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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 32)

Nihira-fan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged

amazing update!!!eagerly waiting to know how ahem is going to corner anita coming back to ahem's life...hope not...please update soon!!can't wait!

sorry to hear about the cyclone..hope all's well at your end.

ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Another fabulous update Shruti.
So now Ahem is sure she loves him and wants to corner her, can't imagine how he would get her to admit she loves him, but I am sure he will very creative.

I am also wondering if Gopi is Hetal's daughter.

I think knowing Gopi she would start out by calling him Ahemji, but he could always get her to change it to Ahem.
shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by navyab

Gopi is shawdowing Ahem !!!! Yeah where will Ahem corner Gopi, in Kinjle's wedding ???

thanks navya. kinjal's wedding is over. i did not want to drag too much

@Vampgirl: thank you. this is not the end of umang. i will update today

@indu_shah: thanks you indu. so ahamji it shall be. maybe later she can call him aham.
shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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thank you for your comments and responses. i really appreciate each of your views and it encourages me to write more.

Chapter 15

The meeting was decided to be held in one of their hotels by the end of that month. Since the context of the meeting was not to be publicized gopi had to bear the burden. Aham was once again amazed at her ability to manage things. Without giving away the secret he had convinced the staff to help her in the preparation. She had divided her work at the office, so she can concentrate on the meeting. More than the meeting gopi wanted to be with aham. She had not forgotten the letter and the picture. It was disturbing her. Even though aham had taken it as a joke, she could not do so. She began to keep a close watch on him, on what he eats or drinks. This was the first time that gopi actually was observing aham. To her surprise she found lots of similarities between him and her. She found that he liked laddu and jamuns, which were her favorite. He was punctual, did not praise or butter people unnecessarily. He had a habit of reading books while eating. Most important of all he had a different smile for her. The moment he saw her, his face lit up with a huge smile, which made her heart flip. The kadoos aham whom she disliked seemed to have disappeared to nowhere land.

While gopi was discovering this new side of aham, he was enjoying her whole attention. She was always at his side, watching him like a mother hen. Though her fuss sometimes irritated him, he was touch to see her concern. There was no need for her to get further into the bad books of her mami, because of him. Still she insisted to accompany him to the meeting venue. She even went with him to meet the clients. But she had some silly conditions. She was stubborn on coming on her own. She never allowed him to take her in his car. He thought that he, aham modi is the best planner, but gopi was one step ahead of him, in breaking it. He knew that she did it unconsciously, still how can a man express him love to this girl when she was hell bent on being in a crowd.

On that day aham had to check the conference hall and the rest of the security arrangements. As usual gopi accompanied him. After his discussion with the head, aham decided to check the hall which was on the tenth floor. On the way, an idea clicked into his mind.  Excusing himself for a few minutes from gopi, he set to action. He called the person concerned and briefed him about what he wanted. Now even gopi's kanaji can save her from him. gopi was surprised to see the arrangements. She had been here once when parag had a conference. But this time it was so different. The hall was lively. The dull room seemed to have changed with beautiful hues and colors. He really had good taste. aham explained to her that it is the setting which is important to relax the clients. Since most of them are anxious to get their money back and also afraid of vinay mehra, it will need a bit of a bright environment and good argument to make them take action against mehra.

After their work was completed they started back. Just a few seconds after the lift started, it stopped in mid way. Gopi was terrified and tried to bang the door to no result. She found aham standing there with a relaxed smile on his face. What was this?

Gopi: sir, the lift stopped.

Aham: yes I know

Gopi: sir, we have to get some help or else we will be stuck here.

Aham: no problem, let us wait here.

Gopi: sir, please be serious. I don't know how much time we will be stuck here.

Aham: exactly half an hour

Gopi's jaws dropped open: what?

Aham: I told you that the doors will open in exactly 30 mins.

Gopi: but how………..

Gopi could not finish the sentence as aham came near her. She took a step back and hit the wall. Aham came near her and place his hands on both sides of the wall trapping her.

Aham: well gopi, actually, I told them to stop the lift for some time, so I could talk with you.

Gopi stuttered: what is there to talk. We talk every day.

Aham: really? It seemed to me that you were trying your best to avoid being alone with me. So I look like a tiger, or lion to gobble you up.

Slowly he brushed her eyes: do you know these brown eyes gave me sleepless nights. Do you remember the day we met? That night these beautiful brown eyes disturbed me to the point that I roamed the street to meet you again. I did not even realize that I hardly knew you. When I lost hope I met you were I least expected you: at my office, as a candidate to be my PS.

I hired you to prove to myself that you are another ordinary girl who could not move aham modi. I hated you for distracting me. I was angry at myself for thinking about you. I wanted to find fault with you, to insult you and finally throw you out of the company. But I failed miserably. You were perfect at work, at handling colegues and even me most of the times. Each day I saw a new side of you. I could not get rid of you from my thoughts.

Then came the day, I saw you with elesh. I mistook him to be your boyfriend. Even I could not understand my rage. I hated the sight of you. I saw you both at many places and kept missing kinjal. I could not bear to see you laugh with him and talk with him.

He turned from gopi and said in a pained voice: when think now, it looks silly. I never smiled at you, never spoke a single word out of work, and never considered you a human. How can I expect you to smile and talk with me? But that time whenever I saw you with elesh it made me mad. It was really a relief to find that he was in love with kinjal and not you. Then came the day you made me realize my mistake. The day I got my mother back. The day I got my happiness back. The more I saw you the more restless I became.

Slowly I realized how important you have become to me. I realized that what I felt for you was so new. Each day I used to wait for you. You brought back the sunshine and happiness in my life. Still I struggled against your effect. But that day when I saw umang attack you, I truth came in front of me. If it was not for you I would have murdered him right there. To see you bound and hurt brought me to my senses.

Aham turned to face gopi. Till now gopi has gone from scared to shocked. She began to understand where he is getting at. Aham placed a finger at her chin and lifted her face to meet his eyes: gopi for the first time in my life, I learnt the importance of people. You taught me that unconditional love is valuable than money. I want you to be with me in every step of my life. i want you as my friend, lover and wife. I don't know when I fell in love with you. But I love you with my heart. You are my joy and sorrow, you are my life.

But I will not force you to accept anything against your wish. The choice is always yours.

Aham took a box from his pocket and placed it in her hand. The day you accept me, I want you to wear it. But don't take too long. I want my lifetime to be with you.

The lift started moving. Aham released gopi and left without another word. Gopi's world was in utter chaos. The thing she had feared most had happened. Gopi was sitting at her usual place in the terrace, with the box in her hand. It held a beautiful single diamond in heart shape. Gopi's mind went back to the day she meet aham. Though gopi had not personally seen aham, she had seen his pictures. She was fascinated by the smiling aham on parag cabinet. He looked so cute and friendly. The moment he got down the car, she recognized him. His angry words did not affect her, but his presence did. It was just a matter of few minutes, gopi was left thinking only of him. This was one great reason that she refused to apply for promotion. But fate brought them together.

The next big fear gopi had was the gossip mill at the office. Even before aham joined there, were talks about who will bag the position of his PS. Most of the girls were eager. Gopi even heard them talk of ways to attract aham, since he was rich and handsome. But the interview changed their views and they backed off. Gopi did not want to irritate them more. She knew that some of them were already jealous of her influence on aham.

The next thing was her loyalty. How can she betray parag and kokila. They were like a parent for her. They had helped her in many ways. If she accepts what aham said, she will be breaking their hearts, she will break their trust. It was the last thing she wanted to do. The modi family had found its peace recently. She did not want to be the reason for breaking it. How will she suit a family like them?

What about her feelings? Did she love aham? Deep inside her heart "yes" had her heart not flutered when he smiled warmly at her? When he saved her from umang all she wanted was to hold on to him. For the first time in her life she felt safe and secure. She still remembered his strong arms and warm embrace. And the letter? Her whole world stood still on seeing his blood covered photo. Though she knew it was fake, it had shaken her to the core. Why did she fell like that? Will she feel the same for some else? "No" definitely not. Had she not dreamt of him? Had she not wanted to be friendly with him? Who would nt get attracted to his charm once he unleashed it? Was it not her fear that she might fall in love with him? Gopi was frustrated. Why was her life always at cross roads. Can't she have a peaceful life? If she can say a single yes to aham and wear his ring, all her problems, her insecurities and sorrow will disappear. But it will cause problems to him. Her happiness was to see him happy. She decided to tell him her decision the next day.

Aham had never waited this anxious for anything. He had spent a restless night. Usually gopi comes before him and today she was nearly half an hour late. He had thought of calling her but stop doing so. The more time passed, the more anxious he became. When she came, gopi looked tired. She looked as if she had lost a night's sleep. She hesitated a second before him. How to tell him? What will he do? It was a second's hesitation, but aham realized the answer. She placed the box with the ring on the table.

Gopi: sir, please listen to me. I cant do this.

Aham: may I know why?

Gopi: sir, it will create only unhappiness to those around you

Aham: does it mean that you don't love me?

Gopi: it is not like that.

Aham came near her and said: gopi look at me and say the truth. Don't you love me?

Gopi has a bead of tear in her eyes: she looked at him and said: sir, life is not always fair. I don't know about you, but normally the thing we want most in our life, is never reachable. As I told you before, I care about more about the modi's honor than about me. If I accept what my heart says then your name will be dragged around. It will hurt parag sir and maji.  No relationship based on other's heart break will be happy. i m not suitable for you. This is resignation letter. After today I will not come to disturb you.

Aham took the letter and tore it to pieces: don't ever say that you will leave me. who said you are not suitable. If it is money you are talking about, then I m rich for both of us. I loved you for your innocence, for the joy you brought to my life. if again you do this stupid act of leaving the job, I don't know what I will do.

Gopi: sir, please try to understand. You are talking only about you. I m thinking about others and the consequences. There are girls who will suit you more than me………….

Aham thundered: Chup. One more word, then you are finished.

He gave her a threatening look and left the office.

Kokila did not expect aham back so soon. Only yesterday she saw a new light in her son's eyes. These day's he was having a smile in his face. It was like seeing her old son back. Aham always had a heartwarming smile; it was that anita who put it out. Kokila had her doubts. One day, she had even found a picture of gopi in his room, hid in his cupboard. She was happy at last he son is on the right track. She was actually waiting for the day when he will come to her with news that he loves gopi and wants to marry her. When she saw him come back from office that too with an angry expression she guessed something was wrong. So she followed him to his room. At first aham did not allow her to enter. Finally after a bit of coaxing, he relented. The moment kokila entered his room, aham made her sit on the bed and placed his head on her lap and silently started to cry. This was the first time kokila was seeing him so broken.

Koki: aham dikra, bass. What happened? Tell your mother.

Aham: mom, is it wrong that I was born as the eldest son of the modi's?

Koki: what kind of a foolish question is this? Who is the reason for your hurt? Tell me immediately. They cannot escape my wrath. How dare they question my son?

Aham: mom no one questioned me. It is self pity. From the day I was born, I have got what I wanted. For the first time, the most precious thing I wanted rejected me.

Kokila: what? What is it?

Aham: gopi

Koki: gopi? What is it with her?

Aham: mom, I told gopi that I love her, but she rejected saying that it will hurt our families honor.

Koki: did she really?

Aham: yes. She told me, that she cares more for you and papa and me than about her happiness. What can I do? She even gave me her resignation. I shouted at her and came home. I helpless mom. Please help me. Do something, so that she does not go away from my life.

Kokismiled: I knew that she will say this, still I m angry with her, for breaking my son's heart

Aham: what are you saying mom       

Koki: aham you might be the best businessman, but still you don't know how to handle sensitive issues. Did you think that gopi will be glad and accept your proposal immediately? Did you think that she will be on cloud nine that you choose her? You are wrong Dikra, she is a special girl, who puts others happiness before hers. She gives more importance to values and elders. I really pleased with your choice this time. Until she realizes that I and your father approve of this ristha she will not accept you. Sorry to say this, but she is not anita, who latched on to your money. This is gopi, you should have let me to handle it. No problem. Let me see what I can do. I will set things right by evening. Till then don't show you face to her.

Aham was delighted. Mom seriously, can you do it?

Koki laughed and said: I promise you dikra. Everything will be right.

Gopi was heartbroken. She sat in her cabin with heavy heart. Whatever he might say, she will not come back tomorrow. It might hurt to know the truth, but this is best for him. A small voice asked her what about you?

Me, I was born cursed. I have suffered till now, so there is nothing new in this. The pain will increase, but I can bear it, I can live with.

It took her few minutes to realize that the phone was ringing. It was kokila at the other end. She wanted to talk to aham. Gopi was stunned what to say. Finally she told her that aham had gone for some important work and she will inform him, the moment he comes back.

Kokila smiled at the girl's courage. She told gopi that she wanted to talk with her on some important issue regarding kinjal and elesh, so can she come home. At that moment all gopi did not want to meet aham or kokila, but she could not refuse her. So it was decided that gopi will come to modi bhavan by mid afternoon. Kokila sternly told her, that she will send their car, so it will be easy to drop her back. She hushed gopi's protest. For a long time gopi sat looking at the phone. What was this new problem about kinjal and elesh? Where has aham gone? This began to worry her. All sorts of images clouded her mind. She was troubled by his angry face. His mobile was switched off. What will say to kokila?

It was with great anxiety that gopi entered Modi bhavan. There was no one around except kokila. The warm smile and motherly hug of kokila, made gopi feel guilty. How can she break the heart so such a kind lady? Gopi steeled her heart and composed her face. She was ready to face kokila and even aham if possible. Kokila explained that she there is a special pooja there, since kinjal and elesh were expected, gopi's presence would be helpful. She wanted gopi to help her prepare for the pooja. The ever helpful gopi agreed immediately and set to action.

From the moment gopi entered, kokila was observing her. She was impressed by gopi's attitude. They way she pulled herself together and began helping was remarkable. Kokila decided enough was enough; no one can match gopi as her bahu. She silently took gopi to her room on the pretext of taking some boxes.

Koki: so why did you say no to my dikra?

Gopi was taken aback. So the whole time kokila knew. Still she was smiling at her and talking with her. How is this possible? Was she not angry at her?

Koki: gopi I asked you a question and expect an answer. Why did you say no to aham? Do you not like him?

When gopi remaind silent, kokila continued: gopi beta, I know  what you are worried about. Pagal kahiki. Did not even think about you for a moment. I really happy for my aham's choice. Infact it is mine and aham ke papa's also.

Gopi was shocked. Kokila touched her cheeks lovingly and said: during kinjal's engagement I found out that both of you liked each other. But due to misunderstandings you were not able to express yourselves. All you needed was boost. Which I tried to give. (gopi was having flashback of all the incidents that happened during her time at MB) her eyes widened in surprise.

When I understood that you were desperately fighting your attraction for each other, I decided to give you time. Don't worry about anything. Trust me. I have always seen you as my daughter, now you will really be one.

Kokila wiped the tears flowing from gopi's eyes. Parag entered saying: gopi, you really are the perfect match for my son. If it is not for you, he would always be like a volcano about to erupt. Did you think we were not aware of your influence on him? The moment you enter a room he full focus is on you. If aham has a smile on his face, the one and only reason is you. Beta, we are really happy that you will become our bahu. Do you still want to refuse us or aham?

There was nothing more to do. Gopi took their blessings. Kokila took gopi to the guestroom. She placed a new saree and jewelry and finally gave her a kangan: gopi I want you to get ready for the pooja. We will tell everyone in the family about this happy news. They have been expecting it for some time. This is a special kangan. It is given as a blessing from the mother in law to her future daughter in law. Get ready and come down.

Before she left, kokila turn towards gopi and said: thank you beta for bringing joy to our family.

Gopi stood before the mirror. She held the kangan in her hand staring at it. She could not believe all this was happening. A few hours before she was so miserable, but now she was the happiest person. Her only fear was meeting aham. She did not know how he will react. While she had said no to him, she accepted what kokila and parag said.

What gopi did not know was, aham was there in the room, behind the curtains. He was present outside his parents room the whole time. Though he was happy that she had accepted their ristha, he was sad that she refused his personal proposal. Since he had understood what kokila said about gopi, he was not angry. But he decided to take revenge on her. He watched her through the mirror, the way she blushed, her happiness and finally her expression turned serious.

Gopi felt as if someone was watching her. She turned around to find aham standing there with his arms crossed and with an angry expression. Her smile flattered. Oh kanaji he is really angry. What if he says that he does nt love me anymore? Aham came near her, gopi was paralyzed. She stood were she was.


So what will aham do?

(sorry for this long update. Next part will have raji too. )

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ahhh wow!,i loved this update,didn't want to comment until got my lappy back but you've forced me tehe!,lovely part,awww Goki are soo sweet,hmmm i hope theres some Gohem romance in the next part!,and yaaay Raji,i love Raji as long as Raashi's positive :D THANKS FOR THE PM,UPDATE SOOON! :)

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munnihyderabad Moderator

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shruti i loved it completely...beautiful update start to end... and thank you for a long update...finally ahemji proposed...Wink.

- very well planned proposal in the lift... loved all his confessions...and gopi's fear and happiness at the same time
-gopi is gopi and goki are awesome... loved the way gopi listened to koki...
-u know what ... i liked the way he talked to his mom about gopi... good that he did not keep it to himself and getting frustrated...
-so now ahem and gopi are in the same room...wonder what ahem is gonna do to her ...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

p.s: the lift scene - just the stopping of lift for some time reminds me of a movie pokiri (Telugu movie)

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awesome update

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very nyc part..awesome confession 

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