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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 51)

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hye waitinngg

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please update sooon..

I wanna know how Gopi confronts Ahem..

please please please

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Savi_S Goldie

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your title to ff is very apt loved your ff. plz update sooon.Smile

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navyab IF-Rockerz

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Shruti...loved the update...So Ahem fluctuates between being understanding to being rude when he was in his teens & now he needed Gopi back in his life to calm down...but his guilt of losing neeraja because of him & he moving on with his life & not thinking about her memories is killing him !!!  But he is still going ahead with the wedding, how did he think he will face Gopi after that !!!!
Gopi has realised about Ahem being distant from her because of his guilt how is she going to get him speak to her & open up what is troubling him !!! Is she happy that her childhood love was about to marry someone else even though latter it was found it was her only !!!
Waiting for the next part Wink !!!

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shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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i m sorry for not updating soon. i got stuck with some personal work. hope you all enjoy the final part of this journey

Chapter 20

Aham walk into a silent home. He has planned it in such a way that he was either early or late. So he avoided meeting gopi alone. It was good that they were always surrounded by loved ones. With so much of turmoil going in his mind, he could not face her. Today he knew that except for baa everyone will be out. Kokila has informed him that they are going for shopping. He instructed the servant to bring his green tea and reached his room.

For the first time he was frustrated. How long can this go on? He hated being away for her, from his heart. He missed her smile, her love and her presence. the sorrow in her eyes pierced him to the core. He had promised to keep her smiling but now he was the reason that she had lost her smile. He threw his suit and tie on the chair and went to stand before the dressing table. He took the picture of his and gopi taken an hour before she was shot. Just when he thought that his life was back in track he is facing his worst nightmare. He always carried the guilt that neeraja;s death was because of him. Now he had realized because of his stupid and selfish act neeraja/gopi had to suffer so much. He could not get gopi' words out of his mind:

sir, but don't you realize how lucky you are? You have a mother who loves you, supports you and manages your life. Even I once had parents who love me, who pampered me, who was there when I cried and laughed but when I lost them, I lost everything. There was no one to wipe my tears when I cried, even though rashi used to smuggle medicenes there was no one take care of me. All I had was emptiness, fear and sorrow. Life is so small, we must learn to forgive and forget. Holding a grudge that too with your parents…………………….

Day and night he was haunted by these thoughts. He had accepted kokila's wish to get them married soon. But he was torn between guilt and doubt. He was guilty of sending neeraja to a hellish life with urmi and doubt whether she will love him the same after knowing who he is.

Gopi: so the great aham modi is nothing but a coward

Aham was shocked to hear her voice and turned to find her standing there with rage in her eyes. When gopi entered the room she saw him with their photo. The love reflected in his eyes clenched her heart. She was not going to let him suffer like this.

Aham: gopi tum.

Gopi: yes me. Did you expect my ghost?

Aham: but you are supposed to be at the beautician

Gopi: oh so you know my schedule so you can avoid me

Aham: gopi it is not like that

Gopi came near him: then what is it like aham. Can you explain why you are sulking? can you explain why I never see you alone. Can you explain instead of being happy why you have a tears in your eyes? You cant. I had never expected this from you.

Aham: gopi

Gopi: don't intrupt me till I m finished. I realized that you never loved me. You just wanted someone on whom you can transfer your attraction of anita. I was handy and available. You made me believe that you loved me. All those words of confession had remained just words. Now you have realized who I m really. So you don't want me. You are afraid that I will become pampered and rule your life. To think that you have broken my heart pains me. I can't go on like this forever. I can't live with the doubt that what will blow your love or when. So why don't we stop this farce of a marriage. If you have no courage, I will do the honors. I will tell maa and maaji something and release you from this misery.

Just as she turned to leave aham caught her hand. He had seen many version of gopi, but never this angry one. Not even once. With each and every word she cut and battered his already wounded heart. He froze in his place. When she left saying she will stop their wedding, all he intended was to stop her. But the force he used brought their bodies together. He was close to her after so many days. As close as he wished to be, but still a long way too. He saw anger in her face, love in her eyes and expectation in her lips. He forgot his world. He forgot who he was. All that mattered was the girl before him. She was the one for whom he had waited in his whole life. No way he was going to let her walk away. It was entirely his fault that he was ridden with guilt, which had affected their relationship. Not anymore. He bent down and kissed her. It was a kiss of a desperate man: a man deeply in love and afraid to lose it.

At first gopi felt the light graze of aham's lips. Slowly he intensified his kiss trying to tell all his love through it. gopi became aware of his hand hold her around her waist while the other trace her cheeks. Gopi held to his shirt as if it was the last straw to save her from downing. From a soft graze it began a kiss of passion, as aham held her still closer that their heart beat was matching each others. Time stood still for them as they were lost in their own world.

When he broke his kiss, gopi saw tears in his eyes: this is my final warning to you ms gopi. Never again say that you will leave me.

Gopi: what else should I say, I will ditch you?

Aham: it will be better if we get hitched through our marriage.

Gopi: but you don't want to get married.

Aham: did I say that?

Gopi: no, but you have been acting strange. You kept on avoiding me. Do you know how much it pained me to be away from you? What else could I make out of it? I remember our last fight and what you said. So all I thought is you did not want me.

Aham sat on the sofa and pull her with him. He placed her on his lap and hugged her. For the first time gopi say tears in his eyes.  All her pain, rejected was forgotten.

Gopi: aham

Aham took her hands into his and with tear filled eyes said: gopi please forgive me. I know about the pain you are speaking about. I too suffered from it. Being away from you was the difficult thing I had done in my entire life.

Gopi: why did you do it? Why did you try to tear us apart?

Aham: I never tried to tear us apart. I needed time gopi. I felt guilty. No don't say anything. Let me finish. This time you have to hear me. All these years I have carried the guilt that I had sent neeraja to death. Every time I saw hetal aunty  cry my heart cried for what I did. It might be a whim of an eleven year old, but it made her lose her beloved daughter. When I realized that you are neeraja, instead of being happy I was shocked. Now I m suffering from a new kind of guilt. Instead of sending you to death I had sent you to hell. To think because of me you had to live someone so horrible like urmila.

Gopi: you are a big fool ahamji. Just because you felt guilty you let it rule. Not even once did you think about our love or what will pass on me.

Aham: gopi it is because of our love I m a new man. You brought happiness to my life. you gave it a new meaning. But what did I do, I was the sole reason for you suffering. If I had not found you or loved you, you will continue your life with that woman. Your life will be filled with misery. I could not shake this image of you gopi. With all these thoughts in my mind, I could not look into your eyes. I not worth you love.

Gopi: will you please shut up. You have become selfish. You wanted to keep all the trouble to yourself. All I wanted from you is a little bit of joy. Promise me that you will never refuse to share your sorrows with me.


Aham was taken aback. Still when gopi tried to move from his lap, he held her tight. After struggling for a while she gave up and looked into his eyes.

Gopi: will you stop all these nonsense you have been talking. Whatever happened in the past is over. It can't be undone. And you did not send me away. Yes we had a fight. I was angry with you. But going away with nana and nani was an option given to me earlier. Since I was angry with you, I accepted it. I don't want to think about it. It is over. I have found a new life with you. I want our present and future to be happy. Let us forget our past. We are both worthy of our love. It was our love from our young age which was pure and came from our heart and soul that brought us together. It made us meet each other and fall in love. It is our destiny to be together. Our love has no boundaries. So quit this tragic show ahamji. I want to give you the happiness of the whole world.

Aham smiled: so we are back to ahamji. But I liked the way you called me aham

Gopi: hmmm I will call you aham when I m angry. But you will always be ahamji, because it will show not only my love for you but my respect for our love.

Aham: okay gopiji.

Aham hugged gopi for a long time. Do you know gopi, I hated being away from you. This is how I want  it to be always, with you safe and secure in my arms.

Gopi: no one will stop you except for those idiotic ideas which you get. Okay get up and get dressed. I don't want to see your sulking face any longer. And as for this guilt trip and avoiding me you have to be punished.

Aham laughed aloud: are we copying someone?

Gopi: absolutely yes. If you can punish why can't I?

Aham: what is my punishment memsab? You servant is ready to fulfill every wish of yours.

Gopi: your punishment starts from the day of our marriage. Every day I want to wake up in your arms, with a good morning kiss and I love you.

Aham: why should I wait till our wedding, I will start from now.

Even though gopi struggled her best aham held her like a vice. No way you are going to escape me gopi darling.

Gopi stopped struggling. Her eyes wide in anticipation. He lips moist for his kiss. Aham smiled at her. He could not get enough taste of her sweet lips. Each time he kissed her he wanted more, like a bee thirsty for honey. As his lips touched hers, he felt a surge of passion in his body. Just then a knock at their door brought them to their senses. Gopi sprang from aham's lap, while aham tried to smoothen his hair which gopi had messed up. It was the servant who wanted to know whether aham will have dinner just then or a bit later. Cursing his fate he told the servant he will come back a little later.

When he turned back, gopi hugged him: ahamji, please forget the past. It is not worth remembering all the hurtful things. I did not fight death to lose you for silly things. Will you do this for me?

Aham lifted her face and caressed her cheeks with love: you have made me see the truth gopi. I promise not to think of it. Still I will always carry the guilt. Maybe time will erase the pain with the help of your love. I have learnt my lesson. I can't live without you. It is like living a life without fresh air. You will be mine always so will I be yours for eternity.

Gopi: I have a surprise for you.

She brought out the packet she had left on the table. Aham opened it only to find the videogame which was the cause for all their misery. Gopi laughed at his questioning glance: I remembered were I hid it. and what was the surprise you said in the hospital.

Aham threw the packet into trash can: this is the perfect place for it. Ah you surprise. Well hetal aunty just blew it.

Gopi: please ahamji tell me what is it.

Aham: I placed your room in such a way, so I could climb from my balcony and reach yours during night hours. It will be a surprise for you to see me there. But unknown to me, hetal aunty had shifted you back to your old room, which is in the other side of the house. She destroyed all my planning and scheming

Gopi: can a simple thing stop a great schemer like aham modi. You did not want to meet me, so you did not come.

Aham: true. I was too deep wallowing in guilt, self doubt.

Gopi: will it stop you today.

Aham: no sweetheart. I will be there tonight and every night till we get married. After that you will shift here to this room to be with me forever.



The modi-gupta mansion was bursting with activity. Well it was the first marriage in their house after so many years. It was a double treat with a twin celebrations aham and gopi, jigar and rashi were bound by the rituals into matrimony. The past few weeks had been hectic. Though reluctant aham and jigar had shown a brave face. They endured the torture of shopping with a graceful face. Even parag and chirag made fun of them saying these boys have so much patience which they never expected. Even these shopping trips had their own benefits. Aham and jigar always made sure and the end up with gopi and rashi. More than once they hoodwinked their mothers in the name of traffic jam and took the girls on dates.  Aham and gopi were happy to see the growing proximity between jigar and rashi. They had lots of fun together and alone. The girls were always left speechless with the surprises showered on them.

Like when they started out for their dress fitting, but the driver took them to a restaurant. At the gate gopi and rashi were given two different directions to take. They were surprised by the simple and elegant candle light dinner arranged by aham and jigar. It gave them time to think about themselves and their future in the middle of hectic wedding preparations.

It was just the beginning of the happy times which was to come in their lives. on the fixed day the wedding celebration between aham and gopi, jigar and rashi took place with so much fan fare. Gopi surprised aham by wearing a red with green mixed bridal lehenga while rashi wore red with orange. Both the boys were dumbstruck and could not take their eyes from their prospective brides. This let their friends and family to tease them. After a long time their house was filled with laugher and happiness


When aham entered his room, his eyes were only for her who sat on his bed in all bridal glory. It was finally his dream come true. All those stolen kisses and her proximity had not only rised his love for her but his passion too. Today was the day he will make her completely his and will be hers forever. He went and sat near her on the bed. He was fascinated by those blushes on her cheeks. Her eyes were smoldering and her quick breathe told him that she was in the same wavelength as him. Just a mild touch sent shivers of anticipation. With a quick tuck he removed her pallu and threw it on the floor.

Gopi was beyond herself. She felt every single brush of his fingers against her bare skin. She blushed deeper as her senses were running riot, still she avoided looking into his eyes. But the moment she met his eyes she was lost. Those eyes and his expression showed her the passion he was feeling for her. Slowly he placed one hand on her neck, his thumb tilting her chin up and ended her anticipation with a exquisitely tender kiss. Soon she found herself pressing closer to him. By slow degrees this kiss became much more erotic. While his one hand held her to his lips the other kept caressing her. Finally when they broke for air gopi smiled at him saying: ahamji till today you have been showering me with gifts, today I m going to give you the best gift ever. Me. will you value it.

Aham huskily answered: above my life.

He pulled her closer to complete the love game they had started



From the time they had met rashi had never left his mind. Her cute irritated expression was stored somewhere in his mind. He never missed an opportunity to meet her, but was always puzzled when she avoided him. Then out of blue his parents decided to get him married to her. Soon he was able to understand her and realized that even she had not forgotten their first meeting and had avoided him to save both of them from gossips and heart breaks. Today finally she was his, his wife. The feeling itself was exhilarating. When he entered his room, he saw her siting on his bed. She looked the perfect picture to his room. He could not help notice the apprehension in her eyes. It was now time to confess. He reached her and took her hands in his.

Jigar: rashi I want to say something important.

Rashi: ji

Jigar: I told you soon after my parents announced our marriage that thought I don't love you, I want to be friends with you

Rashi: ji

Jigar: well with each passing day, I began to fall in love with you. Though I wanted to confess I never found the courage to say so. That day the dinner was arranged specialy so I could tell you my feelings. Still at the last minute I was not sure about your feelings and so decided to wait. But today we are going to start our life together. I want to tell that I love you and had loved you maybe from the day I met you. But it took me some time to realize it. so do you love me? if not I m ready to wait for that day

Rashi hugged him with tears: oh jigarji I never thought that you would say it so soon. I have always loved you. But you being my boss's son, I did not want to be heartbroken. When you wanted to be friends I decided to go ahead with it. All these days it has been hurting me that while I loved you, you saw me as a friend.

Jigar smiled and gave her a tantalizing kiss. Today I will show you how much I love you. Are you ready for that?

Rashi blushed deep red: ji

His next kiss was not tantalizing or soft but that of a man waiting to conquer his woman of love.



So let us leave them here to enjoy the day when they shower their love on each other. Finally after a rough journey of loss, pain, struggle, betrayal gopi and aham found happiness and love in each other's arms. Their love for each other broke all boundaries made by them to complete them as a man and woman.


                                                                THE END

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shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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i started this FF with great enthusiasm. but during the sandook track and the bhoot track i lost inspiration and left it incomplete. still it was always in my mind that the story was not complete. when i wanted to restart it i had apprehension that no one might read it. but the encouragement and support i got for all my friends kept me going. i m such a sucker for quick updates. still you all waited patiently for the updates. i have no words to express my thanks to you all.
thank you friends for all your love support and encouragement. each and every comment  made by you are valuable and close to my heart.

Edited by shruthi2010 - 20 April 2012 at 11:55pm

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Sandy914 IF-Dazzler

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excellent shruthi... I don't have any words left to speak about beautiful story.. the way you drove it.. just simply superb..  Ican say only one word , thnak you for the wonderful story.. Hope u will be back with another story ;)

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navyab IF-Rockerz

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Shruti ClapClapStar wonderful told FF...loved every bit of it...once by chance I had found this FF & I read it till where you had updated it ...& wondered why did you not update it !!! But as you kept updating, I kept should start another FF soon Wink !!!!
Loved how Gopi made Ahem see sense & Ahem sharing his pain with his loved one...Jigar & Rashi started their married life with love & both were ready to hold back for the sake of the other !!!
& what to say about Ahem & Jigar being was ummm...TongueWink

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