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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 35)

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
awesome!! lovely update!! and huge thankyou for making the update very long!! ahem proposed and that in a very romantic way!! in a lift!?!? u have a great imagination!!! and i loved the gopi and koki talk!! and it was nice to see ahem confide to his mother!! and ahem and gopi, one room, ahems revenge!!! what will happen!!! cant wait to read more!!! update soon!! loved it!

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Originally posted by sks21

omg such a wonderful update...loved it
so what will ahem do now??
it was very emotional too...loved koki's and ahem's moment
so sweet really loved it shruthi

thanks kavya. since we are expecting a show down between aham and koki, i turned it like this. what will koki say if aham reveals his love for gopi. she might do something unexpected.

@ indu_shah:
thanks indu. yes, aham, koki and gopi are different from the original. i wanted to create a different image as i was frustrated with the original. but soon the track turned from bad to worse. so i had to leave the story incomplete. the blessing of goham, goham goham has inspired me to start again.
thank you for your wonderful comments

thanks nazma. i will try to update soon. but with power shortage here, i cant work properly.
shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by uamaz

Good update... Hope her mami does not spoil it ...

thanks you for liking the story. without urmi and her kalakari there is no story. so you have to wait.

thank you. i will try to update soon,
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that was fantastic!!!really looking forward to see ahem's move...hope urmi doesn't interfere...please update soon!!
thanks for the pm.

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sorry for the delay. i was caught with some personal work. hope you all like this.

Chapter 16

Gopi froze in her place. Whatever she expected, she never expected to meet aham so soon. She had thought that she can meet him the next day at office and explain things or kokila will do the talking. But to see him there, that too with a menacing expression, she smile flattered. What will she say to him?

After confessing his love for gopi, aham was so confident that she will accept him. He knew that she loved him. He never thought that she will say no to him. If it was not for his mother, this girl would have left his life broken. Even though he understood her nature, he could not help being disappointed. While his half an hour confession went to the drain, it took his mom just 10 mins to convince her. First he had to make her confess and then seek revenge for this.

Aham: so what is my beautiful secretary doing at my home?

Gopi: maaji called me for the pooja

Aham: how did you come here?

Gopi: maaji sent a car.

Aham: what is the sari and jewelry doing with you?

Gopi: maaji gave me to wear for the pooja

Aham: did you have a parrot for lunch?

Gopi was shocked: what?

Aham: seems you have been repeating maaji, maaji. So thought you have eaten a parrot or something. He took the kangan from her hand and said:Do you know what this kangan means?

Gopi nodded her head.

Aham said with fake anger: okay I guess one thing, that you love my mother more than me, so why don't you go and marry her?

Gopi was looking at him as if he had mad. What is he blabbering? Marry maaji? Has he gone out of mind?

Aham: I poured my heart to you, what did I get in return, a definite no. and you listened to my mom within five mintues. Do you know how much broken I was? How much pain I had when you said you will leave me? Why did you accept what my mom told when you don't love me? I don't want to bind you to a marriage which has no interest for you. I don't want to tie you to a loveless marriage. I will talk with my mom. I will tell her that you not love me and not to force you.

All the while aham was afraid that his ploy might backfire. He wanted to get her confession. What if she told that she did not love him? He turned away from her angrily only to find her holding his arm. He felt her trembling and turned around with a questioning gaze.

Gopi: ahamji

His named sounded sweet on her lips.

Gopi: ahamji, I did not say no. I told I cant do it. All these years you have been away, I have seen the sad look on maaji and parag sir's face. There was never a day spent without them, staring with sorrow at you picture. Only recently their happiness have returned. I did not want the reason to break their heart.

Aham: so you were ready to break mine or did you think that I was lying?

Gopi had a painful expression: I never doubted you. That was why I was ready to leave the job and leave you. But now maaji has given her blessings. So……..

Aham: so what gopi?

Gopi blushed and said: so I can say what I really feel. Ahamji…..i ……..really………love………

Aham was in seventh heaven. Finally.

Aham: good

Gopi's head shot up. She did not expect this reaction. She expected him to be please. But it seemed he was still angry.

Gopi: are you still angry with me?

Aham: yes. I m angry with you for breaking my heart and giving me the worst day of my life. I cant leave you without punishment.

Gopi: punishment?

Aham: yes. When someone hurts the other, they have to be punished. So listen carefully. From today, whenever you meet me, there will be no jai sri Krishna or good morning, good afternoon kind of greetings. Whenever you meet me I want you to say I love you. And if we don't meet. You have to call me, morning, afternoon, evening and night and say I love you. Also whenever I ask you you have to say I love you. So this will be your punishment for selecting my mom over me.

Gopi's jaws dropped open in shock: what? Is this a punishement?

Aham: yes. And I give you 10mins to get ready. I will come back by then.

He left her through the curtains. Gopi found a connecting door there. Seeing that she was running late, she began to ready as fast as she can. By the end of 10 mins, she heard aham's voice calling: can I come in? she replied with a yes.

Aham was stunned to see her. She wore his favorite green with gold and silver embroided saree with matching jewelry. His mother really has an eye to enhance beauty. To think that she was his and only his made him happy and proud. He came near her and took the kangan. He stretched his hands towards her. When she placed her hand in his he slowly made her wear the kangan. Next he took the box he had in his pocket and placed the ring he gave her on her middle finger. Gopi was so overwhelmed with joy; she had tears in her eyes. Finally after all these eyes, her dream was coming true. She had found her saathiya who loves her and whom she will love till her last moment of breath. Aham saw how emotional she was, so to make the atmosphere light he said: okay say it now.

Gopi was puzzled: what?

Aham: come on gopi. Did you forget you punishment?

Gopi: but I told you just now.

Aham: yes. But you have to tell me whenever we meet. I was away for 10mins so you have to tell me.

Gopi: sir this is cheating. No way.

Aham: what we are back to sir?

Realization hit gopi. In her anxiety to convince him, she had used his name. I can't call you—I can't call you—ahamji!"

Aham: really,  a few minutes back You have called me ahamji very prettily, and you will find, if you persevere, that it will rise quite easily to your lips in a very short space of time. Though I prefer, aham, at present ahamji will do. Okay don't change the topic, say what I told you.

Gopi: this is not fair. Why should only I say it? What about you?

Aham: hey, remember you broke my heart. If it was not for my mother, what would I have done?

Just at that moment kokila knocked at the door: gopi are you ready?

Gopi struggled with aham to let her go.  Aham pulled her towards him and said: now you have escaped, don't think that I will forget this and disappeared.

At the pooja, everyone was happy. They have been expecting this for some time. Baa blessed them saying she was so happy to see aham smiling. Kinjal and elesh were jumping with joy. Finally when hetal hugged her, gopi felt at peace. She never knew why but, she always felt a kind of calmness whenever she was near hetal. Gopi had no memory of her parents. The one or two memories she had was through the couple of pictures mamaji had with him. Being with hetal made her wish for her mother back. Seeing her forlone look, hetal placed her hand on gopi's cheeks and said: gopi you seemed to be lost. What is bothering you beta?

Gopi: nothing maaji, I was trying to remember my mother.i wish that my parents had been alive.

Hetal: don't you remember them.

Gopi gave her a sad smile and said: I remember nothing that happened before my seven years.

Hetal: how did it happen beta?

Chirag: hetal what a question to ask? That too at this time. She needs to be happy. Gopi no need to tell something that makes you sad.

Gopi: no no sir, I m fine. She turned to hetal. She did not know why, but it seemed as if hetal had answers to all her questions. Maaji, all I remember is being thrown out, and getting hit by something, the whole place was surrounded by fire. When I woke up. I did not know who I was. They told me, my parents were dead and my name was gopi. After a couple of day, mamaji came and took me home. I have tried many times to remember my past. I get flashes but nothing concrete to fix on.

Hetal: did it happen at you home? Where was your home?

Gopi: no maaji. Mamaji told me, that my parents took me to vaishno devi temple to do pooja. On the way. We stayed in a resort. It was there the fire happened.

Gopi did not know why everyone had a shocked expression on their face. They had eyes only for hetal. Chirag put a supporting hand on her shoulder. It took a few seconds for her to come to normal. Gopi was confused: maaji are you okay?

Hetal: ji beta, don't worry. She hugged gopi again and said: from today think me as your mother. Whenever you miss her, I will be there for you.

Gopi gave her watery smile. Soon everyone were back to normal. Each had lots of questions in their mind. But a look from kokila silenced them. She turned toward aham and said: aham drop gopi at her home.

Gopi: maaji, no problem. I will go by myself.

Kokila: gopi what are you talking. How can I allow my bahu to go all alone? Aham will drop you at your home. Tomorrow we will come there to talk about your ristha. Till then told tell anything to your mami.

Gopi understood what kokila hinted. So after changing back to her former dress, she left with aham. The 30 mins drive was silent with occasionally staring at each other. On reaching her home, gopi turned to leave only to find the door still lock. Gopi turned towards aham: sir…okay okay, ahamji, please open the door. It is getting late and if mamiji comes out then she will fire me.

Aham: fine, but you forgot the magical word.

Gopi: I did not accept your punishment. I will not say.

Aham: gopi actually if you have said what I wanted I would have left you, but now it seems you have added a fine to your punishment. Either you say I love you or give me a kiss, otherwise I m not letting you out. Let you mami come, I will talk to her.

Gopi: ahamji you are mad.

Aham: yes , I m mad on you.

Gopi gave an exasperated sigh and said: I give up. I love you. Enough? Are you happy?

Aham: well it will do for now. Wait till I call you.

He took her hand and kissed her palm and said: dream of me. good night.

Dream of him, what else was she going to do. With a happy smile gopi left him.

Gopi barely managed to escape her mami. She rushed to her room, were rashi was waiting. Gopi ran straight to her and hugged. Rashi was taken aback.

Rashi: arrey baba, chote do. Are you planning to kill me?

Gopi: rashi I m so happy.

Rashi: yes, your whole face is glowing. What is the matter dear sister?

Gopi: oh rashi how can I say. Can you guess what happened?

Rashi: no guessing games. Yesterday you seemed all gloomed and doomed, today you are jumping with joy, womething is wrong. Is it something to do with the boss?

So gopi made rashi sit on the bed and said: rashi, don't call him boss, you can call him jijaji.

Rashi: what? Really? When? How? Where?

Gopi: rashi take a breather. I m not going anywhere.

So she told her everything from the begining. Rashi was so happy. Finally her sister will be free from this prison. Her worry that her mother might do something to gopi, gave rashi shudders. On seeing her choice of umang, rashi had paniced. But it seems kanaji was having his own games. Atleast now gopi will be safe. Rashi could not forget the concern and anger in aham after he saved gopi from umang.

Gopi, kokilaji is right. Don't tell anything to mummy till they come. You know her. She will ruin everything. Even now I afraid what she will do the stop this. Rashi's fear seemed to be right.

The next day the modi family landed at gopi's house along with hetal, chirag and jigar. After the initial pleasantries, kokila came to the point. She told jithu bhai that they have come for the ristha of gopi with aham. While mamaji was happy, urmila was shocked.  One look told her that gopi had known this before and hid it from her. And rashi…….oh god what can she do with that girl. Doesn't she have any self thought. She now that good for nothing gopi will marry a rich man, while rashi had to suffer with nothing. Her whole life, urmila had tried to destroy that gopi's happiness and see now, she will become a real maharani. She will not give up soon that too without a fight.

While jithu bhai was expressing his happiness and the good fortune of gopi, urmila cut in saying: yes, yes, gopi is really lucky. What else can we say about her? Such a good girl, efficient, but bad luck follows her where ever she goes. The day she was born, her grandmother died, and then her parents died. From the day she came to my house, we had to suffer her misfortune. All I pray to thakurji is that she doesn't bring it to your family.

Everyone were shocked to hear this. Aham clenched his hand. Gopi had tears in her eyes. He saw rashi hold her. He would have blasted that selfish woman, but kokila cut him saying: urmila ben, we don't believe in fortune or misfortune. The real beauty of a person lies not in their appearance but in their heart and character. Being her mami you don't seem to realize her value. What to do some people don't have that type of knowledge or understanding. We have no problem with any of your rambling. Only gopi can be our daughter in law. Jithu bhai, aham has an important meeting by this month, so after that we will fix a date as soon as possible.

Kokila stood up and went towards gopi, placing her hand on her cheek she said: I cant wait for the day when you come to my house not as my daughter in law but as my daughter.

Urmi interpreted: maf karyega kokila ben, I don't think that we have the marriage so soon.

Kokila: why? What is the problem?

Urmila: kokila ben gopi is the younger. While her elder sister is not married how can gopi get married. What will people say about my rashi. Who will marry her after that? So we have to wait till we find a boy for rashi than gopi's marriage can be arranged.

Rashi broke in: mummy, I have no problem in this. When my turn comes, it will happen. Don't point me as a reason and stop gopi's happiness. I don't care about what people will say, gopi's happiness is more important than that.

Urmi: arrey, you shut up. What do you know about society? People will not ask you, they will question me. Do you want your mother to suffer?

Before anyone can talk hetal stood up and came near kokila and turned towards urmila: we have a perfect solution to your problem urmila ben. We actually came on double purpose. We came here not only for gopi's ristha for aham, but also for your daughter rashi for my son jigar.

Hetal's words were vibrating in that room. While gopi and aham had a bright smile, urmila mouth popped open. Kokila and hetal had a magical smile on their face. They four have thought about the problems urmila might raise and had anticipated this. Hetal had liked rashi and she decided that if these two sister come as the daughter in laws of both the houses, their friendship might even be strengthened. Jigar and rashi starred at each other as if struck by thunderbolt. They never expected this. Soon everything was set to action. Urmila was so happy; she could not stop praising them, which actually disgusted everybody. After wishing everyone they left.

A few seconds later aham entered saying he had left his keys. Jithu had gone to the pooja room, the girls were on the way to their room but stopped near the door on seeing him. Urmila was staring at the gifts brought by them with greedy eyes. Aham came and stood before her. He said in a slow menacing voice: you don't know who I am. You see only the gentlemanly side of me. if I again hear that you tried to mistreat and talk bad about gopi, I swear no one can save you. Even if by accident there are tears in her eyes I will hold only you as responsible. If something happens to my gopi, it will be you who will pay the price. So be careful of what you do in future. He turned and winked at gopi and left a stunned urmila.

While lots of hungama was going on, jigar and rashi were lost in their own world. While they liked each other they did not know about the other's reaction. They were worried about forcing the other into this marriage. No matter what gopi told could raise the spirit of rashi. She kept on point out the drawbacks, finally gopi had to shut her up saying that she will talk with aham. It was nearly mid afternoon, when gopi got a call. It was a new number and she was apprehensive of attending it. But she was surprised to hear the caller. It was jigar: gopi can you do me a favor.

Gopi: mention it. If possible I will do.

Jigar: okay, I want to meet rashi, I want to talk with her.

Gopi: what do you want to talk with her? Already she is stressed out thinking that mami had forced you into marrying her. I don't want you to add to the list.

Jigar: that is why I want to talk with her. To clear out her feelings and mine. So can you help me?

Gopi: let me think. Okay tomorrow is Sunday, why don't we meet at the coffee shop of the new mall at 5 p, m. I will bring her there.

Jigar: don't tell anything to her. I will do the talking. And thanks for the help.

Gopi: anytime.

So as fixed gopi took rashi to the mall. Rashi had no idea what she was about to face. She believed gopi when she said that she had to buy a gift for aham and she needed rashi's opinion. So at 5 they were at the mall. To rashi's surprise and shock jigar meet them at the entrance. Rashi gave gopi an angry look as if saying: not you

Gopi smiled at them and said: okay guys off you go. I have some work to do. Rashi call me when you are ready. It seems that I will start baby sitting as my new profession. First kinjal and elesh now you both. Bye have a nice time

Jigar: gopi: not so soon. When you have helped me, how can I be so careless? I brought you a return gift. See.

Gopi turned to see aham walking towards her. He looked handsome in t shirt and jeans. Then it hit her about his punishment and realized that she had not called him since yesterday. Now she was caught? Oh what will he do? As if reading her thoughts aham had a wicked smile on his face. He came near them and said: okay guys everything is set. You both off you go. Meet us here exactly at 7. Not a minute less or more.

He turned towards gopi: come on sweetheart I think we have some unfinished business to compete. With a wide grin he pulled her towards the other side. He turned and shouted : jigar thanks.

Jigar replied: anytime anything for you partner.

Yes they were partners since their young age: partners in crime, partners in every game and partners in mischief. So both the pair went their separate way, without being aware of those two strangers staking them.

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wow..! great.. hope u will write more raji in coming updates... please don't cut short their convo and update soon.. now can't wait to read more..Smile
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Wow...Its brilliant.! Clap

Thanks for the PM Shruti! 
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Great update! Wow when ahem said he will punish gopi i wanted it to be a kiss but great that became the fine. Oh wow now that gopi is hetal s daughter i will be waiting for mom daughter union and gopi to be loved. Their marriage is fixed. Coming to my fav raji great now am eager to see them getting married without a confession. Please dont make them confess now drag it out so they can ve moments where both wanna express stuff but really excited. Hope the stalkers are not anita n umang. Urmila will never improve i hope after ahem s scoldings she wont risk harming gopi

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