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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 40)

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 5:14am | IP Logged

finally finally finally caught up...

thanks so much for starting again..Clap

the pace is really going well...

ha ahem revenge is so sweet...and love the indepent gopi

i loved the way he said her i love u for just 10 min..gopi is doomed for sure..

oh danger is still lurking

and raji is going to have a love cum arranged marraige..sweet.

please clear the danger soon.. i am getting impatient here.

Vampgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 6:20am | IP Logged

Update is really nice...liked gopi's punishment part...what exactly happened with gopi?...oh jigar & rashi Cool... story is getting very much intresting...don't make me wait too long...continue soon

shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sneha_17


First of all a very good FF Smileand excellent writing Clap

different Gopi as well Ahem.

I hope Gohem outing has sweet romances Wink

I like Rashi of your FF keep her that way till end

thanks sneha. all the characters are different from the show. i have to start with raji now

Originally posted by sweetsugar

OMG Ahemji being such a Romeo , He threatened Urmilla isnt this Ahem just the bestDay Dreaming . and i am loving Rashi here she is such a sweet and considering sister . is gopi Chirags and hetal's daughter ?...let the stalker not create a mess during the first date(s)LOL...loving RaJi as well ...and not fair Ahem always has the upper hand give Gopi a chance to punish him aswell would love to see wat punishment she comes up with Wink

thanks saba for liking the story. aham is a romeo at heart, all he needed was a boost. rashi is really a sweet sister. gopi's past will be reveal only later. as for gopi's upper hand, in their romance you have to wait for it

Originally posted by Dhabu89

I lost track of time.  I was so into this story.  Very well written.  Very good dialogues.  Loved Ahem's sweet torture of Gopi.  Love love love this FF. A job well doneClap

thank you dhanu. you make me blush like aham. gopi is in for more torture. aham will not leave her so easily. amd gopi has to give some of his own medicine back to him.

Originally posted by famzii05

terific!! it so much...wonder who these stalkers are and what will aham do for revenge on gopi! continue soon!! 

thanks famzii. the identiy of the stakers is suspense. i will try to update soon.

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shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
hi everyone i know this update has taken some time. since i was not well,i could not update it soon. hope you all like this part. thank u for all you support and comments which has been like tonic to continue this story.

Chapter 17

Both rashi and jigar sat staring at the cup of coffee they had in front of them. There was an awkward silence between them. Each was in their own world, thinking desperately for the other to break the silence. Finally it was rashi who broke it: I m sorry jigarji

Jigar was taken aback, he did not expect this: for what?

Rashi: for my mother's behavior. She had literally forced you to marry me. Maybe we can think of something to stop it without spoiling gopi's life.

Jigar: is this what you want?

Rashi: this is want good for everyone. I really don't want you to be forced to do something which you don't want. But I m concerned about gopi. And afraid that my mother will do anything to spoil her happiness.

Jigar: who told you that I did not want this? Well it came out of the blue. When my mother said about our rishta I was shocked but, I happy about it.

Rashi: really?

Jigar: rashi to be frank I don't love you like aham and gopi, but I like you. Why don't we start as friends and strengthen our relationship? What about you? You are ready to back out. So if you are not interested than I will talk with my mother and do something about it.

Rashi: no no jigarji don't do that.

Jigar: so you like me isn't it?

Rashi blushed and nodded her head.

Jigar: so it is settled then. Rashi don't think that I m forced to marry you. Even before your mother put forth the condition, my parents had our ristha in their mind. But they forgot to mention it to me. So let us forget about all the past and think about our future.

So the sat their talking their hearts out, their likes and dislikes about gopi and aham and how to meet and were to meet so that they can know each other well enough so they can be comfortable after marriage.

Aham pulled gopi and held near her waist. She smelled wonderful. He was enjoying her apprehensiveness. He knew that gopi was thinking about his punishment and was worried what he might do. So he decided to tease her more. It was really surprising to think how much he had changed because of her. Gone were the days when he was angry and irritated at everything, when he always had a angry glower on his face, when people were terrified to meet him. He felt as if newly born. Everything looked fresh and lovely for him. The one and only reason was the girl who he held close to him. He realized how much hold she had got over him, in just a few months.

He took gopi to the ice-cream parlor which was famous there. They settled down in the furthermost corner so no one will disturb them.

Aham: sweetheart it seems you are not happy to see me

Gopi: no ahamji it is not like that

Aham: then why this long face? It does nt suit you.

Gopi: I m thinking about what mami said. Whatever she told is true. I really seem to be unlucky. I don't want my luck to spoil your future.

Anger flared in aham's eye: chup ke thum chup. I had told you already that nothing matters except you. If I hear you talk again, you have to face my anger. Gopi because your mami is jealous she talks nonsense and you just believe it.

Gopi: no ahamji, it is not only what mami said but also things that had happened. First I lost my parents, after coming here, my mamaji lost his job and now I afraid that something might happen to you because of this.

Aham felt that he had to put some sense into her. He took her hand into his and said: gopi look at me. You are lucky for me. You brought back my smile, my happiness and my life to normal. When you are near me nothing can go wrong. So just destroy these unwanted feelings. Now give me that beautiful smile so I can get some ice-cream.

Gopi gave him a watery smile think that she was really lucky to get his love. After he brought their ice creams their conversation turned towards rashi and jigar. Gopi filled him how rashi was worried that her mother her forced jigar to marry her. Aham laughed and said: gopi you must be blind for not seeing that they like each other. Well it might not be love, but jigar has no problem in marrying rashi. If mom or hetal kaki had any doubts they would not have brought this proposal.

Gopi: I did not know the back ground story. More than rashi I was worried about jigar bhai.

Aham: jigar bhai? From when did jigar become your bhai?

Gopi: oh that. One year kinjal was not in town during rakshabandhan. I found jigar bhai with a raki and staring at it sadly. So to cheer him up I tied it so he became my bhai.

Aham: and why not me?

Gopi blushed and said: I don't know ahamji. Even before I meet you I was attracted by your picture on your father's cabinet. I saw it for the first time when parag sir told me to get some files. When I opened the door I was kind of hit by it. I used to check on it whenever I got the chance. I was afraid of falling in love with you. It was the main reason for refusing the job interview. I tried hard to fight your influence but failed.

Aham has a wide smile on his face: good that you failed. No more doubts and sorrow. I always want to see a happy smile on your face.

He was rewarded by a dazzling smile from her. Ahamji can I give you something. Immediately aham showed his cheeks towards her. Gopi pushed him saying: you are very playful these days. I m talking about this.

She brought out a small gift wraped packet. Aham took it and opened to find a beautiful bracelet with a small heart shaped locket hanging from it. It had both their photos. Aham held his hand for her to tie it. After fixing the bracelet gopi hesitantly took his hand and placed a small kiss on the back of his palm. Thank you ahamji

Aham was taken aback by her gesture. He was pleased and also knew that she was trying to make up for not calling him. But he was aham modi he cannot be cheated easily. Still he replied: pleasure is mine.

So by seven he messaged jigar that he can drop rashi and he will take care of gopi. On reaching gopi's house they found the place was having a power cut. Aham thought well this suits me and my plan. Now for the action. By the time gopi got down from the car she found aham standing before her.

Gopi: what are you doing? I want to go home.

Aham: gopi did you think that I will leave you off so eaily? Did you think you can escape so easily?Well I did not forget that you failed to fulfill your quota of I love you today. So there will be a fine.

Gopi was caught between aham and the car. He had cornered her. Gopi's breathing began to hitch as aham came close.

Aham: you have no escape this time. I will get what I want. So come on don't fuss and pay the fine.

Gopi: no,

Aham: okay then I will take it.

He paced his hands on either side of gopi. The more he came near her the more irresistible she became. Gopi closed her eyes and curled her fingers. She felt his breath just a inch from her lips. All the while aham was observing her. Her beauty and innocence intoxicated him. Suddenly he had a naughty smile on his face and released her. Gopi's eyes opened in shock

Aham: so this will be your fine gopi. You have to wait till tomorrow for this. Till then think what would have happened if you had faithfully followed your punishment. Gopi was hurt and without another word moved away from him. Even before she took the second step, she felt him pull her to him. Even before she understood what was happening, she felt his lips on hers.

Aham had thought of teasing her. It was difficult for him to release her when she was looking so sweet and inviting. Still he let her go. But the hurt and disappointment in her eyes moved him. The moment his lips touched her, the world stood still for him. Her lips were soft and gentle like a flower petal. When he felt her responded to him, he deepened his kiss. From something gentle it turned into passionate, trying to tell her how much he loved her. When he broke the kiss he saw her eyes shining like stars, her hand locked behind his neck. He smiled at her and said: I love you gopi. God how much I love you. Thank you for coming into my life. I promise to keep you happy till my last breathe. A lone tear rolled down gopi's cheeks.


Hetal did not know how long she had been sitting there staring at the kanaji's idol. Tears flowed in her eyes. How many years of pain she had been suffering, kanaji instead of being merciful he was burdening her with more problems. She felt the fomforting touch of her husband on her shoulder and turned to see chirag standing there along with kokila and baa.

Chirag: hetal, if you lose heart imagine what will happen to me and to jigar. I know how much pain you have suffered. We have lost the most precious thing in our life. It does not mean that we must thing only about it and neglect that which we still have.

Hetal: ji I know about it. But every time I meet gopi, I feel restless. I don't know the reason, but feel as if neeraja has come back once again. But at the same time I feel guilty as if I'm betraying my daughter's memory.

Kokila: hetal, I know that gopi has resemblance like our neeraja, but that does not mean she is our neeraja. We did the last rites of our child. We saw her with our own eyes. So don't confuse yourself. Gopi is a sweet girl. There is nothing wrong to feel motherly towards her. Infact she would love to have someone who feels like that.

Hetal turned towards chirag: jigar ki papa, can I ask you something

Chirag: bolo hetal

Hetal: since our marriage, I have never asked anything from you. You fulfilled each of my wishes even before they were formed. For the first time I asking you this. I want us to perform the marriage rites of gopi as her parents. Will you accept it?

Both kokila and chirag were shocked at hetal's request. But they liked the idea and nodded. Kokila told that she will talk with jithu bahi and she was happy that urmila will be out of picture for aham and gopi's marriage. The emotional atmosphere was disturbed by the entry of their sons. The parents were pleasantly surprised to see their sons walking in arm in arm, laughing and teasing each other. It had been years since they both laughed with each other. It seemed the happiness of their family was slowly returning back to normal and the reason behind it was gopi.


As soon as aham and jigar left the mall with their respective partners the two strangers who were watching them meet a mysterious man near the parking lot. It was their last day on this assignment. They gave all the informations to that man and got the check given by him. The man began to read the details given and said in a evil voice: aham modi, now I know your weakness. You have played too many games in my life, it is time for payback. Soon I will wipe out your smile.


MM corporate was abuzz with the new about the double marriages that was to happen. While most of them were happy for gopi,  most of them were jealous about rashi's luck. Since jigar was more popular than aham, many girls were unhappy with rashi. Rashi being rashi did not care about it and went about being her own self. Never a day went without meeting jigar. It was usually a double date. Rashi enjoyed being with jigar. Soon she realized that jigar was really a sweet person, and was easy to please. Jigar for his part understood that though her mother was horrible rashi loved her sister very much and she talked enough for both of them.

Gopi and aham for their part were very busy arranging for the meeting. They have requested kokila to set a date after the meeting as it needed their whole concentration. Finally the day arrived. The hotel was heavily secured. Each and every minute detail were taken care of. Aham was watching gopi from his room. She had been working equally hard like him. He was glad that she was his secretary. Without her, he felt helpless. She proved to be a lifesaver at tight spots. As he watched her, he realized that it was passed lunch time and gopi was still working. So he picked his mobile and dialed her. Gopi was surprised to get his call

Aham: gopi do you know what time it is?

Gopi: nearly three sir.

Aham: did you have your lunch?

At the reminder of lunch her stomach growled: I will go for lunch after I finish this work.

Aham: I want you in my room within five minutes, if you fail the next fifth minute I will be there. And I will not worry whether people will see or not, I will carry you to my room. Which one do you prefer?

Gopi: I m coming

Aham: good and gopi I love you

Gopi blushed deep red. It had become a habit for him to spring those words at her at unexpected moments. Not wanting him to drag her, she reached his temporary cabin.

Gopi: ahamji you are too pushy. Cant you wait till I finish that work

Aham: gopi, I worry more about you than that work. See you are exhausted. Just have your lunch and freshen up and I will go and complete it.

He gave a peck on her cheek and left. Gopi smiled at him and started to eat. When she was about to start downstairs, she heard the phone ring and found that aham had left his mobile on the table. It was a new number. Thinking it might be someone important gopi attended the call. A voice said: aham modi you have crossed the limit of my tolerance. It seems you have been flying high lately today. Today you will see what happens if you interfere in others life. Today you die aham modi, you die and I will haunt you till that. The phone crashed from gopi's hand. She sat on the sofa dumbstruck. Oh god what shall she do now. She knew it was useless to tell aham. He will brush it off as he had done earlier. And that voice, she had heard it somewhere it was familiar for her. No she will not let anything happen to her ahamji. No way. The killer has to cross her first to reach her ahamji. She immediately went to meet the security chief. The chief assured her that all precautions were done. The whole area was wired and no soul can get in without their knowledge. The meeting started. Gopi was highly alert. Her eyes were searching for a breach in the security while her mind was trying to think who the caller was. She kept on repeating the words and the voice. Then it hit her like a thunderbolt. How could she forget him? Had he not threatened them earlier to destroy their happiness. A man like umang was dangerous, now it seems he has joined vinay mehra. Gopi began to scan the room desperately praying to her kanaji to save her ahamji's life. Aham could not understand the tensed look on gopi's face. He took that she was worried about the meeting and gave her a encouraging smile.

The meeting was about to be wrapped. It was aham's turn to present the facts. Ten minutes into his speech, gopi spotted umang. She froze on the spot.  She saw him dressed as a waiter, walking towards aham. Gopi ran for her life. Yes, her life was aham. If saving him meant losing her life, than she was ready to do it a thousand times. Just as umang took the gun from under the tray and pulled the trigger, gopi reached aham. With all her might she cried ahamji and pushed him out of the bullets range. The next moment the bullet hit her.


Hope you all like it.

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yayyy im first!Cool

Oh what an update!,absolutely brilliant,Gopi got shot,oh no,Stupid Umang!Angry I hope Ahem kicks his butt!Ouch Please prtotect my Gopi bhabhi!Embarrassed

You left us in such a cliffhanger,please update sooon!Big smile

Thanks for the PM Shruthi and don't apologise,its not your fault your ill!Wink

Wonderful update!Tongue

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sneha_17 Goldie

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Excellent part, awesome writing Clap Clap Clap

I like Ahem of your FF a lot Smile .  Gopi is too lucky Wink

jigar and Rashi nice conversation.

I hope Gopi is not much hurt Ouch

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amazin part..grhh how much i hate umang nd vinay mehta

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glad u r feeling better shruthi...what a wonderful update...loved the teasing ahem...praying to god that gopi is not seriously hurt...ahem is going to kill umang for sure...thanks for the pm...waiting for the next update...

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