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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 47)

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
plz update soon
waiting eagerly to know how hetal knew about gopi being her daughter

Vampgirl Senior Member

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Update plzzz Smile
aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2012 at 1:09am | IP Logged
U have stopped at such a point...
Tishuu Goldie

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Kaha hooo????
shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Guys I m terribly sorry for not updating soon. I was carried away with the show and goham romance. I wanted to end the story. But found it growing. Sorry if it is long. Hope you all will enjoy it. this chapter is about how hetal found out gopi is her daughter with flashbacks of aham about his relationship with neeraja.


Chapter 19

The moment gopi walked out of his grasp aham realized something was wrong. She had a haze expression. He saw her move towards the kanaji idol in the hall. Aham ran to catch her as she swayed dangerously. It was then he heard her whisper nana….nani. And finally hetalimaa.

Aham froze. It has been years since he had heard that name.



Neera where are you? Come out? I have a surprise for you.

Aham I m here, under the bed.

What are you doing?

I m hiding from monsters.

Neera how many times I have told you there are no monsters.

But I like monsters .they are to play with

Okay now come out and see your surprise.

Neeraja came out to find aham with a gift wrapped box. She found a gold chain with N&A interlinked hearts. Hetalimaa look what aham has got for me.



This was neeraja's pet name for her mother. She used it when she was happy, sad, upset, angry, which was always. To hear it again from gopi shook him to the core. His eyes rested on hetal. Instead of being shocked like rest of the family, she had a triumphant smile saying "I was expecting this"

Soon she told aham to place gopi on the sofa and made her comfortable. It was chirag who broke the silence: hetal so it is true.

Hetal was shocked: how did you know?

Chirag: just a few minutes back it struck me that she resembled you. I don't know how I did not see it all these years. Just as you stood near the door, I remembered the day we met and that she looked like you. Before I could question you she cleared my doubt.

Baa: hetal beta what is happening? How come gopi called you hetalimaa

Hetal went and sat near baa and said: baa after my maa and papa's passing away you were always there to support me and help me. my kanaji never forsake me. today he had blessed me with a miracle. He had sent my daughter back to me.

Everyone are shocked. Koki though not shocked is surprised: hetal how did you find out.

Hetal for the first time in years gave her true dazzling smile.: kokila though I buried my daughter, I always had an instinctive feeling that some day she may come back. It is a mothers instinct. I tried to push it but it never left me. after meeting gopi, those emotions began to stir in me. then came the day when gopi said that she lost her parents in the same fire accident that took neera away. My mind was bursting with question and thoughts.  But things moved so fast I did not have time to put my thoughts into action. Baa have you noticed that gopi has exactly the same color and shape of eyes like neera.



What happened aham? Are you crying?

Stupid neera, I have some dust in my eyes.

Sit still while I remove it.

She softly proceeded to blow the dust away. He could not take his eyes off her chocolate brown oval shaped eyes. Aham promise me that you will never cry. It makes me cry too.

Pagli. I promise.

His first meeting with gopi

He hit the brakes and angrily came out and shouted: what are you doing standing in the middle of the road? If I had not hit the brake you would have been dead by now. Stupid girl. Go and beg somewhere else.

The girl turned towards him. Aham was stunned by her beauty. She wore a blue salwar and was smiling. Her eyes were soft and she looked as if she had jumped from fairy land. She replied him smilingly: sir, I think you have mistaken me. This way is blocked for traffic for past many months. We have a physically challenged children's school and actually I m helping them to cross the road. So I request you to control you angry and turn around.


Hetal: it was actually when she was in the hospital I confirmed that gopi is indeed my own neeraja.

She turned towards chirag and asked: jigar ke papa, do you remember the only time you were angry with maa and papa


Ten year old aham was sitting near the bed were neeraja was lying. He had never seen chirag uncle in such a foul mood. Who else would nt after what neera's nana and nani did.

Chirag: maa, papa I respect you. I look to you as my parents. But why did you do this? Just because some stupid astrologer said so. How could you bear to see my child in pain. There is a limit for everything.

Papa please don't shout at nani and nana. It does nt pain. They love me. they did it for my well being.

A slow blow of soft air made her turn towards aham who asked: is it paining?

No, not when you are with me.


Hetal  slightly moved the shoulder of gopi's salwar to reveal three stars tattooed in a row. This was the first definite sign. Jigar ki papa you refused to listen to maa and papa. But they told me that neera's horoscope had some problems which might result in her death, so to wade away ill omen they had to tattoo this symbol. Whatever they feared came to pass, still their belief saved our neeraja.

After giving a loving look at gopi, hetal continued: kokila see this scar on her leg. It has the exact three stitches which we gave neera after she fell from the tree.


Aham, kokila shouted come here quickly

Hearing the urgency in his mother's voice aham ran to the garden. He found his whole family standing around the mango tree with horrified expression. To his shock he found neeraja near the top, staring helplessly at them.

Aham only you can make her come down. She is not responding to us. Becareful. She might fall and break herself. Aham smiled thinking how his family knew that neera listened to anyone it was only him. He climed a few branches wondering how she got there and why

Neera why did you climb the tree? I know you are afraid of heights

Aham this little bird had fallen down and was crying for it mother, so I wanted to help it. till I reached the nest I did not realize the height.

Okay do you trust me


Then do as I say.

So aham instructed her step by step as neeraja climbed down. Just as she was near his hands reach, she skipped and a branch tore her skin which resulted in three stitches and lot more scolding for her and him for teaching her to climb trees


Hetal: the moment I realized it is neeraja I had a chat with jithu bhai


Hetal: jithu bhai I want to talk with you regarding gopi

Jithu: ji hetal ben. What is it?

Hetal: can you tell me about gopi's parents and how they died.

Jithu: gopi's mother astha was my sister. My wife never got along with her. Astha was sweet just like gopi. she fell in love with raj. Urmi hated them for their happy life. after four years without children, gopi was born. Everyone were delighted. Because of urmila I could nt visit my sister as much I wished to. When gopi was around seven astha and raj decided to visit vaishno devi temple. I was to join them the next morning. When I reached there I found that there was a fire accident and the cottage were my sister stayed was burnt along with them. But to my relief I found gopi. though she had lost her memory.

Hetal: how did you know it was gopi?

Jithu: she had the chain which I gifted her for her birthday

Hetal: jithu bhai please tell me the truth. Do you think gopi is really your sister's daughter.

After a few minutes silence jithu looked squarely at hetal: no. she is not my neice. I understood it after a few days. But I feard urmila might turn her out. I tried to find about her true parents. Nothing happened. Then I thought they might be dead in the fire accident and did not want the poor child in the streets. So I hid her identity. I loved her a my daughter and did as much as I could to protect her. Why are you asking about it hetal ben?

Hetal: because she is my daughter jithu bhai. The daughter whom I thought was dead. I want you to promise me not to tell anyone till the right moment.

Jithu was shocked: ji hetal ben


Hetal: after kinjal's engagement I came in close contact with gopi. every time I saw her I felt restless. I could not understand the reason. My mind and eyes were blocked with the feeling that my daughter was dead, I forget to see those obvious resemblance. Finally I even asked the doctors to do a DNA test. The results were positive.

The only obscatle was gopi's memory loss. That is why I brought her here so she could try and remember something. But kanaji has done wonders.

Slowly the room returned to normal. Everyone were happy to learn that gopi is none other than their neeraja. Only aham seemed distant. All the while hetal was explaining he was having his own fight. Even in his wildest dream he never thought that gopi will turn out to be neeraja. He was afraid to face her. Because their last meeting was not pleasant. No one noticed the withdrawn look of aham. So when gopi stirred he slowly backed off to the wall. Gopi opened her eyes. All her past memories, those hidden memories, she was trying to bring out came flooding.

She found hetal near her head with a wide smile and called: maa then spotted chirag who had tears in his eyes: papa. Is this a dream?

Hetal: no beta. This is real. You have come home.



Soon everything fell into routine. Gopi was recovering quickly under the care of hetal. Their home finally found happiness and was filled with laughter. Gopi was the happiest. After years of suffering she found her parents. She told jithu bhai that she had no regrets. Infact she loved him for proctecting her during her young age, gave her a home, a education and a family. She was happy that rashi will not only be her sister but soon her bhabhi. Now she had everything, a father and mother who pampered her, a brother who always made her laugh, in laws who were more than her parents. The only dark mark was aham.

From the moment she opened her eyes, gopi felt a difference in aham. While he brought her home he had promised to be always with her. But now he found excuses to be away with her. It has been nearly a month after gopi came home. She saw aham but not in the way she like. At first she thought that he wanted to give her some time with her parents. But soon it was clear he was avoiding her. When ever he smiled it did not reach his eyes. She also found him staring at her with a painful expression. When kokila questioned him about his work and his constant absence, he is answer was he had to deal with vinay mehra's cheating records, give the share holders their money and the legal battles. But gopi knew it was fake. He was hiding something. Something was eating his heart.

Just a week back, dr vandana had come to visit gopi. the family as usual were gathered together. They were selecting jewellery for their engagement. So aham was forced to give up his appointment and sit with them. Dr. vandana was surprised that gopi had remembered her past so quickly. Gopi was trying to explain what happened on that day.

Dr. vanadana: gopi did you find out why you could not remember your past. About the block which always brought us to square one.

Gopi was about to answer her when her eyes met aham's and froze



neeraja when you have your mom why do you always call my mother maa

because she is my mother too.

No she is my mom and only mine. You maybe my best friend, but I will not share my mom with you.

Kokimaa see what aham is saying.

What is it dikra?

Kokimaa, aham is saying that I should not call you maa. You are my maa too na?

Kokila turned towards aham and said strictly: aham you are not a boy anymore. You are eleven. Why are you teasing her.

Mom, I m serious. I don't want anyone to call you maa except me.

Aham this is not right. She has the right to call me maa. So say sorry to her.

Neeraja made faces at him and ran.

A few hours later aham found hetal and koki in their mandir talking.

Kokila, don't be harsh on aham. He is still a boy.

Hetal he has reached the age to take up responsibilities. He cant remain here always. His papa and me are discussing to send him to the best boarding school possible. it is the best for him.

You will miss him.

Well I have neera to give me company. Anyway she is to be my daughter in law in future. So she will help me forget the absence of aham.

Hetal laughed saying. No one can make you forget your aham's absence. Neera is a minx. You have spoiled her rotten.

Aham was boiling in anger. He was to be sent away, while she will be at home with his mother. No I will not allow this. Unaware of his anger towards her, she come searching for him. He skipped around him smiling, her earlier fight with him forgotten.

Aham look what your papa has got for me. it was a beautiful Barbie doll.

She looks lovely isn't it. kokimaa says that when I grow up I will be more beautiful than her.

Aham turned around and pulled the doll and broke her into pieces. She was stunned. If it had been other times, her tears would have melted his heart. But now his anger blinded him.

For this he had to face his parents anger and ask forgiveness from her. That night she stole his new video game. When aham went in search of it, she said that only if he said sorry he will give it back or she will break it. aham's mood was foul. Everything that happened from morning was playing in his head. For the second time in his anger he pushed her. She fell on the floor shocked.

He screamed that he had enough, she was the worst girl he had ever seen. He told her her dreams will never come true. He will never marry such a selfish, stubborn and irritating girl.

This was their last meeting. The next morning when his anger had cooled off he found that she had created a tantrum and gone with her grandparents. She had gone never to return. Till now.


As their eyes meet each other, recognition dawned on gopi. She realized why aham was acting strangely. She could not bear anymore to see his pain. It was nearly a week and she could not meet aham alone. With the date for the engagement fixed, arrangements and purchased to be made, gopi was dragged around with her mother, koki and rashi. Even today she was supposed to go and meet the beautician. She had faked a headache and stayed home. Except for baa no one was at home. Soon she heard the sound of his car and knew he was home. Time to confront him.


Thank you all for your support. I basically wanted to complete this Ff with this chapter. But unfortunately it went above 9 pages. The next part will be conclusion. I will update it soon.


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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Res... shruti will read at night... thanks for the updateBig smile

** Edited**

yipeee me firstPartyDancing

wow shruti... that was a fantastic update...ClapStar
so finally gopi back with her parentsBig smile good preview into Ahem's childhood... so he's always been with anger since his childhoodConfused

ohh u r ending it Confused ...i just loved the whole story's fantastic...Star..Clap

will wait for her confrontation... the engagement and weddingEmbarrassed

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NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Excellent update Shruthi!!!

Well worth the wait!!!

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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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Beautiful Shruti!

Eager for moreBig smile

Hetal is Gopi's mum. WHOOT WHOOT!

OMG OMG OMG That means Jiggie isss Gopi's brooo YAAAY!Embarrassed

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