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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 29)

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wowww!!! awesome update!!!
thank God,ahem reached on time.
can't wait
thanks so much for the pm.

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amazin part dear
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amazing!! lovely update!! umang deserved those punches! like the sister bonding! and ahem is the saviour in this one! love it! continue soon...
munnihyderabad Moderator

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shruti awesome update as i always  tell u ... u have a beautiful story at hand... had a long wait for this part

finally ahem  realized he loves gopi ---- gr8
umang Angry - love to see ahem's action towards umang... and gopi telling ahem all about umang and

most important ahem's confession of love to gopi...

hope next part will be sooner

indu_shah Goldie

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wonderful update...ahem and jigar in love with shah sisters..i am loving it..pls continue...
shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Hi. Sorry for the delay. Cyclone thane created havoc at our place. No power, no water for the first time we suffered. So I was not able to update soon.

Thank you all for your beautiful response and comments which encourage me to continue the story.

Chapter 14

Gopi had no idea, how long she sat like that hugging aham for support. Her mind was blank with terror. All she could think was what would have happened if aham had not come in time. When she came to her senses, she was horrified to find that she was sitting on aham's lap and her head was on his shoulders. The sense of security, strength and support coming from him was so comforting that she never wanted to let go. But all good things come to an end. When she struggled to get up, aham reluctantly let her go. Gopi sat beside him.

Aham: gopi are you okay now?

Gopi: yes

Aham: let me drop you at home.

Gopi : no sir. I you take me home like this, mami will create a scene.

Aham survey her. What she said was right.  Her dress was torn at some place, her dupatta was damaged and she had bruises. On seeing the finger marks around her neck, aham's anger rose again. How dare he do this? He is going to pay for this. He told gopi to wait in the car and went to pick her bag. He took her mobile and called rashi. Even before he could talk rashi launched

Rashi: gopi were are you? It is so late? Can't you make a call? I m worried to death. Each minute you are late I have been thinking something had happened to you. I could not help thinking umang did something to you. I have been call for the past one hour and you call me now.

Many things fell in place. So this was a planned attack. Not an accident. This was reason; gopi was having a terrified look for the past few days. Aham stopped rashi's blabbering, which made her nearly drop her mobile.

Aham: how much time will it take for you to reach our office?

Rashi: 30 min, max 20 min.

Aham: okay, come quickly and bring a dress for gopi.

Rashi was horrified: sir, please tell me what happened to her?

Aham: nothing to worry. I will tell you everything when you get her. And don't tell anything to your mother.

He cut the call and went to attend gopi: gopi, your sister will be here. So you can go with her.

He sat next to her and said in a calm voice: so this is what you have been hiding from me? So are you going to tell me why this umang was attaching you or will you hide it again?  I want the whole truth. With no option gopi began to tell him everything she knew about umang. When she reached the part where her mami tired to accept the ristha with umang, he was practically boiling with rage. He felt that this woman needs a lesson to bring her to reality. Once, he finishes with umang, gopi's mami will face his wrath. By the time, gopi finished her tale, aham was amazed at her. She had regained her composure. He knew if it had been other girls, they would have created a racket. He also realized that since she had experience in handling unpleasant situations she was easily able to collect herself. By this time rashi arrived in tears. Both the sisters just hug each other.  Aham told gopi to change inside the car and signaled rashi to come with him.

Aham told rashi what happened. Rashi was overwhelmed with gratitude. She also expressed her fear that umang will not leave gopi so easily. If he could wait and catch her when the time is right, he will do it again. Aham told her that he will take care that rascal and asked rashi to take care of gopi. Something in his voice made rashi look at him. He seemed so stressed out of the incident. If the rumors around the office that aham loves gopi is true than, there could be no one happier than her. She decided to wait and watch. When gopi came in a changed dress, aham could not help think how lovely she looked. He instructed her to take a week off. He hushed down gopi's protest stating that he had to deal with umang and when she comes back, there will be no shadow of that beast inside or outside their office.

The next couple of days went dragging for gopi. She had never been ideal. Since rashi was also not at home, she decided to go to the school so her mind will get diverted. On the third day on the way to her school, gopi got a call from rashi.

Rashi: gopi come immediately to the office.

Gopi: what is the matter rashi?

Rashi: gopi, that umang had created a big racket. He had told the staff that he saw aham misbehaving with you, so when he came to save you, aham fired him. He instigated them saying, if this happens to him than it can happen to anyone. Aham modi needs to be taught a lesson. He wanted the staff to support him. When question, the boss blandly refused to bring you into this. So the staff are preparing for a strike. They are meeting within 10 mins, if they have no positive results, the will go for a strike. The boss practically threatened me not to tell you anything. But how can we remain silent when he had done so much for you.

Gopi: I m on the way.

Before she reached the MM corporate, gopi made a few phone calls. So 10 mins into the meeting, gopi entered the conference room. Both aham and umang were stunned. Umang was shocked because, he had guessed that aham had ordered gopi not to come. He can seek his revenge by at least tarnishing the modi  image. Aham was shocked because he had kept gopi ignorant on the latest development and here she was, in the place where he did not want to see her.

Gopi did not even glance at aham and umang, she went straight to the representatives of the staff and began explaining what really happened. By the time she finished the girls who had previously suffered due to umang came in. This was a blow to him. He had never imagined that gopi will go to this length. By the end gopi requested them: you all know both me and mr umang. So I have put my evidence before you. I don't want the staff to go on strike for such a scoundrel. It is time for you to decide. The representatives were embarrassed for supporting umang and for doubting aham. The apologized to aham and left saying that he can do anything with umang and no one will support him. Before umang could go out, the police entered. Aham told them to arrest umang on the charges of misappropriating the company accounts and money.

Umang: aham modi, you will pay for this. And you gopi, do you think you have been saved. No this is not the end but only the beginning. I will come back to haunt you and your happiness.

Slowly everyone left the room except for gopi and aham. Gopi was waiting for his lecture. She knew she had broken his order. But how can she keep quiet when his honor was at stake. Aham came near her. Though he was angry he was impressed by her courage and argument. She had accomplished her task in half an hour while he was struggling for two day. Wow she will not only make a perfect modi bahu but also a desirable wife for him. Instinctively he knew that why she had come. She had come for him. She could not bear others questioning him. So she had come to save him from embarrassment. He knew that gopi was waiting for him to blast her. So with a His face clouded with fake anger he said: so why did you came here? I think I made it clear that you have a week off and you can come back when I have dealt with umang.

Gopi was afraid to look at him. Still she had to answer him: sir, how can I stay at home after learn that the staffs are going to strike. Though there maybe may business under MM corporate, but this office is the heart and soul of chirag sir and parag sir. And when I learnt that ….that umang was blaming you, I could not stay. I cant see you suffer for me. I don't care what people say about me. All I want is the good name of our company and you honor should not be spoiled.

Aham: but I care.

Gopi was stunned. What did he mean?

Aham: I care what people say about you. I don't want anyone to point their fingers at the modi's bahu and say something bad. Because of this I told you not to come. But you have done exactly the opposite. Since you have come, I think you can continue you work. I will cancel your leave. You can join today.

Without another word aham left a shocked gopi. It took sometime for the words of aham to sink into her. She was puzzled by what he said. What is this about modi bahu and her? What was he implying at? Did he say that or is it her imagination? Afraid that he might turn back and blast her, she went to her table. All day she could not help looking at him. Everytime she looked at him, it seemed as if he has just averted his eyes from her. She kept on thinking over his words, finally gave up, feeling she might have miss heard it.

On the other hand, aham knew that he had slipped. He had not meant to her about his feelings. With gopi one word was enough. He wanted to know her feeling about him before expressing his love. He knew that she felt something for him. But is that strong enough for a lifetime of commitment. Is it only to save him from umang's accusation she came or was it love? Aham decided to know to test it soon. And there was the background story of his past. He had to come clear before her if he wanted to win her love. He had to explain that what he felt for her was much more strong, pure and wonderful than his feelings for anita. Whatever happens he will succeed in his love. He was aham modi once he decides, he gets it. This it was too precious to be lost. But there was doubt which nagged him. What if gopi did not love him back? What if she saw him as a boss or a friend? Unaware of the havoc they had created on each other's thought process, gopi and aham fell into their regular role.

By the next week gopi and aham got responses from the share holders. Aham was stubborn that if it was late then he will drop her at home, or atleast see her off safely. Though gopi felt uncomfortable, she was pleased within her heart. So on that particular day she was busy filling those letters. Only a few more were left. After getting all the responses they were planning to hold a meeting. Aham was closely watching her. The moment she opened the next cover, an expression of pain crossed her face. Aham When gopi opened the cover, instead of a letter she found a picture of aham with a girl. They made a lovely couple. Their closeness hurt  her. One part of her mind was reminding her that she had no right to feel it, but the irrational heart was stung with needles of pain. The next second she saw aham come near her asking: what happened gopi? Are you not well?

Her first thought was to hide the picture. On after thought she showed him. She saw that there was no senders address and wondered who might have sent it. When aham took it from her, he was shocked to see a picture of him with anita. It was taken during their Valentine's Day celebration. He snatched the cover from gopi and found only his address. He could not think who might have sent this. That too now. Unmindful of his surrounding, he tore the picture into thousand pieces and through it in the trash can. The only time gopi had seen aham's rage was when he saved her from umang. To see him like that again, was unsettleing. Unconsciously she placed her hand on his shoulder and said: sir

It was just a single word. But the concern it had, brought aham to reality. Here was an opportunity to tell about his past to gopi. For the past few days he was breaking his head how to tell her. But his unknown enemy had done a great favor by sending that photo. Aham sat in his chair and covered his face with his hands. With a sigh he looked at the perplexed face of gopi and said: gopi, that day in the coffee shop you told me that I was punishing my mother for no fault. You told me a truth which everyone was afraid to say. I was angry with you. But I did not answer you.   See this was my fault. My fault was to fall easily to falsehood. When I reached America anita was one of my few friends. She was beautiful, sophisticated and available. I was happy and proud to have her as my girlfriend. But there was no true emotional attachment or love between us. All anita wanted was my title and my money. But later my mother made me realize my fault. She made me see how short sighted I was. She made me realize that true beauty lies with a person's actions and not something physical. When I realized my mother was right, it hurt my ego. I was always brought up as a heir to MM corporate. I was brain fed that I m aham modi. I cant do mistakes. So when I judgment failed, I turned my anger on the wrong person. On the person who showed me the truth: my mother.

Gopi did not understand why he was saying all these. But when he said that he did not love that girl, gopi felt a sense of relief. Sir, who could have sent it to you?

Aham: I don't know and I don't care. So next time you see something like that just tear it and pput it in the trash. It belongs there. I m sorry for troubling you.

Gopi: it is alright sir. I understand you better now.

Aham: another thing, thanks. Not only for now but for showing me that my mother was right.

Gopi gave him a warm smile and left his cabin. Aham heaved a sigh of relief. He felt at peace for being able to convey about his fast mistakes to gopi. But is this enough for her to love him. Aham had understood gopi even better than before. He was watching her each move like a hawk. It was easy to please gopi. He had simple tastes. More than anything, it was her work which was important to her. She hated unnecessary praises. She never hid other's creativity or hard work. She was loyal to his father and uncle. But when it came to him she was reserved. The more he tried to close the gap, the more she went back to her shell. It was not that she loved him. He found out that she loved him on the day they received their final response letter. On moment gopi was filing all the letters the next moment she was shrieking in terror. All aham though was umang was back. But it was a letter. Instead of the support he wanted it was a threatening letter : aham modi, stop snopping into other people's life. If you value your life, keep away for this project. Orelse you will pay for it with you life. With it a photo shoped picture of aham lying dead in a pool of blood.

Gopi was shaken. She began to beg him to give up: sir, please stop this. Do you want to give up your life for sake of money? Please, I don't want you dead. I remember that you said those are powerful people. Gopi's imagination went riot. She began to imagine all ways aham could be killed. It took her breath away. Oh what could she do if he died? No she will not allow it. She will make him listen to her. The expression on her face was priceless. It was enough for aham to know that cared for him more than she herself knew. He began to laugh. Gopi was brought out of her shock

Gopi: sir, here I m so worried about you safety and you are laughing. Do you think that your life is laughable?

Her anger was so cute to be ignored, especially it was for his safety and life: gopi, have you not heard about the proverb: barking dogs seldom bite. It is the same. They are just trying to frighten me.  This is an act of a coward. This is just a piece of paper. This does not only involve money. Many people's future depends on this. The man Mehra has cheated people of their right. Did he think that by seeing a piece of paper I will be frightened?

But fear was clearly written on her face. It took aham lots of convincing to set things right. Finally he had to agree to her demand that he will give an official complaint and take care of his security. Gopi made her decision that till her limit she will follow aham as his shadow. She was not sure how well aham will take care of himself. So she has to keep on eye on his safety. The thought of aham's life in danger gave gopi sleepless nights. Aham had realized that gopi cared for him and it might even be love. So he decided to give her a boost and realize it. He knew thought gopi was intelligent and smart; she had a weak spot in scheming. He was an expert in that field. So he decided to corner gopi in a place least expected by her.

Where will aham corner her

Will gopi accept that she loves him

What will happen to the threat aham is facing

Will gopi save him.

(Just a request friends, till now gopi has been calling aham sir, since I have to kick start their romantic story, I m confused whether she should call him ahamji or aham. Give me your suggestions)




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Great update .glad tat dirty fellow s out of gopi s life. So ahem let it slip tat she is modi bahu? Hey is gopi hetal s daughter? Make her call him ahemji then he should force her to call him ahem.

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truly amazing update. really great .

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