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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 26)

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This is fantastic , keep it up

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Umang sounds scary really ! but i love the new twist ...want Ahem to know abt it soon.cant wait to see his reaction
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Amazing update
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Amazing ff...update soon Smile.

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shruti waiting for the next update... love this story ... can't help
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update plzzz
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Hi, please update soon! waiting to read more Smile
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sorry for the delay. i was held up due to christmas, exams and holidays.

Chapter 13

The next day when she entered aham's cabin she was not surprised to see it in utter chaos. Files and paper and cd's were strewn on the table, on the couch and some had even slipped on the floor. Thinking that he was no better than a 5 year old, gopi set to clear the mess. She was nearly finished when, aham entered. The smile on his face showed her how much he had missed her. Seeing her tired face, his expression changed into concern.

Aham: gopi are you alright?

Gopi: yes sir.

Aham; no I don't think so. See how tired you are looking. I told you to take couple of days rest and come back.

Gopi: sir, for just one day's absence it took me an hour to clean up. Two more days then the heap of files would have reached the door.

Aham was embarrassed: I was searching for the mishra's construction files.

Gopi smiled at him and went to open his cupboard and pulled out a folder from the top. Sir, you only placed it here after finishing all the details.

Aham took the file from her and did something unexpected. He placed his hand on gopi's forehead to check if she was okay. It was just a natural touch, but it sent gopi's heart racing. Fortunately the phone rang and saved them from an awkward situation. Soon the office was back to normal. Many people have begun to notice the effect of gopi on aham. Since most of them knew gopi personally, they had their fingers crossed that she will make a good match for him. Still there were gossip mongers who would not leave her alone. But they had a match in rashi. No one could stand before her anger if someone commented on her sister.

The next fortnight passed without much incident. To the relief of gopi, umang mostly kept out of her way. Still even a small noise or a sudden call scared her. Aham did not fail to see that she was constantly on her edge. Since it did not affect her work, he did not pursue about it to her. In the mean time, kinjal's marriage was celebrated with much fanfare. On the request of kokila, both gopi and rashi settled down at Modi mansion for a few days. Kokila and hetal could not help notice the bonding between the sisters. Kokila had heard about urmila and her mistreatment on gopi, so she expected rashi to be like her mother. She was pleasantly shocked to see rashi always there for her sister. It was during this stay that rashi met jigar. It was on the day before kinjal's sangeet. Rashi was worried about the blank calls gopi was receiving. She had a suspicion that both her mother and umang were planning something. So she exchanged gopi's mobile with hers. It was tenth time she was getting a blank call. Each time the number was different. This time, she just picked up the call blasted the person, only to hear the call get disconnect. Just then she heard a voice say: wow, I would not even wish my enemy to be in the place that person was.

Rashi turned to find jigar leaning on the pillar with his arms crossed and a smile on his face. Immediately rashi's face turned hot. Even though rashi did not show it she had a crush on jigar modi from the day she met him. It was still fresh in her memory. As usual she was late to interview. The stupid alarm failed to ring, she missed the bus and when she arrived at MM corporate, she was informed the elevator was out of order and she had to take the stairs. Just as she rounded the last stairs, she went and hit a person coming down. Instead of apologizing she shouted at him: arye cant you see where you are going? Oh god already I m late and now this. She began frantically collecting all her papers. That person told sorry to her and helped file the papers. Only when she was about to receive the papers she noticed him. He was dressed in a brown suit, had handsome features and a beautiful smile on his face. Rashi was taken aback for her rude behavior, and muttered sorry under her breath. He smiled at her and left her oogling at him. Later she learnt that he was the son of chirag gupta one of the partners. Even now, she dreamt of him. The incident left some impression on jigar too. The orange salwar left a glow on her face and her anger was too cute to be ignored. So now they were immersed in their flashback, while standing at the balcony of Modi bhavan.

Jigar: may I know what the poor fellow did to rub on the wrong side.

Rashi: woh, nothing

Jigar rasied an eyebrow: nothing, if you blast him for nothing, what will you do if he did something.

Rashi: woh, we ordered a dresses for the wedding and it is not ready. So I had to shout at him.

She could not stand there any longer and left in search of gopi. Hmm jigar was left confused. He had listened to half of her conversation and it did not seem like she was shouting at a dress maker, but a kind of staker. He just shrugged his shoulders and left to do his work.

It was nearly an hour later that he caught sight of rashi in an orange ghagra and choli. He just could not take his eyes from her. He was always partial to that colour on her. It seemed to highlight a glow on her face, and made her serene and beautiful. Next to her gopi was in a sea green choli. The sisters seemed to complement each other with their look and dress. But he found out something was missing in them. He knew that gopi had done many things for his family and even koki had a not so secret wish of getting her matched to aham. Jigar had known gopi professionally. He was impressed by her intelligence and the way she used to help BS at the office. She always had a smile for everyone and gave her best to her work. Now gopi and on her insistence rashi had helped them to make perfect arrangement for the sangeet and the wedding. Then it hit him. He realized what was wrong. He could not see even an inch of smile in their face. They were tensed on something. He made a mental note to ask gopi the next day at office, which he conveniently forgot.

Aham could not take his eyes of gopi. He was thinking what a minx she is. How did she wear his favorite colour? He did not know that it was planned by kinjal and kokila. They had forced gopi to wear green, telling many reasons, except that it was aham's favorite colur. Now she looked like a sea nymph. All he wanted was to be with her, but to his irritation she was sticking with rashi as if they were Gemini twins. Unconsciously his eyes were focused only on her. So when her face filled with terror, he whipped around to see the reason. He found a group of his staff entering and went to welcome them. But in his mind, he was uneasy. He wanted to know why gopi was terrified. May be she was worried about the staff's reaction to her presence at his home? Though he wanted to get her alone and talk, rashi was making it impossible by her constant presence with gopi.

He did not know the reason for gopi's fear was umang who had sweetly made his way with those invited. He knew were to corner gopi. He had started feeling that he might lose his grip on gopi. He was wild that for the first time. He could not bear the thought that he could fail that to because of two girls. Even if he could not get gopi, he could scare her mind with dread. He can be patient when he wanted his work done. So he knew well that gopi will be at modi's place. He just came to show her who the boss is. He succeeded in his task. The whole atmosphere of joy crashed out of gopi and rashi. They had their eyes fixed on umang wondering what he will do. Unable to bear it, they excused themselves and rushed home.

The whole week of kinjal's wedding went well without any hitch. Except for her fear of facing umang, gopi seemed to enjoy herself. After the fiasco at the sangeet she made her mind, not to show her fear. She realized that it affected rashi too. She came to a decision to face him and to be prepared for any danger. She had her life to live and who was he to threaten it. She even told rashi that they cannot go on like this. They had their personal work to look after. The only thing they can do is to be careful. After lotof persuasion rashi agreed. Still she insisted certain precaution, to which gopi readily settled to it. With this determined look she was able to face him at the office and at the marriage ceremony in the following days. Kinjal made a beautiful bride. gopi made fun of elesh saying he was blushing more than kinjal. She had tears when she saw the love between her two best friends. All she hoped was for a day when she will find someone who loved her.

All through these days gopi and aham were forced to work together for the arrangements. These days they were becoming conscious of each other's presence. The moment gopi or aham entered a room, their eyes searched only for the other. Aham was slowly coming to realize the importance of gopi in his life. She was like sunshine for him. She had brought happiness not only to his life but also to his family. He knew that she was the best support system at work. Each of his need, were taken care by her. Even though he knew that he might love her, he was reluctant. He was a wounded man. So to let go of his hurt and to submit himself completely to her, might take time.

On the other hand, gopi was confused about her feelings. These days she could always feel aham's eyes on her. It seemed to convey something, but she was not competent to receive. She knew in her heart that she liked it to be alone with aham. Whenever he touched her, she was over whelmed. This improved version of her boss was creating havoc to thought process. She would have preferred the kadoos and angry version. No no, how much she loved to see his smile. It made him look so handsome. But he was her boss and also from a reputed family. How can she?...

The next couple of days aham was not at the office. He had some urgent meetings to attend. When he came back, he was seriously buried in his work. His mood was foul and he was snapping at every one. The job he had taken was totally new for gopi. She could not understand head or tail of it. So when he called her, she was apprehensive. Aham put her at ease, explaining her new work.

Aham: gopi do you about the oath of secrecy

Gopi: yes sir.

Aham: I want you to promise that whatever we discuss in this cabin must remain a secret. You must not breathe even a word to anyone outside. Do you understand?

Gopi: yes sir.

Aham: okay. This is about RM chain of hotels. My father and chirag uncle and later me, have a share of 59% in it. There are about 100 more people who are also share holders in RM group. For the past few years the owner vinay mehra has been producing reports that the hotels are running in lose. There is no financial development. After returning to india, I found out that he has been cheating the share holders of their money. He had been hiding money under a false name. Since he has some power, people who know the truth have been afraid of him. So now I have decided to conduct a meeting of all those share holders and get their support. This will help us in giving an official complaint. So I want you to type a letter and sent it to those people. I want this to be done in secret; you have to work couple of hours after your work time.

So for the next week both gopi and aham were busy with their work. Finally all the letters were sent. All they needed was response. Gopi heaved a sigh of relief. The week had been hectic. She checked the clock to find it was nearly 8. Aham asked her to go home and she can finish her work the next day. Each day he was spending with her, was bringing him closer to confessing his love. He realized that Gopi was a gem who never complained and always had a sweet smile. Smiling to himself he saw that in her hurry gopi had left her bike keys on his table. Feeling sorry for her, he took the keys to give it to her, so it will save her trip to his cabin.

Unaware of the danger lurking, gopi went to the parking lot. It was an underground place and usually left in semi darkness. After reaching her bike she found her keys missing. Cursing that she had to go back a flight of stairs, she turned around. Even before she could understand what was happening, she found herself slammed to the wall. The person covered her mouth and said in a menacing way: let us see what we have got here. Oh, the beautiful secretary of aham modi. Did you think that you can escape me?

To gopi's horror it was umang. The weeks work had made her forget about him. Now here she was trapped by this manic with no one to help her. Her bag with pepper spray and her mobile lay hear her feet. All her attempts to free herself were wasted.

Umang: did I not tell you sweetie that if I want something, I get it or destroy it. Did you thing that you can fool me? It would have been good if you had accepted me. Now you will suffer for you behavior. You are mine and only mine. Let me see who will come to save you.

He began to drag her towards the floor. No amount of struggling and kicking helped gopi. She knew that there was no one in the office except for aham. If she goes missing, nobody will link it with umang, except for rashi. By that time it will be too late. He had bound her hands with her dupatta and had his hand covering her mouth. When all her hope of escaping him was lost, gopi found his weight lifted from her. He heard someone hurl umang on the wall.

Aham was surprised for not meeting gopi half the way. He was sure that she will come back for the keys. When he reached the parking lot, he heard the whimpering of someone and some kind of struggle. When he reached the spot, he found someone trying to miss behave with a girl. He instinctively knew it was gopi. His anger flared up. The next moment he held the man and threw him to the wall. His angry punches, broke his nose and even a teeth. If it was not for the poor girl who needed his help he would have killed the beast then and there. Aham pulled him towards the lights and found it to be umang. He held umang's collar and said: get out of my sight. If I see you anywhere near my office or gopi, I will not be human anymore. You are fired. Umang ran for his life.

Aham released gopi from her bonds and hugged her. She burst into tears holding to him for dear life. Aham carried her to his car. He sat there holding her close to his heart. Seeing her like that, tore him into pieces. He whispered reassuring words into her ears. While waiting for gopi's tears to stop, he began planning his action against umang. He will never rest till the monster had paid for doing this to his gopi.

Yes she is his. And anyone dare touch something so precious like her, is definitely going to pay the price.

So now aham had realized his love for gopi.

What will he do against umang

Will umang lie low or do something to get gopi

When will aham confess his love to gopi

The answers will be in the next part.

Hope you like it.

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