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FF Love has no boundries ch20/pg51 (Page 23)

Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
amazing update...loved it
i loved gohem scenes
and why is gopi scared??cant wait to read the next part
update soon

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged

superb shruti and thanks for starting again..appreciate ur dedication..

so koki the master mind again..lets see what can she do

and the danger gopi is facing..are we gong to see the love birds seperated..


sweetsugar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 7:44am | IP Logged

OMG! is urmi planning to get rid of Gopi ? Ahem is her HERO ...he will definitely save her from the MONSTER. Loved the update :)

Traxy101 Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Loved this chapter and loved your story
tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged
last 2 parts were gud ...
shruthi2010 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Thanks to everyone for their lovely and inspiring comments. I'm so touched.
Also glad that you all like my story.
I cherish every single one of them. each comment is like a tonic for me. since i m having some problem with my network, i could not log in often and thank each one of you personally. so here is the next part.

Chapter 12

Aham and jigar who had come back to help in kinjal's marriage, were busy catching up about the past months. Aham was thankful that jigar took the move to locate him and bring him back to his family. Jigar was a couple of years younger to aham but they were best friends since their childhood. They hardly had any secrets between them. Jigar was pressing aham to come to his house as hetal had prepared his favorite dish. So aham had to desert his files and follow jigar, even kinjal joined them. On reaching his home, jigar could not locate his mother. They searched for her and finally found her in that room. It was more a sacred place than a room for hetal. The moment they realized where hetal was, sorrow and pain washed them. Both happy and painful memories clashed in their minds. Jigar slowly opened the door to find hetal sitting on the bed with a photo in her hand. He was really surprised to see how his mother had managed to keep the room intact even after this many years. It looked ready to be occupied even when its owner was gone for more than 15 years.

Hetal felt their presence and turned a teary eye towards them. The next moment jigar was near his mother. Hetal hugged him for support and took her away with the help of kinjal. Aham stopped there thinking how many years have gone since he entered this room. He had no idea. Slowly he took the photo which hetal had left on the bed.

The modi and gupta friendship goes back to four generations. In the beginning the place where the mansion was built has small houses. By the time of parag and chirag's father's the modi industries began to flourish and they extended it to the present position. Both the families always cherished the dream of getting related to each other, but a single male child on each side, left it unfulfilled. It went on till the birth of neraja, the daughter of hetal and chirag. It was decided immediately after her birth that when they grow up aham will marry her.

Looking at her photo now, aham felt that It did not sit well with aham. Since he always enjoyed the privilege of the elder son, the love and affection showered on neraja affected him. Still he could not help remember her total loyalty towards him. He remembered her tantrums, her laughter and stubbornness. She was the joy of both the families till her untimely death. How can he forget it? He still had the guilt that it was because him. Just days before her death, aham and neraja had a great fight. It was something that usually happened. Though they loved each other in a childish way it did not stop them from fighting, breaking up and later patching together. On that particular day, aham had broken neraja's Barbie doll so in revenge she hid his new video game. They had a terrible fight and aham pushed her to the floor shouted that he will never marry such a stubborn her. It was something sily for a eleven year boy to say to a seven year old girl. In a fit, neraja went away with her grandparents only to face her death.

Aham still had this guilt that if it had not been for him, neraja might be alive. It hurt him to see the pain and suffering of hetal. He fondly caressed the photo of the seven year old girl. Just then, it hit like a thunderbolt. He realized why he went in search of gopi after meeting her on the road; he realized why he was attracted towards gopi. She had the same oval shaped chocolate brown eyes of neraja.

Kokila did not know what to do. She was at loss for the first time. She was desperately trying to bring aham and gopi together. But what can she do when they stubbornly fight their attraction for each other. Finally she gave up pressing them, thinking that in time everything will fall in place. More than that she had more important works at hand. Kinjal's approaching wedding and its preparation was happening in full swing and there was the sorrow of hetal to handle. From the day she meet hetal, both of them had a instant liking. They hit it off as friends and now they were more than sisters. Kokila knew that kinjal's impending marriage had brought back the memories of neraja in her mind. Since kinjal saw aham and jigar as her brothers, their dream to become related did not happen. She felt sorry to see hetal struggle to forget the pain of her daughter's loss. Kokila did not realize that hetal's memory of her daughter was not awakened by kinjal's wedding, but by her meeting with gopi. If hetal had not seen her dead daughter, she would have believed gopi to be her daughter; she had so much resemblance to her pretty neraja.


Aham was at his office thinking about gopi and neraja. He could not shake the images in his mind. He decided to look into this, when he was interrupted by work. He also realized that gopi had not come to work. The office was not the same without her. If gopi gave information within 5 min, the other took atleast 15-20 minutes. This irritated it more and he was shouting and terrifying his staff out of their wits. He picked up his phone and dialed gopi to blast her. What was she thinking? Did she think she can take advantage since he was being nice with her? Now he will show who the boss his. The moment gopi answered all his anger just evaporated. He could feel the difference in her voice. His anger turned to concern

Aham: gopi, are you alright? Why did you not call me?

Gopi: sir, I'm a bit unwell. Nothing to worry. I tried calling you but you were busy so left a message at the office. I will be back tomorrow.

Aham: no no… don't worry about the office, you can take two more days leave, get well and come back.

Gopi: thank you sir, but I will come back tomorrow.

Aham was pleased and said a soft voice: and gopi take care of yourself.

For a long time gopi sat staring at the mobile. What had she done to suffer like this? Is god really merciless? Why does misery always chase her? Just when she thought life was bearable everything had gone wrong.

Just a day back, on the request from aham, she took him and kokila to the school where she works. aham had impressed the kids so much that they can't stop heaping his praise. It was something new for gopi to see a carefree aham, who enjoyed being around kids that too physically challenged ones. He made them laugh with his childhood stories and about his sister and brother. The image of aham laughing with the kids fixed itself in gopi's mind. She was so happy on that day only to receive the worst blow on reaching home. Rashi and her mami had gone for some pooja. Her mami welcomed her so warmly gopi was taken aback. Before she could understand her mami, her eyes fell on the man sitting in their living room. The man who was troubling gopi, the man whom gopi was scared about: Umang.

Umang was one of the heads at MM corporate. He had set his eyes on gopi for the past two years. He was using every means possible to get her. Gopi at first did not know about him. Since she had be in contact with most of the people, she was on talking terms with him. Soon she did not like his buttery speech and his habit of touching her, she tried to avoid being in contact with him. If something for necessary from his, she usually sends sunil or Deepak, her colleagues. Slowly news reached her about his actions. Gopi being a friendly girl was well know in her work circle. If someone had any official problems, or something personal, they usually approached her for advice. And no one went away from her unsatisfied. Gopi always had solution to their problems. So one day she learnt from few girls working under umang that he had been harassing them with sexual intensions. Without much problem, gopi changed the girls working under him and replaced them with men. Soon strange things began to happen to those girls. One meet with an accident, one was trapped in the elevator for a few hours, another was stacked by someone. Though nothing pointed out to umang, gopi had a feeling that he was behind all these. So when a few months back umang started showing up unnecessarily at her cabin, a slow fear began to spread in her. Since she was busy handling aham and his anger, she did not care about him a lot. Outside she had rashi to fend him. The moment umang spotted rashi and her brash mouth he used to escape. For a few days, gopi had been receiving, messages and emails from umang professing his love for her. He even managed to corner gopi a few mintues before rashi joined her and menacingly told her that if she feared for her sister's life, better accept his proposal. All these things were scaring gopi, still she had to hid it from everyone. More than her life, she feared for her sister. She knew that those accidents happened to those girls were not accidents. There was nothing other than her doubt to prove umang;s character. So when she saw him at home, she was shocked and shaken to the core.

To top it all urmila was urging gopi to change as she has got a rista. Gopi was so stunned for words. It took her a few minutes to steady herself and refused point blank to urmi. Immediately urmi start:

Oh oh maharani will not marry the person whom I choose. What do you want a prince from heaven. See this dikra is a sweet person and he has also accepted to marry you on his own cost. Where will you get such rishta?

Gopi: mami, I have obeyed to everything you had said. But this time no. I cant and will never marry this man.

Urmi: so what do you plan to do? Sit in my house for ever and spoil the happiness of my daughter. Since the day you entered this house, there has been nothing but misery and sorrow. Now you have got such a good rista and refuse it. If you want to stay in my house just accept it or else just leave. I don't want to see your manhoos face.

Saying so urmi pushed gopi out. Gopi went and fell in the arms of rashi. For the first time in her life, rashi was mad at her mother. She had tolerated her behavior towards gopi, thinking one day she might change. But today's incident just blew her patience. First she turned towards umang and said: out

Umang did not thing twice, but with a mean smile he approached gopi and said: remember my last words. I m one of those people who think that if I can't get something no one should. Take care of your sister.

With these words he left a more scared gopi. Rashi turned towards her mother

Mummy, do you know what you are doing? How dare you do this to gopi? I don't want you consider her as you daughter, think her as a human being. What do you about that man? Do you know he is no 1 rouge at our work place? And you are trying to sell gopi to him.

Urmi: but rashi dikra

Rashi: yes mummy you are trying to sell her. Will you do this to me? No na then why gopi? Because she had no one to protect her. I m there for her. So if you want gopi to leave the house, I will go with her. Are you ready for that?

Urmi realized that at present she cannot say anything to gopi r rashi so changed her method and calmed her daughter, fuming inside that why she had not seen the bonding between the sisters. Gopi is going to pay for this

Gopi was sitting on the terrace staring at the phone. She had tears in her eyes on hearing the concern in aham's voice. This was the one place where she used to come to escape from her mami, to cry her heart out and to pray to her kanaji. It was there that rashi found her. The moment rashi sat near her, gopi laid her head on her lap and cried. Rashi calmed her by rubbing her back and patting her head. Finally when gopi stopped cring rashi lifted her and said: gopi do you trust me?

Gopi : what kind of a question is this rashi? I cant belive were I will be without you

Rashi: okay then, stop crying. You look ugly when you cry. Why are you upset? Remember that you gopi khanna, the best sister anyone can have and the best secretary any boss can have. You have solved many problems and had even handled this dirt umang previously, so why are you scared now? Tell me the truth.

Gopi: rashi I m not afraid about me, it is about you. I m scared that he might do something to you.

Rashi: gopi, I m a grown up girl. I know to take care of myself. If it worries you than I will be doubly careful. Just get out of this cocoon and go to office tomorrow. And I also heard from simran that the boss was unbearable without you. He was back to his angry young man mode and was terrifying everyone. So now give me a smile and get ready. We can go out.

So the girls went out despite urmi's glare and relaxed from the entire tensed atmosphere created at home. Even then gopi never relaxed. She was always on the lookout for umang. She never knew that the hunter was waiting for the perfect time to catch his prey. He was actually tightening his net so that she cannot escape him for sure.

thank you all for bearing up with this story.

im sorry that there is not much goham , since it was necessary for the development of the story.

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fantastic update
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Wonderful update once again Shruti. This was a treat. Thanks so much.

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