to office and does a presentation, Pinky suggesting to thank Maan Sir.

Day 22
Episode 63, 64, 65, 66 Geet bringing white roses next day, Maan scolding Geet, Geet not talking to Maan, presentation, Maan at home on dining table calling Geet asking him to come to office. Night time. Geet-Maan in office. Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho sequence. 

Day 23
Episode 67, 68 The next morning, Sasha mocking Geet, office staff mocking Geet, Geet asking Maan to stay away.

Day 24
Episode 69, 70 Morning time-office Maan avoiding Geet, Geet-Sasha talks and games, Maan receiving dinner invitation from Chopras, Geet at pinky's place talking to Pinky evening time. 
Episode 71, 72 Night time-Geet at 5 star hotel, Manager insulting Geet, Maaneet at Dhaba, Behne de moment.

Day 25
Episode 73, 74 (first 2 parts) Geet at office. Everyone waiting for Maan sir as he's late for a meeting. Maan-Geet in office. Maan feeling awkward while dev searching for geet talking to taxi people. 

Day 26
Episode 74 (last two parts), 75 (first two parts) Maan calls meeting in office with agenda of Chopra project launch, changes Geet's work to launch venue, Maan-geet in lift.

Day 27
Episode 75 (last two parts), 76, 77 Maan at home getting ready, Geet in green suit not feeling well, then rushing to the launch venue, Geet getting ready. Maan-Geet fight, Geet talking to dadi, Maan-Adi-Chopra talks, Geet leaving Khurana Construction. Maan at Geet's home (night time)

Day 28
Episode 78, 79 Geet leaving Pinky's place, Geet in Khurana Mansion, Maan in office bickering about things, Dadi calls office to know about Maan's whereabouts, dadi-geet in outhouse. Night time-Maan comes back home (outhouse)






 my laxxizness has sky rockete :: in peace ll write.. but in short ll let

 everyone know this : GEET MAAN marriage has happened nearly 70 days since her marriage to DEV!!! 

so keeping the preggy in mind : CVS have still time to justify for not showing GEET preGGY!!!

so my sweet CVS this does not mean tat u can drag ON!! ROFL




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