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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 44)

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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

hope u r better now..

shruti amazing and brilliant update...Hug

i am soo happy and sooo glad with the way u r taking this story forward... the first 4 parts left me diligently  search for the FF, for 2 months... and u r doing just awesome with this...

ok ok
-lovely scene in the mall and gohem kiss beautiful
-very emotional scene of Hetal - good that they will do the kanyadhan ... i hate urmiAngry
- loved the twists... now u have added the thriller and suspense to this romantic and family 
- Umang i sooo hate him ...Angry
-so with Rakhi Jigar became Gopi's bhai with the dna testing r we gonna see if gopi is hetal's daughter... 
- poor gopi ...hope she will be fine soon... and that umang and vinay u r dead - Ahemji won't spare u.Dead

thanks munni. i started the story with the intension of competing. but the real story failed to inspire me. and more than romance i like writing romantic thrillers with suspense at each turn and twist.

i will try to update soon.

shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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sorry for the dealy in updates. one thing after another came up. first it was fab goham scenes seeing which i forgot about the FF. next koki made me lose intrest and i had a writes block. finally my netwrk went bonkers.
thank you friends for you constant support and wonderful comments which keeps me writing. so here is another dose of goham for you

Chapter 18


DR. Vandana placed the phone back into the receiver. Well it was one of her worst days at work. From morning she was called for one thing after another and to top it, the person who had to take over from her fell sick, so she was forced to continue.  Though she loved her job, sometimes, she can't help feeling let down. Today was one of those days, just as she was about to leave for her, here again was someone who was in desperate need of her. For the past fifteen years vandana has been working as trauma counselor at RMV hospitals. Her job was to make the relatives of patients comfortable and relieve them of their stress. She had a serene aura around her, which usually made people listen and relax in her presence. Just as she rounded the corner to the operation theatre, she heard a tearful voice: And all because of me.


Calm down aham a lady's voice replied what she did was heroic, and something any woman would do who loved someone. You can't blame yourself for her actions.

Aham: But that bullet was meant for me. I was the intended victim, not her. If only I had listened to her, this would not have happened.

Vandana stopped short. Oh god was this the arrogant aham modi who was having tears in his eyes. This was unbelievable. He mind raced a few months back. She remembered how he had hit her bike with his car and when she complained just threw a bunch of notes arrogantly at her and left without a word of apology. A weeks later, he had came to the hospital and created a scene wanting to meet someone outside visitors hour. When he was refused permission, he just called the chief doctor and with a triumph smiled got his work done. Since her sister worked at MM corporate, she knew about the history of him. But now she was stunned to see him like this. He was like a man broken into thousand pieces. His face, reflected pain, agony and suffering to the atmost. She was wondering for whom this suffering for. His mother, no the lady next to him called him dikra, so she will be his mother. Forgetting her job, for the first time, vandana started walking towards the OT to know for whom aham modi the heartless brat of modi kandan was crying for.


Gopi was at peace. The feeling that her ahamji was safe engulfed her. Nothing mattered to her now he was safe. She was right about the danger. From the moment she got the call she was trying to identify the person. The slang and assent was familiar. But she never dreamed the threat to be real. When she found umang standing there with a pistol pointed at aham, all her though was to save him. She ran as she had never ran in her whole life. The result: she saved him. Then she felt that she was falling, falling in slow motion and spinning around and around. Everything flashed red before her eyes—and then blackness engulfed her

Her lost conscious thought was ahamji was safe. But now this pain she was suffering was terrible. Why can't someone stop it? And the darkness was threatening to cloud her mind. And why was someone screaming at her? Gopi was trying to battle between the conscious and unconscious mind. Her conscious mind wanted her to wake up. It was aware of the pain aham was going through. She knew just like her aham also cannot live a life without her. She could hear him begging her wakeup, to talk with him. She could hear him crying, feel his tears on her skin, but she could not move. She was pinned down to something soft. Her unconscious mind was having its own battle to deal with. The images which used to disturb her at night, the images of nightmare were coming back to her. She could hear someone shouting and screaming to her. The voice was telling her to escape, to run to save herself. Suddenly it hit her, the voice; the image was that of her nana and nani. But who are they? Does she know them? Why are they here? She could not find any answers. All she knew was the two people she had been dreaming for many years were here nani and nana. In between the pain around her neck and shoulders began to get horrible. She wanted to cry aloud for someone to stop it. Why can't they hear her? Instead of bearing this pain, she could just die. But how can she leave her ahamji. The moment she said his name, she remembered all their good times together, his smile, his anger, his love and his kiss. No she had to stay alive for him. While gopi was battling between life and death, aham was facing his own problems


The meeting was nearly over when he saw gopi run towards him with a bloodcurdling scream. Even before he could realize what was happening, she pushed him away as he heard gun shots. He turned to see umang standing with a pistol in his hand. He was just in time to catch gopi in his arms as she collapsed, blood pouring from shoulder and neck were the bullets had hit. All he could do was scream: gopi, no . For a brief second she opened her eyes and said: ahamji you are safe, before losing consciousness. Sitting outside the OT, aham realized that he did not know what happened after that. He had a hazey image of the security rushing towards umang, while there was another gunshot and a shocked silence. He remembered, jigar calling him and they ran towards the car carrying gopi. The 15 minutes travel to the hospital was the dreadful moments which he will remember to the day he will die. It was jigar who did everything. He had arranged everything at the hospital, called home, called rashi and tried to calm him. Aham's world was spinning uncontrollably. He tried to revive gopi only to fail miserably.

Now he was consumed with guilt. He was angry at himself for involving gopi in such a dangerous project. At least he should have listened to her warnings. He had scoffed off her feeling  saying no one can harm him. But now they have harmed his life and soul, the one who brought meaning into his life. They will surely to pay for it. Kokila was watching helplessly. She was torn between her urge to comfort aham from his pain and to check what has happened to gopi. She knew that aham needed her most. But gopi. What a brave girl she had been. Risking her life to save her son. Never can she find such a girl for her son. All she can do was pray to kanaji to save her and bring her back so she can shower all happiness on her.

Koki: aham just calm down. Gopi will not want you to be broken like this.

Aham: mom it was my fault. I should have listened to her. Now all this is because of me.

Koki: aham, reign yourself. Nothing will happen to her. Trust in kanaji

Soon circumstances arouse, which gave aham little time to think. The doctors informed him that the bullet had been removed, but gopi had lost blood and her o- was very rare to obtain. They had emptied their blood bank; still they need more blood to save her. Even before aham could move hetal came as a life saver. She informed the doctor that both she and jigar have the same blood group and they are ready to help. After anxious hours of wait, the doctors brought news that the bleeding has stopped. Though the patient might be out of danger, they have to wait for at least 24 hrs to confirm it. Aham was at the edge. Every time the door opened he was waiting anxiously for news about gopi. He felt that he cannot rest in peace till she opened her eyes, till he held her in his arms. Till he told her what a hell he had spent fearing that he might lose. Along with these the rage to kill the persons responsible for snatching her from him was burning deep down. He had learnt from jigar that umang was deranged after failing to shoot him. upset by the failure of his plan had shot himself. The police have found that he was under the instructions of vinay mehra to silence aham. Aham decided that facing mehra will wait till his gopi came back to him.

The chief doctor who was their family friend came out with a huge smile and said: aham beta, the patient is out of danger. She might regain consciousness anytime.

And all because of me," aham said as tears began filling her eyes.

Doctor: aham I know that you have been worrying yourself for being the reason to her condition. But remember that if it had been you, then I would be standing here possibly telling your family that we have lost you. The bullet which hit her in the neck would have pierced your skull. So just thank kanaji that this turned out this way and you will have gopi back in your life in no time. I've told the nurses to let you go on in to see her for a few minutes. Right now I only want her to have visitors one at a time every two hours. Once she regains consciousness, then she can have more."

When aham entered the room his heart wrung to see her body attached to an assortment of machines. He spent the next half hour with her talking and telling her how much he loved her and making promises he intended to keep if she regained consciousness. A weak voice asked him: really ahamji?

Tears sprung up in his eyes. At last she was back from the land of dead. Yes sweetheart I will do everything I promised you. Just Don't you ever pull a stunt like that again. I nearly lost you. Do you hear me?"

Gopi gave a week smile and said: "I hear you but I m not listening. If it means that I can save your life , than I m ready to give mine for thousand times.

Aham shushed her down telling not to strain herself more. The love they saw in each other's eyes comforted them. Soon the family barged in takes over. Hetal requested to take care of gopi, koki with a knowing glance agreed to it. Soon everything was set into routine. Koki and hetal understood that they cannot expect urmila to look after gopi. Though rashi was always around, she was inexperienced. They decided to take care of gopi and even talked with jithu bahi about taking gopi with them. When jithu bhai expressed his concern about gopi and aham staying in the same house before marriage, hetal stepped in saying that gopi will be staying in the gupta's place as she would like to take the place of her mother. Jithu bhai happily consented to this.

It was nearly ten days after the incident. Gopi felt like a pampered child. In her whole life she had never received this much love. Her heart swelled up thinking about it. The surprise package turned out to be hetal who for some unknown reason never left her side. And aham, unless chased out by the nurses or on request from gopi never bluged from her. The experience of nearly losing her has made him realize how he meant to him. The news of this lovely dovely couple were making rounds in the hospital. The were having unexpected visits from nurses just to look at the cute couple. Gopi for her part felt that whatever umang did was for the best. First it had brought closeness between jigar and rashi. Her struggle for survival had brought them together. Next her love for aham. She knew that it was only his voice and only for him, she was able to fight her demons of unconsciousness. The final and most important part was discovering dr. vandana. At first vandana come to council her. Soon gopi felt comfortable enough to confess the nightmarish dreams she was having. So without others knowledge they both tried to bring out the past of gopi from her unconscious mind. Every time they tried gopi felt that the answer for all her troubles was just a few feet's away. But always something, some unpleasant thing intruded and snapped out her concentration. She was frustrated that she was so close yet far from getting the answers for those blocked seven yrs of her life.

On that particular day Gopi was reclining on the bed. Her neck and arms were bandaged. The doctors had informed her that it might take a couple of months before she gets well completely. But she can go home within a couple of days. She was smilingly listening to vandhana's theary session when aham barged in, followed by jigar. Gopi immediately sensed something was wrong. She held her hand towards him. Aham heaved a sigh and took her hand and sat next to her and closed his eyes. Gopi realized that he was trying to control his temper and gave a questioning glance at jigar.

Jigar: nothing

Gopi: really. Is he this angry for nothing?

Jigar: why don't you ask him?

Aham gave an angry stare at jigar.

Jigar smiled and said: nothing serious gopi, don't get stressed. We were at the police station regarding your shooting. Aham lost his temper and just broke the nose and couple of teeth of vinay mehra's. The doctor's doubt that he might have an injured rib and a cracked skull.

Gopi gave an exasperated sigh and said: ahamji, I told you already to leave him alone. That fellow is bad news.

Aham: gopi if it was not for you, I would have murdered him on the spot. It is good that umang choose to end his life. But the main instigator was this vinay. Because of him I almost lost you.

Gopi: ahamji why are you being so childish. Whatever he did failed. I m alright now. Just forget him.

Aham:it is easy for you to say that. And do you know what he did he actually mocked me. He mocked aham modi. No one escapes that.

Gopi smiled sweetly and said: nobody?

Aham was lost in her smile: well, you are an exception.

Jigar gave a smirk and said: dr. vandana can you show me the way to your chief's office. I have some work there.

Vanadana gave him a knowing smile. On reaching the door she turned around and looked at the two people who were lost in their own world. To her knowledge she had never seen such a well matched pair. If someone had told her a few months back that aham modi will fall madly in love, she would have laughed at their face. But she had seen the difference with her own eyes. Gone was the ever angry, cynical, stone hearted, arrogant man. He was replaced by a pleasant version who was sweet, caring, humorous and full of love. He had even recognized her and apologized for his earlier rude behavior. Would surprises never end? Standing there at the door and watching those two people deeply in love, she felt overwhelmed. What a perfect match they make. She realized the power of love which destroys hurdles made both by man and god. Or else how could these two people from two different statures in society come together. She heaved a sigh thinking love has no boundaries and left them to their own dream land

By every passing minute gopi was blushing deeply: ahamji don't look at me like that

Aham: look like what?

Gopi: as if I m something to eat

Aham:well why not? Even with your arm bandaged and neck belt you look desirable. How can I help it? Don't forget the promises I have made to you gopi. I have a mind to fulfill them all. And I don't plan to eat you but devour. But seems we have to for that.

Gopi felt a strange excitement coarse through her at his words. Devour her? How will he do that? As if sensing her thoughts, aham pulled her towards him and placed a light kiss on her forehead and hugged her: after nearly losing you, every minute I m away from you seems a century to me. I love you too much for words to describe it, sweetheart

Gopi lifted her head and said: I m sorry for the pain I caused you ahamji. But the moment I saw the gun pointed at you all my senses shouted to save you.

Aham softly said: gopi forget about it. Those who did it have got their punishment. Let us think about ourselves.

Gopi wanted to lighten the moment. She could not see the pain caused by her in her ahamji's eyes.  ahamji, I love you too much to leave you to someone else. I would have haunted you everywhere if you had forgotten me.

She smiled softly and held his face in her hands. Aham felt what gracefully small hands but his life and happiness were in them.

Gopi: ahamji it was your voice and your thoughts that helped me to fight back. I m not a coward to give up easily. I did not want to die. I want to be with you. I want to be your wife, mother to your children. I want to be with you till I die. With these feeling how could I leave you?

Aham kissed each hand and said: your wish my command sweetheart. So after two days, you are coming with us. Hetal aunty has cleared everything with your mama. Maa was sure that your mami will not take care of you. But you will be staying in hetal aunty's place. You will get your surprise when you reach there.

Gopi: ahamji I have never gone into their house. How does it look?

Aham: though it is the same from outside, whole interior is different. It was decorated to suit hetal aunty and chirag uncle's taste.

Gopi: since you told about mama, I want to say something important.

Aham: I m all ears and my time is only for you. So shoot.

Gopi: when I was unconscious, I was battling two kinds of images. One was about you. The other was someone shouting me to run, to be safe. These were the same nightmare's I used to get when I m stressed out. But this time slowly things got clear. I was able to see them clearly. And I realized that they were my nana and nani. Though I know who they are, I could not move above that. So when dr. vandana turned up, I requested her help. She has been given me some sessions. Every time when I m about to find the truth, there is something, an anger, a disappointment something I could not put name to which recoils the images. It is frustrating. She keeps insisting that it is okay. But after going home I need more sessions. I don't know how maaji or you will react to it. But I want to know about those seven years of my life.

Aham was silently listening to her. He knew gopi was always frustrated about those seven absent years in her life. But he had not expected her to get professional help. he decided to support her. Gopi it does nt matter for me about your memory loss. When it means this much for you,t I will be there to help you. Don't worry, we will find some way to bring those memories back.

Soon koki came in and chased aham out. She could not help feeling happy for her son and her future vahu. Hadn't she added another one gratitude for save her son? Gopi sat relaxed on the bed thinking about aham. What a change? She never expected him to be so romantic, sweet, caring and loving. It was beyond words to express her feelings. Since the day she woke up, he was showering her with his love. If one day it was her favorite novel, the other day it was her favorite movie. He even got her a laptop with webcam so they will be connected at night. Maaji had put her foot down, saying she wants gopi to rest. And yesterday he had not only surprised her but shocked her. He had somehow managed to get kokila home and wormed his charm on the nurses. Who could resist him charm when he unleashes them? When gopi woke up from her evening nap, she found the room decorated with complete candle light dinner. She wondered how lucky she is to get a life partner like him. Thinking and dreaming of aham, gopi had a peaceful sleep.


The gutpa's mansion was buzzing with activity. Hetal had stayed back to look after the preparations. She had a mysterious expression on her face, which puzzled chirag. He had accepted her wish to bring gopi there. Why could nt he? She had just saved both the families from a major tragedy. Kokila and aham had gone to the hospital to bring gopi. It was decided that gopi will stay there with rashi and jigar will move up with aham. Since they did not want the boys to stay with girls under the same roof. Baa was very particular about it. chirag knew that it was only a clause, those two will be here all the time and go home only to sleep. Had nt he been like that when he fell in love with hetal. As he grazed at hetal, standing there with excitement brimming, it suddenly hit: oh god why have I not seen this before? Is this why hetal is so exhited? Before he could voice his doubts, he found koki and aham have come back with gopi. his whole attention changed towards that girl or was it……………

After the greeting and pleasantries gopi entered the house, she felt a kind of calmness envelope her. She had never been to this part of the house. All her work with parag, so it was the modi mansion she had visited. Still why does this look familiar. She felt as if watching a rerun of a hazy movie. The walls, the paint, the furniture and the kanaji idol looked familiar as if like a family. She automatically moved towards the big radhakrinsha idol. Slowly her eyes got fixed on the two pictures which hung there on the wall. The moment she saw it, her mind cleared. Imagines, sounds, laughter, angry words, lots more, whirled in her head. She did not realize aham had reached her and was supporting her. Those pictures opened the block in her mind. She distinctly heard their voice: neeraja, run beta, run, save yourself. Yes. It is her name. neeraja.

As if her whole life depended on it she whispered: nana………nani,

She turned around and stared directly and hetal. Her whole world was spinning. Aham's voice, koki's concern, rashi's pleading nothing reached her. Her eyes were for the one person, her whole being cried for. Her mother……..hetalimaaa. She cried and fainted in aham's arms.

While the whole family was shocked by this, hetal with a beautiful smile come towards them saying: I was expecting this.


Hope you like it.

 dr. vandana was brought in to give a third person view point on goham love. she had nothing to do more.

next part will explain

how hetal knew about gopi. gopi's reaction to her memory regain, aham's guilt and much more.

love you all for your fab support.





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Wow its been a long time since u updated but its a superb one!i was expecting how gopi s truth will come out but u brought it out beautifully ! Mystery solved. Next update more raji pl

Edited by vibz88 - 21 February 2012 at 5:59am

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Liked it was wonderful...Ahem caring for Gopi...& finally Gopi regaining her past 7yrs...
So what does future hold for both the families Wink
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that was a fantastic update...ahem from arrogant to a caring and loving man was glad that gopi can finally piece together her past...thanks for the pm...
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ClapAWesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clap waiting for mpre!!!!!!!Wink
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Originally posted by vibz88

Wow its been a long time since u updated but its a superb one!i was expecting how gopi s truth will come out but u brought it out beautifully ! Mystery solved. Next update more raji pl

thanks vibha. it has been in mind that i had to update. but not a legible sylabble came to my minds.
next will be about the family goham raji marriage.

Originally posted by navyab

Liked it was wonderful...Ahem caring for Gopi...& finally Gopi regaining her past 7yrs...
So what does future hold for both the families Wink

thanks navya. aham always has that side to him, but he is too shy to show it. future of the families is both set of of couples getting married.
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Originally posted by varshu27

that was a fantastic update...ahem from arrogant to a caring and loving man was glad that gopi can finally piece together her past...thanks for the pm...

thanks for liking the story varshu. a changed aham is what we need. next gopi had to prove she is really hetal;s daughter. and aham still has his guilt to deal with

Originally posted by abbay

ClapAWesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clap waiting for mpre!!!!!!!Wink

thanks abbay. i will try to update soon.

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